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A day later after school

It is 4:20pm and everyone is at the Centre from school. Dominic is asleep and everyone else is doing something completely relevant to the development of their lives. Trey as of now is reading a very interesting book and thinks while reading. A light bulb lights over his head.

Trey: Yo! Eli! Haruto! I have an idea!

Haruto: Hm? What's up?

Eliana: What is it?

Dominic had a cast after their first fight as a team many of his friends and some girls signed it.

Dominic: If it's a prank which involves my arm do not.

Trey: Okay so, the guy in the suit is powerful as f-ck as you can tell. So I was thinking, we would need some way to catch him off guard so we can match his power. If he gave power to his assailants which even we couldn't beat easily, then he must he LEAGUES above them. Eli, you can absorb psychic energy right, but can you absorb energy that just makes you pure destructive? And Dominic, is there a mode that you have that makes you a tank character?

Dominic: Um, doi! What do you think I fought them with for eight minutes worth of energy reserves? Yet despite my scans only showing them as Mutates, with a plethora of abilities I still get my ass kicked in my toughest form. And before you say it I call bulls-it on that “magic energy" he has. But I think I have a way of upgrading myself a tiny bit.

Eliana: I can transmogrify his magical energy and turn it into my own Ruby Energy. The transfer will hurt him, but not as much as the attacks that'll come after. She smiles.

Trey is creeped out by Eliana

Trey: Haha okayy. Well, while you do that, Nico, you have to come up with a way to buff yourself as a tank. Similar to the Hulk-buster. Man, Hulk still killed Tony in that suit. Anyway, Eli we need to find a way for you to absorb those guys' life force. I can tell that the man in the suit's magic energy is limited because he seemed pretty angry that we killed and "wasted" the magic energy he gave them. So once you can absorb their energy, you'd probably be able to take him on and damage him, if not, be on par with him. Our goal is to weaken him and/or make him use all his magical energy. He must be limited on magical energy or something. Now for Haruto, maybe you can help Eli but maybe from a distance? Like a sniper? You seem pretty good at "pew pewing", so if you can try to help Eli by taking out the guys from a distance then she can have an easier time absorbing them. If I'm right on all my assumptions and this works, we'll be able to take him on. I can empower myself to become a tank as well and take on the man in the suit, but all we're doing is buying time for Eli to absorb as much Ruby powa as possible. How's that sound?

Eliana: I could do that. Though the power output from me would be huge. I don't want any unnecessary casualties.

Trey: So do we go somewhere else or something? and Haruto, you must be thinking, is the idea good?

Haruto: If the guy in the suit had one person in his ranks with a buckle... He might possibly have more... Haruto was wondering out loud for everyone to hear. If I can absorb enough decks, I should be able to power up my current equipment more, maybe even fully unlock the Star card... Hey, Eli. Do you think you can transfer some weapon construct to me?

Eliana: Sure, I can do that. Just ask and tell me what you need and I'll make you one. I'm not limited to anything, and they can look like whatever you want to.

Haruto: Excellent, thank you very much. Your plan seems sound enough, Trey. Let's go for it.

Trey: Alright good. Now we should prepare for when the event happens.

A few days later...

The Absconders are at their base doing the same old stuff. That's when some sirens are heard then ambulances, but then everything comes to a silence.

Trey: Guys I think it's happening. We have to go.

Haruto: Might as well suit up now. Henshin. He equips his Fool armor quickly, waiting for everyone else

Trey: Alright. He shape-shifts his costume onto him. He waits at the window, ready to parkour to the scene. When are you going to make the railgun for Hunter?

Eliana: When we're outside. I'll need a car or two to make such a weapon. She uses left over Emerald energy to create her suit, ready to leave.

Trey: Great. Let's go. He jumps out of the window and lands on the ground unharmed. He takes off running towards the sight of the mayhem. As he's running he sees structures like metal support beams and things of that sort stacking on top of each other. Lots of different materials are being made and stacked and forming into a building. The man in the suit is floating and holding his hands out building it. He then starts making the building very technologically advanced and starts using buildings surrounding it to help add on. Trey jumps on several buildings and sees the assailants from before floating around him as a guard and anything that gets close gets blasted into pieces. Umm guys?

Haruto: Eli, let's go. We can get there on bike or we can run, up to you.

Eliana: No time to get a bike. She runs to the window, as she absorbs some Sapphire energy from Haruto and does a psychic boost jump out the window then hovers down to Trey.

Haruto: And so it begins... Haruto uses cosmic energy to jump out the window and propel himself towards the area where Trey is.

Dominic comes in on runner mode and super jumps, switching into Tempest mode and landing beside the others, rolling to a stop.

Trey: Okay guys. We need Haruto to go to a far away building with the railgun so he can help Eli weaken the men in capes and absorb them. Me and Nico will be taking the attention of the guy in the suit. I'll watch out for Eli as well in case she almost gets killed or something and Haruto doesn't see. Got it?

Dominic: *Look after her.* We'll be basically distracting him and keep him on us.

Trey: Awesome. Haruto, Eli? Ready?

Haruto: Just tell me where to go. He gives him a solid thumbs-up

Eliana: Take this before you go. She holds her hand out to a van as it crumbles and collapses, then evaporates into Emerald energy, and out of the green light in the night emerges a railgun, planted in Haruto's hands immediately. There you go, Hunter.

Haruto: Thanks, Eli. Let's see how this does... Haruto uses cosmic energy to boost himself to a skyscraper nearby the magically-formed building but far enough to avoid major contact with enemy forces. He then creates a mental link between all the members currently present to easily contact them Alright, everyone. In position. Ready to fire. He charges some cosmic energy into the railgun so that it doesn't take too long to charge later.

Trey: Get ready Eli. After me and Nico arrive and start tanking. You come in and try to absorb someone who Hunter has shot. Good luck.

Trey nods to Nico and they both run out to the building.

Dominic: At this point people will think we're Avengers wannabes.

Trey: Haha, alright. Ready?

Dominic uses his tempest to fly up high into the air and Trey grabs his leg to get a lift with him. After flying upwards a considerable distance. He switches and his body transforms into a bulk version of himself, similar to the Red-Hulk. This form is called the Bunker Buster. He drops down first very fast and hard and hits the ground causing a mini-earthquake.

Dominic: Does the roar of the newest Godzilla C'mere Muthaf-cka'! He says in a way of Rick from Rick and Morty.


What Trey transformed into. He still has the mask in this form but not a hood.

Trey is falling and sees the guy in the suit turn around to face Dominic. As he holds up his hand to cast a spell, Trey falls on top of his suit and tries to grab onto the mask but the guy blasts him off in Nico's direction. Trey spins a few times and does a backflip and when he lands, he shapeshifts completely to look like this. The design resembles muscles and it becomes an external design on his body, but also increasing his strength and durability by tenfold, similar to Dominic's form. Trey just breathed out and dashed at the guy clashing with his magic mechanical shields over and over, creating air pressure after air pressure. Dominic begins to attack the group of assailants blindly, taking the damage but also giving it out.

Trey: He communicates telepathically Make sure to use your weapons too Nico. Buy enough time for Hunter as possible. As he says this the guy in the suit holds out both hands, a magic circle appears around both palms and a metal, mechanic centipede exits the magic circle. The centipede hits and tackles Trey away from the shield and the whole thing hasn't even exited the magic circle. After the centipede turns to go into the air, its whole body finally exits the magic circle. Trey does a somersault so that he can start running down on the giant ass centipede, flying through the air, but it gets too high. That's when the guy in the suit claps his hands together and many magic circles around him form to make different types of cannons and rocket launchers and missile holders. They start firing at Trey and the centipede until there's a huge explosion, thundering throughout the city of L.A. and even cities beyond that. From the giant cloud of smoke in the air, Trey is falling down in his normal form and his body falls somewhere in the city.

Guy in Suit: I told you what would happen. Now for the other man. He looks at Dominic and holds a fist in his direction What nice mechanical armor you have. Even my father would be impressed by the sheer complexity of it. He uses his magic to pull Dominic to him and takes a look at his armor holding him in place. He lays a hand on the Bunker Buster armor and his armor begins to turn into the design of Nico's Bunker Buster Armor.

Dominic: Well...Okay! He focuses and calculates and notices he has five minutes worth of energy left, and he throws a quick right hook, which forces the guy off, and he hears a transforming sound and sees Dominic in his Tempest mode hovering What? You thought that Bunker Buster was my only option, this is a Tempest, let's see if you can chase it... The guy in the suit growls in annoyance, and when he tries to leap he goes to high, prompting Dominic to launch a few missiles at him.

Guy in Suit: *I remember correctly that he can make energy shields.* He tries and summon it, but last second he realizes he is unable to and just uses magical constructs of shield blocking some as he landed on a building and groaned and noticed Dominic hovering in front of him laughing his ass off.

Dominic: You tried to summon a shield didn't you? Didn't you~? Well guess what genius! You can't! He flies away laughing, and then he notices the two buildings he's about to go in between extend their mass a bit. He looked back and saw the guy in the copied Bunker Buster form closing his palms together. Dominic makes an entrance for him and was flying through it, dodging desks, rubble, chairs and even pillars, he flew up quickly and used his missiles to make an exit, but he then saw the Guy in the suit, just three feet away from him as he already lunged off the building and grabbed him and he noticed that he put his hand on him and he turned into Tempest mode, and kicked Dominic down.

Guy in the Suit: Now who has aerial superiority? With a bonus of magical energy... He said as he made some wind swirl around making a storm around his area, but suddenly noticed an energy arrow which he shot with the wrist mounted machine guns and saw Dominic in a sleek full black mode, Stalker, he then made Ninja like weapons, two katanas and shurikens Foolish choice to use an inferior weapon. He then tries and make some other weapon, gesturing his hands until he was forced to block a shuriken *Hm, the abilities seem to fluctuate depending on the form, I must be careful.*

The Guy in the Suit decided to use the wings as makeshift melee weapons, as they were going slash for slash, until Dominic made a good cut on the wing, not taking it off, but at least damaging it, while a wing was able to cut his side, Dominic grunted a bit, but was grabbed and thrown down after even copying that form, but not exiting Tempest. Dominic as he fell was very close a building, so he went into Runner mode and started running down it and noticed The Guy in the Suit beside him, he shoved into him pushing him to the side a bit, his enemy retaliated by firing off bullets as he was making storms on the side of the building and shifting its mass, forming obstacles, which he jumped and slid over and under to avoid. It was until Dominic increased speed by making tornado arms and was very boosted, but as he reached the ground he saw behind him The Bunker Buster coming down with a magically constructed Maul of a hammer and it made a large dust cloud, and opened up some streets revealing sewers a bit. Dominic was grabbed by his neck and assimilated Runner mode and the guy's version made a much more sinister version of it and became creative blurring himself up and making energy glow and electricity come off of him.

Guy in the Suit: His voice vibrating into a demonic tone Where is your confidence now!? He threw him into sewer water and Dominic decided to go into Underwater mode and he was hell of fast in the water, and was launching bolts at him, The guy in the suit then manipulated the water and made them reach the sky as a bunch of large water tendrils and he was running across it, each shooting lightning, Dominic with his weapons, The guy with Magic energy and the speed he had, Dominic then timed it right, switched back to Assault and used his thrusters to provide more force, both were in the air the clash was imminent as the guy turned into a slightly twisted amalgamation of all forms he absorbed, and they hit causing an explosion of Magic and Dominic's own energy Dominic landed on the street and he saw a Mask fall next to his head and they saw the guy's face

Dominic: Heh, I'm still more good looking... He groaned out as he was picked up by his neck and saw the guy with tendrils of energy against Dom's chest and felt weaker, his life fading a bit, only with healing and repair systems prolonging it *God, s-it! Okay, the day I believe in magic is literally when I'm about to die!*

During the fight of Dominic, Eliana ran through the destruction, her purple shields up to block any debris incoming. An assailant sees her and charges up his hands and launches a giant arrow of sparkling magic, to which Eliana smoothly slides under to dodge. As she run to him she dodges more projectiles and in turn uses TK to throw spare parts that aren't nailed down at him. Suddenly the man is shot by a cosmic energy projectile in the back of the neck, to which he shouts then turns around to find who did it. Eliana then did a psychokinetic jump and launched herself up to him in a flash of blue energy. She grabs the flying man from behind, holding onto him with her legs wrapped around him, then jabs both hands into his back and tendrils of red energy shoot into her, as he screams in pain. He tries to resist but two more cosmic bolts hit him. Eventually his skin turns grey nd he begins bleeding from his nose, and tears appear in his skin. He falls out the sky to the floor but Eliana jumps to the floor. She rises from the crouched position in an aura of fiery red energy, and her eyes combust with sparks of ruby red fire. Her super suit also turns red.

Eliana: *I've never drained someone so hard, his magic is helping with that no doubt. This feels...addictive.*

Eliana turns into pure Ruby energy and begins dashing with energy surrounding her and leaving a trail in her path. An enemy shoots her with a magical beam but it has no effect on her. She reached him and jumps, materializing as she kicks him, exploding him away from her. thumb|link=She then turns to another assailant and fires large plasmic projectile at them which explodes on contact, disintegrating them almost instantly. Her feet beneath her create a large red explosion which blasts her upwards to sky scraper level and lands on the roof of one. An assailant flies up to the roof and lands on it too.

Assailant: Why waste such power destroying even more power? Don't let it go to waste, we could use that energy, and you could use our magic. You would make a very useful ally, nothing is stopping you.

Eliana: You're all drunk with magic, you're using it only to torment others. What good comes from that?

Assailant: This is our choice, it's freedom. We are more powerful than anything, as you saw in our little display a couple days ago. You may have stopped us at the museum, but we have proven to be too strong for anyone to stop us. And you, Micah would adore your power, together, nothing will ever match us.

Eliana: Which is exactly why "Micah" and all his pawns need to be put down.

Assailant: You have it all wrong, you're blind. Nothing can ever stop him, it is better to be on the side of the Devil than in it's path, right? I promise he will spare you, but only if you join us... He approaches her with his hands raised, but lowers them.

Eliana: If he wants the fighting to stop he can come to us and surrender.

Assailant: No, you idiot, THERE IS NO END TO THE SUFFERING!

He charges his aura up but she kicks the air in between them and creates a large red energy spear, which he jumps over. He then throws a blue energy ball that lands next to her. It explodes in slow motion, and Eliana subconsciously creates a thick purple shield that blocks it, though the force irritates her. They charge at each other and clash, Eliana charges her fists up with Ruby and exchanges hits with him, her having the upper hand due to her skills. He then chokes her and injects her with dark magic, which causes her to fall down and choke. Her healing factor buzzes out of control to fix it. As she holds her throat and randomly glows purple, she shoots him with small red bullets to distract him. She finally recovers nd gets up coughing. He punches her in the face which creates a small blue blast of energy which sends her flying to the other side of the roof. She gets up with a bruised and slightly deformed face as her healing factor fails. She musters up the last ounce of Ruby energy and at the same time they both send a wave of energy/magic at each other which clashes.thumb|link= After the remnants of energy clears, she is breathing heavily and runs at him at an attempt to attack him. But he simply just walks to her, as they meet in the center of the roof, and grabs her forearm, holding it up in the air, and grabs her free hand, as both their hands glow with energy. She tries to cancel his out with both Ruby and Amethyst but it fails, and he throws both their hands to the floor and a huge beam blasts through the building, destroying it all, every floor and room inside, as it crumbles and they fall in.

When the dust settles, she is on the floor bleeding and injured. He is covered in rubble. She pulls herself up and sees himself clearing the pieces of concrete off himself. She takes this opportunity and looks down at her hands. Suddenly her back bends backwards as she cries out, and red mist flows out her face and body in a large quantity around them both, then is suddenly absorbed back in. She just drained her own life force and a portion of his. Fueled by the Ruby energy, she dashes at him and grabs him as he is helpless, she holds a hand to his face and burns it with red plasma as he screams through the sounds of his burning flesh. She then drains him, grabbing his arms as he starts ripping apart, and his cries are drowned out by the sound of his atrophy. After she is done he is simply waste, and falls to the floor as nothing.

Eliana: Tough bastard. *God I hope this building was empty...these people...* She then sees Dominic being strangled and drained by the man in the suit. Hey!! Let go of him! She dashes there quickly though he raises his free arm to her, which causes pillars to be raised from the floor. She breaks through them but it slows her. He uses this time to lift her up with TK, and throw her into an office building. A few seconds later she jumps out of it and hits the ground with both hands, creating a chain of red energy to run along the floor at Micah. It hits him and forces him to drop Dominic.

The energy chain Eli uses to free Dominic.

Micah: Everyone thinks they can stand, but they all fall...

He jumps up to the sky then down at her, Eli's heart races and she creates a powerful dense purple Amethyst dome around her, but when Micah clashes it, it shatters, but he is pushed back from it. Eliana then blasts him with a huge red wave but he doesn't flinch.

Eliana: *Crap, he's too powerful.* He walks to her, as she shoots energy beams at him, but they reflect and refract off him. When he reaches her he knees her in the stomach which makes her fall to the floor. He grabs her by the hair and lifts her up, but she blasts him in the face to distract him then runs away. He laughs then holds his hand up as it glows for a second, then several lesser assailants come flying at Eliana.

One comes close to her but she energy kicks it back, then the second comes and she shouts, creating a powerful force to blast him away. Two more come and Eliana performs a front flip then hits the ground, creating a huge radiant tsunami-esque wave of energy that lights up several streets and instantaneously vaporises most of the assailants. A few more come so she dashes away as they chase her. She scales up building walls and around rooftops to get away from them. One catches up beside her so she kicks them away and continues dashing, but another flies beside her and tries to grab her. They are then shot through the head by Haruto from afar. Eliana chuckles then carries on outrunning them.

Eliana then comes to a stop on an abandoned street and turns to see the incoming assailants. She turns to a closed small 4 story building and holds her hands out, as the whole building crumbles into Emerald energy and is absorbed by her. She turns back to the assailants and creates two huge heavy steel blocks and crushes them beneath it.thumb|link= After this she walks off and uses left over Sapphire energy she absorbed from Haruto before​ to communicate with the others.

Eliana: Is anyone there? The guy in the suit is way too powerful, his suit is magical, and cuts the connection when I try to drain him. Someone else needs to destroy his suit.

Trey sustains the telepathic link they have.

Trey: I'm up again... I think I can make him weaker...

Meanwhile Micah's suit continues to heal him after the damage Eli's managed to dealt. Before he can pick up his mask, Trey lands on the ground in front of him but a few feet away. He sees his face and shakes his head.

Trey: Why are you doing this??


Micah's normal armor

Micah: ...You wouldn't understand. Speaking of that the process needs to hasten. He snaps his fingers and the building being built starts getting built with no outside forces and just TK. In the background the building gets taller and taller as more parts are formed and brought from different places. He puts on his mask and Trey can hear it secure and the eye parts start to move. His armor turns back normal from the armor from Nico to this.

Trey: But why? I might not be able to understand but just try to explain why you're harming this entire city!

Micah: Because I need to build and empire. An army! Okay! I need to separate from my father and his "legacy" that he made on this world. He's just a rotting piece of flesh who can't do anything for himself and needed help with a magical artifact to reverse the rapid aging process. If I could build my own empire then I can do more good for the world than he thinks he did. I'm tired of living under his shadow, under his many children that constantly- He stops I went too far... But now you know right? You wouldn't understand, like I said earlier...

Trey: ...You're right, it makes no sense. You're being a stupid non-sensical kid about this. You're like 20 or something. Who even is your father?

Micah: Like I said, you wouldn't understand... And I am 18. It matters. And that's something you'll find out on your own. His armor pulses with dark purple energy and he clenches his fist in anger. No matter how hard I try I can't even separate myself from him... Even my magic is similar to his.

Trey: Fine...

They stare off for a moment while standing a good distance apart. Micah empowers himself and his stats increase drastically in physical condition. It's really just his suit upgrading to be very strong. Micah and Trey then launch at each other once more and they both land punches on each other's fist, causing a shockwave which pushes Trey back. His body tenses up and becomes stronger and Trey runs back at him once more. Him and Micah then clash once more in martial arts in high speeds and Trey dodges a few attacks but gets hit and damaged by more of Micah's attacks. He tries to backflip away and come back for another attack but Micah tackles him with great force and starts pushing him against the ground while flying and punching him. He punches him deeper and deeper into the ground and flies higher in the air above skyscrapers, throwing him. Trey is now free falling through the air but Micah uses his TK to lift many cars and trucks and makes them float up to his height then launching them at Trey.

Trey: *Sh*t..* Trey lands on the ground safely but cracks it and starts running away at great speeds dodging the cars. He starts to get cornered by the sheer amount of cars crashing and exploding around him. He starts to dodge the cars in a single spot and jump on them before they explode. *Gotta try to use telekinesis!!!* Knowing he can't use it yet he holds out his hands at the cars flying at him. They cease to stop hurling towards him and he has no choice but to quickly move out of the way. He keeps jumping out of the way but is getting more and more cornered. He keeps trying to use TK but with no success and Micah lifts several trucks above him. He hurls them with great speeds at Trey and he tries his hardest to use TK and right before they can reach him, the trucks stop moving instantly. Trey looks up and sees his own dark blue psychic energy coating the trucks but its only visible to him. He smirks and jumps from the wreckage and runs down the street with great speeds, bringing the trucks with him. He runs up a building and when he sees Micah still flying in the air, he jumps off the building, spins around 900 degrees and swings his arm to launch the trucks at him. Micah simply uses TK to crush and destroy the trucks.

Micah: It's over. He holds up his hands and the clouds begin to gather and visible lightning starts to gather. Trey is falling down because he's very high and begins to concentate on the area around him. He concentrates harder and harder trying to ignore the rumbling of the clouds and right before he splats on the ground, his body slows down and he levitates inches above the ground. He smiles with excitement as he is now manipulating the gravitons around him. He can visibly see them being dispersed around him as he's now controlling them. He then smirks and sees lightning come down at him. It hits him before he can react and then several more lightning strikes rattle the city as they strike down at him. Micah's body starts to progressively get weaker, but he doesn't notice as he's casting these powerful spells.

Suddenly as he stops the lightning strikes, Trey flies out as a dark blue blur and stops in the air. His eyes and hands are lit up with dark blue cosmic energy. He smirks as energy seems from his mouth as well. He flies as a dark blue blur at Micah but he simply makes a shield then summons a giant hammer to fall on Trey and smash him into the earth below them. As this happens a cosmic bolt scrapes Micah's armor, but only because he sensed it coming. He looks in the direction it came from and flew to it at great speeds dodging cosmic bolts. He thinks they don't reach him, but they're piercing his armor causing magic energy to leak as well. He stops in front of Haruto and under his mask he smirks. Before he can do anything, Haruto's body fades as that was an illusion that Trey made. Trey flight tackles him from behind into a building and they both fall through while exchanging blows, some being blocked and some being landed. The reach the bottom of the building and Trey realizes it was a building that was almost finished in construction.

Micah: Agh, my magic power! It's like its fading... Wait... If its fading that means the Wand was found... Oh no... Suddenly a blur start appearing and reappear around buildings. He looks behind him and it is Trey as a blur and in slow motion he punches Micah in the face with so much force a shockwave is produced with blow the glass out of every window around them. Micah gets sent flying a great distance and finally recovers but Trey is already caught up and tries to land a hit with both of his hands joined together but he creates another shield.

Trey: Really getting tired of these shields... Micah suddenly summons a water snake to form around him and bite Trey and send him away. Trey is moving at high speeds through the city as the long snake is sending him far and then it turns and crashes into the ground creating a huge water explosion.

Micah: I have to make the best of the rest of the powers that I have left... He flies upward and goes in Trey's direction but Trey does that same and they fly at each other at high speeds that they become blurs of their respective colors. Trey enlarges the mass and size of his fist and Micah transforms his suit's fist into large version too. They clash and create a huge air pressure that is sent out through their area. They both fly back and land on the ground and there is lots of smoke on the ground. As Trey is sliding backwards, Micah uses teleportation magic to get behind him, but it uses a lot of magic power. He kicks at Trey, but he spins and bends his back to dodge to kick. Micah then turns his body with the kick, creating a deadly air swipe that could've seriously injured Trey. Trey moves back in a few steps and Micah presses a few buttons on his arm in desperation.

As Haruto begins to tire out from using so much Cosmic energy, a Tarot user approaches him from behind. Fire coats the enemy Tarot user's arms as it generates a large sword. Before the enemy can attack, Haruto turns around, fires one more blast at the enemy Tarot, then drops the railgun and charges in with his sword. However, the blast is reflected off the enemy's sword, which then blocks Haruto's sword slash.

Haruto: How many of you are there?! Haruto charges some cosmic energy into the blade to try and break through.

Tarot Enemy: Think about how many Arcana there are. 22. You've met two others, including myself. Do you know the purpose of these buckles?

Haruto: Tell me!!

Tarot: If you can defeat me. He pushes Haruto away with one swing, then punches him all the way to another nearby skyscraper.

Haruto: So be it... He gets up, sword in hand. His deck glows once more, so he opens it and takes out another star card and a card with what appears to be a globe with the markings of a clock inside. Hm? Let's see what these do... He tries to open his buckle, but can't Okay, using them in the sword... He inserts the star card into his sword, then summons another sword to insert the other card into. While he does this, the enemy Tarot user charges at him with his massive sword in hand. When the globe card is inserted into his sword, a distortion appears around the blade while ticking can be heard slowing down. Hm? That's interesting. He points the sword at the enemy, though nothing happens Well, guess that's not happening any time soon. He rushes at the enemy with both swords, using the star-powered blade to counter the enemy's blade while using the distorted blade to attack.

Tarot: What?! The World is accessible to him too?! He pulls his own card, with the same globe/clock design as Haruto's, then inserts the card into his own sword to activate a similar distortion Hah, useless! It's all.... Useless! Useless! Useless! Useless! Useless! Useless! Useless! Useless! USELESS!!!! He breaks through both of Haruto's swords and cuts deep into Haruto's chest

Haruto: F**K!!! He coughs up blood in his helmet as time slows down around the two.

Tarot: I've got two seconds worth of frozen time here... Time to make it count! He starts slashing at Haruto in the frozen time zone. Within the two seconds of frozen time, he's severely wounded Haruto and kicked him to the skyscraper where their battle first started You're pathetic! At this rate, you'll never understand why the Arcana left these behind for humans to discover! Oh, I've said too much...

Haruto stays silent, crawling over to the railgun. He notices a slot in the side of it, one that could potentially fit one of his cards. He sees the shattered remains of the sword that held his globe-card, which he picks up and removes. While the enemy user monologues on how the Buckles were left behind by an alien race to test humans, Haruto slots the card into the railgun, which causes distortions to form around its barrel.

Tarot: The one to obtain all 22 Arcana will unlock the full power of the World, and will visit the Arcana entities to obtain greater powers than these currently have! So... What will be your last words? He turns around to face Haruto, only to see the barrel of his railgun pointed at him with distortions charging it

Haruto: Wry. He pulls the trigger, freezing time around the two before a powerful burst of cosmic energy leaves the barrel of the railgun and hits the guy directly in the chest, causing the enemy's buckle to eject from his waist with its deck and lands next to Haruto while the enemy himself is obliterated by the power of the attack. Time resumes its normal flow as Haruto collapses on the ground and his helmet ejects the front of his visor so that the blood he coughed up can flow out and not drown him F**king hell... He holds his hand up to his ear as if making a call Guys, everything hurts, I'm probably gonna bleed out. I can try to fire one more shot, but it's gonna cancel the transformation and I might die... Unless this guy gave me something good to work with. He checks the enemy's deck for anything useful, finding multiple star cards and a few cards with the globe/clock engraving Hm, someone had some powerful equipment... He puts the deck to his own after taking a few star cards and three globe cards Alright, let's set up... Haruto painfully gets into position for more sniping, loading in a star card to fire while getting out a Empress card to switch into. Ready to fire, guys...

Trey: Roger. As he gets ready to attack lightning surrounds his body and it feels like its crushing his body. He hits the floor holding his chest and he breathes very hard. W-What is this?!

Micah: You must be feeling the effects of the lightning I cast down on you earlier. You thought you powered through it.

Trey: *Is it magic enhanced?*

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.44.57 PM

How they dash at each other

Micah: I cast a curse with the lightning strike so the poison-like effect builds up until you feel that strain. Your body can't adapt to magic if I'm right.

Trey: Dammit... They charge at each other once more, so Trey decided to boost up his senses and physical stats to try to make it past the cursed lightning effect.

Micah: Take this!

He starts kicking from every front direction at Trey and he starts dodging each kick but getting hit by the last few kicks and gets sent back. He goes in for another kick, but Trey catches his foot. For a split second everything is still and Trey is looking into the mask and sees it glow. He then spins Micah's foot, throwing him off balance and shooting a charged up cosmic blast from his eyes which are very hot and powerful and concussive and it sends Micah through a corner store. He lands with debris all around him and gets up then creates multiple thick chains to send at Trey. But there are boulders all around so when Micah sends the chains forward, Trey bounces around on the telekinetically held boulders and coats his leg in cosmic energy, kicking at Micah. He blocks the attack with both arms as an X but gets pushed into the ground with so much force, the ground explodes. He's still standing, but Trey manages to put extra force into his kick to send him flying. Micah recovers and spins around to construct a giant hammer this time, and before Trey can respond to that attack his body gets affected by the curse and the hammer slams on him, everything exploding under and around the hammer.

Trey: NO! The hammer explodes as Trey emerges in his bulkier form from earlier. He is breathing really hard and lightning is covering his body and affecting him. He starts coughing up blood but he wipes his mouth. Micah looks over and goes they race towards the building that just stopped being built due to Micah's increasing lack of magic power. When Micah gets to the building, Trey comes from over a skyscraper and lands on the ground. He gets up and looks towards Micah with bloodshot eyes and a bloody face.

Micah: Just stop th-

Trey: No!

Micah: Tch. Fine... He transformers into a dark and sinister version of the Bunker Buster. He turns around and sees that their forms match. Each a bulky, huge, form. They launch themselves at each other and right before they reach each other, they use their feet to stop themselves and cock back a punch.


Trey and Micah in their bulky forms and cocking back their strongest punches against each other.

They both yell in unison and punch at each other's fists, clashing and creating a shockwave so strong, all of the city and then more could feel the earth quake beneath them. The whole area exploded, including the building Micah was trying to build and buildings surrounding it. This sends a huge smokescreen through the area and it increases through the city. Micah's armor cracks through his right arm in which he attacked and the shape shifted muscle around Trey's arm exploded, making Trey cry out in pain but the scream wasn't heard due to the large explosion. It takes a while since everything and everyone is blinded but once the smoke clears, Trey is seen laying on the ground, in normal clothes and his right arm damaged. He's all bloody and when you see Micah, he's on his knees on the ground breathing heavily. Trey is breathing steadily and tries to move but doesn't seem like he can.

Micah: My magik... Where has it gone... Micah is now weakened and he looks around to see the damaged they caused. He tries to use some magic but it seems like it ran out putting everything he could into doing all the spells previously.

Trey: Eli get ready to kill him... He seems to be severely weakened from me and something else.. He was getting weaker naturally. I thought he'd be growing stronger...

Micah: How did this happen? He tries to get up but his legs are shaking. He uses healing magic over time but that's all he can do. He then senses intense magical power from the Wand but somewhere else. No... My father???

Suddenly after everyone gets to Trey and is about to defeat Micah, a man in a green cloak and metal body floats over a building with lots of robots behind him. It is revealed to be Victor Von Doom of this universe and he's holding the Wand of Watoomb. Behind him is his army of Doom-Bots.

Doctor Doom: ... He doesn't speak as he looks around at all the damage Micah and everyone has caused. You lied to your OWN father? How low of you Micah. I knew you were desperate for magical abilities but I didn't think you'd go this far... As he hovers there in place, Micah gets angered and takes off his helmet.

Micah: How Father! How did you know that I had the Wand! I thought I had specifically hid it's magical presence from you!

Doctor Doom: You have, but someone revealed it to me... That's when a man in a cape floats from behind him looking angry and dead into Micah's eyes.

Micah: You... But you work for me! How could y-

Man in Cape: You killed my brothers! You let them die and you didn't even care! Even when those monsters killed them, you just cared about your magical energy!

Micah is shocked to the point where he couldn't utter words and he looked guilty and angry and overall just full of emotion.

Everyone watched this in shock as it unfolded.

Trey: It's actually Doctor Doom... I thought he was aging and about to die... I thought he was dead, Micah... He gets up slightly

Micah: He looks back at Trey still with the face of anger and guilt. He was on the verge.. He was old and rotten and about to die but needed the Wand to revert his age. In one of his battles he aged too rapidly and needed something to revert it. He told me and my brothers that the first to find the Wand would get rewarded as well but knowing my father he's a cold liar. I didn't have any magical energy so I wanted the Wand to myself so I can make my own empire and continue my own legacy without having to worry about anyone trampling over me. I hate him so much for what he's done to me and how he treats me..

Everyone hears this and then looks at Doctor Doom as he's about to talk

Doctor Doom: Micah, you wonder why you're the most disappointing son. You inherit little to no magic power from me, and now even with the power of the Wand you lose to this man? He clearly looks at Trey and he shakes his head Trifer, bring him to me.

Trifer nods and flies down to a weakened and healing Trey. He grabs him and Trey tries to struggle but when he gets close to Doctor Doom, he starts to feel fear and wants to get away.

Trey: What do you want..

Doctor Doom: He doesn't say anything for a while as his cold metal mask stares fiercely at Trey You have so much potential. Yet it's wasted with... these people... He holds out his finger and points at Trey's abdomen. He shoots a few laser bullets into his abdomen. Trey hollers out in pain as Trifer lets him go and falls to the ground, knocked almost unconscious. I have other, more serious matters to attend to. Trifer, I'm sure you won't fail to destroy these people. I'll leave them to you. He turns around and creates a portal to leave with all of his Doom-bots.

Micah: Him? What can he do??

Trifer: Almost as much as you can Micah. Micah gave me power nearly on par with yours at your full power.

Micah manages to stand up

Micah: Try me Trifer...

Trey: D-Don't bother.. Trey crawls from some rubble all bloody and he has one hand on his abdomen injury. He's not lying. He'll kill you. He turns over on his stomach and tries to regen, but his body seems like it won't speed up the process of healing. He's terrified and laying on the ground on the verge of crying. This has never happened to him before, getting shot THROUGH or bleeding out so he just hoped Trifer would be stopped. Eli, you're the only one who can do something about him... Please do something...

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