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December 1st, at school

The school just opened up and the massive number of students rush inside to get into their classes, talk to their friends and get breakfast in the cafeteria. Most of students go to see their friends because Thanksgiving Break is now over and some students haven't seen their friends over the break. Trey walks to class with Haruto and wait for class to start.

Trey: Hey, what's up with that girl that likes you man, you never talked to her over break.. You don't like her?

Haruto: I don't want to talk about it...

Trey: Alright man.. Sorry. He pulls out a book and decides to start reading when another student comes into class. Trey hasn't seen her before and he thinks she's oddly beautiful but he doesn't say anything and looks at his book again.

Before class starts there's shouts heard through the hallway and Trey looks up and decides to peek out of the door. He then sees their 1st period teacher in the hallway trying to defuse a fight between two students. Trey gestures at Haruto come look with him.

Haruto looks out and sees the fight, then decides to do something. He slides in between the two fighting students before popping up and punching both of them in the stomach hard enough to make them hit the lockers on either side of the hall before throwing them both to the ground. After the two are taken away, Haruto runs off, to an empty section of the school no one ever really want to, then punched the nearest thing as hard as he could, which was a thick concrete wall. His punch left a hole in it, before he drops to his knees and starts to weep.

Haruto: *Why the hell do I have to be who I am...?* His tears fell on to the ground, all by himself as his hand bled from the scratches left from punching the wall.

Haruto then felt an armored hand on his shoulder, and felt the scratches heal up.

Dominic: Don't tell me you're giving up already Cards... He nicknamed as he was able to manifest his The Help mode hand only to heal him up.

Haruto shrugged him off and walked away, taking out the buckle and staring at it with a mixture of feelings swirling about in his mind. The most prominent feelings he felt were anger, sadness, and grief, as a few more tear drops fell onto the buckle. In response to his tears, a vision was projected into his mind.

Haruto's Vision, unknown setting

A group of six humanoid entities composed solely of elemental energy were shown on Earth, before it became what it is now. A seventh entity descended from the sky above and touched down on the young land. With the seven now together, they held out their hands and began charging up an orb of energy. At last, the first buckle and set of cards appeared, with the deck carrying the engraving "01721" on it. After writing an ancient rune over this first set, the seven deities hid it in a nearby crevice, before setting out to make a new one.

Flash forward later, and the seven deities ascend from the earth as more flora begin to grow and blossom. Each entity disappears in a flash of colored energy: red, blue, green, dark orange, yellow, purple, and a brilliant silver. The seven streams of energy traveled to a foreign planet, a blank and empty rock orbiting a lonely star, a lonely planet, a lonely section of the vast universe that contained and required relationships to work out so that the universe could continue to exist. Here, on this barren rock, they create thrones of elemental power in a circle around a pedestal, sit down upon these thrones, and close their eyes as their glowing brilliance began to fade. A few words could be heard.

Obtain The World to meet us.

December 1st, School

Haruto snaps out of his vision, eyes red and tears now gone. He looked at the buckle, and remembered the other two Tarot buckles he had encountered previously. Both of them appeared less ornate, but cleaner and nicer as if they were made recently. His own buckle appeared ornate, but ancient and lacking a proper sheen as if it was made in ancient times. It was then that he realized...

Haruto: *I... I found the first one ever made... But why did it have to be me...? Was it to fill my empty life with purpose? Am I destined to obtain the power of the World? Why...?* He walked back to the school, hid his buckle in his jacket, and continued to his class. Everyone saw him enter, but paid no attention, not even the teacher. *I guess I'm Fortune's Fool...*

December 1st, after class, School, Cafeteria

Dom decided to sit beside Trey, no one for him to talk to, after the incident of course.

Dominic: Haruto's bummed out now, and Ellie, well yeah after the whole Magic thing, that messed her up. So what you been up to Clark? He joked, since alien, energy in cells, Dominic felt his own corniness.

Trey: I've been alright. Thanksgiving Break was fun, spent time with family, read some more books in the Fate series. So I enjoyed it overall, how about you? He got a lunch pack from Haruto and nodded at him and kept talking to Dominic.

Dominic: Well I've been practicing powers, made something that's like a training simulator and arcade drum kit in one, house is getting well, expanded, helped at that part, and my dad's writing his will. He listed “Death by Dog betrayal" on one of them, but otherwise I'm doing great, also throwing a party, semi-formal.... He got out one pack which had Chinese food and the other with some Spaghetti, he has to eat two meals now due to energy.

Trey: Ah that's fun and good luck with that man. I'm not really into parties... I've actually never been to one..

Dominic: You, never been? He laughed, but realized Trey was serious Well, s-it, then looks like I'm inviting you three, as in I pick you guys up. Also my cousins, twins, girls, they're. looking for some two strong male “Party guests", and trust me, guys they date you wouldn't even believe.

Trey: I don't know.. I mean its scary with so much people around and stuff.. I feel like I'm just gonna be out of place..

Haruto sat down next to Trey, his overall appearance showing he was tired and needed someone to be with. He had bloodshot eyes, and his cheeks had some grime on it from no one knows where. While he ate his meal of fried chicken, tempura, and rice, he heard about Dominic's party. He wanted to talk and opened his mouth slightly, but couldn't will himself to talk, so he played it off as eating his meal. Eventually, a girl with dark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes sat down next to Haruto.

Girl: Hunter, you okay? Haruto looked up at her slowly, not expecting her to sit with him.

Haruto: Katie...? I- I'm fine... He replied to her shakily, having finally found his voice again. H-hey Dom... About that party... I wouldn't mind going, but don't expect me to go wild at all...

Katie: Party, huh? And Hunter going to one? Are you really the Hunter I know?

Haruto: Might as well go... I'll have to go at some point, right?

Katie: Hm, good for you taking initiative. She roughs up Haruto's hair playfully with a bright smile Oh, Hunter. I need a ride home today. My other ride's busy with some after-school stuff, and I don't have water polo practice today. You don't mind, right?

Haruto: No, I can get you a ride home.

Katie: Awesome! Thanks so much! She hugs his side, which surprises him

Haruto: Yeah, no problem...

Trey notices this and but acts like he doesn't as he's still talking to Dominic. Trey then connects his mind telepathically with Haruto while looking busy eating his food and talking to Dominic.

Trey: Dude! She's really cute man, you gotta go for it.

Haruto: She's cute, yeah. But I don't really do this. Not yet, anyway... He finishes up his meal just as Katie gets up from the table Hey, Katie. Where's your lunch?

Katie: Hm? Already ate it.

Haruto: What did you have?

Katie: A sandwich and some chips. Why?

Haruto: I never see you eat lunch, ever.

Katie: It's fine. Don't worry about me.

Haruto: I think it's well within my rights to worry about a friend, Katie.

Katie: Well you're one to talk! You have me worried all the time! Remember when I found you passed out in front of my house and bleeding like crazy?! That was terrifying!

Haruto: I'm grateful you helped me out with that though... Thanks.

Katie: And you got to peek into my house. I'm just glad my roommate was out that night and didn't see you on the couch... How did you even get that beat up anyway?!

Haruto: Not important...

Katie: That's totally important! You can't just shrug off the fact that you look like you just got into a crazy sword fight and barely survived!!

Haruto: *How did she know...? Well, I guess with the way my wounds looked, I shouldn't be too surprised...* That was a bad night for a walk...

Katie: That doesn't sound logical...

Haruto: Not the point. He finishes his food and cleans his mess up

Katie: Hey, I'll go with you to that party if that'll make you less uncomfortable. Sound good?

Haruto: *That might make me more uncomfortable...* Yeah, sure.

Katie: Cool! Come with me, Hunter, I wanna show you something.

Haruto: Wait, wha- She's already dragging him away from the table and from the other guys. He sends a message to Trey telepathically. Take my stuff to the next class, I'll be there after I'm done with her.

Trey: Gotcha dude He chuckles as finishes his food and gets up to put his food in the garbage. Dominic gets up too after his finishing his food and Trey goes to the bathroom to wash up as Dominic keeps heading to class. Trey takes Haruto's stuff to class and since Trey knows the class will be teaching something he already knows, he creates an illusion of him sitting in class and tells Dominic that he'll be going to another class. He makes himself camouflage so that nobody sees him exit the class. He walks bored through the school and decides to go to gym class.

When he reaches gym class he looks around for a student he actually knows and waits for class to start until he sees that the guy he's looking for is absent. After everyone leaves the locker room he goes in and shape-shifts into the guy, Jack and leaves the locker room in the proper attire. He sits down by himself and waits for the assignment to be called out. After taking attendance and all, Jack's friends come to him and start talking to him.

Trey: *Ah crap, I have no idea what they're talking about... I think I just say I have a sore throat or something.* Suddenly the teacher whistles to get everyone's attention. The teacher explains the day's assignment and it's really just a choice between, softball, kickball or dodgeball. Naturally everybody chooses dodgeball which excites Trey. He continues to act like Jack, for the rest of the class, and he has lots of fun. Once class ends, Trey waits so he can exit and shape-shift back into himself and goes to another class, until the school day ends.

Trey eventually leaves school and walks to the Centre.

December 1st, At Eliana's house

Dominic was knocking at her door, he had a worried expression on his face.

Dominic: *Come on Ellie, please be alright, or at least responsive.*

Rudolphus Rosenheim, Eliana's father, opens the door.

Mr Rosenheim: Oh, Dominic, it's you. Eliana's upstairs. Though she seems a little focused on her studies right now.

Dominic: Uh sorry to say, but she kinda needs to hear what I have to say, it's important. His face was sincere, not that usually stoic look, or the confident gleam in his eyes. It was one of humility.

Mr Rosenheim: Fine, go on ahead.

As Ellie was studying she heard a knock at her opened door, and heard a sigh.

Dominic: Hey Gemstone. He had a weak smile.

Eliana: Don't. Don't call me that. She's still writing and hasn't looked up.

He closes her door, and locks so no one could hear the superhero business.

Dominic: About the Magic incident, stop beating yourself up about it.

Eliana: I...killed all those people. You saw the news, I mean, they just recovered another body last week! I took down three buildings, I unleashed a crueler side of me that should be buried away.

Dominic put a hand on her shoulder.

Dominic: You remember my first time being Vanquish, as in I was careless, sloppy, inconsiderate. But knowing I was that selfish prick, I moved on from him, as in imagine what that Trifter guy would have done, I mean yes, people died, but wallowing in pity wont bring them back, I know it didn't bring back victims of “Vanquish the Beast". That old news report, where he fought a monster once while both of them were filled with rage, he remembers that moment so much, the families, people who tried to help, and he tried killing himself, and he told her this before.

Eliana: Superheroes don't kill people. Especially innocent people. I've done that, so I'm no longer a superhero. I'm just a girl, trying to live a normal life, pass my exams and get on with it.

Dominic: You always were, at your core you are a girl living a normal life, and that's who you are, we may have these powers, but it's our choice to use them, as in all that destruction, they will blame all of us for it, but we're still coming, we'll be there to save their day. As in you can't expect a hero to not have a cruel side. It is a part of us, because we're human, morally human, and I'm not gonna leave your side until I help you through this. For better or worse, I'll always have your back.

December 2nd, At the Rec Center

Dominic could see he was the first to arrive among the four, he sighed as he remembered yesterday.

Dominic: *Let's hope that got through to Ellie, anyways, time to see if Trey and Hunter will come to the party.* He suddenly hears a high pitched sound and then, hears a voice.

Strange Alien Voice: Vanquish AI prepare for purging in a planetary rotation, the empire will receive justice.

Dominic: Gahhhh! The high pitched sound and voice was gone and he was breathing heavily What the f-ck was that!?

Haruto walked into the room, followed by the girl, Katie, who was with him earlier during lunch.

Katie: Oooh, so this is where you hang out after school, huh? She looks around the room before sitting down on the couch. Cool~

Haruto: If you want, you get register for a full-time membership for free. I spend a lot of time here when I'm not home, so expect to find me here often. Haruto sat down on the couch and took off his jacket, hugging a nearby pillow and closing his eyes.

Katie: What's wrong, Hunter? Sleepy~?

Haruto: Very much...

Katie: At least take your contacts out before you sleep.

Haruto: Yeah, yeah... Haruto got up to go to the bathroom and remove his contacts before returning to the couch to sleep.

Katie: Geez, he's always so sleepy... She giggles a little before moving closer to Haruto and petting his head softly while he slept Wonder why he's always so tired...

Dominic: Guys, Guys, Guys, Guys, Guy--- He slapped himself stopping the slight glitching, some blue electricity was coming off of him a bit Who wants to go to a party, and do not ask about that glitching.

Strange Alien Voice: Vanquish your host will be consumed by our hivemind, and we will have perfection, not before destroying your host mentally and physically.

He looked like he was trying to ignore it, as blue electricity was coming off of his head.

Katie: I'll go. Hunter said he was gonna go earlier today too, so there's that. She looks at Haruto sleeping, smiling softly to herself *He's kinda cute when he sleeps.*

Dominic: Ah, Haruto never told me he had a girlfriend. But he never really talks to me...

Katie: G-girlfriend?! W-we're not dating! *N-not that I wouldn't like that...* I-if he doesn't really talk to you, don't take it personally. He doesn't like talking to people much, and that was before that girl played with his heart... I've got quite a story to tell you, buddy. You mind staying awake for it?

Dominic: Not really as in I am planning a party, so yeah, drop it on me.

Katie: Anyways, I met Hunter in the fifth or sixth grade, and we hung out for quite a while. He was a shy kid then, and he's always been that way up to now. So, in seventh grade, he developed a crush on one of my old friends. To me, that friend was... not that much of a friend. She just wanted the attention. So when Hunter started crushing on her, she enjoyed the attention and played around with him to get more of his attention. If Hunter were to describe her behavior in anime terms, she acted like a Tsund the ere. At the end of eighth grade, he had been told that everything was a lie and he wasn't loved. Over the summer leading up to our freshman year, I found out Hunter had been cutting. I spent days with him, trying to get him to talk, and open up. I could remember him crying as I held him in my arms... poor guy... She starts to tear up as she remembers that moment After I helped him with the cutting... he refused to socialize. He talked to no one, and barely ever talked to me or his old friend Trey. I cut my ties with that b**ch of a friend, no terrible pun intended, and tried to make Hunter feel better. So, Dominic, I think was your name, I'm gonna ask you to do something for me. Help me help Hunter out. I want him to feel better. I want to be able to open up to me, or Trey, or any of you guys. I just want him to be happy...

Haruto moved closer to Katie in his sleep, a tear running down his eye as he subconsciously heard everything Katie said.

Dominic: Well being the oldest one here, even if I'm trying to help Ellie as well, I would gladly help.

Katie: Thank you so much! I just want the best for Hunter...

Haruto: You sound like my mom.... Haruto murmured this in his sleep, still close to Katie

Katie: *I wonder what so special about that lap-pillow thing they do in anime...* Katie rests Haruto's head on her lap as he sleeps *This just feels kinda awkward... why do they do this in anime...? Maybe it's just one of those "blame it on anime" tropes... But this is starting to get tolerable...* She looks down at Haruto and smile softly again *This guy really is something special... Let's fix that broken heart of yours and make it one crazy diamond, Haruto...*

Dominic: To tell you the truth though, um, Haruto gets a bit intense at times.

Katie: That's just how he is... He's quiet, but if you get him to open up, he's really blunt and intense. You learn to get used to it. Though I have noticed he's really gentle and personal when he's talking to me. And it's usually just me, no one else. Not even Trey gets that treatment from him, and I think he's been friends with him longer than I have. That's probably just the way he is with girls...

Trey then walks into the room with his backpack slung over one shoulder and a cinnamon pretzel in his mouth. He closes the door and puts the ID card into his pocket and sees everyone sitting and talking.

Trey: Muffled Hai gaiz. He takes the pretzel out of his mouth and lays his backpack down near his room door and goes to the fridge to get a drink Hey what's up everyone?

Dominic: Trey, you comin' to my party?

Trey: Yea man. I heard, Natalie is going to be there too.

Dominic: What, you invited Natalie Portman, but in all seriousness, who?

Trey: She's cute, but uh, Natalie Moreau. She's a girl in some of my classes... She's really cute and uh I've liked her for a long time. I want to get some guts to ask her out because we have been talking so..

Dominic: I'm totally setting the mood for you two tonight, songs and dance, I'm gonna be the singer. He grinned as he was serious.

Trey: Oh please no haha. He lays on the rug and turns on music from bluetooth on his phone.

Dominic: Put a little love in your heart~! He started dancing.

Trey: Uhh okay. Cringe... Anyway I'm going back in a few guys.

December 2nd, Dominic's house/mansion, The party

Dominic got Haruto, Trey, Katie and Natalie into his place, and they could see loads of people, some from school, some are much younger and more relatable members of Dominic's family.

Dominic: Please, enjoy yourselves. He patted the backs of the guests he brought in.

Katie: This place is huge! Thanks for having us over! Katie pulls Haruto, who gives a silent thank-you, towards the drinks to get some soda.

Haruto: So... now what? He grabs a canned root beer and opens it before taking a sip

Katie: Now, we have fun! She grabs some ginger ale and gulps down half of it in one swig Let's go!

Haruto: Go wh- hey! Haruto gets pulled into the crowd by Katie again, trying to get another sip of soda

Trey looks around worried as he starts to get nervous. He closes his eyes and breaths out deeply and reopens them, ready to socialize. He looks around and shimmies past a couple of people in a group and goes to the drinks. He sees some cookies and puts them in his mouth then pours some drinks while the cookies are in his mouth. He then hears a laugh in the background and looks behind him, then around to finally spot Natalie, his crush.

Dominic gets onto the stage like area and heads to the mic.

Dominic: Testing, testing, 3, 2, 1, Bunker Buster has to Muster lots of clusters, Bunker Buster has to Muster lots of clusters. Nods to himself that the mic is fine Everyone, everyone, attention please. Everybody looks at him I shall sing a song in commemoration to any miserable guy, anybody who needs to talk to that special someone, and any gal who just wants to know a guy will be there for you, this also goes out to a very close friend of mine who is in a spot, wont mention her name, she'd probably kill me.

The crowd cooed teasingly as he rolled his eyes at them. He got the guitar on stage, and started singing True Colors as spotlights were shining on different people slow dancing to it.

Eliana walks in wearing nothing suitable for a party, just casual clothing like she's at home studying. She sees Dominic singing.

Eliana: *I shouldn't have come here.*

He saw her in the crowd, just as he was done. And he was making his way to her, smiling.

Dominic: Ellie! You're here, I-I'm glad.

Eliana: Yeah, had to get out one day.

Dominic: Come on I'll introduce you to them what I can call, dates of Trey and Haruto. Jsut as they were gonna go to them, the wall and roof of the mansion got slightly torn off, revealing, what can be called an alien ship looking at them and the crowd panic, sundenly you could hear some megaphone like device activating.

Ship Pilot: Hivemind Alpha, Soldier type Model 10, Designation Vanquish. The Hivemind have come to prepare your for purging, now!

Dominic: What the f-ck!?

Suddenly a tractor beam was pulling him up, but he couldn't activate his weapons.

Dominic: Oh God! Help, I can't use my weapons!

Haruto: *Got nothing else to do.* Katie, I need you to get out of here and get to safety. Don't worry about what happens to me. You've been able to help me out for so long... Let me repay you... He holds up a finger gun at the beam, trying to aim at the source of the beam pulling up Dom.

Katie: W-what are you gonna do?

Haruto: Transform. He equips the buckle and activates his Fool Armor, summoning a sword and trying to look for any of his World cards. He finds one, holding it in his hand as he contemplates his next move. Yeah, I'm the Anomaly. Go, get to someplace safe.

Katie: R-right... Don't die, Hunter. Please... She hugs him as a tear rolls down her cheek, dropping onto his World card and freezing in time as she lets him go and runs off to find somewhere safety to hide.

Haruto: Right... He holds up the World card, seeing Katie's tear frozen in time on the surface of it *Interesting...* He puts the card into his sword, causing the blade to be coated in a time distortion. *Can it do something cool now?* He points the sword at the beam, but nothing happens *God f**king dammit... I tried.* He points the blade at the source of the beam one more time, channeling cosmic energy through it in an attempt to do something. A cosmic energy laser exits the tip of the blade and hitting the beam's source. *Did that do something?*

The alien ship reels back as it dropped Dominic, who was still trying to get his weapons to work, it then faces Haruto.

Ship Pilot: Scanning, Scanning, Scan complete, Chronal Particles and/or tampering detected. Attention Chronal Anomaly: What is your relation with Hivemind Alpha, Soldier type Model 10, Designation Vanquish?

Haruto: *Chronal anomaly? At least they got my name right...* Haruto remains silent, swinging his blade around before slashing at the ship with a cosmic energy slash infused with the chronal particles that his World card apparently added to his attacks. His deck glows, catching his attention from the corner of his eye. He opens it and pulls out a Star card, then proceeds to try and transform with it. The buckle opens and allows the Star to be inserted, closing it up to finish his armor upgrade as a voice announces something out loud.

Mysterious Voice: Deck 01721, Star upgrade initializing, standby. A pillar of platinum light envelops him as his armor highlights change to cyan while his visor changes to resemble a Corinthian helmet with menacing orange eyes under said visor. Deck 01721, Star upgrade complete. It then proceeds to tell Haruto about the upgrades made to the armor. *The armor can now provide much greater cosmic energy output, as well as an additional weapon. Please call out "Platinum Star Slasher" for further details on the weapon. Superhuman condition now increased to Advanced Level.*

Haruto: Um... Platinum Star Slasher! A weapon resembling a single-edged sword with an energy cannon barrel on the blunt edge with an circular hilt containing three buttons and a slot for cards appeared in front of Haruto. He grabs the weapon as the voice from his buckle gives him a brief tutorial on how to use the weapon.

Deck voice: *System tutorial: Platinum Star Slasher. Default mode is sword mode, allowing for cosmic-energy-empowered slashes. Alternate gun mode allows for greater use of energy projectile ability. Third button on hilt allows weapon to increase the potency of attacks depending on how many times the button is pressed. Cards can be inserted to activate finisher-level attacks. Tutorial Over.*

Haruto: I see... Haruto aims the Star Slasher at the ship, pressing the button for gun mode causing the weapon to announce "Ka-blam!" as the sword blade retracted and the barrel lit up slightly with cosmic energy. An aiming reticule displays itself inside of Haruto's HUD to assist in aiming. It locks onto a certain component the system deemed noteworthy. Haruto pressed the center button three times to increase the attack's power by three before firing a powerful blast of cosmic energy at the targeted component with minor recoil.

Ship Pilot: Must Scan, Pending, Pending, Relations of Chronal Anomaly with target suggests reason for retaliation, Significance of Chronal Anomaly to Target: 10% initiating combat protocols. The ship slightly repairs itself and it protrudes all manner of weaponry, making it literally a gunship, as it started opening fire onto Haruto, but Dominic gets in the way by taking some of the shots as he lays on the ground growling in pain.

Haruto took out the World card from his sword and inserted it into the Star Slasher, slamming the central button multiple times to overcharge the power of his attack. He didn't stop until the system literally had to force him to stop hitting the button and aim the attack at the ship.

Haruto: Eat this, f**kers. He pulls the trigger, firing a massive, powerful beam of cosmic energy infused with significant traces of chronal particles. The beam was so bright it blinded the occupants of the ship as it made contact with the ship. The power of the attack was so great that the beam traveled THROUGH the ship and deep into space. After firing such a powerful attack, the system immediately shut itself down, disengaging the armor as Haruto passed out on the floor, small amounts of blood trickling from his nose from the intense strain of how much power he put into the attack.

Slowly an entire dozen of armored robotic looking individuals exited the wreck, and were dragging Dominic off somewhere, Dominic was too weak to fight back, but he was setting off a lot of Mental energy for anyone to track him.

Eliana waited apathetically until Dominic was dragged off then looks to the rest of the crowd, who had mostly fled the scene. She then suddenly changes her body language into a more serious one, and conjures up a brand new super suit in a flash of green energy. Her hands glow blue as she senses something.

Karla Ortiz Concept Art 13

This is Eliana's new suit, the hands, headband and the red parts of the suit glow the same colour as the energy type she uses.

Eliana: Okay guys, I tracked down his mind, I'm leeching off his Sapphire Energy, we can find him later, we don't want to risk spooking them or they might kill him. I'm keeping an eye on him, I can see what harm they inflict on him. Like the new suit? I spent this whole time working on it, guess I needed a new look to get back out there.

Trey walks up from behind and checks out the suit nodding and giving a slight thumbs up.

Trey: I personally like it, good job Eli. He goes to Haruto and kneels beside him Hope you're okay man, that must've taken a lot out of you. Anyways I guess we'll have to wait to see what happens... I hope Natalie is okay.. He walks around the house and sighs What should we do in the meantime

December 2nd, The Sewers

Dominic was finally regaining consciousness, just as he was about to look around he groaned, he was the let go of, but put in some form of power dampening cuffs. He then sees a different kind of alien approach him, it was 8'2" in height, had almost an anthromorphic reptillian structure in design, as it ha dhind legs, a short tail, long snout and four fingers with long arms.

Hivemind Eta Grunt M1: Designation: Ripper, shall we take Designation: Vanquish to Hivemind Meta for the high council to truky decide what to do?

Ripper: No...Remember, we must frist break the host, allow me to see what he holds dear so we shall---

Dominic whistles to get everyone's attention.

Dominic: Hey, why do you keep calling me "host"?

Ripper: You think you are Vanquish, you are nothing, but a vessel holding his body, wearing it, but we know you are keeping him...

Dominic: Vanquish is an alias.

Ripper: Hmm, all will be revealed in due time, but now we shall see on how to break your will so that your bond to him will weaken.

It then places his hand on Dominic's head, and saw everything that's important to him, Earth, Los Angeles, The Req Center, His Powers, His School, His Mother and Father, Trey, Haruto, and Ellie. He yelled in pain as it was getting a bit too much, but Ripper let go.

Ripper: I see, troops, we shall tear this world asunder, we shall break his will. FOR THE HIVEMIND!

All Alien Soldiers yelled in unison as they were all surfacing, Ripper looked at Dominic and he noticed the fear on him, and he made a low growly chuckle. They were all on the surface shooting up people taking prisoners as potential hosts, and Ripper was making Dominic watch it.

Dominic: No! YOU BASTARDS!

Ripper: This is the plague one of your heroes have wrought upon you Los Angeles!

Over by the Centre at the same time

As Trey is flying over to the Centre to regroup with Haruto on his back, he successfully gets there through the window and places Haruto on the rug or something. He looks around and shrugs and decides to fly back out and search around for a little bit. After a bit of searching he finds aliens shooting innocents and attempting to take prisoners.

Trey: No way.. He flies down to them at high speeds and blocks bullets with a psychic shield to defend multiple citizens and boosts himself to assailant to assailant at high speeds, taking a lot of them in mostly one hit to a vital places. He skids to an immediate stop and looks for more assailants surfacing. He sees one emerge and stops it, killing it but gets blasted in the back my a couple of assailant blasters. He gets shot forward and gets up with his back steaming and forms his superhero costume. An alien attacks him and tackles him from the back giving him a lot of electrical shocks. Trey tanks these and tries to get the alien off of him but he begins to feel the pain of the electrical shock, he flies upward in the sky. Multiple aliens jump at him before he takes off so now there are lots of aliens clinging to him giving him these electrical shocks. As he flies faster and faster, he breaks the sound barrier creating a sonic boom and that makes the aliens stop clinging to him and they fall off, quickly rocketing down to the earth. Trey breaths out in relief but loses concentration and begins to lose consciousness, and crashes down to the ground too. He slams into the ground while trying to regain his composure and strength

They all surrounded him and Ripper was there holding Dominic, as the alien troops surrounded him and begun to approach him shooting him with stun blasters to break his will, as Dominic could just watch. One of the aliens started beating on him, stomping on his abdomen punching him in the face, Trey was help less as it was a gang beating.

One alien receives two bullets in their back, causing them to turn around. It then gets shot in the eye, and falls to the ground. Some of the other aliens turn to the shooter, several metres away, it was Eliana, full super suit with Emerald Energy designs. She was holding an assault rifle she conjured.

Eliana: Hey you idiots! You better clear or you all will swallow lead!

They take no notice as one pulls out a gun. She then sprays the bullets of the gun, shooting most of them making them topple to the ground. The survivors chase after her. Eliana drops the gun then transmogrifies their mental energy, fueling herself with Sapphire. She then blasts them back with a blue spear of psychic energy as they fall like bowling pins. She jumps up high with psychic energy then lands, concentrating energy into her body then crashes into the centre of the aliens, knocking them all to the ground in a large vibration. She then walks to Trey and helps him up. Upon grabbing her hand, a blue pulse spreads down her arm to Trey, healing his willpower and suppressing his pain, though not healing him.

Eliana: You guys okay?

He gets up with her help and nods while taking in deep breaths

Trey: Y-Yea I'm good. His body starts tensing and pulsing lightly, going through rapid regeneration and healing. He walks and looks around, confused about where the rest went. I think more might be coming... He looks at Ripper and Dominic Hm..

Ripper dropped Dominic, as he started running at their direction making arm blades that are spinning.

Ripper: The Host views you as most important. Ripper taunted Eliana.

Eliana absorbed Sapphire energy from Trey then shot a blue orb at Ripper, making him glow blue. He then starts floating helplessly, ignoring gravity. She then punches the air between them, sending him flying telekinetically into a building. She runs to help Dominic.

Eliana: Are you okay?!

Dominic: He's gonna destroy everything, he wants to kill you guys, just so he could get my armor Ellie, just run, heal me up, but just run! This was the first time his snarky demeanor was broken, fear in his eyes.

Eliana: You really are an idiot if you think I'm leaving you here. She looks up at the aliens then stands up. She absorbs their Ruby Energy then throws a ball of plasma at them with explodes to buy time. She then kneels down and absorbs her own Sapphire energy, numbing her senses, then heals Dominic. Come on.

Dominic just decided to carry her back, as well, as Ripper, decided to make his troops disengage, waiting for another time to strike. They were all back at the Rec center, and Dominic was looking a bit guilty.

Dominic: So, what do you guys wanna ask?

Eliana: Forms her regular clothing What the hell is going on?

Dominic: Alright...apparently my armour was sentient, as in, committed the greatest taboo was committed by it when it was still a part of those aliens, at some point it left, came here, and literally latched onto me, apparently I'm also slightly connected to their hivemind, but also in order for them to punish my armour, they have to weaken my will power, as in, they have to destroy everything I care about and--- Look, basically I'm a Host of it and they need to destroy it. This made her recall what Ripper told her.

Trey: He walks around with his arms crossed Why didn't they just kill you when they captured you?

Dominic: Since this Hivemind thing isn't really physically it's possible if I die, I may accidentally end up in a different body...So yeah they have to sadistically break my will.

Trey: Interesting. He sits down and closes his eyes to think We need to ready up again and find Ripper and kill him when we're ready. If only I could telepathically sense their thoughts I'd probably be able to possess them. How are we going to track them Dominic?

Dominic: Well, they want me, specifically me, as in the only reason Ripper's gathering people is for hosts for more soldiers, but we need to be somewhere, big and open, where he can't get anyone, the only problem is if the Council he kept talking about will arrive...

Trey: So... Use you as bait then? Once you've gotten fully healed and maybe another upgrade or something you could be the bait and we'd be there to take everyone on with you. Or is that too difficult?

Dominic: He experiences a migraine and grunts in response growling a bit Sounds like a plan Trey, I--- I need to go to the training room, blow off some steam...

Trey: Are you okay?

Dominic: I-I'm fine...I just need to think. He goes there and starts hittng some holographic training dummies, extremely stressed as he was going fast as he was fighting, going all over the place and he started hearing things, going to the ground holding his head, yelping a bit.

Voice: *They will die Bernedicci...Haruto, Trey, your parents, and that precious Eliana of yours, all because of you and me...*

Dominic: You're him! They're after you!

Vanquish: *Tough talk coming from a rich brat, too obsessed with his glory, his powers, and reputation just because you could, you aren't a Rand, a Richards, and you're certainly not a Stark. So who are you Dominic!?* He yelled in pain, bracing his head banging it on the floor. He was seeing things that could happen, over exaggerated possibilities.

Dominic: Make it stop! PLEASE!

Vanquish: *I can if you let me take over, do test drives, I know how our body works...*

Dominic: N-No, just no, I don't trust you.

Eliana ran to Dominic and held him.

Eliana: Nico, you're not okay, you need to rest, before you strain yourself! She pretty much drags him to the nearest sofa and lays him down. You can't fight if they're warping your mind like this. And you won't. I won't let you, we'll protect you from them, so they can't do anymore mental attacks on you. She places her hand on his head as it glows blue, she muffles the damage for now.

Dominic: It's so much, they're so many, and I don't want to lose any of you guys... They're powerful and even my own powers betray me. He curled up.

Haruto: Welcome back... Haruto sat up and held his right arm, the pain concentrated on his bicep How dangerous are those aliens? F--king... He grabs his arm tightly, the pain surging through his arm again Goddammit... I'm not in any condition to fight... None of us are...

Dominic: Look let's just all sleep please.

December 31st, 2025

It's nearing midnight and the Absconders have gathered at the Centre to celebrate the upcoming year. Eliana, Dominic, Trey, and Haruto were all in the Centre, with a few other friends so they weren't too lonely. Katie and Natalie were there. Even Micah was there, but he was in the corner muttering to himself or an invisible friend; no one could really tell, so they let him be. Haruto and Katie sat on the couch talking about their lives, Eli and Dom were also talking to each other, Trey was roaming around the place not sure what to do before spotting Natalie. Some girl walked into their room, no one knew her but welcomed her to the party regardless.

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More people came in, friends with each other and everyone started playing music and talking. Trey sat down and Natalie sat down next to him. She was talking to her friends but turned to Trey nervously.

Natalie: Hey Trey, I saw you at the party that one time but I didn't get a chance to say hey to you!

Trey: U-Uh, well I'm sorry for not getting to you sooner... The house got completely wrecked.. Glad you made it out.

Natalie: She giggles Yea it was really scary.. So are those your friends? She points to Eli, Nico, and Haruto

Trey: Ah.. Yes they are. You look uh very cute right now. I can't wait until 12!

Natalie: Haha same.. She scoots closer to him

Haruto: So, Katie. How's water polo?

Katie: It's going well. At the rate we've been practising, I think we're gonna win our next game!

Haruto: Sounds good. I'll be cheering you on in your heart. Not literally, but I think you get the point...

Katie: I get it, Hunter. She giggles Hey, wanna get some soda?

Haruto: Yeah, sure. He gets up to get a soda, and Katie follows him

Eliana: It's hot in here, I'm going to get a drink, Dominic. Be right back. Eliana gets up to go to get a drink from a table. A man dressed smart in a suit but with a classy and "holier-than-thou" mannerism is there drinking a glass of some red liquid. Eli approaches him and speaks as she pours herself a drink.

Eliana: You're here...Never would have took you for a party man...

Man: Oh Ellie you still don't know a thing about me, even after all this time.

Thaddeus Tanner

Eliana: She chuckles Yeah, guess not. So what does bring Thaddeus Tanner to this party? You got some more people to torment or are you just trying to get back in my life?

Thad: Now now Ellie, can't I mingle with the youth around me at a popular site for partying and bonding?

Eliana: With someone of your talents you know it's dangerous.

Thad: Oh honey, danger isn't my cup of tea.

Eliana: She laughs, almost spitting out her drink Ah well, I'll be needing all the luck I can get for tonight, so no offence to you, but I'll be making a U-turn back to my friend before it's too late.

Thad: Mm hello, what do we have here? Eliana Rosenheim here at a party with a date? I never thought I'd live to see it.

Eliana: Well, it seems you don't know a lot about me either. Excuse me. She walks back to Dominic and starts talking. Thad watches creepily but then walks off through the crowd.

Dominic: What's with the weirdo? *Haunting Cave Monster.*

Eliana: Some old friend. Don't worry about him.

The lights dimmed a bit, and Dominic, was a bit worried, but he just realised it was slow dancing time, and they saw couples dancing, and he looks at Ellie, and dorkly lets his hand out.

Dominic: Shall we dance~? He jokingly asked in the stereotypical italian dream guy accent.

Eliana: Ha, sure, why not. She put her drink down and got up to dance.

Dominic: You know this is nice, all of us together, enjoying ourselves, a break for once. And I like this, us, makes me wonder if that Ripper guy and the Hivemind are having some party as well... He chuckled as while dancing he put his arm around her lower back.

Eliana didn't say anything, just stared into his eyes.

Dominic: I, Well I'd like to say, you're important to me, and I, well you're, ah screw it! He brought her closer, closing the gap between them and he kissed her.

Not much was seen of them after that. They left the main room. Meanwhile...

Trey: So I said- He stopped as he heard a muffled grunt and moan coming from Eli's separate room from the main room. He looked around confused and shrugged his shoulders. As he kept telling his story, two girls were seen walking around, one with blonde hair, and a brown haired girl with light brown skin walking next to each other. Hey um are you two lost? Natalie and her friends look over as well at the two girls and they both look surprised looking at Trey. One of them gets nervous and the other rushes over to him.

Girl with brown hair: Um, this is a party right?

Trey: Um.. Yea.. Natalie giggles

Girl with blonde hair: She rushes over to the side of the other girl Sorry about this, we were invited by my friend. Err, my name is Melinda. And this here is my friend Alyna, nice to meet you. She puts out her hand to shake

Trey: As he shakes Melinda's hand Nice to meet you Melinda. Nice to meet you Alyna. He reaches out to shake her hand but Alyna looks annoyed and scoffs. Trey slowly brings back his hand while looking away. I-I've seen you both in school sometime.



Melinda: Yea, Alyna's a bit... New... I'm usually always with her.

Alyna looks at Melinda and shakes her head.

Alyna: Er so, She has an English accent and Trey smiles as the accent seems adorable to him The year will be 2026... Correct?

Natalie: Umm.. Yes. Where have you been, this is what the party is for.

Alyna: Look her-

Melinda: Okay thank you! She quickly cuts off Alyna Well we'll be on our way.

Trey: Why? It's fun to be here. Just stay and have fun.

Alyna: She groans and turns around to walk away

Melinda: So sorry. We'll stay though! She walks after Alyna

Trey: Alright then..

Natalie: Hey do you want a soda or anything?

Trey: I love Sprite!

Natalie: Okay gotcha. I'll be right back. She smiles and blushes as she gets up to go get him a soda. As she leaves, Trey then hears a voice yell, "RUNNER MODE ACTIVATE". He looks up and then around still confused.

Meanwhile back in Ellie's separate room, Dominic laid covered in a blanket panting as he was unarmoured, sounded happy though.

Dominic: H-Holy s-it, Ellie, how...You're just so wild... He chuckled out exhausted a bit as well, knowing she might have accidentally absorbed a bit of energies from him as they've done it.

Ellie: Wow, well,that happened. I...I wasn't even in control...heh... She sat up and looked at the mirror across the room, her irises were glowing red but then returned to normal. She chuckled then checked the time. She was shocked and got up to change. As great as that was, it's almost midnight, so hurry up and get changed!

He did so, getting in his clothes, as he exited the room, fixing himself up and Ellie a bit, to draw off some suspicions.

Dominic: 2026 here we come...

Everyone gathered in the main room to count down the end of the year. As the night approached its final seconds, an idea popped up in Haruto's head. He put on his buckle and got out a World card, then slid it into the buckle as the clock showed 11:59:55. A time distortion released itself and froze time in the room.

Haruto: *Whoa, it worked. 2026, you can wait for a few more seconds.* He walked around the place, observing everyone in frozen time. Another idea popped into his head, where he decided to mess around with some of the people. He pulled down a few guys' pants, pulled up the skirts of a few of the girls' dresses, shook up sodas and opened them in people's faces, causing the soda to explode out and freeze in time just before getting on a person's face. Then, he walked back to where he originally stood at the countdown, the distortion disappearing as time resumed its flow and the clock immediately skipped to 12:00:00 for him. Everyone cheered except for the people who get their faces sprayed with soda out of nowhere, the girls who had their dresses pulled up shrieked, and the guys who had their pants down started interrogating people. Haruto couldn't help but chuckle. *So I can freeze time for five seconds... I guess that's The World's power.*** He took off the buckle and removed the card, putting it away.

Katie: I saw that, Hunter. She playfully punched his arm as he put away the buckle. Since when were you a prankster, huh?

Haruto: Just wanted to see what it could do... He had gotten another soda for himself while time was frozen, and casually opened it and took a sip. That was totally worth it.

Katie: Did you peek up my skirt while that was going on? She tried flirting with him to see if he would pick it up

Haruto: And what if I did? He was oblivious to the flirting.

Katie: Oh really? So you didn't see the black lace?

Haruto: ... What? He took another sip of soda, confused by her attempt at flirting.

Katie: I'm just messing with you! She playfully punched him again as she giggled from his obliviousness. Happy new year, you crazy son of a gun!

Haruto: Yeah... He chuckled softly Happy new year, Katie. He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a hug.

Katie: Whoa~ Getting a little frisky, hm~?

Haruto: Can't I just hug you in peace...?

Katie: I'm joking, Hunter. Take it easy, man! She giggled in his embrace, but found him to be comforting like this.

Trey and Natalie hug each other and when everything is happening around them they pull off of each other and look each other in the eyes. Natalie glances at his lips and he nervously smiles and that's when she goes in and kisses him while blushing hard. Trey closes his eyes and wraps his arms around her once more and they kiss. They eventually break out of the kiss looking into other's eyes and Natalie looks down and puts her head in his chest. He smiles and watches the screen of Time Square celebrating along with everyone else.

Natalie: Thank you for actually liking me Trey.. Her grip tightens around him

Trey: You're the best Natalie, you've always noticed me and not be a dick to me. Thank you for that... He leans his head on her and smiles to himself

Over by the couch, Alyna gets up with a sad look on her face then goes to leave the room. Melinda follows her.

Alyna: Don't follow me... I need time...

Melinda: Of course... She stays behind and sees Micah on the floor still muttering stuff and looks away in confusion. She sits down and smiles to herself while people are partying.

Trey noticed Alyna leaving and a sudden thought of "Why?" ran through his head but quickly dismissed it as he was happy with Natalie right now.

Thaddeus walks out of the cheering crowd avoiding the teens jumping around spilling drinks and whatnot. He sees Micah on the floor.

Thad: You, drunkard, give me your suit.

Micah: Uh, wha?

Thad: Your suit. I need it. Somehow soda splashed on mine at the countdown. Your's will suffice as a replacement.

Micah: What no cause then I'd be naked dude...

Thad: Keep your nickers, idiot. You will swap suits with me.

Micah: Aight.

After a couple minutes, Thad returns wearing a new suit, and feels his blazer pocket, as there's something in there. Thad then walks around, some kid yells something then throws a ball across the room, but it is accidentally aimed at Thad. Suddenly Thad's shoelace becomes untied and he trips over, as the ball misses him and hits someone else, who falls over hurt. Thad gets back up then looks down at the person who got hit.

Thad: That's a shame. He walks over to the person who threw the ball Alright kid I think you had enough, get out of here, you're banned from the Centre.

Kid: What? Seriously? That's not fair.

Thad: Oh tell it to your parents, kid. Leave.

The kid leaves upset, so Thad smiles. He then approaches Eliana.

Thad: Ah, Eliana, enjoying the New Year's?

Eliana: Huh, oh, yeah it's good.

Thad: So this is your date? Hm, I don't recognise him.

Dominic was about to speak but was interrupted.

Thad: I didn't ask you. So shut up. Dominic found himself unable to speak. Eliana looked at him disgusted then back to Thad.

Eliana: He's a school friend. We met after us two stopped meeting up.

Thad: But here we are again. It's a circle of life.

Eliana: It's really not. Now I'm going to ask you to do something, and you're going to listen, and that's to not use your powers on my friends. Her eyes suddenly glow a pinch of purple, as she forces it, struggling.

Thad: Eliana, you know no matter how powerful your Amethyst shields are, they won't protect you. Can he? Probably not. Can I? Most certainly.

Eliana: I'm not focused on my own protection. And if I was I would get the hell away from you again.

Thad: Stop being so ignorant Eliana. But if you really choose, I will allow you.

Eliana cringed at the use of the word "allow" but shook it off. She grabbed Dominic's arm and walked off with him, as Thad turned and watched them walk off, smiling to himself.

Haruto saw Thad talking to Eli, then another idea popped into his head. He equipped his buckle and used The World to freeze time again.

Haruto: Za Warudo. Toki yo tomare. The distortion appears as he inserts the card, going up to punch Thad in the stomach once, then returning to his spot and sitting down, removing the card to unfreeze time Soshite, toki wa ugoki dasu. Time resumes its flow as Thad feels the power of Haruto's punch, which had enough force to push him against the wall. Haruto chuckles to himself as he puts the belt and card away again and returns to talking to Katie. This card is cool.

Katie: Don't go abusing its power now.

Haruto: But I wanna increase the amount of time I can keep frozen... Only way to do that is to use it more and more. I think.

Katie: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

When Elli and Dom were far away from Thad, but still in the party, Dominic was able to speak again.

Dominic: F-ck, what's with chode breath, and does he even know that I have powers? *I already believe in magic, and now a lot of magical things are trying to kill me...*

It is now 2 o clock and this is when everyone decides to leave the party. The main 4 stay behind and chill not tired at all. Katie also stays as she's laying on Haruto's lap, drunk and nearly passed out. Trey drunk many beers but isn't drunk at all due to his metabolism. This sucks but Trey will find other ways of getting drunk. Read The Absconders: Drunken Adventure for more. Anyways, as everyone is talking about the party and New Year, Trey is about to ask the question of what Dominic and Eli were doing, when there's a knock at the door.

Trey: I'll get itttt. He gets up scratching his butt and opens the door to see Melinda and Alyna, but she's looking down at her feet. Eh, hey guys. What brings you back here?

Alyna: I, erm, left my electronic devic- I mean cell phone here.

Trey: He chuckles Oookay, go ahead and search.

Alyna: She rolls her eyes and heads in and Melinda follows, nodding her head to Trey in thanks. They search the house and find Alyna's cell phone and look at everyone chilling in the main room.

Trey: Hey wanna join us?

Melinda: Yea sure!

Alyna: No. Let's go Melinda.

Melinda: Come on, lighten up Alyna, they're friendly to you.

Alyna: Whatever. They sit down next to each other on the couch and Trey lays on the floor.

Trey: So Eli, who was that guy?

Eliana: Um, some friend of mine from way back. We discovered our powers at the same time. Of course he was older, I was 12 and he was 15 or 16. He wanted to help me and protect me, which I appreciated. But then my powers got weird and his got...dangerous. I left and he took it bad. Now he's back and bothering me, but I'm sure he still means well...

Dominic: *F-ck, both him and Ellie are gonna hate me for what I'm gonna do, maybe, no this is for the greater good, I just need to leave a message...* Dominic looked like he wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

Haruto: Do you want to say something, Dom? Haruto had been looking over at him, and saw the hesitation on his face Or am I just being weird again?

Dominic: I'm just glad I have people like you with me, people I can actually relate to. As in beings of the cosmos, and users of magic, and Hell at this point I'm pretty much a literal Alien. But all of you changed my lives, and if I were to choose to stay with you guys, even if I have to sacrifice all powers that I have just to stay with you guys, I'll always choose you guys. He put up a smile as he pulled Ellie close to him side hugging her.

Ellie: That was sweet and everything but...what?

Melinda: You guys have powers? Cosmos? Aliens? Wow, and I thought I was weird.

Trey: What you have powers too?

Melinda: She smiles and looks around at the table and sees a wallet. She reaches for it, touches it and suddenly the wallet compresses into a sphere the size of a marble. It rolls around on the uneven table as Trey and the others stare in confusion.

Trey: Um, what?

Melinda: So I have a power to compress things I touch into a sphere. Take that and look into it.

Trey takes the marble and looks into it, to see the wallet laying there.

Trey: That's a weird power...

Melinda: Yep! Suddenly the sphere bursts and the wallet grows back to normal size out of the sphere and into his hand.

Trey: Woah, can you do that with humans too?

Melinda: Do you wanna know? Trey nods in excitement and she touches his head, compressing him instantly into a little sphere. The marble falls on the floor and Melinda grabs it and looks at him. Trey sees a huge eyeball looking at him and laughs his a** off while looking around the small sphere.

Trey: So she could really just kill someone in here if she wanted to. And all she has to do is touch you. Wow. Suddenly his head hits the floor as he was released from the sphere. Ouch!

Melinda: So yea, my power "Compress" allows me to compress anything in a spherical area into a small marble without actually damaging it. This really helps because it's instant and reduces the weight of stuff so I can actually carry it in my pocket or something.

Trey: That's cool... Hm.

Haruto: Very practical for life in general... You could lighten the load of your backpack by compressing all the stuff inside into small marbles... Interesting...

Trey: ...Or you could compress the backpack in general... Haha come on Haruto you make life too hard.

Haruto: That too. Or maybe compress bullets into the marbles, then flick the marbles at someone hard enough and release the bullet mid-air. Like shooting a gun without the need for a gun... Intriguing.

Trey: That's deadly. Holy crap.

Melinda: Uh, yea sure, if I actually fought people, but I don't use my powers like that. Too dangerous for me...

Trey: So who are you? Like what's your name?

Melinda: Melinda Nickelson. And erm, this is Alyna.

Alyna: Alyna Victoria Louise.

Trey: Haha ohh like that Princess from the Middle Ages! You have the exact same name as her. He chuckles to himself. Alyna and Melinda look at each other and Melinda sighs.

Alyna: Y-Yes. That's me...

Trey: Hm? Yea you have the same name haha.

Alyna: She starts to get agitated No, I am that Princess.

Trey: Okayyy.. Sure you are!

Alyna gets up violently and kicks Trey in the side

Trey: Ow! Dude what!

Melinda: She's telling the truth Trey...

Trey: Time travel is impossible Melinda. There's no wa-

Melinda: You're telling this to someone who can compress anything into a marble and some guy who can apparently have super speed or invisibility by putting on a belt.

Haruto: I do have super speed, but I lack invisibility. However, if you can figure out what the next two phrases I say mean, you'll know my greatest trump card. Toki yo tomare. Toki wa ugoki dasu.

Trey: Tch, okay. But does she have the Oceanus magic that Princess Alyna seems to have???

Alyna is sitting down and sighs in annoyance as she looks up and suddenly water starts flowing from the kitchen and bathrooms of their rooms. It swirls around in the main room and floats around everyone.

Trey: Uh..

Haruto: Huh... Interesting... I'd rather not get soaked. Please return the water to its sources.

Alyna ignores Haruto and continues letting the water swirl around, not letting a single drop escape her control.

Trey: That could just be normal water. I don't believe it.

Suddenly Micah chimes in. He comes out of nowhere in his metal magic suit that he wore when he fought the team.

Micah: That's definitely Oceanus magic. It's got an intense magical aura coming from it, but it's presence seems to be slightly put away.

Trey: The f*ck??! You're still here?!

Micah: Yea I never left.

Trey: Why do you have your suit on??

Micah: Some as*hole kept asking me for my clothes and suddenly I was naked. I think I gave it to him but I don't know why. It was weird. So I just conjured up my suit.

Trey: Jesus dude, you're weird. And you can sense her power?

Micah: Yep. So what's your backstory? How did you uh, get here?

Alyna: She looks at Melinda and sighs It all started in 1627 when my country, Aldernon, which is now apparently England, was being attacked by these wizards of some sorts. Not sure. But they raided all of Ald- England and me and my family were fighting the army off with our Oceanus magic. That's when suddenly, one of them who wore lots of clothing used a magic that was so great and it sent me away, to.. here. I don't know what happened to the rest of my family but judging by the history books, they vanished as well.

Micah: Huh... So when did you arrive here?

Alyna: She starts to look upset About 7 months ago... When I was sent here I didn't know what happened and ran into Melinda. She glances at Melinda and continues Her mother was fine with taking me in after hearing what happened and not believing it, but overtime as I showed proof, she began to believe me.

Trey: So you can't get home huh...

Alyna: She shakes her head After she took me in they began to teach me modern English and I'm a fast learn so it was easy for me to conform. Although American education seems so retarded (slow). They seem to teach a single thing for a week or more without moving on. I get quite bored in these classes.

Micah: How interesting. So you are really from the past and had to conform to the modern ages!

Trey: That's pretty cool!

Alyna: No, it's not. It's not cool when you seem so out of place, everyone treats you differently and it makes me want to put them in their places...

Trey: Well you WERE royalty. So it makes sense that people don't treat you like that now.

Alyna: Yes, well when I get back home it'll be like this never happened.

Micah: Are you sure you want to head back home and risk changing everything that happened?

Alyna: Yes if it means being with my family again. I don't fit in here. She looks away hurt and Melinda hugs her

Trey: I'm sorry. Well maybe soon you'll figure out a way.

Alyna: Yea.. Hope so...

Eliana: So you're actually her, amazing...

Melinda breaths out and feels hurt by that

Micah: Yikes. That's a harsh history. The water flows back into each respective sources.

Alyna lays back in the couch and looks up at the ceiling.

Melinda: Anyway what is everyone else's powers? And do you all own this room?

Trey: Well I am a Titan. Well part human, part titan. So I have cosmic powers in the form of Psionic Bio-Technology. Nothing special.

Dominic: So who wants to make a chart, compare who's more powerful? As in I might be top tier... He bragged in good fun.

Haruto: My powers come from a belt buckle that gives me armor and superhuman conditioning. Depending on the Card I use, I can access different abilities and levels of superhuman physiology. Though so far, it appears the only real powers I have aside from being superhuman is firing cosmic energy projectiles and using the power of ZA WARUDO. He clears his throat. Excuse me. I meant, the World. It's apparently the most powerful of these Cards I can use, and its ability revolves around time. But... He remembers the flashback he had earlier this month, where the seven entities created the buckle he currently had in his grasp I believe there's more power to this than just The World's time ability...

Eliana: I have the ability to transmogrify objects, life force and conscience into energy and weaponize it. I won't go into further detail, because the more I do the weirder it gets.

Outside the room, Thad was waiting, hand on the door feeling it, and ear against it listening in. He seemed to have been there for a while. After hearing Eliana again he enters the room as everyone looks.

Thad: She has a great deal of power but refuses to use it. Yet she think's she's settled, invincible. Everyone is about to protest his entry before he speaks. Oh, you're all okay with me being here, right?

Everyone: Sure.

Thad: Great. He takes a seat next to Eliana, as she feels uneasy and sits closer to Dominic. Eliana...

Eliana: Sorry... She moves back equally in between them both.

Dominic: Hey, she can sit however she likes, what's with you?

Thad: What's with you? Shagged her now you think you have a say in her life? Piss off. Dominic was about to get up and leave. Not literally. Sit back down. Now, what were we discussing?

Dominic: Okay, that was a bit weird. But still just saying you're kind of clingy to her.

Vanquish: *He wasn't the one who had to use Runner Mode just to he could have even more time with her~*

Dominic had a look of annoyance in his eyes, from both Thad and Vanquish.

Haruto: Excuse me for a minute. He sets Katie aside since she was still passed out on his lap, gets up, and punches the nearest wall as hard as he can. You could see into the next room from the hole he left Needed to vent some pent-up aggression, don't worry about that. He sits back down. A great deal of power she refuses to use? Maybe she's subconsciously scared of hurting innocents. Not everyone can willingly use all the power they have. Their powers might get too wild if left unchecked. Some worry about those caught in the cross-fire, and I applaud those who care for the weak. Perhaps Eli is just like that. Her power might be too great if she lets loose. She's strong in her own right, and it's not something you can mold however you please. Let her be her own independent person. You don't need to hover over her for the rest of her life.

Thad: He looks visibly annoyed. Dude, shut up. Let's just release all this constipation, ease up guys, it's New Years!

Trey: You're pretty annoying dude. And creepy. You're not her dad! He laughs and Micah laughs too

Thad: Thank goodness, already met that tosser before. No offence Ellie. And as someone who stopped her parents from finding out about her gifts multiple times, as well as help her develop them, I deserve a little more credit. Now can we go back to not hating me? He commanded to them.

Eliana: I can't recall a time... He glared at her.

Dominic starts fidgeting a bit then armours up, but it looks more monstrous, as it grew in size and bulk looking terrifying and roaring at Thad but then shrinks back to regular size.

Dominic: T-That was different... He looks guiltily and sits with Ellie arm around her.

Trey: Okayy hate and annoying is different haha.

Eliana creates a telepathic link to Trey.

Eliana: Just leave it. It'll only anger him resulting in him being even more of an arse.

Thad: Looks at Eliana who is giving eye contact to Trey. You're using your powers aren't you? He looks at Trey. Alright, fine, you're a free woman or whatever.

Trey: Free woman... Hm... He reaches into Thad's mind and mentally walks through his memories quickly to find out his powers. Ah, so mind control? Not cool man.

Melinda: What's even happening right now?

Micah: I presume Trey just used his powers to read Thad's mind, although that was a bit fast.

Alyna: Oh wonderful... She rolls her eyes and lays her head on Melinda's shoulder, starting to feel tired.

Thad: Not cool Trey. Invasion of privacy. Don't do it to me again.

Trey: Why not? Also your telekinesis seems to be pretty strong by what you've done with it. I just learned how to do it, not that big of a deal. He lifts up the glass in front of him and takes some grapes out of it and eats it, then groans as it seems spoiled. Eww did people eat this?

Alyna: She reaches for a grape and eats it and shrugs Not bad.

Dominic: Ew, anyways, princess, are you here due to Time Travel or are you immortal...

Alyna: Ah, like I said, I was sent here by a powerful wizard that we were at war with. So yes, by time travel. I didn't think there was a magic of such caliber...

Dominic: Heh, trust me here at this point, time travel is almost as easy as dancing.

Vanquish: *You know you should leave now Bernedicci, oh or are you too much of a pussy to actually do that...Leave him alone, he will eventually so we can all end this, kid is having trouble saying bye to his girl...Hm love birds are in a tangle ey?...Well Sir Bernedicci, you must at least leave a message...No lie should be kept, but you must also know that they will make this hard, and the Hivemind will always target them...My Son is correct Bernedicci, their leaders have became cold apparently...Scatter their will across their cosmos, break them!...No war too small, no fight too big...Do it for your pack..."

Dominic groaned and stood up, holding his head, the mess of different voices, previous Hosts, past Vanquishes. The Vanquish is an Arbiter, a death sentence, or a redeeming mark.


Trey: Uhh yea, in the fridge.

He goes to it and it was Red Wine, one that he brought for first drink of 2026, as he poured wine glasses for everyone, passing them to everyone.

Dominic: To the Absconders... He raised his glass.

Thad: Tsk, the Absconders... He murmured to himself.

Eliana: Don't be an ass. She said telepathically.

Thad: Alright, fine, have your little super group.

Trey: Raises his glass and clinks with everyone else. He takes a sip and shakes his head

Melinda: The Absconders? 

Micah: Yep, the name of their superhero group. They fought me once. I could've beat them if my power source remained. He bragged and scoffed

Melinda: Ha, sure okay. She giggles at him and slightly smiles

Alyna: Superhero group... Childish. She sunk deeper in her seat.

Haruto looked at the glass of wine, unsure of what he wanted to do. He toasted with the rest, and took a small sip, not wanting to look bad, but also unwilling to drink the entire glass. The flavor of the wine was a bit much for him, but he was able to shrug it off. He kept silent, seeing as how he didn't have anything relevant to say.

Dominic: Now any questions, any at all, don't care what they are. He said, as after he drank his glass of wine he poured himself another.

Trey: So what's going on with you dude? Are you okay?

Dominic: Sighs Well, everything is a bit getting much, Aliens still looking for me, voices in my head, memories I can't forget, it is unnerving now. As in you guys remembered the incident when I was training. He drank his entire glass in one sip.

Eliana put her hand on his shoulder.

Eliana: No matter how hard it gets, remember you're not going through this alone. We're here for you, whenever you need us.

Dominic leaned into her.

Dominic: *I know Ellie, I know, which is why this gonna be harder than I think it should.* He thought to himself Heh, ironically it was me who found the nanites in the first place.

Soon everyone was either asleep or left, Dominic was sharing a room with Ellie and he decided to do it, he got up, and packed his things. He then created a camera like device, as he started recording.

Dominic: Hey guys, I'm leaving. The Hivemind wont leave, so I am not gonna be a part of your problem anymore. I know you'll all think I'm a piece of s-it for leaving, I do too, but trust me I will come back. I know you all have my back, but this is a literal army, an army I basically brought here, that only I can take down Hears one of the alien ships fly by I wish there was another way Sheds a tear I really do, but this is my responsibility, I hope you understand. At this point you can tell people that I'm Vanquish, truth needs to come out. And Ellie since you're probably also listening to this, I love you, but I don't expect you to accept me back with open arms if I return. So yes...I'm Absconding the Absconders. He armors up and goes into Runner mode and runs off.

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