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This article, The Fantastic Four (ANMCU Movie), is property of Sverus Snape 1998.

The Fantastic Four is the sixth film of the Phase 5 and the 41th film of the All-New Cinematic Universe.

This will be released in May 2023.

It is preceded by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 and will be followed by The Wasp and Ant-Man.


In 1961, four friends try the first trip in space but nothing will happen as planned.

They will be attracted to an alternative dimension with many names : Oblivion, the Mirror World or the Negative Zone ...

Contact with this world with the laws of inverted physics will change their metabolism and their lives forever.


The Fantastic Four

  • Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic : John Krasinski
  • Susan Storm/Invisible Woman : Emily Blunt
  • Jonathan Storm/Human Torch : Harry Styles
  • Benjamin Grimm/The Thing : Jeffrey Dean Morgan


  • Dorrek VII : TBA
  • Kl'rt/The Super-Skrull : TBA
  • Lyja : TBA
  • Morrat : TBA
  • Arthur Molekevic/Mole Man : TBA
  • Julius Burchil/Mad Thinker : TBA
  • Annihilus (cameo) : TBA

Others Characters

  • Victor Domashev : TBA
  • Franklin Storm : TBA
  • Mary Storm : TBA
  • Erin Richards : TBA
  • Evelyn Richards : TBA
  • Nathaniel Richards (flashback) : TBA
  • Howard Stark : Dominic Cooper
  • Valeria Von Bardas : TBA


There will be a suite taking place in our time called "The Fantastic Four : The Devourer of Worlds".


  • The film takes place in 1961, which is the year of the first appearance of the Fantastic Four.