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July 26th, 2026

Haruto and Trey were back in the Vanishing Point, a week after the battle with the 7 Virtues. Haruto told him what had happened on the Arcana Planet while he was gone. Then, Haruto received a message on his phone. He checked who it was, and saw it was from Katie.

Haruto: Huh... I'm gonna head out, dude. Katie needs help with something. Sorry, man. See ya later. He got up and waved before walking away, summoning his Ride Dueler and heading out through the tunnels.

Trey: Well see you later dude. He sighs, looking at his watch as he had his feet up on the table in front of him, and reached to the table to grab his Arizona drink. He gulped most of it down and laid his head back, looking at the ceiling, thinking about the previous week. As thoughts were running through his head, his phone started to ring interrupting them and he looked at his phone. He saw it was Alyna, cleared his throat and answered. Hello?

Alyna: With joy in her voice Hey!! How you holding up babe?

Trey: Ah, I’m great, chilled with Haruto for a bit, and he left so I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. I’m pretty bored... He played with the television remote in his hand as he was talking.

Alyna: Well that’s good... Didn’t you say you were gonna try to help Dominic with the Supercomputer room?

Trey: He sighed and Alyna recognized why he did. Yeah, soon, just don’t feel like it...

There was a long silence and Trey broke the silence, saying.

Trey: I’m never gonna be that weak again, to the point where I lose my friends. He has a tone of resolve in his voice.

Alyna: She smiled and said And I’ll be by your side Trey, like I said before. But just how are you going to get stronger?

Trey: I already talked to my Mom about that and she is gonna have an answer for me soon. Everyone that sacrificed themselves for the fight didn’t go to waste.

Alyna: Yeah... Micah, Alex, Limit, Antonia, all of the people who fought with and for us... Wait what happened to Spoil??

Trey: Oh well, he lost his symbiote to the Fire Virtue, it tried to protect him and the Fire Virtue completely disintegrated it, leaving Spoil without a symbiote... He was really messed up after that...

Alyna: Wait, why?

Trey: Because it’s been bonded to him for most of his life. Losing something that close is intense, plus it drained his body a lot since it was bonded so tightly to him. I feel terrible, but nevertheless he was a villain.

Alyna: That kind of sucks... Anyway don’t keep thinking about this. Hopefully your Mom can find some way to help you get better and stronger. I’ll be with you no matter what.

Trey: He chuckled Even in the middle of a desert?

Alyna: Well, yeah!

Trey: Inside of a volcano?

Alyna: She started laughing Okay.. Maybe not.... But you got my point!

Trey: Of course He smiles to himself and then says Want to go somewhere tonight? We gotta hang out.

Alyna: Uhhhhh Yeah, sure I’ll let you know. I have to go now okay?

Trey: Awww Alright, later babe. He hung up and got up from the couch, stretching and walking to his room to go take a nap.

Meanwhile at the super computer room, sighing and looking around for Trey, he looked visibly annoyed.

Dominic: *Okay...he must've fell asleep...The price of war is high, we should all know that by now...Yeah, hope everyone is doing okay...Dom you bounced back from a Hivemind invasion, and me, we're all unbreakable.* He then saw a bank robbery, multiple crimes taking place, as it was multiple banks robbed at once. In response he went into Speed Demon mode and left the VP. He made it to one of the heist members, as they were shooting police, he ran as he intercepted each bullet, as he went in front of the van and threw the bullets at the tires, making it swerve, he smirked and then started ripping apart the van, leaving what was left to slide and the perps yelling as they got tied up by Dom who was using the seat belts, his scanner showed there was another van that was near his area, and he noticed it had a damaged tire now, as it was swerving, he went into Dove protocol and flew to it, as he started doing fly bys to shoot it up to expose the thieves as they were nearing water, he soon grabbed all of them, as he saw the van about to crash into civilians, he sighed, and went into Gamma protocol and went in front of it, stopping it, soon everyone, police, civilians, and news cast gathered around him, News seeing the whole thing as he encouraged the praise, almost like he was some professional wrestler. Soon he went back to the VP.

Dominic: Honey, I'm home. He was obviously in a good mood, and didn't care if he was being corny.

Eliana was in her room placing some objects into a box and leaving it on her desk, it was taped and looked ready to be delivered to someone. She heard Dominic and left the box, and hurried out of the room so Dom wouldn't follow her in there. She met him at the entrance.

Eliana: Oh, hey Dominic.

Dominic: Hey, El, anything up lately?

Eliana: What about you?

Dominic: Stopped a few crimes, hero stuff really, and ya' know, trying to get Gardener off my back.

Eliana: Heh, good luck with that. Should probably go deal with that...but he hasn't attacked me since the whole Virtue thing, just media attacks. I'll go see Imperious about that. Anyway, I got some business I'm dealing with, magic stuff, you wouldn't understand.

Dominic: I have six other minds in me, I'm pretty sure I can accept magic at this point...Besides, ever since the island you've been acting...weird.

Eliana: I'm not...weak, okay? If anything I've grown a thousand times stronger. The island was a good test, really cut out the weak-minded, undesirable Eliana.

Dominic: Your power is fine, Hell, I could say I'm slightly scared of it, but your behaviour, some of your morals. What happened on that island?

Eliana: I saw how cruel some people can be. Thomas Gardener, he was a really sick man, and I bet his son is just as twisted. He had this game, where he'd allow people to run for their lives while he shot at them. Some of them were children, and the ones he didn't use were shredded by this machine. The survivors weren't rewarded or anything, he had his men hunt them down and kill them. He did it for fun. I couldn't save everyone on that island, and the men weren't just following orders, they were just as messed up as him. They killed children without remorse too, so now that I learnt what I'm dealing with in this world, thanks to King Artair, I can learn to not hold back too much. Humans are sick by nature, I've been told this too many times, I saw it on that island, but just like a code or something, humans can be rewritten. Of course King Artair hasn't shown me how, but it's all in good time I'll learn. Anyway, that dragged on, sorry.

Dominic: Ellie...Let's just watch some tv, okay? As soon as both sat down and turned on the tv, they saw the news praising Dom for what he did earlier, she could see from the footage he was reckless a bit.

Eliana: Oh look, it's that Vanquish guy! She said with false joy You made it to the news again, you did it a little sloppy though... Make sure Richard doesn't use this as an excuse to flame you through the media.

Dominic: Look don't worry about it, I was helping people, nothing out of fame.

Dominic (On the News): Your protector has done it again LA, woooooo! Can I hear a "Whoop"!? He was showboating. Dominic just changed the channel quickly.

Dominic: I know it looks bad...

Eliana: Ugh, you don't need to say that stuff, just express it in your work and leave.

Dominic: Well excuse me for basically being powerful, those were robbers, not really a threat....

Eliana: Every criminal is a threat, on various levels of course, and they're all worth your time. King Artair taught me that as well.

Dominic: King Artair, your, Lovecraftian horror, Eldritch thing, yeah? Tell me how do you know the teachings, the exposures, the powers you're learning aren't harmful, because I did my research, and they're incomprehensible beings, where you look at their real forms, you go insane...How do I know this isn't happening to you? He was actually questioning her sanity.

Eliana: Because I haven't looked at their real forms. I kept it smart, I'm sticking to one master, King Artair isn't his true form, and what he's teaching me is only harmful to those who stand in my way. The Eldritch masters hold power beyond your understanding, how they work is beyond your understanding. While you play with your Hivemind toys, I'll be learning real power. It's only a matter of time before I surpass all the Absconders in power, in fact I'm almost there. She said, sounding proud of herself. Clio studied Eldritch Magic, and she was the most powerful sorceress in existence during her time. King Artair will make me just as powerful one day.

Dominic: And who is this Clio, how do you know you can be as powerful as her?

Eliana: Clio, Sorceress Supreme of her time, and my ancestor. I gained my magic through inheritance from her. Myron said it's some bloodline curse which caused her magic to pop up in my generation only. And since I have the same powers as her, I have the potential to be as strong as her. Even stronger, maybe. Myron even said King Artair was a stronger Eldritch Lord compared to the ones Clio was taught by. Incomprehensible power runs in my blood, so I must live up to Clio, and you or anyone else won't stop me from that. Clio cut off anyone who distracted her from her rise in power, even Myron, her betrothed. I'm sorry but I won't hesitate to do the same if it comes to that.

Dominic: Oh so I'm meaningless to you now huh?

Eliana: No, but you're acting worthless right now.

Dominic: Ya' know, just because I'm apparently inferior to you doesn't mean I'm still just an ant, so why don't you cut it off with that b-tchy attitude of yours?

Eliana: Don't call me that! She shouted at him, as her veins flashed red a little I told Thad to get lost because he was useless to me, and now you're useless and unhelpful! I need a boyfriend who will make me more powerful, or even feel it, you do none of those things, so don't try to express your importance. Hero work isn't all fans and autographs, so start focusing on actually being a powerful protector than play at being one. She was very angry at him and was shouting, but also tried to keep herself quiet because she knew Trey was asleep.

Dominic: Start focusing!? I died to get powers, I faced inner demons to get this power! And what, you're comparing training and gaining power from a cursed legacy as better!? I'm not saying it's about fans or autographs, but being a hero doesn't mean you have to be some fascist, who's gonna try and change the nature of a species, instead of overcoming a past event!

Eliana: Oh boo hoo, you're still not understanding the real problems with this world! You can't punch and laugh your way to justice, I'm trying to break the system and actually end crime forever, Hell even Arnault did more for this world than you think you're doing! He tried to change how everything works, instead of playing by the rules and letting the rules play him. I'm trying to do the same, but you want to stick around and take down petty criminals again and again without doing anything to prevent the crimes before they happen. You're exactly like everyone else, blind to the possibility of what true power can achieve, you prefer to stay weak and live and die in a world of terror. I don't, and if you don't want to help me then you can f-ck off! She started to sound slightly childish, but her face was still serious, and she looked like she wanted to hit Dominic but was resisting.

Dominic: You know what!? Fine! I'll go f-ck off, have fun with the slow descent into madness. He went into Speed Demon mode and ran off *F-ck it, I'll just go to the club then.* He ran to said club, a sort of superhuman haven, and talked to a few people there, as he was encouraged to get on the piano and start playing it, singing a bit as well.

After Dominic had finished his song and everyone was cheering him, he noticed someone he recognised sitting at the bar smiling at him. It was Vice, or Chloe Hathaway, and she was drinking wine. When Dominic approached her he saw she was actually seconds from crying.

Chloe: Dominic, right? Hey...

Dominic: Yeah, aren't you that girl from the Erratics? Chloe was it? What's with the long face? He sat down beside her, he sounded concerned.

Chloe: Oh just, during the Virtue battle, I lost my good friend, Limit you know him as. I don't normally feel this sad about death, considering it empowers me, but the Erratics are my only friends, they're like my family. Do you know what it's like to lose family? It's horrible... She kept tapping her glass.

Dominic: I'm actually familiar with it, I lost my father two months ago, and I thought my friend, Haruto died. I thought I would never get a chance to see my girlfriend again, and, I thought I wouldn't be able to live. So, at least you have someone who can share your pain.

Chloe: That's tough. Sorry to hear about your father. She sighs Sorry, I didn't expect to be so depressed about a single death. I could never make friends, because I'd end up killing them without my will for sustenance like some sort of energy vampire. The Erratics were the first people I met who I could actually hang out with without risking murdering them. Sure they weren't the nicest, but I don't have anyone to compare them to. Never tried being a hero like you Absconders, the Erratics are clearly villains, all this stealing and killing. It's not that fun. But what other friends do I have? I can't leave them, I don't want to be alone. So why are you here? In the club, I mean.

Dominic: Well just like every guy who has a girlfriend, but knows a club, we had an argument, that's why...

Chloe: Sounds like a big argument for you to be here. Don't give up on friends. Just drink away your temporary issues. Haha. She finishes her glass and orders two more, for them both. Soon, they drank, and drank, she was able to meet each of his other personalities, as she met Wicked last, as he was currently on.

Dominic: Y-Ya know, let's stop being sad! Come on Chloe, let's, let's, oh God what's the word? He slurred out.

Chloe: Uh, I don't know but I hope it's sensible... She giggles

He laughs, as he starts dragging her by the arm leading her.

Dominic: We're gonna kick ass!

Chloe: Haha! She runs outside with him, stumbling a bit Wait whose ass?

They can see in an alley, ten guys trying to enter a closed convenience store.

Dominic: Theirs. He goes into Mastermind protocol, still showing his face though, as he was stumbling to the men slowly.

Chloe started glowing white as her body turned into a humanoid form of white energy strands, and dashed at the men, but she missed and hit the wall, falling on her butt and laughing. The men were confused one of them grabbed a pipe and hit Dom, he fell due to losing his balance they started beating him, but he was laughing, and crying

Dominic: This reminds me of school! Stahp it! He tried to shoo them, not really taking damage.

Chloe fired several bullets of energy at the thugs, but misses most of them and hits a couple on their backs. Some of them are scared and run off. Dominic became sober, as he looked at the three there, sliding under one of them kicking his crotch the other two, he pushes them to Chloe.

Chloe: Take this, f-cker! She charges energy into her fists and slams the floor, exploding the concrete and blasting the thugs back, knocking them out.

Dominic: Haha! That was great, wanna call the cops, hang out some more? As in, there's my place, if you want to that is.

Chloe: Cops? I'm not sticking around for that. Not after that police station situation. She seems to be panting heavily from a lack of energy left over. He rolls his eyes, leaves a note, and calls them, he grabs her by the hand.

Dominic: My mansion then, Ms. Hathaway? He jokingly put up a douchey rich guy tone when he said her name.

Chloe: Haha, mansion? That's cool, never been in one before. Let's go!

He picked her up, and used his super speed mode to run there, in a few minutes they were there. And he opened the door and showed her.

Dominic: Feel free to make yourself at home...don't break anything...

Chloe: Wow, you live here? It's awesome. She moves her hair back a bit, looking around and smiling. Is it just you here?

Dominic: Yeap, sometimes my Mom comes by, but her being a senator and all, it's rare. He admitted as he sat down on the couch unarmoring In all honesty, it gets pretty lonely.

Chloe: I know how that feels. She said as she sat next to him on the sofa Before the Erratics I lived in some trashy apartment by myself, might as well have been homeless. Being alone sucks, everyone deserves company, good or bad. She looks at him and smiles, before giggling and flicking her hair.

Dominic: You had it rough...You know, if you need help, I'll gladly be there for you... He smiled at her, it was a warm one, despite his earlier argument with Eliana, he can feel it fade.

Chloe: T-thank you, I could really use a friend right now... She stares into his eyes for a couple seconds, before leaning in and kissing him. Dominic's eyes widened, but he kissed back, closing his eyes, he could suddenly feel a bit of the energy vampire part she was talking about kick in, making him panicking a little, but for some reason, it felt nice.

They were both still very drunk, and couldn't stay away from each other, so before they knew it it was the next morning, and they were both in Dominic's bedroom. Dominic looks confused until he notices a weight on his chest and he sees Chloe.

Dominic: *No...Okay Dominic, f-cked up big time...Who was even in charge!?...NONE OF US HAD THE LIGHTS ON EXCEPT....Wicked!....Oh come on! Have you seen how Eliana is treating us, like we need to change human nature...This is still wrong!* His heart beat paced, it felt like he was gonna have something like an anxiety attack, but he remembered the night a bit, and he sighed looking down at her, as he decided to try and nudge her awake.

Chloe: She woke up, still half asleep Dominic? Oh, good morning haha. She smiled at him, before leaning in to kiss him again.

Dominic: He kissed back Look, about last night, I didn't mean to, escalate things.

Chloe: O-oh...okay, I get it... She frowned

Dominic: Not like that...I really do feel a connection, but, are you fine with this?

Chloe: Uh, I am but, don't you have a girlfriend?

Dominic: She sees me as worthless right now, and if my mind has room for God knows how many, what would that mean about my heart? But corniness aside Chloe, I feel something for you He kisses her tenderly on the lips Now, breakfast?

Chloe: Sure but, I don't think you should drop things straight away. I wouldn't want to get in the way of you guys. I'll understand if you stay with her, don't worry.

Dominic: I- *She's willing to risk loneliness-...Dominic don't you dare!...Eli will abandon us! Her ancestor did it once, and she said it herself, she wont be afraid to set us aside!...She reminds me of Agony, my love, the one you killed Bernedicci...She was alone like us, and she truly cares for us!... OKAY, EVERYONE STOP! Being the only one who actually married, I can see this, but this is Nico's body, he'll decide....She's alone, I don't wanna abandon, her, but I don't wanna be with her, Wicked obviously cares about her, look, once I talk to Eli again, we'll see...Fine* Okay, but, I'll always be there to help you in your life.

Later the same day

A figure was walking down a crowded street, wearing a hoodie, he was looking back to check if anyone was following, from where he was, he spotted 3 men wearing black suits and shades on, walking as if they were synchronized, holding small metallic suitcases

Figure: * they are.* he suddenly started to walk faster, not looking back this time, the men accelerated as well, the figure saw an Alley to the right, he took a sharp turn to lose the 3 men, he looked behind a last time to verify if they were still following, but they weren't, they were nowhere to be seen

Figure: *where are they?* not seeing anything, he turned back to the Alley and froze

Figure: you won't quit following me then. The 3 men were right in front of me, how they got here was unknown, one of the men looked at his watch

Man 1: Come with us.

Man 2: ...

Man 3: Willingly or not. The third man took out his eyeglasses, revealing white eyes that started to glow You have destroyed the base and have killed 64% of our personal, I wonder how they could let you. the man opened his suitcase taking out a file, he looked at it and then looked at the Figure that your name then...?

Raa-4: Yea, I'm surprised you don't know it, so...let's not waste our time, I kill all of you and go home.

Man 1: You aren't going anywhere Raa-4, we have been created by The Agency to find you, it is our purpose. the first man took out his glasses as well, revealing once again white glowing eyes, he turned to the second man who nodded and immediately teleported behind Raa-4 in an instant and took out a gun from his belt and shot Raa-4 in the head, however the bullet froze in the air, only a few centimeters away from Raa's head

Man 1: As we expected, you are able to handle high veloc-

In a fraction of second, Raa-4 moved at an incredible speed and grabbed the bullet that was levitating in the air... Raa-4: I don't care, die. Vector! ...Before throwing the bullet at the man, the bullet went at an incredible speed and pierced through the man like he was nothing, sending him flying back, falling down, apparently dead, before having his body disappearing

Man 3: So this is the power we were told about, Vector. Interesting, no wonder our creators want you alive. The third figure turned to the second one who once again nodded

Man 2: Go. The second man immediately teleported, nowhere to be seen, and the third man took out another gun, pointing it at Raa

Raa-4: ...Quit trying. Raa moved once again at an incredible speed, and in almost an instant, was behind the third man, grabbing his left shoulder, the latter was not able to move, he was still in his shooting stance

Man 3: The Agency is invincible young Raa, we aim for power, we aim for greatness, we aim for the stars.

Raa-4: shut up, where is the other man.

Man 3: ha...haha, he is right in front of you, in fact, you are grabbing his shoulder

Raa-4: ....*w-what?* I see. Anyway. He suddenly tighten his grip on the shoulder of the man, who immediately felt on his knees, and spat blood

Man 3: is..WHAT IS IT? the man was continuously spitting blood unable to get up

Raa-4: You are gonna die anyway...I changed the mass of your body, all your organs are crushing on their own weight, a little touch is all I need, Do you get it now? I cannot be defeated...not by you.

Man 3: Ah...urg...I se- before completing his sentence the man's body crushed and blood splat everywhere on the small alleyway, the body and blood quickly disappeared in statics like the first one though, but his suitcase was still here, and it opened because of the increase in mass, Raa walked to the suitcase and crouched to look at what was inside, and saw a variety of documents, labelled: "Subject: Absconders", along with the names of all the members of the superhero group, the document was a record of all the member's abilities

Raa-4: *The...Absconders? The Agency...Wants them!?, No* He went through the documents that was eerily precise in recording the powers, seeing the extent of the absconders's abilities, his eyes opened wide *I..I must warn them* He immediately got up and walked out of the alley with the suitcase containing all the documents

Raa-4: *Those powers...In the hand of the agency...Even I cannot imagine this*

As Raa-4 left the alley, he saw someone on a motorcycle drive by. The person riding the bike matched the description of one of the people he saw in the Absconders files: Haruto Higashikata. Before Haruto could get any farther away, he suddenly stopped and pulled over to the side, turning off the engine and getting off. Haruto got off his bike, removed his helmet, and looked up at the building above him.

Haruto: You there. He set his helmet down as a figure stepped out on top of the roof. The figure wore a black and silver armor, with a heavy militaristic design. Its mask was angled like a V, but appeared to be made of stylized E's. It held a purple and gold pistol in its hand. You were nearby when that happened... Who are you?

Figure: You are Override, are you not?

Haruto: So what if I am?

Figure: Your doom draws closer. The Arcana haven't told you everything. You are blind to the truth. There are more than just 7 of them.

Haruto: Hm... *How the hell does he know about them?*

Figure: They Exiled me, Override. The figure had read Haruto's thoughts as he paced around the rooftop. I will assimilate more and more people. Until I have regained my own body.

Haruto: Who are you?

Exiled: You will come to know the truth about me soon enough. For now, call me... Exiled. With that, the figure aimed at Haruto with his pistols and clouded himself in smoke before disappearing.

Haruto: Every time, I swear... He sighed, then turned to face Raa-4. You alright there, sir?

Raa-4 took out his hoodie

Raa-4: Higashikata Haruto! You are Higashikata Haruto from the Absconders! I needed to see one of you guys!

Haruto: Hey, hey! He shushed Raa, not wanting his identity to be revealed. He then walked up to Raa and whispered to him. Listen, I'm trying to keep the Absconder life separate from my life. I'd prefer if you didn't yell that out loud. Besides, how the hell do you even know I am one?

Raa simply opened the suitcase, taking out of it a few papers that he handed to Haruto

Raa-4: Everything...Everything on you is on it, every power, every detail, every friend...everything, and that is the same for all of the team he took out other folders with different names on it

Haruto: What the hell... Haruto looked through each of the folders, finding extensive data on each member of the Absconders and their abilities. This is... insane... We need to meet somewhere to discuss this. Somewhere private. I can tell you where we can meet. You already know me, so it's only fair I at least learn your name. Haruto handed Raa the folders, all of them organized once again even though Haruto hadn't organized them by hand. You are?

Raa-4: I am Raa, just Raa, he looked at the folders and took them to put them back in the suitcase We are dealing with people that have ears everywhere... he looked around where can I meet all of you? Haruto tapped on Raa's forehead with his finger, imprinting the entrance of the Vanishing Point in Raa's memory.

Haruto: Meet me there. I'll gather the rest of them as best as I can, but I can't guarantee if they'll all be there. He nodded towards Raa grimly before walking back to his bike and speeding off, taking a right turn before making phone calls to each of the Absconders telling them to meet up at the VP.

Outside the Vanishing Point, Eliana and Haruto were waiting, Trey and Dom were running late, as they stood there awaiting Raa-4's arrival. Eliana looked a little anxious.

Eliana: It has all of our identities on it? What if Gardener or another villains finds our identities, they'll be able to go after our families! Or worse, my parents find out...

Haruto: It had everything. Academic records, medical records, a full breakdown on all our powers... I don't know who the hell managed to get all of this, but... we need to make sure this doesn't go public...

Eliana: Hopefully this guy shows up soon...

Soon enough, Raa showed up, he seemed tired like he ran, and was holding the suitcase, he saw the two members and greeted them, he then opened the suitcase and took out all the folders from it, handing it to Eliana

Raa-4: I am Raa, Glad to meet you...Haruto told me to meet here...I will cut right to the chase, this suitcase was being held by a man, or more precisely, an agent of a secret group named the Agency...It seriously worries me that they have that much information on you guys...knowing that they aim for power before anything else.

Haruto: So, you're saying that there's a group that plans to abduct and weaponize us? Or perhaps, somehow replicate us to do their bidding? Because we're sure as hell not going to go along with them if all they want is power.

Raa-4: They "cultivate" powers, but...I doubt that they want to use people as weapon...yet. If they wanted, they could obliterate this continent with all those super powered beings under their control...I was one of those powered beings, but I ran away.

Haruto: Must've been a rough escape. In any case, how would we stop this... Agency from getting to us? Is there any way we could dismantle them at all?

Raa-4: To stop them...we just have to..destroy them before they destroy us...they will come to you guys eventually.

Eliana: She finished looking through the briefcase It appears they don't know about the Eldritch masters, they just put "seemingly magical abilities". I guess suspension of disbelief isn't foreign to them. Either way, we shall obliterate them all before this information leaks. But how should we trust you? It said you worked for them before, how do we know you're not still working under them and you're trying to trick us? She handed the briefcase to Haruto while talking.

Raa-4: Just read my mind if you do not believe me, it is simple.

A figure came walking to them outside the Vanishing Point entrance and it was actually Trey, wearing his usual clothes. He was walking calmly, with his hands in his hoodie pockets and chewing on some gum. He waved at the group and looked around, seeing Raa-4 and looking at him.

Trey: Who’s this? He got weary and looked at Raa-4 skeptically.

Eliana: Some guy Haruto met called Raa-4. He said an organization called the Agency knows our identities, powers and everything. It wants to "cultivate" our powers? Anyway, he is superhuman and defected from them and wants to help us destroy them. I dunno.

Raa-4: You are taking this situation too lightly, you do not seem to know what they are capable...or maybe you are too confident in your own abilities ...Eliana? is that it? He turned to Trey ..I am Raa, the girl is right, I am here to warn you of an organization named the Agency, an organization that for years, abducted various powered beings, even...creating some in the guys have been getting quite some attention lately, they are probably attracted by your powers...knowing their extent.

Haruto: Hold on. He took his file from the case and looked it over again. Let's see... "Elemental manipulations, spontaneous detonation, supposed cloaking ability, weapon summon/manipulation, logic defiance to an extent..." Hm. At least they don't know my true powers. We'll need to be on our guard for this Agency. They've got extensive data on us, but not to its fullest extent. We need to keep it that way while simultaneously getting rid of this Agency.

Trey grabs his files and reads through them, feeling a little concerned.

Trey: Okay... This is creepy. Raa, that’s your name right? How can we possibly find out what they’re aiming to do? Do you know where their base is or something? We need to take them out as soon as possible. Who knows that they could do with this information... He looks through his files more.

Raa-4: I destroyed their previous base...I do not know where their new one is...but..I saw them today...they are this town...ready to strike.

Eliana: Well, Haruto trusts you, and I had to read your mind so I trust you too now. We'll help you defeat this Agency. You can stay here at the Vanishing Point during the whole thing.

Soon Dominic arrived, and he couldn't look at Eli, Haruto and Trey could see it too, he was obviously guilty of something, as he showed his face.

Dominic: what's up? He lost his usual beat.

Haruto: Dom, meet Raa. He's escaped from an unknown and dangerous Agency. They've got extensive data on each and every one of us, and they're planning on replicating or taking our powers one way or another. We're gonna work with Raa to stop this Agency and make sure none of them know exactly what our powers are. He tucked his hands into his pockets and felt for his Batteries. They were in his pocket, as they should be. That's the gist of it. Any questions or comments can go directly to Raa.

Dominic: He gets his file Oh sh-t, they even know where my mom currently is...Hiveminds...but, they don't know about my mind.

Haruto: That's the thing. They may know a lot, but they don't know everything. They haven't figured out my true power, or the limits of Eli's powers. They don't know about your mind and what's there. We've still got an advantage over them. And while we've still got that advantage, we need to work to dismantle the Agency. Which is why Raa is going to help us out.

He read his file once again, then looked up. Everyone was gone. He was staring into an empty void, and there were 20 beings in front of him. Seven of them, he recognized as the Arcana he knew: Shin, Fiamma, Acqua, Vento, Terra, Luce, and Ombra. Seven of them were female, and in colors similar to the ones that came from the 7 Sin Strikes. The other 6 were unfamiliar to him, but one of them seemed to have a human standing on their shoulder. Then, two more figures appeared out of the void the other 20 Arcana were standing in front of, one of them masculine in figure, the other feminine. Then, the feminine one faded into the masculine before the male figure disappeared. A voice similar to the figure that visited Haruto earlier laughed before speaking.

You know nothing, Override. You are blind to the truth.

Haruto: Piss off!! He swiped at the vision, before realizing he was still with the other Absconders in front of the VP. H-huh... S-sorry about that, I just... He took a shaky breath and sighed. I-I'm fine. Just hearing things...

Dominic: We have my rival company, and an evil government agency...What else?

Haruto: Simply put, we've also got space gods... Remember how I told you there were space deities watching over me? There's more of them than I thought, and one of them's here, observing me. Not a good one, an evil one. One that was... exiled? Yeah... an Exiled space god is hunting me. Fun...

Dominic twitched his eye.

Haruto: Why are you upset, Dom? You've got alien tech inside your body and head. I don't think space gods are going to be affecting you much. Especially when they're focused on Giorno and me. *Has Giorno left yet? I think he left right after the Virtue war... Was he the one standing on that unknown Arcana's shoulders?* But yeah, space gods are a thing.

Dominic: SPACE GODS! We're breaking limits Haruto.! *Calm down.* Just surprised....

Eliana: Well this meeting is over. Come find us if you find anything more about the Agency, Raa-4. Also, Dominic, sorry about the fight last night. I didn't mean half the things I said. I was just a little distracted and then things escalated a little... Hope you can forgive me.

Dominic: I- Can you go to my room, to talk about this?

Eliana: Sure. As everyone disperses, they go to Dominic's room in the VP.

Dominic: I just wanna say're right, everything that I've done so far, that was just centered on me, the Hivemind, Chernabog, Wicked, that was on me. I am just some guy still playing pretend, and you do deserve better than that, I just, I just want you to be happy, to be content, to be satisfied, I- I- I don't know if you can find that in me...

Eliana: She chuckled before placing her hand on his shoulder Dominic shut up. I chose you for a reason, and it hasn't faded. You're good to me, nobody is perfect, and I don't expect you to be either. So just stay the way you are, ignore whatever I say and don't change for anyone. That's all. She smiles to him, before hugging him. She then stops. Anyway I need to go. Got some business to deal with. I'll see you later.

Dominic: Will do... The moment she left and was far from his room, the room generated a hard light Wicked.

Wicked: So, still scared of what she could do to you, huh?

Dominic: Wicked, just...

Wicked: Shut up? Chuckles No you pathetic little c-ck, you could've decided to man up, tell the truth, fully tell her what happened, but you're such a p-ssy. Chernabog then appeared as well.

Chernabog: You can't keep it a secret forever, she will have to find out sooner or later. Then Ripper appeared behind the three.

Ripper: Enough...As she said she doesn't expect Bernedicci to be both good and perfect, she chose him, respect that, we may all feel a connection to both Hathaway and Rosenheim, but we all know who felt it first. They all looked at Wicked.

Wicked: What, suddenly I can't feel emotion!? You're all selfish-

Dominic: No, stay the f-ck down Wicked, we all saw your memories, you were the one who fell for Chloe, not Bog, not the symbiote, not Ripper, none of us felt it, you lit it, I do want to help her, but you love her, and she loves you.

He growled as the room stopped generating them.

Raa-4 on his part, went inside the VP, still paranoid about the presence of the Agency, he looked around, sat down and once again took out the folders, to see if he missed any crucial information, to his great surprise he did, there was a document that was right at the back of his own record, he took it out and read, "project: Raa-5" was what it was called

Raa-4: *w-what!?* he looked at the details of the document:

"Project: Raa-5, Creator: Doctor Gustab, Notes: Followup to the failed project Raa-4, Purpose: N/A, flaws: N/A, Power: Vector, Location: Floor 2, tank Q1, status: In Construction"

Raa-4: *N-No...that..that can't be...* he took the document and put it back in the suitcase *what are their plans...why a 5th Raa*

July 28th, 2026

The next day, Eliana woke up in her bed at the Vanishing Point. It was around 8:27 am, and she woke to hearing something in her room. Her eyes widened as she saw Thaddeus standing in her room, besides her desk. She shot up and was shocked.

Eliana: Thad?!? What the Hell are you doing in here?!

Thad: Oh um... I was just chilling...

Eliana: While I was asleep...?

Thad: Ahh no. Nevermind. I'll go...

Eliana: Wait a minute. It's been nearly a month since I've seen you and now you just show up?

Thad: You told me to train, nevermind Eliana. I'm leaving. He acted really strange like he was just caught, and when he walked past Eli he subtly flicked his finger as she let him leave without question. Eliana got out of bed and looked to where Thaddeus was standing, to see the box she had placed on her desk before was missing, and in place was a note. Eliana gasped as she ran out her room to find Thad, but he was already gone.

Eliana: *Sh-t...did Thad take the box of artifacts?! That was for Myron! What's this note say...* Eliana picked up the note Thad probably left and read it to herself. Eliana, I understand that you have preferred a new master to train you but I do not feel I have abandoned you just yet. I have something to show you, my monastery. I'm sure you'll find use in it as many others have. By the time you have read this I have taken your gift and will begin studying it straight away. Come find me at my monastery, the coordinates are written on the back of the note. Do not take a boat, for that could lead to your death. How you get there is up to you. Without formalities, it was signed 'Myron'. Eliana sighed, and thought how she'd get there. *Where is this place? And why was Thad here? Did he leave the note? What the Hell is happening...*

Eliana left her room with the note and went to the computer room of the VP, and went up to one of the monitors. She typed in the coordinates and found that they lead to the middle of the Atlantic ocean, with no island.

Eliana: What the... This place doesn't exist! *Probably not plotted on the maps I guess... How do I get there without a damn boat... King Artair for sure won't help me out, he hates helping his apprentices... Urg, my curiosity is taking over me, what does Myron want me to see so badly? Maybe it's some movie bull, and I have to believe I can go there or something? No that's silly...*

Eliana scrunches the note in her hand and thinks of a way to get there without a boat, she concentrates hard, ways of avoiding the obvious and getting there. She can't fly but she doesn't know how to pilot a plane either. Then suddenly, with no more than her sheer willpower, Eliana turns into darkness and collapses into a single point, as if getting sucked out of existence. She then reappears in another world, a realm of complete darkness that reaches beyond infinity. She looks around and screams because of the shock, but her voice is not heard by her or anyone else. The dark is completely silent, and she feels as if she's dead, nonexistent, with only her own conscience to keep her company. She stays in this realm only thinking she fell asleep, and is living a dragged on horrifying nightmare, that prolongs itself for 5 hours. Eventually, a small dot conjures from the distance, and Eliana's body is forced into it, seeing the light of day, and is suddenly sucked back onto Earth, but this time standing on a rocky island in the middle of the ocean. She looks around breathing heavily and holding her chest, her skin pale white with fear and unsettlement. After five minutes she calms down, realising she just teleported to the island the coordinates lead to.

Eliana: What the Hell... Was that... Did I just teleport? What was that realm? I felt...dead... Oh God, that was horrible... As most Eldritch powers, the knowledge just came to her. She discovered the power was her own form of teleportation, and that she could do it again any time she wanted, and that no time had passed in the real world. That was...Limbo? F-ck I'm not going back through that way to the VP.

Myron: Limbo?

Eliana: Eliana turned around and saw Myron standing there, still with an aura of mystery and darkness about him. Myron? Oh, hey...

Myron: So you managed to get here. How?

Eliana: Oh the usual, teleportation or something...

Myron: I didn't know you could teleport.

Eliana: Neither did I. Learn something new everyday, ay...?

Myron: Exactly. I live by that principle, so I never finish a day until something is learnt. My time powers make that all the more easier. All my followers respect this, and live and die for their search for more knowledge.

Eliana: Your followers?

Myron: The mages who attacked you, the ones who died for your war with the Virtues?

Eliana: Oh...sorry it's hard to imagine you have other students.

Myron: Many others. Come, I'll show you.

Myron started walking away as Eliana followed him, she saw that the entire island was rocky with few trees and some patches of grass fields, and there were several mountainous rocks with cliffs. Myron walked along the jagged floor and into some creaks between the mountains, and eventually reached an open area in between the giant mountains where a large monastery was sitting. It was very peaceful here, and the sounds of crashing waves could no longer be heard. As Myron approached the monastery, he spoke to Eliana.

Eliana: What's this place?

Myron: This is the Monastery of Insight, home of the Cognition.


The Monastery of Insight.

Eliana: The Cognition?

Myron: An order of neophytes, practitioners, and students whom I banded together from all across the world throughout time for one purpose and one purpose only: to learn.

Eliana: So you all just come here to learn like a big school?

Myron: It's much more than that. We fight to preserve knowledge, we live and die to feed our curiosity, and we aim to fulfill our minds beyond our cerebral capacity, with knowledge of both the known and the unknown.

Eliana: How long has the Cognition been around?

Myron: Almost four thousand years. It's been around since before even I was born, you know because of my time travel abilities, I established the order at a time where I thought proper education and understanding was paramount for development and evolution of society.

Eliana: So is this some secret society cult stuff?

Myron: It is, but it wasn't always. We used to assign our members to particular jobs advising emperors, kings, to become politicians, teachers, train arch mages, we were quite influential to the world and its history. People heard of the Cognition, and anyone seeking knowledge was allowed to sail here and join us for free. It was the greatest college to have ever existed...

Eliana: Wait, you said people used to sail here, why couldn't I?

Myron: Because throughout history our insight was underappreciated, all this knowledge was thought of as a weapon, and everyone wanted a piece of it to destroy their enemies. That was not the intention of the Cognition, and so we had to place protection on it, isolate it from the world and let it fade off from the maps of the world. People forgot about it, this paradise became a legend, while the Cognition remains as it was. No one leaves, nor enters, unless given permission by me. One of the protections placed here is a Charybdis, a beautiful creature that manifests as a living whirlpool, which is why you couldn't sail.

Eliana: How many followers live here?

Myron: About 800.

Eliana: But the place is locked off for centuries, no new followers come in, how hasn't everyone grown old yet?

Myron: Magic. Literally. You'll see soon enough.

They entered the doors of the monastery, and found a large library mixed with many rooms and sections leading off to different passageways, a courtyard for training, and a bunch of mages and other people walking around, reading books or practicing magic. The whole monastery was bigger on the inside than on the outside, Eliana assumed it was because of some enchantment, but she was in awe of the amount of books, technology and mystical apparatus in the monastery.

Eliana: Woah! This is the biggest library I've ever seen! This whole place is your collection of knowledge over the past four thousand years?! That's amazing, with the sheer amount of knowledge in here, the Cognition is unstoppable!

Myron: Eliana, don't you dare mention anything about knowledge equaling power here. We do not live by that statement, we do not seek power, we all mutually search for maximum intelligence, not unlimited power. Don't get the wrong idea. That's why I hid this place from Clio.

Eliana: Okay, jeez, sorry. So you're the owner of this place?

Myron: More of a leader, I founded it and I run it. Everyone listens to me here because I have the most trustworthy word. But no one here owns anyone else. There are clear rules everyone agrees to follow. We even have books on the history and foundation of the Monastery of Insight. You can read up when you have the time.

Eliana: Do you have anything on Eldritch lore?

Myron: Well... Of course we do.

Eliana: Oh is it in some sort of "restricted section"? Haha.

Myron: No, no knowledge is restricted here. Though there are some things people don't usually read, but it's mostly because it's against the norm or otherwise amoral. It's in that corner over there. He points at a corner of the library, where some old books are.

Eliana: Interesting, I'm allowed to check that out, right?

Myron: Of course. You made a contribution here, and you've already seen the Monastery, so feel free to explore all you like. But first I'd like you to meet someone, since you're so interested in your own heritage I thought I'd enlighten you more on it. Come.

He walked through the monastery, entering a passageway leading to a series of quieter rooms than before, with soft oriental music emanating from one of the rooms. Myron approached one door and slowly opened it. It was an open, nearly empty room with an atmosphere of serenity, and in the middle sat a single man on a pillow. He was meditating, with several strange wooden objects hovering around him in a circle. He had shaved ginger hair and was wearing a purple talisman around his neck, and was breathing out smoke like regular air. When Myron opened the door, the man nodded that Myron could enter, and so he did, with Eliana following him and scanning the room.

Myron: Sorry to disturb you, Doriano. I have a guest who wishes to see you.

Doriano: Ah, there she is! The wooden objects fly onto a shelf, as he rises from the pillow and bows to Eliana, who awkwardly bows back. It's wonderful to finally see you.

Eliana: Oh, nice to see you too, I guess.

Myron: Oh I should introduce you. This is Eliana Rosenheim, Eliana this is Doriano Varela.

Eliana: Ah, hello Mr. Varela. Wait, that's my mother's maiden name. Probably just a coincidence...

Myron: No, actually that's why I wanted to introduce you two. Eliana, Doriano here is your ancestor. Your great great grandfather to be specific.

Eliana: Woah, seriously? But he's like my age!

Doriano: Actually I'm 19. A little older than you should be.

Eliana: But how can my grandfather's grandfather be two years older than me?

Myron: Why do you think the number of followers of the Cognition is still high and thriving? No one ages in this place. Once you enter here, time stops, but in the outside world time resumes. That's why we don't recommend leaving, because you'll be so out of place and confused, so everyone dedicates their life to staying here, and we make sure life here is worth living.

Eliana: So you've been alive for...

Doriano: About 200 years.

Myron: Don't think that living two centuries has made him any more mature, haha.

Eliana: So since you're 19, how did know, create me?

Doriano: I married young, had a child with a woman I didn't love because of family tradition, and then I left home and was met by Myron one day, who offered me a change in purpose in life. That's to join the Cognition.

Eliana: But I thought the Monastery was closed off since when?

Myron: Since five hundred years ago, but I searched for him specifically through time to recruit him, just like I did for you.

Eliana: Why?

Myron: Because the Varela bloodline has a certain affinity for being magically adept. They learn magic much faster than regular humans and are destined to achieve greatness.

Eliana: Again, why?

Myron: The Varela bloodline was started by one of Clio's children. All members of it share her magical blood, but since Clio placed a curse on her own children, they did not fully inherit her powers. Only one generation in her bloodline would inherit it, according to the curse, but that would be millennia away, and that's you, Eliana.

Eliana: Woah, awesome. So I'm like the chosen one, right?

Myron: Don't let it get to your head. We don't know the purpose of such curse, but we want to find out. Anyway, members of your mother's bloodline throughout history have made excellent sorcerers, Doriano and seven other students I have here are also in the bloodline, but Doriano is the only one interested in magic who has exceeded expectations, so he is my apprentice. I'm sure you two would get along, I encourage that my three apprentices get along, so Doriano, you have my permission to leave the monastery with Eliana.

Doriano: Really? That's great, thank you. I've been wondering what the outside world looks like now.

Eliana: It's pretty cool. So just how powerful are you?

Doriano: This talisman was made to contain my powers because I almost burned down a portion of the monastery. Good thing Myron reversed time and saved the monastery. I could never be so reckless again, so I must always wear this talisman.

Eliana: Damn. Anyway it was cool meeting you, we should hang out outside sometime, I live in LA, if you know what that is...

Doriano: Of course I do, I studied modern society to be prepared for this. I heard you're a superhero too, I'd very much like to see your work some time. But for now I have to continue my meditation. Farewell.

Eliana: See ya. She leaves the room with Myron as he takes her to another door, opening it. They enter, as it's a room of artifacts, and on one shelf Eliana notices a curly haired boy stacking some artifacts she recognises.

Myron: Ah, those are the artifacts you said you wanted me to study, Eliana. I had my other apprentice take and deliver them for you and leave you that note.

Eliana: Wait a minute... The boy turns around, as she realises it's Thaddeus, stacking Alex's artifacts on a shelf. Thad?!

Thad: Oh crap, hey Eli...

Eliana: You're Myron's third apprentice?

Thad: No, not really, he's just teaching me some techniques for fighting better...

Eliana: Wow, okay... That's weird. I told you to go get stronger and you come here... Strange.

Myron: Anyway I've began studying them already and they seem to be very powerful, but not all of them are alien like you said.

Eliana: What do you mean?

Myron: I don't know yet, but I'll update you when I do know what I mean.

Eliana: What, okay...? Oh, you kept that as well... She sees the gift Dominic gave her for her birthday on Myron's shelf

Myron: Yes, it's very interesting to me. Is there anything else you'd like to ask or is that all?

Eliana: No, I think I'll head back to the VP now. Also is there any faster way to get here? I'm not teleporting again...

Myron: Yes, take this. He hands her a small black stone It's a magical touchstone. It'll teleport you here and back when you squeeze it and hold it against your chest. Don't lose it or hand it out to anyone.

Eliana: Got it. Thanks, Myron. She smiles at him, then eyes Thad on the way out. Once she exits the Monastery of Insight, she uses the touchstone, as it suddenly teleports her back to the Vanishing Point's computer room. She sighs heavily, pocketing the touchstone then leaving the room.

July 29th, 2026

The next day, Haruto woke up in his house at around 6 AM. He had been used to waking up at 6 AM for early-morning classes, so he wasn't surprised to be waking up that early. Putting on a shirt and pants, he grabbed his phone from the nightstand and checked it for any messages. Katie had sent him one the night before asking him to come over and hang out the next day, which would be today. He marked it as read before clearing the rest of the messages and getting ready for the day. After showering, Haruto went into his room to put on clothes. He decided on wearing the same clothes he did when he got back to Earth: faded blue jeans, a red and white t-shirt that featured diagonal striping designs, a black jacket with thumb-hole sleeves and a high collar with red skeletal designs, a white high-top sneaker on the left and a crimson one on the right. Following that, he ate a light breakfast and left the house. His parents were getting ready for work just as he finished up breakfast, so he told them he'd be out for the day before leaving. After summoning his Ride Dueler, he sent Katie a quick message saying he was coming over before heading over. By the time Katie was up and brushing her teeth, Haruto had already arrived.

Haruto: Probably should've waited a few more minutes. *Or an hour... It's... 7 in the morning, f--k. Should've waited a bit.* Just as Haruto was about to start his bike again, Katie opened the door.

Katie: You really like being early, don't you? She was wearing a loose pair of pajamas as she yawned. Come on it, don't wanna keep you waiting.

Haruto: Thanks. Excuse the intrusion. He got off his bike and compacted it before entering Katie's house, closing and locking the door behind him. So... what's new?

Katie: Besides the occasional sleepover with you? Not much. She yawned again as Belle left her room in her underwear, also yawning

Haruto: Morning, Belle. She waved to him as she entered the bathroom and closed the door. So... breakfast?

Katie: I don't have much at home today. We can just get pizza or something.

Haruto: Sure. Home-cooked meals can get a little boring after a while.

Katie: Mhm. Can you order? I'm gonna get something. She went to her room afterwards.

Haruto: Sure thing. As he sat down on the couch, he placed an order for two large pizzas, soda, and chicken wings. They arrived after about 20 minutes, just in time for Katie and Belle to come and pay for the food while Haruto turned on the TV. They went on Netflix and watched a movie marathon while Haruto told them all about recent events. His fight with the Virtues, what he's been learning to do with his Overwrite while away from the Arcana. He discovered that his Overwrite was currently limited to transmutation and functioned off an equivalent exchange system. To prove this, he took a solid, in this case a slice of pizza, and changed it into something else that was still solid, which ended up being a bread stick. So, my powers are currently limited to overwriting something to something else with similar properties, it seems. The pizza turned to a bread stick, and they're both edible solids. I guess that's just how it works for the time being.

Katie: Interesting... You could totally cheat and make things taste better that way, couldn't you?

Haruto: Eh, that's more complex. I'd have to Overwrite the chemicals in the food. But even then, I wouldn't know what aligns with what to produce a good flavor. Besides, I'm not planning on becoming a chef for my full-time profession.

Katie: So what did you have in mind for supporting the family? She snuggled up to him as she wiped her hands with a napkin

Haruto: Well... Wait, what?!? He shot up in alarm at Katie's words, only to hear her giggle in response.

Katie: I'm kidding~ She remained close to him as she eased him back into the couch and sat in his lap. You've been using protection every time we've done it, so you're fine.

Belle: About that... She leaned up against Haruto and looked up at him

Haruto: Don't tell me...

Belle: Naaah, I was gonna mess with you too. You're good, Hunter. The protection is properly protecting, promise.

Haruto: Jeez, you two.. Had me worried out of my mind...

Katie: But what did you have in mind as a full-time job?

Haruto: Well... perhaps a video game designer or mechanical engineer. Gonna work with tech somehow.

Katie: Interesting. But uh... don't you think your... hero duties are gonna take priority over that?

Haruto: Probably... Knowing the space gods watching over me, I'm going to end up working for them to some capacity.

Katie: And if we do have kids... I'll have to watch them myself?

Haruto: I'll try to be with you and the future kids as much as I possibly can before they call me up. Promise.

Belle: How cute, you two~ Maybe I'll help Katie raise the kids when you're gone.

Haruto: I don't know how much to trust you with that, but I'd be grateful if you could help.

Belle: You got it~

Haruto: So... we just gonna spend the rest of the day on Netflix?

Belle: How about a little... Netflix and chill?

Haruto: Damn you and your libido... Belle only chuckled as she and Katie started to kiss him.

A little later the same day

Raa-4 was walking out of the Vanishing point, he crossed the street and walked by himself on the sidewalk, after a few minutes he stopped in front of a grocery store and entered. He walked past a few customers and made his way to the shelves labelled "milk" there was only one lonely bottle on the shelf, a bottle that he immediately grabbed and started to examine

Raa-4: *does calcium make people stronger or just their bones...f-ck, or is it protein...or vitamin?...Father would've known the answer...anyway..* holding the bottle in his right hand he started to walk in the direction of the counter but was suddenly stopped by a blond girl with clear skin, seemingly in her twenties, who literally jumped in front of him

Girl: Oh...haha...excuse me sir but I see you have the..last... he looked at the bottle of milk in Raa's hand ...bottle of milk..hahaha...

Raa-4: Yes. *My last bottle of milk...precious.*

Girl: Could I have..that pretty please?

Raa-4: *I knew it, the woman wants my I shouldn't give it to's the law of the strongest, actually...not's just about milk...but my calcium...I need will make my bones durable...but can't protein do that it's just I forgot...wait what did she say* What?

Girl: Hahaha..the thing is that...I don't really want to go elsewhere for;.. a bottle of I'm asking you..kindly.

Raa-4: hm. okay. *She has a viable reason...I am have a lot more tricks up my sleeves...she cannot outsmart me...* it is not milk.

Girl:'s written "milk" on it

Raa-4: *that's True* That's false. It is not written milk, you probably have eyes issues, go consult. Raa started to walk past the girl at a reasonable pace but the girl instantly caught up to him and started to grab his arm

Girl: I insist, please give me that.

Raa-4: *what the hell is up with her, just go get some milk elsewhere; the grocery store to the left, I have an agency to send into oblivion, I need that more than her* I insist on no.

Girl: ah...fine...They said you were going to be weird...but I didn't think you would be that bad...Raa...four, is it? Raa suddenly stopped walking

Raa-4: Are...Are you? he looked at the girl with doubts in his eyes

Girl: Yea yea, Agency bla bla...

Girl: Do what?

Raa-4: he was looking at the girl menacingly ...Do you die!? he grabbed the girl's left arm

Girl: pfff...go on, kill me in front of all those people. Like you got enough balls to do so.

Raa-4: You think that I can't do it!? don't underestimate me, Agency dog!

Girl: Underestimate? More like I'm overestimating you. Vector is a cool power and all, but it's seriously useless against me

Raa-4: shut up...I won't let you get away

Girl: Yes you will. I was really here for the milk honestly...but you just had to take it...real unlucky...well...I will just pretend like I didn't see you.

Raa-4: .. people started to look in their direction

Girl: W-why are doing this!!! Why again!, It hurts!

Raa-4: *W-What* the people that were looking started to murmur between themselves while pretending to not see anything

Murmur 1: Should we call the police...

Murmur 2: I hate guys like that...

Murmur 3: D-mn man...

Murmur 4: If he hits her I call the cops....

Raa-4: Wait w-wha-the girl quickly shook her arm off the grip of Raa

Girl:, it worked. Just try to do that again and I swear I kill them all, You are so powerful...yet so dumb. she took the milk bottle off his hand and walked away to the cashier

Raa-4: Grrr...*my powers...they weren't working...what the hell...WHY WEREN'T THEY WORKING!!!* The girl walked out looking a last time condescendingly at Raa, who himself rushed outside, to pursue her, but she wasn't here anymore

Raa-4: *Sh-t...they are closer that I much of them are here...* he made his way back to VP, with no milk but with more doubts

Meanwhile at Dinomo tower

Dominic and Viviane were hanging out at his office, he told her the results of the Virtues, and they were llaying darts with a picture of a board member he hated.

Dominic: Viv?

Viviane: Hm? She responded while lining up her shot.

Dominic: Have you ever been in a relationship?

Viviane: She was taken back as she missed her shot Y-Yes, why?

Dominic: Me and Ellie are going through some problems right now.

Viviane: Of course you two are, tell me, what's happening between you two?

Dominic: Okay...Every couple fights, ours is more complicated, cuz superheroes, and then she complains how I handle things, I complain how she does things, we have a big fight, and we storm off...

Viviane: Sounds pretty common-

Dominic: ...Of course it does, after that, I decide to try and take my mind off of it, go to the club, talk to a few people, sing, then I meet someone from the Erratics, she and Ellie tussled before, we got drunk, stopped a crime, I brought her to my house, and we end up relating, as in we're both pretty lonely people, and I was there for her, then-

Viviane: Her eyes widen, as she saw Dominic's expressions change D-Dominic, you didn't.

Dominic: Shamefully, I did, and the problem I'm having is, I considered actually breaking off from Ellie. I felt something with the other girl, and, I didn't feel alone...It gets worse.

Viviane: She found out?

Dominic: No, she apologized for our fight, and it broke me, I felt splintered, as in, I hurt her enough, left her, after many times She loved me, I usually find some way to hurt her, and I'm in a loop, I feel like a horrible person, even if she says, that I don't have to change my imperfections.

Viviane: Dominic...Listen to me, I've seen you visit here before your rise to CEO, you changed each time you enter the door, first was that spoiled rich Tony Stark wannabe, then someone with more humility, a completely different man, then now, you. No matter what, there's always a chance to improve upon, and yes, that means there will always be imperfections, but sometimes, they don't truly define you. I'm not advocating that what you did was right, or saying you think it was, because you don't wanna forgive yourself, it's your choice to tell her, I have no say in it, but what you have to do is think, if you're a horrible person, will you forever be a horrible person?

Dominic: *M-My God...* Hehe, you know, it's like guys I'm with are just there to help tank it, the women in my life has always made me go through it... He sighed, as he threw a dart perfectly at their target

Viviane: Don't get corny with me Nico, what's the score?

Dominic: Six to six...

Viviane: Alright...

They continued their activities, and Dominic, another space in his heart had been filled.

Three days later on August 1st, 2026

It is 7:41am as the sun is just emerging over the horizon. The sunlight plasters itself on Trey’s face and he crunches his face and turns over in bed. In a few minutes he opens his eyes, tired and feeling like he’s gotten a great sleep that night. He gets out of bed scratching his arse and walks to the bathroom across from his room, the sunlight hitting that little hallway he walked through as well. He uses the bathroom for a couple of minutes and comes out yawning, looking directly in the sun and stretches his arms and legs. He walks down the stairs in his boxers and T-Shirt and walks to his mom’s office where he sees her organizing business papers and writing down information from these papers.

Teresa: Without looking up Morning hun, had a good night?

Trey: Mornin’. And yeah, finally had sleep after a few days. Did your friend contact you?

Teresa: Yeah he did actually- She peeks up at Trey and smiles. -He’s on his way, don’t know what time he’ll be here though.

Trey: Gotcha. Well I’ll just get ready then. Alyna might be coming over. She told me yesterday. He leaned on the door.

Teresa: Alright hun, see you in a bit. She uses one of her hands to wave at Trey and uses it to start typing on a keyboard now. Trey gets off the door and leaves, going to the kitchen, getting some food to eat, watching tv in his room as he gets ready and puts on a hoodie with sweatpants. He puts on Vans and pulls his luggage out from under his bed and leaves it there, as he continues to watch tv.

After a few hours, it is now 11:28am, and Trey is now in the back patio, enjoying the view overlooking L.A. He seems to be in deep thought as he’s resting on a lounge chair, but not listening to any music or eating anything. After a little bit his train of thought is interrupted by a knock on the glass door behind him. He turns around to see Alyna with Teresa behind her, smiling and winking at Trey as she goes back in the house.

Alyna: Trey, how’s it goin’? She goes over to him and sits on his lap, straddling him and looks down at him, kissing him deeply, for a few seconds and then backing away, as her face is red.

Trey: Why, everything’s great my princess. He says this in a soft tone as she laughs and smiles like an idiot to herself. He then touches her cheek once more, looking her in her eyes and then frowns. Hope you can forgive me Alyna... having to leave and stuff.

Alyna: Her voice goes soft No it’s fine, I understand. Remember when I said I’d be with you and stick to you no matter what? I mean, I may not be able to come with you, but I’m supporting you one hundred percent.

Trey: He sighs and laughs nervously Whew, well that’s good! I was hoping you wouldn’t be mad or anything like that. I won’t be gone for long though, I’ll try to come back as soon as possible.

Alyna: Good. She laid on him and closed her eyes and Trey wrapped his arms around her, closing his too, the two of them just basking in the moment.

An hour later, it is 12:36 and it turns out Trey and Alyna fell asleep together. Teresa seeing this, smiles and takes a picture of them, giggling at it, then decided to knock on the glass door once more, waking them up. Alyna looked like she wanted to sleep more, but Trey looked confused and groggy and looked back at his mother. She gestured for him to come inside and Trey got excited. He woke up Alyna and after they both went inside. They went to the living room and saw a tall, slightly aged man with blonde hair and a blonde beard wearing a golden costume with a cape. The other man with him was Thor Odinson, looking a little aged, having a beard and a giant axe strapped to his back and a hammer surging with electricity in his hand. Their faceclaims and outfits are seen in the pictures below.


Hyperion's faceclaim. 46 years old.


Thor Odinson's faceclaim. 1073 years old.

Tumblr nfe103Kjiy1r3a7j7o1 500

How Trey sees Hyperion and Thor show up at their house. These are also the exact outfits they have on.

Teresa: Trey, meet my old friend, Hyperion.

Hyperion smiles through his scruffy beard and puts up a hand as a wave.

Hyperion: Hello Trey, your mother has told me about you! Oh also, don’t mind my friend Thor. We were on a mission before this, in the outer depths of the Andromeda Galaxy. Thor put his hand with a smirk.

Trey: Woah... W-Well nice to meet you guys! It’s an honor! S-So Hyperion, are you an Eternal like me?

Hyperion: He nodded as he had his arms crossed. Yes I am, I am also a Titanian Eternal, unlike a Uranian or Olympian Eternal.

Thor looked at Teresa and he asked her for a glass of beer and took a seat on a tiny chair that he obviously didn’t fit in.

Trey: Woah... My mom told me about all the Eternals, and their history. So knowing you come from the same planet as me is great... How did you know my mom? Trey looked around him for a seat and Alyna went with Teresa into the kitchen to help her. Hyperion simply stayed standing.

Hyperion: Ah, knew her from when she was a warrior still. Teresa came back in and heard that and laughed nervously.

Trey: Wow! Mom you were a warrior too? He laughed out loud as Teresa smiled uncontrollably and shrugged.

Teresa: Hyperion don’t tell him about that! That’s a phase I never want to visit again. She got a big glass of beer for Thor and Alyna brought one out for Hyperion.

Trey and Hyperion kept their conversation going, as they began to find out more about each other. Thor eventually joined the conversation too, which made Trey amazed at how a famous hero was in his house and actually talking to him. The conversation then went to Trey and his need to become a better and stronger hero.

Hyperion: So you want to get stronger, correct?

Trey: Yes sir. I can’t seem to keep up with my teammates on the team we have together.

Hyperion: He had a look of intrigue. Team? What’s the name of the team?

Trey: The Absconders. He felt a little embarrassed because now that he told people other than family, it sounded weird to him. Even Thor cracked a smile and looked away, which seems that he was trying not to laugh at the name. H-Hey look, we just came up with it on the spot okay? It sounded good at the time...

Alyna: Don’t worry baby. I still think it sounds cool. Even she was holding in a laugh and this made Trey roll his eyes.

Trey: I mean there’s The Dynasty...

Hyperion: Anyways we’re getting off topic. Look, you might have potential. I personally, won’t be able to train you though. I’m letting you know right now. He looked at him in a authoritative way.

Trey: Wait, why not?

Hyperion: Because me and Thor are going on another mission far away too. He looked at Thor and nodded, as he nodded back.

Thor: You’re interesting though, Trey. I’ll also check your progress, alongside Hyperion. He took a few gulps of beer and put the glass back down on the table. The smell of beer emanated across the room to both Trey and Alyna and they glanced at each other.

Trey: W-Well that’s great. But who’s going to train me then?

Hyperion: An old friend of mine. We fought alongside each other, but your mother doesn't know her. This caught Teresa’s attention as she looked at Hyperion, in thought.

Teresa: Who is going to be training my son? Is she dangerous?

Trey: He looked at Hyperion and frowned.

Hyperion: Ah, she’s a teacher of sorts as of now. I don’t know the specifics. She was a warrior too though. So Trey, He looks at Trey again you okay with all this? As you heard your mom say, this’ll be fierce training, and who knows how long it’ll take.

Trey: He thinks for a little bit and looks at Hyperion with resolve. Yeah, I’m not gonna be scared or anything. I’ve got this.

Teresa: Oh Lord... She puts her face in her hand and looks back up at Trey. Guess that’s settled then.

Trey stands up, as well as everyone else. Trey shakes both, Hyperion and Thor’s hands and looks towards his mother, hugging her, and then Alyna.

Trey: Ah... I’ve gotta tell everyone in The Absconders about my departure. He hears snickering and gets annoyed. Oh shut up, as if you never had any embarrassing team names. He looked toward Teresa and Hyperion and they stopped smiling, once they remembered their team. Exactly!

He leaves the house, then, heading to the Vanishing Point. He mass texts everyone an urgent message and to meet up at the Vanishing Point. Once he arrives, he waits, with his arms crossed.

Eliana arrived at the Vanishing Point and met Trey.

Eliana: Hey, Trey. What's up? What's with the urgency?

Trey: Uh, I'll tell you when everyone gets here... If they get here quick enough.

Suddenly Dominic ran in by using Speed Demon, as he unarmored.

Dominic: Is it another terrorist group, Richard Gardener being horrible, one of us died? He was listing down the possibilities. Haruto drove in on his bike and compacted it before meeting up with everyone.

Haruto: What's happening? Is someone gonna die? Who's dying?! ARE MY VISIONS COMING TRUE?!?!?

Trey: He smiles a little No Haruto and no Dominic, nothing too bad. So I'm just.... Leaving the Absconders.... Well I'm leaving this planet. And I'm uh, going to my home planet, where I was born to train and get stronger. It's gonna take a long time I believe, but as long as I get stronger.

Haruto: Oh. Oh thank god... He chuckled a bit. Well, good luck man. I kinda went off to another planet, so I get that. Training and whatnot. I wish you the best of luck, Trey. Good luck, my best and oldest friend. He gave Trey a bro-hug and smiled.

Trey: Thanks man! He bro-hugged him and smiled back, tearing up, but wiping away the tears with super speed, hoping nobody saw. I swear I'll see you soon bro.

Eliana: I think that's a great decision, Trey. Taking time out of your life to go and train, to be stronger so you can be better at what you do. Even though it's necessary, the Absconders won't be the same without you. She smiled sweetly at him, showing support rather than sorrow.

Dominic: Quis custodiet ipos yconomus? He asked, Trey, a play on the Latin quote "Quis custodiet ipos custodes", Who guards the guardians, in this case, Who guards the guardian. Showing he always saw Trey as more powerful.

Trey: He looked at Dominic and smiled That's a great quote Dominic. Never change my friend. He laughed and went in to hug Eliana then hugged Dominic, but he lifted Trey up in the air, nearly crushing him. He let Trey down and he looked at the team one final time before walking towards the entrance. He looked back again I swear, I'll be on your level or more when I get back!!! Your Overwrite, Psycho Warp and Super Nanites will be nothing compared to my power... I hope...

Haruto: Whatever you get will be worth it, Trey. We've all got our power-ups, it's time for yours. Good luck, boku no nakama. He gave Trey a smile.

Dominic: Trey, if you're ever in a situation on Titan, gimme a call, and I'll send some soldiers, also record your entire trip...and maybe, if you're up for it, plant an American flag on that moon? He was trying to tempt the idea to him.

Eliana: Well, you better be a lot stronger when you return, because I'll be testing you. She giggled Seriously though, don't lose yourself in your training. Whatever you do don't come back a total ass haha.

He smiles once again at everyone, leaving the Vanishing Point with his hands in his pockets, and heads back home. Once he gets home he sees everyone, and hugs both, Teresa and Alyna one final time.

Teresa: See you soon honey! She’s waving furiously at him. Alyna, smiling is waving, but more calmly than his mother.

Trey: He laughs and waves back. He then turns back to Hyperion and Thor. Okay I’m ready. Let’s do this.

Thor: Gonna be quite a ride, kid. He holds his hammer above his head as the sky goes dark and lighting tumbled through the sky, a huge lightning bolt strikes down at them all, engulfing all of them. In a split second, the lightning bolt is gone and so are all three of the guys. He used his lightning magic to teleport to Titan, Moon of Saturn and home of the Titanian Eternals.

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