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July 18th, 2028

The Absconders ready themselves to fight, as Zacharia starts floating, higher and higher into the air. Eliana watches with caution, waiting for his next move. Zacharia smiles, then dashes forwards at blinding speeds, zipping past the Absconders and heading straight for their army. He crashes into the bulk of their forces, plowing through them effortlessly and catching the thrown troops in a gravity stasis. The Absconders turn around to him in shock, as some of their troops start attacking Zacharia, but he hovers up to dodge their attacks. His attack managed to cripple the Absconder army, killing twelve mercenaries controlled by Imperious. The mages of Myron jumped up at Zacharia, tossing rings of fire at him, to which he redirected back at the army with his powers. This is when Eliana ordered for the rest to attack Zacharia and defend their army.

Trey: Everyone! Positions! Everyone got into position as Trey took a step forward, looking up at Zacharia. He cracked his neck sideways and floated up as he grimaced in pain. He flew at Zacharia and almost tackled him but he simply used gravity to throw him to the ground and increase the pressure on his body.

Spoil: Get away Trey! He said this as his symbiote covered and surrounded him, making his voice sound demonic and crazy. He lunged his arm at Zacharia, summoning nearly 20 chains of biomass at him, trying to capture him. Zacharia simply flew past all of them and sent a blast of gravity at Spoil, which hit him and made the symbiote around him almost completely fly off his body. Dammit!!! He saw Trey pushing himself off the ground as his body started to adapt to the heavy gravity. Spoil then sent massive continuous blasts of flames at Zacharia obstructing his view.

Eliana: Clear out! She yelled to their army, who backed away from Zacharia. She then absorbed Sapphire energy from the troops and used it to jump up at Zacharia and send a punch blast of TK at him, but Zacharia dodged it and kicked her in the chest, sending her flying into the dirt. Eliana got up and coughed, as she saw in the distance the assassin army running towards them in a crescent shaped formation. Crap! Guys, prepare for an attack from behind us too! She told her teammates telepathically.

Haruto: I'll take care of it! Henshin!! Haruto transformed using his Shin bottle and Artillery bottle. No assembly platform appeared, just the two halves appearing on either side of him and merging together over him *I'll take care of the guys coming from behind, then turn back to Singularity...* He took the pistol control unit from the Artillery half, only having one controller due to him not using the Best Match. Aiming towards the crescent formation of assassins, he opened a smaller portal than the Best Match would've allowed, summoning a smaller amount of panels and modifying them into a large minigun before firing at them without bothering to aim. The first few bullets were deflected, but they did manage to pierce through defenses and mow down a relatively small group amongst the assassins. *F--k, I should've just gone with the Best Match... Or maybe I should hide my full potential from them...* He switches the minigun into a high-powered rifle before aiming and sniping them off one-by-one to ensure the assassins were dealt with.

It was useless as the entire army of assassins were charging at them. That's when Imperious, Vice and Antonia lead the vanguard of their army and started heading towards the assassin army, preparing to clash. Zacharia tried to prevent this by throwing singularities at the army, but Jason jumped at him, tackling him mid-air and slamming him into the ground, wrestling with him and punching his face several times to keep him busy as their army escaped.

Antonia: Boys, Moku Maneuver, now! Suddenly most of the vanguard's area was being encompassed by a fast growing thick forest, it was one of the ninjas Antonia brought as he was in a meditative stance as he let the forest grow, making plants that would attack assassins and help the Absconders. Virus on the other hand turned into a shaep, snake-like tendril and impaled several Bronze assassins, even going as ruthless to enter an assassin and divert his attacks to other bronze assassins, and when she made him kill them, she started breaking everything in his body from the inside as she exited from his mouth. Dominic on the other hand was healing up troops that were still capable and functioning, he saw one of the heavy units of Hivemind troops fall.

Ripper: Dominic are you sure I shouldn't send in the rest?!

Dominic: No! Not yet Ripper! Zacharia and his army is still standing, I only lost some heavy units.

Ripper: Use their nanites, you could use a boost!

Dominic: Understood! He saw Imperious, Vice and Antonia being surrounded by some Bronze and Silvers, as he flew in shooting some up, gracefully switching to Widower and ended up dismembering, immobilizing several Bronze, but as more came, he switched to Rebirth, lashing tendrils firing weapons, showcasing all protocols except his three newest ones. While fighting he turned to Vice, Antonia and Imperious Any of you need healing? He spoke the last two words in a much more mechanical tone, as he was still fighting off other assassins.

Antonia: I'm Shoots good! Shoots at five bronze Some of my ninjas may need a fixer upper He switched to Dove protocol whilst pushing back two Silvers, launching healing missiles around the area, as they acted as a "healing potion" for allies and a pseudo poison for Assassins.

A group of Silver Assassins hopped into the fight and effortlessly blasted back a portion of the Absconder troops, murdering several and cleaving through their army like nothing. Zacharia stomped the ground, sending many troops over to the floor, making them easy prey for the assassins.

Eliana: This is only the first battle and we're losing men fast!

The Virtue army was driving back the Absconder army easily, killing many of them and keeping them at a backwards pace. Vice had four of her slaves jump into the bulks of the Virtue army and blow up, weakening their driving force, but some more assassins came to her which she started to fight off.

Vice: *F-ck this.* There's too many of them!

Zacharia: Hahaha! Too late to turn back, Absconders! Jason morphed into demon form and bit at Zacharia's throat, but he expelled gravity from his body, throwing Jason off. Two Silver Assassins arrived at Jason and sliced his throat, but Jason stood there bleeding without flinching. He then roared at them, ripping one's head off with ease then throwing it at the other. Jason then scooped up some of the blood from his throat and blew into it, as it turned to smoldering ash and flew at the assassin army, burning the skin of several regular assassins. Some Leon Mercenaries owned by Imperious ran to advantageous points and started gunning down many regular assassins, but the sheer amount was overwhelming, resulting in later assassins having to climb over the bodies of their fallen brethren to reach the Absconders.

The Virtue army was still overwhelming, several Silvers were hopping around into points of the ally army and downing many troops to weaken their defences. The mages of Myron created javelins and threw them, surprise-killing the Silvers but the damage was already done. Eliana saw this and absorbed the life force of several assassins, generating a lot of Ruby energy then dashing out onto the battlefield, sending a large plasma wall which incinerated the first three lines of assassins, which made the rest of the army slow down to avoid it. The Assassins continued to throw elemental projectiles at the ally army, but Imperious landed and stomped the floor, slapping together several dead bodies to make a meat shield blocking the attacks and protecting the army.

Eliana: Nice work! Eliana ran into battle with several assassins, with her Amethyst and Ruby energies mixing to make her body more combat focused, punching assassins through the air and breaking limbs with her martial arts skills. She pinned an assassin to the ground and read their mind, seeing their fear was losing control and betraying their allies. Eliana drained black sparks from downed assassins, then circled her arm around the area near the pinned assassin, as the black sparks burst out, manipulating reality. The assassin started screaming, as his skin started bulging and mutating as if he was about to explode, his cloak ripping off his body. He then morphed into a grotesque, small-building sized flesh monster husk of his former self, and started rampaging the field, attacking his own allies. It left a large dent in the assassin army, as they focused on killing the monster instead of the Absconders, allowing them to spread out and circle the assassin army. Should buy us some time, guys. We've rounded them up like sheep. Time to slaughter.

Haruto: So begins my revenge... Haruto changed the rifle back into the minigun, aiming at a portion of the assassin army and firing relentlessly at them, moving in close and aiming it directly in front of him so that the bullets would carve into the army

Alex out of nowhere rushed into the battlefield, a cigarette in his mouth while the assassins were busy dealing with the more immediate threat that was on them

Alex: F-CK YEA! a group of assassins was looking at the monster when one turned when he heard Alex screaming on the battlefield, he immediately tried to attack but it phased right through Alex's body and boom! before he knew it, he was flying in the air, decapitated from an explosion, the other assassins turned around, but were not seeing anything as Alex had already teleported behind them in the blink of an eye, in a red flash they all went flying, After this he took his hand to his mouth in order to take his cigarette out, before he could an assassin came out of nowhere to get him in the back, he was about to unleash his attack when the cigarette flew right to his face, Alex threw it, the little lit cig hit the assassin's face and made him blink, when he opened his eyes Alex was behind him

Alex: Backstab is the best, am I right? he put his hand on the assassin and a red flame appeared before the armed man went flying across the field, Alex took another cigarette out and lighted it with one of his red flames


In the chaos of it all, Dominic saw Jason fighting Zacharia, and went into his flight mode, pushing assassins off of him, and flying off, going for Zacharia.

Dominic: MAAAAAAARTELLLLLLL! He yelled flying towards him at full ramming speed.

Zacharia saw Dominic coming and held his hand down at him, clenching his fist as Dominic was dragged into the ground, maintaining his speed resulting in a strong impact. Several assassins swarmed him and stabbed him with their weapons, shooting him too. Zacharia turned to Jason and snapped his finger, pinning him to the floor, then walking over to him and ripping his head off, smiling at it. The decapitated head of Jason suddenly springs to life and bites Zacharia's hand, as he yells in pain and throws the head off.

Dominic suddenly goes into Gamma protocol and manages to adapt to the gravity a bit, as he decided to knock each assassin on him away as Hivemind troops went to assist him, he then went into Speed Demon and decided to run at Zacharia at full speed, you could see Dominic catch fire and the wind behind him dragging assassins along with him, he managed to catch Zacharia off guard and punched him.

Zacharia flew through the air but used his flight to cancel the momentum. Eliana used Clio's Broach to absorb some trees into Emerald energy then conjures up several knives, all of them shot out at Zacharia. He held his arm out, deflecting them all as they impaled Absconder troops instead. This angered Eliana, making her jump up at him and generate a very long sword thrice her own height, thrusting it through the air and cutting Zacharia's leg, as he growled. He then flew at her, tackling her mid-air and flying through the sky with her, crashing her into the ground. He started punching her several times in the face, each punch vibrating the air and shaking the ground, making Eliana bleed heavily but her Amethyst energy making her more durable with each impact. Imperious appears behind Zacharia and grabs him, lifting him up then throwing him across the battlefield and into a boulder.

Imperious: Are you okay?

Eliana: No... Thanks though... She holds her face as it is disfigured but reforming itself slowly and painfully. Suddenly two Gold Assassins jump at them, revealing themselves to be Jerome and Ulfric, Zacharia's two protégés. Imperious sees them, as they start firing at them, but Imperious reacts by holding his arm up, as the bullets redirect away from him and Eliana.

Jerome: Don't touch Mr. Martell, f-cking scum. He charges with kinetic energy and charges at Imperious, who in turn uses his telekinetic energy to clash with it, resulting in a shockwave knockout them all back. Ulfric jumps to his feet, using his gravity powers to lift rubble up at toss it at them. Imperious swats it away then turns to Eliana.

Imperious: Leave, go help take care of Zacharia. I'll deal with these two.

Eliana: Are you sure?

Imperious: Yes. Eliana turns and runs off, fighting off assassins on her way to Zacharia. Imperious faces Ulfric and Jerome, then palm strikes the air which creates a telekinetic blast that strikes Jerome, making him somersault into the dirt. Ulfric jumps into the air the directs himself at Imperious, ready to strike him. Meanwhile Eliana, Jason and Dominic are fighting Zacharia, but he's easily taking on all three of them. Jason bites his own wrist skin off, spraying blood through the air as it morphs into bats which attack Zacharia and distract him.

Dominic sees this, and turns into his new Beast Protocol, and lunges at Zacharia, clawing at him, biting and using his tail to stab, as he started biting into Zacharia's throat while breathing Corrosive Plasma at it. Unfortunately, Zacharia managed to avoid most of Dom's attacks then blasted him away effortlessly. He then turned to the others and started forming a black hole in his hands, throwing it at the Absconder army.

Haruto: No you don't. Not f--king again!! Haruto switches into his Terra Artillery form, taking out both of his Control units and manipulating the panels to contain the black hole inside of a large box in the air *No way I can use a Binary Finish like this... damn... I need to get rid of this some other way...* He brings the box through the portal that the panels came through and closes the portal *That'll send it to another dimension... I'll fix that in the future. Maybe. Hopefully. Bigger things to worry about here.* He opens a new portal and summons a fresh set of panels, shaping it back into a Gatling gun and summoning another Gatling gun. The first one, he uses to cut down more of the Virtue army, while using the other to harass Zacharia with a barrage of bullets Your black holes are a no f--king thank you!!

Zacharia: That wasn't very nice! He was visibly tired after the black hole, becoming more desperate and savage. The Erratics and free allies were still fighting the Virtue army, beating them as there were now an equal number of troops. On the other side of the battlefield, Imperious was battling Jerome and Ulfric. He punched Ulfric's jaw, throwing him across the air, as Jerome tackled him and turned Imperious's kinetic energy against him, slamming him into the ground with great force. Imperious jumped to his feet then grabbed Jerome's throat, using his telekinesis to counter his powers.

Imperious: Stop. Moving. Suddenly Jerome's legs snapped, as he cried in pain. Jerome then pushed Imperious, using Kinetic Energy to make him go flying through the air, bumping into a tree. Jerome fell to the ground, holding his broken legs. Ulfric came to his aid.

Ulfric: Don't worry, my friend. We'll get you out of here.

Jerome: Forget it, we're going to kill this bastard first! Ulfric used his gravity powers to snap Jerome's legs back into place, allowing him to hop around and use his powers to dash to places. Him and Ulfric both dash at Imperious, ready to strike him but his body suddenly disappears, and he appears behind them. Imperious knees Ulfric in the gut, then sends a blast at Jerome, stunning them both. Jerome then charges himself with energy, and is about to attack Imperious when Vice comes and grabs Jerome from behind. She punches her fist through his chest, then grey energy rips from his body and into Vice, empowering her as she drops Jerome's lifeless body. Ulfric watches in shock.

Vice: Hahaha, now it's your turn, for trying to kill me.

Ulfric: No! You savages, this'll be your end. He flexes, as several rocks come from the sides and hit Vice, but Imperious manages to block them easily. Vice recovers and dropkicks Ulfric to the floor, but he rolls and increases the gravity on Imperious, making him crouch to the ground under pressure. Vice generates an energy lance and impales Ulfric with it, but he survives and punches her across the face, then alters gravity to send her soaring through the air. Imperious teleports in front of Ulfric then chokes him, holding him to the ground. He enters Ulfric's mind and communicates to him.

Imperious: Remember me? You tried to torture me, and that almost lead to Eliana's death. But that doesn't work on me twice, and I'll get my revenge twice.

Ulfric: What?! I don't know who you are!

Imperious: He implants memories into his mind, as Ulfric's eyes widen. He begs Imperious, but he refuses, and places one hand over Ulfric's face. He applies pressure to Ulfric's head, as it crushes, squeezing out blood and leaking it through Imperious's fingers. Imperious laughs as he squashes Ulfric's head, killing him, then getting up and shaking the remains off his hand. *That felt good to do a second time.* He then goes and continues to fight the remaining Virtue assassins. Back to Zacharia, he was currently fighting Eliana, who was throwing large Ruby blasts at him.

Zacharia: You can't win, none of you will! I will kill you all before the hour is over! *These bastards killed my protégés... I'll destroy them for that!* He starts throwing punches that shatter the atmosphere, as he blitzes around the area punching again and again. Eliana gets punched by him, which knocks her to the ground and breaks all her ribs, as she withers in pain, healing herself slowly as the others fight the enraged Zacharia.

Dominic went to Eliana,using Dove Protocol's healing properties he started fixing her up. He noticed all Heavy Hivemind units died, as he started gathering their nanites around him, and he grew 40 feet tall, a new Protocol, the Goliath Protocol, as he fired heavy weapons from his shoulders and back and even had energy projectors at his hands, looking like a true Colossus. He even had a deeper giant voice.

Dominic: Oh Zacharia! Big threat, decimating your troops, GRRR, VANQUISH SMASH! ARNAULT....WEAK~! He said mockingly, hoping Zacharia would take the bait, as he stepped on lesser assassins like ants, and laughing while doing so I will ruin the new world! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Zacharia scoffed, then flew so fast he went invisible, colliding straight into Dominic's chest and throwing him to the floor, landing on the Absconder army and killing some of their troops. Zacharia then stomped on Dominic's chest many times, creating a crater under him and squeezing him into it.

Zacharia: DIE! ALL OF YOU!

Haruto: That's my boy. Haruto smiled as he jumped directly into the fighting, switching into Shin Assault and bringing out his Dual Assault *Maybe I'll switch to Arcana Batteries instead of Dual Bottles... But Dual Bottles has grown on me. Hm... Eh, give it time.* Haruto rushed through the crowds of assassins, slashing and blasting through each assassin individually until his Binary Finisher charged up to the minimum threshold *Alright, let's charge up even more and wait till Zacharia's exposed enough to take him down.* He continued to individually kill off assassins, albeit with some difficulty due to the higher-level assassins.

Zacharia looked and saw his army being defeated, which angered him further, so he made the pressure on Dominic's body increase to crush his insides.


Alyna suddenly blitzes Zacharia, hitting him in great speeds, as he rolls on the ground a few times, flying upwards to recover, but that's when he looks up and before he can react, Trey steps on his face, boosting into the ground. The ground explodes, sending debris everywhere. The dust quickly clears as he sends a huge blast of gravity up at Trey, sending him high into the air. He then sends the shattered earth debris up at Trey. He starts punching and shattering the debris sent at him as Alyna runs in from a blind spot and blitzes Zacharia once more igniting her body in a heavy swirling whirlpool and sends it at Zacharia. It grows around as he uses his gravity to create a shield around him. Alyna holds her glowing palm out at the whirlpool, turning it into a huge water tornado swirling around the gravity field. This is when Trey flies down at the gravity field, feeling the effects pushing against him, but he tries to push against it, only to be blasted through a few trees back.

Alyna: Trey! She keeps the water tornado on the gravity field as it weakens and Zacharia gets tired. The field is dispersed and the water tornado closes instantly closing around him, swirling him and throwing him around the water tornado. He loses all control and balance for a little, and manages to fly out of it, but once he does, Trey flies at him tackling him, sending him far away.

Zacharia: YOU CAN'T BEAT US!!! He grabs Trey's outfit, and tries to flip him, but Trey is flying to fast and his grip around Zach's body is way too tight. A sonic boom is heard as Zacharia's head rattles and it is seen that Trey is flying so fast, that he broke the sound barrier, then flies downward deep into the ground, which seems like he's trying to burrow Zacharia.

Trey: AGHHHHH!!!!!! Trey's eyes glow as he prepares a huge blast of cosmic energy from his eyes and blasts it at a stunned Zacharia, which sends him deeper into the ground. After he blasts him for 8 seconds, the ground erupts, and this explosion is so large, that the everyone in the battle feel it beneath their feet. Trey is soaring through the air, spinning and dazed from the immense force of the gravity blast. Zacharia flies upwards breathing more heavily and sees Trey soaring backwards to the main battle again.

Zacharia flies after Trey once more, ready to end him, but that is when tendrils surround him and begin to utterly burn him, as he feels his insides boil. His body gets thrown in a circle and is finally released into a nearby mountain, followed by an explosion of earth. It is seen to be Spoil in a taller and buff form of his symbiote. He shrinks down to his normal 8 feet size as fire spews from his mouth. He sees a couple of assassins in the army and runs into them, ramming them, forming multiple axes from his biomass, slicing and killing some assassins. He continues to slaughter them, as they start to overpower him, but the symbiote screeches, destroying their all of their eardrums, making them let go of his body. The spikes on his body emerge as he tackles some assassins, impaling them with the spikes from his body. Spoil sees Micah and Antonia dealing with assassins, so he sends tendrils through unsuspecting assassins, killing them and throwing their bodies somewhere else.

Micah: Who needs some healing!! I've got you! He manages to get to Eliana after Spoil kills the assassins around him and Antonia and casts a healing spell, which helps her heal faster, along with her Amethyst energy. Trey gets up from the ground coughing and sees the assassins dying off and smirks as he leaps a few stories up and lands on the ground, creating a shockwave in between a cluster of assassins trying to protect each other. He shoots out and stretches his arms, grabbing some dead assassins and uses their bodies to swing around and hit other assassin members. A few of the assassins dodge and let out a few attacks at Trey as he gets propelled backwards by the attacks, feeling his arms stretch to normal length but feel broken. He tries to get up bu the pain through his arms is too much, so he decides to concentrate and send a healing wave through his body, having to dodge all attacks for the time being.

Dominic: He got right back up, and shook his head and saw the Hivemind troops he crushed on accident and saw as at least some survived and he activated his comms Ripper, you can enter the fray now, lost a lot of troops...

Ripper: Defend us now. Soon, as two more ships came, containing the other three hundred Hivemind troops, assassins tried to shoot it down, to which the giant Dominic quickly intervened drawing their fire to him.

Zacharia climbs out from the mountain, breathing heavily and gritting his teeth. His cloak is completely ripped off with a few patches and regular white clothing underneath. He coughs out blood, then sees the Hivemind ships. He yells loudly, then flies at it with extreme speed, the others only hear him scream before they see him crash into one of the ships, as that ship bounces and hits the other ship. Zacharia starts ripping the top of the ship apart, taking all his anger out on it. He then jumps up from it high in the sky, then flies downwards with gravity enhancing his momentum, about to impale the ship with his own body. He is then grabbed by a giant claw made of shadows, an arm the size of a skyscraper, coming from the ground. The claw drags Zacharia, and pulls him closer as the arm shrinks and Zacharia is about to reach the end of the arm, when suddenly a giant shadow head of a hound is formed and eats him. It is revealed to be Jason using his umbrakinesis on Zacharia, as the giant shadow hound chews on him, then spits him out at the feet of Eliana. The dog disappears, as Jason stands then, looking almost as tired as Zacharia.

Eliana: Thanks, Jason...

Jason: Ehhh no problem... F-ck it that hurt.

Eliana: You did good. Now, you.

Zacharia: Get away from me dumb b-tch!

Eliana: Look, your army is finished. Your friends over there can see you're not invincible. I don't doubt you're the strongest, and in that case we'll defeat them even faster than we defeated you.

Zacharia: I'm...not...defeated...

Eliana: On Arnault's terms, I'm not allowed to kill you yet. So you can walk back over to your comrades, admit your defeat and send for the next Virtue. We'll be waiting.

Zacharia: NO! I'M NOT DEAD, I WILL NOT FAIL! He straitened his back, barely able to stand, then held his palms together and started to form another black hole in his hands, one that seemed unstable. Eliana's eyes widened, and she reacted by closing her eyes, then looked down. The other Absconders were wondering what she was doing by not reacting to a black hole, but Eliana was contacting someone in her head. That's when King Artair manifested himself next to Eliana, he grabbed the black hole then consumed it, creating a screeching sucking sound as the black hole died.

King Artair: This is the only favour I'm granting you. You must do the rest yourself. Eliana nodded, as he disappeared.

Zacharia: W-WHAT?!

Eliana: Now then, shall I escort you to the Virtues? Zacharia growls, then throws a punch at her, but she dodges it and rolls her eyes. She charges her fist with Amethyst energy then punches him in his temple on his head, knocking him to the floor, skidding across the dirt. She walks over to him, kneeling down to his face. You'll pay for that one. But he's a teaser. She places her index finger on his eye, then jams it in, wiggling it around in his eye socket as his screeches in mass pain. He cries out loud, as Eliana lifts his head up from his eye socket, and slams it down to the ground, doing it several times until his screaming stopped and he was unconscious. She removed her finger, covered in blood, wiping it on her clothes then turned to the rest. That's one down. Get ready for the rest.

Imperious: I can go get more Mercenaries. It won't take long.

Vice: I'll go too, I need more slaves.

Eliana: Good. Get as many as you can find, please. That was only one-seventh of their army. Look what it did to use. You guys start planning now, I'll go deliver this sh-t head to his mates. She drags Zacharia by his hair, dragging him all across the field until she reached the six Virtues standing together, who were observing from a quarter mile away. She threw Zacharia's body to them. They watched down on him in pity and disappointment, as they looked at Eliana in concern and slight fear. Here's one of your unstoppable leaders, defeated even with this glorious gift. Come nightfall and there'll be more bodies lying here, of more Virtues. Now, who's next?

Anthony (Green): Don't be so proud, that was one Virtue of Seven. I will be next to fight, walk back to your team, my army will prepare for battle.

The Absconders brought back up of more troops, healed themselves all they could then prepared to battle with the Sound Virtue's army. The battles raged on for the whole day, some lasting longer than others, the Absconders bringing in more men each battle. The other Virtues weren't as crazy as Zacharia, and thus didn't just charge all their men at once. They used tactics and split them up, and after three Virtues were defeated, the rest were becoming anxious and had half their army sent away back to protect Arnault in fear of defeat. It was 3:46 am when the last Virtue was finally defeated. That Virtue crawled back to his injured friends, as they helped him up. By now, there were barely 70 men left in the Absconder army, and still 3,500 assassins left saved over in the Virtue army, but their moral was much lower. The Absconders stood together and saw the Virtues across the field, all scared and hurt. They stared at each other for a couple minutes, then the Virtues turned around and started to leave.

Eliana: Guys... They're leaving, are we gonna let them live?

Dominic: Yes, unless they try something.

Ripper: Letting them leave is a sign if mercy, mercy dictates heroism, heroism counteracts terrorism, people will trust you. Killing them for betrayal is fine, if as you humans say, the gloves are off, then you better be readying a blade for the one who cheats.

Antonia: Yeah, hehehe... She laughed a bit, still wincing due to the loss of her arm.

Eliana: They've killed so many people... If I let them off, I'm breaking my pact with King Artair... They can't live, that's the only way they'll ever stop. Are you guys up for a final fight? We can follow them, and kill the last of them! Right?

Dominic: He remembers when being told of Virtues bombing the Centre and the fact he wasn't there for it and laughs, and forms the Protocol with a coat, now known as Mastermind Protocol Alright then, we shall rip and tear until it is done, for the children, for the adults, for the elderly that died by their hands, our wrath is yours to command my love. His voice had a different tone and slight different voice, as if he was of high royalty, or was a servant or prophet of a God.

Spoil: F*ck yes! We're destroying these guys... He was kneeling as his body was gathering is exploded symbiote from a recent virtue. He slowly transformed back into Spoil as Limit stepped forward, spinning his sword around and spit out some teeth.

Limit: What are we waiting for... His breathing was off and he was tired and very injured.

Trey: Guess we're doing it. Hope you're ready everyone... He looks back at Alyna and smiles at her as she's breathing heavily, sitting on the ground.

Haruto: Well then... Haruto took out the Shin Assault batteries and shook them up out of habit, twisting the tops just as his current transformation timed out from its energy source running out. One more fight... Let's kill these bastards...

Giorno: I agree... Never once before in my life have I wished death upon a person. But these... murder machines... they gave up their humanity to follow a psychopath... Their penalty will be death... He took out a new World card, replacing the one in his buckle, and transformed into a fresh version of his World Armor

Joker: I can't believe I actually made it here... He was sitting on a pile of rubble, exhausted and breathing heavily I was out of state for a while, and I get an urgent call to come back to this mess? F--king hell, guys. He grabbed his bolas, which split at the ropes from battle damage. Those were really expensive... I need a new weapon...

Haruto: Here. Haruto held both his Arcana Batteries in one hand and tossed Joker the sword he used in his early days as a hero, the one he used in his Fool armor from so long ago. It should do.

Joker: Thanks? He charged the blade with his energy, which reacted very well and held its conductivity Holy s--t! Can I keep this?!

Haruto: Unfortunately, no. He transformed into his Shin Assault armor and checked his equipment list. All the other Arcana Batteries were on recharge and wouldn't be accessible for a while *Damn... I've only got the default Best Match... I'll have to make do...*

Eliana: We don't have much men left.

Imperious: We could milk the last of our resources.

Eliana: No, no more people will die for us. All of you, you're all dismissed. She said to the remaining troops. One of the wizards of Myron came to her, followed by four more.

Mage: We only came here because we heard that Clio's kin was in danger. But we see now that it is not only you who was endangered by these people. Just because potentially world-ending threats have come and gone all throughout time, doesn't mean it's not worth preventing it. We fight for knowledge, but that knowledge isn't just to feed curiosity. It's to protect the world too. And thus we cannot let it fall into the hands of the Virtues, and we would very much like to know the source of their powers. We will join you in this final battle.

Eliana: Really? I'm grateful for you help. Thank you. Then let's go get those murderous bastards. The Absconders ready themselves then start travelling in the direction of the Virtues.

Dominic noticed a wound on Ripper's chest, he brushed it off, as he decided to talk to Eliana while walking.

Dominic: Now considering you break the pact, what happens?

Eliana: Pact is over as far as I know. If Arnault sees us there and orders to attack the city, we kill them all. If he doesn't, we kill them all. That's all.

They carry on walking to the direction the Virtues left in, walking past the field of corpses, fallen comrades and assassins piling up. Eliana frowns seeing them, which makes her less hesitant to kill the Virtues. Eventually the Absconders reach a village of sorts, with several small buildings dotted around the area, and in the center one huge building locked up like a safe. They stand outside the small city, watching over the buildings and seeing assassins walking around, talking, sharpening blades and patrolling the area on guard duty.

Vice: That's where they live, huh?

Eliana: Yes. The assassins look desperate, the Virtues must be inside.

Vice: You think that's all of them?

Eliana: What?

Vice: Do you think that's the last of the assassin army? There could be more around the state.

Eliana: Let's hope not. This is the last time we'll fight the Virtues. We fight to kill. They're all crazy murderers, feel no remorse.

Dominic: As you wish... He chuckled, as it was obvious Chernabog, the Symbiote, and Wicked were on the front seat now.

Haruto: Fight to kill? Haruto cracked his knuckles and brought out his Dual Assault weapon, switching it into its gun form No holds barred then... Let's kill these f---ers...

The Absconders run out to the village and start slaughtering assassins. Some are alerted and run away inside the main building. After several minutes, the Absconders defeat the assassins effortlessly, but the door to the building opens up, and one by one the Virtues come out, looking beat up and angry. The Absconders stop killing the assassins and turn to the Virtues.

Zacharia: What are you doing here?!

Anthony: This is our territory, Absconders.

Ayman: What's wrong with you? We agreed to surrender, and you return to declare war after it ended?

Eliana: None of you will escape justice, none of you. You're too dangerous and have hurt too many people to be kept alive.

Jared: Fine. We'll fight to the death, then.

Zacharia: So be it. Zacharia flies up as Jared encases himself in an ice boulder and rolls it at them, Zacharia landing down at the Absconders, initiating an attack from above and the front. Dominic threw down a device which made a sort of bubble shield, which Ripper and Virus strengthened.

Dominic: Can't break what can't shake! He said as the bubble shield was even vibrating on some frequency, effectively making it impenetrable.

Haruto: Singularity jack ass! F--k you! Haruto dashed in front of Zacharia and punches him straight across the face as Zacharia was busy trying to hit people with debris. Since Zacharia wasn't paying attention, he ends up getting punched. Haruto quickly fires several bullets from his Dual Assault weapon, only for them to be caught in an orb of gravity

Zacharia: I killed you once, I'll do it again!! He grabs the gravity orb holding Haruto's bullets and smacks it across Haruto's face, releasing the orb and causing it to explode across Haruto's face.

Haruto: Argh... Mother f---er! He hits the ground and tumbles across the road, punching into the ground to stop himself. Getting up, he checks his inventory and sees his other Arcana Batteries have fully charged back up Dual up.

Binary Driver: Pyro! Artillery! Haruto quickly transformed into the next form, taking out the Controller and summoning several panels and using them to indirectly attack Zacharia Mix!! Pyro Artillery!!

Zacharia: Idiot! He takes hold of the panels using his gravity manipulation and redirecting them to attack Haruto

Haruto: Pfft. These are mine. Don't think you can take them away from me so easily. Instead of hitting him, the panels combined together and formed a rifle which Haruto fired at Zacharia at point-blank.

Zacharia: Don't think I'll go down so easily!! He creates a gravity bubble around him to try and deflect the projectile. The shield is somewhat successful, as the projectile loses power travelling through the gravity and only sends him flying into a nearby building.

Haruto: Get back here! Haruto switches into his Pyro Swordsman form and flew right at Zacharia through the smoke, using flames to propel him forwards.

Victoire looks at the Absconders and starts chuckling, her chuckles turn into manic laughter as a loud mechanical roar shakes the area like a deafening thunderclap. A quake rips through the village, as the cyber dragon that was encountered before soared through the sky, landing behind the Virtues. It bent its neck over Victoire, reaching its head to the Absconders.

Victoire: Remember this beauty? Haha!

She jumps up and lands on the dragon, as it breathes large purple flames out that engulf the field, scorching the Absconders. Imperious jumps in front and diverts the flames with a curb stomp to the ground. The dragon then takes off, performing an aileron roll in the air while shooting dozens of missiles from its wings which explode random places in the Absconders’ direction.

Trey creates a psychic shield, blocking a few missiles but getting blasted away. He pushes off the ground and manages to take off and soar high into the sky, away from the cyber dragon shooting missiles at everyone. He looks around at everyone getting blasted and sees Alyna managing to dodge a few missiles but a missile impacts her in the back, once more like before.

Trey: Alyna!! He instantly flies down, with his head throbbing and swoops her up, shielding her from missiles, getting weakened himself. Before they can say anything to each other, Trey drops Alyna to the ground and it’s seen that Trey’s body was getting manipulated. He stopped breathing, an arm bent sideways, his leg twisted backwards and his neck trying to break. Alyna watched in horror as it seemed like the Organism Virtue was about to mutilate his body.

Giorno: Trey!! Giorno stops time and runs towards Trey and the Organism Virtue, infusing his fist with cosmic energy and restarting time as he gets in front of the Virtue and punches her straight across the face. The Organism Virtue warps her face so that it flexes and takes the punch with minimal damage, but Giorno detonates the energy infused into his fist to damage her regardless.

Organism Virtue: Ah!! You bastard!! She mutates into a floating mass of organic matter before reforming in front of Giorno, her arm shaped into a claw which she slashes Giorno with. He counters by stopping and restarting time to give him a little more time to avoid the attack while also summoning the Platinum Star Slasher.

Giorno: Take this!! He slashes at the Virtue’s arm, charging the blade with cosmic energy and discharging it as he makes the slashing motion. Trey follows up with an attack and as the energy hits the Virtue, he comes in blasting her body with cosmic energy in her back, sending her body back at Giorno.

Trey: F*ck you… He lands on the ground and rolls.

Giorno: Thank you! Giorno impaled the Organism Virtue with the Star Slasher’s blade before switching it to gun mode and blasting the Virtue through her body with a powerful cosmic energy blast before slashing outwards and removing the blade. After that, he charges his foot with energy and Sparta-kicks her as hard as he possibly could, dislocating his leg while at the same time sending her flying into the building. Urgh…! He drops to his knees and holds his dislocated leg, using his restoration ability to fix it.

Trey: You good man?? He lands next to Giorno and looked around the battlefield, seeing a blue coated virtue riding an ice wave at them. Sh*t…

Giorno: Another one…? You have to be kidding me… He grabs the Star Slasher and aims at the blue Virtue, but the Virtue is too fast. I can’t get a good shot, he’s too fast…

A sudden wall of fire blocks the Absolute Zero Virtue and it’s shown to be Spoil using his biomass as a shield and lighting it on fire. Limit jumps off his back and spins his body around as a blur generating momentum and throws his katana at the A.Z. Virtue. The Virtue dodges it and shoots ice spikes at Limit in the air and Spoil on the ground. A biomass tendril grabs Limit from the air and pulls him down. The fire wall changes and blocks the ice spikes from the Virtue, but the Virtue flips over the shield and sends down a rain of tiny ice needles that are sure to pierce anyone’s body.

Limit: Split!! They split up as the needles entered the ground, a few entering Limit’s legs. He grunted in pain and as Trey and Giorno saw this, Trey took off running around Limit and used his telekinesis and jumped in the air, grabbing a random piece of terrain debris and throwing it at the Virtue. He simply shot a blast of cold air at it, destroying the debris. Trey landed and kept running at the Virtue, and prepared a punch, as his arm morphed and became buff and veiny. The Virtue was about to prepare an ice defense when Trey suddenly disappeared, appearing to be running behind the Virtue. He jumped in the air and cocked back his fist, preparing a powerful punch, but this was when the Spatial Virtue appeared on the ground behind the A.Z. Virtue and right before Trey could land the punch on the Spatial Virtue, he held out his hand and sent Trey flying through a few buildings at such high speeds that Trey got knocked unconscious.

Absolute Zero Virtue: Thank you! He smirked as he got ready, as well as the Spatial Virtue.

Limit: Tch, we need to split them up… He got up and smiled to himself, preparing himself another katana.

Eliana looked around the battle, and saw two mages of Myron's fighting the Virtues. The Fire Virtue was manipulating fireballs that were thrown at it by one of the mages, and the other mage generated blades of mirror and throwing them. A large fireball distracted the red cloaked Fire Virtue, while a mirror blade struck his back. He grunted but the Organism Virtue dropped down, and wielding an arm blade of flesh, she stabbed into the mage, then split his body apart as he burst into sticky flesh. This shocked the other mage as the Fire Virtue managed to surprise him, grabbing him from behind and burning his face off, as he disintegrated into ashes.

Eliana: *Crap!* Work as a team, guys! It's how they're beating us!

Dominic lowers the shield, and leaps up at Victoire, as starts pulling a choke hold on her, he let nanite tendrils wrap around the dragon most notably the mouth.

Dominic: Enough with it you basic b-tch!

Victoire raises a bladed arm from the dragon's back, piercing Dominic through his back and releasing her.

Victoire: Get your hands away from me!

An electrical impulses is sent through the dragon, as the arm detached from Dominic, leaving the spike in him but throwing his off the flying dragon via the electric shock. The dragon soars off, breathing more fire out and killing the remaining Absconder army troops.

Ripper tries and get any troop he can into cover, but he was hit by a missile, Dominic saw this and yelled as he ran to Ripper, getting him to cover.

Dominic: Come on you idiot get up!

Ripper: Vanquish Cough I failed him...I failed Gen Dominic tried to frantically heal him.

Dominic: You didn't! He's smiling down on you! Please, get up!

Ripper: No, I, I'll give you what you deserve. He stabs himself with his armblade, and then stabs Dominic, instead Ripper Disintegrates and his nanites enter the stab, healing him as well.

Dominic: I- We're He stands up and walks out, he knows what he needs to do. We are Vanquish, we are the hero, the father, the power, the villain, the monster, the demon, and the lord...We are Meta.

They all spoke in unison in his mind, as Dominic made a turret like construct and fired on the dragon, as many Hivemind troops looked around, and rallied to Dominic shooting as well.

Victoire and her cyber dragon are bombarded, as plates of metal fall from the dragon's underbelly. It stalls and halts midair, flying in place. It charges up its mouth as it spits flammable fluids onto the Hivemind troops, then breathes fire onto it, creating a large purple blanket of fire which barbecues the Hivemind troops and Dominic with them. Victoire jumps off her dragon and generates several blades and guns around her body, then runs through the fire unharmed and charges to attack Dominic in the field of fire.

Dominic switches to Rebirth Protocol as soon as he locks eyes with her, then they both start rapidly firing guns at each other. A few burning Hivemind troops accidentally get caught in the crossfire as both are tired and firing without much accuracy. Dominic sees this and so stops firing, and starts running at the Cyber Virtue. She jumps up and starts spinning mid-air while firing electricity blasts randomly, but Dom generates a tentacle which grabs her and slams her to the ground. She spins on the ground, then halts, punching into the dirt and converting the floor into a large plate of tech, which turns magnetic and sticks Dom and several troops to the ground. The Cyber Virtue smiles as several mechanical arms come out from the ground and impale all the troops, extracting their power and channeling it to her, then she sends a signal through the ground which disintegrates all the troops into data, scattering them through the air. Dominic tries to free himself from the floor trap, but struggles, so a couple Hivemind troops come to help him but before stepping on the plate, Dominic activates a force field around him and the Cyber Virtue, knocking the troops away from entering the trap.

Dominic: BOOYAH

Dominic switches into the Gamma Protocol and kneels to the ground; he grabs onto the magnetic plate they're standing on, and starts ripping it from the ground, lifting up the whole floor the Cyber Virtue and he are standing on, making her fall off it. He holds up the plate then crushes her with it, smashing her several times until it's ripped apart. The trap is disabled, releasing Dom, as he runs to Victoire beneath the rubble. She jumps to her feet, creating several neon blades around her body as she slices Dominic with her leg, leaving a huge neon purple scar along his torso. She then stabs him in the jugular with a blade, then turns her other hand into a futuristic shotgun, blasting his face apart. He looks back at her with a ruptured face, then grabs her arm-blade which is impaled in his throat, then pulls it out. He tackles her to the ground, holding her to the floor and begins punching her several times, chest and face, each hit shaking the ground and creating a crater around them. The floor around them caves in on them, smothering them in the rubble and dirt of the field, which doesn't hinder Dom from punching her. He holds a fist over her face then morphs it into a nanite blade, about to stab her, but she suddenly turns into pure data and disperses around him, appearing behind him in regular form again. She turns her left fingers into a flamethrower, and her right fingers into small sharp blades, grabbing Dominic's blade arm by the elbow and cutting it, using the flamethrower to burn his joints until his arm falls off and is severed. Dominic grunts from the pain, hearing the Cyber Virtue chuckling behind him, looking down at his severed arm. In rapid succession, he crouches down, grabs his severed arm blade and spins around, slicing Victoire's face with his own arm. Her blood splatters against the dirt, as she's left bleeding from an open wound across her face.

Dominic: AGH!

Victoire: H-how dare you! You stupid-!

Victoire says when she looks back at him, as Dominic fixes his arm back into place and the nanites repair him. She morphs her arms into a laser cannon, firing it into Dom's stomach and blasting him back. She then jumps up and generates cybernetic wings and flies off, finding her dragon and landing on it. Dominic jumps out of the crater and back on solid ground, then looks around the battlefield, seeing who needs help. Dominic sees Jason fighting the Fire Virtue, with the latter breathing orange fire onto Jason, who emerges unharmed. Dominic runs to them to help Jason, switching into Speed Demon Protocol and blitzing past the Virtue, choke slamming it to the floor. The Fire Virtue is confused, but nevertheless explodes into a white fire elemental, flying up into the air and tossing giant fireballs around the place with the same impact as literal meteorites.

Jason: Oh great, I was distracting him.

Dominic: You were taking too long.

Jason: Okay, well now he's spitting fire everywhere. What do we do?

Dominic: Don't you have magic?

Jason: Yeah, your buddy Wicked stole some of it, remember?

Dominic: Oh yeah… sorry about that.

Jason: I'll think of something...just stop those fireballs.

Dominic nods then dashes around the field, rushing fast past the fireballs, fast enough to disperse some of them with rapid wind gusts, but more keep coming. Instead, he dashes to each fireball and punches or kicks them, sending them flying back at the Virtue, prompting him to dodge them.

Fire Virtue: Stop that!

The Virtue flies downwards, striking the ground hard and creating a large explosion of white fire, equal to that of the explosion that destroyed the Centre. The explosion was white this time, and disintegrated 99% of the remaining Absconder army, Dom was just outside the blast radius but his skin was burnt from the heat, then suddenly the Virtue dashes at him, kneeing Dom in the gut but he resists it, creating a pistol and firing several shots in the Virtue’s face.

Fire Virtue: Arghh! Screw you! His face burns up, healing the wounds, so Dominic choke holds him, but his hand burns touching his skin.

Dominic instead smacks the Virtue with him arm, knocking him off, then runs off in a direction unknown. That's when a giant centipede, as black as the night, comes crawling past, then creeps over the Virtue's body. The Virtue screams as the centipede slithers over him, stabbing two legs into his body. The dark creature transmutates into darkness which changes shape into Jason on top of the Virtue, he smiles then enters his demon state and bites the Virtue's throat, but he dodges making Jason bite the floor. The Virtue channels white fire through his body, strong enough to burn Jason's deceased body, making Jason roar demonically. Then the Virtue punches his fist down Jason's throat to clog up his roar, sending white flames into Jason's body as he stumbles back, his insides glowing white with fire. Jason coughs out smoke, as he bursts into flames. Instead of disintegrating, Jason becomes a flaming demon's head, which screeches at the Virtue before regenerating back into Jason form.

Jason: *What the f-ck was that??* Jason shakes off his bewilderment, then grabs his wrist, ripping his own hand off. In place of blood, darkness leaks out his wrist, creating a giant claw of darkness in place of a hand, which he scratches the Virtue with several times at unpredictable speed, cutting his cloak apart and leaving poisonous dark wounds. The Virtue reacts by kicking the air, making a ball of white fire fly at Jason, blasting him away. Dominic returns behind the Virtue in a flash, pulling him by his hood and throwing him through the air, simultaneously firing a large bullet into him which carries him through the air and out of sight. Dominic then goes to help the other Absconders.

Dominic sees Victoire's dragon suddenly pick up Alex with its mouth and eats him, as it spat out his artifacts, in horror Dominic lunges forward with his speed mode and tackles her off the dragon as he was rapidly punching her face.

Dominic: You monster! You piece of scum! He was changing! For once he was a sign that anything had a bit of good in it! He could have stood for something!

He went into Mastermind protocol, took off her hood to fully show her face and dug talons into her head as she screamed.

Victoire: N-No! Stop! Please have-

Dominic: Have mercy!? Laughs. Where was the mercy for Thaddeus Tanner!? You claim to have been given great power! But there is no greater Earthly power, than the power to take... As she screamed she could feel them, his nanites, eating away at everything she has, everything she could have been, everything she knows, everything she wanted, she could feel them, all of them, all of Him. He was God to her, as he took her life, her future, and her experience. Anyone who wasn't busy could see her body was lifeless, pale, dead, Dominic killed a Virtue.

Victoire's dragon roared through the air, as its wings started becoming janky, and purple flames spat out from its mouth. It flew through the sky before crash landing near Dominic, then the pieces all fell off. The sight of the dragon's defeat made all Virtues and assassins shiver with fear. Haruto tackled Zacharia out of the window of a ruined skyscraper. Zacharia chuckled as he began to float while Haruto seemed to fall faster.

Zacharia: I have the high ground, fool! You should have stayed dead!! Better off that way!

Haruto: That’s what you think, huh? Haruto summoned his Crimson Phoenix sword and slashed at Zacharia, flames burning a dark red as he attacked Zacharia over and over. As he fought, Haruto’s sword transformed from a longsword to a Katana, with a flame-like overlay over the upper half of the sword. Well, jokes on you! I never died to begin with!!!

Zacharia: Shut up! Insolent bastard, you don’t deserve to live!! He created an orb of gravity around his fists and punched Haruto as hard as he could, bending gravity to increase the force of his strikes.

Haruto: You’re blinded by your loyalty!! Whatever your leader has planned is futile!! Haruto continued to clash against Zacharia’s fists with his Crimson Phoenix katana, the sounds of their attacks could be heard from miles away as the forces of their blows sent shockwaves strong enough to destroy parts of the surrounding area. Chunks of debris flew as Haruto’s katana struck the gravity orbs surrounding Zacharia’s fists. There’s no point to it all!! You, your allies, and your leader… none of them are immortal! None of us are! Your children and their children may try to carry on your plans, but someone will rise up to fight them!! Your rule will be broken, and it will be for nothing!! It’s all… USELESS!!!! His sword glowed white-hot as he twisted the lever on his belt.

BD: Ready?! Pyro Swordsman… Binary Finish!!! The energy from his belt rushed through his arm as it began to glow brightly.

Zacharia: That won’t be enough, fool!! Zacharia took the gravity orbs and began forming a prison of darkness around Haruto. Enjoy my ultimate gravity trap!!

Haruto: That won’t be enough… Haruto held up his unarmed hand and took a breath to concentrate. He then swiped his hand across the blackness with a low-pitched hum. Immediately, the darkness began to dissipate before breaking apart as if someone had kicked through a glass pane, shattering and destroying the gravity trap.

Zacharia: *I-Impossible!!! That was the ultimate gravity trap! There’s no way… He really is... beyond this world… But that won’t be enough!! Arnault bestowed this grand gift to me! And I cannot let this insolent fool squander it!!* If that’s the case… enjoy having your body inverted!!! He held out his arms as an intense gravitational force slammed into Haruto and began to invert his body. The surface of Haruto’s armor began to warp into itself, but then it suddenly stopped. Slowly, but surely, Haruto’s body reset itself.

Haruto: Kurae... Boku no hissatsu waza!! Haruto jumped forward as best as he could, flying straight into Zacharia before slashing directly into Zacharia.

Zacharia: I won’t let you defeat me so easily!!! He bends the gravity so that the attack’s effects go around him instead of directly attacking him. Not when you are to be inverted to your death!!! He reapplies the gravitational inversion on Haruto once more, this time with his maximum power. The inversion begins to reapply as Haruto’s armor begins to dissolve.

Haruto: *D-dammit… my armor’s running low… Cryo Sniper!* Haruto quickly switches into the next of his Best Matches.

BD: Cryo Arcana! Sniper! Best Match!

Haruto: Dual up!

BD: Mix!! Kori no Marksman! Cryo Sniper! The armor pieces quickly replace the dissolving Pyro Swordsman, though the armor continues to invert on itself. Haruto summons the form’s Cryo Rifle and charges another attack. Ready?! Cryo Sniper… Binary Finish!!!

Haruto: Eat this! Haruto fires a beam of hyper compressed cryokinetic energy, essentially blasting Zacharia with a blizzard at near Absolute Zero temperatures. Unfortunately, the attack is deflected by another gravity shield. However, the inversion pressure lessens as a result of redirecting gravity, allowing Haruto to switch into another form.

BD: Aero Arcana! Reaper! Best Match!

Haruto: Dual up…

BD: Mix!! Kaze no Sparrow! Aero Reaper! As Haruto summons his Emerald Storm sickles, the inversion he feels increases again. His armor had reset the inversion as a result of switching to a new form. Once more, Haruto dashes forward, using the Chain sickles to reel him in close so he can slash Zacharia up even more.

Zacharia: You pest!! Fly away and disappear, damn you!! He sends out a gravity pulse that destroys the tops of nearby skyscrapers and sends Haruto flying away, who instead flies right back at Zacharia.

BD: Ready?! Aero Reaper… Binary Finish!!! Haruto charges at him at top speed, letting out a battle cry as the tempests of energy contained in his sickle blades are unleashed on Zacharia in a flurry of slices and slashes. Zacharia simply increases the inversion even further, eventually causing the sickles to disappear from the inversion.

Zacharia: Fool!! No more weapons for you!!!

Haruto: Who said anything about that? He grins as he switches into the final Best Match he had obtained.

BD: Terra Arcana! Artillery! Best Match!

Haruto: This needs to be the end… Dual up!

BD: Mix!! Chikyu no Ordnance! Terra Artillery!!

Haruto: Last one, you can do it!

BD: Ready?! Several large panels appeared behind Haruto before fusing into a massive rifle that was aimed right at Zacharia’s face Terra Artillery... Binary Finish!!!

Zacharia: I refuse to die like this!!! Zacharia removes the inversion to create the most powerful gravity shield he could make. Haruto’s blast of energy still manages to breach the shield, causing it to fracture and break apart. What is this energy?!?! This is power beyond that of this world!!!

Haruto: Taste the power of extra-dimensional energies...! The Binary Finish wears off due to overexertion of the system, shutting it off sooner than intended and leaving Zacharia just barely alive. The belt automatically deactivates the transformation as they both fall to the ground. Due to Zacharia’s tiredness, he ends up creating a gravity field that lets him and Haruto both fall to the ground gently.

Zacharia: To think I was bested… by a child… with unnatural powers…

Haruto: It’s not like your powers were natural either…

Zacharia: I was blessed by my leader!! You won’t ever understand what a blessing is!!

Haruto: You think you know what a blessing is? Hah… Haruto takes out the Shin and Assault Batteries, shaking them up before inserting them into the Driver.

BD: Shin Arcana! Assault! Best Match!

Haruto: Henshin…

BD: Mix!! Genjitsu no Attacker! Shin Assault!! Haruto then twisted the Driver’s lever over once more. Ready?! Shin Assault… Haruto stomped the ground with his left foot, emitting a faint green light as he propelled himself upwards while the ground morphed to hold Zacharia in place.

Zacharia: What?!? What is this sorcery?! Unhand me!!

BD: Binary Finish!!! Haruto let out one more battle cry as he flew at Zacharia with both feet extended and charged with energy. Bright and dark silver mixed and clashed as Haruto’s feet made impact and unleashed all the force of his drop kick. Instead of just stopping, Haruto started to bicycle kick Zacharia, over and over until finally kicking him through the left side of Zacharia’s chest. Haruto had kicked Zacharia through the heart.

Haruto: How does it feel? He landed on his knees, then stood up slowly and grabbed Zacharia’s body through the hole he made. His hands emitted a low-pitched hum as he held him. How does it feel to be killed by the person you thought you killed? Shameful, right? Like you’ve got the weight of unending shame on your shoulders? Do you feel like you’ve dishonored your group? Zacharia could only nod weakly, somehow still alive despite missing a heart. Good. Enjoy your time in hell, bastard. He let go of Zacharia and turned around dramatically, removing the batteries from his belt and cancelling his transformation as Zacharia’s body hit the ground and began to bleed out. F--ker’s dead. Heh… I’ve overwritten the laws of victory.

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