This is the first issue of PyroHunter16's new Marvel Fanon-Made storyline called The Absconders: Seven Shinka. This is a side-story that will take place outside of the world and focuses on one of the main characters named Haruto Higashikata. This storyline is Role-played and made by me, Pyro, and these are the OCs that will be featured.

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART OR this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. Disclaimer: Any real-life or fictional brands are used in as a parody. Additionally, any references to existing works such as an anime or manga are meant solely as inspiration. No copyright infringement is intended with this. None of us are actually sponsored, nor do we care to be sponsored, Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)


  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type for characters with second personalities or long distance dialogue (telepathy or calls).
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.


Day 1: Arrival

Haruto and Caesar landed on the surface of the planet where the Arcana lived, landing right in the center of their grand table. Unlike Haruto's first visit, the Arcana were awake and active, their bodies glowing in their respective energy.

Shin Arcana: Welcome, Higashikata Haruto. We'd like to congratulate you on collecting the full Tarot deck and reaching the power of the World. We heard that you jokingly requested to learn how to overwrite reality, but we can make this possible.

Haruto: Uh... thank you, I guess...

Shin Arcana: However, we are going to change your training regimen from what we originally intended. You will spend 14 days here, which will be equivalent to 2 months on Earth. The first 7 days will be spent learning an elemental affinity from one of us, as well as one of Origin's Deadly Sin attacks. The final 7 days will be spent collecting a group of artifacts to help you control these new powers.

Haruto: I'm guessing those artifacts are on other planets...?

Shin Arcana: Actually, no. They're buried on this planet. Or rather, hidden on the planet, not necessarily buried.

Haruto: One of them is buried on here, isn't it...

Shin Arcana: I won't say anymore about that.

Haruto: Great. Should we get started then?

Shin Arcana: Eager to start already?

Haruto: Might as well get it done with quicker.

Shin Arcana: Rushing to the end goal already? Very well. Origin, head to the training grounds first. I must discuss something private with young Haruto.

Caesar: Gotcha. See you in a bit, kid. He smiles before falling off the edge of the giant "table" and appeared to disappear in a flash.

Shin Arcana: Young Haruto. The grey titan stood up and evaporated into a mass of grey smoke before appearing human-sized on the table We have seen your future, and we must make sure that your future remains on this path. It is necessary for your world and this world. So... Shin holds out his palm and takes a breath as the other Arcana transform into human-sized forms as well. Please. Try your best to ignore the pain. He jabs the fingertips of his palm into Haruto's torso, followed by the other Arcana doing the same thing and jabbing their fingers into Haruto. The energy flowing through their bodies glow and concentrate on the arms jabbed into Haruto.

Haruto: ...! W-what is this...?! Haruto gasped and struggled to breathe as the concentrated energy from the Arcana began to flow into Haruto, causing him to black out as they transfer the concentration of power into Haruto's body before Caesar reappears.

Caesar: Jeez... He got ahead of himself... Should I take him to rest?

Shin: Use the healing chambers. It'll save us time and should allow us to modify the infusion process as needed.

Caesar: Gotcha. Caesar hoists Haruto over his shoulders and walks towards a raised panel on the table, tapping a button. The table begins to glow and hum before it teleports the entirety of the table and the group to a hidden cave somewhere on the planet. A large grouping of chambers with tubes and panels Have a specific spot for him to go?

Shin: We have a designated chamber for him. OR-16.

Caesar: I'll look for it. He carries Haruto around until he sees Chamber OR-16, a chamber with a dark red cover instead of the other chambers having clear covers. That wasn't that hard. The chamber opens up in response to sensing Haruto's presence. Oh?

Fiamma: I designed that chamber for him after he previously visited. According to the other's parameters, anyway.

Acqua: Well, shall we begin the coding process?

Shin: I shall suspend time to keep us within our 14-day limit. He holds up his hands and time pauses for the planet. Let us begin our work.

Caesar: I'll be waiting outside. He walks out of the cave and looks at the bleakness of this barren world, sighing. He looks at his belt and the cartridge that works with it I'm supposed to pass on my Sins to him...? The hell kind of phrasing is that...

Training: Wrath

The Arcana spent what would've been hours on Haruto, messing with his genetic data to put specific limits and abilities into him, and heal him from the damage he sustained from being jabbed and infused with the Arcana's energy. However, all this happened within stopped time, thus keeping within their time limit of 2 Earth months as Haruto was restored in an instant. We won't go into full details on this time stop stuff, because that's gonna be a headache. Eventually, Haruto awakens and sees Caesar in his Armor, both on what appeared to be a volcano with Arcana Fiamma there as well.

Haruto: We're starting already...? He got up and shook his head, still tired from just waking up from all the genetic modifications

Caesar: You wanted to get started quickly, right? He held out his hand and Fiamma tossed him a sword. But not just any sword, it was the sword that former Vanquish host Mifune had used and passed on to Haruto. This is a nice sword. Where'd you get it?

Haruto: Acquaintance of a friend. He patted himself down, realizing he had no way of equipping an armor Uh... Do I get an armor?

Caesar: Not just yet, kid. You're gonna have work for it. He pressed the button on his belt five times, causing the belt to announce "Wrath Flame" as red energy was channeled into Mifune's sword Now, the goal is simple. Avoid my attacks, find a way to counter and disarm me without armor or powers, and try to channel the sin I'm using on you into yourself without dying or getting too f---ed.

Haruto: Great... Haruto took up a defensive fighting stance as Caesar stalked towards him with Mifune's sword in hand, red Wrath energy charged into the blade

Caesar: Word of advice: Channeling the specific emotions brought about by the sin usually help. He swung the blade at Haruto, who rolled out of the way as the red energy was released as a crescent of scorching flames. He activated another Wrath Flame and swung at Haruto again, who dodged yet again. C'mon, kid. Wrath! What does that invoke?!

Haruto: What, do you want me to hate you...? Haruto glared at Caesar, who activated yet another Wrath Flame.

Caesar: Whatever gets the sin to empower you! He slashed at Haruto once more, this time with a bit more effort, thus strengthening the attack

Haruto: Wrath, huh...? He thinks about his life, looking back on his past while avoiding Caesar's attacks. Then he remembers the perfect catalyst: meeting Ty at Prom right before the inevitable fight against the Virtue. He focuses on the anger he felt after Ty revealed his true feelings that night. His breathing becomes erratic, as he shifts to other memories in his past where he felt angry, times when he wanted to simply kill those he hated. Times when he wanted to simply burn the world down. Ty... can go to hell... She can burn in hell too... They can all rot in hell... All of humanity should just burn!!! He begins to glow with a red aura as he rushes Caesar faster than the latter can react, disarming him and grabbing Mifune's sword to use as he unleashes his own Wrath Flame. His was a pure crimson wave of fire that cut right through Caesar's armor and sent him flying into the lava of the volcano

Caesar: That's right! Harness that wrath, kid! But remember, you're the one in control! Don't let the sin corrupt your thoughts!! He flipped mid-air and had his coat peel off his armor temporarily to form into 3 pairs of wings that he uses to fly up and avoid the lava

Haruto: Control... the anger... He takes a deep breath, trying to focus his feelings of rage and cynicism, but they fade away quickly I can't... I...

Caesar: More like you don't want to. Caesar brushed himself off after landing on the volcanic surface, his wings folding up to form the coat of his armor again You don't want to experience those feelings again because your past is riddled with trauma, isn't it? He sees Haruto nodded as Fiamma approaches

Fiamma: Young Haruto, you should have anticipated that physical pain wouldn't be the only form of pain you'd experience in this. He glances outwards at the setting orange sun The day is almost ending. If you can continue to harness the rage within, I'll grant you a badge of progress.

Haruto: And that would be...? He looks at the Arcana, then back at Mifune's sword

Fiamma: A portion of armor. I won't give the full armor, because I don't have the entire thing. But I shall give you the chest plate of the armor as a reward for completing your trials.

Haruto: ...Fine. He stood up straight, taking a deep breath as he reluctantly began to focus on the memories that induced rage within him.

Fiamma: No hesitation, Haruto! To harness this power, you must advance with no hesitation! Don't look back on those memories as disgusting scars! See them as the catalyst to obtain more power! You wanted to forget the past, didn't you?! You want to leave it all alone, but they came back to haunt you! Don't let it haunt you, take those memories into your hand and expel them outwards!

Haruto: Grasp... He tightened his grip on the sword as he took more controlled breaths and took a basic sword stance And expel... The memories flashed through his mind, bringing him pain and anger. He focused on the Arcana's words and the anger he felt, mentally merging them as best as he could. As he did, Mifune's sword began to glow with the same crimson that came from his first use of the attack. Wrath... Flame!!! Haruto swiped at the air in front of him and released a powerful wave of crimson flames that traveled through the volcano and cut straight through the lava, leaving a large gap in the center of the volcano that the lava slowly began to recover. He noticed something in the center, and began walking towards it, only for Fiamma to suddenly appear in front of him and block his path towards the thing

Fiamma: You are not yet ready to find out what that is, Haruto. But you seem to be using the Sinful Strike better. Continue practicing it by yourself. If you can split the volcano by the time the sun is fully set, I shall reward you with the first piece of armor and rest for tonight.

Haruto: Aren't you going to train me in using fire?

Fiamma: That shall be part of next week's training. This first week is dedicated to the Sinful Strikes. Now... continue practicing! Fiamma then walked away as Caesar supervised Haruto's training. Haruto began the same thought process again, channeling the rage into his sword and shouting the attack's name before releasing the wave of fire. As time went by, Haruto slowly got better at using the attack, now only needing to call the attack's name before releasing. By this time, the sun had almost set entirely, and Haruto was now at the base of the volcano. Well, Haruto? Can you do it?

Haruto: Yeah... He closed his eyes and took a stance, sword held up. His breathing was controlled and deep, his mind concentrated on the attack. The blade of Mifune's sword glowed with crimson energy as Haruto opened his eyes with a look of focus Wrath Flame! He ran at the volcano and swung his blade as hard as he could, sending the biggest wave of fire yet at the volcano. The wave made contact with the volcano and cleaved through about half of the volcano before the attack dissipated. Haruto was now panting heavily, sweat dripping from his face as he looked at his attack

Fiamma: Hm... this is powerful enough for the time being. Remember all of this, Haruto. Conditioning your body with the deadly sins will make the road ahead much easier. Tomorrow, you will train with Caesar again. I do not know who the accompanying Arcana will be, so you will find out for yourself. Fiamma walked up to Haruto and tapped on his sternum, causing Haruto to feel a burning in his chest that resulted in his chest being enveloped in a crimson armored chestplate, which was then followed by a jacket-like flame appearing over the armor and solidifying into an actual jacket molded into the armor Here is your reward for progression, as promised. Though the jacket wasn't part of the original design, it does look nice on you.

Haruto: Ah... thank you... Haruto watched as the armor faded away, leaving the jacket behind as the armor had burned away his previous jacket and shirt. Ah, my shirt...

Caesar: I'll get you spare clothes, dude. As long as you're still here and training, I can pick up things for you.

Haruto: In that case, can we make something to eat? I'm hungry... He looked around for the sheathe to Mifune's sword, but couldn't find it. Fiamma then handed the sheathe to Haruto, who promptly sheathed the blade.

Caesar: I'll train you in gluttony sooner or later... Just ask Shin for a meal. Caesar removed his armor and walked towards the portal that he had used to get to the volcano

Haruto: Alright. Haruto followed him, both teleporting to the Arcana's grand meeting table. All 7 of them had returned to their usual titanic sizes, and were all resting save for Shin and Fiamma. The two were discussing Haruto's training for the day, the former nodding as the latter reported.

Shin: He's made significant progress considering what he's been through as of late. He then turned his attention to Haruto and took on his human-sized form, approaching the boy with a tray of food in his hands You must be hungry, Haruto. Here. He handed the tray to Haruto, who thanked and accepted it It's Takoyaki, Tempura, Tonkatsu, and rice. Some dishes from your Japanese heritage and upbringing, I believe.

Haruto: Thank you, Shin Arcana.

Shin: Please, call me Shin. Arcana is simply a title, not part of our names.

Haruto: I see... Thank you, Shin.

Shin: Origin, please show him to his quarters so he may rest.

Caesar: Gotcha. Let's go kid. He walked towards the panel and tapped on another button, teleporting him and Haruto to a space with two luxurious hotel-style rooms. You get the one on the right. Don't take too long eating, and get plenty of rest. It's only going to get harder from here on out. With that, Caesar entered his room, closed and locked the door, and left Haruto to his own devices.

Haruto: I see... He sighed before entering his room with the food, closing and locking the door before eating his meal. It tasted great, despite the Arcana most likely not knowing how to cook and having summoned it with their powers. Regardless, he was glad to fill his empty stomach before showering and changing into a set of pajamas that was in the drawers. So this will be my life for two weeks... Though to the rest, it'll be much longer... They must think I'm dead, considering how I left... He laid on the bed and thought over the day's events, sighing as he felt the tiredness from his training today creep up on him I need to work hard and get back soon... And with those words, Haruto fell asleep.

Day 2: Two for One

Haruto rose early, or what appeared to be early in this world of distorted space-time. He got up and prepared for the day, brushing his teeth and showering; he wasn't really sure where the toothbrush and toothpaste came from, but he was glad that they were there for him to use. Once he had finished showering, he saw a fresh set of clothes sitting on the bed. A brand new jacket resembling his previous one, though it now featured a hood separate from the collar and crimson detailing accurately depicting the human torso bones, sat beside the folded-up jeans, socks, and shirt.

Haruto: When did they get this...? He put on the rest of his clothes as he normally would, save for the jacket. Shoes wouldn't be a problem, since a pair of combat boots manifested itself on his feet after putting on his socks and pants. When he reached for the jacket, a spark of green energy wafted off the jacket and into his hand. *I've never seen this jacket before, but it's so familiar to me... Did they take my old jacket and modify it...?*

Caesar: Hey, kid! Caesar knocked on the door Hurry up! Breakfast is in five minutes, and you're not gonna get a lot of time to spend savoring the flavor, kid!

Haruto: I'm almost done, just give me a second! He put on the jacket and felt a strange sensation of relaxation and comfort as he did. More sparks of green energy emanated from the jacket as he put it on, but they promptly ceased once he had it on and buckled the collar up. *This feels so much more comfortable than usual..* He exited his room as he tucked his thumbs into the thumb-holes in the sleeves, adjusting the jacket a bit before following Caesar out of the rooms and towards the device that he was now associating as a teleportation device.

Caesar: How's the jacket? He casually asked Haruto as he pressed a few buttons on the panel before handing Mifune's sword to him

Haruto: I'm wondering where it's from, but it's good. He took the sword from Caesar and stepped onto the teleportation device with Caesar. The two were teleported to the Arcana's table, where Acqua and Luce were holding two trays of food.

Acqua: Ah, welcome, you two! She held out her tray to Haruto. On it was a traditional Japanese breakfast, as well as some tea Here's your breakfast, Haruto-kun!

Haruto: Haruto... -kun...? He took the tray and tilted his head at her choice of wording Is there a reason you're using that honorific on me...?

Acqua: It's supposed to be endearing honorific, right? She tilted her head at Haruto as she watched him scarf down his meal, knowing that their eating time was limited.

Caesar: Just let her do whatever, kid. It's fine. Luce had handed him his breakfast of eggs and a few sweet pastries. Thanks, Luce.

Luce: You're welcome, young Caesar. Young Haruto, would you prefer my way of addressing you instead?

Haruto: Um... He wiped his mouth with a napkin after finishing his meal, gulping down what he was chewing. Well, either works. I just wasn't expecting to be referred to as "Haruto-kun" here. Especially since... His voice trailed off, leaving the sentence unfinished

Acqua: Since?

Haruto: I-it's nothing... Let's start the training, please. He grabbed Mifune's sword and drew it, seeing a reflection of himself in the blade. There was a faint red glow to his reflection, which was most likely coming from the feelings of hate he felt from learning to use Wrath yesterday. He could feel a sense of self-loathing as he looked at the reflection, causing the red glow to glow bolder.

Caesar: Oh? Looks like you're getting pretty comfortable with the wrath.

Haruto: I guess I am... He sheathed the sword again and looked to Caesar Which sin is it today?

Caesar: Greed. Let's see how selfish you can get. He smiled as Acqua and Luce followed the two. The four teleported to a beach, where the sun was shining brightly on them Same rules as yesterday. Dodge, counter, grasp, and expel. Simple as that. You do good, you get the Sinful Strike and, I believe Acqua will reward you.

Haruto: Reward me...? He blushed as she waved to him encouragingly, while Luce offered him a supportive smile akin to the one a mom would give to her child; which made him blush more.

Caesar: Ohoho? Getting a little ahead of yourself there, aren't you, kiddo? He summoned a sword and assumed his armored form, pressing the button on his belt three times to charge a Greed slash into his sword. Yellow energy swirled around his sword blade as he rushed at Haruto without warning. Haruto countered immediately, drawing his blade and blocking by channeling his self-hate into the blade into a Wrath Flame, though he didn't release it. Oh? Using the Wrath Flame for a defensive purpose? That's new. You're catching onto this pretty good, kid.

Haruto: Wrath Flame! He unleashed the attack with an upward slash, sending out a large wave of crimson flames about the size of the large one he had produced the day before. Greed, huh? *Think about the selfish times you've ever had...* He tried to focus on a memory of selfishness, but brought up none *Right. I wasn't very demanding as a kid...*

Caesar: You don't need a memory to use the sin! Caesar charged at Haruto while the latter was thinking on his attack, striking at Haruto's chest because it was the only armor he had. What happened next surprised everyone. The green energy that was sparking off of Haruto's jacket earlier had exploded outward and sent Haruto backwards enough to avoid the attack while positioning him so that he was in an advantageous stance with his sword The hell...?

Haruto: What...? *What just happened? That energy manipulated my stance.* Haruto charged another Wrath Flame and sent it at Caesar to distract him, so that he could think *This energy is so weird... Almost like... Fullbring?* He looked up and saw Caesar about to attack with an overhead strike. Haruto blocked and tried to push off and jump back. His push was successful, but his jump back was much farther than intended, because the green energy had formed little rings by his feet and propelled him backwards. This is definitely...

Acqua: Oh? That's cool! You can do it, Haruto-kun!! She cheered him on from the side, watching him use this green energy to dodge Caesar much more efficiently.

Luce: This is most definitely...

Haruto: This has to be...

Luce: Soul Manipulation!

Haruto: Fullbring! He turned to Luce with a confused look Soul manipulation?

Luce: That green energy is a byproduct of Soul manipulation, taught by us, anyway. But what is this Fullbring you speak of? She tilted her head at the term Haruto used for Soul Manipulation

Haruto: It's from an anime I watched. By "pulling" on the souls infused within matter, I can manipulate it to my advantage. Like this! Haruto used the green energy to propel himself forward, far faster than Caesar could tell. He barely had time to block Haruto's attack, having to turn around quickly and only barely being able to block with his sword.

Caesar: Damn, that's pretty useful. But... you still need to learn the Greed Slash, kid! Caesar charged another Greed Slash and used it in his counter to Haruto's attack, knocking him off-balance and striking his chest. His sword collided with the crimson detailing on Haruto's jacket, which emitted the green energy upon impact and forced Caesar away Tch. That damn energy is just getting in the way...

Luce: Or perhaps... it will be his alternative power. A power to be accessed whenever and wherever should his overwrite be inaccessible. But that isn't our focus this week. Young Haruto! Focus on those sins!

Haruto: Right, greed... *No need for a memory... I suppose pure thought will have to do... But what have I wanted...? What have I always wanted? Power? No...* As he thought, Caesar slashed and fought, with Haruto countering and blocking while using his Soul manipulation to dodge. *Money? No. Love...?* This thought was what caused him to be hit by Caesar's attack. The energy of greed hit him hard and sent him flying into the air. He focused his soul manipulation on stopping him carefully and safely, emitting green energy as he scraped through the air and halted, standing in the air *That greediness... it posses a distant desire... for power... Is that why Caesar did this? To gain power? That's highly stereotypical, but it seems powerful enough. But that's his desire. I need to find my own... Love...*

Caesar: Thinking on what you want so much? He set his sword over his shoulder, resting it there as he stared Haruto down.

Haruto: Yeah... I think... I know what I want... He tightened his grip on his sword

Caesar: And what's that?

Haruto: ...Companionship. He further tightened the grip on his sword, as yellow energy began to collect around the blade I want to be with my friends... I want to make new friends... I want... a... lover... The yellow energy was collected around the blade, but a pink energy was now gathering along with the yellow energy.

Caesar: That's... He clenched his fist, realizing that Haruto was gathering two sins into his sword Haruto, focus on one sin at a time! Worry about lust later, just focus on greed for now!

Haruto: But... I just want to love, and be loved... Not some surface-level attraction bulls-it, not some psychological game between me and the girl that claims to love me.. I want a girl to love truly, without a single doubt. To love with all my heart, and to devote my life to. The pink energy was now overriding the yellow energy, as Haruto took a deep breath

Caesar: I guess we're going to teach him this one then. He tapped the belt once, activating the "Lust Bullet" attack. When the pink energy was gathered around Caesar's sword, he swung at Haruto and sent a storm of-bullet like energy at Haruto.

Haruto: I see now... This is the sin of lust... The sin of overwhelming desire for love... He took one more deep breath before executing the same attack Lust Bullet!! His storm of energy immediately overpowered Caesar's, the pink bullets raining down on him.

Caesar: That wasn't the one I wanted to teach you today... but it'll be fine... Now... Try using Greed, kid!! He charged another Greed Slash to disperse Haruto's attack. When he did, he saw Haruto already preparing an overhead strike with yellow energy swirling around his blade

Haruto: I want to selfishly love... and that is my greatest desire... The strongest feelings of greed I can take... Greed Slash!!! Haruto executed his overhead strike before chaining into frenzy of sword strikes that overwhelmed Caesar due to Haruto's soul manipulation increasing his speed and physical strength.

Caesar: This is it... This is what I wanted! Release the sins, Haruto! Control them, and manipulate them to your advantage. Haruto let out a battle cry as his Greed Slash became far faster and stronger, empowered by his own greed and his soul manipulation. Caesar struggled to defend at this point, forcing him to press and hold the button on his belt for a moment. After letting go, it announced "Deadly Sin Strike" and charged a rainbow of energy into his foot, which he used to kick Haruto in the chest as hard as he could. The sinful energy caused an explosion as both Caesar and Haruto were sent flying away from each other. Haruto ended up unconscious from the overwhelming desire he felt in that instant and the strain of the powers he had called upon, though that didn't stop Haruto's soul manipulation from stopping his fall by slowing him down before levitating him downwards and softly dropping him on the sands of the beach.

Acqua: Ah... Haruto-kun? She rushed to Haruto's side as Luce followed her. Haruto-kun? She tapped his forehead, and realized the strain of his powers had forced him into unconsciousness. Oh... Well... She then grabbed his right arm I'll give him his reward~ She let go of his arm as water began to condense around his arm. A navy blue armor formed from the condensed water, with wave-like designs engraved into it. His chestplate formed and a skeleton-like design in white appeared, connecting the two.

Luce: Well... I was supposed to be rewarding him today. But given that he learned two today, I suppose he deserves two rewards. She grabbed his feet, imbuing them with light. His feet began to glow before his shins and feet were left in an armored state. I wonder how the rest of our brethren will distribute their power...

Caesar: Kid's tough, isn't he? He limped towards the two human-sized Arcana, his armor heavily damaged and missing about half of the entire armor. His mask was missing the portion over his right eye, with the rest of the mask cracked and broken. Nearly killed me there...

Acqua: Ah, you'll be fine. I believe Shin is setting your rooms up with healing parameters, and it seems we're almost approaching noon. We'll let you both rest before continuing, if you wake up in time.

Caesar: Time is a very fickle concept here...

Luce: Indeed. I shall send you both to your rooms now.

Caesar: Thanks. Caesar removed his armor as Luce teleported them to their respective rooms, though she and Acqua appeared in Haruto's room as well to tend to his injuries.

Training: Greed/Lust Part 2

Shin visited their rooms in order to suspend time while they recovered from their injuries so that they could continue their training without losing a single second. Once both Caesar and Haruto were healed and awake, Shin resumed the flow of time and returned to the rest of the Arcana. Luce and Acqua remained in Haruto's room, telling him how much progress he had made in the first half of the day.

Luce: So, in response to learning two attacks at once, Acqua and I have reward you with our respective armor components. However, we would like to continue training, since it's only halfway through the day.

Haruto: I see... Haruto sat up on his bed, not feeling any strain or pain And my wounds?

Acqua: We healed you, Haruto-kun~! Shin stopped time so we wouldn't waste any valuable time healing you.

Haruto: Hm... And Caesar?

Luce: We healed him too. He should be ready to go right about... A knocking on the door was heard.

Caesar: Ready to go in there?!

Luce: Now. Shall we depart? She gave Haruto a motherly smile as Haruto got up and pat himself down, noticing he was shirtless.

Haruto: I- Uh... W-wait, w-why is m-my s-shirt... He was blushing profusely as he freaked out and began patting around the place for his shirt and jacket while the two female Arcana giggled as his flustered actions

Acqua: We had to take your jacket and shirt off to heal the wounds there, silly~

Haruto: U-uh... I-is that all...? He finally found his shirt and was putting it on, still blushing.

Luce: That's all, young Haruto. She kept her smile and closed her eyes, maintaining her maternal aura.

Haruto: G-good... *She's just like a caring mother... How nice...* He reached for his jacket, only for Luce to grab his wrist before he could touch his jacket. U-uh... Miss Luce?

Luce: No need for formalities, young Haruto. However... Her eyes opened slightly and she began to give off an intimidating aura There's something I must warn you about.

Haruto: *Total attitude change...* Haruto gulped and kept quiet, not wanting to interrupt her in fear of her proceeding to hurt him badly.

Luce: It seems, during your most recent training battle against Caesar, that you've awakened to a form of soul manipulation. You referred to it as "Fullbring," correct?

Haruto: Y-yeah...

Luce: And you explained that it "pulled" on the souls of objects to use to your advantage, right? Haruto nodded yes as confirmation I looked into this "Fullbring" you mentioned while Acqua took her turn healing you, and I noticed you can develop an affinity for an object and manipulate its soul to your liking much more than simply pulling on the souls of other objects. Haruto nodded his confirmation once again If that's the case... Could it be possible you're developing a fondness for this new jacket, which is causing it to exhibit traces of your Fullbring?

Haruto: I... guess so... It's not out of the realm of possibility, and I have enjoyed wearing my jacket all the times... even in blistering heat... It's one of the things I've always had to comfort me in the harsh society of humanity...

Luce: So that must be the source of your affinity for the jacket... Very well. We'll spend the rest of today harnessing the Sinful Strikes as well as cultivating your Fullbring. I suppose using that term will be easier than having to say "soul manipulation" every time...

Haruto: Good to hear, Luce... Shall we get to it? They left Haruto's room and teleported to the area where they were previously training, seeing Caesar already there in his armor

Caesar: What took so long? He turned around to face the three, holding his sword charged with yellow energy, ready to unleash a Greed Slash.

Haruto: Just some discussion about my powers. He drew Mifune's sword and began to focus. Pink and yellow swirled around his sword as he focused on those sins.

Caesar: One at a time, kid. For you, I can try to understand how easily it is to mix your greed with your lust, suppressing those feelings for so long. But you need to learn to differentiate and separate the two. Combining them like this is ineffective! Divide them and develop them separately before trying to combine them!

Haruto: Then let's divide... The pink energy began to fade away as black energy outlined in crimson began to waft off his jacket and cover him. And conquer! The yellow energy covered Mifune's sword as the black energy formed around his left arm and thighs while the armor components he received appeared where they were given. Greed Slash!! Again, the green lights appeared by his now-armored boots, sending him forward at Caesar to unleash his attack.

Caesar: Good! He used his own Greed Slash to block Haruto's, the two sinful strikes opposing each other as sparks flew from the clashing of their swords. That's more like it! Now disarm me! He began to speed up his own strikes, which prompted Haruto to speed up his attacks. While Haruto sped up his attacks, Caesar infused another Greed Slash into his sword to prolong the enhancement on his blade while Mifune's sword began to lose its yellow glow You gonna do something about that?!

Haruto: Yes I will... Instead of charging another Greed Slash and dashing forward as Caesar thought he would, Haruto propelled himself backwards and charged pink energy into his sword Lust Bullet!! He swung the blade and sent a large storm of pink, bullet-shaped energy at Caesar. Caesar smirked under his mask as he began to cut apart the bullets with his attack before releasing his own Lust Bullet attack.

Caesar: Dodge this! His Lust Bullet featured far more projectiles than Haruto's, which increased as he swung his blade multiple times to increase the count of projectiles.

Haruto: You got it... Haruto used his Fullbring to rapidly dodge all the projectiles while focusing on another Lust Bullet to fire back with once Caesar's attack finished. Lust Bullet! He swung again, this time focusing more on the attack to increase projectile count over damage, wanting to overwhelm him before appearing behind Caesar with a horizontal slash prepared with yellow energy surrounding his sword Greed Slash! He executed his attack, cutting into Caesar's armor as he was distracted with taking down the previous Lust Bullet

Caesar: Argh! Not bad, kid! He turned around quickly and began fighting back. The two continually fought using Greed Slashes and Lust Bullets, occasionally mixing in Wrath Flames to increase Haruto's familiarity with the attacks to the point where the sun had set and the three Sinful Strikes he had acquired were now second nature to him. Alright, kid, I think we're done for today. Right? He looked to the female Arcana who were watching the two fight. Caesar's armor was in a similar state of disarray as it was earlier from using the Deadly Sin Strike to counter Haruto's previous rampage.

Luce: Indeed. It's time to head home and rest up, boys. She gave her usual motherly smile to the two, as Acqua looked at Haruto.

Acqua: Goodness, Haruto-kun... You're really messed up...

Haruto: I'm... fine... He was panting as he rested on Mifune's sword, his armor components scratched and battle-damaged while the energy from his jacket's first stage of Fullbring had began to dissipate and reveal Haruto's body from underneath. His pants were torn and cut at the thighs from the energy offering meager protection, his forearm was scratched and bruised underneath the energy that covered his arm. Surprisingly enough, Haruto's jacket had remained completely intact, showing no signs of damage whatsoever.

Caesar: He's more beat up than I am... He chuckled at Haruto's battle damage before his own armor dissipated into a bluish mist, leaving him in a battle-damaged state with his clothes torn up and various cuts and bruises all over. Or maybe not...

Luce: Regardless, I believe it's time we head back.

Acqua: Mhm! Let's go! With that, the four returned to the Arcana, and the two humans retired to their rooms to rest for the next day of training while the Arcana discussed Haruto's training for today It was crazy! Haruto-kun used two Sins at once today! It was awesome!!

Shin: I see... it seems Haruto's psychology and physiology has brought a variety of unforeseen variables. It seems his inherent desire for love brought out both his lust and greed...

Luce: Indeed. He's making great progress. Perhaps we may be allowed to accelerate our planned schedule to grant him more time here for adapting to the new system.

Shin: We'll see, Luce. We'll see...

Day 3: Melee Special

Haruto woke up the next morning already dressed and on the training ground of the day. Arcana Terra and Ombra were standing on a cliff while Haruto and Caesar were on the ground below. Caesar held no weapons, his fists coated in purple energy. Haruto held no weapons, and he was still half-asleep as he looked around.

Haruto: Wha... the hell...?

Caesar: Rise and shine, kiddo. Time to learn some about pride through these fists!! He rushed at Haruto, who immediately switched into a fight-or-flight response that caused him to manifest his armor and the red-outlined black energy so that he could dodge Caesar's fists and used green energy to propel himself back. Oh, that's the Bringer Light from your Fullbring, right?!

Haruto: Did the Arcana tell you all about that while I was asleep?! Haruto continued to dodge Caesar's fist, not wanting to make contact with the power of Pride while he was barely awake

Caesar: Does that matter?! Focus on the sins!! Feel the overwhelming pride within you!! He continued to punch at Haruto rapidly while dashing forward at him

Haruto: How could I be proud of myself when I've been raised to be humble?! Haruto began to channel the black and red energy into his hands as he decided to counter Caesar's attack, feeling bits of pride from Caesar with each punch. Each fist blocked provided more insight on Caesar's pride, the pride he felt from going beyond humanity. Pride from being the first to obtain a power no other human had previously acquired. He understood that was something to be proud of, but in no way could Haruto place himself before other people. It was simply not part of his nature. How can I use this sin if I can't place myself before others?! How can I go against my own nature?!?!

Caesar: Then shut up and let me hit you!! He found an opening in Haruto's defenses and struck, hitting him dead in the center of his chest. He knocked the breath out of Haruto, but infused the power of Pride into Haruto with the attack, trying to bring out Haruto's inner pride.

Haruto: *I... have no overwhelming pride... This sin... is beyond me...* He went unconscious from the impact of Caesar's attack, the protective flow of energy dispersing and his armor cracking. He hit the ground, tumbling and bouncing about until he finally stopped and lay limp.

Caesar: Huh... guess he's dead... He shook his hands to disperse the Pride energy, the purple aura vanishing into the air without a trace.

Terra: Origin! We told you to draw out the sins within him, not kill him!! She angrily yelled at him, teleporting to Haruto and checking to see if he still had a pulse. Fortunately, she found a pulse, and flipped him over as Ombra began to generate a purple aura around his hands and approached Haruto

Ombra: He can't be this weak, not after what we've done to him. He teleported to and placed his hands on Haruto's chest as if using a defibrillator, sending the purple energy into Haruto to try and wake him up Get up, human! You're not going to die this easily!!

Haruto got up, though it appeared more like he was levitating to his feet, and stood up. When he opened his eyes, it displayed a black sclera with crimson irises, unlike his normal amber eyes. Again, the black and red energy appeared, and again, it covered his unarmored portions in a robe-like form.

Ombra: There he is. Now, cont-

Terra: No. That's not Haruto. She stared directly into Haruto's irregular eyes. Haruto looked back at her, but he didn't seem to be looking at her, but what was beyond This... is a result of what we did to him. Haruto isn't controlling the body. Whatever he did to him has awakened, fused with his subconscious, and is now in control...

Ombra: I see... should we be concerned about this? Haruto assumed a fighting stance as purple energy coated his fists and orange energy covered his armored legs. Perhaps we should...

Terra: Be very concerned, Ombra. This is the beast within Haruto's subconscious. She stepped away from Haruto as Ombra followed, returning to their previous spectator positions on the cliff as an unconscious Haruto acted from his subconscious.

Caesar: Alright then... He charged up two attacks at once, a Pride Fist and Gluttony Bite. The former imbued his hands with purple energy, while the latter infused his legs with orange energy. Come at me, kid!!

Haruto disappeared with a spark of green light left behind, surprising Caesar as he felt the force of Haruto's Gluttony Bite hit him in the side from the back. He winced in pain as he tried to predict Haruto's next move, turning to his left to hopefully intercept what he anticipated was a punch. However, this set Haruto up perfectly to drop-kick Caesar's back with the remainder of the charge of the Gluttony Bite. Caesar's back could be heard cracking from the force of the attack, bringing him to his knees as Haruto appeared in front of him and prepared to release a punching barrage.

Shin: ENOUGH!!! Haruto's eyes faded back to their normal color and all the energy surrounding him dissipated into nothing. Origin, you've reached too far with drawing out his pride. For now, he must focus on virtuous Pride before turning that into sinful Pride. For the time being, you two will work on Gluttony and push back Pride for the latter half of the day.

Caesar: Yeah... sure... He fell to the ground from his knees, writhing in silent pain from having his back painfully cracked while Haruto dropped to the ground from his subconscious attempt to protect himself.

Haruto: Sure thing... He fell unconscious once again as Shin stopped time to allow Haruto and Caesar all the time they needed to heal themselves.

Training: Gluttony/Pride Part 2

Once Haruto and Caesar had fully healed up within suspended time and were ready to proceed, Shin restarted the flow of time and left in the transition. Only Terra and Ombra remained to spectate Haruto's training as they were supposed to that day. The sound of a growling stomach was faintly heard as Haruto and Caesar clashed with fists and feet.

Caesar: Hungry?

Haruto: Little bit, but that's not important right now.

Caesar: It's actually the main sin we're working on. Gluttony! He kicked Haruto in the side and sent him flying into a rock formation. He then charged up a Gluttony Bite, orange energy swirling around his feet. As he kicked Haruto, the energy solidified into a monstrous skull with sharp teeth that bit down on Haruto with each kick, going on for several kicks before Caesar side-kicked him in the chest and the skull chomped down on Haruto. Gluttony Bite. Hurts, doesn't it?! Caesar charged another Gluttony Bite and continued to kick at Haruto, waiting for him to counter.

Haruto: *Channel hunger into an attack? No, gluttony is overindulgence... I need to indulge to the point of wasting things... But what...? No, I got it. My anime addiction! I can focus on...* He continued to block and dodge Caesar's attacks, the black and red energy slowly dissipating as the fight continue *No, not the waifus... My desire to be brought into those worlds. My desire... to go into a virtual reality RPG. My desire to fight evil spirits and wear a mask to take them down. My desire to transform into the hero I've wanted to be. The desires I felt... while I was Reigai... It became pride, alright... Something I could use... My pride... as a hero!* His hands began to glow with purple energy as Caesar revealed an opening in his attacks: the exhaustion in his legs from a kick-based fighting style. I got it now... Pride Fist! As Caesar looked over to see what Haruto was talking about, he was met with a punch to the face before being barraged with the overwhelming of Haruto's usual punching barrages, which was accompanied only by a battle cry, not his usual "Oraoraora...!" or "Dorarara..!" battle cries.

Caesar: The hell!? You weren't supposed to learn this yet!! He was sent flying into a rock formation a couple dozen yards behind him, hitting it hard enough to break off parts of his armor.

Haruto: I'm full of surprises, aren't I...? He panted after the energy wore off and his barrage had ended with the punch that sent Caesar flying.

Caesar: Some pleasant ones, to top it off... He got up and took off pieces of his armor that were starting to fall off, looking at Haruto through the mask that was now missing the portion that covered his right eye and parts of the left cheek area. You were supposed to learn Gluttony, not Pride. How the hell did you pull off pride when you said you were "humble?"

Haruto: Took the virtuous pride and forced it into an attack. Still works, right?

Caesar: Closest you're gonna get if you're gonna stick to the whole "humble" thing.

Haruto: I guess it'll do.

Caesar: Better learn how to get that Gluttony Bite by the end of the day. Ombra?

Ombra: I shall save my reward for when he finishes today's training.

Caesar: Tch. Whatever you want. Caesar then began charging a Gluttony Bite and Pride Fist, getting into a fighting stance while Haruto charged a Pride fist and took up a fighting stance as well. The two then flew at each other, fists colliding with each other in a blinding flurry of purple energy. Terra and Ombra watched in silence as Caesar jumped and used the energy on his feet to unleash some kicks, only for Haruto to punch his foot and send him flying. Ohoho? You're getting good with that Pride Fist. What happened to being humble, kid?

Haruto: If I want to get stronger, I can't stay humble forever! He channeled more Pride into his fists and flew at Caesar again, hitting him with a right hook and breaking the left side of his mask entirely, causing it to crack and fall off before jumping and using the momentum to backflip and kick Caesar's chin upwards with hints of orange energy increasing the force behind his kick. Caesar flies upward just enough for Haruto to uppercut him into another rock formation in the opposite direction. How's that...?

Caesar: Not bad, Kid. Not bad at all. But... He hits Haruto in the chest with a flying side-kick, charged with orange energy. You've still got a long way to go!

Haruto: Damn right! He grabs Caesar's leg as they go flying through several large boulders, using both of his hands to swing Caesar into a boulder and kick off into the sky before performing a drop kick infused with orange energy onto him, burying him a few feet into the ground. Gluttony Bite.

Caesar: After? He says from the dirt It's supposed to go before, isn't it?

Haruto: I can change it, can't I? He jumps off of Caesar and lands on the ground above, the black and red energy fading slowly and revealing the torn up clothes underneath while his acquired armor bears scratches and scuff marks from the battle damage.

Caesar: Keep it consistent, yeah? He levitates himself upwards and onto the ground beside Haruto. Let's reinforce those moves now. Caesar brushes aside the shards of his mask before tapping a button on the back of the helmet, expanding it enough for him to slip it off his head C'mon. Show me what you got. He tosses the mask aside and gets in a combat stance.

Haruto: Yes sir. He gets into a fighting stance as well, preparing to charge at Caesar. The two spend several hours mastering the hand-to-hand Sin Strikes, finishing up as the sun finally set on this world. At this point, Haruto's armor was breaking down and showing cracks, with the energy covering his unarmored portions being nearly gone save for a few wisps. Caesar's armor was almost gone entirely, save for the coat, back armor, and some of his limb armor. How's that...?

Caesar: It'll do, kid. It'll do. Terra? Ombra?

Terra: I'd say he earned my armor portion. She teleports to Haruto and grabs his left forearm, injecting some energy into it as rocks formed around his entire arm before falling off to reveal the brownish-orange armor underneath, engraved with a stone-like design. There you are. An additional, bone-like design in the form of black and red energy slowly made its way from the shoulder down to the elbow and solidified into a bone-like structure before fading away

Haruto: How many does this make...?

Ombra: With my armor as well, Five acquired. This might hurt a bit. He grabbed Haruto's head with one hand and let his energy pour around Haruto's face, letting it form into the shape of a black helmet with a blank mask design save for two eye slits for him to see out of. If you experience migraines or headaches, let Shin know. As soon as he let go, the area covering Haruto's face turned white before fading into black, gaining a black stripe running down the right side while the left side had seven stripes branching off on the left side. Of the seven, the three on top were colored black, red, and blue; the four underneath the eye slit were colored yellow, orange, black, and a dark purple color. Huh... The mask shows your progress too. How convenient.

Haruto: It does? He felt around his mask, only feeling a smooth texture. I'll check in the mirror later.

Ombra: Fair enough.

Terra: Tomorrow, you will be training with Caesar and Vento. Shin has bigger plans for you. Completing the Sin course in only four days? Impressive, indeed. We'll be sure to properly reward you soon enough. I assume you must be starving, the both of you.

Caesar: Eh, not as much as you think. His stomach growled almost comically loud after saying that ... Ok, maybe a little.

Haruto: I didn't realize I haven't eaten anything at all today... His stomach growled loudly as well to further accentuate the point. He sighed as his armor faded away in a mass of black and red energy, leaving his torn-up clothes and pristine jacket behind. Why is my jacket always perfectly fine...

Caesar: The Fullbring thing?

Haruto: Ah, right...His stomach growled again as Terra softly chuckled.

Terra: Goodness, Haruto. We need to get you fed. Let's go. The four of them teleported to the Arcana's table before Haruto and Caesar were teleported to their rooms, where they could shower, eat, and change before going to sleep while Terra and Ombra shared their report for the day.

Shin: Very interesting, indeed... Forcing his limited, more virtuous pride into becoming a Sinful Strike was beyond my expectation.

Ombra: He's a very powerful one indeed. Much more promise than Cronus or Origin. Perhaps Erasure holds a similar level of potential, given how the two have influenced one another.

Terra: It's possible and very probable they're on a similar level of potential. Though, his potential may reach a limit lower than Override's.

Shin: That is fate's calling for them. We cannot change it, we can only guide the fated to their destination. After all...

Vento: Right. He's going to-

Fiamma: Shhhh shh shh! Don't tell them just yet!

Vento: Tell w- Oh, I gotcha.

Fiamma: Yeah. Let us continue to Day 4. Shall we?

Shin: We shall.

Day 4: Final 2 Sins

Haruto awoke the next day refreshed, despite all the intense combat training. It was strange to him, how his soreness and tiredness from the prior night would always disappear when he woke up, as if it had never afflicted him. Very bizarre indeed, though it wasn't a major concern. He got out of bed and performed his usual morning routine of showering/brushing his teeth, then getting dressed after drying off. He put on his jacket, but before leaving, decided to look at how much armor he had obtained at this point. Once armored up, the only remaining place with black and red energy where his thighs, which formed a generally puffy pants-like design. Aside from that, Haruto wore light yellow armored boots and greaves with golden highlights; a crimson red chestplate with a black skeletal design perfectly matching the human skeleton; his right arm covered in navy blue armor with lighter blue accents; his left armor protected with a brown-orange armor and yellowish highlights; and the black helmet with white mask that had the various stripes on it. Of the seven on the left half of the mask, only 2 were colored black.

Haruto: *So this must be what Ombra meant when he said it marks my progress as well...* He tapped on the mask, watching as the white and stripes faded away to reveal his face underneath. Aside from the bags under his eyes, nothing had changed. Nothing else changed... He stepped away from the mirror and left his room, still in his armor as Caesar walked out of his room, holding his belt and the cartridge that when with it in his hands. Oh, morning, Caesar.

Caesar: Morning, kid. Last day of Sin training, ready to finish Part 1?

Haruto: Let's do it.

Caesar: That's what I like to hear. The two walked out and teleported to their training grounds, or rather, their training clouds.

Haruto: Whoa! Standing on the clouds like this... He noticed that the clouds felt similar to water, though more aerated. This is cool...

Caesar: Everyone's always wondered what it's like to walk on clouds. Surprisingly, it just feels like walking in moist grass, though it's stupid light.

Haruto: Clouds are just water vapor, after all.

Caesar: Yeah. It's probably just the way clouds look that make people want to walk on them. He put on his belt before inserting the cartridge into it and transforming into his armored form. Where's Vento...?

Vento: Over here! A cheerful male voice called to the two from behind them. The two turned around and saw Vento sitting in a bean-bag chair made of compressed air. Alright, boys, let's get started, yeah?

Caesar: Yeah. He summoned the scythe to his hand as Haruto held out his hand and summoned Mifune's sword. Saved the best for last, kid. Sloth Grave and Envy Break. You should be able to get these no problem.

Haruto: Yeah, yeah. He unsheathed the sword and held it in his hand, putting the scabbard to his waist and taking up a sword stance. What is Sloth Grave actually used for?

Caesar: It's supposed to trap opponents in a void in space, but I've adapted it for travel purposes. It essentially creates a wormhole that allows you to move around no problem, so long as you know where the wormhole leads. For combat... He charged a Sloth Grave into his scythe, preparing to attack It's very dangerous, since you'll be disintegrated within the void. Though stronger, more dangerous opponents have higher chances of escaping. But I'm sure you can put them down with a few of these.

Haruto: Send me away then. He smirked under his new mask, gathering all the laziness he ever felt in his life, and focusing it into his sword. It faintly glowed a light blue, but not as much as Caesar's scythe.

Caesar: You're asking for some dangerous s-it, kid... But alright, if that's what you want! He swung his scythe and cut a hole in space-time, creating a wormhole that sucked Haruto in before closing Then there you go. S-it, I may have sent him by Earth... Ah, whatever. Good luck, kid.

Haruto: *Alright, I've got time to gather my sloth.* As Haruto floated through space above Earth, he focused on the Arcana world, gathering all the times he wanted to not do anything and just cease his existence... He focused on his attempted suicides, when he tried to kill himself before his friends helped him. He tried his best to ignore the help at this moment, feeling the despair that came from being at Death's door. The feeling of wanting to stop living, the feelings of cynicism he developed before and after those events. The light blue energy began to glow brighter in the void of space as he continued to think on the feelings of detachment he held on the world, his growing isolation from society, and the resentment he held towards the world. The light blue energy grew overwhelmingly bright, to the point where people looking up into the sky could see a light-blue shooting star. Sloth Grave! He slashed in front of him and created the wormhole he needed to get back, being sucked through and landing on the clouds before delivering another slash at Caesar, causing the parts of his armor that were cut to disappear as if they had never existed.

Caesar: Well look at you. Cutting through space-time like a hot knife through butter. Vento, mind giving the kid some dummies to test this out on?

Vento: Have fun~ He opened his hand and sent out several tornadoes

Haruto: One more time... Sloth GRAVE!!! He cut horizontally and all the tornadoes were sucked into the empty void that is space. This one... is way too easy...

Caesar: Well, Sloth is classified as a lack of caring, so just focus on intense negative feelings of not giving a s-it, and you should be good.

Haruto: I better be careful with this one then...

Caesar: Right, you had that one moment in your life... Moving on to Envy... That's not that hard either.

Haruto: Is there a reason you're teaching the moves with less effort last?

Caesar: It's easy to put no effort into these attacks and utterly annihilate things. Gotta learn some control with the other 5 before you get to these two. These are the most powerful and the fastest attacks you get with the 7 sins. It's so dangerously easy, it's terrifying.

Haruto: Learning restraints... Fair enough... So, Envy Break?

Caesar: Right, Envy Break. High-speed melee strike infused with the power of envy. So long as the envy lasts, you'll get a pretty heavy boost in speed.

Haruto: Interesting... He held his sword in a stance where he could easily dash forward while Caesar charged the Envy Break. Haruto then focused on the times he felt envious about anything... Envious of happy couples, which turned into disgust later. Envious of all the popular people, which again turned to disgust. Envious of the TV show heroes that always seemed to get what they want, which became an admiration and inspiration. Envy of the anime he watched, where he gained all the delusional fantasies of being a hero. Green energy collected around the blades of the their respective weapons before transferring to their owners' bodies. Greed Break! The two rushed at each other at blinding speeds, their collision sending enough force to dissipate the cloud they were standing on. However, Haruto used his Bringer's Light to stay afloat while Caesar zoomed about and tried to blitzing Haruto on all sides to avoid falling to the ground.

Caesar: Let's keep this going, kiddo! The two spent several hours honing Haruto's skill with the two sins. As the hours wound down, Haruto continued to develop control over the techniques and even learn how to mix two or three Sin Strikes together for a more powerful attack. Alright, looks like you've got a hang of all this. It'll be easier once you've got a belt to help control this.

Haruto: Hard parts first, right?

Caesar: Exactly. Vento?

Vento: Aureo! He appeared behind Haruto and tapped on his shoulder, letting his green energy drip down Haruto's torso before allowing it to solidify into emerald green armor around his thighs, finally completing his armor. Perfect! Looks like everything's all done! As soon as Vento's armor had finished solidifying, bone-like black and red energy extended down his legs to combine with his leg armor as the black stripe under the eye slit turned green

Caesar: You've got all 7 sins, time to visit Shin.

Haruto: Yeah, sure. The three of them returned to the Arcana table, where Shin was waiting for them with a belt buckle in his hand. It was mostly black, with two slots close to the left side though near the middle, with a circular lever on the right side. A red stripe ran from the circle under the two empty slots, with additional exposed circuitry and gears encased in a glass-like material.

Shin: Congratulations, young Haruto. Here's your next Driver.

Haruto: Driver...?

Shin: Yes. The previous buckles are supposed to be called the "Arcana Driver," but it seems mankind has taken to calling it "Tarot Buckles" instead.

Haruto: I see... and this new one?

Shin: We figured we'd let you name this one. It was made for you after all.

Haruto: I'm... honored... Thank you.

Shin: It's only one way of repaying you for your deeds.

Haruto: I shall name it... the Binary Driver!

Shin: For the binary input system used here?

Haruto: Precisely. But uh... I don't know what I'm supposed to use with these...

Shin: I've developed one of the Binary units needed for this. He handed Haruto a silver, bottle-like cartridge relatively small in size; it was able to be easily concealed by closing one's hand. This is modeled after myself, the "Shin Arcana..." Uh... What would you like to name these trinkets?

Haruto: They look like bottles. Hm. Let's go with... Dual Bottles.

Shin: I see we're sticking with "2" as the naming aesthetic.

Haruto: It's been a long, long time here. It's the best I can do in this tired state.

Shin: You can always change it in the future. It's yours, after all.

Haruto: I see... Thank you.

Shin: In that case, this is the "Shin Arcana" Dual Bottle. We're working on the rest of the Dual Bottles for you. He handed the belt buckle and bottle to Haruto, who accepted the gifts and looked at them.

Haruto: Are these gears and the circuitry for aesthetics or do they actually serve a purpose?

Shin: Those are functioning and are required for the belt to work properly. Now, we'll begin phase 2 of your training... Phase: Binary is a go. He then tapped on Haruto's head and infused his energy into Haruto, changing the final black stripe on the left side of the mask into a brilliant silver as the armor pieces took on a more cohesive, shared design with a black and red color scheme that featured silver highlights. The mask remained the same, save for the white turning into a silvery white. I have completed your stage 1 Armor. This should complete your Fullbring.

Haruto: Thank you so much, Shin. He looked at his gifts in a silent, ecstatic joy from underneath his mask.

Shin: It's only the minimum of what we have to repay you for your work, in the past, present, and future. He gave Haruto a smile.

Haruto: I'm... really tired though... He collapsed to his knee as he clutched his gifts tightly to avoid damaging theme.

Acqua: I can help~!! She got up and went to help Haruto, offering him some sparkling water to restore his stamina slightly Here, drink this.

Haruto: Uh... I won't question where this is from... He took a sip, feeling a wave of relaxation wash over him.

Acqua: Wise choice~ Now, let's get you to bed. Luce?

Luce: Of course. Luce helped Haruto up and carried him to his room post-teleportation, of course. Once Haruto was resting in bed, she smiled at him before leaving and returning to the rest of the Arcana. I believe Stage 2 has begun. Let us create the Dual Bottles for him.

Caesar: I'll provide weapons. Everyone else create your respective bottles. As Haruto rested, recovered, and slept, Caesar and the 7 Arcana spent that time creating and hiding their Dual Bottles across the planet. Stage 2 is indeed ready to go.


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