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This is the EIGHTH issue of our new Marvel Fanon-Made storyline called The Absconders. To read the previous issue, click here. This storyline is Role-played and made by a certain number of experienced RPers. These are our RPers, and their OCs:

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART OR this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. Disclaimer: Any real-life or fictional brands are used in as a parody. None of us are actually sponsored, nor do we care to be sponsored. Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)


  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type for characters with second personalities or long distance dialogue (telepathy or calls).
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.

January 31, 2026

Eliana was watching from the TV in the main room in the Absconders' base. She stood up, face pale with fear and disbelief, Thad next to her slowly approaching, placing his hand on her shoulder.

Eliana: No... Dominic's back, he's there...what has he gotten himself into?

Thad: Looks like he just got eaten by that thing.

Eliana: No! He's still alive, we should go help him! Should we?

Thad: How can you help, by battling a demon?

Eliana: We have to try something!

Suddenly Antonia ran into the main room, obviously watched the video.

Antonia: Guys! Bernedicci was that Vanquish guy you always hung out with! HE'S DEAD, HE TRIED FIGHTING THE ALIENS AND HE'S DEAD!

Haruto walked into the main room and sat down on the couch, visibly shaking.

Haruto: Dom just... He's... He raised his shaking hands to his head, resting his head on them There's no way he can be dead...

Eliana: He's not dead! He can't be!

Antonia goes to the screen room.

Antonia: Guys? There's an old NASA shuttle that just crashed near Bernedicci's place, who'll check it out?

Eliana: I don't think that's relevant right now!

Thad: Eliana, calm down. It might be related to this, and if Dom isn't dead as you say, we should check this out first.

Antonia: An alien is coming out of it. As everyone who was stabled saw, it was Ripper coming out of it a bit dazed.

Eliana: T-that's the same alien that attacked him before...I think. There's some correlation behind this, I'm going. You guys coming?

Antonia: I'm in, is Thad, Asks Thad that's your name right? Switches back to Eliana Is he coming?

Thad: Of course I am. She's not going in that place alone, especially with some crazy alien.

Antonia: Alright, let's go now...

As they travelled to Dominic's house they saw more emerged from the shuttle, Thad could recognise them as the past hosts he saw, they were pretty much arguing. Haruto caught up to the group before they left, going along with them to see the arguing phantoms of the hosts.

Haruto: What is this...?

Thad: Those...are the past hosts of Dominic's Vanquish armour I'm guessing. I made him tell me about that.

Eliana: Maybe they know about what just happened. Hey, you guys, past hosts or whatever!

They all looked at their direction.

Mifune: You, you're Eliana Rosenheim...

Max: See that guys, we're in Los Angeles.

Thad: She is. You guys know Dominic, why are you with that alien that kidnapped him?

Haruto: Who... are you? Haruto asked Mifune, noticing that the latter was most definitely of Japanese origin

Mifune: I am Mifune Mori, we as Thaddeus said are the past hosts of The Vanquish, why we are with Ripper is because he defected when we went to Arizona, we were captured by S.H.I.E.L.D and needed their help to fight, even now they are up in orbit destroying Hivemind ships, but one remains and it is coming.

Eliana: A little bad history with defecteds, so pardon if we have issues trusting you guys. Thad looks nervously at her. But you said one is coming? And do you know anything about that broadcast?

Max: Chernabog, the one who broadcasted is in that ship, he has Dominic assimilated...We don't know how long he had.

Eliana: Assimilated... Then we can get him back, right? He's not dead.

Billy: We could, but it depends on the condition of his mind, when he left all of you he was practically broken, damaged, we were all keeping him from destruction, but knowing him and what he has to lose he's probably fighting on...

Ripper: He gets out of the shuttle where he was resting a bit, startling Haruto and Eliana a bit due to their experiences with him He has two days left, maybe less, judging by Chernabog's course he is heading here to Los Angeles, he wants to destroy everything just to, as you Humans say, "Flex power"...

Eliana: Oh that bastard is dead. We're getting Dominic back.

Thad: Don't forget what he has done...

Eliana: I said we're getting him back.

Ripper: Ms. Rosenheim, we all will, but for his sake, I believe Bernedicci would want you to mentally prepare yourself, you see Chernabog's broadcast isn't just a message, but it was also an attempt to demoralize you all, he knows all who Dominic knows and loves. Even the Past Hosts were silent in agreement.

Eliana: Demoralised or not, I'm ready for Chernabog. Just need the Psychic Energy.

At the Absconders base

Ripper, The Past Hosts and The Absconders that were available were figuring out a plan for the battle that's coming.

Ripper: Now, Chernabog's body composes not only of nanites, but also Adamantium and a brain dead symbiote. Does anyone have suggestions to bypass this durability?

Eliana: Adamantium? That can't be destroyed, right? How do we deal with that?

Haruto: I have my restoration ability. Since that power restores things to a previous point in the object's history, I can restore the adamantium to the point where it was still in its liquid state, before it was set in its current condition. Now there's the problem of getting close to him, but stopping time might allow me to pull that off. Then, there's the brain-dead symbiote.

Hayabusa: Us Past hosts, and any other muscle we can spare will buy you much time, now rescuing Dominic, telepaths.

Eliana: Dominic is still inside him. So we're not going to destroy him straight away, we need to get Dom out first.

Max: Makes me question what you'll do once he's out...

Trey enters through the main room, looks concerned and serious about the situation.

Trey: I heard it all and I can pull him out. Eliana, you still are a little unstable to get him out yourself. So you can help distract him while I reach and try to find Dom. I hope he isn't dead yet though...

Eliana: Oh I'm going after it head on, I'll break him apart.

Thad: I can help you with that. To make sure you don't get yourself killed.

Brotok: Be careful, at this point he can cover all his directions except on top.

Gumi: So beware of left limbs, right limbs, eyes, and tail.

Izzy: If his troops attack populated areas some of us will need to protect Civies.

Eliana: Maybe Antonia and Alyna can do that, Giorno too if he's available? She asks Haruto.

Haruto: He might be able to make it if he isn't busy, but I can't guarantee he'll be there. Worst comes to worst, the Hanged Man card lets me split up into two bodies. I can send one half to restore the adamantium to liquid while the other helps the civilians.

Eliana: Oh, that works too. So that's civilians taken care of, and Chernabog himself, including rescuing Dominic. He has an army, right? Hopefully they don't overwhelm us.

Mifune: Now that these are all considered, prepare yourselves, rest if you wish even...

Haruto: Mifune-san, could I request a training session with you? I wish to hone my skills before we face Chernabog, make sure I can keep my mind focused on the fight.

Mifune: Very well, Hayabusa...

Hayabusa: Hai.

As they walked off he motioned Haruto to follow. Haruto follows the two into a training room in the base. By pressing a button on the wall, the room began a combat simulation of the city.

Haruto: Yoshi. Ikuze. Haruto equips his Star armor, summoning the longsword from his Fool armor and taking up an Iaido stance.

Mifune: I've seen Dominic's memories of you, the way you fight Pulls out sword as Haruto watched it encompass itself in a green fiery aura as Mifune goes into a stance as well Where did you learn how to fight like that?

Haruto: A lot of anime and self-training. Hajime! Haruto rushed at Mifune with his sword by his side, slicing upward at him

Mifune spinned to the left, using the momentum to hit him in the back using the end of the handle, pushing Haruto forward a bit, Mifune jumped upwards and was coming down on Haruto with a downward slash, and he noticed Haruto did block it.

Mifune: Very impressive, I take it you want to know more about my sword?

Haruto: It must be a very powerful blade. I would very much like to know about your blade, if that's okay with you. Haruto pushed Mifune back before slashing at him horizontally, discarding the blade before switching to his hand-to-hand fighting style and unleashing a punching barrage on Mifune

Mifune quickly blocked each one, but he could tell, that there was more than two punches with each one he blocked, when he push-kicked Haruto his arms slightly started shaking due to some of the trauma inflicted.

Mifune: You see the past host Gumi was once on Asgard, helping Asgardians with traitors, at some point he had to send a large chunk of their metal, Uru, at a very powerful individual, after years it finally reached on our planet, its travels molded it into a smaller shape, and it crashed near my village, blacksmiths decided to use it forge a sword, by technicality it was there when I was born, grew with me til I became Samurai. Though it had many wielders I was the last to wield it as all fighters of my village died to an attack of shapeshifting monsters, your generation called them Skrulls. After a long journey I met the Head Lord of Hivemind XI, Genji.

Haruto: Uru? Asgardians? The Skrull? A Hivemind? Are you saying your blade was forged from a metal from beyond our world? Haruto decided to halt his attacks so that Mifune could answer his questions.

Mifune: Yes, it was even a bit magical after monks had it for a bit, it grew sharper depending on the user's resolve, the moment I was given the Vanquish, Genji told me to put the nanites all over the sword, that's when it truly peaked in potential. He held his hand out to the sword and it flew back to his hand and turned into a Naginata, then back again into a Katana And No, it is not like Thor's Mjolnir, these are just one of the many abilities I gained, but in Ripper's hall of Vanquish my skill and sword are the reasons why he put me there, and why I am a memory in the Vanquish.

Haruto: Is that so? Interesting... The user's resolve is what gives the blade its incredible power? Perhaps... if we used this ability in our fight against Chernabog, we could pass the sword from member to member, charge it with all our resolves, and slay him after extracting Dom and weakening the adamantium and symbiote reinforcements... Do you think that would work, Mifune-san?

Mifune: Hm, it could, but in order to maintain all that power the blade would need to be held by the members who will wield it. In fact Ripper once suggested it could theoretically carve electrons of an object depending on the user.

Haruto: Then perhaps, we should have regroup with the rest and have them hold the blade so that it can recognize them. After we've told them about this addition to the plan and if they approve of it.

Mifune: You would make a fine wielder of this blade, Haruto-kun.

Haruto: Arigato gozaimasu. He bows to Mifune in respect before walking to the main room

Meanwhile Max stood at the center of the main room.

Max: So who wants to learn what we were all up to huh?

Eliana: What?

Max: Well Dominic had a pretty distinct reason why he couldn't come back soon...

Eliana: Can you just tell us? I'm not in the mood.

Izzy: We were literally on a submergable facility on the literal other side of the world, and of course the stakes increased.

Eliana: So? Dominic still left without even explaining it to me, and I don't need to hear it from his imaginary friends. He can tell me when I see him. She leaves the room.

Izzy: Mumbling to herself a bit Imaginary friends!?

Brotok: Here we go...

Gumi: Okay who you bettin' on.

Brotok: Rosenheim.

Gumi: Izzy.

They watched as Izzy caught up to Eliana as they watched.

Izzy: First off, we are not imaginary, that's a low blow! And secondly the real reason why Dominic left is because not only did mental shocks from Hivemind contacts got to him to the point of paranoia, but because this close friend you claim helps damaged his mind to irrationality!

Eliana: She stares at her seriously, then Thad arrives and stands between them.

Thad: Leave us alone. Eliana doesn't need this crap from you. Let's go, Eliana. They leave the room, Thad's expression showing that they do not wish to be followed.

The next day...

The past hosts were waiting for everyone to be ready. Antonia was getting her suit in check as she talked with Alyna.

Antonia: They think we have the easiest job, we're literally guiding Sheeple, as in what do you think Alyna?

Alyna: Well. She looked in the mirror as she looked at her outfit, which consisted of loose clothes such as sweatpants, slip on shoes, and a hoodie. It actually might be really hard since it's just us protecting the city from troops and protecting civilians.

Antonia: Hey that Izzy chic has our back, and besides we work as well as gasoline and a lighter.

Alyna: Very well. We will do our best.

Eliana and Thad enter the room talking.

Eliana: Come on, it's your birthday. Are you sure you don't want to celebrate it?

Thad: Yes I'm sure. I'm 20 now, I've had enough birthdays.

Eliana: Pfft. Fine. What about a costume?

Thad: What?

Eliana: Don't you want to wear a super suit or something? When helping us fight?

Thad: I'm not an official superhero. Why would I need a costume?

Eliana: Well, you should think about becoming one. Makes the superhero business a lot more fun.

Thad: Speaking of costumes, you changed the one I designed for you, why?

Eliana: It got old, I wanted something new. Sorry.

Thad: Very well. So your plan of attack is to just charge at Chernabog?

Eliana: It's a direct distraction, and allows me to do what Myron taught me.

Thad: Where is that old fool anyway?

Eliana: I don't know, he appears and leaves whenever he wants.

Thad: Makes him unpredictable. Watch out for him.

Eliana: Fine whatever. Anyway guys, waiting for Haruto then we can go. Jason said he'll meet us there.

Haruto and Giorno walked into the room in their Strength armors.

Giorno: Managed to get all the schoolwork taken care of prior to this, though I did have to cancel a date with this one girl and move it to a later time.

Haruto: Girl troubles, hm?

Giorno: Not the main point. What's my role again?

Haruto: Protect civilians. Get them out of harm's way and heal them up with the Restore ability.

Giorno: You'll be using the Restore ability to do what, again?

Haruto: Gonna turn adamantium back into its liquid before it was set. Take down defenses and whatnot.

Giorno: Best of luck, Haruto.

Haruto: Mm. Don't wear yourself out, Giorno.

Trey finishes talking to Antonia then walks to the computer room, to see all of the monitors observing Chernabog. He walks back out and says to everyone in a nervous, a bit anxious voice

Trey: Ready everyone? We gotta go now.

As they got to the main city where Hivemind ships were descending on, they saw tanks with mechanical legs, hover crafts, and more Hivemind soldiers. In the center of the city Chernabog was there coordinating their attacks.

Antonia: So guys, we really ready for this?

Ripper: Child you have an easy job, us however.

Trey: Okay. Let's go, guys, go take on Chern and draw his attention. A few explosions are heard from around the city and lots of screams after that, and Alyna quickly turns her head, looks at everyone, nods and takes off running down the street.

Ripper: CHARGE! He was leading the attack on Chernabog, as said monster was flying at high speeds toward them, clashing with Mifune, Ripper and Hayabusa, creating a slight shockwave.

Eliana: Okay, time to avenge Dominic. She appeared wearing her super suit alongside Thaddeus. She absorbs a car's Emerald energy and creates rocket boots and a mini jetpack on her body, then flies at Chernabog, using Sapphire to rip a lamp post from the ground and holds it, charging at him and stabbing Chernabog with it, then swings it at him several times until it breaks.

Chernabog: You're her aren't you? He shot out some energy from his hand knocking her away a bit, as he grinned I'll enjoy making him watch! He then flew to Eliana with a sword.

Eliana: I'll rip Dominic out of you if I have to! She held her arms up, disintegrating a small building into Emerald energy and forms a greatsword, as she glows purple, increasing her strength, stamina and agility. She slashes it at Chernabog, colliding their weapons, then parries him and flies behind him, lunging the sword into his back.

Mifune helped, but before they can land a significant blow, he teleported out of the way, and was then making a huge energy ball, readying it to charge, and launch. Earl however distracted him, as Chernabog got a bit annoyed and went along stabbing him in the gut.

Eliana generated a large fireball and shot it at Chernabog, with no effect, except working as a distraction. Before he could react to her, Thad jumped up high at them at inhuman speeds, kicking Chernabog in the gut and sending him flying across several blocks. Chernabog landed, and before he could even get up, Jason jumped out from a building window beside him, and put Chernabog in a headlock, pulling him to the ground with immense strength and smashing his face into the concrete. He then continued to punch Chernabog with blows that shook them both, then turned into a shadow tiger and bit his jugular, pulling Chernabog into a death grip and clawed at him rapidly before returning to human form.

Jason: Surprise, tw*t.

Chernabog: A fight of demons ey? He started cockily walking to Jason using his eye blasts on him, and it was obvious it was really painful, he was even using his third eye in the mix as well, but this left Chernabog open.

Jason: Fought bigger demons than you. Jason assumes his demon form, pale skin, black eyes, dead appearance etc. He walks up to Chernabog looking unharmed, as his pain receptors were dead anyway. His skin was burning away but he continued anyway, until he reached Chernabog. He then grabbed him, then spread darkness over his body and solidified the grip. He pulled Chernabog to the ground with the dark grip, pinning him to the floor temporarily, then stomped his face in, cracking the concrete beneath it.

Eliana: She, Haruto and Thad arrived. Good, now try to remove his symbiote. It's dead.

Jason: Alright. Should be easy. He raises his hand, as the symbiote "screeches" and moves aggressively, as Jason resurrected it. He then places his hand on the symbiote, as it detaches from Chernabog and curls around Jason's arm. So now I have a zombie Klyntar on me? Do I destroy it? How?

Eliana: Hold onto it for a sec. Don't bond with it.

Jason: Eh, demon prevents that anyway.

Eliana: Haruto, his adamantium? Chernabog breaks free then blasts them all away. Sh*t!! Haruto, try to stop him!

Haruto: On it! Hanged Man!! His body splits into two people, the effects of the Hanged Man form kicking in despite him not manually switching.

Haruto L: I'll get the others! You work on fighting Chernabog!

Haruto R: Right! This half glows faintly before picking up a rock and making a fist out of his other hand as if preparing to detonate something. Let's get your attention! He throws the rock as hard and fast as possible, sending it straight into Chernabog's outer layer before detonating it to get his attention Oi! Come and get some!! The other half rushed off to find Mifune and Hayabusa, switching into his Strength armor while the right half remained in Hanged Man.

Haruto L: Mifune-san, Hayabusa-san. Let's take Chernabog on together! He summoned the Star Slasher and held it in blade mode, ready to fight.

Both Mifune and Hayabusa nods, as they charge in, Hayabusa made a Chakaram (The Giant shuriken thing), as he threw it at Chernabog it turned into many raining down on him, as Chernabog blocked each, Mifune imbued his sword with electricity, as each deadly slash at least hurt him, unknown if damaged, due to his Adamantium layer, as he finally grabbed the sword trying to push him back. Hayabusa was helping by striking weak point and using some magic to hold him.

The half that was distracting Chernabog prior to their attacks switched into the Strength Armor as his other half switched into the Star Armor. The Star half began slashing away at Chernabog's flesh, trying to expose the adamantium for the Strength half to make contact with.

Mifune was suddenly kicked away by Chernabog, and dropped his sword, Hayabusa started defending Mifune using some shurikens, he then created a dragon construct which started constricting Chernabog as it breathe out fire on him a bit.

Thad allows Eliana to absorb Sapphire energy from him, then she glows blue and jumps to Chernabog, shooting blue energy blasts at his head, giving him a lethal headache and vibrating his skull. Thaddeus then runs past her and places his hand over Chernabog's forehead, and sends a powerful telekinetic blast rattling through his head, damaging his brain and putting him into a temporary coma.

Thad: Eliana let's get out of here before he wakes up again, help civilians.

Eliana: No, I want to see Trey get Dominic out.

Trey is seen dashing to them in his hero costume, and he comes to a stop at Chernabog. He looks around at everyone and at the environment with all the troops attacking. Lots of the troops once attacking the civilians see that their leader is down and start coming to Chernabog's rescue, shooting their weapons at them.

Trey: Guys I won't be able to do this if I'm constantly getting shot at! Please defend me.

That's when Alyna joins the group and jumps on one of the troops that are flying down and she stabs them with a golden dagger made by her Oceanus Magic. She then Flash-steps along the enemies and slashes at their backs and throats in a quick succession, landing on the ground beside everyone and looking up to see troops raining from the sky. More troops begin to soar at them.

Trey: Argh, Haruto, you know what to do while I'm in there. Trey taps Chernabog's mind with his fingers then taps his own head as a thin dark blue vapor-like energy connects their brains. Nobody can see the energy except Trey and Haruto due to it being cosmic energy. Trey then begins to levitate in the air with his legs crossed and closes his eyes. Let's do this.

The area around Trey gets dark as Trey's Astral body zooms inside of Chernabog's mind. This is Trey's second time ever Astral Projecting, due to the sheer amount of concentration required for it, but he manages to not pass out due to all the psychic energy he is using. His body stops zooming in the middle of Chernabog's mind as it looks like a vortex of information and dark red energy. There seems to be lots of thoughts and nanites flowing around in his brain which makes Trey very confused.

Trey: Maybe if I locked on to Dominic's psychic energy, which I should be able to recognize.

Trey's astral form floats forward and then all around as he tries to get a feel for it. He then closes his eyes as he remembers Dom's psychic energy and manages to lock on to an obvious thread of it. He feels nanites clinging along the thread of psychic energy and Trey pulls himself to it. When Trey starts traveling on to Dom's psychic energy, the surroundings looks like he's traveling through hyperspace and this makes Trey closes his eyes due to all the information he's seeing and processing. He feels his astral body finally come to stop and when he opens his eyes he sees a mansion surrounded by a thin green layered energy bubble. The mansion is really far away as it's floating in a vortex of dark red energy filled with lightning (which are electrical impulses, but it looks like lightning flashing around in the mind.)

Trey: Woah, that must be Dominic's mind... It's the only thing that stands out in Chernabog's mind.

Trey flies towards that green energy bubble and he places his hands on the thin green bubble surrounding the mansion. He pushes past it easily, and shrugs as he floats down onto the front lawn of the mansion. He looks at the huge mansion in front of him and walks to the entrance. After he enters the mansion, he sees the inside of it, which looks expensive and very filled to the brim with items and things that mansions are filled with. Lol. He walks around slowly looking for Dominic, but obviously cautious because Trey feels that this could be a trap.

Trey: Hello!? Is anyone here?? Dominic?? He keeps searching and yelling for Dominic. Dom? Are you here? He looks into a room that seem to be filled with things that Dominic likes, and then he sees a picture of Eliana on the wall. Woah... Dominic? He enters the room slowly and sees a body sitting with his back to Trey.

Dominic: Hallucination, or Memory Suddenly a schreechful roar was heard, as the door was closed behind Trey and Dominic aimed a gun at him, he sees him keeping his mind as a fight for survival You from my memories, or are you some construct of Chernabog!? His voice sounded a bit weak, weak from the nightmare, the fears, what happened especially, as the t.v. in that room played compilations of moments of the Absconders.

Trey: Dom, don't worry. It's me, Trey, I'm not a memory. I'm from the real world and I came to get you out of this monster's mind. What happened to you? He sounded a bit worried and sad as he saw Dominic weak and struggling.

Dominic: Dominic lowers the gun and laughs in a depressed way You know, let me tell you, before I was an asshole, good for nothing piece of scum, then I had innocent blood on my hands, wanted to jump, but Ellie was there, helped me, I changed, when she was in that spot, I helped her, but want to know what I realized? I'm a hypocrite, I left the team, in vain even, I might have well ruined Ellie's life by loving her, and I let irrationality take over, I became weak, at this point maybe I did left out of not wanting take responsibility. The t.v. played each thing he talked about.

Trey: He watched the TV as Dom talked and began to feel very bad for his friend. He looked at him and hugged him. It hurts to see you his way man... I will get you out and you will have your old life back. Eli is waiting for you outside Dom. We all are.

Dominic saw Trey's memories and saw each new Absconder, a bit amazed as he went closer to it.

Dominic: W-Who are they?

Trey: The new members dude. He looked a little proud as Dom looked into it. You've missed a lot Dom. I'm going to bring you back now.

Dominic: You're right, time that I stop being a whiny b-tch huh? He sounded filled with confidence again I can't wait to knock Chernabog's teeth in. He grinned suddenly and got up and followed Trey in the main room of the mansion.

Trey: Okay so. Apparently you have the same psychic resonance as Chernabog. But I realized when he absorbed you into his mind, he made your psychic flow resonate with his, so that's why you're essentially trapped. What I'm going to do is disrupt that psychic resonance and set you at a different resonance which should, in theory, get you out of his mind. You following? It's kind of like vibrational frequencies, that vibrate at the same frequency. I'm basically going to set a counter vibration to disrupt that resonance so that I can get you out of his mind. I've also never done this before, so...

Dominic: To help you comprehend you're basically gonna get us in the frequency of reality...I get it.

Trey Awesome so, let's do this. It's also going to be painful.

He then just puts his two hands on each side of Dom's head as he's standing directly in front of him. He starts to send immense psychic disruptions throughout Dom's head and body. This causes the whole mansion to shake and rattle as if there was an earthquake. Trey starts to feel his energy seeping from his astral form fast as he keeps trying to disrupt the psychic energy and pull Dominic out. He concentrates harder and harder as veins start to become visible on his head in reality. The mansions structures begins to shake more and more violently and everything starts to crack throughout the mansion. He begins to send the rest of his psychic energy through and suddenly the mansion and Dominic's body explodes in green energy as he disappears. The shockwaves send Trey back a little but stops as he's now floating in the vortex that is Chernabog's mind. Trey breathes out in relief as closes his eyes, for a second and then opens them, to find himself looking down at Chernabog's body. He falls to the ground on his feet and looks around at everyone smiling and looking around.

Trey: So where's Dom guys! He seems exciting while looking around for him.

Haruto: Don't see him! Should we get the Adamantium out now? He's back to one body and currently in his Strength armor ready to pull out the adamantium.

Trey: What?! I brought him out though...

Alyna: What? No you didn't! Go bring him out!

Trey: But he's not in there anymore...

Eliana: What?! He's not here?! But...maybe he's still physically in there...

Trey: I was sure that I pulled his whole body out. It ex-. No... he must be in the astral plane! Of course, I was in my astral form when he exploded into energy. He starts walking around with his hands out in the air, as if he was trying to "feel" it. He should be here somewhere... Suddenly he psychic feels a presence next to him and uses his hand to grab something invisible, and then there is a huge flash of green light. As the light dims, it's seen as an arm, that seems to be turning physical out of green light. He gets excited and starts to pull the arm out of thin air as the area is filled with green light. The light is seen being pulled out along with more of Dom's body surrounded by glowing nanites. He keeps pulling, finally pulling a screaming Dom out of the astral plane and they both fall to the ground with Dom having on the same clothes as when he got absorbed into Chernabog. The green nanites surround Dominic and begin to heal him. Dom! You're back bro! He instantly turns his head to Haruto Do it man!

Haruto begins punching the adamantium in Chernabog as fast and as hard as he possibly can while yelling out Crazy Diamond's Stand Cry. The adamantium begins turning back into the liquid form it takes before it's molded and set into its prior form. As the adamantium leaks out of Chernabog, it begins shaping itself into a sword-like form as Haruto grabs the last of the adamantium in Chernabog and tears it out before throwing it at the sword and grabbing onto it, solidifying it into a pure adamantium greatsword.

All White is green, all black is white and all blue is neon green. The Steel symbol is a V instead

Haruto: Forgot about my Restore's warping ability. This oughta come in handy! He takes up the sword and gets in a combat stance. Go for it!

Dominic stretches a bit, and sighs, he looked at Eliana a bit, but then turned around facing the temporarily comatose Chernabog, he then has an angry look and armors up. Everyone got to see his new armor, as he was about to manifest a gun from within his armor.

Dominic: *Built-ins?* Mechanical looking tendrils sprout from his back, cylinder/cable shaped, as the ends glowed with green energy Well guys, you can give me any snarky, witty remarks later, I'm an arse, pr-ck and scum, but I'd like to point out the fact we got robo Satan here.

Eliana: Her eyes widen seeing Dominic, but she lets that go to focus on the mission. Jason! We need you. Do you have anything up your sleeve to tire him out?

Jason: He arrives from a shadow. I could summon dark forces to drain his stamina.

Eliana: Uh, great. Do that while I drain some energy. She pulls out Clio's Broach and starts taking in energy rapidly. Meanwhile, Jason makes a strange symbol with his hand, then throws a ball of fire on the ground, as it explodes, and out the flames comes a chariot of spirits, translucent blue. It rides around Chernabog, generating a blue wind vortex as Chernabog slows down and his energy is ripped from his body into the chariot. The chariot rider then rides off, evaporating into the air, laughing. What the f*ck was that?!

Jason: I summoned dark forces using Devilry, duh. Comes at a cost though, my own strength, so, I'm going to take a break. He jumps into a shadow and disappears.

Chernabog looked like a skeletal version of his initial appearance and he growled when he saw Dominic, just as Chernabog was faster than last time due to lack of Adamantium, Ripper got in Chernabog's way pushing him back a bit.

Ripper: Young ones, no disrespect, but if you would kindly start, as you people say, "Opening a can of Whoop-ass"? That would be very appreciated. He growls at Chernabog, and push kicks him, Dominic shouted in The Hivemind language for Ripper to move as he started opening fire on Chernabog, but then said enemy roared loudly and they could all see Hivemind troops start engaging on them.

Antonia: Hey Alyna, wanna continue our original job and just punt some Grunts tag team style? She grinned under her mask.

Alyna: Mhm. She takes a look around her as hundreds of troops are coming at them.

In a burst of elements, weapons, and power itself, Antonia and Alyna charged, as the past hosts followed in, decimating troops, to confirm, yes, it would look AWESOME! Dominic then started fighting Chernabog, giving a flurry of Punches and Kicks assisted with tendrils and guns. Chernabog reeled back though using his eye beams as Dominic created a Domed energy shield blocking it, but was in a tight situation.

Eliana runs past Dominic and glows a mix of purple and red, then surrounds her body in Amethyst energy and emits Ruby energy from her hands. She jumps up, propelling herself with Ruby energy at Chernabog, then claps her hands in his face, blasting his face with Ruby energy which burns him and erodes his skull. She then punches his head several times with ground breaking strength due to Amethyst hardening her skin and bones. Chernabog in turn punches her stomach, then back hands her face. He then swings his head at her, cutting her skin open with his horns as she blocks it with her arms but starts bleeding. He then turns around and smacks her away with his tail, sending her flying back into a building. Thad sees this then looks at Chernabog, his eyes determined to kill him. Thaddeus runs at Chernabog then kicks off the ground, flying to Chernabog then drop kicks him across the street again, creating a shockwave that shatters all the windows of buildings. Thad then dashes at Chernabog before he gets up, then grabs Chernabog's head, stabbing his thumbs into his forehead then rips his skull open with telekinesis. Thad pulls out his pistol from his blazer pocket then empties the entire clip in Chernabog's exposed brain, causing him to roar in pain. Thad clicks his fingers, making Chernabog's own ribs rip out and pierce through his own chest, then Chernabog attempts to hit Thad multiple times but misses all, so Thad roundhouse kicks him to the floor. Chernabog teleports behind Thad then lifts him up, as Hivemind troops come to his aid, firing guns at Thad, but all the lasers miss and ricochet, killing each other instead. But this trick distracts Thad, allowing Chernabog to throw him face first into a building, knocking him out, but Chernabog crumbles due to brain damage and falls over, immobilising him.

Meanwhile with the others Antonia entered that state of hers where she was using all elements she had with great prowess, launching jets of fire, as the Past Hosts were taking care of Vehicles of the troops, Antonia saw a Hivemind heavy about to hit Alyna, and in pure instinct dashed into a cloud of fire, cutting off the Heavy's arm then kicked off his head. Alyna could see Antonia's white glowing eyes indicating she was in that state.

Alyna bolted to her right as she saw lots of troops shooting at the Hosts. She used her magic to transmute water in her hand into a golden court sword variant, which is not only used for thrusting, but for slashing. She dashed with immense speed at the troops as her arms were behind her and she ran with a low stance. When she got to the troops, she slashed her court sword to her left, killing two troops, then she jumped over their dead bodies. She summoned water to swirl around her body as she ran and launched columns of dense water at enemies about to shoot at her. They all either die or get knocked unconscious and a heavy troop comes with armor to begin shooting at her. She starts zig zag running very fast but she gets hit with a heavy shot in her left shoulder, which goes clean through and Alyna holds her shoulder as she trips and rolls continuously on the ground slowing down. In a second, she regains her balance to be able to keep running and looks at the heavy troop and several other light troops behind it. She then launches herself at the heavy troop in blinding speed, and thrusts the sharp blade into the heavy's heart. She then pulls it out and spins around its huge body and dashes at the troops, slashing and thrusting into all of them, their blood splattering on her face and clothes, but it doesn't stop her from her mission. After she kills all of them in her vicinity, she skids to a stop and gets on one knee to make a light blue water sphere surround her shoulder to start to heal it. She's breathing heavily as she looks at all the destruction around.

Antonia started showing off more of her power, but a heavy caught her by surprise, hitting her in the back of the head making her fly towards a wall a bit, knocking her out as it approached her, preparing to smash her.

Alyna: I got you Toni. She is seen running on the side of the building at intense speeds as her shoulder isn't fully healed. She jumps down at the heavy, and she summons water to swirl her left foot, but then it completely surrounds her foot, becoming dense and increasing her striking power. She does several front flips as she strikes the heavy in the back. The impact is felt 3 seconds later, as he gets hit into the ground below himself, which makes the ground explode. When Toni, wakes from this rattling explosion of water, she sees Alyna's foot inside the heavy, and she pulls it out effortlessly, still covered in blood filled water. You okay? We still need to get Bog's main ship.

Antonia: If Bernedicci is a genius as his friends claim, I think that's his job.

Alyna: Very well. She went back to fighting and defeating troops.

Back to Chernabog

Trey stretched as he got up from his position on one knee and went over to Dominic as he thought it was over. That was when a whole squadron of Hivemind troops came down to Chernabog and surrounded him. A light was seen as their bodies got absorbed into Chernabog, reviving him from his comatose state once more. His wounds were healed and he was more buff than ever. He looked angrily at the four as they looked back in surprise from this.

Trey: *Gotta take him out quickly!* It's as if his body acted on instinct but he dashed at Chernabog, transforming his fist into a larger version of itself, filled with spikes. He punched at Chernabog, which created a little air pressure between them but he caught his fist, getting pushed back. He used his tail to come around and wrap around Trey's neck and launch him away off of the building they were on.

Jason came out of hiding onto the battlefield, then looked at Chernabog and pulled out a knife, ready to cut his own wrist.

Jason: Let's hope this works. Sacrifice for the Anti-Gods. He slit his own wrist, allowing the blood to drip onto the floor, then ran at Chernabog, circling around him and creating a blood ring around his body. Jason leaves the ring then clenches his fist, as the blood ring burns into the ground, then suddenly the ground rumbles and the concrete splits, and hundreds of small dark blue skinned zombies crawled out from the ground. They were small like children, constantly crying and were drooling misty darkness. They swarmed Chernabog, tearing apart his flesh and biting him, completely smothering him in the disturbing pile of bodies. Eliana stopped near Jason with a face of horror.

Eliana: What the Hell is that?!

Jason: Inferi. Like zombies, but controlled by dark magic. Demonic magic in this case.

Eliana: Please don't use that again...

Jason: Haha, you'll get used to it. Chernabog flexes, blasting many of the inferi away, stomping and crushing the rest. The ground closes as Chernabog destroys the last of the inferi, so Jason turns into a swarm of shadow ravens and flies on top of a building, turning back into human form.

Eliana: What now... Suddenly time stops, as everything turns a tinted blue. Myron flashes before Eliana's eyes and stares at her, only she being able to see him.

Myron: Remember what I told you. Your anger is a tool, it amplifies your Ruby magic.

Eliana: Myron?! What the Hell?! Where were you before, you sent a demon in the city, then don't show up after we defeated it, then you don't even help in this fight, when your powers would be very useful!

Myron: No one died when I unleashed that demon. If they did, I could just pull you out of time, reverse time, then place you back in, resulting in you keeping your experience of fighting the demon, while the demon never actually existed in this timeline.

Eliana: Oh... But what about helping us?

Myron: I have planted my existence in every century of mankind's existence. I can only have one body per timeline I travel through, so if I risk myself fighting here, I will die and never be able to help you, only returning in the future at 2100. And since I stressed my abilities to exist every 100 years, it has made my physical form very weak, so I could be killed very easily.

Eliana: That makes sense. So every century you have another form? Then shouldn't there be two of you existing at once?

Myron: That's not how my abilities work. At the end of the century, my body merges with the new body from the future. Basically I am set to return at the end of every centre from outside of time, because my future self has travelled to that timeline. I exist outside of time, remember, the Myron you are talking to is just the result of me travelling to the year 2000. Understand?

Eliana: Sort of. So can't you keep time frozen and let me fight? How long can you keep it frozen?

Myron: My abilities are designed to view, learn, help. I can only watch the world in frozen time, not affect it. I can warp it, such as pulling certain things out of time and placing them in another point of time, like the demon, but I can't directly attack that demon while time is frozen. Imagine it like a jigsaw puzzle, I can remove and replace pieces of the puzzle, but I can't destroy the puzzle pieces. So I'm just able to advise you, not fight for you. And about before, my absence was so I could visit the monastery and consult with my followers, you've met them before, the monks who tried to fight you? I also had to speak with the current Sorcerer Supreme about matters I cannot reveal. I hope that is a valid excuse?

Eliana: Oh, yes, I understand everything now. So back to fighting Chernabog.

Myron: Ah, yes, I see the anger burning inside you. Don't let it settle and turn into hate, release it, preferably in the direction of Dread, I mean, Chernabog.

Eliana: Alright... Let's do this. Myron disappears as time unfreezes. Eliana's eyes glow red, as she explodes with Ruby energy and throws a red plasma grenade at Chernabog, exploding on him but he tanks it.

Eliana's Ruby beam shooting at Chernabog, and his Hivemind troops.

Eliana: Come on Ellie...bigger. Chernabog has more Hivemind troops back him up ready to fire at Eliana, but she focuses on her pure anger, then screams and shoots out a very large and powerful red Ruby plasma beam at Chernabog, absolutely scorching him, then directs the beam at the troops, causing explosions to follow after the beam passes them. She does this while constantly screaming, releasing all her Ruby energy stored within herself and the Broach, and draining her own life force away causing her to weaken and once the beam ends her voice cracks, and she falls to the floor, looking pale and frail.

Haruto: Adamantium extracted, time for some more Hanged Man. Haruto splits up into two halves, the orange armored one holding the sword We're clearing this with no continues... The two began running towards Chernabog as he absorbs some of his own troops to heal up from Eliana's attack, firing a laser beam at the two. The lasers miss as the two jump up, the left half spinning the right one over closer to Chernabog as he uses the adamantium greatsword to cut into him with a spinning slash, passing the sword to the left half as he jumps up and cuts downward from above. After a horizontal slash, the left half passes the blade back to the right, who runs in from behind and cuts into Chernabog. He jumps over and passes the blade again, allowing the other half to continue cutting into Chern while the other kicks his head. They jump away to gain some distances before summoning the Star Slasher and inserting the Star card into it and charging it up to maximum power. Platinum Nova... Maximum Charge! One half fires the attack at Chernabog while the other runs in with the adamantium sword to cut into Chernabog's head and open it up. Before Haruto can fully cut his head open, Chernabog tosses him at the other half, though their attacks still manage to take affect and the Platinum Nova attack manages to incinerate the majority of Chernabog's face

Giorno: That's... certainly impressive, Haruto. He watches Haruto's two halves turn back into one after their multiple combo attacks, taking a quick moment to glance at the Absconders fight This really is an amazing team. He goes back to helping out the civilians and getting them away from the fight while healing up any injured people he found.

Thaddeus helped Eliana into the safety of a building the ran up to Jason, who was currently ripping a heavy troop's head off.

Thad: Can't you do that zombie attack again?

Jason: Every cut that is used to sacrifice blood never heals. My scars are eternal. He shows Thad his wrist which has a scar from cutting it with a knife before, and rolls up his sleeves to reveal more scars from previous cuts. I don't want too many scars, plus the blood count stays the same. I need my blood to stay alive, stay human.

Thad: Do you have spells that don't require a sacrifice?

Jason: Nope. All dark magic requires sacrifice, especially demonic magic, which is more powerful and evil.

Thad: I need to protect Eliana. Do you have any hexes or something to shield her?

Jason: Why can't you?

Thad: I would but the Hivemind soldiers are swarming us. I need to get rid of them.

Jason: Hmmm... He looks around and sees Chernabog's troops piloting many ships and coming out of them. I could do something about those ships. That's where many of them are coming from.

Thad: Then do it. I'll stay here and protect Eliana.

Jason: Alright. He morphs himself into a demonic hand made of pure darkness and grabs a random Hivemind troop running past, dragging it into the shadows of a building as it screams. After some demonic grunting sounds, the Hivemind troop walks out and towards Thad.

Hivemind Troop: Hey, it's me, Jason. It's like those Russian dolls, a demon in a human in an alien.

Thad: What the Hell?

Hivemind Troop: I possessed this body. I'm going to sneak into one of the smaller ships and confuse other Hivemind ships by firing at them.

Thad: That's...pretty clever.

Hivemind Troop: You protect Ellie. He runs off and catches a ride in another Hivemind ship, chuckling as they let him in. That ship rattles then some Hivemind bodies are ejected from it, then it redirects and flies around, destroying other ships around the city, as Thad goes back to protect Eliana.

Dominic, was unconscious after Chernabog forced him to use his own stamina to power the Energy Shield, he woke up and was looking for Eliana, going into his Defender Protocol, which is the upgrade of his Help mode, and he sprouted small wings and a stylized energy halo, and looked around and found Ellie's life signs, his Protocol teleported to her, as he sounded worried.

Dominic: Thad! I know we have our differences, but let me help Ellie... He sounded very sincere and panicked *Please, please, I want you to live!* He started healing her up, restoring her to her usual look, as he healed up her own damages. He sighed seeing Eliana okay, he then looks at the fight happening against Chernabog, and flew over there in his Warbird Protocol (Upgraded Tempest mode), and saw both halves of Haruto land on both his sides, as he got into Rebirth Protocol Haruto, get Mifune's sword... He sounded angry as Haruto could see the piece covering Dominic's mouth move a bit as he spoke, as it cracked a bit.

Haruto L: This? The cyan Haruto had Mifune's sword in hand while the orange Haruto held the adamantium sword

Haruto R: I think one's better for the job here. They return to a single body, swapping into the Star armor. His right hand held the greatsword while the left held Mifune's sword Alright, let's do this.

Dominic: Get the others His mouth piece opens up revealing sharp metallic teeth And wait for me, I want to make Chernabog suffer. Suddenly all the white parts had formed a fiery Green Aura, as he growled, Chernabog chuckled.

Eliana: Crap...

Thad: What is it?

Eliana: Dominic... Look at him, he might end up re-enacting that time when he accidentally...killed many innocents. People thought he was a supervillain.

Thad: So?

Eliana: What do you mean "so"? This is dangerous.

Thad: If he's going to kill Chernabog then that's all that matters. He won't kill any civilians if he's still a good man. Keep resting.

Eliana: I don't need rest...

As she says this Trey, comes up flipping onto the building and bolting at Chernabog from behind, punching him with immense strength in the back, sending him forward. Chernabog quickly turns around to shoot a plasma beam from his eyes but Trey moves out of the way in time and uppercuts him. He knocks him into the air and then shapeshifts his body into a small scaly dragon that coils around Chernabog and begins to crush him. It gets harder from him to break out so Chernabog releases a sonic screech that makes Trey recoil from the sound and shape-shift back into normal. He falls onto the ground holding his ears as does everyone else. After that Chernabog punches Trey in the face as he's on the ground and that impacts sends him through the roof of the building they're standing on. He then grabs Trey's face with his enormous hands and flies down through the building, destroying each floor as Trey's back makes an impact which each. He then lets go of Trey's face and spins, using his tail to hit him down through the rest of the building until he gets sent into the first floor, destroying the whole base of the building.

Haruto jumps out of the building and assumes a combat stance with his two swords, waiting for Chernabog to jump out. When he does, Haruto jumps up and starts cutting into Chernabog. Chernabog chuckles as he removes the swords, swings Haruto around while holding the sword, and throws him up at the sky.

Haruto: Oh hell no! ZA WARUDO! Haruto freezes time before he's sent too far up into the earth's atmosphere, charging cosmic energy into his legs to jump forward towards Chernabog. He impales Chernabog in the chest with the adamantium sword while using Mifune's sword to cut Chernabog's throat before time resumes Shin'ne! Chernabog pulls Haruto's sword out of his chest again and throws him against the building he destroyed earlier.

Suddenly Dominic, in a Berserk Gamma Protocol (Upgraded Bunker Buster mode), and tried to slam down on Chernabog, but he teleported behind him blasting him away far up in the sky, Chernabog, saw Berserk Warbird Protocol, fly by slashing at him with wings, as he did the final slash, he landed far to turn into a Berserk Speed Demon Protocol (Upgraded Runner mode) as he got to his top speed, but Chernabog grinned, as when Dominic arrived trying to punch him, Chernabog grabbed him by his face, and you could hear a slight crack due to whiplash damage as Dominic roared and started biting his hand.

Chernabog: What's that? I can't hear you, concrete is down your throat as of now, you know maybe I'll just kill Eliana slowly, make you watch, as you cry, perhaps I'll force her to say: "Like a bitch" before I mount her head on my tail!...But for now taste death! Dominic roared as Chernabog was charging a strong energy blast into Dom's mouth.

Suddenly Trey launched at Chernabog from the rubble and made him let go of Dominic. Chernabog got tackled into the ground and Trey punched his face into the terrain below him 3 times, cracking the ground immensely in all directions. Chernabog's face as almost unrecognizable and Trey grabbed his face with two hands, as they started to glow dark blue.

Trey: You're done for... That's when there was a big explosion of cosmic energy that Trey fired from his hands that pushed even Dominic's body back. All the cracked terrain around them was lifted up and sent flying by the explosion. But that's when all the terrain and rock sent flying stopped and was held in mid-air with Trey's telekinesis. When all the smoke cleared everyone saw an enormous amount of rock and terrain floating in the air around Trey and Chernabog. Trey jumped back as he made a crater and dashed out of it as fast as he could and spun around to swing his arm down at Chernabog's location in the middle of the crater, sending all the debris down on him, creating another huge dust cloud. Trey simply covered his eyes as that happened and went to Dominic to drag him behind a destroyed car.

Dominic: Coughs a bit, as he's calmed down Where's Haruto, we need to hold a sword!

Haruto: RYUUJIN NO KEN WO KURAE!! Haruto rushes at Chernabog with Mifune's sword cutting into Chernabog faster than he can see Haruto as red energy pours into the katana from Haruto. Chernabog manages to catch Haruto mid-slash, but Haruto throws Mifune's sword to someone.

Trey bolts forward and catches the sword and dashes at Chernabog with it in his hand. He spins and slashes to the right at Chernabog's chest but he already used his tail to help him move back away from the slash.

Chernabog: You missed! Y- That's when a huge cut slashes against his chest anyway and Chernbog looks down and at Trey.

Trey: He smirks Telekinetic slice, can't possibly miss. Chernabog screams as he extends his tail to great lengths and passes dense energy through it, hardening it. He then dashes at Trey and Trey dashes at him. Trey runs at a low angle and when they collide they clash sword and tail, but after Trey begins to swing more, he keeps cutting part of Chernabog's tail off. After another clash, Trey glances at Chernabog's leg but gets smacked away with the back of his hand.

Chernabog: You're nothing compared to me!

Trey: Shuuuuut up! He gets up hitting his arm from the pain and dashes back at him as the blade starts to glow with dark blue energy. Chernabog passes more energy through his tail to be able to deflect the adamantium blade but Trey swings at it downwards, completely slicing the tail off, then he spins as Chernabog jumps back to avoid another attack, but as Trey slashes and seems to miss, another telekinetic slash cuts off his right leg and he screams in anger and pain. He blasts a huge beam of energy from his eyes which blasts Trey away, and the sword gets hit out of his hand, into the air.

Eliana runs out from the building where she was hiding with Thad by her side as she saw Trey fighting Chernabog. She pulled out Clio's Broach and activated it, as the flower spins and multi-coloured energy is sucked from the surroundings and into the Broach, then Eliana drains the energy from it as she runs to help Trey. She glows blue with Sapphire and boosts up into the sky, grabbing the katana which Trey dropped as it fell through the air. When Eliana landed on the ground, she looked up at Chernabog, holding the katana up beside her head as Chernabog flew to her while talking.

Chernabog: There you are. The whore which Dominic was so upset to leave behind. I fail to comprehend why he'd want to return to you, he got want he wanted then left, didn't he?

Eliana: I see what you're trying to do. You're trying to anger me, make me lose focus. But it will not work, so you might as well shut your mouth before I break your jaw.

Chernabog: Empty threats, Dominic defeated you in a simple spar didn't he? I have no reason to fear you. Any of you.

Eliana stared at him, thinking about how badly she wanted to unleash her abilities on him, she was determined to kill him, ready to express this in her attacks. This resulted in her generating some Amethyst Energy, which poured into Mifune's sword and powered it. She looked at the glowing purple katana, smiled, then looked back at Chernabog. She hopped off the ground, swinging the sword at him, but he teleported to the side of her and kicked her through the air. Eliana absorbed Emerald energy from the Broach and created thrusters beneath her feet and one large one on her back and began to hover. She flew at Chernabog and swung the sword again many times, missing as he flew to dodge them. She then readied the blade, as Chernabog prepared to dodge right to avoid it, but Eliana tricked him and instead kicked him with her left leg across the face, amplified by Amethyst which gave her thundering strength which broke Chernabog's jaw. He roared at her then punched her gut, but she tanked it due to hardened skin via Amethyst.

Chernabog: Arg, that was a lucky shot. It won't happen again.

Eliana: You talk too much.

Chernabog: I promised Bernedicci I'll kill you slowly. We don't want to disappoint him now, do we?

Eliana: Just, shut up! She slashed his throat with the katana at blinding speed, then he shot an eye laser at her, which she blocked with the katana but was overwhelmed, throwing her back. She generated a purple dome around her which cut off the laser, but it still burnt her. She then dashed at Chernabog, exerting the thrusters to maximum speed, and when he prepared to back hand her, she swung the katana early, cutting off all fingers of his right hand off, except his thumb. He roared at her, so she punched her free hand into his flailing jaw, grabbing his tongue and pulling it out his mouth, then used the katana and cut his tongue clean off, tossing it to the side. Hope you learnt your lesson. Her thrusters start to splutter. Aw crap. They switch off, but Chernabog grabs her and bear hugs her, crushing her bones as she screams. He lets go of her allowing her to fall and drop the katana too.

Thaddeus comes dashing out of nowhere and catches Eliana with one arm, grabbing the katana with the other hand. He sets Eliana down, touching her forehead, using telekinesis to rearrange her bones and crack them back into the right places, which still hurts her. He then looks up at the hovering Chernabog, and holds the katana with both hands, tightening his grip. He yells, jumping high up at Chernabog and slashing the katana many times at Chernabog's guts, powering it up with his desire to avenge Eliana. Thad then grips Chernabog's throat and squeezes it, stabbing the katana through one of his eyes and out the back of his head. Thad leaves the katana wedged in Chernabog's head, as Thad slowly descends, but he keeps himself up in the air, hovering while holding his arms out like thrusters for his telekinesis. Chernabog glares at Thad with his working eye, and grunts at him then throws a bunch at him, but Thad grabs the arm and snaps it from the elbow with TK, then punctures his fingers into Chernabog's eye, ripping out his eye from his head then crushing it in his palm, leaving only his third eye intact. Chernabog flies back a few feet in pain and growls loudly, then grips the katana in his head with both hands and slowly pulls it out, then drops it down to the ground below. Thad finally descends down to Eliana and they both run out the area to rest.

Before Chernabog could pursue them any further a Tentacle grabbed the Katana, and it got pulled into the hand of none other than Dominic, he noticed it started glowing with all the powers of those who wielded it, intrigued as he was scanning it and Chernabog laughed.

Chernabog: Bernedicci, you expect to beat me with that now!? Your Eternal friend couldn't, the Card user couldn't, your whore couldn't do it...but I'll have to admit, that Thaddeus was able to do something, what do you have that they don't.

Dominic: Willpower... true I lack the skill, but someone doesn't, and I'll buy time for him. He creates a laser bazooka and started charging it, as it kept burning Chernabog, he started roaring, as he used his lasers on him, it overwhelmed Dominic's laser, but just destroyed his weapon, he then dashed and slashed him, going into Speed Demon Protocol and starts making after images of himself and making a tornado, while generating electricity as he started slashing him, soon Chernabog was panting, Dominic revealed his face and smirked and threw it forward, as time stopped.

Haruto caught the blade just as he landed on the ground and time stopped.

Haruto: Toki wa... sudeni tomatta... Yare yare daze, Dom. Causing the team all this grief... You're gonna have to make up for this, buddy. He got into a stance, taking a deep breath as Mifune's sword glowed with all the energies it was empowered with from the team, holding it up. He then let out a deep war cry as he began slashing at Chernabog faster than anyone could possibly process, reaching five seconds of stopped mid-slash. However, time remained stopped as he continued on for what seemed like 10 seconds to everyone else. While he did this, Haruto yelled out "Ora...!" as fast as he possibly could until 9 seconds had passed and he landed in front of the team facing them. Slowly, he sheathed the blade. Toki wa ugoki dasu. Time resumed its flow just as Mifune's sword clicked into the sheath. As time resumed, Chernabog exploded into pieces so small they could barely be seen by anyone while his blood just splashed all over the place.

Giorno: He did it... And his time limit was extended! Giorno had wrapped up healing any of the civilians found injured and was able to watch Haruto's amazing display.

All Hivemind troops stopped fighting, looking upon the blood splat which was their leader, they all looked at each other, then at the ship.

Dominic: You guys should They looked as the Absconders gathered up intimidatingly,, the Past Hosts, then got them off planet, as Mifune and Hayabusa gave Haruto a Holo comm, to communicate and to teach him while they are off planet. In the victory Dominic saw Eliana a few feet away from him resting a bit.

Thad: Are you alright?

Eliana: Far from it. She stares at Dominic then pulls herself onto her feet, walking up to him as red energy glows beneath her skin, then her irises turn red and her hair glows fiery red and starts flowing slightly like a flame. Dominic, why, why did you leave?! So suddenly after everything? Do you think we're not good enough for you? That I'm not? Is that why you left? Because you're too egotistical to fight beside us? She bursts with Ruby energy, then throws her hand forward, launching an unstable and spark-emitting plasma blast at Dominic, striking him then exploding to blast him away. She fires several more at him in anger as Thad smiles in the background.

Dominic: Ego!? Eliana I thought they were still after me! And me alone! I had no idea when it was too late! What do you take me for, a fool!? I was in a facility surrounded by ocean near the Arctic, we had to at least cripple Hivemind forces, why would you think I'd abandon all of you out of ego!? Do you think it was easy for me to leave, that I could abandon what I found, the moment I realised I HAD to leave, it broke me, made me irrational, I know I expected you not to welcome me back with open arms, but what gave you the impression I did this to stroke my own ego!? He got up from her attack.

Eliana: Oh don't say bull, I can't believe I fell for this sh*t in the first place. If you left for our sake you would have told us in the morning, not left without saying anything, especially after that night! She charges with more Ruby energy, and overloads her capacity, glowing deep red, blood red, with a hot pink aura, but her Broach helps her contain the overload. You- ugh! She waves her hands out at him, generating a large wave of plasma that covers the whole area over Dominic.

Dominic: You think I was properly stable, you have no idea what my mind had to take, what it experienced! He was on the ground hurt.

Eliana: Oh don't even try to play the victim. We could've taken them on together, but you chose the option without us in it! She dashes at him, punching his face, burning it with her ionising fists, then kicks him several times quickly, making him fall to the ground. The others try to intervene but Thaddeus looks at them, and they suddenly stop. This destruction in the city is what you brought, we could've ended this early if you would have let us join you.

Dominic: What's this really about Eliana, is it about me leaving the team, or was it you, do you think it never hurt me!? I LOVED YOU AND HAD TO WATCH YOU DIE, I WAS AFRAID TO SLEEP AND YOU THINK IF I HAD THE CHANCE TO LET YOU GUYS HELP I WOULDN'T TAKE IT!? I KNOW I'M A HYPOCRITE, BUT HAS ALL THAT ANGER CONSUMED YOU SO MUCH IT REPLACED YOU!? Out of him still mentally readjusting himself, he yelled and sounded kind of harsh a bit, and realised his fault in what he said and unmasked himself looking guilty Eliana, I-I didn't mean it like that...

Eliana: Once again, it's all about your feelings, not ours. Thaddeus was right, you are only looking out for yourself, you just lie to yourself to feel like a good person.

Dominic: You know, you're right, and I don't know what's worse, either the fact you still wanted to help me, or the fact that you loved me, and I don't deserve go ahead call me out, I saw this coming ever since I left. He got into Speed Demon Protocol and was about to run off, heart broken.

Eliana was contemplating things, when Thad urged her to speak telepathically to him.

Eliana: What?

Thad: Don't.

Eliana: I'm overreacting.

Thad: You can't trust him.

Eliana: What's the worst that can happen? He's still a good guy... Just made a few mistakes.

Thad: It's better to not take the risk.

Eliana: That's not your risk to take. Dominic, wait, I-I'm sorry, I, I may not forgive you for this, but it's not a reason to drive you away. Please, for the sake of the team, stay. I let my anger overcome me...

Dominic: I've hurt you Eliana Rosenheim, how do I know you, or Haruto can accept me as easily as Trey?

Eliana: Over time we'll forget this. But all big decisions are discussed before made. Let's just head back before I do something rash...

Dominic: Alright, back to the Centre I guess.

Haruto grabs Dom by the shoulder, his armor visibly cut up and all that. He held Mifune's sword, sheathed, in his hand.

Haruto: There's... no more Centre... Some group blew it up, so we've got a new base...

Dominic: .....The f-ck!? As he was caught he started realizing, he's been gone for a month and damn, he feels, empty.

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