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* Thecryingwolf3553 - [[Eliana Rosenheim (Earth-2025)]]
* Thecryingwolf3553 - [[Eliana Rosenheim (Earth-2025)]]
* PyroHunter16 - [[Haruto Higashikata (Earth-2025)]]
* PyroHunter16 - [[Haruto Higashikata (Earth-2025)]]
* Infamoussnake - [[Dominic Bernedicci Earth-2025|Dominic Bernedicci (Earth-2025)]]
* Infamoussnake - [[Dominic Bernedicci (Earth-2025)]]
If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART OR this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. '''''<u>Disclaimer: Any real-life or fictional brands are used in as a parody.</u>''''' None of us are actually sponsored, nor do we care to be sponsored, Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)
If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART OR this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. '''''<u>Disclaimer: Any real-life or fictional brands are used in as a parody.</u>''''' None of us are actually sponsored, nor do we care to be sponsored, Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)
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* '''''Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.'''''
* '''''Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.'''''
* Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.
* Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.
== October 17th, 2025 ==
== October 17th, 2025 ==
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Haruto: We may have lost this fight, but we haven't lost the war. Not yet anyway... *It looks like there are other Tarot buckles out there... I'll have to be careful of those in the future...*''''' His sword has small slivers of the cosmic energy blade, which then fade apart as the card in the sword disintegrates as well.''''' *My powers seem to be growing, thanks to absorbing another deck... But why...?*
Haruto: We may have lost this fight, but we haven't lost the war. Not yet anyway... *It looks like there are other Tarot buckles out there... I'll have to be careful of those in the future...*''''' His sword has small slivers of the cosmic energy blade, which then fade apart as the card in the sword disintegrates as well.''''' *My powers seem to be growing, thanks to absorbing another deck... But why...?*
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''Next: [[The Absconders: Issue 2]]''

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This is a new Marvel Fanon-Made storyline called The Absconders. This storyline is Role-played and made by a certain number of experienced RPers. These are our RPers, and their OCs.

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART OR this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. Disclaimer: Any real-life or fictional brands are used in as a parody. None of us are actually sponsored, nor do we care to be sponsored, Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)


  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type for characters with second personalities or long distance dialogue (telepathy or calls).
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.

October 17th, 2025

The lunchroom was bustling and filled with people and Trey, a 17 year old guy just rolled his eyes, trying to pass through a group of kids. He is holding his lunch with one hand, has a fork in his mouth and is scrolling through his Instagram feed, looking at memes and chuckling to himself. He sits down at the lunch table and takes a bit of his taco and gags as it tastes too salty.

Trey: *This lunch is so gross...*

A 16-year old boy named Haruto sits down opposite of Trey, pulling out his lunch box and opening it to reveal his meal. He's listening to music as he mutters something before eating his rice, with fried chicken and vegetables. He looks up at Trey's lunch, then immediately goes back to eating his own.

Haruto: That lunch looks horrible...

Trey: It is man.. He picks it up and sloshes out of his hand and he wipes it with a napkin. I can't believe I expected something good today. When is your mom going to get me food again, that salmon sushi she made that one was so bomb. He rests his head on one arm, as it rests on the table

Haruto: I brought an extra for you. Haruto grabs another lunch box out of his bag and hands it to him. Spoon's under the lid, same deal as mine. Enjoy. He continues to eat while listening to music.

Trey: He starts to mock cry and takes the lunch box and starts to eat. Thanks my dude. He begins to eat as he continues to look at memes on his phone.

After 20 minutes of eating then talking back and forth to each other, the bell rings and Trey takes his empty lunch box and Haruto's empty lunch box to a trash can and throws it in. They both walk back to AP Calculus and sit down while waiting for class to start. The teacher, Mrs. Reynolds walks in and signals the class to quiet down.

Mrs. Reynolds: Now everyone, I would like the permissions slips for the field trip to be put in the basket in a neat fashion over by the door. If you don't have it today, then you cannot go to the field trip tomorrow. Now don't make a huge ruckus and go put your permissions slips in.

Trey smiles to himself and reaches into his book bag to get his permission slip out. He walks over to the door and turns in his slip.

Haruto grabs the slip from his folder, turning it in to the teacher. His earbuds are still in as he does this.

Mrs. Reynolds: Haruto, remove your earbuds please. Haruto ignores her. My bad. Hunter, remove your earbuds please. He pauses his music and removes his earbuds as he sits. Much better, thank you.

Trey snickers a bit and then notices students Eliana Rosenhiem, and Dominic Bernidicci talking and sitting down. He wonders if they're dating then waves the idea off.

Trey: Says to Haruto Dude, hope this'll be fun. This might be boring as hell...

Haruto: We're going to the Japanese American National Museum. It's probably gonna be boring, but who knows? Maybe something eventful will happen.

Trey: Eh, hopefully...

Eliana: I've been here before, you know. Twice. Not the most informative museum but it had some interesting stuff in there. I think I still have my notes somewhere...

Dominic: My mom always talked about it, I'm a bit hyped, is this place hype worthy or a fluke?

Eliana: A bit of both.

Dominic: Ah, kay, um how long is this gonna be again? He brought out his phone and saw it was at full bar

Eliana: Not long, ten minutes.

October 18th, Japanese American Nation Museum

The buses just arrive at the museum, where the students start exiting out each bus. Everyone is relieved and some are taken aback by the size and structure of the museum. Trey and Haruto exit the bus and Trey looks around while smiling to himself and taking a picture with his phone.

Trey: *This is pretty cool..* Trey adjusts his black cap that's facing forward to block out the sun. He also has a black slim hoodie, dark blue jogger pants and black Vans.

Mrs. Reynolds: Alright, either stay with me or Miss Tessing. We will be going to different parts of the museum. Okay? Have fun everybody! She claps and sends the students on their way with either teacher.

Trey: Says to Haruto I'm going to go check out the other places. He lightly punches him arm and peeks at Miss Tessing, suddenly Trey's body outlines with dark blue energy and he walks out of the outline, creating an illusion of himself walking behind Miss Tessing with the other students. The other students don't notice that he just did that due to psychic abilities, and Trey scurries away.

Dominic notices this and scans him, and notices the genetic anomalies.

Dominic: *Hm leaves a double and scurries off, must be trouble.* He starts tailing him.

Trey arrives to a different part of the museum and looks at artifacts around the 3 rooms that the artifacts reside. He gets into the second room and takes pictures, and when he looks at the pictures, he notices one artifact, slightly glowing a jade color. He looks focused and looks at the artifact on the wall but doesn't see the glow. Looks around him and doesn't see anyone but then sees Dominic, from his class.

Trey: Ah.. Hi... He puts his hands in his pockets and walks away while avoiding contact.

Dominic: Hello there, just to ask why leave a double and look at that thing?

Trey: He turns around and looks at Dominic. He mumbles Just wanted to look at other stuff I guess... He doesn't know if Dominic heard him and he keeps walking.

Dominic: You know cosmic energy is a pretty dangerous thing to be walking around with. He taunted.

Trey: He stops again, a little annoyed this time What do you want..

Dominic: To know what you're planning, why leave a double, and why in a rush to leave?

Trey: This is a museum, isn't it? I wanted to look around by myself. Being with a teacher is slow and boring. Now leave me alone. He walks away

Dominic: He rolls his eyes and puts his hands in his pockets Whatever dude. He goes back to the group

Back to one of the groups, Eliana and two friends are looking around, close to the teacher.

Eliana: This place is beautiful.

Friend: And boring.

Eliana: You're not seeing it for what it is.

Friend: And what is it?

Eliana: Art. All of this. Well there's nothing to learn for me anymore here, but it's a nice place.

Friend: Why didn't we just go to the dinosaur museum or something?

Eliana: Because dinosaurs are boring. Anyway, we should check out the more interesting stuff, you'll see. But first, where is this woman taking us... She looks at the teacher, then gestures her finger at the teacher, as Eliana's eyes glow blue for half a second. She's taking us to the miniatures...boring.

Mrs. Reynolds: Follow me class, we'll check out the miniatures next.

Eliana: Told you. Follow me instead, this part is a lot better. They walk into another section.

As Haruto browses the exhibit on the Sengoku era, he notices a beeping getting louder and quicker. He dives away from the wall as it explodes and a group of masked robbers barge in, guns firing and even a few lasers. While everyone is panicking and fleeing, Haruto sneaks into an empty area and equips his buckle.

Haruto: *I need to stop watching Kamen Rider...* Henshin! He slots the card into the buckle and equips his armor, a digital projection of his armor distorting the area around him before the screen envelops him and finishes the transformation. Iku ze! Haruto rushes in with music playing in his helmet, punching someone in the back before firing a few energy projectiles at him from his fingers. Another assailant rushes in to hit Haruto, only to be elbowed in the face before being turned around and kicked to the ground.

Robber: Who the hell are you?! He fires some bullets at Haruto. A few hit, but the rest are shot out of the air by a medium-sized energy projectile

Haruto: Agh... Haruto holds his ribs, where a bullet hit. Yare yare, daze... Another robber tries to hit Haruto from behind, but Haruto round-house kicks him with enough force to send him flying into a wall. Ore wa Reigai. Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero! Haruto runs at another robber and begins to punch him rapidly, his fists becoming a blur of motion as he repeatedly yells "ORA." Eventually, he kicks the robber into another robber, knocking them both to the ground *Ugh, I need to stop watching Stardust Crusaders over and over...* Yare yare, daze...

Dominic saw some guys, and he rolled his eyes, and he started armoring up, he then sees two and uses his thrusters to slide around like a maniac using Capoeira looking maneuvers, against several ones and went into a stylish crouch using non lethal mode and started shooting.

Dominic: Vanquish in the house!

Haruto: Dare da?! Haruto kicks another guy away and notices Vanquish arrive. Hm. Nanimonai. Haruto turns around and sees five robbers lined up and reloading. He looks at them, then points at each one while mentally playing choosing which one to attack next. After they reload and look up, Haruto points at the one in the center, then runs at him quick enough to disappear. He reappears and uppercuts him before punching the one on his left and then using the momentum to kick the one on his right, knocking them all down before gracefully rolling back and then shooting them with cosmic energy, enough to hurt but not kill.

Trey hears a huge blast and a bunch of commotion everywhere he runs and sees Nico and Haruto fighting robbers. He just watches while backing up and looking around to see if anyone else with powers were going to help. Suddenly more explosions are heard outside the museum and Trey could see superpowered beings starting to enter.

Trey: *Oh crap.. This is the time where we usually call police...*

Suddenly a superhuman rushes at a couple civilians and shoots them with a beam from his hands that traps them in pink crystalline structures. He turns towards Trey too and shoots the beam but Trey moves out of the way and steps towards him in a blur of a motion and knees the guy in the stomach, knocking him out.

Trey: *Ah, whoops.. Maybe I should start taking these people out with Haruto... I don't know how to control my strength though*. He stretches his arms and speeds to a couple of superpowered beings trying to rob the place. He takes them all out with a couple of hits each and finally smashes the last guy's skull into the ground with ease. *Sheesh, am I hurting these guys? I wonder if Haruto needs help over there.* He spin jump kicks a guy flying at him at him with a glowing metal axe.

A terrorist runs in, gun in one hand and an arm covered up in concrete. He shoots shards at civilians that scream in pain. Suddenly a charging up noise is heard and a streak of red dashes past the concrete shards and across the walls and ceiling. It appears as a humanoid fragment of pure red energy, then jumps at the terrorist. It grabs him and slams him to the floor creating a small red explosion that sends him flying. The energy materializes into a human, the super-heroine Gemstone, wearing her super-suit which is currently glowing red. She runs to the injured civilians and kneels to them.

Gemstone: You're superhuman too. You're also in a lot of pain. Sorry I need to borrow this. She holds her hand out to them and red energy is ripped from them as they gasp then fall unconscious. Gemstone's eyes and body lights up in neon red. She then generates plasma from her hand and uses it to cauterize the wounds and remove the concrete. More explosions occur behind her causing her to turn in alertness. Bullets start flying around as three heroes are fighting off the terrorists. She turns into pure Ruby Energy again and dashes to help them, then stops close to an enemy and shouts at them as red sound waves emanate from her mouth that blast the enemy out through a hole in the museum wall.

Trey is dodging an assailant's attacks and trips then and slams their body into the ground. He seems calm about this but inside he's nervous because he has never been in this situation.

Trey: *Come on Trey, man up... Do something useful...* That's when his ears pick something up and its a bunch of clanking and cars driving and motorcycles revving. Trey sprints through the panic-filled musuem and passes the artifact room. He stops, turns around, only to notice the the glowing artifact he saw earlier was missing. He looks confused then runs out of the damaged building, seeing several cars, trucks and people fly off. The police finally arrive so Trey makes a quick decision and decides to run after.

Guy on motorcycle: You'll regret this kid! Go home!

Trey just shakes his head and pushes himself to run faster and faster after the motorcycle, uses his bio-augmentation in his legs so that he can push himself to run faster after the fleeing suspects. He has a tough facial expression and finally catches up to the fast motorcycle as they zip around slow cars on the road. Trey's eyes glow dark blue and he shoots thin cosmic laser beams out of his eyes at the motorcyclist and he burns and falls off the motorcycle. It hits him and explodes into flames on the side of the road.

Trey: Argh!

He keeps pushing himself to dodge ranged attacks of enemies and decides to jump for the van in 20 feet away. He starts making large steps, then jumps with a large amount of force; enough force to create a mini crater in the ground. He soars through the air and lands on top of the truck as it swerves a little bit and he makes an indent in it. He rips off the roof of the truck and as he looks inside, there are 5 enemies with glowing hands, pointing them at Trey. Before he can respond, they all blast him with so much energy that the roof of the trunk completely blows up and Trey gets blasted 50 feet into the air, landing into the park area next to the road. He staggers up, holding his side and looks around of any sign of anyone. He remembers Haruto's powers, so he takes a deep breath, looks upward and...

Trey: HAAAAAARUTOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! GEEEET A F**KING MOTORCYCLE AND GET OVVVVVEERRR HEEERREEEE!!! He screams at the top of his lungs but uses bio-augmentation to make his voice way louder than anything, sending sound waves across the city and hopefully to Haruto. Trey jogs to the street and falls to his knees hoping Haruto heard his cry for help.

Haruto: Nani? Haruto kicks a robber so hard he hits the wall and goes unconscious immediately, followed by the sound of cracking bones. Trey? He hears Trey yell "Get a f**king motorcycle and get over here" from far away. *Shimata, I left my bike at school... School isn't too far from here... If I run at max speed to school, I can track Trey.* Haruto runs towards the school at top speed, getting there in a few minutes, before stopping by the parking lot and changing the colors on his bike to disguise it. He hops on, starts it up, and rides on, trying to track Trey. *Dammit...* TREY! WHERE ARE YOU?!?! He speeds up, shifting gears to get to higher speeds

Trey: OVVEERR HEEERREEE! HURRRYYY!! He yells again, after he heard Haruto

Haruto uses his armor's tech to echo-locate Trey from his yells, swerving through traffic to get to him. Eventually, he manages to catch up to Trey, seeing the van in front of them.

Haruto: Get on! Haruto rides beside Trey, in range for him to jump on successfully.

Trey jumps on quickly

Trey: Finally dude... Hurry man we can't lose them... How fast can this thing go??!

Haruto: Let's find out! Haruto revs up the engine and manages to catch up the van. Kick their asses! Haruto points his fingers at some of them and fires a few energy bullets at them as a distraction.

Suddenly Gemstone lands on the hood of the van, kneeling on it and having dent the metal. She holds her hands out to the windscreen as if she's grabbing something then the glass shatters and spins until it grinds itself into green energy, which Gemstone absorbs, turning her suit neon green. She then creates a thin shield of iron that covers her front. The gunmen fire at her, the bullets penetrating the shield as she moves it from the force. She then throws the hole-filled shield away as they reload. She then holds her hands to their weapons and the guns dent and compress then evaporate into green energy which is then absorbed by Gemstone. The man in the passenger seat then kicks in her direction, sending a blast of blue fire at her, knocking her off the front of the van, then the van hits her as it passes. The van drives off into the distance as does the motorbike. Gemstone coughs up blood as she bleeds, but then she becomes surrounded in a translucent purple thin bubble of energy as she heals quickly as well as her suit turning the same colour then it disappears.

As this happened, she saw a blur pass by her, Vanquish, obviously in Runner mode, several shots of energy were launched at him, he avoided each one, but he noticed he was about to run out of energy for this mode, he times it right, and jumps while turning back into Assault mode, crashing down in front of the truck making a domed shield to stop it. As he notices the motorcycle stop in front of him.

Vanquish: So, who's gonna bring em' in? Not it.

The motorcycle swerves around him and keeps going after the other van and motorcycles.

Trey: Haruto I have an idea! Go this way! And when we do this you can take care of the rest of the motorcycles.

He turns onto a road left, and drives a few blocks down then turns back onto a street in front of the van. Trey gets off and runs a few blocks down some more and Haruto is about to drive towards them, but a gun glowing cosmic energy is about to fire so Haruto changes his mind and turns around and starts to drive away from the van.

Trey's kick when he jumps over Haruto's bike and collide kicks with the van.

Trey: Oh no... He turns around to see Haruto driving away from the van in the distance and he shrugs and runs full speed at them. He keeps running and before Haruto can get too close, Trey slightly jumps 6 feet, so he just passes above Haruto's head. He spins his leg around him (like in the gif to the right) and as the van and Trey approach each other, he spins around into a kick and the van collides with leg and in slow motion, the van crushes and compacts against the force of Trey's kick. The driver and passenger get crushed and the back of the van busts open because of the pressure and people fly out of the van and eject forward into the air. Among the things that eject forward out of the van, the artifiact that Trey saw earlier also flies out.

Trey: In slow motion still Yeess! He rotates his leg to rotate his whole body and looks up at the artifact, but before another thought, (slow motion stops) and a man with a cape and a suit fly in a blur and grabs the artifact, flying high past the skyscrapers and flies into the distance. Trey falls onto the ground some of the van's wreckage falling around him and he crawls out, not being to augment his durability anymore for the moment. He's on the ground breathing hard and bleeding around his leg since most of the wreckage wrapped around his leg anyway. He now hopes Haruto took out the rest of the motorcycles.

Highway area where the assailants teleported and stopped to kill Haruto

The motorcycles are driving faster and faster then one of them throws something at the ground in front of the and it opens a portal through space-time onto a highway with a mountain in the back. They drive in and Haruto drives into the portal too, but it doesn't close. The motorcycles still have a lot of stolen stuff and they swerve and stop their motorcycles in the middle of the road. They get off and prepare to face Haruto who also drove through the portal.

Haruto just drives past them, stopping in a few feet in front of the assailants. He gets off, then disappears in a flash before reappearing behind one of them with his fist in the air.

Haruto: ORA! He punches the guy he's behind with so much force that it sounds like a low-caliber gun-shot. A hole appears in the guy's chest from the punch after Haruto turns around and kicks the other guy next to him off the side of the highway. Two more try to get out their guns, but are shot with energy bullets before being punched off the side of the highway by Haruto. Yare yare daze... *My arms are gonna be sore after this...* He stretches his arms out before getting back on his bike, revving it up, and driving back through the portal to catch up with Trey, only to stop on the side of the road after seeing him lying on the ground. You okay there? He gets off his bike to help him up.

Trey: Yea man... Thanks.. He gets helped up and pats him on the back and stretches There's some energy girl and some armor guy that helped us. We should see how they're doing too.. He gets on the back of Haruto's bike and looks around in the sky.

Haruto: Sure. Haruto gets back on his bike and rides back to where they last saw the "energy girl" Trey mentioned. When they get there, they see a girl shrouded in violet energy with said energy obscuring her face. Haruto parks his bike behind her, getting off and tapping his helmet so that his voice is pitched down and distorted to hide his identity further. Oi, you okay there?

Gemstone looks up at him as the energy absorbs back into her, revealing her face as Eliana.

Eliana: Where did they go?!

Haruto: My friend here took care of the van. I got the assailants on the bikes. Haruto replies while his helmet plays this for him. Only he can hear it, so it doesn't bother anyone.

Eliana: You got them? Oh good. Uh, so you're another superhero, obviously. Wer-were you back at the museum...?

Trey: Yes, we were.

Eliana: Oh, you, you're Trey...right?

Trey: Y-Yes I am.. He looks away nervous that she's judging him and he goes back to the bike. If you're okay, then you can go on his bike back to the school or something. I'll walk.

Eliana: Oh, no it's okay. The place will probably be swarming with police, not just the museum. I'm...I'm just gonna go home. She clenches her fists then her suit turns into green energy and is absorbed into her, leaving her wearing her casual clothing.

Trey: Alright. Cya... Wait, what's your number? *AH crap why did I ask her that..*

Eliana: My number...? Heh, why?

Trey: Because there is this place that you should visit with us later. I was gonna text you so you could come maybe hang out with us. I don't know.

Haruto: If you'd like, I can give you a ride there. It'll be faster if you go with us now, but you can always visit it later.

Eliana: I do hope you mean because of the powers...but here, name's Eliana, by the way. She shows him her number through her phone as he puts it in. I don't suppose you've seen that other guy, when he shows up I'll tell him to come too, we're friends... And sure, I need a place to hang out.

Haruto: Yorushuku, Eliana-san. Ah, my bad. Nice to meet you, Eliana. Would you like a ride to our hangout spot?

Eliana: Sure, thanks.

Trey: I'll walk home. Bye guys. He begins to walk off

Haruto: Oi, Trey. You sure you don't wanna skate on the back of my bike? Haruto and Eliana get on, the former revving up the engine.

Trey: Uhh actually yes dude.

Trey stretches out his arm and wraps his wrist tightly around the back of his motorcycle. He stands a fair disance back and gets the hood of a van and stands on it.

Trey: Ready when you are Trey!

He revved some more and drives off abruptly and Trey starts to get pulled. Haruto starts to increase his speed more and more and Trey is sliding left and right, a little bit uncontrolled, almost hitting parked cars. Haruto turns some corners and Trey leans to his side, letting his hand touch the ground and grind along the ground. He's also in a squatting position, trying not to fall off. He gets the great idea to lay on the hood and slide that way, although its much harder. He almost hits a bus on the opposite side of the road and he reels in his own arm to quickly get out of the way of the bus and stays behind close to the motorcycle. He manages to get back up on his feet but squat down to have greater control. They eventually arrive to Endo Corp Superhuman Centre. Trey slows down and jumps off the hood. Retracting his extended arm to normal and smiling.

Trey: That was pretty fun! He looks around and laughs

Haruto: That wasn't too bad, except for the sound of metal scraping across the asphalt... Had to turn up my music. Haruto parks his bike near the entrance, cuts the engine, then goes into an alley to take off his armor. After removing the card, it disintegrates into small dust particles as Haruto returns to his bike. Welcome to the Endo Corp Superhuman Centre. We call it the Centre to avoid that mouthful. You're probably gonna want to sign in with the lady at the front desk so you can get an ID badge. Can't really go anywhere on your own without one.

Trey: Think we'll need a new room? Because Eliana is joinin' us.

Eliana: Whoa, slow down, I don't know much about this place, just a few things. So it's just you two? In a room?

Haruto: Not entirely. Think of it as a lounging area. There's vending machines with snacks and drinks, a recreational work-out/sports room, video gaming area, computer room for browsing the internet, and some more. Usually, one room has a TV with couches, a few vending machines, two or three high-spec computers, a refrigerator with additional snacks and drinks, bathrooms for both, or rather, all genders, and a nice view of the city outside. The building itself is very high tech, and there's a variety of touch screen interfaces. Telephones are included if you still use those. ID badges are used to access the rooms and floors of the Centre, so be sure to get one ASAP. I haven't introduce myself, sorry. I'm Haruto Higashikata. I go by Hunter or Haruto, take your pick.

Eliana: Okay, but who the hell's paying for that sh*t? She looks at the building and sees a Stark Industries logo. Stark, huh? Seems professional.

Trey: Mhm. Ready to go in? He enters and the ID badges gets scanned by a security bot and he keeps walking going in and goes to the lady to the front desk.

The Lounge Room

After getting her ID and everything sorted, Eliana, Trey and Hunter head to their room and enter it.

Eliana: Sipping her complimentary Coke can Nice place you got here.

Trey:Yea, since this is a new place, we get more space for the each of us. It's big enough to fit like 5 of us haha. Separate rooms here for everybody. He goes to the table across from the TV and sees his drawing set from the other room. Those guys put it in the best spot. He sits in the highchair, logs into the computer and takes his pen to draw on the screen of the computer and complete the Emma Frost drawing he was working on prior.

Haruto: It's a nice place to hang out at when you wanna spend time outside the house. Haruto sits down in a chair, taking out his sketchbook to draw a character from an anime he's been watching. Make yourself comfortable.

Trey: Erm, Haruto throw me the other pen. The guy who moved our stuff left it where you're at.

They see Dominic come in after getting his badge scanned, and he looks a bit grumpy.

Dominic: So one of you guys actually visit here and you guys just left me there? I mean do you have any idea how hard it is to literally bring back super powered robbers!? He waskind of ticked off at that point.

He gets up to get the pen for himself

Trey: Finally found this place? He goes to sit back down and turns down the brightness on the screen and continues drawing. Sorry we really wanted to stop to other people and get away from the scene.

Dominic: And no one decided to say “Hey Vanquish guy, can you do anything to stop others?" Next thing I know you and JoJo fan numero uno is out kicking ass, without me! He was ranting, luckily he got an ice tea from the vending machine to calm his nerves, as he sighed.

Trey: We had no time to communicate. You were wasting time man- He stops talking to concentrate on the facial features of Emma Frost. His tongue sticks out of his mouth slightly indicating high concentration. He finishes and backs up looking at the image from afar, looking at different angles and nodding. Man, go chill out somewhere, we have all day to just chill. He goes to the fridge and grabs a pudding and sits at his drawing chair while looking at everybody

Dominic: Sighs and goes to hang out with Ellie So what you think of The Centre?

Eliana: It seems pretty cool so far. I might check out the arena I saw on the way up here later.

Dominic: Can I come with?

Eliana: Sure. But I don't think you'd want to fight against me. Is this place really that open with people's powers?

Dominic: Very, as in as long as you don't break anything that's not meant to be broken, show it off. But I think I can accept that challenge of a spar I'm iffy on hitting you.

Eliana: Well, alright then. She smiles competitively.

Dominic flashes a similar smiles as they go to the arena and he armours up as he does just in Assault mode, no weapons first and takes up stance.

Eliana uses some stored up Emerald energy to create her super suit, glowing green currently. She assumes a martial arts stance, waiting for Dominic to attack first.

Dominic charges forward trying to do a palm strike at her.

Her suit briefly glows purple as a thin purple energy shield blocks the strike and instantly disperses. She then creates a blunt object out of Emerald energy and swings it at his chest.

He feels the force of the object that hit him, grunting a bit, but uses that as leverage to spin her to throw her onto the ground.

She holds her hand to the arena wall and it cracks the crumbles through the air grinding into green energy and into her. She then gets up and throws a fireball at him.

He creates a domed energy shield being a but nervous while holding it up.

Dominic: *Come on Vanquish, hold out.*

Eli then launches a literal rocket at Dominic, using up her energy. His Domed shield ran out as it hit as the explosion only hit him, he rolled out and tackled her on the ground, panting a bit, tired, but still trying his best to hold her down.

Eliana: Sorry about this. She then starts absorbing a red vapour kind of energy from Dominic, as it is extracted with pain and into her. She then blasts him off with a red explosion.

He was knocked out as he hit a wall, but as she saw at her side an electrical grenade beside her which had three seconds on it left, and it had words on it which said, ”Will make up with ice cream, sorry XOXO" and it finished there due to being knocked off as it sent stunning electricity through her.

Eliana: Damn you Nico. She becomes stunned and the fight ends there.

Unknown Location at the same time

The area was dark and eery, as a few animal sounds were heard. Suddenly a few men with capes flew through the dark area seeming to be looking for something. They finally enter a building which has some people standing still around, but not doing anything. The hallways are lit up with very few lights and the men in capes fly through the big building arriving into a room. The men flying stopped and landed, and kept walking toward some kind of light. That's when lights turned on above the figure in the light and it seemed to be a young adult, 19-22 years old. He got out of his chair clearly hurt and walked to the men with the artifact that was stolen from the museum.

Young guy: Did you get the enchantment off of it? It has to be the Wand.

Man in cape: Yes sir. What about your father, Micah?

Micah: He doesn't need to know this succeeded. He takes the object from the man in cape and walks into a different room. There is a huge magic circle in the middle of the room and the young man put the artifact in the center of it. The magic circle begins to glow a jade color and Micah smiles greatly.

Man in cape #2: It's working it seems.

Micah: Of course it is. The artifact starts to glow its jade color but brightly and it seems that the artifact starts shedding magical energy and becoming something else. It then finishes and it is revealed to be a Wand of Watoomb.

Man in cape #3: Woah. Never knew this actually existed.

Micah: Well now you do. After so many years of not being used and shrouded in magical energy to look like another japanese artifact. It's going to need some energy... He snaps his fingers as he starts to glow jade energy and the room warps so much that he's standing on the ceiling and the men in capes are standing near the center of the magic circle. They look confused then look up at Micah on the ceiling, and start falling to their knees, feeling their energy getting sucked of them. They try to reach up for help but they decompose rapidly and turn into dust. T-This type of power. I love it! I can't believe my father wanted this type of power! I had little to no magic power and now I'm above my father. Incredible...

He picks up the Wicked Wand and uses his magic to now shrink it and put it somewhere in his room to hide. He goes through and leaves the building while his eyes glow his jade colored energy, and he flies off.

One week later...

Trey comes from school and walks to The Centre while he reads a book, never bumping into anyone though. He finally arrives and enters the building's 87th floor and goes into their Lounge. He throws the ID card to the side with his book bag and he gets a quick snack, then sits at the couch just reading the book.

Eliana arrives to the Lounge and enters, looking bored. She throws her school bag to a chair then sits on another.

Eliana: Hey, Trey. She pulls out her homework and begins working on it. After a couple minutes she throws it aside then transmogrifies her bag then absorbs the Emerald energy. She then creates a punching bag and drags it into another room to not distract Trey. She then begins fighting it in a calm, relaxed manner.

Trey: You alright Eliana? Something on your mind?

Eliana: Fighting helps me relax. I enjoy it. Like you enjoy drawing or reading. I...I saw on the way home from school yesterday someone being mugged, they got away only because my sister was there with me. I couldn't do anything. She would've told my parents, they cannot know of my powers, nor of me being a superhero. I feel like just running away, just to go be a vigilante, to beat the living sh*t out of people like those. The police don't do that, couldn't even save the poor guy from bleeding out... She punches the bag even faster now, including kicks too.

Haruto arrives at the Centre on his CBR650F, parking the bike at the entrance. Once he's passed through the security and arrives at their Lounge, Haruto sets his bag down on the couch and grabs a packaged bread snack from the pantry to eat while hearing Eli practicing on the punching bag.

Haruto: Your attacks must hit pretty hard if they make that much noise, Eli.

Eliana: I'm just warming up, haha.

Haruto: My arms are still sore from a few weeks ago... I punched a guy so hard it sounded like a gun-shot, and there was a hole the size of my fist in his chest. It was great, but I wouldn't recommend it. He stretches his sore arm while eating his bread

Eliana: You don't know sore until you've jumped off a building expecting to float safely last minute but ran out of energy and broke your spine. I can still feel that one, and hear it. She cringes.

Haruto: Ooh... Haruto cringes and inhales sharply I remember getting shot full of bullets one time. Still have a few scars from that experience...

Eliana: Never been shot before. Shot at but not shot through.

Haruto: I was wearing armor, but the bullets still punctured it. Trust me, getting a bullet through your body is a horrible experience.

Trey walks past them talking so get a Sprite from the fridge and opens it to drink

Trey: You guys have had crazy experiences. I know that for sure because Haruto told me his stories all the time. I've never actually been a situation like that, so it's hard to fit in with you guys I guess. He laughs a little and looks away while drinking his soda But last week so fun. I've never done anything that exciting before! He leans against the table

Eliana: The fact people died was not fun.

Trey: We tried out best... But the good thing is that we stopped those guys. We were like an actual superhero team.

Eliana: I'd kill to have a team there when I'm stopping these murderers.

Trey: I agree. He sips his Sprite and switches seating positions

Haruto: Why not start our own superhero team then? I'm sure we can all find ways to fight crime together. And Trey, we need to get you a costume to disguise yourself with. You go fighting with your identity exposed, bad things will happen. He finishes his bread

Trey: Ehh, where am I going to get a superhero costume?

Haruto: Just switch out your outfit for something else, then wear something to obscure your face. That's all you need to do for a superhero outfit. Doesn't really matter what it looks like, just hide your identity and make it protective to some extent.

Eliana: That's boring. If you design something cooler, I can create it with my powers for you.

Trey: I'm talking about the design. I don't know a good design if I'm gonna be a proper superhero. I can make the costume myself. I have the power to shape-shift, so I could transform my body into the costume. Not a big deal.

Haruto: Well, look at what other heroes wear, take some inspiration from that. Or just watch a s*it-ton of anime and look at character designs, then take inspiration from that. So there's that.

Trey: Alright, so what are we calling ourselves?

Haruto: Uh... I have no idea. We're not really doing this as a job, but we're not entirely serious about this... Casuals? Nah, too boring... Eternities?

Eliana: I think that's looking a little too highly of ourselves, don't ya think?

Trey: That's true.. Hmm...

Haruto: Um... How about the Absconders?

Eliana: You know, that doesn't sound bad...

Trey: Hm I like that. He gets up Sounds like us you know? I feel like that settles it.

They could hear armored footsteps come in and it was Dominic, and he had twelve dozen donuts.

Dominic: Guys I got these for free after--- Notices the three standing and looks at them Okay what's going on?

Trey: We're become a team Dominic. Kind of a superhero team. We're calling ourselves the Absconders. You in dude?

Dominic: Trey, we're teens with superpowers. In other words where's the spandex, Absconders cave and Ship? He grinned joking about those three requirements.

Trey: Haha glad to have you on the team man. I'm still trying to decide a design for my hero outfit because apparently it's dangerous.. He sits down on the couch

Dominic: Well I got a glimpse of your powers through my scan, I'm thinking something that looks like living technology, ever heard of an old game called Warframe?

Trey: Yea. I'll try looking into it, but I doubt it has anything for me.

Dominic: Maybe I can make you one?

Trey: I can make one myself. I just don't know a design.. Anyway it doesn't matter. I'm bored, I might go draw again.

Dominic shrugs as he places the donuts on the table and gets a few.

Haruto: Good luck with the design, Trey. He grabs a few donuts and a napkin, puts them on a plate, grabs a milk carton, then heads into the PC room to play some games.

At the Centre, 8pm

It's getting dark in L.A. and that's when the city comes to life. As everyone minds their own business a loud explosion is heard and the Centre starts to shake similar to the effects of an earthquake. Trey gets up and looks around the looks out the window from the main room. He sees people flying in the distance, terrorizing the city.

Trey: Uuhhh guys? He opens the window and a strong breeze of air is felt. It makes Trey's hat fly off his head and he picks it up. Guys we need to go, NOW.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.34.05 AM.png

Eliana walks in the room from outside in the hallway.

Eliana: What the hell was that?

Trey: I don't know but we're going after it. He jumps out of the window and shape shifts his body so that a costume appears. It's a one piece, slim suited design with a belt that holds a cloth in the front. (It's in the picture. More slimmer on Trey since he's skinnier but toned. The whole costume is black and there are no white lightning bolts on the side. It's just all black with the belt and cloth running down the middle. He also has a hood on and a faceless mask.)

Trey hits the ground and begins to run very fast in the general direction of the destruction. He super jumps on buildings and seems to be parkouring around all the obstacles then finally gets to the destruction. He sees flying men in capes creating havoc but it seems to be for fun.

Dominic caught up with him turning into his Tempest Mode, hovered next to Trey, and he is scanning.

Dominic: God, all of these guys are mutates, how the hell do they even find them on short notice? *Maybe I should make a tournament some day.*

Eliana shows up in a beam of energy wearing her Gemstone suit, currently glowing green.

Eliana: Hey, what the hell?! Who the hell are these guys?!

Trey: These guys look like the dudes who raided the museum last week. Only, there's more of them. I was sure they didn't have anything other than flight though...

An assailant flies down at Trey with their palms close and before Trey can back up, the assailant opens his hands to a magic circle and then turns into a huge explosion at point blank range. Trey is sent back with immense force and does a backflip and skids on the ground backwards until he comes to a stop. He gets up from squat position and clenches his fists.

Trey: They have magic now! And something gave them these powers. I'm sure of it. Hope Haruto gets here soon. Before he can counteract, 2 more assailants fly down at him exposing magic circles at the ends of their palms about to fire some type of magical energy. Trey creates a dark blue psionic barrier and they fly into the barrier, their own magic exploding in their faces. He then drops the shield and shoots them both with a blast of cosmic energy from his hands. He runs to one assailant who hits the ground and he punches him in the face so hard the earth underneath his head cracks. He grabs him by the the collar Who's responsible for this? Suddenly another assailant grabs him from behind in a hold and flies up in the air. He breaks the sound barrier and keeps going up faster.

Eliana glows blue energy as Dominic, Trey and some civilian get blue eyes as a blue energy comes out their brains in short bursts and is absorbed by Eliana. Her aura becomes blue after and so does her suit. She then picks up multiple objects with telekinesis and throws them at one of the assailants. He responds by incinerating the objects with ease and then flies at her. Eliana creates a small Sapphire energy boost beneath her legs that launches her upwards and starts hovering in place, manipulating the gravitons around her. She clashes with the man, as she uses martial arts while hovering to fight him in the air. Her Amethyst energy reinforces her body's integrity to survive his attacks.

Trey: Ggg... G-Get off...

Assailant: No! He suddenly ignites in magical energy and continuously explodes as he's flying up. He isn't getting damaged at all but, Trey is taking all the huge explosions he casts and tries not to pass out. The assailant flies even faster to the point where it nearly blinds Trey and he flies all the way up, 200km above the surface of Earth into the thermosphere. The assailant lets go of Trey after casting more explosions and flies off, back down into the fight with Eli and Dominic.

Trey is left in the thermosphere and is already unconscious. He shape shifts into his normal form and clothing. But due to the increased temperature in the thermosphere, his clothes burn off completely. He is now naked and floating, and his body slowly fall. Trey's body starts to tense up and veins appear everywhere and things start happening to his body, then it goes back to normal. Trey suddenly wakes up, and looks around him, not being able to hear anything but just see the country of the United States below him. He looks very confused and looks around slowly and sees space and his eyes widen. He starts to feel the effect of gravity more on his body and he looks back at Earth and feels himself falling faster and faster. He starts spinning very fast and notices he's naked and tries to shape shift into his costume once more. As he's falling, he notices his body temp starts to increase even more and his starts to light on fire. That's when he's reached the mesosphere. He falls faster and faster and now his body is completely on fire as he's crashing down towards Earth.

Trey: AHH!!!!! He can finally hear his own scream as he's quickly barreling towards Earth. He quickly soars past the stratosphere and begins to feel that he's going at a constant speed. He free falls as he corrects himself finally and sees the battles going on between everyone. He then morphs his skin and it ejects from his back as he creates a make-shift parachute to slow himself down. Once he's reached skyscraper level. He shape shifts the parachute back into his own body and falls again. He manages to control himself in the air and lands on top of a large skyscraper. He looks down at the action and slides down the building for a few seconds then jumps off, landing on the ground and making it crack. He gets up pissed and his eyes and hands glow dark blue energy. He speed punches a couple of assailants around Dominic then chokes one of them. His eye beams are charged to maximum heat and he shoots the beams inside of the assailants eyes, effectively burning through his eyes and into his head. Before the beam can exit through the back of his head he lets him go and gets flight tackled in the back. He elbows the assailant multiple times, but since it doesn't work he concentrates hard and creates a psionic shield around his body that expands and forces the assailant off. The assailant punches through it and blasts random giant metal structures at him as he's falling. Trey finally hits the ground and speeds himself away from all the incoming structures. The assailant charges an energy beam at Trey and shoots it. Trey charges cosmic energy beams with his hands similar to a Kamehameha wave from DBZ and shoots it, and their energy beams collide with great force.

Haruto arrives on the scene, armored up and riding on his CBR1000RR. He hits the brakes, turns the bike, and jumps off it as it skids across the pavement and knocks down a few henchmen. Out of nowhere, an armored person wearing what appears to be a female version of his own suit with a different visor and blue instead of red jumps up and tries to punch Haruto. He notices it and is just barely able to block it in time before the girl punches him in the stomach. Despite being punched in the stomach, he still manages to start attacking the "gender-bent" version of himself. While the girl fights with a well-practiced stance and techniques, Haruto fights instinctively, blocking whatever she throws at him while countering with his own moves. When the girl kicks Haruto, he grabs her leg and throws her behind him.

Haruto: Omae wa dare da?! Haruto turns around to face her, only to see a wave of incredibly sharp icicles flying at him. *What the hell?!* He jumps up and tries to shoot them all down, only to get impaled in the left shoulder, thigh, and abdomen. As he falls to the ground, the icicles shatter inside, causing further damage F**king hell!!

Armored Female: You... how did you get that buckle?

Haruto: That's what I should be asking...

Armored Female: What's in your deck? She plants her heeled boot on his chest to keep him down

Haruto: Why are you stealing all of my questions? He gets kicked in the helmet by her boot

Armored Female: Don't be a smart-ass. It'll save your life.

Haruto: I can only access the Fool. There could be more, but I have no idea.

Armored Female: Hm, you waste my time then. I'll let you bleed out here. She starts walking away

Haruto: *And that's where you went wrong...* He gets up, charging a powerful projectile into his hand before launching it at her. She jumps over the projectile, turning around to looking at him. Ah, ah. That's not all. The projectile loops around and hits her in the back with enough force to send her flying towards him. He jumps towards her in an attempt to catch her, and succeeds despite flying backwards a bit with her. Ow... F**king hell... He pushes her off, then grabs the card deck off her belt. He examines it, before his helmet recognizes it and projects holographic data about it. *Deck number 00321... Fool, Empress, and the World... I suppose taking her Arcana won't hurt me...* He puts the deck to his own, causing the two to merge together and adding the Empress to his armor collection. *Now where's everyone else...?*

Suddenly a giant magical beam is blasting and Trey emerges from the end of the blast staggering up and breathing heavy.

Trey: Yo... He looks in the direction of everyone's direction We're over here. There's these magical dudes trying to kill us. Wait a sec.. He looks behind him and the henchmen that Haruto thought he took out are flying at them in great speeds. dude! He runs at Haruto and creates another barrier but one enemy uses sound magic to vibrate the shield. It is about to shatter.

Trey: D-Do something! He tries to keep the barrier up as the other two henchman begin punching the shield and causing shockwaves.

Haruto: I'm gonna try out my new powers... He swaps out his Fool card, watching disintegrate as he replaces it with a new card: the Empress Card. When he closes the buckle with the Empress inside, his armor takes the design of the armored girl he fought earlier, with a new visor and blue details instead of the red. Alright, let's see how this goes. His forearms are coated in ice Let down the barrier!

Trey: Okay.. He lets down the barrier and quickly backs up behind Haruto while holding his ears.

Dominic crashed near them in Bunker Buster mode and reverted to Assault mode, he was panting and blood was seeping out of his armor.

Haruto holds out his hands and sends forth a wave of icicles to distract them. After they deal with the icicles, Haruto runs in and starts punching them, causing the icicles embedded in any of them to detonate and release even more icicles.

Haruto: *This can't be all I can do... What else can I do?!* He grabs a few icicles, eventually grabbing enough to merge together into an ice sword which he uses to cut into multiple enemies. That's more like it!!

Dominic gets up panting and limping.

Dominic: Guys, I'm almost out, I can't access any other modes, these guys have something different and I'm basically dying.

Three flyers land in front of him.

Dominic: Bring it ya overgrown pixies He shouts and makes an assault rifle and starts shooting

Haruto: My arsenal is severely limited as well... If only I can access something else, even if it's temporary... His deck glows slightly What? Haruto reaches into the deck, pulling a card with a star engraved in it. Maybe I should get the Fool's sword... He quickly switches to the Fool, summons the sword, then places the star card into a slot in the hilt. The sword's blade glows with cosmic energy, then generates a larger energy blade around itself This should suffice for a bit. He starts to slash at the enemies.

Eliana defeats the assailant she was battling and then places her thumb on his forehead, causing his eyes to become bloodshot and for him to bleed from his nose as blood exploded from his ears. He falls to the floor as another flies at her from behind, but her increased senses from the Sapphire enhancement lets her detect him, and she swiftly turns around, grabs him, spins him then throws him using TK to send him flying miles away into the distance, all in one smooth movement. She then heads to the others.

Eliana: These guys don't go down easy.

Dominic ends up elbowing one of them in the face, and knees the next one, but he gets grabbed by the neck and slammed into a building and gets dragged up, he then makes a shotgun and fires it, prompting him to use his thrusters to slide down, as he did, he was able to kick one so hard it made a dent in his chest and damaged the back of his shirt as switches to using a baton like weapon to fight them off, but instead just use high speed strikes and kicks

Dominic: S-it! Guys, I'm in a bit of a situation!

Trey: Got you.

He speed steps around some rubble and runs up the building with great speed, kicking the assailant in the gut and grabbing his leg, and spinning around in 900 degrees and throwing him into the top of the building. Dominic lands behind Trey as he landed and took the assailant by the neck and threw him off the building. Dominic jumped off too and they both dropped down, Trey with cosmic energy protruding from his feet and energy from Dominic's feet and they both landed on the assailant as he reached the ground and the earth below them and the assailant exploded and the assailant seemed to die. Trey and Dominic emerged from the rubble breathing hard. That's when suddenly in the mist of everyone coming together to fight off more assailants, a bright light appeared and a man in a mechanical suit materialized.

The man in suit

Trey: W-Who are you??? The assailants looked back and flew behind him.

Man in suit: I noticed my magik energy that I gave these men started to dissipate.. Was it you guys? The man with the mechanical suit looks towards them and walks towards a fallen assailant. He then looks back at the group. You imbeciles wasted my magic energy that I gave my men, since you killed them.

Trey: So this was you... His arm tenses and veins all over his right arm pop out. He runs disappears in a blur and appears in the air dropping down at the man in the suit with a punch with his right arm. The man simply puts up two fingers and a mechanical looking shield is summoned. Trey falls and punches the shield with so much force that the ground and rubble around the shield get pushed back by the huge shockwave and the team feels the force of the punch on the shield from their distance. Trey simply gets pushed back by the shockwave he himself generated. He lands on the ground, and is going for another attack but he sees a blast already fired in his face and gets hit away with his face hurting immensely. Haruto manages to catch him so he doesn't soar backwards anymore.

Trey: Agh..

Man in suit: You're strong but you all won't be able to match me. You interfere with my plans again and you won't get out alive. I'm leaving you with a warning. Let's go everyone. We'll start the rebuilding process in a few days. He snaps his fingers and creates a portal that lead to a very dark place. All the remaining assailants go through the portal.

Trey falls to his knees breathing hard and he grabs his chest.

Trey: Dude we got our asses kicked...

Haruto: We may have lost this fight, but we haven't lost the war. Not yet anyway... *It looks like there are other Tarot buckles out there... I'll have to be careful of those in the future...* His sword has small slivers of the cosmic energy blade, which then fade apart as the card in the sword disintegrates as well. *My powers seem to be growing, thanks to absorbing another deck... But why...?*

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