This is the second issue of TheSuperiorOne's new Marvel Fanon-Made storyline called The Absconders: Synergy. Click here if you would like to read the previous issue. This is a side-story that will take place outside of Earth and on one of Saturn's moon named Titan, and focuses on one of the main characters named Trey Soniak. This storyline is Role-played and made by me, Superior, and these are the characters that will be featured.

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART OR this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. Disclaimer: Any real-life or fictional brands are used in as a parody. Additionally, any references to existing works such as an anime or manga are meant solely as inspiration. No copyright infringement is intended with this. None of us are actually sponsored, nor do we care to be sponsored, Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)


  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type for characters with second personalities or long distance dialogue (telepathy or phone calls).
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads or thinking to themselves.

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