This is the first issue of TheSuperiorOne's new Marvel Fanon-Made storyline called The Absconders: Synergy. This is a side-story that will take place outside of Earth and on one of Saturn's moon named Titan, and focuses on one of the main characters named Trey Soniak. This storyline is Role-played and made by me, Superior, and these are the characters that will be featured.

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART OR this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. Disclaimer: Any real-life or fictional brands are used in as a parody. Additionally, any references to existing works such as an anime or manga are meant solely as inspiration. No copyright infringement is intended with this. None of us are actually sponsored, nor do we care to be sponsored, Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)


  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type for characters with second personalities or long distance dialogue (telepathy or phone calls).
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads or thinking to themselves.

Trey's arrival on August 1st

Trey opened his eyes as he fell down a terrain with Hyperion and Thor landing on their feet beside him. He felt sick to his stomach, and that was the result of the mode of transportation they took. He had traveled across planetary distances from Earth, to Titan, the sixth moon of Saturn, home of the Titanian Eternals. Trey then stumbled to rise to his feet.

Thor: We're here. This is Titan. Both Thor and Hyperion give Trey a minute to get to his feet, and deeply breathe in and out while raising his head to look at his environment. As he looks around, he sees a blue sky, with the sun small in the sky.

Trey: Feels like Earth. What he sees around him is a few buildings, one futuristic and one that looks like a temple. Titan is an advanced planet isn’t it? Hyperion and Thor glance at each other and smile.

Hyperion: You have no idea, Trey. They both walk past Trey as he’s still marveling at the structures and wildlife around him. He admires how different the trees look, from the ones on earth and walks around a little, until noticing that Hyperion and Thor are walking up some steps, to onto a road that leads to a giant city in the distance. The buildings are extremely tall and seem to run up past the clouds. The amount of trees around them begin to diminish due to them getting closer to the city.


This is the city of Osmos, on Titan. This is the most populated city.

As they are walking, and Trey still looking around, starting to take pictures of things with his phone for memories. After walking for a while, the group begins to enter into the city, which is a spectacle of its own. Trey sees a few shops to the sides and walks to them to view what the residents are selling. As he tries to read, he has a confused look on his face as he cannot read any of the writing there. He faces Hyperion and Thor and walks to them.

Trey: Soooo, why was there a shop with a different, weird looking language on it?

They both glance at each other then at Trey, and Thor starts to fly to the city at faster rate. Hyperion stays behind to talk with Trey.

Hyperion: So you don’t remember that another language is spoken here?

Trey: W-What??! No way.

Hyperion: You used to live here when you were little didn’t you? You know that English isn’t your first language.

Trey: Wait... He searches in his memories trying to find an answer and remember having to learn English as he didn’t even know it. He continues to walk towards the city at Hyperion follows and laughs, snapping Trey out of his deep thought.

Hyperion: You knew the Titanian language, Trey. It’s called Titanos. This is our natural language, but some of us also learn hundreds of languages of aliens, including Earth.

Trey: Well I guess I have to learn Titanos first, I wanna be able to connect with this place as much as possible. I think it’s gonna make me more powerful if I do, when I eventually start training. Hyperion nods in agreement as Trey goes back to deep thought about this whole thing.

Eventually they are in the city, walking throughout, as Trey is looking around in excitement. He goes through shops and gazes at the citizens of Titans. Dressed a little differently than people do on Earth, some with more technological clothing, and some with natural clothing. He felt a shred of nostalgia that he couldn’t pinpoint as kids were running around, having fun and adults either doing business in their shops and tall skyscrapers.

Hyperion then placed two fingers on his ears as he had a communicator in it, and had a call. He talked for a little bit, as Trey looked back at him, with a curious look on his face. After a few seconds, he took his fingers off the communicator.

Trey: What is it?

Hyperion: Ah, nothing. I have some business to attend to. You can explore as much as you want but tonight you must be at that, he turns towards the mountains and points to a structure, built on the side of the mountain. It’s a large building where different types of businesses take place, but also a hotel. This is not where you will be staying though, I was told.

Trey: Wha? Well if you say so. Good luck dude!

Hyperion: You too, kid. Don’t get into trouble while I’m gone. He smirks and starts to lift off the ground, as he flies upwards and out. Trey watches as Thor comes flying from nowhere and flies next to Hyperion, summoning a lightning strike to teleport away.

Trey: Well, guess I’m on my own. He looked back down at the huge roads he was walking next to as he was on the sidewalk. He continued his journey through the streets of the giant, beautiful city for hours on end, exploring and interacting with people as much as he could. He was unsuccessful with communicating with some civilians due to them not even knowing English, while some were fluent in a multitude of languages, Earthly, and beyond.

Later that day, after sunset

It was after sunset, but the city didn’t seem to die down. It just seems to get even busier with civilians enjoying life, or working. The city was huge, like its own hemisphere of this planet, so there was much to explore. Trey didn’t get to explore this city of Titan, named Osmos, so once sunset hit, he made his way to the building on the side of the mountain.

It took him a while to get there, but once he reached the building Hyperion had told him, he stopped walking and looked up in awe. In front of him sat a high and mighty mountain range that already seemed to separate the compact planet into another fragment. The monstrous mountain was made of ancient rock with a peak that far surpassed the building’s roof, with jagged rocks and a dangerous steepness. It would a truly difficult climb to make, whether one headed up or down. A perilous trek indeed. Good thing there was a gigantic entrance to welcome him and anyone else into the mighty building.

Trey: Good God… As he walked in, he saw the nucleus of the building, where everyone were talking, eating or playing. There was a mass of people in the Central Hub of the building minding their business or whatnot. Trey felt so little in comparison to the amount of people that were here. He went to look for a directory and when he found it, he tried to read it but it was in Titanos. He then heard of voice behind him.

Hyperion: Trying to find where you gotta go? This startled Trey as he looked back and smiled.

Trey: Finally!! I’ve been waiting! There’s so many people here… what is this place?

Hyperion: It’s just a Center for people to come and interact and do different activities. Lots of schools here as well. Come, follow me. Trey nodded and followed him down a few tricky hallways and into an express elevator. Nice and civilized, no need for powers here. He chuckled and Trey smiled, impressed.

In about 20 seconds, the elevator went up more than 1500 feet. Trey was just looking at his shoes as the elevator doors suddenly opened. He looked and saw a weird number on the top of the elevator door.

Hyperion: That reads 116th floor.

Trey: W-What?! We went up to that floor in just like, 15 seconds?!

Hyperion: Technology is advanced here Trey. Very advanced, let’s go.

Trey: Dude… He looked around and walked out into a sophisticated and elegant looking hub for this floor. As they went through, Hyperion waved at some friends of his who worked on the floor and Trey followed as they went down multiple hallways. Soon, they arrived to an open space that offered pathways to multiple “rooms” from what Trey could see.

Hyperion: This one here is where you’ll be staying. It might already be packed from what Renee told me… Trey walked ahead of Hyperion and walked through double-doors into a large and luxurious room. Skyscrapers tall enough to piercing the heavens could be seen as he entered the room. The glass construction of the room allowed him to see the wafting clouds and buildings protruding through them. The room was constructed as a giant rectangular room with 3 walls, the other wall just being the glass construction. There were 3 beds at 3 different spots in the room, with a kitchen island in the corner and a fridge behind it. He soon noticed two other guys in the room, one laying on a couch and the other sitting at a kitchen island, eating some foreign snack. They both turned their heads to look at Trey. The guy eating the snacks raised his eyebrows in interest and the guy laying on the couch, just kept staring at Trey.

Room 2.0

This is the window of the room that Trey enters. When entering the double doors, straight ahead of him is the clear glass wall/window that views the giant city.

Trey: Uhh… My name’s Trey. Soniak. Wait- He looks back at Hyperion. -Can they understand me?

Hyperion: W- Before he could answer, the guy laying down pounces up from the couch and walks slowly to Trey.

Couch Guy: Yeah. We can. He goes up to Trey and extends his hand for a handshake. His skin tone is light as in the picture above and he has long hair that is blonde but has strands of jet black hair as well as his sclera being black. His irises are blue and his facial expression overall looks full of rage and annoyed. My name’s Conrad Prager (19).


This is Conrad, so imagine him with the features I previously described.

Trey: *Why does he look like… that? Peculiar…* He extends his hand with a smile and as Conrad grips his hand, the force and grip is so tremendous that it scares Trey for a split second.

Conrad: Sorry, my grip is a little tight. He doesn’t look apologetic at all… Just very angry. Guessing we’re all here for the same reason.

Trey: I-It’s fine… And yeah… He pulls back his hand rubs it slightly. He looks over at at Snack guy and he gets off his chair and jogs quickly over to Trey and extends his hand for a handshake.

His skin tone is nearly similar to Conrad’s but it’s clear that he’s of Asian decent. His hair was a a bluish-purplish color and his eyes glowed blue randomly for some reason. He had one scar running down the back of his left ear that was noticeable and he was smiling widely.

Rex 2.0

This is exactly what Rex looks like.

Trey: Nice to meet you. They shake hands and his grip is light but Trey feels a sudden jolt through his arm and he can’t seem to feel it. OW! What just- He sees him laughing heartily and Trey looks at Conrad as he shakes his head.

Conrad: Rex did that to me too when I arrived. He shakes his head but he seems to have enjoyed the little joke.

Trey: Ow… He rubbed his right arm. So your name is Rex?

Rex: Yeah! Rex Qrupun (19). Nice to meet you Trey. Don’t take me seriously a lot, I’m always most likely just joking with you. He says this enthusiastically as he claps his hands once. So! What now? Didn’t Renee say there was one more person arriving? And he’s here, so she should be here…

Conrad: Yeah… But Trey did just arrive so I’d give her a couple minutes.

Hyperion: Conrad is right. I’ll leave you all to it, see you lot, later. He waves as he walks out of the room, leaving Conrad, Rex and Trey alone. Trey just strolls around the room, familiarizing himself with everything. Conrad looks out the window to relax and then starts the conversation.

Conrad: So Trey, where do you come from? What’s your story?

Trey: Oh. Well. He takes a bit of time to gather his thoughts. I was born here, on Titan, but my mom took me to Earth when I was 5. And I just grew up there, my life wasn’t really special until I formed a superhuman group with a few friends… And that’s when life got actually fun… But I came here because I don’t think I’ve been reaching my potential as an eternal, so…

Conrad nodded and Rex didn’t respond but just kept concentrating on what he was doing.

Rex: So I’m guessing you can’t speak Titanos?

Trey: Well… Not really, I remember I little bit, but haven’t used it in forever.

Rex: Heh, that’s crazy… I know several languages other than Titanos and Earthly ones. Haven’t really studied Earth. I should… He had a bragging tone as he stated that and Trey shrugged. Conrad was then seen, laying down, listening to their conversation and playing with a remote of some sorts.

Trey: Well good luck if you do. They’re a unique species. Anyways how about you? Where did you come from? Osmos?

Rex: Foroft. Planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. He starts to look at Trey as he explains. Foroft is a huge planet and probably the most peaceful planet there is in this galaxy. It’s big on its diplomatic decisions and peacemaking, so of course there’s no action. I just live there because my parents are royalty. I am a “Prince” of 3 Kingdom regions on Foroft. Trey expands his eyes in shock.

Trey: You have Eternal family who migrated and live there? And you don’t like being royalty or something? You did air quotes.

Rex: Yeah well, I don’t really being royalty there… Kind of pointless if I can’t rule sh*t around the galaxy. And yeah, Eternal ancestors came here and inhabited this planet filled with natives Oftians who are giant crystalline creatures who can shape-shift. But Conrad on the other hand… He glances towards him and chuckles.

Trey: He looks from Rex to Conrad, then back at Rex. What? What’s your deal Conrad?

Conrad: He lifts off of the couch to sit but still in a slouch. Ah… I lived on a horrible planet named Votan. He takes a pause, then continues. It’s a gigantic, war-torn place where you would NOT want to be at.

Trey: He winced lightly at the thought of it. War-torn? Does Votan arrange Wars every once in a while? As he said that, Rex burst out laughing and was shaking his head.

Rex: Oh no… Listen to this.

Conrad: He continued. Well not exactly, Trey. There are… Wars, everyday. Between nations. Between families. It’s a culture and there is ENDLESS violence and suffering.

Trey: Wow, I'm sorry..

Conrad: This kind of violence is so terrible that the massive militaristic settlement often starts wars with other planets in its Solar System. The solar system is in a constant war, but some planets are away from this kind of action.

Rex: Sounds horrible if you ask me. Makes me wonder why you stayed there sometimes. He says this with a carefree expression, sounding a little bit inconsiderate.

Conrad: He looks at Rex with his jet black scleras with a mean expression. Protecting all my family who couldn’t protect themselves, constantly, trying to get them out. Anyways I finally managed to escape Votan with them when the opportunity came.

Trey: Escaped? Where’d you go?? He looked surprised, as Conrad looked up at him and shrugged.

Conrad: Came up on this desert planet. Built a home there so that’s where my family is living now. That’s why I’m here actually. His face became angry. I want to get stronger to be able to protect and defend my family… Anything could happen, like someone could’ve tracked me. Who knows. He stood up. I just would like the fighting to stop...

Rex: Wow! Your motivation makes mine look completely selfish… I’m just here to become stronger, because it’s… fun. He chuckled nervously as Conrad rolled his eyes. Trey frowned and looked towards Conrad.

Trey: Our goals align actually… You want to become more powerful to protect your family and I want to become more powerful to protect my friends, family and society. He says that with a certain and hopeful confidence.

Rex: Heh, society. He scoffed. Good luck with that. He smiles and shakes his head as Conrad also smiles lightly. Conrad’s ears twitch as he hears footsteps and looks towards the door.

A few seconds of silence pass before a woman walks through the double-doors. She had a skin tone similar to Trey’s and seems to be about 5’8. She has a sweet young face and has black curly hair at the base with red tips. She looks exactly how she looks in the picture below.


This is how Renee looks. I-Ignore the lewd outfit.

Trey, Rex and Conrad stare as she walks through and slows to a stop, waving her hand, while having a perplexed look on her face as to why they’re staring at her.

Woman: She starts speaking what Trey recognizes as Titanos. Trey sighs.

Trey: Excuse me, miss. She looks towards him. I don’t speak Titanos. Rex chuckles and Conrad has the same mean look on his face.

Woman: Okay… Trey feels his mind “squeeze” lightly but the pressure releases a second after. Trey is it? You can only speak English? Well the name is Renee Crysing.

Trey: Did you just read my mind? R-Renee? He gazed at the other two, seeing them hold their heads too.

Renee: Yes, I did. To quickly get past introductions. She smiled lightly and went over to them. So I was told by Hyperion that you boys need training. Is that right?

Trey: Erm… Yes.

Renee: Hm… Alright. Conrad. His attention to her stays the same as he replies with a simple nod. Why are you here?

Conrad: I’m not able to protect my Eternal family and I need the power. I would rather not have to fight but they need to be protected by someone.

Renee: So non-violent but needs power to protect. You? She points at Trey.

Trey: Well, similar to him. I have a team on Earth. Renee grins at this. And there’s a whole planet to protect. Friends, family and just people. I need to be able to because I get beaten too easily. He looks sure of himself and serious as he says this.

Renee: Well Trey, I can certainly train you for that. Wants to be a superhero and likes to fight… She smirks then points to Rex. You. Rex.

Rex: I’m not as noble as these guys… But I just want to live better and have more fun at home. It’s pretty boring, no action nor things to do so training would give me something to do and maybe defend from stuff? He said this as he was making it up.

Renee: Sighs At least you’re honest and not doing it for a twisted reason. Rex felt a squeeze on his mind as Renee read his mind to confirm he was telling the truth. Conrad then looked at his hand and clenched his fist in determination as black gaseous energy seeped out.

Renee: She sighed. Well, a little about myself: I am a teacher of multiple subjects and sometimes a private tutor. Like for you boys now! As she was talking, Rex tapped Trey and Conrad sneakily and pointed at her body, as it was slightly curvaceous and Trey tried to look away, his face getting hot. He closed his eyes and thought of Alyna. He breathed deeply and looked around Renee, but not directly at her, as she was talking. I worked with Hyperion for a long time, fighting through the universe.

Rex: He made air quotes. Worked hehe.

Renee: She continued ignoring Rex. Now I will train you for you a year so you can be able to defend yourself, help people and have fun… She looked at Rex last and shook her head.

Trey: A-A year?! I thought I was gonna be done in a few months! He had a stunned look on his face.

Renee: Trey, I’m going to train you until you’re almost at MY level. If it’s possible for your bodies to handle it… She looked in wonder.

Conrad: What is your level of power? He looked interested.

Renee: Her face became dark and serious. I’ve defeated enemies on par with entire solar systems with ease. The toughest enemy I’ve tried to battle was a Celestial, the creators of Eternals and nearly all life. Didn’t succeed of course.

They all had shock on their faces. Renee has a normal expression on her face which transformed into a smirk.

Trey: Will it be possible for us to get stronger? He had curiosity in his voice.

Renee: Of course! I just stopped because of a certain injury I received. Can never go out and be a hero again. That’s why I’m a teacher now. She turns around lifts up her shirt revealing an grotesque and disgusting injury that was on her back. She heard their responses of worry and shock. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. Only when I try to battle or bring out my immense power, it starts to… ache a little.

Rex frowned for the first time, since Trey met him.

Rex: Sorry, Renee. Maybe learning this kind of power for fun isn’t ideal.

Renee: No, don’t worry about it. As long as it’s only for fun. I’ll make sure you lot have a great handle on that power before I let you go. Anyways, you boys need to study history, culture and languages of the Eternals before we can officially train.

Rex: What? Why? I already know Titanos!

Renee: That isn’t enough. If you want to learn secret, powerful Eternal powers, you’re going to need to fully be an Eternal. Who knows, I may trained the next King of Titan. She smirks and laughs as she turns to leave. Trey, Conrad and Rex shake their heads in disappointment.

Before she leaves, she tells them what she wants them to learn in two months, and that she expects to come back to confirm what they’ve learned in those months, so they could move on to the next part of training. The trio had to reluctantly accept as she finally left the luxurious room, going about her own business.

Rex: Well Guys, let’s get started tomorrow! It’ll be fun, training with you dudes!

Conrad: He simply chuckles and shakes his head as he goes and lays in his bed perpendicular to the giant windows that you could see the city through. This’ll be pretty fun, actually. Three Eternals, learning the history, teaching each other what we can, then training to become… gods, essentially.

Trey: Well when you put it like that… Sounds pretty awesome dude, heh. He goes to lay in his bed across the room from Conrad’s bed. Rex also goes to his bed with it directly across from the giant windows, at the other wall. The light shuts off automatically as they finally get some rest.

Two months later on October 4th

Trey shuffles in bed, using his bed sheet to shield his eyes from the sun. It seems to be noon, which could be understood from where the sun is at in the sky. He groans as he hears a certain slapping sound and womens’ moans from across the room.

[From this point on, Trey, Conrad and Rex and everyone on the planet will be speaking Titanos due to Trey finally learning it from Conrad and Rex during the two months. Titanos sounds like a mix of the weirdest languages on Earth, combined, then add alien onto that. Lol.]

Trey: *The hell is that noise…* He slowly struggles to get out of bed, as he gets out of bed and sits on the edge. He uses his pillow to cover his face from the annoying rays of the sun as the sound of Conrad’s voice suddenly burst out.

Conrad: Yeah… Get on top… His bed was creaking as the slapping sounds ceased for a second, then started up again.

Trey: Con… Seriously. This early… He stands up and looks across the room to Conrad’s bed, to see one naked woman on top of him, bouncing up and down and another woman sitting on his face. Trey rolled his eyes, slightly blushing. He strolled towards the bathroom, which was next to the double-doored entrance of the room. Rex’s voice groaned awake as he suddenly yelled in Conrad’s direction.

Rex: SHUT UP!!! Trey was startled as he almost reached the bathroom and started busting out laughing. Conrad cracked a smile while still doing the deed with the two women. Rex had a woman in his bed but she looked like she was in deep sleep so she didn’t get bothered by the noises of bliss.

Trey managed to get into the bathroom, do his deeds, and stand up in front of the mirror. He noticed he had grown a beard which was just stubble. The mirror automatically powered up as a HUD appeared, scanning Trey’s face.

Mirror: In a feminine voice. Good Afternoon, Trey. Would you like me to initiate all hygienic functions for you?

Trey: Yes please… He groaned. After saying that, the mirror had 5 tiny lasers appear from the sides, shooting it at his face, shaving off all the hair. Scissors came out and cut his hair the way he wanted it, which was the same as last time, just looking more cleaned up, and curly. The mirror continued to brush his teeth, tweeze his eyebrows clean, cleanse his face and others. As he finished, he walked into the shower, and it automatically turned on, washing him thoroughly for a few minutes. He then walks out with parts of the ceiling and floor, opening up to reveal dryers. They turn on with an immense continuous blast of dry air, drying him almost instantly. It turns off and the ceiling closes off once more. Trey walks out after putting on boxers and goes to his side of the room, opening up a closet, picking out clothes.

Conrad: Where you out to?

Trey: To get something to eat. My head hurts from this hangover…

Rex: Urgh, when does Renee come back… She could’ve came last night to the party so I could’ve f-

Trey: Too much information dude… That’s our teacher. Gross…

Rex: Whatever, don’t act like you’ve never had that fantasy. He turned around in his bed and sat up to look at Trey with a grouchy, tired face. What time does she come back anyways?

Trey: Miriam. The female voice that was heard in the mirror in the bathroom, illuminates the main room with sound.

Miriam: Yes, Trey?

Trey: Find out when Renee is coming.

Miriam: Renee is approximately 300 miles away from you. Approaching at a speed of-

Rex: Okay thanks Miriam!! He says this with hurry as he jumps out of bed and Miriam ceases to speak.

Trey: Sh*t she’ll be here soon! Especially if she’s takes the elevator, we gotta clean this ro- A blurring speed is cleaning the room before Trey can finishes and it skips to a stop. It’s Conrad using super speed to clean the room quickly.

Rex goes into the bathroom as he cleans up, leaving the woman in his bed just waking up.

Trey: Urgh… He goes to her. Hey could you please… Get out of here?

Woman: Who are you?? Rude… She gets up yawning as she’s naked and uses minor telekinesis to pick up her clothes and make them come over to her hands as she goes into the bathroom to change. Rex runs out of the bathroom in boxers as he starts to get dressed. Trey uses his speed to help Conrad and goes to the other two women on Conrad’s bed.

Trey: Get out!! They snarl at him as they walk out of the room, half-naked as they already started putting clothes on. He rolls his eyes as the other woman leaves and Conrad heads to the bathroom to get ready. Miriam, enable auto-cleaning robot please. Suddenly a small disk like robot zooms along the floor in urgency, vacuuming the floor.

After 4 minutes, the room seems to be complete with the robot still riding around the floor slowly. Trey is sitting on his bed, going through his tablet device while the other two are finding something to eat in the refrigerator in the back corner of the room. Suddenly that’s when a knock at the double-doors is heard.

Rex: Open!!! The doors open by Miriam on Rex’s command and in walked Renee, wearing stylish clothes. She was smiling, looking around the room impressed.

Renee: You cleaned this room up nice! And fast. The trio groaned. Anyways have you done what I asked? You had two whole months… She smirks, seeing if they’ve done what she’s asked.

Conrad: Yes ma’am. We all know several languages now, and know most of the history of the Eternals.

Renee: Really? It’s only been 2 months… You guys learn fast. Also lay off the ma’am, it’s okay to be informal to me. I haven’t trained students in such a long time, and getting you to these levels, making sure you use them for good, will be difficult. Now your next training task.

Trey: Wait, what about the history lesson and stuff?!

Renee: Oh that was just for your own benefit. She smiled and walked to the window overlooking the city. Trey and Rex groaned loudly. Next lesson. She repeated. You will now have to cross this mountain.

The room was silent for a second then Trey shouted.

Trey: WHAT?! Why?!

Renee: Well we need a place to train, don’t we? She turned back to face them.

Rex: Goddammit…

Renee: You can go any which way you want. Through, over or maybe even under. But that’s where our training area is. Did you think I was going to train you around civilians?! I have a place on the other side of the mountain so we could release as much power as we want without harming anyone or anything… Except other mountains.

Conrad: She’s right you know. He looked serious with his arms crossed but relaxed his arms as he went to drink his special cola.

Renee: You’ll be prepared for training once you’ve finally gotten to my place. You also can’t fly can you? They shook their heads. Good. I don’t care HOW long it takes. Just get there. I’ll see you boys later! She smiles cutely and walked out of the room, in a giddy manner.

Trey: Duuuude…. I don’t WANNA do this!!

Conrad: Quit complaining. We have to. Let’s pack our things and go.

Rex: Whatever… He went to his section of the room, as well as Conrad. Trey reluctantly did the same after some thought.

After an hour and twelve minutes, they’re finally ready. They head out of the room and go to the elevator and are about to press the “Lobby” button.

Trey: Wait! Couldn’t we go to the roof? Do you think we could jump over on the mountain? Trey steps out of the elevator and Conrad and Rex do too.

Conrad: Actually, I’m not sure it would be easy. Too many safety precautions are already set here. He thought about it some more.

Rex: Well I could probably use my gravity to send us there. I’m a little weak though. He looks at the others for approval.

Conrad: Let’s check out the roof actually. They took the elevator and got up to the top floor which was wasn’t that far up. Once they arrived, the sun showered them with rays as they saw lots of people up on the roof, taking pictures and looking around.

Trey: It’s huge! So much space!

Rex: Well, what are we waiting for? We just have to go up right? Even at my level I can do that. But we’ll probably have a hard a** landing on the mountain though…

Conrad: That’s fine. We just need to cross this mountain as soon as possible. I need to start training as soon as possible.

Trey: Yeah…

Rex: Alright, here it goes… Rex closes his eyes and extends his arms as Conrad and Trey stand in front of him. The outline of his body begins to glow dark blue as suddenly, their bodies get flung up into the air, straight up at high speeds. Trey groans from the pressure acting on his body as Conrad stays quiet. Rex being used to this, stays concentrated on the task at hand and when they get high enough, he uses his gravity to send them at the mountain. Sorry guys!!! My gravity powers will run out soon!!! Brace for impact!!!!

The trio brace for impact as their bodies hit the mountain rock with crazy amounts of force. Rex’s body stops glowing as their bodies roll down the mountain a little bit before they hit a ledge. They all manage to stay on the ledge as they stand up, fairly unharmed but aching.

Conrad: This is it. Our training starts now. He looks around the rocky terrain around him, then looks up, sighing due to the height of the mountain. He grabs an edge to pull himself up, successfully, climbing the mountain, after he goes up a certain height, Trey and Rex begin to follow slowly, watching where they step and where they grab. 36 minutes go by, climbing the mountain non-stop and Conrad grabs an unsteady edge, pulling on it, and nearly falling off the mountain. Trey and Rex stay still and look above at Conrad with wide eyes as he nearly falls up grabs a more sturdy edge. Rex climbs around Conrad, going at a bit faster rate than he does, mostly because his pack weighs less than Conrad’s hefty pack.

Trey: These packs on our backs make it really hard to climb!!! He tries his best to climb farther up more, behind the other two.

Rex: Come on guys!! We got this! He gets himself motivated as he continues to climb higher.

A few hours later

With only stars showing, the night sky offers a cool breeze to our heroes looking to trek this mountain. Before it became night, they managed to dig a slight cave into the mountain to take a rest for the night. They slept on the hard rock terrain as there wasn’t enough space to put down any blankets. Before Trey slept, he had become conscious of the fact that he couldn’t turn back now. He clenched his fists and mentally prepared himself for the next day of travelling up and around this dreadful mountain.

It is early in the morning and Trey wakes up first, his whole body aching, but he manages to get up in the tight space. After a few minutes he wakes up the other two as they groan in annoyance and pain.

Rex: Really? He sits up.

Trey: Yes really. We’re going to go through the mountain. We’ll use our powers as much as possible to get through. The mountain is too unpredictable and I’m not gonna risk falling off.

Rex: Urgh. Fine! You’re so damn annoying sometimes… He gets up, stretches and backs up a little bit, waiting for Trey or Conrad to do something.

Conrad: Let me see if I can do something. He stands in front of them as they watch and his eyes begin to heat up. He then shoots a blast of heat out of his eyes into the near black rock, slowly eroding it away. After a few minutes he stopped, making considerable progress and lots of space.

Rex: My turn! He walked to the rock and started using his gravity to break down and crush the rock then pull it. Conrad joined into it, as they started to make great progress with going through the mountain.

8 days later

It was now October 12th, as the trio was almost through the mountain, encountering different weird animals and creatures along the way. They didn’t eat or sleep for those 8 days but they felt fine. Eternals can go several days-months without sleep or eating. They all used their powers in unison to help each other get through all the rubble, debris and alien rock that was obstructing them from their path.

Trey: I think we're almost th- A loud rumbling is heard.

Conrad: I think we're close.

Trey: Yeah. Better get out now! They all used their abilities to blast and erode the remaining rock and debris in front of them, causing a loud crash and rumble to initiate throughout the mountain once more. Light broke through and they were greeted with a bright sun shining into the tunnel. The trio looked at each other with mischievous grins as they slowly crawled out of the tiny space, as if they were skeptical of the open space they earned.

Rex: Oh... He looked at the view and they all saw what they had been waiting for. F*ck yeah...

New home

This is their view from the tunnel in the mountain. This is the area that the trio will spend their year to train.

Trey: He had a huge smirk on his face Well what're we waiting for boys? He went to the edge and looked down. He backed up and got a running start, jumping off the edge, falling quickly and not knowing how he was gonna stop.

Conrad: Wait, he just- Both him and Rex jumped after him, catching up to him and even about to pass him, but a part of the mountain was in their way and was about to hit it, so the Rex used his gravitational powers to slow their descent and safely land on the mountain. They ran the rest of the way down.

Trey: I am so excited! Though, it does suck we have to spend a whole year away from our homes... He starts to think of Alyna and his friends back home in L.A. His thoughts are interrupted by a high pitched yell that comes from the direction of the temple-like places (on the bottom right of the picture above).

Rex: I think that may be Renee guys. He squinted when looking seeing Renee running at them cheering like a little girl. She is so sexy...

Trey and Conrad rolled their eyes as Renee was smiling, stopping to a walk.

Renee: I'm honestly surprised you three made it! How'd you like the trip?

Conrad: It was terrible. And I hope that was the last trek we have to do. He looked full of pain and annoyed, glancing at his environment, admiring it.

Trey: Yeah... Better be the last... I just want to sleep. He sat on the ground held his head, feeling like he had a headache.

Renee: Well, no worries there. That was surely the last test you had to go through to finally start training. As you can see, we can be free and train to our hearts' content. You'll have a nice surprise waiting for you boys up there. The trio watched her point to the elevated building (the place on the left, in the picture above). They looked around the earth foundation under the building, and Rex successfully spotted a long stairwell leading up to there. He sighed relief and continued to walk there. There was a river that obstructed their path, but Rex simply walked through it, even swimming at that point. He was fully determined to get there.

Trey: Urgh, this better be worth it. Conrad nodded along in annoyance and they all swam through the river until they got to the other side, stepping onto the stairwell, going up to the building.

Conrad: I think this will probably be an old place we're staying. Like a full on temple. Look at it. The rest just quietly trotted along, eager to get up the steps.

Trey: *Hm, it does look a little old. Way older than the place we were previously staying anyways...*

After a while, they finally got up the steps and Renee was seen levitating and smiling as she passed them. There are tall doors in front of them as they arrived at the top and she opens the doors, pushing them open. When they all walk, the trio look around in marvel, seeing as the building is tech everywhere inside. It was a giant interior, which had a fountain in the center of the main room and many different walkways to different rooms.

Trey: This is amazing... We should split up!

Rex: Yeah, I'm out.

Conrad: Heh... That was when they all split up to explore the place, different rooms being nature-esque inside, having rocks and edges from the foundation terrain inside some rooms. Even some growing trees were seen in most rooms and plants all around the walls and floors. Despite this, the whole building was doused in technology that the trio had never even experienced before.

Trey: Now, where can my room be... He went all over the gigantic building and finally found a loft room fixed up and he looked around, admiring the simplicity of it. Well this is definitely my room now.

Trey's Room

Trey's room and how it's set up.

He slung his bag from his shoulder and set it on a table, kneeling beside and taking all the things he needed, out of it. He was quiet, thinking about back home and how everyone was doing without him. He sighed wondering if they were having fun adventures, or even more fun without him, but he quickly shook his head at the thought. After setting everything up, he looked around satisfied, used the bathroom and came out. He went to the entrance, ready to go out and as he opened the door, he saw Renee walking by. He glanced at him.

Renee: Found your new room okay? She kept walking as she had some electronics in her hand.

Trey: Uhhh, yeah. He jogged behind her, catching up to her brisk walk. Sooooo... When'll we start?

Renee: Well... She stopped into another room and set the electronics down, turning to face him. Tomorrow. Before you rest for the day though, I need to show all you guys something that'll help a lot. She looked up at the ceiling and Trey looked up to, not knowing what she was looking at, until he realized. Isaac?

A male voice, that sounded old, confident and rough and proper echoed through the entire building.

Isaac: Yes, Renee?

Renee: Send the message through the whole building, that we meet in the main room. And you should come out too.

Isaac: Understood. After that, Isaac echoed through the entire building once more, to meet in the main room (where the fountain was). So Trey followed Renee through the entire place to the main room, in which Conrad and Rex were already there, without their backpacks, so it's assumed they found their rooms to stay in.

Rex: Hey Teach! What's up?

Renee: Hey Rex. She walked to the front and turned around to face all 3 guys. Okay well, I wanted to welcome you here formally, as you'll be spending your next year here. Everything here is free for you guys to use. Usually I would have a whole class here, but for now it's you boys. So you have a lot more space than you need. Also there is another feature I want you to be known about. She held our her hand to her side, as if introducing someone. That was when a holographic body of a mature man materialized with his hands behind his back. I want you to meet I.S.A.A.C. Isaac is an acronym that stands for-

Conrad: Integral Synaptic Anti+/Anionic Computer. Right? Renee simply put her hand down, smiled and nodded her head.

Renee: You've heard of him, but they don't let you study him and his functions. Isaac is a vast supercomputer which honeycombs the moon of Titan, as well as controls it. Isaac has a vast range of computational functions, most of which have not been catalogued... His power source is the thermal energy found at Titan's core. Isaac is stationary; however, it has been observed to project its holographic representation as far as Earth. This holographic projection takes the form of a humanoid figure of what you see right now in order to facilitate communications with and observation of humanoid life forms. Since Isaac honeycombs Titan, we are technically underground, under the surface of Isaac but it creates the atmosphere, the sun and moon cycles, environments and makes this place like a Utopia. I know the King of Titan personally, he was like a brother to me and so he let me use a portion of Isaac for my training school.

Conrad: I get it now. Rex and Trey nodded along with him.

Trey: So he can do anything we ask for in this place? Renee nodded. Trey looked at Isaac and smiled. Dope...

Renee: So, in the morning, we meet down there. The doors open automatically and she points to the ground area next to the river.

Trey: Alright cool. Rex and Conrad nodded.

Renee: So. Any questions? Everyone waited, looked at each other and shook their heads, ready to finally rest. Alright, well, you're off for the rest of the day! Enjoy it here! She waved as everyone was relieved, splitting up and walking to their respective rooms. Trey went to his room and took off his clothes, going into his boxers. He laid on the bed on his back with his hands under his head, as he stared at the ceiling for a bit, until he finally fell asleep.

The Next Morning, on October 13th

Trey woke up to the morning sun shining into his windows. He slowly got up from bed, looking at the time, seeing 10. He sighed and went to do his morning duties, then put on shorts, low top shoes and a T-shirt. He took a while to stroll through his new home, but he finally got outside and saw Rex walking down the stairs almost at the bottom. Conrad was already there, waiting for the other two. Trey followed behind Rex, jogging down the steps. Once they got down, Renee welcomed them.

Renee: Had a good night?

Trey: Yeah...

Rex: Eh, it was alright.

Conrad: Mhm.

Renee: Well, alright, let's begin our training. She walks in front of them and backs up a good distance. Now first, I'll have to evaluate each of your strengths and skill. Try attacking me. Conrad went first, looking focused and angry. He ran at her with great speed, attacking her. She dodged and tanked most of his blows as they were weak to her. This went on for a little bit, with her testing all of his skills and abilities in battling. She also tested Rex and now it was Trey's turn. The other two watched as Renee didn't seem even remotely tired from the other two battling her.

Trey: Here goes... He propelled at her, preparing his right fist and punching her right in the stomach, but to no effect.

Renee: Trey, this isn't the time to play around, hit me for real. Trey, taking this as an insult, bites his tongue and cocks back another punch, stronger and hits her in the stomach, but she doesn't budge. A-Are you trying? Why are you holding back???

Trey: I'm not holding back! He feels his head getting hot as he quickly punches twice at her face, but she blocks each punch with the palm of her hand and knees him in the stomach with intense force, making him reel back.

Renee: Yes. You are. Do you always hold back like this?

Trey: He held his stomach and stumbled back, looking up at her. I-I guess so...

Renee: Ah... You've learned to pull your punches to refrain from killing anyone you battle, but you've never known how much power you pack behind that fist. She smirks and cracks her knuckles. Again. Keep punching me.

Trey: He thought about it then shook the doubtful thoughts away, getting in a fighting stance and coming up to her. Okay. He breathed deeply, and punched at her stomach again, with the same effect, but kept repeating it with each fist, one after the other. He closed his eyes as Renee was quiet, feeling each force of the punch until she felt the force getting more intense. She caught one fist before it hit her again and she smirked. She pushed him away lightly, but he came right back at her with an uppercut. She turned out of the way and spun backwards, doing a back kick into his stomach, sending him flying.

Rex: Oooooooooooh.... He chuckled a little and Conrad still stood there, watching.

Renee: So? She seemed to stand with a smile and Trey held his stomach. He went to attack, but Renee closed the distance between them in the blink of an eye, attacking Trey with slow but heavy attacks. He did a few quick steps to back up from her then lunge at her one more time in a spinning flying back kick. She simply side stepped the attack and grabbed his leg, spinning him around at blinding speeds and throwing his body with immense force over the river and at the mountain far past the other temple structure.

Conrad: Ah... She's crazy. He shook his head.

Rex: Duuude! She just beat up on Trey for no reason! That was when Renee looked over in their direction and flash stepped out of sight. In the blink of an eye she was behind both Conrad and Rex, standing normally, looking serious. Conrad was the first to realize she was behind them, but then Rex noticed and stepped back, throwing his elbow back at her. She grabbed his elbow stopped the blow. She raised her eyebrows in gratitude.

Renee: I actually felt that! She pushed his elbow away and Conrad turned to attack right after she did that. He did a jumping side kick at her face, but she held up her left arm to block the attack feeling huge force behind it. Again she smiled at the fact that they were increasing the strength of their attacks. Now you're learning to slowly increase you strength. It may seem uncomfortable since you two must have never used your natural enhanced strength, but you'll get used to it.

Conrad: Oh really? He instantly felt his body tired out more easily, though he kept attacking. He threw a few punches at her torso and she parried them slightly and threw a few quick punches herself that were intended to miss. He dodged them and jumped backwards a few steps.

Rex: Aghhhh!! He darted from behind her and threw a fast left hook and she turned around, bending her body dodging it. In a quick succession he kicked at her side, but she jumped high dodging it. She smiled and landed on the ground in a crouch, sweeping his feet making him fall on his back. Conrad ran in looking serious and calculating and engaged in nonstop fast paced hand to hand combat. She was keeping up with him as he was on the offense. Renee started to levitate slightly off the ground and fly backwards as Conrad would be running forward and attacking at the same time.

Renee: You're good Conrad. You learn fast. She notices at the corner of her eye at a big boulder is coming from the river. She flies back faster and Conrad does several back-flips to dodge the boulder. Trey is seen on the other side of the river breathing heavily.

Conrad: You almost hit me!

Trey: My bad! Renee rolls her eyes and launches herself at Trey with her flight. He tries to defend himself, but she simply strikes him in all of his body parts he left open and sends him to ground with a simple shoulder push. Trey tried to get up and saw Rex and Conrad dashing at her, over the river. Renee turned around and simply held out her hand, making a blade with wire attached to the end materialize from her hand and sends it around them, immobilizing the two. They tried to break free but with no success.

Renee: That was a basic "sneak" attack, you've got to do better. Trey got up and hollered out, darted at her, punching her with all his strength. She caught every punch and slightly pushed them away from her, then uppercut him in the chin, kicking him in the stomach which sent him straight to the ground. She walked to him and placed her foot on his chest. Suddenly Trey lost his breath and felt like a whole building was sitting on top of him. He tried to scream but couldn't get it out. He tried desperately to get her foot off of him but his arms were stuck to the ground. She smirked as Conrad and Rex watched in a combination of confusion and amazement.

Rex: That's not gravity... Or telekinesis... What is that?...

Trey: G-G... He couldn't even form words and thoughts were beginning to get impossible as he felt like his body was getting crushed under the weight of her immense aura. He was trying to tell her to get off and stop and do something, but it felt hopeless. When he felt his eyes about to close, that's when Renee lifted her foot off of his body, essentially lifting the crushing aura. It was invisible to everyone but her, and he was terrified by it. The other two watched in shock as Trey desperately caught his breath and looked at Renee angrily.

Renee: Sorry! I think I went a little overboard. She knelled beside him as he tried to get up. You okay?

Trey: W-What the hell was that...

Renee: She stood up, releasing the other two from her grip of the metal wire. Listen up, very few Eternals have potential to wield an ability that dramatically increases your life force and power. It's called the Quantum Field. This is what I used on Trey just now and it's how I fly.

Conrad: Quantum... Field?

Renee: Yes. You understand that Eternals' cells contain cosmic energy that powers them up, right? Allows them to possess limited powersets and streamline the cosmic energy into specific areas in their powers to make them more and more powerful over time.

Rex: Yeah... That's basic knowledge, what is the Quantum Field though?

Renee: It's an unhindered evolution of Eternals' cosmic energy that allows them to develop ANY power; even reality bending abilities BUT your body has to be able to handle it and have the imagination to even develop it.

Trey: So...

Renee: It's evolving the cosmic energy in your bodies into quantum energy, which is more broad and powerful version of it.

Conrad: He stood up and looked at his hands. So the "field" is an aura? That makes sense. So it's letting the quantum energy escape and surround our bodies?

Renee: Correct. Once you let the quantum energy escape your bodies, then you can have natural flight that casually ignores laws of physics for example, or enhance your own body. Unlocking your Quantum Field will already increase your Eternal Physiology, but producing it outside of your body you can increase your abilities even further.

Trey: How do we unlock or evolve it? And what does the field look like?

Renee: Glad you asked. She smiles and backs up a good distance. She closes her eyes as she breaths in deeply through her nose and breathes out through her mouth. When she breathes out, the trio watch a faint, calm, white aura emit from her body and surround her. The visible field is more potent than the invisible field I let off to immobilize Trey earlier. You might release the invisible field from the pores in your body to enable flight, or release attacks and you might release your visible field in a serious situation, if you need protection or to shape into a weapon, etc. Her aura slowly expands from her body as it encompasses a greater distance beyond the trio. Their vision is filled with a faint white aura that turns everything they see a shade of white as they're essentially looking through it. Field appearance and can look different from person to person. Mine is just a calm white aura while yours might be lime green sparkling, popping, fiery, electric or whatever.

Rex: So... How do we develop it? He looked focused.

Renee: You have to know first that there might be side effects to obtaining the evolution. There could be mental effects, physical effects or spiritual effects. It varies from person to person and you might have to overcome the situation, if it's possible.

Conrad: I see... So we'd have to be alert on what happens when we develop it.

Renee: Yes. But now back to your question Rex. You can unlock it several different ways. Meditating, training with immense amounts of cosmic energy, or under certain pressure can held evolve the cosmic energy into Quantum Energy. Though, it may be hard to directly use Quantum energy, like I said before, you can develop powers from it.

Trey: I get it now. He looked down at the ground as he started to think of an easy method to evolve his cosmic energy.

Rex: So what are we waiting for? Let's do this!! He sounded excited and anxious to get started.

Renee: Since you're so eager, we'll start in the afternoon. You need to heal up first. She started to levitate and go over to the building.

Trey: He looked at his open palm as he tried to form cosmic energy, but wasn't successful. I can finally become stronger... For Alyna, for my friends, and for myself... He closed his hand into a tight fist and got up, walking to the building, feeling determined and eager to begin his training into potential godhood.

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