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January 1st, 2026

The morning after Dominic Bernedicci absconded, Eliana woke up, earlier than the rest who were tired from last night. It was 8:17 am, Eliana read from her digital clock as she opened her eyes. She moaned and turned over to see Dominic, who wasn't there.

Eliana: Dom...? *Where is he?* She got up, still surly from last night, and walked to the main room. She looked around and called for Dominic again. She then called his phone, but after the third unanswered call she got suspicious. Where the hell is he...

She walked around again until she found a camera on the floor. She picked it up and saw it was left on a video, recorded last night. She played it, shocked to see Dominic explaining he had to leave. Her shock turned into anger, and she squeezed the camera, almost breaking it.

Eliana: That...a***hole.... GUYS! GUYS GET OUT HERE!! I can't believe this... *He'd, he would abandon us? Abandon me? I thought we were going through this together!* Her eyes glowed red as she started panting heavily, looking more fierce and deteriorated, as she transmogrified her own life energy into Ruby Energy. Her veins also started turning scarlet.

Trey boosted out of his room with his blanket still wrapped around his body and his head and his eyes glowing dark blue, as heat escapes from it. His hands are also glowing as he stops in the main room ready for a fight.

Trey: What's wrong Eli?!

Eliana: That...that...AH! Dominic ran away! She throws the camera towards him.

Trey: What? He catches it and watched and video and didn't say anything as he thought about this. What the f*ck... He just left us like this? What's wrong with that guy.. He eyes and hands stop glowing and he throws the camera to the couch. You okay Eli? He walks towards her and puts his hand on her shoulder. We're here for you if you need anything.

Eliana: If this is a lie, it's a really sick joke...but...I kind of hope it is... He can't just leave us, he can't...

Trey: Look he seemed very troubled so this will be good for him. I just hope he's back soon if this is true.. He hugs Eli and then lets go Come on, try to get some sleep or something, don't dwell on it too much. He walks out of the room and goes back into his, going back to sleep.

Eliana doesn't say anything, she just removes the memory chip from the camera then crushes the camera in anger, throwing the chip onto the desk then going back to sleep.

Four hours later

Eliana awoke, calm yet still sad. She was hiding it now, not on the edge of tears like before. She got dressed then went into the main room, walked through the main room and straight outside the dorm. Thad was waiting there, leaning against the wall.

Thad: Hello, Eliana. What's up?

Eliana: Go away, Thaddeus. She walks past him, but he follows her, concerned.

Thad: What happened? You Is it something to do with the others? I can deal with them for you, I'll go right now-

Eliana: She turns to him No!- Don't... It's not them, it's Dominic.

Thad: Of course it is. What did he do?

Eliana: He...he ran away. He left me. Left us.

Thad: That bastard, I thought he was supposed to be your best friend, friends don't leave!

Eliana: I left you.

Thad: That was different Eliana, we had conflict, what happened to him? Did anything happen between you last night?

Eliana: We had sex. I don't think that's relevant though...

Thad: So, he was close to you this whole time, the introverted nerdy redhead at school, finally gets into your bed and then bails the next morning? Sounds to me he was trying to get in your pants this whole time.

Eliana: No, Dom's not like that. He even left a video behind-

Thad: Did this video explain where he was? How to find him?

Eliana: No, just that he had to-

Thad: Has he ever actually shown genuine interest in your emotional wellbeing?

Eliana: Yes! He has, he's always been there for me.

Thad: He's the product of aliens and crazed hosts, he's sneaky and clever, he wasn't trustworthy, and only offered you danger, why else would Ripper be after him?!

Eliana: He's explained- wait, how do you know about that?

Thad: Sigh I asked him, using my powers.

Eliana: I told you not to use your powers on him!

Thad: I just wanted to make sure that he could protect you! It's clear he can't, he's mixing his supposed love life with some galactic war! Dominic was just using you to relieve stress, he never loved you for who you really are, he hurt you, Eliana, I would never do that... He places his hand on her shoulder. She looks at his hand then at his face, upset but also fearful.

At the same time

Trey and Haruto are strolling down the street talking about the Dominic situation. They both decide to just forget about it and move on. They move onto a store called Star Hut, where it sells pizza and coffee. They get a meat lover's pizza because who doesn't love bacon and beef? Then Trey orders a Ice Caramel Latté and Haruto orders a Cappuccino coffee. The T.V. was playing a news station about a recent drug bust at a hideout by some skate parks and Trey was just sipping his coffee when he looked at Haruto and smirked.

Trey: Dude.

Haruto: What's up? He takes a sip of his coffee, scrolling through his phone for news.

Trey: We could find that drug company the police has been searching for. He leans closer and looks around and took a bite of pizza. We could easily find them if we tried yanno. It could be fun dude.

Haruto: It'd give me some time to test out the Star armor... I'm down. He took a slice of pizza and took a bite.

Trey: Yea I wanted to see you use that since you've gotten that. He finishes his slices and took the cup of coffee with him as he got up to leave. Where do we start? He took a sip of the coffee.

Haruto: Lemme look. Haruto finishes his share of the pizza, sipping his coffee as he scrolls through some news articles about the drug traffickers that Trey was referring to. The most recent article was published just a few days ago, and mentioned something about a parking garage surrounded by sketchy alleyways. There's something about this parking garage with a bunch of sketchy alleys. Let's start there. He picks up his coffee and stands up.

Trey: He keeps sipping his coffee Should we wait until nighttime?

Haruto: Yeah, good idea. We'll be able to use stealth tactics to take them down if all else fails. I'll check the address. He looks up the parking garage's address on his phone, then checks the distance it would take to walk there. It's about 15 minutes to walk there from here.

Trey: Ight, cool.

Later that Night

Haruto and Trey arrived near the garage on the former's bike, parking it somewhere close so they could rush to it after they finish up fighting at the place. Haruto equips his Star armor and summons his Star Slasher, sheathing it on his back as Trey puts on his super-suit. They rush towards the garage stealthily, seeing some dealers and buyers in one of the sketchy alleys already. Haruto established a mental link between him and Trey, so they could communicate without talking.

Haruto: Ready to go, Trey? He cracked his knuckles and prepared to move.

Trey: Yep all ready. He stretches, cracking bones throughout his body and let's the cosmic energy power him up. He forms his superhero costume, with the cloth in front, faceless mask and hood and smirks under it as he starts to go forward. He quietly jumps on the side of the building, grabbing onto a fire escape lightly and climbing it, making sure he's quiet.

Haruto uses cosmic energy to float down to a fire escape and land silently, running across it quickly and quietly to get into position as he takes out the Star Slasher and aims it down at one of the dealers.

Haruto: On your mark. Haruto charged up the power of his upcoming attack with a few button presses, all indicated inside his HUD without any noise.

Trey: Get set... He shape shifts his right arm into a super sharp blade. He jumps down on the first drug dealer and stabs them through the chest. Then when the drug dealer coming out of the garage is coming, Trey shoots out his arm to elongate, wrap around the dealer and pull him instantly to himself. He then slashes the enemy's chest open. Trey notices more drug dealer's coming out laughing and smoking some of their drugs. Idiots... Haruto?

Haruto: On it. He fires the charged energy bullet at the entrance where the dealers are coming out, disintegrating the ones in the way and some of the surround area. He fires more energy at the dealers, nailing them all in the chest or leg before jumping down with super speed and switching the Star Slasher to blade mode to slash up a few dealers. Take out the buyers. We can't let anyone escape.

Trey: Roger. Hey how do you say that in Japanese? He bursts towards the buyers coming through and punches one into the car, which makes it cave in and is effectively destroyed. The other buyers are about to pull out their guns, but Trey back-flips, spins on his hands and kicks the guys around him away onto their backs. He lands on his feet and kicks a guy in the chest so hard, he gets knocked out. Trey grabs the guy's knife that was on him and throws it at another enemy, but the handle hits the enemy Crap, that looked so much cooler in my head. He forms his fingernails on his left hand into claws and slashes at the guy's neck, and as he's taking out the enemies slash by slash, he hears one of the buyers yelling into a cellphone about protecting the shipment of drugs on a train. Haruto! Apparently there's another ship aboard the train that runs through L.A.! We need to get to it!

Haruto: Roger is "Ryokai." He replies to his question before slashing through a bunch of enemies with energized slashes. Another shipment? Sh*t! We'll have to take care of that soon! These guys aren't worth our time. Speaking of time... He switches the Star Slasher to gun mode and takes a World card, inserting it into the slot on the weapon to activate the finisher. ZA WARUDO! He fires the blast at the garage, causing a time distortion to consume it and send all the dealers and buyers occupying it flying into a void somewhere in the space-time continuum while the structure itself is reset to the moment before the dealers arrived. Druggies taken care of, let's find that shipment! As he's walking to his bike, a buyer tries to stab him in the back. Haruto quickly turns around and shoots him with cosmic energy, enough to make him disintegrate into dust before sheathing the Star Slasher on his back and getting on his bike. Can you track it down, Trey?

Somewhere else at the same time

Eliana and Thad were talking, as they headed back to the Centre. They had drinks in their hand, and Eliana seemed calm now.

Thad: Remember that time where I first thought I knew what the hell my powers were?

Eliana: Yeah and you made me throw things at you, and when I couldn't, that was scary.

Thad: Had myself convinced my powers were Luck Manipulation, look at me, I'm super lucky! I was such a twat.

Eliana: Haha, yeah.

Thad: Those times were good, I just want to return to them.

Eliana: When I was 13 and helping you take down a government subdivision tasked with capturing mutants like you?

Thad: Yes, though I took them down, you made sure I was smart about it.

Eliana: How did you do it anyway? I left before that ended.

Thad: They pretty much ended themselves. It's best not to look back at that. What's wrong?

Eliana: She looked distracted, the turned to look off the side of the street. She could hear something, someone, a struggle. Can you hear that? She absorbs some Sapphire energy from that area Someone's in trouble, under attack by someone with super powers. No, there's three of them, attacking two civilians.

Thad: We should leave, the Centre's only a couple blocks away, we can make it!

Eliana: No, we're going to help them.

Thad: But Eliana!-

Eliana: It's not up for discussion! She runs through the alleyway, followed by Thad, and into an empty street. Three men are there, two holding guns, one commanding them. There's another two people on the ground, bruised but alive. The three thugs are questioning them.

Thug Boss: Cut the bull, Darrow. We told you if you couldn't afford to pay then your whole family would pay for you. Starting with your sweet wife over here. He kicks the woman on the floor.

Eliana: Leave them alone! Eliana ran in wearing her Gemstone super suit and drop kicks the boss, creating a mini explosion that sends him flying into the wall. He gets up the generates two concrete arms around his own, and slams the ground which sends multiple spikes of concrete sprouting out at Eliana from below. Eliana quickly absorbs her own psychic energy, numbing her senses, then jumps up with Sapphire empowering her jump, landing on the roof of a building. A ring of concrete cracks below the thug boss, and he levitates a chunk of concrete below him, lifting him up to Eliana's height. Mid-air, he kicks the chunk of concrete at her then lands on a building opposite Ellie. He then looks down and yells at his men.

Thug Boss: Kill his wife then get out of here! He then starts to run away, using concrete to boost himself upwards to land on other buildings. Meanwhile, Eliana aims her fist at the concrete chunk coming at her, shattering it and simultaneously transmogrifying it into green Emerald energy and then absorbing it. She glows green but her hand is bleeding badly from the punch. She then generates a grappling hook from the energy absorbed, and throws it, swinging through the openings of the buildings and after the boss.

Back on the ground the thugs are about to shoot the wife of the man getting attacked, but suddenly one gets shot in the shoulder and screams, dropping his assault rifle. They look to see it was Thaddeus who finally decided to step in, holding a pistol which he kept in his blazer pocket.

Thad: Excuse me, we're not done with you.

Thug 1: Arh, shoot him!

Thug 2: The other thug raises his pistol and fires it three times at Thad, but all three bullets suddenly swerve in another direction and hit the walls beside Thad. Thad chuckles the casually walks towards them. The thug, confused and shocked, fires more bullets at Thad, each suddenly missing as if an invisible shield is deflecting them. What the heck?!

Thug 1: What are you, blind?! I said shoot him!

Thug 2: Can't you see, I'm trying! As Thad approaches closer, the injured thug takes his own gun and attempts to run away. The thug shooting at Thad has two more bullets; he shoots one more at Thad, but the bullet reflects and hits the injured thug trying to run away in the leg, causing him to fall to the floor, attempting to crawl away. Thad walks right up to the second thug aiming the gun, allowing the barrel of the gun to touch Thad's forehead. He then smiles at the horrified thug.

Thad: In a calm and gentle voice Hey, calm down. What are you trying to do?

Thug 2: S-shoot you...

Thad: Do you want to shoot me?

Thug 2: Y-yes I do.

Thad: Are you going to?

Thug 2: No...

Thad: And why is that?

Thug 2: Because you don't want me to shoot you...

Thad: That's right. You know what I want you to do.

Without saying anything and with a face of depression, the thug lowers the gun then aims it in his own mouth. The man and his wife on the floor are shocked and gasp, as the second thug blows his own brains out, splattered against the wall and a few drops of blood land on Thad and the couple. The thug's body hits the floor as the couple are in awe. Thaddeus places his own black pistol with accents of silver lines back in his blazer pocket. He walks up to the first thug who is halfway down the street crawling away with a trail of blood. As he walks he picks up the assault rifle the thug dropped as he fled, and checks it out. He approaches the hurt thug and steps on his back, aiming the rifle at the back of his head.

Thad: Why are you tormenting these people? Tell the truth.

Thug 1: They owed us money!

Thad: Why?

Thug 1: He stole from us, said he needed the money, we all do! We caught him and let him off on the condition he pays us back in a week, that was last week.

Thad: There's two sides to every story. I'm sure Eliana would like me to believe theirs.

Thug 1: What? NO, WAIT! Thad fires the gun through the back of his head, then drops it. Thad then walks up to the couple, helping them up.

Man: Thank you so much!

Woman: What? Peter, no, you saw what he did, how he killed them! He has powers, he's a mutant! Those vile murderers no better than those thugs, we should just call the police! Thad shoots her in the thigh with his own pistol, then returns it to his pocket. The woman screams as her husband goes to help her.

Man: You, you monster!

Thad: You should control your wife, with ideologies like that she could end up dead by tomorrow.

Man: What kind of hero are you?!

Suddenly a body drops from the sky next to them, the body of the thug boss, unconscious. Eliana drops down next to to then looks around.

Eliana: Thad what happened here?

Thad: Things got crazy, they started shooting and I did what I had to.

Man: Then he shot my wife!

Eliana: What? Thaddeus?!

Thad: What? He said laughing. He means the thugs shot his wife in the leg, right? That's why I, admittedly, had to kill them. Rather the thugs die than the civilians.

Man: O-oh, yeah, that's what I meant.

Thad: I saved you guys from those monsters.

Couple: Yup. Thanks.

Thad: See?

Eliana: Wow Thaddeus, I'm impressed, did you call the police?

Thad: Was about to reach for my phone before you came.

Eliana: Hm... She seems surprised at Thad, but also relieved. They call the police and leave back to the Centre, congratulating each other on their skills on the way there.

Back at Haruto and Trey

Trey: No, because I haven't interacted with them yet. But I saw this one truck drive off while I was fighting off the others. 

He knocks out the rest of the guys and starts to take off running down the streets and looking for the truck. He gets lucky and finds the truck driving off at high speeds, going past cars and such, nearly killing people. Trey begins to take some giant steps and boost himself to jump among the buildings while still trying to sense the brainwaves off enemies at the train. He decides to fly on top of the truck and read the minds of the men in the truck, driving, thinking they've escaped Trey. He scans their minds for a few minutes and then uses his strength to pick up the car and fly up, throwing the car into a body of water.

Trey: I found which train tracks the drug shipments should be on. Only one solider knew where it was though. Come to the west side tracks by the ocean. He flies there at high speeds and lands on the ground waiting for the train and Haruto.

Haruto drives to Trey's location, tracking him by tracing his cosmic energy signature. He arrives at the west side track by the ocean on his bike, stopping before getting off and approaching him.

Haruto: Which train?

Trey: This one! A large train from the distance enters in sight and Trey smiles to himself and faces Haruto. Well this was easy! As the train approaches, two flashes of light rocket in the air and as Haruto and Trey watch it, they realize the lights start coming into their directions. These crackheads have powers? Aw s*it they're going to try to stop us from stopping the train I guess.

The two flashes try to land on Trey and Haruto but they evade and watch them emerge from the wreckage, their body's pulsating with energy. They're each holding a vile with the same glowing liquid and they drop it.

Trey: I got this guy. He quickly dashes at the man glowing with dark red energy which seems to be running through his veins. Trey morphs his arm into a blade like earlier, and jumps in the air, spins and slashes at the man, but he released some kind of dark red tinted fire which engulfed Trey. He got blasted back and he quickly got up still on fire, it melting away at his skin. Trey, in pain screams and tries to run around in super speed to get the fire off.

Assailant 1: How do you like my Cremation power? Boosted times 10?!

Trey: GAH! His body morphed multiple times in a quick succession but couldn't find the right way to fight off the poisonous flames.

Haruto: Piss off! Haruto charges his Star Slasher to the maximum again, then presses a button that fires three beams. The center beam hits Trey and charges him with cosmic energy while the other beams separate and blast a few other people. Try this to boost your power, Trey!

Trey: He absorbs the cosmic energy and is overflowed as he morphs into a bulkier version of himself, then goes back to his normal form instantly. He cracks his neck as the fire doesn't have an effect on him anymore. The train is going and Trey can see the drugs on it and the large amount of enemies on it. Dude take out the train! He tackles the glowing assailant and stabs him through the chest while looking him in his eyes then gets off of him. Think you can blow it up or take out everyone before it goes into the tunnel? He noticed that the train was speeding exponentially.

He sprints and flies to the front of the train and drops down to stand in front of it. He holds out his hands and the trains hits him full force and Trey holds it from speeding up anymore.

Trey: Do it bro! This thing is gonna crush me soon!

Haruto: On it! Haruto puts the Star Slasher on his back as he opens his buckle, inserting the card and freezing time. Everything slows to a halt as the distortion spreads. Haruto pushes Trey to the side, then steps into his spot and unfreezes time to stop the train himself, using cosmic energy to slow it down to a halt so that the passengers can get out at the next station. Done and done.

Back at the Centre

Eliana is in her room on her bed, rewatching the video of Dominic's goodbye, on a different camera. She looks visibly upset. Thad is outside her room drinking a diet Coke, and hears her crying. While drinking he gets a notification on his phone. He checks it, as he received a text from an anonymous person, who sent him a link to a video. He texts back "Thanks" then watches the video. It is of Dominic fighting some aliens earlier today. Thad smiles then places his phone in his pocket. He enters Eliana's room, she quickly sits up and looks at him.

Thad: Ellie, watching that video won't change anything.

Eliana: Just seeing him again, even like this, makes it just a bit better.

Thad: Oh...I almost don't want to show you this.

Eliana: Show me what?

Thad sits next to her on the bed and takes the camera from her hands. He takes his phone out and shows the the video of Dominic's fight. She looks confused.

Thad: Dominic, well, it seems he's alive and well, off fighting this thing alone, looks like he's enjoying himself.

Eliana: We should go help him, it looks like he might be in Arizona-

Thad: You do understand there's a possibility he just wanted to get away, from this responsibility. Of having a team, of having a girlfriend. Dominic just wants to fight alone, you shouldn't go chasing after him.

Eliana: You're right, I won't. I just don't understand why he'd pick now, right after we got together, to leave.

Thad: From my past experience, I know there's always a correlation.

Eliana: So what? He just hates me? What's wrong with me to drive him away like that?

Thad: Nothing, Eliana, there is nothing wrong with you, you're perfect and he failed to realise that. He's the one deserving this hate, not you. He puts his arm around her to comfort her, pulling her into leaning on him. If I could reverse time, I wouldn't have driven you away, then you wouldn't have dealt with this pain. But I promise as long as I'm here, you will never be harmed again. As long as I'm here, you're invincible.

He says, as she smiles and begins to fall asleep. He directs her to lie on his lap and strokes her. He stays watching her sleep for an hour, then lets her lie on the bed, placing a pillow under her head and a blanket over her. He sighs and he walks out with the camera. In the main room, he removes the chip and drops the camera in the bin. Thad then squeezes the chip in his hand, using telekinesis to crush it in anger, then throws the remains out the window. He then goes to sleep on the sofa.

January 4th, At School

It was morning and Trey was leaning his head on his left hand, falling asleep due to not sleeping for the past 3 days. He stopped the drug trafficking on one night, stayed up binging Game of Thrones then Jojo's Bizarre Adventures the second night, then hung out with Natalie, spending time with her at the arcade, movies, then the park. He got to his own home late and stayed up as she was on FaceTime with him for the rest of the night.

Mrs. Johnson: Do you know Trey?

Trey snaps up, his eyes fluttering and the students start laughing. He stretches and groans.

Trey: *These people are in high school and still laugh at some student sleeping..* He embarrassingly shakes his head at Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson: Well, pay attention Trey. She goes back to teaching and Trey groans to himself and sits up straight.

Trey: *Guess I should wake myself up.* He charges cosmic energy in his body and forcibly courses it faster through his veins, his heart racing, then he stops, becoming fully awake as if he just had a good night's sleep. *That always feels great.* He turned on his phone and started scrolling through Imgur and laughed at some memes. Suddenly a student next to Trey clears his throat to get his attention and Trey looks to the right to look at him. He whispers What man?

Samuel: Dude did you see that the U.S. dropped a MOAB on Afghanistan?

Trey: What? Seriously? Why? He peeks at the teacher to see if she noticed them talking. Samuel is Trey's newest friend that he became friends with before Winter Break.

Samuel: I think we dropped it onto an ISIS base or something. Most of ISIS has superpowers so I don't think they died anyway.

Trey: Sh*t, that's true. He leans on his hand again to think.

Samuel: I'm sure things will get better. This coun- He suddenly gets interrupted.

Mrs. Johnson: Do you have something to tell me Samuel?

Samuel: Ah, no Mrs. Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson: Good. Now please keep quiet. She continues on with her lesson and Trey and Samuel look at each other and shrug.

Later in the day, Trey goes to lunch to see Natalie and they sit alone together.

Trey: How was your night?

Natalie: It was alright, just a woke up a bit early. She mixes her lunch and adds sour cream How about you?

Trey: It was really good. I feel energized!

Natalie: Did you even sleep after I fell asleep on FaceTime?

Trey: Yea of course I did. I wouldn't just stare at a sleeping beauty. He laughs and she blushes, looking at her food. He knows damn well he's lying and actually watched some more Jojo after she fell asleep on FaceTime.

Natalie: Awww stop.. She blushes and smiles while she mixed her food, now with added sour cream!

Trey: How's your brother? Is he okay? He eats food from a lunchbox Haruto has recently gotten him.

Natalie: Oh, yea, he's doing better I guess, but it was such a crazy scare..

Trey: Yea it must've been. Hope he completely heals up soon though.

Natalie: Same.. A guy and a girl walk towards Natalie and tap her shoulder. These students are from the Student Government, just like Natalie and tell her about some situations the other teachers need help with. Ah, okay. She turns to Trey. Sorry baby, I've got to go help with some teacher stuff, I'll see you later alright?

Trey: Alright Nat, that's okay, have fun. They kiss on the lips and she gets up, throws her trash away and walks away with the two students. Trey looks around for a friend but spots nobody so he slumps in his chair while continuing to eat the special made sushi made my Haruto's wonderful mother.

Eliana comes near him and slams a huge book on the table. She places her bag down and sits next to him.

Eliana: Hey, you should be studying too, we got a chemistry exam tomorrow. I need to catch up for what I missed at break today, which was catching up on what I missed this morning before school, need to refine my knowledge of titration.'s been harder to focus now than ever. You know I only studied four hours last night? Such a damn procrastinator...

Trey: Four hours?... He looks at her like she's crazy and keeps eating I think that's enough studying. I wouldn't know since I don't count the hours of when I study or read. He slides the book to his side and opens it and looks through it and slides it back I'll study later.

They both saw in a distance one of the jocks start trying to flirt with the attractive Tomboy, Captain of the Cheerleading squad, Antonia Masters.

Chadwick: Come on Toni, just one night... He begged literally on his knees now.

Antonia: *Oh God he's willing to resort to on-the-knees beg already, hate him* Let's see....Oh right! I don't go out with snot nosed, idiotic, assenine, good for nothing jerks, so G'day. She poked his forehead and walked off.

Chadwick: You know what!? F-ck you Masters! He then threw a rotten apple at her, but she sensed this and literally did a flip kick, sending it back and hitting him in the eye,giving him a black eye, prompting him to yell out in pain..

Antonia: Oh come on you big baby! It's not that--- Oh... She actually noticed she hurt him, as his friends stood up, impressed and shocked at the same time, as Chadwick recovered, looking pissed.

Chadwick: You're f-cking dead Masters! She jumped over all of them and was stepping on table-to-table in superhuman, looking like something Spidey would do, she apologized to each person at each table, including Trey and Eliana's, the last thing both of them saw was her jumping out of the cafeteria through the door.

Trey: What was that? Anyway, Eli, you never told any of us how you got your powers? Like did your parents have transmogrification as well or something?

Eliana: No, I got them naturally at age 12, still don't understand where they came from. Though all the energies are named after jewels in my father's shop. But there's nothing supernatural about him or his jewels.

Trey: Interesting He finishes his lunch and throws the box away. I don't think it's good to be in the dark like that. I think you should try and find out from other family members if you can.

Eliana: Making notes from the book Not much will come out of that. Studying, however, will benefit me because, well, knowledge is power. She smiles.

Trey: I guess so. He leans on his hand as he watches her write notes then the bell rings for class. Oh god, I have to go to Mr. Bell's class now. I hate AP Anatomy. He gets up stretching and grabs his bookbag

Eliana: I got Math with Mrs. Plot. Good thing I already did thr homework. Anyway, see you later, Trey.

Trey: Oh that's great haha. Cya later. They then head off to class.

Later after school

Trey catches up to Alyna walking from school with Melinda.

Trey: Hey so are you going to join the Absconders? It'd be awesome if you could join. We need all the people we can get, plus you seem strong. He recently told her about the team at the party and that she should join. She said she'd think about it so this is why he came up to her to ask her.

Alyna: What's the point. I'd be risking my life again for no reason. She keeps walking

Trey: Yea but... You still could make a difference and by the amount of traveling we'll do, what if you run into the wizard again? You never know. Plus it'll be fun!

Alyna: She slows down and turns to Trey Agh. I don't know..

Melinda: ...Hey it could be fun, Alyna. She smiles slightly to try to encourage her Look you could change lives or make them better if you do join them.

Alyna: She turns to Melinda and grabs her hand But you know better than anyone that I won't fit in.

Melinda: She goes in a whisper Seems that Trey understands you though... He's an alien who came from a different planet. Imagine how hard that is for him. She grins lightly You guys are on similar wavelengths.

Alyna: W-Wavelengths?

Melinda: Uh, you guys have similar lives.

Alyna: Ah, I see..

Melinda: Look, if it doesn't work out and you don't like it, you can just quit and leave. She nods reassuringly after she says this

Alyna: Hmmm.. She turns to Trey Can I leave the team at any moment?

Trey: Of course Princess. We wouldn't keep you as a prisoner or whatever.

Alyna: You better not. Anyway, I'll visit the Centre later to see what mission I'm assigned to.

Trey: Oi, I need to see your skills first!

Alyna: But school just finished and I have to study.

Trey: I know, but we can do that later. Let's spar while we're already out.

Alyna: She sighs and shakes her head No wonder you people are so slow in this time period. Attention span is so short. Very well. Lead the way Trey. Trey nods obediently and carries Alyna away, to fly to a place where Trey trains alone sometimes. They wave goodbye to Melinda and they are off on their way.

Some place a little outside of L.A.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.37.36 AM

The place where Trey takes Alyna to battle her.

Trey lands and sets Alyna on the ground too and she looks around and smiles to herself. She is amazed by the scenery and how beautiful it looks.

Alyna: So this is where you train sometimes hm...

Trey: Heh, yea. It's really nice to just come here and relax. But now we're going to see how well you are with your magic water.

Alyna: She corrects him and says Oceanus Magic. Get it right.

Trey: Sorry Princess, heh.

They walk apart from each other and Trey chuckles to himself as he looks at the pond next to him. He looks up at her and she's stretching and finishes as she turns around with a serious face.

Alyna: Ready! She shouts from afar

Trey: Set!

Both of them in unison: Spar!

They both dash at each other and Alyna's iris' glow light blue as she raises her hands over her head, summoning a wave of water to crash from over her head and at Trey. He immediately stops with wide eyes, and bursts backwards, then does a back-flip while swinging his right arm upwards, using telekinesis to raise a block of earth to block the crashing wave. The waves crash into the block of earth and flow around it as Trey stands behind it to avoid the waves. Suddenly Alyna's somersaulting body soars over the block of earth and she stops spinning to extend her leg and drop on Trey.

Trey: Too predictable. He jumps backwards instantaneously and skips along the ground, essentially running backwards and then flies into the air, a glowing blue aura around his hands with his eyes starting to glow blue. Her foot hits the ground to crack it. He then shoots cosmic beams from his eyes and hands at Alyna on the ground but she instantaneously created a big spiraling drill of water that blocks the heat blasts but also still gets launched at Trey. He gets hit by the spiraling drill of water and he remains calm so he can fly out, but the water's pressure increases greatly, effectively sucking him into it and swirling him around at high speeds. He increases his mass and size, growing out of the swirling liquid trap making it burst outwards in all directions and falls to the ground, decreasing his size and mass down to normal size. His outfit is soaking wet, so he gets up and creates heat from his body to slowly dry his clothes.

Alyna: There's no breaks in sparring. She steps on the ground with immense strength to crack a large portion of the earth around her. That's when ice suddenly rises around Trey's leg and rises throughout his body, but he flies upward and out just in time before he was completely contained. He breaks through, but an ice shard scrapes his head and he lands on the ground cautious. Suddenly a hoard of ice shards are flying at him and he begins to dodge them with ease, getting scraped by some, but effectively dodging the rest. He doesn't seem to see Alyna anywhere in front of him, so he closes his eyes and increases his senses, still dodging the ice but with hearing and manages to adapt to the situation. This is when Alyna sneaks up behind him, running at him with great speed about to attack him but Trey turns around quickly and punches in a diagonal swipe with immense strength to cause intense air pressure to be blasted in her direction. This momentarily blinds her and stops her movements and he runs at her and starts to punch her torso, then she blocks his next 3 attacks to the torso, so he punches towards her left leg, but she effectively manages to take the punch without getting too damaged. Trey's next attacks are sloppy so she easily dodges them, but Trey manages to see Alyna "wearing" her water to use as an empowering tool to increase her strength and speed and defense. He is surprised she can actually do this, so he fakes out an attack and lands punches and elbow hits on her shoulder bone, torso, leg and elbow to her nose which makes her stumble back a good distance. Though she clearly manages to catch herself, her nose is bleeding and she sniffs it back in. Trey decides to not give her time to recover and quickly jumps, mid-attack and spin 360 into a kick into her stomach but before she can get kicked, she summons a blob of water to catch his foot before it hits her and stop the momentum of his body. She then SPINS the water, which spins Trey's body in great speeds, then a pillar of water from the pond quickly acts like a hammer and hits Trey, causing him to fly towards the woods and into a tree and onto the ground.

Trey: Oh sh- He gets kicked in the face which sends him flying through the woods some more and he skids along the ground, ruining the beautiful grass and gathering some dirt in his clothes as well. He gets up with a bleeding face as he actually felt the force from that attack. He then looks up quickly to see Alyna still pursuing him while gathering water in her hands. He jumps a few times backwards and lands behind a tree and uses his telekinesis to snap the giant tree in half and moves in arms in a way that would cause the tree to topple over to land on her.

Alyna: ... She looks up to see the tree falling over and the water she gathered in her hand, transmutes into a long golden trident and she jumps upwards at the falling tree, spins her body twice and slices the tree before it falls on her. She landed on the fallen tree trunk and kept running towards Trey while spinning the trident in between her arms some more. Trey then flies upward but she launches the trident with great speed at him and it somehow impales him in the stomach and the force of the throw makes him soar backwards and towards the ground, but he pulls out the trident and lands safely. The trident suddenly transmutes back into water and it soaks into the ground.

Trey: Ow! Crap... Why did that actually hurt... He sees Alyna now jumping among trees to catch up to him faster and he decides to inhale a huge amount of air.

He morphs and shifts his lungs to intake and store a lot more air than he usually can and then blows out, shooting a strong gust of continuous turbulent winds to repel Alyna. All the trees in front of him start to bend forward, also having leaves and branches fly off of them. Alyna gets blown out of a tree and lands but is still being repelled, so she realized she can't fight the winds and she grabbed onto a tree trunk. She then summoned some water from the pond to go high into the air and crash down as a wave on top of Trey. He notices this and points his face upward to repel the huge wave that was about to topple him with some strong winds, but when he does this, he feels a fist enter his stomach and when he tries to look down, Alyna uses her other hand to come up below and slam his lower jaw up into his upper jaw to stop his super-breath attack in a quick succession.

Alyna: You're not allowed.

Trey: *This chick almost made me bite my own tongue off!!* He reaches in slow motion to grab her arm but she grabbed his shirt, pulled him, flung him around in a circle and threw him through the woods towards the pond. He kept rolling and skidding along the ground and Alyna came running to kick him like a football every few meters until she finally delivered the final kick and made him go through a few boulders and trees. His body skidded and rolled violently at the pond and he soared in. When he landed in the pond, Alyna was still catching up to his body and then jumped with intense strength and came soaring over the trees and landed in front of Trey. She then held up one hand and created a water prison around him, which held each of his limbs apart and in a peculiar position to where he couldn't move. A water cage then formed around him and Alyna stared at him from the outside as all of the pond's water supply was used to make the prison.

Alyna: Whew... That was an amusing duel, Trey. She wiped her forehead and smirked down at him as he was on his knees. He looked up at her and laughed, trying to free himself. Don't bother, my water's density can be as hard as I want it to.

Trey: That was uh.. struggles some more impressive...

Alyna: I think you forgot that I'm a warrior as well as a princess. Or did you not read into your studies enough? She smiles and releases the water prison holding Trey and all the water just filled the pond again, then Trey hit the ground on his hands and knees coughing.

Trey: I don't think we got to that part in class yet. He staggers upward but his body heals at a super accelerated rate so he just shrugs off the injuries that he got and went to lay down and rest at the side of the pond. Alyna looked at him do that and followed but sat on a boulder near the pond and stared off at the mountains surrounding the place, still in awe of the beauty before her eyes.

Somewhere in the outskirts of L.A.

Haruto took some time to walk in the outskirts of the city, finding the isolated area nice. The lack of city noise was a major plus, and the beautiful view of the natural area was something to behold. He took out his Tarot buckle and looked at it. Out of nowhere, a guy approaches with a visored, ornamental hat that has its back torn out. His blonde hair stuck out from behind the white cap, but it didn't matter to him it seemed. He wore what appeared to be a modified private-school uniform, with an overcoat that had a stiffened collar. The apparent student turned to Haruto and faced him, taking out a Tarot buckle as well.

Haruto: You're another Tarot...?

Student: I'm Giorno. I own Deck 08921. I knew that the Anomaly vigilante was definitely a Tarot User, but I didn't expect someone as meek as you to be a vigilante, much less a Tarot User.

Haruto: Why tell me all this...? He equipped his buckle and prepared a Star card for transformation.

Giorno: I wonder just how far you've gotten, and how much power you hold. He equipped his own buckle and took out his card, the card of Strength. Face the wrath of Strength. He inserted the card and closed the buckle, transforming as a red bodysuit enveloped him and blue armor plates attached to his arms, legs, chest, and back while an opera mask-like helmet was equipped.

Haruto: I'll show you how powerful this Star can shine. He transformed into his Star armor, the Star Slasher already in-hand. Kakugo!

Giorno: I see... You've unlocked the next card in your deck, huh? Giorno marched towards Haruto menacingly, his hands glowing a brilliant yellow as he punched straight through a tree and broke it in half.

Haruto: The Strength card certainly doesn't lack in its namesake... Haruto approached Giorno cautiously yet menacingly, switching the Star Slasher to blade mode and holding it up, ready to strike. As the distance between the two closes, they begin to run at each other, then collide as the Star Slasher's blade clashes with Giorno's right fist. The blade cuts into the armor, causing blood to leak from Giorno's fist before he uses his free hand to punch at Haruto. The latter counters with a push backwards and a kick. Their appendages make contact and force each other backwards with how much force was put into the attack.

Giorno: A weapon, huh? Hmph, nothing to worry about. He shakes off his right hand, though no blood flows or leaks out of it.

Haruto: *His fist... there's no more blood... Did he heal himself that quickly...?* Haruto switches to gun mode and fires, but the projectile is punched by Giorno and dissipates into nothingness. Instead, the Star Slasher explodes out of Haruto's hands with the amount of force that his projectile would've released if it had hit Giorno. *What?! But... how?!*

Giorno: Surprising, isn't it?! How did your weapon go flying out of your hand when nothing hit it?! Giorno punches Haruto again, who punches back with his good hand. Haruto uppercuts him, but he counters by grabbing his arm and Haruto's wrist, pushing his hand out of the way and punching Haruto straight in the head. The force of the attack was enough to send him flying back at least a few feet. You want to know how I'm not bleeding anymore, right? You also want to know how I made your weapon go flying from your hands. I'll tell you, if you can beat me.

Haruto: Challenge accepted... Haruto runs at Giorno, unleashing a flurry of punches. Giorno counters with his own flurry, their fists flying at each other and perfectly countering one another at a speed too fast a normal person's eyes to keep up with. All that could be seen were fists and arms flying at each other. Though they both had two arms, the speed at which they attacked was so great that it appeared they had ten arms each. It sounded like bullets were being fired at each other in such rapid succession that one sounded right after another, and their punches echoed through the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Giorno: Not bad! So you can keep up with me! Good, good! This is perfect! But what exactly are you fighting for?! If you have a clear-cut goal in mind, that'll make your power skyrocket far beyond its intended parameters! I want the World! And I will defeat whoever I need to obtain its power and meet the Arcana entities that left these here!! Suddenly, Giorno's punches became faster and more intense, eventually too fast for Haruto to counter. He beat up Haruto while yelling out a battle cry. The force of this punch barrage sent Haruto flying towards the tree that he had punched down earlier. Haruto landed right on the stump. Well... Seems you couldn't beat me after all... but you do deserve to know how I did all this. The Strength's ability is to Restore things to a previous state. In a sense, it can heal wounds and such, but can't restore someone who's already died. It can also... His hands glowed a brilliant yellow once more as the tree he destroyed began to glow and restore itself right above Haruto Restore objects to a prior state. Such as a destroyed tree... Farewell, Anomaly. I'll be taking your buckle after this. The tree fully restored itself as the trunk suddenly flew into the stump and returned to the state it was in before Giorno had destroyed it. *Now to collect his deck...*

Haruto: *Not so fast...* Haruto froze time right before the tree made impact, allowing him to narrowly escape and give him just enough time to uppercut Giorno with enough force to send him flying upward. Toki wa ugoki dasu. As time resumed, Giorno was suddenly sent flying into the sky. To Giorno, it was just out of nowhere as Haruto appeared in front of him before he was sent skyward.

Giorno: *What the hell was that?! Could this be... Is this the power of the World?!?!* He thought as he began his descent, knowing that the impact would kill him if he didn't use his restoration ability at the exact right moment. As soon as he could see the ground again, his hand began to glow yellow as he braced for impact. The moment he hit the ground, a crater formed but was instantly returned to normal ground as Giorno appeared, standing over the would-have-been crater. Then, he was sent flying into the same tree he had tried to kill Haruto with earlier.

Haruto: Toki wa ugoki dasu. He said sternly as he stared down his opponent.

Giorno: Is... Is that... the World...? Giorno gasped out, having used his restoration on himself to heal his broken spine, but not his other wounds. *Being able to heal only one serious wound... Damn this restriction...*

Haruto: Yes. This is the power. The power of the World. It's the power to stop time for an instant and do whatever necessary within the span of frozen time. A distortion in the time-space continuum that gives its user an incredible advantage. Haruto held out his hand to Giorno to help him up You must have some sense of pride and honor. Accept your defeat, and move on.

Giorno: You're right... I'm an honorable man... Giorno accepts Haruto's gesture of help, standing up while holding his side in pain Tell you what... We will obtain the World's true power together. We'll meet the Arcana and gain their power. As partners. He cancelled his transformation, watching the card disintegrate as he took out a new one and handed it to Haruto.

Haruto: I look forward to fight alongside you, Giorno. He cancelled his own transformation and held out a Fool, Empress, and Star card for Giorno. The two accepted each other's gifts and shook hands, adding their new powers to their decks and gaining each other's abilities.

Giorno: Platinum Star Slasher? That's what that's called?

Haruto: Correct. It's a useful tool, makes up for the Fool's lack of proper ranged combat.

Giorno: Pfft. Fists are all you need. Super speed can cut the distance apart between opponents and fill the gap easily.

Haruto: Not so easy when the Fool has literally the bare minimum. No special abilities whatsoever.

Giorno: I could say the same for the Star.

Haruto: The Star builds off what I've done with the Fool. It evolved to my tastes. Perhaps your Star will turn out differently.

Giorno: We'll see. For now, looks like there's a cover over the Star in my deck. What's the Empress do?

Haruto: Ice manipulation. It's limited, and I haven't used it much.

Giorno: Could be handy for defensive scenarios.

Haruto: True...

Giorno: As you can probably tell by the uniform, I go to a private school. Vento Aureo Academy. You?

Haruto: Rulid High School. It's public, but not that bad. I'm just... closed off and cynical, so I see all the negatives in it.

Giorno: Cynical? Wouldn't have expected that from someone who fights like that. Regardless, it's good to meet you officially, Anomaly.

Haruto: I only answer to that when I'm armored.

Giorno: Alright, alright. I never got your name, actually... What is it?

Haruto: I'm Haruto Higashikata, good to meet you, Giorno...

Giorno: Giorno Giacchino. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. The two shake hands as they officially declare their partnership in attaining the World. After exchange some backstory on each other, they depart and go their separate ways for now, sure they would meet again sometime soon.

At the Centre, immediately after school

Eliana was already at the Centre alone, when Thad decided to visit her. He was holding two coffees in his hand and a pizza from Star Hut, and arrived at the door to The Absconders' hangout. He placed the coffees on the pizza box to free his hand, and reached for his keys and was about to unlock the door, before realising the lock was broken. He then froze and listened carefully, focusing on the strange sounds coming from inside the room. He heard muffled grunts and bangs, and Eliana's voice including two or three others. His eyes widened as he kicked the door open, and saw Eliana being attacked by three people in face masks.

Thad: ELIANA! He ran in and placed the pizza and coffees onto the sofa. One of the masked assailants turned to him and threw a ball of fire at him, but it was deflected by an invisible barrier around his and hit the wall behind them, setting the furniture on fire. Thad pulled out his gun and shot some bullets, but the man opened up a portal in front and behind him, making the bullets fly through and out the other end, hitting the wall behind the assailant.

Masked Assailant 1: Mission compromised, take her to the roof! The other assailants nodded and grappled Eliana and tripped her onto the floor, but as she hit the ground, the whole room seemed to have shifted upside down as she was swallowed into the ground, and spat out on the roof of the Centre with the two assailants. The third assailant jumped up through the floor as if it was a liquid and landed on the roof, which was solid again.

Eliana: What the hell?! She broke out of the grip then jumped backwards and rolled into standing up with a fighting stance. The three assailants turned to her; the first one conjured a whip made of sparks, the second a sword made of fire, and the third a staff made of shadows. Eliana conjured herself a regular Knight's shield of metal and held it up to defend herself. The second assailant, who sounded female to Eliana, ran at her, and Eliana charged at her too shield-first. Eliana predicted that the assailant would instead slash at her legs so Eliana slid at her, allowing the shield to cover most her body. The assailant, however, jumped and was sucked into the floor, and rose out of it behind Eliana and swung the sword, burying it in Eliana's shoulder and cauterising the wound. Eliana screamed, and the blade was pulled out. She then got up and barged the assailant with the shield then tried swinging it at her, but she dodged, then kicked Eli in the stomach. Eliana held her shoulder wound, then generated a ball of fire that shot out at high speeds at the assailant, the fireball hit her, blowing up in her face, but as the impact occurred, an astral form projected out of the assailant, as the body in slow-motion fell to the floor. The astral form looked angry and smug at the same time, and flew at the confused Ellie, causing her to scream. Ellie held the shield up at the right time and collided with the astral form, which was knocked back into the real body, which then regained conscience and got back up. Thad knocked down the door to the roof with a telekinetic-ally enhanced punch that dented the metal door and made it fall to the floor.

Thad: Eliana! Stay away from her! He raised his gun but as soon as the gunshot was heard, Thaddeus found himself at the bottom of the Centre, aiming at the front entrance. People gave him weird looks.

Back on the roof, the third assailant with the shadow staff ran at Eliana and threateningly did some tricks with the staff then banged it on the floor, unleashing a blanket of shadows that engulfed the atmosphere around the four of them. Eli felt sharp pains coursing through her body, and was blinded by the darkness, so she stretched out and ripped from the assailants their life force and converted it into Ruby energy, which she then absorbed into her. She heard the groans of the assailants because of the pain, but this was drowned out when Eliana generated a ball of red plasma in her hand and threw in on the floor below her, creating a medium sized explosion that blasted away the cloud of darkness and knocked the assailants to the floor. Ellie emerged with red eyes and a creepy smile as the assailants pulled themselves to their feet.

Eliana: Tell me who you are now, there is no need for a death battle!

Assailant 3: No, this isn't over yet. He swings the staff and sends a flurry of shadow slices at her, but Eliana tries to conjure up some red energy to craft a defence, but took too long as was hit by all the slices, as they boomeranged back and hit her again before dissipating. Eliana then kicked the air between them, creating a plasma spear which dived at him, and due to his reduced speed from the life force drain, he was hit and knocked off the roof, but magically floated back up from the other side of the building then landed on the roof next to the other assailants. The first assailant decided to run at Eliana but stopped a fair distance away and threw one end of his whip at her, as she tried to block it with her forearm but it wrapped around it instead, pulling her body in as he kicked her head, sending her flying back. The man then ran at her again and smacked her with the whip several times, generating sparks that burned her face slightly. She then punched him in the face with a fist imbued with Ruby, exploding his face and knocking him to the ground, dazed and stunned. She looked up at the other two as the woman with the flame sword jumped and stabbed it into the ground, summoning a wave of fire that rushed after Ellie's half of the roof. Ellie ran at it and jumped straight through it, tackling the female assailant, and began punching her, each punch emanating a crackling explosion sound along with mini red explosion in her face. The third assailant spun his shadow staff, hitting Ellie's jaw with it then poked her chest with it so hard it knocked her off the second assailant and sliding across the floor. She got up and coughed blood on the floor, then wiped her mouth but found there was no more blood, as her eyes temporarily glowed purple then back to red; the Amethyst energy healed her. She smiled but the assailant who hit her was shocked upon seeing this. He back-flipped off the building, appearing on the other half next to the first assailant and whispered to him, who whispered back. The second and first assailant then ran at her and swung their whip and staff at her, but Ellie turn around and generated a purple bubble shield around her which shattered their weapons. They were utterly shocked.

Eliana: What's wrong? Never had your weapons broken before? Eliana roundhouse kicked them both at once, burning their faces with Ruby plasma and sending them to the ground. The second assailant from before ran at her from behind, but Ellie quickly turned around and grabbed her, spun her around, then threw her, injecting her body with Ruby energy and turning her into a bomb, and upon landing where the other two were, she exploded, catching the other two in the blast, defeating all three, but the explosion wasn't meant to kill, and only knocked the fight out of them with the damage they received. Her energy ran out with that final toss so her eyes stopped glowing and she returned to normal. The assailants got up, injured but the first one was satisfied. Suddenly, Thad arrived looking angry.

Thad: Right, that's not going to happen again.

Assailant 1: Never mind, we're done here.

Thad: Uh what?

Assailant 2: But we haven't even seen her psy-

Assailant 1: I said we're done here. It's confirmed, she is Clio's kin. Let's go.

Eliana: Hey, wait!- They suddenly jump off the side of the building together, and when Eliana and Thad run to look down, they don't see anything but the streets below. What...

Thad: Eliana, are you okay?! Who were they?

Eliana: I...I don't know. Eliana gasps The room, it's still on fire!

They rush down to the floor of their room to see it on fire and some of the furniture is alight. Thad runs in, unaffected by the flames as they strangely divert from his path. He grabs a fire extinguisher and puts out the fires, using telekinesis to calm the more ferocious flames. Eliana enters, coughing.

Thad: I'm sorry Eliana...I couldn't protect you, or your room...

Eliana: It's okay Thad, I didn't need help, I defeated them, and this isn't your fault...

Thad: No, I made a promise to protect you, and I will honour that. From now on, I won't leave your side, in fact, I'm moving in here.

Eliana: I thought you already lived in the Centre.

Thad: No, I'm moving into this room, after we find a way to fix it.

Eliana: You don't have to always be by my side, Thad, I have superpowers too...

Thad: Yes, but I will move in, you won't even have to use yours powers for defense, because I'll take that risk for you.

Eliana: Well, that's sweet, but I wasn't losing this fight, it was just a surprise. But if you really want to help me you should join me when I fight crime.

Thad: Deal. I've changed Eliana, and I want you to see that.

Eliana: I hope so...Anyway, the guys will be pissed when they find out I burnt down the apartment...

That's when Trey and Alyna enter the apartment room and they are laughing about some guy that was dancing in front of the Centre. Both their heads turn to the burnt down room and they look around, Alyna with an open jaw and Trey with a confused and annoyed look.

Trey: So. What the f*ck. He looks at Eli and Thad. You just burn an entire room down? What happened? He says in a serious tone.

Eliana: *Crap* Sorry, Trey. I got attacked by these masked wizards or something and they burnt down the place.

Thad: A wizard did it...even I don't believe that and I was there.

Alyna: A wizard? She piped in What did they have on? She looks interested

Trey: Damn... How did you not destroy the rest of the place if you battled them in here? He goes to check the kitchen.

Eliana: They were wearing robes of some sort, and face masks. They attacked me here, but when Thad came they used some magic and took the fight to the roof, but they accidentally shot a fireball in here. You can check the roof for burns if you don't believe me. They left without finishing the fight, and tried to get rid of Thad, I guess they only wanted to fight me.

Thad: They also mentioned some Theos something.

Eliana: Clio's kin.

Alyna: Ah, damn... She looks hopeless and walks back to look around

Trey: I see. Hope Haruto doesn't get too angry when he sees this. We need to find them though. And see what they wanted. Did they leave any clues?

Eliana: No, just with their words. Clio...Hm, I could search online for something relating to that name, and the robes they were wearing.

Thad: And when they do find them we'll destroy them together.

Eliana: Calm down Thad, I don't think murder is necessary here.

He walks to his room to see it kinda burnt, but the fire didn't make it to the closet so he changes clothes and goes back to the main room.

Trey: Since we can't stay here, me and Alyna might just go eat somewhere. I'm starving after that battle. Oh and by the way, Alyna's joined us now. Anyway cya guys. Let's hope Haruto doesn't get angry.

Haruto: What the hell... Haruto walks into the destroyed apartment. The f-ck happened here?!?! Whatever... Haruto equips his Strength Armor, his own bodysuit equipped with blue highlights similar to Giorno's armor and a red opera mask-like visor. He starts punching everything in the rooms that were damaged, then his hands glow yellow as all the things he punched glow the same color and begin to restore themselves to the state they were in before they were destroyed. Giorno, thanks for the new armor... He sits down on a couch with a soda, having unequipped his armor.

Trey: Ah, what's the new card Haruto? He walks away from the door interested in what he's gotten Is it just a healing card?

Haruto: According to my new friend Giorno, the Strength card is able to restore things to a previous state. I can apparently choose how far it restores itself, and I can restore one serious wound on myself. It's good for healing other people, but... His arm begins to glow the same yellow as it did earlier, crushing the can of soda into his mouth and drinking the rest of the soda before tossing it to the counter, where it appears as if it hadn't been opened. I need to make contact with whatever it is I'm restoring. If I've touched the object I want to restore, I can restore it whenever I want to whatever state I want it to be in. He holds out a finger gun at the soda can, firing cosmic energy at it to disintegrate it.

Thad: Heal Eliana, she suffered a deep wound from an attack before.

Eliana: It's not nice to make demands, Thad. If you could Haruto, that would be great. My Amethyst energy is fading so it's starting to bleed again.

Trey: Interesting.. Hopefully it doesn't take too much of a toll on your body. I'd imagine it would though.

Haruto: Don't mind me as I punch through your uterus. I'm kidding, hold on. He pokes Eli's Face, then his hands glow yellow as her body begins to return to the state it was in before being attacked That should be enough, let me know if you need more healing. *I could totally reverse her back to childhood, if that restoration thing works the way it's supposed to... Naah, some other time.*

Eliana: Thank you, Haruto. Also for restoring the apartment too.

Thad: Clearly bothered by that joke by Haruto Yeah, thanks.

Trey: That's pretty cool. Anyway, you guys want anything from Star Hut? Me and Alyna are gonna pass right by there real quick for a coffee.

Thad: I brought some but it got ruined :(

Trey: Alright gotcha. Eli? Haruto?

Haruto: Large caramel Cappuccino, please. Haruto sits down on the couch, then realizes he's using his abilities unarmored. Oh. That's new...

Eliana: Just a hot chocolate for me.

Thad: Same for me.

Trey: *Who gets hot chocolate over there? Whatever.* Gotcha guys. He leaves and catches up to Alyna who is already over at the elevator down the hall.

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