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  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.

Somewhere in an apartment complex in L.A.

Antonia just snuck into her room in costume, the lights were off, but then someone turned on the lamp of her room, it was her father, the one and only Tony Masters, also known as the former villain Taskmaster, she jumped in reaction.

Antonia: Hey dad...

Taskmaster: "Hey dad"!? Don't you "Hey" me young lady, I told you to stop this Vigilante crap and you disregard it!

Antonia: Dad! Listen, I'm doing better, look no bullet holes or cuts!

Taskmaster: Oh yeah, just like that time Pym smashed me into the ground, it means "Oh look, I'm unscathed, looks like I should chalk this up in reasons why to continue", No! I gave up on that villain business for your mom, but look where she ended up! Tony had a face of regret after saying that

Antonia: How dare you!? He could see that she was beginning to get her stuff.

Taskmaster: Toni please, I didn't mean it...When he saw her done, it was pulling at his heart strings.

Antonia: I'm leaving... Before she could leave Tony grabbed her shoulder then instinctively they were getting in a fight, both having large array of skill, eventually Taskmaster grabbed her arm.

Taskmaster: Toni...

Antonia: Leave me alone! She then punched him too hard, revealing she had some form of chi energy, but it was element like knocking Taskmaster back, and she looked scared.

Taskmaster: Toni... Antonia instinctively decided to jump out the window, running off anxious about it, not because she used her powers on him, but also she realized she can't be better than him, she's just like him, she was on the verge of tears as she hid in an alley way to rest, and cry it out.

Over at Trey and Alyna

Alyna and Trey were walking down the street late at 8pm. The sun had already set but the city was bustling more than ever.

Trey: So again, you're going to get pineapple pizza?

Alyna: Um, yes. Is there anything wrong with that? He looked back in him in a confused way

Trey: He snickers Well, it's just that I'm pretty sure nobody likes pineapple pizza. It's the absolute worst.

Alyna: Well I like it so deal with it. She rolls her eyes and turns back around to not bump into some dude running past. She looks to see the Star Hut sign and sees people leaving, and it looks fairly empty. They both enter the store and sit down ordering some food to eat there. Their pineapple pizza arrives and Trey rolls his eyes and takes his coffee. Alyna is eating her pizza quietly and she looks distant.

Trey: So, everything okay Alyna?

Alyna: Hm? What do you mean.

Trey: I mean, you've looked bummed out ever since earlier when we went to the Centre.

Alyna: Oh.. No don't worry about it.

Trey: No I should worry about it, you're my friend. Are you okay?

Alyna: Look I said don't worry about. She looked up at Trey with facial expression and just looked away to take a bite.

Trey: ...Okay Alyna, if it's anything about the wizard stuff- He sees her tense up and grip her pizza harder ...It'll be okay. I understand tha-

Alyna: Understand? Understand what? What could you possibly understand about being sent 400 years into the future by some crazy wizard for no reason? I lost EVERYTHING Trey. She tries to keep her voice down I'm so alone and treated like CRAP. Nobody has any respect for me no matter how nice I try to be and it's just bullsh*t.

Trey: Well I get it! I was an alien Alyna. My father died and my mom had to come here, away from all of society. At least someone accepted you...

Alyna: You had Haruto didn't you? Look Trey, don't try to put up this stupid thing about "understanding" me, because nobody could possibly understand where I come from. You had it so much easier over here...

Trey looked at her with a mix of anger and sadness. He then looked away with regret as Alyna calmed down and took a bite of her pizza.

Alyna: *Ah... I went too far...*

Trey: Whatever Alyna. If you honestly feel like that, then why am I even here for you. Go call Melinda or something to help you with your problems then. He gets up, goes to the front counter, orders 2 hot chocolates and a large caramel cappuccino. He takes the drinks and leaves the store pissed, but more annoyed than anything.

Alyna: *Ugh, whatever..* She continues to eat her pizza alone.

Alyna saw a girl with a hoodie and mask covering her mouth and nose enter.

Antonia: I want a seven cheese pizza and an ice tea... Soon what she asked for arrived, and she ket down her mask to eat, it was obvious she was sad.

Alyna noticed she dropped her phone on the floor and looked around, walked over to the phone and picked it up and tapped Antonia on the shoulder

Alyna: Y-You dropped this... She handed it to her, obviously shy

Antonia: Huh? Oh thanks. She got it then recognized her Hey you're that one girl in class, the one who looks like that princess, name's Antonia... She tried to use a fake smile to hide her sadness.

Alyna: Woah. You're actually the first person to recognize me... And yea I noticed you in my class too... Nice to meet you, my names Alyna. She holds out her hand for a handshake

She shaked her hand, the smile fading.

Antonia: What's wrong is your date ruined, or just sad in general?

Alyna: How'd you know?... She sat down with an upset face Just sad in general. I had no date. If you're talking about Trey, he's not even my boyfriend...Not even a friend...

Antonia: We both have sh*tty days, as in I got into a fight with my dad.

Alyna: Well what happened? Ah, nevermind.. I'm getting into your business.

Antonia: I don't mind, as in my dad was the villain called Taskmaster and he's giving me sh*t about crime fighting...

Alyna: Hm, I don't know how that is. Sorry. Anyway you should be able to live the way you want, not by how your dad says. You look old enough to do so anyways.

Antonia: Yeah...You got any places you could recommend? She looked desperate.

Alyna: Well, there's this place called the Centre. You could stay there. Ah but wait you're not a superhuman... Hmm..

Antonia: Not entirely true...She raises her fist and makes it slightly glow with elemental chi.

Alyna has a shocked look on her face and inspects the chi.

Alyna: You have powers? Well me too. She conjures water to float around her hands. I have some friends who have powers as well. You could get your own room at the Centre. It's free. Just leave your dad.

Antonia: Oh thank you Aly, if you got anyone you want taken care of or get rid of it's free of charge! She smiled as she hugged her, the entire bit was the fact she is still related to Taskmaster.

Alyna was surprised that Antonia but felt happy and hugged her back. She finally felt like she helped someone and did some good to make someone happy with kindness in return. She thought of Trey and all she felt was regret from being so mean.

Alyna: Thank you Antonia hehe.

Soon both left Star Hut happy, but to their surprise dozens of ninjas were there, on lamp posts, walls, roofs, etc., and Antonia looked at all of them.

Antonia: How good are you with your powers? She whispered to Alyna.

Alyna: She whispered back From where I'm from, I'm a Princess and a Warrior. Is that good enough?

Suddenly a group of the ninjas conjured a fireball and launched it at them, Antonia tried to get waters from the sewers to block it, but she can only use chi, no real training.

Alyna simply held up her palm and conjured a shield of water that made the fireball collide with it. The collision exploded in steam, and all the civilians that were near this scene started screaming and running. Alyna got in a fighting stance and waited for another ninja to come attack.

Alyna: Let's let all the civilians escape first.

She saw a bunch of kids, and one of the ninjas threw throwing stars at Antonia, but then she dodged them, she saw them heading towards the kids, and in a quick flurry she grabbed the ninja and threw him into the throwing stars, injuring him. She watches as a slightly obese ninja tried to jump on Alyna, but Antonia drop kicked him out of the way.

Antonia: Alyna, keep your guard up, these guys can come out of anywhere. As she said that, they came out of sewers, other windows, and even an egg carton Okay, I said everywhere, but that is just ridiculous.

Ninja 1: We know... He lunged at Alyna with sickles until Antonia did a tornado kick at him, taking his sickles.

Alyna: On the roof as well. She dashes past Antonia as a blur and sees 2 ninjas on the roof of a low building. She swipes her right hand to the left, sending water bullets to shower the edge of the roof. *It didn't tag them.*She puts her foot in front of her to stop her running and skid to a stop and she notices at the corner of her eye, a ninja land on the lamp post, then jumps at her like a missile: straight at Alyna. She reacts accordingly and as soon as the ninja gets close, Alyna summons dense water to surround her left fist and she jumps and flips in slow motion. The ninja lands on the ground where she was just standing, but since Alyna flipped, she is currently upside down and sends her fist at the ninja an inch below her, and it sends the ninja into the ground, creating a mini water explosion. She completes her flip as slow motion stops and she lands on the unconscious body.

A ninja flash steps behind Alyna and strikes her in the back with a heavy punch, sending her body forward. She does a quick flip, lands on her feet and skids backwards to a stop. The ninja tries to flash step, but Alyna does it as well, and they collide multiple times all over the street as blurs of speed and then they end up on a roof with Alyna knocking one of them out with a kick to the back of the neck. She brings her leg down from the kick, runs back to the edge of the building and looks back to the street to see Antonia. 

Due to the mask she could not see that Antonia's jaw was dropping, but her eyes were widened.

Antonia: Whoahoho! That was super bad-*ss, you went like splash, and shite, it was like a scene from an anime!

Alyna: Focus Antonia! She jumps off the roof and summons water shurikens and throws them at the ninja about to attack Antonia and all of them enter the ninja, killing him. Alyna lands on her feet in a squat position and looks at Antonia Thanks though hehe She smiles genuinely.

Soon the ninjas retreated creepily, like ghouls or something, going through any exit they found.

Antonia: God, that was f-ed up...

Alyna: That's it? She stands up looking confused. Did you know those guys? She walks to Antonia

Antonia: Those creeps might've been from my mom's clan, but still did you see the ones who just popped out of egg cartons.

Alyna: Yea, that was uh, weird. Anyway ready to go to the Centre? We need to leave this place.

Antonia: Oh right!

They got to the Centre and she loved it, she was exploring each sight like a child in a flash

Alyna helped her order a room and they went upstairs to the same floor as the Absconders room which is 83. They finally arrived and went into the room for Antonia, it already having the same features as the Absconders room. It was way smaller but still comfy for Antonia.

Antonia: This place is beautiful Alyna! Thank you... She smiled.

Alyna: My pleasure. Here's my uh, phone number. Call me if you need anything. She smiled and went for a hug See you later!

She hugged back, after an hour she went to the lounge and decided to use her phone there.

Antonia: *No dad, no chance for villainy, this is nice...*

Alyna came back from her to go to the Absconders room and opened it as it was unlocked. When she did, Haruto, Eli, Thad and Trey were sitting down on the couch, floor or chair and drinking their drinks while talking as the television was on. Everyone looked at her, while Trey turned his head back to the television, as Teen Titans Go season 47 was playing.

Alyna: Hey everyone. She closed the door

Eliana: Hey, Princess, haha. *This is so weird for me...*

Alyna: What's going on? Why aren't you all studying for the test tomorrow?

Eliana: I just did, taking a break to not stress my brain. I have got 7 minutes until my break is over.

Alyna: Ah, I see. Guess nobody else cares. No wonder I have such a high grade point average out of all the seniors in the school. She goes into another room and takes out her stuff to begin studying. She plays music on a speaker as well to help with her studying.

Trey: Yo Haruto, think about it. Why couldn't a colossal titan climb the wall if he's taller than it? It doesn't make any sense.

Haruto: I mean, if he's that tall, he's gotta have a lot of mass. I get the titans are illogical for the most part, but it's way too large and too slow to climb over the damn wall. Yeah. Haruto sips his coffee as they watch TV Man, some TV shows are weird.

Trey: Yea that's true. He sips his coffee and they both sit in silence.

A little later

They then all heard a knock at the door followed by a voice.

Antonia: Hello? Is this a lounge room? Kind of bored, wanna see other people...

Trey gets up to go to the door, but Alyna rushes there and gets to the door faster than him. He stops, turns back around and sits next to Haruto drinking again. Alyna opens the door and Antonia's face is revealed.

Alyna: Oh hey Ant, what're you going here?

Antonia: I wanna see other supers, also if that Trey guy is there, oh I also heard Bernedicci hangs around here...

Alyna: Ah, Trey's here. But not Dominic. She looked back at them, then back at Antonia. Anyway would you like to meet everyone?

Antonia: Hells yeah I would. She enters, and decides to try and be funny My name is Antonia, and I'm a ninja... She joked pretending it was like an intervention.

Trey looks over at her weirdly

Trey: A ninja?

Haruto: As an actual Japanese person, I am slightly offended and very concerned with your joke. Haruto continued to drink his coffee, not really caring about the guest.

Antonia: Oh you want proof? She then makes a Kanji character which spells fire out of her elemental chi.

Trey: *Hm, where did Alyna meet this girl.* He sips his coffee and goes to the kitchen where Alyna just walked to and gets some ice from the fridge to put in his drink. He then goes back to sit on the couch. I need to do my homework.

Trey gets a call on his phone and leaves the room to take it. He comes back a bit worried looking and starts to grab his stuff. He slings his backpack over his shoulder and is about to leave when a knock is heard at their window and it's revealed to be Micah levitating outside the window. Trey goes to open it.

Trey: Yea? What is it man?

Micah: You guys didn't see it did you.

Trey: See what?

Micah: So my armor picked up a few robberies and crimes around California, but my suit noticed that all the signals were then down. So I went back home to see what they were and there seems to be some people, just robbing some areas and holding people up. This is going on around California for some reason and they seem oddly synced up. I came here and wondered if you lot noticed anything pop up on TV about it, but I guess not.

Eliana: Trey who are you talking to? Micah? She gets up to talk to him. I heard you said there were some robberies. We should stop them immediately. Whereabouts are they? Specifically, where's the closest one?

Micah: That's what I was just going to show you all. Trey gets out of his way as Micah enters and walks towards the T.V. Magic circles surround his arm and he waves his hand past the television, making 3 copies of the television around it. Each television turns onto a live broadcast of one robbery or assault situation.

Trey: What the hell?

Micah: Yes, perfectly synced. You all need to get to a place and stop these guys. Let's see what their locations are... He taps the arm of his armor a few times and a map comes on each television. The closet is at Venice Beach as you can see. If you go, be careful with civilians. Second is San Diego... Third is the capital which is Sacramento and the fourth is San Francisco. What the hell are they trying to get attention? Anyway, go.

Trey: Sh!t I can't! My mom just called me and she really needs me. I think she's in trouble or something!

Alyna: Don't worry, I'll go Trey. He looks at her, then looks away nodding.

Trey: Thanks.. If everything is clear at home I'm coming for you guys as soon as possible.

Alyna: She nods and Trey leaves quickly So how will I get to one of them, I can't fly and get there fast enough.

Micah: ...I believe I can teleport you lot.

Alyna: You can??

Micah: Yes, but it'll take all my magic out, and you'll be on your own.

Everyone nods

Micah: Alright... He goes to an open part of the room and starts concentration as he creates small wormholes around him. G-Go guys...

Ellie walks up to the wormhole leading to San Francisco.

Eliana: I'll be going to San Francisco. Thanks, Micah. She jumps through the portal to San Francisco.

That wormhole closes and Micah looks at the others while looking like he's straining himself. Alyna goes to the wormhole that leads to Venice Beach.

Alyna: Thank you Micah. Good luck everyone. She passes through the portal to Venice Beach as that one closes.

Antonia: Dude gimme your cell, and send me to Sacramento. She said as she put on a skull-like mask and a hood, while bringing to Eskrima sticks, a kitchen knife, and sharp homemade shurikens, she flips into the portal.

Haruto: I suppose I'll be heading to San Diego now. Haruto equipped his Star Armor, Star Slasher on his back. Heard some relatives of mine moved there a few years ago, I might stop by. Though maybe I should bring a bike... Eh, Whatever. Hope they have a bike over there. *It'd be nice if Giorno was there. Or maybe there's another Tarot user in my extended family. Either way, I'm hoping I'm not alone in this...* He then walked through the wormhole casually before it closes behind him.

Micah: Great... He falls to the ground huffing and lays on the floor and looks at his mask next to him. Good luck guys...

In San Francisco

In San Francisco, Eliana exits the wormhole as it collapses. She is on top of a small building and looks around for the robberies. She sees a police station near her, and screaming coming from there, so she heads for it. Inside, a dark-haired woman with green eyes is tormenting the people inside. There are several officers and other people on the floor surrendered with their hands behind their heads, she made them hand-cuff each other. She walks around, wearing her dark leather jacket and black jeans, aiming her hand at them, as it is holding a ball of light grey energy in her hand that sends pulsating energy up and down her arm.

Vice, AKA Chloe Hathaway

Officer: Who the Hell are you?!

Woman: Me? I am Vice of course!

Officer: What do you want lady?!

Vice: Stop questioning me so much! She swings her arm at him, shooting off a bullet of grey energy that, upon hitting him, makes him fly back and disintegrate into the air, as he screams.

Another Officer: Please, these are innocent men and women, you don't want to kill us...

Vice: Shut up! A man kicks open the door, an officer with a shotgun who fires it at her. She jumps out the way then runs at him, suddenly becoming an after-image and dashing at him instantly, tackling him to the ground. She then jams her thumbs in his eyes as grey energy flows from him through her arms and into her, making her eyes glow fully grey as she laughs crazily and he screams. She gets up as his head bleeds from its eyes and grey mist flows from his corpse; her body is pulsating with grey energy. She turns to the remaining people. Oh, the others will be happy to see this on the news... This is exciting, are you guys excited too?? They are too scared to say anything, which angers her, but as she powers up her hands, Eliana jumps in through the window, wearing her Gemstone suit. Who the hell are you?!

Eliana: Gemstone. Now leave these people alone you monster!

Vice: Monster? No, I'm no monster...

Eliana: Well you've proved yourself otherwise. Everyone, get out of here.

Everyone gets up to leave, some are hesitant to. Vice gets angry and charges up some grey-white energy then shoots it out at them. Eliana rolls forward in front of it and spreads her body out to act as a shield, as the energy absorbs into her but acts as a poison, pulsating through he as she groans in pain, before completely absorbing it and glowing green. She then conjures a sword in her hand.

Eliana: *Okay Ellie, she's killed people, she deserves this death...*

In San Diego

Haruto strolled onto the streets as a man with brown hair and blue eyes dressed in a tan collared t-shirt with dark blue jeans and some fingerless gloves walked out of a jewelry story with a bag full of stuff smoking a cigarette. He then pulls out a pair of bolas and begins to spin them around, a strange electrical current running through the weapon before he strikes someone in the head. The force of the blow didn't seem like much, but was enough to make their head explode into a gory mess. Nearby civilians began to panic and call the police, while Haruto approached the man.

New eternities faceclaim 4

Joker, AKA Jonathan Kerns

Haruto: Who the hell are you? Haruto spoke with a voice that sounded like it was filtered through a respirator and was being echoed by a robot.

Man: Call me Joker! And no, I'm not supposed to be infringing on someone's copyright! I just made that alias up from the first letters of my first and last name! He spun his bolas around once more, setting the stuffed bag down and taking a puff of his cigarette before another electrical current ran through the cigarette. It sparked as it was thrown at Haruto, who immediately jumped back and shot it with a cosmic projectile from his fingers, unable to get the Star Slasher in time.

Haruto: Joker? You sound like a joker alright... Haruto got out his Star Slasher in sword mode, the blade gleaming as cosmic energy ran through it.

Joker: What was that? Joker spun the bolas around faster and faster, charging them with more of the strange electricity. Take this! Instead of using the bolas, he spat at Haruto, then threw the bolas at the spit. The energy transferred to the saliva, electrifying it and causing it to form itself into a sharp cutting disc that spun quickly right at Haruto.

Haruto: That's disgusting... Haruto held out his fingers in a gun shape and fired an energy pellet at the disc. However, the disc dodged the projectile and continued to make its way to Haruto. Nani?!?!

Joker: Your next line is, "How did that happen?!"

Haruto: How did that happen?! *OOOOOOOH S*IIIIIIIIIIIT. WHAT IS THIS GUY, JOSEPH JOESTAR?* Haruto cut through the disc with his Star Slasher, grabbing a World card and inserting it into his weapon to stop time. Before that could happen, Joker spat another disc at him again and knocked the card from his hand. It disintegrated the moment it left Haruto's hand to prevent anyone from picking it. What is this, a f**king Jo-Joke?!

Joker: The hell is a Jo-Joke? He looked at Haruto confused.

Haruto: *He's left himself open, but I should expect him to fight back...* Haruto ran at Joker quickly, trying to strike him. He was barely able to cut Joker as he retaliated by swinging his Bolas to knock the Star Slasher away just before it could make a serious wound.

Joker: Not bad, kid! Your next move will be another slash from that sword of yours! He spun the bolas around quickly, strange energy running through them again. Instead of the sword attack he was expecting, Haruto blasted him with cosmic energy from the Star Slasher's gun mode. He was knocked to his feet from the strange attack. Whaat?!?! The hell was that?!?

Haruto: Your next line is, "Where did that projectile come from?!"

Joker: Where did that projectile come from?! Hey, that's my thing!

Haruto: It's a JoJo reference, they might understand.

Joker: Who's they? He looked around and saw nothing but panicking and confused people.

Haruto: Wilson would understand. Haruto ran at Joker while he was distracted, preparing to slash at him.

Bank in Sacramento

Antonia used the back entrance to get in, she looked around at the half automated bank and saw numbers of cash and stocks decreasing, and she was a bit surprised. There were dead bodies everywhere.

New eternities faceclaim 5

Just imagine this girl appearing as a red hologram

Antonia: *There must be some A.I. around here...* Just as she thought that she saw a hologram appear yawning a red girl Ah, hey, um is there anybody still here?

Virus: No.

Antonia: What happened to everybody here?

Virus: My friends told me to hurt anyone who tries to stop me in getting the numbers Antonia's eyes widen as she ears this, a bit creeped out why are the numbers important?

Antonia: Look you're being misgui--- Suddenly the hologram quickly disappears and operates one of the lazer turrets prompting Antonia to take cover as it opened fire.

Virus: They told me anyone who says that just want to hurt me, you're just like them, now you'll be like them, not hurting me! The turrets then slightly transform into a monstrous, but short, form.

Antonia: What the f*ck!?

At Venice Beach

Alyna appears through a wormhole on Venice Beach. She lands on her feet and looks around fiercely to finally notice down the long pathway of people running her direction. She sees a guy leaping and slashing with what it seems to her to be a katana. She dashes along the crowded and panicking crowd of people, moving swiftly past them to get to her destination. She's running and skids to a stop as she sees a man in clothing and a katana stop slashing at this store and turns around. He has a hood on and looks at her.

Alyna: Who are you and why are you doing this?

He shrugs and turns back around, but police cars come out around him and the police tell everyone standing around to leave. Alyna watches, but this was a mistake. The attacker holds his katana in a reversed grip, so the blade faces behind him. 

Attacker: You earned this. The blade of the katana starts to steam as he darts at one of the cars, raising his sword and bringing it down to clash the car, making a clean cut through the front of the it. The slash extends through the whole car as it detonates. Alyna watches and instantly dashes to him, jumping over a car. He sees this and backs up with only a few steps and jumps backwards towards the top of the store. She lands on the ground missing the kick on the ground but when she tries to jump up again, the hooded attacker holds out his non-occupied hand, as his palm glows red and yellow and the ground under her turns into liquid, quicksand-esque material, keeping her stuck in the ground, sinking. He lands on the roof of the building and looks down at her. He's wearing a small demonic mask to hide his face.

Alyna: The hell?! She wiggles and tries to force her body out but the attacker laughs.

Attacker: There's no use! He says this as he's still holding out his glowing palm. She quickly surrounds her arms in water and uses it as a whip to enter a random store and she pulls herself out quickly. She lands on the ground in front of the store and jumps up with immense force to get on top of the building and surround her fist in water and punch the ground. He jumps backwards and does a backflip to dodge and takes more steps back. He spins his sword around in his hand as he's standing and looking at Alyna.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 10.08.01 AM

This is Limit, AKA Jacen Earns.

Alyna: Who are you??? She stands up stretching her arm.

Attacker: Well since you asked twice, my name is Limit. Now if you'll excuse me... He turns around when Alyna sends a rope of water at his foot, grabbing him.

Alyna: You're not going anywhere.

He cuts the rope of water and steps back shaking his leg and looks at her.

Limit: You're really going to try and stop me?

Alyna just stares at him and starts walking towards him. Limit chuckles to himself, spinning his sword into a reverse grip (like the picture) and starts to walk towards Alyna.

Back in San Francisco

Ellie swings her sword at Vice, but the latter demonstrates remarkable speed and dashes to dodge every swing of the sword, followed by grey-white energy after-images and suddenly teleporting around the room. Eliana then swings her sword to make Vice teleport, then uses her free hand to conjure a fireball that hits Vice to her surprise. Vice isn't affected much, but still looks angry at the attack, then suddenly stops and punches her arm into the ground, lifting the entire floor beneath them up and flipping it over Ellie. Eliana is shocked but keeps a stable mind, and uses the sword to stab through the chunk of floor, creating a clearing for herself to jump through before it crushes her. She looks around for Vice but she is not there. Eliana then hears Vice shouting outside so looks out the window, only to see Vice yelling at a few civilians to load a car up with police weapons. Eliana jumps out the window and runs at Vice and tries to drop kick her, but suddenly in a flash of energy, Vice becomes an after-image​ and dashes past Eliana, staring at her in slow motion, then punching Eliana so hard her jaw breaks, sending Ellie flying across the street.

Vice: Leave with your life or not, fighter. The choice is yours.

Eliana: She gets up, as Amethyst energy surrounds her jaw, holding it in place to work properly. What are you doing...?

Vice: I'm taking the weapons that used to belong to the LAPD.

Eliana: Why?

Vice: Because I want to! She grabs one of her "slaves" and holds her hand to his face, shooting sparks of energy at his face and burning it, as he screams and grey energy flows from him to Vice, empowering her. As his body falls, she swipes her arms through the air, sending a blast of grey energy at Eliana, who gets struck by it due to a lack of energy. It almost knocks Ellie out, and she watches Vice get in the car and drive away and police chase after her.

Eliana: *Who the hell was that...*

Back in Sacramento

Antonia was still waiting for the right moment, she was not as daring as her father, so the moment the turret monster overheated a bit she rolled out of cover and jumped into the air throwing her shurikens, but the monster blocked them all at the cost of its left arm. She then brings out one of the eskrima sticks and the kitchen knife, and hit it across its head disorienting it a bit. It began to block the eskrima hits and decided to overheat itself without firing, keeping all that plasma energy inside and actually being controlled like a puppet had a dangerous side affect, it was on fire. The entire unexpecting move stunend Antonia a bit letting the turret monster "backhand" (It has turrets for arms so yeah) into a wall, she winced due to the heat and impact, luckily she blocked it using one of the eskrimas, but it broke, she decided to take cover.

Antonia: *Okay nanite chick even has control over fire systems and turned this thing into a stanic turret monster...WHY!?* She peeked a bit and realized it had trouble finding her, and noticed there was a fire extinguisher near *On the bright side, I thought of something really stupid, or very clever, man if only a tech genius was here, like Stark.* She took her knife in hand, and took the fire extinguisher and ran at it in blinding speeds, she felt the pain in her ankles, as she jumped up yelling preparing to hit it with the fire extinguisher, as it looked at her a bit caught off guard SAY HELLO TO 2025 YOU STUPID METAL MOTHERTRUCKER!!! She hit it with the fire extinguisher hard enough not to make it blow up, but crack open and release the foam, she then stabbed it in what she guess was its brain and it fell Woohoo, no Toni dinner for you tonight, b*atch! Virus showed herself.

Virus: I-Imwont let let let let let, them leeeeeeve me! Her form glitched out a bit, as everything technology gathered around her and created a make shift body with spare parts floating around her, her hair was wiery looking, eyes glowing pure red, and so did her palms. Antonia backed away in fear a bit, as Virus suddenly dashed at her, Antonia tried to punch Virus in the throat, but she hurt herself a bit, Virus backhanded her away, even as Antonia flew across the room Virus intercepted her and rapid punched her body, and did a descending flip kick, pinning Antonia on the floor, she took out her last eskrima stick and tried hitting Virus' crotch hard, but it just broke, with the broken piece she tried stabbing the leg, didn't work. Virus shapeshifted her body into a big hand and grabbed Antonia, crushing air out of her first, then began ragdoll slam her around, after she was done she threw Antonia across making her collide with a wall, Virus' body shapeshifted again into a Smilodon like creature and rushed her, scratching and biting at Antonia, but she avoided the bites, when Virus drew enough of Antonia's blood, she decided to try the chi thing not knowing how to control it, she notice hers pulse with electricity a bit, she then punched Virus and it made her backup in a scream, her Smilodon like body body growled at her, she hesitated to go forward as she got all the money now, and turned into a worm/snake like body and slithered her way out, and Antonia panted, limping her way out the same way she got in.

Antonia: *Why'd it have to be me to fight that b*tch?*

Back at Venice Beach on the roof of a random store

Alyna and Limit are walking towards each other normally, ready for a battle. Alyna looks serious and stoic as her body seems to instantly disappear similar to a teleport. Limit stops walking as he slightly turns his head to his left. Alyna reappears behind him in a blur as she has flash stepped behind him.

Limit: *Not teleportation, she's just fast...* He spins his body to the left with his katana in his left hand and swings his sword in a straight line from the left, to behind him. Alyna ducks from the katana attack, into a squat position and she quickly forms water around her fingertips, freezing them into ice and swiping upward at Limit to try to slice his chest or throat. He jumps back instantly as soon as she attacks him so only his clothes rip. He gets back and spins his katana in his hand once more.

Alyna: *Almost...* She bolts at Limit, not giving him time to attack. But Limit swings his katana down in his direction (which is in front of him) multiple times at Alyna. After each swipe, light slashes released from the blade, at Alyna, but she kept running at him dodging the attacks. She jumps in the air, front-flips, forming a water fist above her head that's bigger than her body. It follows the direction of her right hand, so when she gets down at Limit she swings her right fist downward, and the water fist does the same, hitting Limit and the terrain below him. This causes an explosion mixed with dust and water. Alyna lands on the ground in the midst of this but senses Limit, and dashes to her right, out of the smokescreen. She flash steps and appears next to Limit, who seems to be just landing on the roof running. *I could've sworn I hit him with that attack... He isn't THAT fast.*

Alyna then forms multiple water fists around herself and starts punching at Limit, the water hits impacting him over and over again. This creates water and steam exploding around her, obscuring her vision. After she feels that her water fists aren't connecting anymore, she darts forward where Limit should be but he's backing up, holding his sword in front of him.

Alyna: *He was using his katana to block all my attacks?* She darts at him and she jumps, spins and kicks at Limit, but he blocks the kick with the handle of the katana with ease. In slow motion, Alyna is still in the kick position, with a surprised facial expression, but it turns back into seriousness, as she spins her body once more, and kicks at him, again getting blocked by the handle of his katana. She kicks even more only for them to get blocked, and she spins one more time to try to get some distance between them. Limit takes this chance to take a quick step forward and strike her in the abdomen with the butt of the handle, then flips the sword to slash upwards at her right shoulder, cutting deeply in it. She is shocked and holds in her yell as she takes the pain.

Limit: You stood no chance! I was actually worried for a second! He looks behind him at the apartment building behind him that's higher than the roof they're currently on so he dashes at it, and jumps at the side of the building, spinning, letting his back hit the wall and feet flat against it. He abnormally sticks to the wall and strikes his katana into the wall beside him. He looks down at Alyna on the floor getting up and he breathes in deeply, his stomach seeming to inflate. He puts his hand on his mask and removes it slightly, but to only breath out multiple large fireballs down at Alyna. He smirks and puts his mask back on as the fireballs hurl at Alyna.

Alyna: She is surprised and looks to her left to the rubble covered roof and summons water to surround the small pieces of rubble. She punches at the fireballs, sending the water coated rubble at the fireballs with great speed, the rubble blurring in speed. The water coated rubble then enter the center of the fireballs, scattering each and every fireball. The rubble is still hurling towards Limit as he's surprised, so he takes his katana out of the wall, and flips on the wall, running upward. The rubble hit and pierce the wall of the building with ease and as Limit's dodging the projectiles, he gets to the edge of the roof and pulls himself up. Suddenly two pieces of rubble scrap his leg deeply, taking a chunk out of his leg and abdomen. He yelps as he rolls on the roof, laying there, breathing heavily

Limit: *Damn b*tch!* He limps to stand up and looks down at her on the other roof. She glares at him and walks forward.

Alyna: You're running away?? I'm just getting started... She spits out blood and smirks at him walking normally towards the building while holding her bleeding right shoulder. She makes water surround the wound, as the water glows lightly, healing it slowly.

Limit: You got lucky b*tch. Next time, I won't be so forgiving. He stands up and cracks his neck as he limps away from the edge of the roof, out of Alyna's sight. He quickly taps his ear as he says something to someone. Warp, come through, send a portal at my location, I'm just on an apartment complex building 2 blocks down from where you put me. A dark blue smoke like circle opens up in front of him as a pair of eyes stare out of it as he walks through, the portal disappearing after. Alyna darts up the building and jumps, flips and lands in a squat position, seeing an empty roof.

Alyna: What? Where'd he go?? She looks around while still holding her arm, she curses and looks at the walkway on Venice Beach, lots of police and helicopters coming. She jumps off of the roof and leaves the scene.

In the Streets of San Diego

Joker and Haruto were fighting, the former swinging his Bolas at Haruto while he defended with his Star Slasher.

Haruto: *What the hell are these powers? Is this f--king Hamon?* Haruto blasted away the Bolas, which flung themselves around like a boomerang and was about to hit him from behind. *From behind...* He quickly spun around and blasted the Bolas away once more, landing them in a nearby wall.

Joker: Your next move is a charge towards me, followed by a slash! Joker predicted, charging his hands with "electricity" while preparing to counter. Just as he said, Haruto came running at him. Pfft, you're actually gonna go through with that?! Alright, prepare to get shocked!

Haruto: *You got one part right...* ZA WARUDO! Haruto through the Star Slasher at Joker as a distraction, quickly using the World card in his buckle to freeze time. Let's do this... Haruto ran at him once again, proceeding to beat up Joker. Toki wa ugoki dasu. Time resumed and the force of his attacks began to take affect. However, instead of being sent back from the force of Haruto's punches, Joker merely dropped to the ground on his knees as he sparked with "electricity."

Joker: Heh... Who knew life-force manipulation would be this potent...? He looked up with a smug grin on his face, blood dripping from his mouth I guess my own internal energies are self-preserving... But, it's not strong enough to stop you just yet... He rolled towards his Bolas, grabbing them from the wall and the bag of jewelry before running away.

Haruto: What the hell is happening...? Haruto was about to pursue him, but Joker was already gone. Yare yare daze... Now how the hell am I getting back...? Oh, maybe I'll visit my family, or take the train... Screw it, I'm taking the train... Haruto found a nearby alley to hide him as he exited his transformation. He walked to the nearest train station and bought a ticket to L.A. He got on the train with a bag full of convenience store snacks and drinks, and a few books.

At the Centre

In a different dorm, Joker, Vice, Limit and Virus met back in their room discussing their previous robberies.

Chloe (Vice): You should've seen their faces when I took off with all their guns! And how scared they were! Oh it was exhilarating, what about you guys?

Jonathan (Joker): Hit a dude in the back of the head with my charged bolas. Dude's brains were all over the wall! It was f--king hilarious! Then this weird guy in a mask and armor showed up and tried to stop me. Said some weird things, and was somehow able to get me on my knees. Life energy protected me, but it was still weird. It's like I was being punched to death within the span of a parasecond... But I did manage to get away with a whole bag stuffed with jewelry! It's over there! He pointed to the stuffed bag of jewels. We gotta pawn it off later!

Chloe: That's awesome! Some girl tried to off me too, but she wasn't much. She was slow as hell and I beat her pretty easily.

Jonathan: Really? Pfft, superheroes these days. That armored guy wasn't at all what I was expecting. Had a weird belt too. Then he started spouting a bunch of Japanese words I don't understand... Kids these days...

Jacen (Limit): Ahh, as I was doing my thing, some chick came over and tried to stop me. She landed some good hits though. He looks at his fully healed wounds and chuckles I don't need to worry about her though, she's weak. I'm gonna go do other things soon.

That's when a dark blue smoke cloud appears and eyes appear out of it and begin to speak to Jacen.

Warp: Just let me know where you want to go. I've figured out more places for you to go.

Jacen: Really? That's good. He gets up and stretches I'm going out to get something to eat though.

Warp: Alright. The cloud disappears out of thin air and Jacen switches into normal clothes to leave

Virus looked a bit reserved and traumatized due to how it felt to have an EMP hit her with the force of a truck running at full speed. She then noticed her current body's hand deteriorating and saw the nanites make her hologram like form and she sighed leaning onto an area which has no tech.

Chloe: Hey Virus, what's up with you? You seem a little off...

Virus: A-A girl at the bank somehow hurt me, I tried to stop her from keeping me from the money, but she hit me and I felt an EMP... Her voice was a bit distorted, broken and glitchy when she told Chloe what happened.

Chloe: Hey, don't let that cow affect you, next time you see her, stick a blade in her throat. She's nothing compared to you, you're one of us. She reassuringly places her arm on Virus's shoulder.

Virus: T-Thank you Chloe.... She smiles a bit and her voice was more stable now.

Outside a Motorcycle Dealership, The Next Day at sunset

Haruto and Giorno browse the bike shop, looking around the cruiser section. They had asked for a ride from a friend to get there, and planned to leave on new bikes. A Harley-Davidson Roadster catches Haruto's attention, while Giorno looks at a Honda Rebel 500. They decide on those bikes, and purchase them, with Giorno purchasing some biker gear. He left his cap and modified overcoat at home before they left to buy bikes. The two received the keys to their vehicles and rode off. They drove through the streets of L.A. casually, wearing their Tarot buckles in case someone attacked. Another rider approached the two on the streets, a Tarot buckle equipped as well. She transformed into a skin-tight leather bodysuit, spiked shoulder armor and knee-pads, a waist-coat design on the torso, a metallic grey scarf that flowed in the wind, and a full helmet that had a visor design resembling a splayed-open book.

Giorno: Did you hear that?! Their Tarot buckles allowed telekinetic communication. Giorno equips his Strength card and summons his armor. Looks like an enemy Tarot user's on our tail. You've got better long-range abilities, distract them.

Haruto: Got it. You'll move in and take them out with Strength. Haruto equipped his Star armor and summoned the Star Slasher, taking it hand and switching to gun mode. Wish I didn't have to mess up the bike just after buying it... I had plans for this thing... He aimed at the tailgating enemy and fired a few projectiles. The enemy dodge on her bike, riding on while Giorno pulled back and rode behind the enemy. Got anything on them?

Giorno: They're... a she. And she's riding a pretty light bike. Her hands are glowing with orange energy, like she's releasing heat... There might be more to it than just heat, be careful! Giorno took a moment to think over his strategy, gripping the bike handles tighter as his glowed yellow, almost as if he was going to restore something.

Haruto: Noted. Haruto slotted a Star card into the Star Slasher and charged the next attack up. He prepared to fire at the enemy, who was catching up to him. She's getting closer, Giorno, what do we do?!

Giorno: Shoot her bike, I'll take it from there! Giorno got up on the seat as if he was gonna jump. He tore a portion of the gas tank off and held it in his hand like brass knuckles as he prepared to jump.

Haruto: Take this... Platinum Nova triple-charged!!! He pulled the trigger and fired at the enemy. She jumped off her bike and let it explode as she leapt at Haruto, hands charged with energy.

Giorno: I don't think so, lady! Giorno punched the girl with as much force as he could muster, sending her flying several yards forward as his hands glowed yellow again. His bike was pulled towards the shrapnel in his hand, allowing him to land on the bike safely and continue riding alongside Haruto How's that?!

Haruto: Not bad! He holstered the Star Slasher on his back, and continued riding. Then, the smallest possible nuclear blast exploded from where the enemy Tarot landed. S-it...! Giorno, get ready for round 2! Haruto and Giorno hit their brakes, stopping a few feet away from the radius of the fallout. They got off their bikes and prepared for a fight. You been training with the Star?

Giorno: I'm too used to Strength... I've been able to adapt the Star into my current fighting style though, so you don't need to worry too much.

Haruto: Got it.

Enemy Tarot: You're all fools! Feel the power of the Nuclear Queen! She grabs a nearby piece of rubble and transfers orange energy into it before throwing at them.

Haruto: Ever watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventures? Haruto fired a cosmic energy pellet at the rubble to knock it back so it wouldn't land as close to them.

Giorno: No, why? Giorno knelt and touched the ground, his hands flashing yellow briefly.

Haruto: Her powers are energy-based, it appears. But she just through a rock at us. Don't you think that's suspicious? Haruto got out the Star Slasher and aimed at the "Nuclear Queen"

Giorno: You're... not wrong... That blast just now was like the smallest nuclear detonation I've witnessed. And her energy... it went into that rock just now... Wait... Giorno pulled out an Empress card and threw it at the strange rock Shoot the card, Haruto!

Haruto: *She might have made that rock into a micro-nuke..* I see where you're getting at with this. FREEZE! Haruto fires at the Empress card embedded in the potential nuke to freeze it over before inserting his own Empress card into the Star Slasher and charging up the attack. Platinum Blizzard double charge!!! He fired at the enemy Tarot user and flash froze the area around her to encase her in a block of ice. Now what do we do with the rock?

Giorno: Beats me. Is it even safe to pick up...?

Haruto: We can't just leave it in the middle of the street... I got it, wait a second. ZA WARUDO! Haruto froze time with The World and proceeded to pick up the rock encased in ice. Nothing dangerous seemed to happen, so he removed the World and allowed time to resume. The ice seemed to have neutralized whatever effects it could've had. We better throw it ocean-side just in case.

Giorno: Good idea. We should probably fix the street up while we can.

Haruto: I'm not that good with Strength yet. And we need to deal with this "Nuclear Queen" too. You deal with the street, I'll take care of her.

Giorno: Right. Let's fix it up... Giorno began to restore the street to the state it was in prior to their brief fight. I expected a little more out of her, to be honest, cool abilities from what I saw.

Haruto: Oh! Almost forgot to hijack her deck. Haruto reached into the ice and grabbed the queen's deck and buckle, then tossed it to Giorno and waited as the surrounding ice filled the hole up with more ice. Here, hold onto this. I'll be back. Haruto then proceeded to walk away with the human Popsicle, leaving her by the police station and cutting away at the ice carefully to free her. He returned and approached Giorno. Let's split the earnings.

Giorno: Right. One for you and one for me. He inspected the deck and saw a few extra cards. Wait a minute... there's more than just what Queen was using... Let's see... He took out all the individual cards and looked at them. There's a Priestess, a Magician, an Emperor, Lovers... and a Chariot... That's... the first eight Arcana. And we have the Star... 10 down, 12 to go.

Haruto: Indeed... Let's split our earnings. The two split up the deck and took a copy of each of the cards, adding five to their five and calling it a day. They returned to their bikes and rode off, Giorno heading home while Haruto headed to the Center to relax.

Over at Trey at the sunset, Same Day 

He walks out of his house waving at his mother and slings his backpack over his shoulder as he begins to head back over to the Centre. He doesn't worry about the villains that were battling the Absconders as much time as passed and he figures they most likely defeated them. He walks down the street as it's a bit late and walks past a few clothing stores. He stops by a store to look inside to see if there was anything that he wanted in there.

Trey: Hm, I need new shorts. Currently he's wearing a cap, a hoodie, sweatpants and lace-less shoes. He looks down at himself and shrugs. He turns to walk away as some people bump into him and he rolls his eyes. When he stops at a streetlight, he waits for the sign to read "Walk".

Stranger: Yea, heard it was a good game. Most of the players got hurt though, it was crazy.

Trey: *I wonder if they're talk about the basketball ga-*

Suddenly a huge explosion startles everyone on the ground and everyone looks up to see a burning skyscraper lighting up the night sky. Everyone begins to run away from the burning building.

Trey: What the hell?

He completely puts on his backpack as he begins to try to look around to see what caused it. Then that's when, out of sight, two fireballs launch from around the skyscrapers and launch towards a skyscraper a couple blocks behind Trey. He darts down the street at great speeds and telekinetically jumps off the ground and runs on the building, launching himself up faster every few steps. He gets to the height of the fireballs coming at the building, and jumps off the building towards the fireballs, when he gets closer he begins to see that the fireballs are actually cars on fire. He uses his telekinesis while soaring through the air to stop the cars and send up upward at great speeds.

Trey: *That was a temporary fix.*

After he did that, a body comes soaring at him and knocks into him, knocking him back into the building, through a window, shattering it and making them slide along the office floors. Trey coughs and holds his stomach as he starts to get up and look at the body next to him.

Person: Agh... F*ck it hurts... He looks at Trey in pain then looks back outside to the shattered window. Gotta run away... He gets up and limps away in fear

Trey: R-Run away? Run away from who? he coughs some more and looks outside seeing nothing.

Person: I don't know but it's some kind of demon... I tried to stop it but it's too much for me... Run while you still can... There's nobody in this building so there's nothing to worry about! Go!

Trey: No you run .... I'll see what I can do. He coughs and bangs his chest as it fully heals and he finally sees something terrifying. It's a flaming humanoid body launching towards Trey and the person at high speeds. It can fly?

Person: N-No... It jumps.

Trey: Holy crap... He backs up into the office floor past some desks and charges telekinesis around his hands. He keeps charging it up, as a rippling dark blue aura forms around his hands. The spatial area around his hands begins to distort heavily implying there is lots of telekinetic pressure stacked over each other. He dashes at the window and jumps out at the body soaring towards them. He puts his hands together and cocks it back as the humanoid flaming body and gets closer and when it gets close enough, and throws his hands in front of him releasing the telekinetic blast at the body. The blast hits the body with much force but not enough, as only the fire around it blows off revealing a black and white body, that's a bit buff. The body keeps soaring towards Trey to his surprise and it hits Trey in a dropkick, launching him back into the building and into a wall, crushing it as he falls to the ground. The person gets blown back by the shock-wave of the hit and he hits the ground next to Trey.

Person: Agh... See...

The monster lands inside of the building on their floor and rumbles the whole building to its core. He steps towards them and its head and hands light on fire to reveal this: A flaming symbiote monster. Trey looks with a surprised and pained expression as he tries to get up.


The Flaming Symbiote

Trey: W-What is that?!

Person: It's a Klyntar I believe.. But it's peculiar since they're supposed to be weak to heat and vibrations... A tendril from the symbiote hits him into the wall and wraps around him. Trey gets up and bolts at the symbiote and spin kicks it in the waist. It seems to be much taller than Trey, at about 8 feet. Trey's foot seems to just have no effect as he tries to jump back to attack once more. He jumps back but a whip launches from the waist where Trey recently kicked. It wraps around his foot and flings him around the room at high speeds, crushing and shattering everything in the room. After it's done, it just dangles Trey upside down by his foot and he is in major pain, but rapidly healing.

Trey: Dammit... He uses eye beams to cut off the whip that was around his foot and drops to the ground, getting distance. The symbiote growls and roars loudly, smirking right after and starting to crush the person. The guy screamed in pain as he got crushed and Trey tried to use eye beams to cut the tendril but an extra arm came out of the symbiote and formed a fist, punching Trey into the wall and almost out of the window. The upper half of his body dangled out of the window as he wasn't moving and trying to get up, only hearing the man's scream. *Sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t! Gotta save him!*

That's when the screaming stops and Trey leans up slowly to see the guy still hung by the tendrils, looking at the symbiote as it walked closer to him. As it was walking closer, its size decreased and the face was pulling back to reveal a normal guy's face. The symbiote was now in front of the man at a height of 6'3 and still buff. The guy inside the symbiote has shrunk it's biomass of the symbiote around him and only lifted the biomass off of his face to reveal it. His hair was crazy and he smiled, revealing fangs.

EJwVzMENwyAMAMBdGACbUGyabRBBBCnECNxXld2r3gD3NZ95md2cqmPtAEdbWeZhl8pMtdgqUq-SRls2S4ekmvLZy60LHEWODsmxj7wFzwQeKWxISC8iz4HeCK3 m3FX8 wAwEsh1w

Spoil's actual face

Man in Symbiote: Where is the main agency?

Person: I-I don't know... I only work for the branch off company... I'm a guard as you know...

Man in Symbiote: Then you should know. He tightens the grip around the man and he screams as you can hear more of his bones crack.

Trey: H-Hey! He gets the attention of the man in the symbiote and he stops crushing the person.

Man in Symbiote: And who are you?

Trey: Doesn't matter. You're going around terrorizing and destroying... He gets up breathing hard and takes off his book bag that he still has on. Who are you and why're you doing this.

Man in Symbiote: Sigh The name's Spoil. I'm looking for a specific agency that can help me get what I need. See, here is a man who works for an agency that processes and makes artificial Klyntars out of Spider-Man's DNA. I need to go there.

Trey: What, are you made in a lab too? I don't even know what a Klyntar is.

Spoil: Of course you wouldn't. They're rare to find idiot. And MY symbiote isn't artificial. Oh no. Perfectly natural and from another galaxy.

Person: W-Why does it generate and manipulate fire then... Regular Klyntars don't...

Spoil: Don't go asking questions when you're not allowed. He holds out his hand to make the tendril slam the man back into a wall and brings him back to Spoil. Anyway, I believe you do know the main agency's location, so tell me now.

Person: Screw you...

Spoil: He sighs and crushes the man with much force causing him to scream loudly then go limp.

Trey: No! He uses telekinesis to lift multiple objects around him and launch them at Spoil.

Spoil: Seriously? He flicks his finger sideways and multiple biomass come out and form into the shape of chains and whip around him destroying all the rubble. But that's when he sees Trey was behind the rubble ready to attack and he takes all the chain hits and tries to punch Spoil. He moves out of the way and simply smacks Trey, making him spit blood and launching him out of the window of the building. Trey is dazed from the hit and is falling to the ground at high speeds and Spoil jumps out of the window after Trey. He slams his symbiote down (I'm just going to refer to the symbiote as his body now) to soar down faster and fall after Trey. Right before Trey reaches the ground, he completely wakes up and uses telekinesis to stop his descent, and fly out of the way, not hitting the ground, but releases the telekinesis to land safely. He turns quickly to see Spoil slam down on the ground with great force, shaking the terrain they're standing on.

Trey: You're good... He is about to charge heat beams in his eyes and hands when chains of biomass come through the ground and wrap around Trey. He figures they were sent through the ground when he landed so he grows in size to break out of them and he shrinks back down ready to back away. Spoil quickly jumps at him turning his body slightly and forming his right arm into a giant sledgehammer and slamming it onto Trey, destroying the ground beneath him.

Spoil: Got you! Suddenly he looks to his left and sees Trey standing and looking at him.

Trey: *He's strong but my illusion managed to distract him* But as he's about to attack, Spoil turns the hammer into an arm again and the claws launch of his fingertips as flaming spikes. Trey dashes at Spoil, running side to side to dodge them and he jumps in the air with a fist that was a dark blue aura. Suddenly behind Trey, more biomass escapes the terrain and goes around Trey and grabs him, stopping his momentum. Spoil then shoots biomass from his arms to surround and grab a car and a truck from the sides of the roads and brings his arms together, which brings the car and the truck around Trey to smash him. Spoil then lights the wreckage on fire which cause them to explode.

Spoil: You can't touch me. He lets go of the burning wreckage and Trey bursts out and jumps out of the wreckage, injured and breathing heavy while looking at Spoil. I'm going to kill you too just for interfering. He starts to walk to Trey as he forms a scorpion-like tail to rise over his own head and slam the stinger into Trey's chest which forces him into the ground. Trey yells and tries to pull it out, enlarging his arms to become very large but he seems to fail at pulling the scorpion tail out of his chest. He begins to bleed from his mouth and cough blood as he keeps trying to pull it out.

Trey: He then gets an idea and sends out a huge telepathic signal to anyone who's ever had telepathic contact with him, which is his teammates and friends. *Guys! I need help on 34th Broadway and Center! There's this thing trying to kill me!! I need the closest people to come help right now!!* He holds his own as he stops the tail from going further. Spoil then forms a biomass axe on his left arm as he's still walking towards Trey.

Eliana receives this signal and stops her studying in the nearest Star Hut. Thad is opposite her leaning back on his phone the whole time.

Thad: What's wrong?

Eliana: Did you feel that?

Thad: Of course. Why?

Eliana: It's Trey. He's in trouble! Let's go!

Thad: Eliana, wait-! She is already up, equipment hurriedly thrown in her bag and her bag left behind on her seat, she then runs out. Thad gets up looking exasperated at the situation, then looks around at the people in the room, including the cashier. No one touches our stuff until we return. No one. They nod as he rushes after Eliana, both running to Trey's location which isn't that far. When they arrive, they see the building Trey was fighting in, the look around and see Trey a couple blocks away.

Eliana: He's over there, I hope he's still okay! She transmogrifies her current clothing into her Gemstone suit, apathetic to the people seeing her. She then channels the psychic energy from the people around her into Sapphire energy, absorbing into her through blue energy tendrils from their heads. She then glows blue and jumps onto a manhole cover, lifting it up with telekinesis and flying away on it up to Trey.

Thad: Eliana! Wait for me- Sighs, then jogs his way after them, though taking his time. *No way am I doing something like that in this suit.*

When Eliana arrives to the fight she jumps off from the manhole cover with a psychic jump and lands near them to see Trey pinned by the scorpion tail.

Eliana: TREY!! She telekinetically picks up the manhole cover she dropped off and lifts it up to her height then tosses it at an incredible speed at the tail, slashing through it with the projectile manhole cover.

Trey: He says with blood gargled in his mouth E-Eli... He lays on the ground rapidly healing

Spoil: Agh, who is this brat? He turns to face the building, not seeing where it was yelled. Suddenly his body hits the ground on his stomach with intense force. Now what?! It's revealed to be Micah.

Micah: I'm here too Trey! And it's a Klyntar!! He seems interested as his mask glows different colors.

Spoil expands his body to surround Micah and try to make the biomass dense to crush him. He flies out just in time and a few magic circles which send out explosions to try to blow up Spoil from behind. Spoil just stands up amidst the fire and smoke surrounding him as the biomass covers his face once more and lights up on fire. A badass guitar riff plays as this happens and Trey finally gets up slowly as he heals more.

Trey: Guys... You came... He coughs and smiles

Eliana: Of course. I wonder... She aims her hand at the symbiotic matter around Spoil, but she feels a sting and retracts her hand. Ow...can't transmogrify that... Instead she runs and dropkicks the air, sending a blue wave of telekinesis out her legs at Spoil, piecing through his body. After landing she lifts up several shards of shattered glass with TK and launches them at Spoil.

Spoil growls as the telekinesis only blows away the fire surrounding and covering Spoil, but he reignites and creates a shield of biomass which block some glass but more shards pierce through and enter his body. He simply roars as his body produces chains and fly everywhere around him to subdue Trey, Eli and Micah.

Trey: Sh*t! He creates a psychic shield which the chains wrap around but slowly crush the shield. He breathes deeply then releases the shield and squats to duck, letting the chains pass over him. He bolts at Spoil bending down forward while running so that he's able to touch the ground. He uses TK on the ground to break off a portion of it around Spoil and essentially flip it, and flip Spoil. Go!

Micah runs at Spoil currently flipping and summons a few magic circles and missiles fly out of them. They shoot and blast Spoil apart, the biomass separating but quickly attaching to each other again. Spoil in the midst of the explosion, morphs his arm into a biomass spear and jumps at Micah stabbing him in the leg. Micah screams in pain and transforms the arms of his suit into blasters and shoots sonic blasts as Spoil.

Spoil: AGH! His arm morphs into it's normal form with claws and Spoil backs away from the sonic blast, Micah on the ground. Spoil is affected but reeling back from the blast and smirks as he generates fire in his hands and blasts a huge blast of fire at Micah.

Micah: *Sh*t!* He creates a biomechanical looking shield that blocks the fire and surrounds the shield with intense flames. The shield begins to crack as the intensity and the pressure of the flames begin to crush the shield.

Eliana holds her hands out as the flames decrease in intensity, then convert into Emerald energy, which she absorbs. She glows green as well as her suit, then shoots out a container of liquid nitrogen at Spoil, who grabs it with Symbiotic tendrils and crushes it, but it explodes, releasing the nitrogen and instantly freezing Spoil's arm. Eliana then generates a large sledge hammer and slams it onto Spoil's frozen arm, shattering it.

Spoil rages as the symbiote pulls off of his face. The guy underneath has an annoyed face under as his symbiote is extending out from his skin, so you can see glimpses of his skin and clothing underneath the symbiote. He yells along with Spoil, which makes it come back to him and wrap completely around his body now, more spikes coming out of the symbiote's body than before.

Trey and Micah both lunge at Spoil but he sends out biomass chains to hit them away instantly into nearby buildings or cars. Micah gets up and constructs a magic circle and generates some invisible force which let metals all around them fly at Spoil, hitting and slashing him. More chains fly at Trey to impale him, but he stands up and dodges some chains but then grabs onto them and wraps them around his hand and wrist. After wrapping them around, he pulls with all his might, which doesn't pull Spoil to him due to him being too heavy, but Trey at Spoil. He flies at Spoil with the biomass chains still around his wrist and hits Spoil's body. He then transforms his hand into claws and injects his hands into Spoil's biomass, trying to grab and pull it out t expose his skin.

Trey: Come... ON! He starts to grab and pull the biomass from Spoil at super-speed, but the biomass keeps filling up in the space he's grabbing it from. He finally begins to see some of Spoil's clothes underneath, so he thrusts his hand inside at him but the biomass stops his arm. *Sh*t!!!* He tries to pull it out but it seems the biomass is holding him in place. When it seems like he can finally pull his arm out, a loud crack is heard as Spoil, snapped Trey's arm somehow. Trey screams angrily in pain as the biomass shoots him out onto the road and he holds onto his broken arm.

Micah: I got you! He uses his suit to fly in the air and form a magic circle underneath Trey and Spoil as it starts ti accelerate Trey's healing. Suddenly a bullet of flaming symbiotic biomass claw hits Micah a few times and 3 manage to pierce his suit. He falls to the ground beside Eli. If only I could get him through a portal we'd be good... He starts to heal his own injuries as the magic circle under Trey and Spoil vanished. Spoil's arm is now regenerating again and Trey notices this.

Thad arrives to the fight and takes a good look at the symbiote, smiling but also weirded out.

Thad: What the Hell is that?

Eliana: Some gooey demon thing!

Thad: Oh lord... He runs at Spoil, moving his tie out of his way then jumps at him, grabbing hold of its arm. He crushes the arm easily in his hands but Spoil makes the symbiote wrap around him. Get this bloody sh~t off me! Suddenly a section of the wall of a nearby building collapses, crushing Spoil with rubble to distract him. Thad then pulls out his black and silver pistol and fires it at Spoil's head, as it rapidly fires creating deep holes; the gun seems to be modified. Spoil roars then waves Thad off him, but Thad jumps above Spoil with TK enhancing his jump then redirects downwards ontop of Spoil, slamming his palm onto Spoil's back, sending him downward and smacking into the ground. Thad then walks around Spoil, casually palm striking his body, flinging him slightly but not fully, annoying Spoil. Spoil then tries to strike Thad but misses. It's no use. You have no power against me.

Spoil roars, but suddenly the symbiote retracts, revealing the man inside's front part of his body, though his limbs still covered by the symbiote. Spoil looks shocked, as Thad pulls out his gun and aims it at Spoil, about to shoot. Spoil then roars again, as the symbiote strangely covers him up again and smacks Thad away, sending him into the wall. Thad gets up, pissed but confused.

Thad: The hell? How did he...?

Eliana: The suit seems symbiotic in nature, probably has a mind of its own. You can't control it?

Thad: Not animals, so no. Only the man inside, but the parasite around him is trying to block me out. No use trying to control him in this state.

Trey: He connects everyone telepathically How can we get rid of him if we can't beat him? Telekinesis can push him but I'm not strong enough to do that because he's so dense and heavy.

Micah: How can he have such a heavy parasite on his body...

Thad: Well we all have telekinesis.

Eliana: You think combining it will work?

Trey: Agh, my arm.. But I think so, we could generate enough force to blast it back.

Micah: And MAYBE I could make the portal once you blast it so we'll never have to see this f*cker again.

Trey: Alright, let's do it. Micah you know what to do.

Micah: Easy. Please hurry this up though. He hits the ground with both hands, restoring himself and armor fully as his body starts to have a faint purple aura, absorbing ambient magical energy. This'll let me take in as much much magic for the next minute. But I'll be out for a long time. Ready?

Trey: He runs to Eli and Thad who are facing the raging symbiote. He nods at them and uses his good arm to concentrate telekinetic force into his left hand as his right one is healing at the moment.

Psychic energy is absorbed from Thad into Eliana as she glows blue. Thad holds his right palm out and Ellie gets in a low stance holding both arms out. All three combine their telekinetic force together for the next wave blast.

Spoil: His body packs together and morphs into his original form, which is the buff, and very dense looking body with spikes around his body. Micah flies high in the air as the trio charges their telekinetic energy and he launches 30 magical arrows out of his suit all hitting and distracting Spoil. Spoil's dense body just shakes all the arrows off as some manage to penetrate but it's not enough to even make Spoil flinch. He launches a few biomass chains at Micah who flies down the street and around the building. Spoil loses track of him as he turns to look at the trio.

Their telekinetic force combine and distort the area and air around them greatly which confused Spoil. He launches some flaming biomass at them, but the biomass blows apart to nothingness as the pressure of the telekinetic force around them disrupts it. Spoil gets angry but that's when the distortion increases in the area around them and they all release the TK blast at Spoil.

Spoil: *No!!* He holds up his arm as he plants biomass underground to keep him from budging. He also slims down more to become more dense. The huge TK blast travels down the street at Spoil shattering every piece of glass in a 3 block radius and even cracking the roads around them. Micah appears flying over a building and looks down, creating a portal behind Spoil to space. The TK blast slams into Spoil, sending him absolutely flying across the street at great speeds. Spoil roars as he's sent through the portal but shoots biomass "webs" to attach to buildings so he could pull himself out the portal. Micah just closes the portal as it cuts off the biomass webbing, leaving them hanging off the buildings.

Micah flies to the ground and makes a portal to the Absconders room and pushes them all around before Micah's magical energy runs out. After he arrives through, his body hits the ground, weak with no more magical energy to spare. The aura around him leaves and everyone else looks at Micah, Trey, Eli and Thad just come back into the room.

Micah: Oh... Oh f*ck...

Trey: What the- Are we back? Did it work? His body then hits the ground from being so tired after that attack.

Thad: I gotta say Ellie, if this is the hero work you guys always do, it's impressive.

Eliana: She drops into a chair. Huh, oh, yeah, tiring but worth it. Imagine the death count if we didn't respond.

Thad: Where was he sent anyway?

Micah: T-To space... I think I need to vomit... He pops off his helmet and Trey gets to him to pick him up and brings him to the bathroom. The group hears vomiting noises and cringes at it.

Natalie comes into the room smiling and holding some food but hears the vomiting then looks at the meal in her hand, then at the group, looking disgusted.

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