DuttPanda over here! So basically, I`m revamping an idea of ElectricMayhem about opening an award ceremony or something. Well, it`s just me giving off awards. I dunno if I`m suppossed to write it here or not but lets see what the Boss says! So you can nominate any article of yours for the following categories:

  • Best Article
  • Best Character
  • Best Collaboration Universe or Best Reality (optional choice)
  • Best Movie
  • Best TV Series/Show

End of conversation. Unless there is a flaw in the system, that is. Although I can make this an archive article if that is necessary.


Instead of posting tables on this article, I will create templates for each awards and then establish them on the award-winning page. If there is any matter of interference, contact me within.. now!!!



Users Wins
Uncanny X-Factor 2 times
ElectricMayhem 1 time
XtranormalGeek 1 time
Bridgetterocks 1 time
Vision0 1 time
BionicleTOA 1 time

January, 2015

Best Movie

  • Fantastic Four (2015 film) by ElectricMayhem: In an extraordinary and fascinating world, where curiousity is driving man to learn more and more, four people are involved in a scientifical expedition which goes awrily wrong and gives them amazing abilities. Now it is up to their mantle to handle the responsibility of upholding peace in a dark world, which is started by them. Find out the amazing adventure of the Fantastic Four!
Congratulations to `ElectricMayhem ' for creating a visually splendid and an eyepopping cinematic of drama and thrills!

Best Character

  • Curt Conners (Marvel NEW!) by Uncanny X-Factor: A different glance at Curt Conners, the underrated supervillian of Spidey! What if Curt Conners had switched bodies with Peter Parker. Think of what he would do. What his actions would do to the world. Think of how he could actually hold the mantle of the great responsibility. All of them are indulged in this AMAZINGLY fascinating article!
Congratulations to `Uncanny X-Factor ' for creating a badass, character developed and smokin` personality!

Best Article

  • X-Men (2015 film) by XtranormalGeek: Apparently, this is the best X-Men plotline I ever read in this wiki (although it`s not completed; no offense to anyone, I respect all other articles! I have enjoyed all of them!). With sophisticated and a well going storyline midst the fanon story, this, I think, is LITERALLY better than Origins:Wolverine and The Last Stand. Seriously!

Congratulations to `XtranormalGeek ' for creating a masterpiece of epicness, dramatic confrontations and climax!


Best Reality

  • Cap-Verse by Uncanny X-Factor: `Cap-Verse is an event created by Uncanny X-Factor meant to be an equivalent of Spider-Verse for alternate Captain Americas. It occurred when an alternate version of Red Skull with the abilities of Onslaught decided to exterminate the plague of Captain America.' I`m not surprised of The Next X-Man`s amazingness...
Congratulations to `Uncanny X-Factor' for creating a reality of temptations, creativity, action and fun!

Best TV Series

  • Assemble! by Bridgetterocks: Avengers, X-Men, Inhumans, Fantastic Four, Heroes For Hire, you name it! The vast empire of superhero administrations and fights make it a thrilling joyride and a helluva experience!

Congratulations to `BridgetteRocks ' for creating a thrilling joyride of extra long amazingness and awesomeness!

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February, 2015

Nominate your articles in particular fields!

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Best Character

Best Article

Best TV Show

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