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This is the SIXTEENTH issue of our new Marvel Fanon-Made storyline called The Absconders. To read the previous issue, click here. This storyline is Role-played and made by a certain number of experienced RPers. These are our RPers, and their OCs:

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART OR this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. Disclaimer: Any real-life or fictional brands are used in as a parody. None of us are actually sponsored, nor do we care to be sponsored. Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)


  • Normal writing is the dialogue between the characters.
  • Italic writing is a special writing type for characters with second personalities or long distance dialogue (telepathy or calls).
  • Bold and italic writing are the actions that characters do.
  • Writing in between the *asterisk* means that the character is talking in their heads.

At the Vanishing Point...

Micah and Haruto were inside as Trey ran inside and slowly stopped; his eyes widening as he stared at his assumed dead best friend, sitting on the couch. He slowed walked around Haruto in complete shock and managed to get a word out.

Trey: H-Haruto? Is that really you?? He looks at Micah H-How?! He looked at Haruto once more and looked completely shocked and confused.

Haruto: Yeah, it's me. He waved to his best friend and gave him a smile, removing the bottle from his phone and tucking it into his pocket. About a month and a half since I left, right? Giorno arrived through a side entrance and walked into the VP

Giorno: Ah, Haruto. Welcome back from the Arcana. How'd it go?

Haruto: Managed to leave early. Got some pretty awesome stuff out of it.

Giorno: Cool, cool. He sees Trey in shock, then starts to back up My bad, I interrupted something... He backs away and heads into the kitchen for a snack

Haruto: To be fair, I did tell you guys in advance I'd be leaving.

Dominic came in to the VP with Eliana and saw Haruto, and his eye twitched.

Dominic: Y-You, wait, blackhole, but, durability-- Science, HOW IN THE HELL ARE YOU HERE!?

Haruto: You do remember I can stop time, right? In addition, I have extra-dimensional deities watching over me, so... F-ck logic. He reached into his pocket and took out a cold can of root beer, opening it and taking a sip I got some new powers out of "dying" too. He used air quotes around "dying"

Eliana: Hey, we saw you die, okay? We saw Zacharia suck you into a... A black hole! Wh-where were you this whole time? Inside the black hole?

Haruto: Pfft, no. The deities who made the Tarot buckle used the black hole as a portal to their personal planet. He held out his new phone, which was heavily modified to include compacted motorcycle components. Then, he pointed to an app that had a globe with an arrow circling around it, as if to symbolize returning I can go back whenever I want, wherever I want. Just gotta use this app and bam, I'm on a planet isolated from the rest of the universe. He then went back to his online group chats to catch up on what's been happening to them.

Trey stared at him and sat down looking concerned and confused, but smirked a little, feeling a bit of relief.

Trey: Well... Let’s see what you got... Hopefully it was worth dying over... He held his head still feeling confused but couldn’t help but feel a little happy that he could cry.

Haruto: I think it was definitely worth it... He gave everyone a smile and finished his soda before crushing the can with his hands. When he opened his hands, there wasn't anything there. So... what did I miss while I was gone?

Eliana: Virtues gone crazy, there's barely any Superheroes left in the city save from us, and the Erratics... Which Trey made an alliance with.

Haruto: I see... Haruto browsed the news, seeing that Richard Gardener has declared war on the Absconders Gardener? Who the hell is this? He taps and holds the current screen, then taps on the globe with an arrow icon, sending it to the Arcana for analysis. A second later, he receives information from them Ah... His dad was killed by... one of us? He looks through other news articles, then uncovers the interview with Dom and the footage of Eli killing Thomas Eli... you actually... killed someone? He looked at her with disbelief, not expecting the "pacifist" of the group to have killed a person, much less a multi-billionaire. Gone for a month and a half, and this is what happens...

Eliana: I had to kill him! It wasn't murder, it was justice. You didn't see what he did, he murdered children, many innocent people for fun. He was a monster, and now his son is making out like I'm some sort of demon looking to destroy his family. He's dragging you all down too, but I'm dealing with it.

Haruto: Yare yare daze... He sighed as he closed the news articles and got up. I guess everything falls apart when one of us leaves... He began pacing around, somehow drinking another can of soda as he paced We need to start training together again. Or go on missions together again. The team needs to head out together. The Absconders need to come back in full force. He turned to everyone currently gathered with a serious face And we'll do that by defeating the Virtues.

Trey: They’re tough though... I mean you guys got more powerful so hopefully we can stand a chance now... He laid back in the chair and went into thought.

Haruto: Hopefully... Last time I checked, they had gravity manipulators.

Giorno: In addition... Giorno returned to the room, seeing that everyone else was already involved There was one who summoned a dragon. It wasn't a normal dragon though...

Haruto: Dragon, huh...? He brought out his phone and looked through his inventory Hm... Maybe I should make more weapons...

Eliana: I got ambushed in the street by them. Saw a Sound Warper. Apparently the Erratics fought one Virtue who mentioned a guy behind the guy. A leader above the actual Seven.

Haruto: A sound warper, one encountered by the Erratics, one who formed a dragon, the gravity f--k, and a lead on the leader of the Seven Virtues? Hm... He was taking notes on his phone Yare yare... how bothersome this is going to be... He closed his eyes for a moment, taking a breath. When he opened his eyes, he saw everyone around him in a zombie-like state. He panicked for a moment before rubbing his eyes and reopening them. After that, everyone was normal *Even now...? Those damn Echoes...* I should be able to share my weapons with everyone, and I've got new transformation equipment... Perhaps we should have a meeting with everyone we've recruited and go over what everyone's bringing to the fight.

Dominic: Hm, I think Ripper owes me a favour, time that I actually take up duty as a member of the Hivemind and call in help.

Eliana: We can meet up with everyone and discuss the situa- She is interrupted by the whole base suddenly shaking, like an earthquake. A loud hiss echoes throughout the Vanishing Point tunnels, then before anyone can react, a chilling, snake-like voice starts speaking. It was whispering, but it was still loud and irritated the Absconders' ears as it spoke. Eliana recognised it, as the voice of the Sound Virtue.

Virtue: The Absconders, the time has almost come. We were battling for quite some time, yet the war is not over. We have discovered your base, but we will not attack. The city is falling apart and thus our new world is close to being a reality. Only a few stand in our way. The Seven Virtues want this to end as much as you do, and so we shall end it once and for all. We have a proposal for our final battle, and so we invite you to meet us before the battle commences. Come to Trinity County by tomorrow at 8 am sharp, and we shall discuss terms of battle. Bring your leaders, your pathetic army if you have one, bring whatever you wish to show off. However, if you do not attend, we will unleash Hell onto this city, tearing it down piece by piece and replace it with our own. I wonder how much you'll be able to save in time, I doubt it'll be much. So I advise you to meet with us, the Seven of us will enjoy seeing you. Farewell. The voice echoed and quietened, as everyone looked at each other in bewilderment and shock.

Eliana: Well... Change of plan, we'll meet with the Seven Virtues beforehand. They will bring their entire army no doubt, to show their power. We could do the same, but we'll look pathetic to them either way, whether we bring everyone or just the most powerful. We don't have an army to show off, we should just go poetic and bring seven of us. Especially Haruto, that'd be an insult, showing that one of us "returned from the dead". It's good to let them underestimate us, guys?

Trey: He said in a shakey tone. This is actually kind of scary dudes... Sorry to be the pessimist but I don’t think we can actually beat them... Even after you guys have gotten really powerful. But, I guess I’ll contact the Erratics. He stands up and is about to go to the tunnel leading to his room.

Alyna: She came out of her room. I’ll call and tell Spoil.

Eliana: I'll go find Jason. Trey can find Alex after he's done. I doubt Thad will be up to join, not that he'd be useful in this fight... She buries her face in her hand, sighing. So we'll bring me, Trey, Haruto, Spoil, Alex, Dominic and Limit. The rest we'll leave behind, the Virtues don't know how many members are in the Absconders, let them underestimate us. We can check out their army, no doubt composed of half the population of LA...

Micah: Great. I’ll get some tools and enchantments ready and stuff. Stuff that’ll help us gain the edge. Also Trey, there’s this spell I’ve been trying. I’m going to need your help with it when you get back.

Trey: Got it. Now, be right back.

A few moments later in South L.A streets

Alex was in his bright red muscle car a burger in his right hand and a cigarette in his left, he was looking outside through the opened car window, his eyes were wandering around when he saw a woman in a mini skirt walk on the pathway, his eyes opened wide and he smirked

Alex: Whooooooo!!! Hey! the woman turned to him with a concerned look when he took out a wad of notes to shake it in front of his face I have the day free, I also the money free, and now, you are gon' be free of that he pointed at the skirt, The woman turned at him in disgust

Woman: How dare you!!! I will call the police

Alex: Heh, he took a bite out of his sandwich as he was laughing God! why do b-tches wear those if it's not to attract handsome guys like me, jeez, get outta here. the woman cut to the right as she walked away as fast as possible

Trey dropped down on top of a building next to where Alex was, watching him, and sighing.

Trey: *This guy is such an idiot.* He jumps down the building and after almost reaching the ground, he boosts himself on a window of the building and sits on it, getting Alex’s attention. Yo! Alex!

Alex: Oh! look who is here, What's the deal, you here to catch me for sexual assault? Because today I didn't. he took a bite of his burger Tell me or get lost my man.

Trey: He rose an eyebrow at Alex, looking confused on how he drew such a conclusion of his arrival. He chuckled and shook his head, then said in a light tone. Look dude, be at Trinity Forest grounds at 8am sharp tomorrow. We’re meeting up with the Virtues. They’re going to be discussing the final battle with us, so I advise that you come.

Alex: Dude you just expect me to know what you talking 'bout? Being an Absconders is such a f-cking drag he took a last bite of his burger and threw the paper outside let's just go to the super secret base, I need rest.

Trey: He rolls his eyes and stands up completely horizontal sticking to the window. See you there then. He takes off running up the building until he gets to the top, then takes off flying, although this gives him a heavy headache.

Alex looked at Trey as he took off and in a reflex tried to take a bite of his sandwich before realizing that he already finished it, he continued looking out his window for girls when he noticed someone he was recognizing walking down the pathway, it was the boy from before.

Alex: Hey! You! the boy turned around with a surprised look on his face

Boy: Oh! Hello haha he walked to the car, a polite smile on his face

Alex: I just wanted to tell you; thanks, what you said helped me, I was kinda losing my sh-t

Boy: Ah? oh this, haha no problem I guess

Alex: Anything you especially want? money? fame? power?, Just ask.

Boy: haha...the boy was looking around uncomfortably with an awkward grin on his face ...I don't really want anything...

Alex: I am grateful man, I won't let go until I give you back the favor

Boy: Well...I don't like to talk about it...but....the smile of the boy turned back to a neutral expression you see...there is a man called Allan Oliji's a business man, he gave me a little cash in exchange of delivering him...something...I thought that it would be something small...maybe drugs or's worse.

Alex: Allan Oliji? I think I heard this name before...he was a member of the domain back in 2020 right?

Boy: the domain? what is that?

Alex: Oh nevermind, you should not even have heard about that, let's just say that this Allan Oliji is not a honest man, what is it you had to deliver.

Boy: people...

Alex: That doesn't surprise me from someone from there.

Boy: immigrants, he wants me to deliver immigrants to a certain location.

Alex: What? why would he ask a kid to deliver freaking illegal immigrants.

Boy: He doesn't want to raise any suspicions...I met him when I just started going to the squat...I accepted...a million dollars for crying out loud...but now, I don't want to do it anymore...but he won't let me...he will kill me if he doesn't get it...

Alex: Ha! Not if I kill them first!

Boy: I'm not asking you to kill them...I don't want anyone to get killed!

Alex: pfff, then what...

Boy: south L.A, there is human trafficking happening under the hero's sight, you are a member of the absconders right? Just tell them...

Alex: We have bigger issues right now...I don't think they will be able to help.

Boy: There are families in containers out there, they are treated like objects, they get beaten everyday, they are sold like slaves...this kind of thing shouldn't be happening.

Alex: *what a dumb kid, thinking that the world is a fairy tail* Ok kid, I will let them know for the sake of gratefulness, but I don't promise anything.

Boy: thank you a lot! I will be on my way now, sorry for bothering haha

Alex: no problemo, Alex then started the engine and at max speed headed to the VP, he got in and first person he saw was Dominic in the hallway, who was in his armor, but a different protocol, the helmet had been streamlined almost matching with the shape of his head, he had a long technological coat made of nanites, where the tails of the coats had green and white lines.

Dominic: Sup Alex, you sounded like you needed to get here fast.

Alex: I did want to get here fast, Things are getting out of hand here.

Dominic: What isn't out of hand anymore? Any who, enlighten me...

Alex: Just heard about a human trafficking network going on, In normal conditions I wouldn't care but I have to look into it to give back a favor, immigrants come in, are sold, all right in front of you guys.

Dominic: Take me to this trafficking network, gives me a chance to test this protocol out as well.

Alex: It doesn't work like this, it's not the domain, the domain was just 1 place, what is happening right now, is complex and well hidden, Can you make research on a certain Allan Ojiri?

Dominic: Hm yes, of course, also. Gives Alex what seems to be eight canisters that look like futuristic soda cans This is another thing I want to test, bring out to any overly serious gang places you know of like the Domain, plant it in the exact middle, and, tell me what happens...

Alex: alright, who else is in here?

Dominic: So far Antonia.

Alex: 'Kay cool. he walks into the room and sits down to take out is phone and search the name "Allan Ojiri" on the web browser, Antonia, was there and she saw the name he searched up.

Antonia: Ya' know, unless you're going back to extremely shady stuff, why are you looking that D-bag up?

Alex: Uh? he looked at Antonia Oh, it's you uh...uuuh...Tanya right?, he is involved in a human trafficking network and I am bored.

Antonia: Lemme guess you want to find him?

Alex: Well, thank you captain obvious.

Dominic: Found him, uploading map to your phone now...

the map showed up on the phone of Alex

Alex: well that didn't take long...Well, let's get in my car... we ride to the docks where he is supposed to be.

Dominic: Just to tell you it feels longer than it takes to find.

Antonia: Alright, come on Alex, lead the way...

Alex lead the way to his car and after the 2 others got in, they drove to the docks after many minutes they arrived, the place was completely empty, no one was here working or anything, Alex got out of the car and looked at Dom and Antonia

Alex: come on.

The two nod, as Dom creates a knife, and Antonia pulls out her pistols, just in case.

The two followed Alex as he was searching around, after a few minutes, they noticed a big container that was transported by one of the boats and that surprisingly wasn't open yet, Alex got close to the container and used one of his fire balls to blow up the door, when it felt down, what they were seeing was horrible, tenths of people most likely from India all dead on the floor

Alex: jesus f-ck m-before he could finish his sentence a flash appeared, it was from a camera that was suspended from the top of the container, it had just taken a picture of the three absconders in front of immigrants corpses.

Alex: well, F-ck.

Antonia: Got it! She used flames to boost herself up and grabs the camera.

Alex: no, no, no...The picture must have been sent to a server, we just got framed...f-ck...Allan Ojiri knew we were coming...that f-cking kid, I will gut him!

Dominic: Wait a server? He looks at a radio tower at the distance Come on, follow me, I can do this. Soon he goes to the radio tower as both followed him as he was making some tendrils sprout from his back Do me a favor, guard my body please...

Alex: Don't. Allan Ojiri probably downloaded the picture from there along with all people working with him...One misstep and we are public enemies...don't. I don't want. to be. a public ene-his phone was ringing, he took it to look at "Private Number" written on it and answered

Alex: Who is that?

Private number: long time no see.

Alex: Allan Ojiri; I will kill you.

Allan: No you won't, neither will your friends, The absconders are criminals, you destroyed various properties during your fights, some of your members killed people and you are with them...YOU! what kind of hero team is this?

Alex: You are judging yet you are Allan Ojiri, one of the domain familiars and ex collaborator.

Allan: I am a business man Red Mask, Business is legal.

Alex: not when it involves humans.

Allan: Hahaha, big talk, the Virtues, the Absconders, the Avengers, WHAT AN ERA TO LIVE IN!, an era of people convincing themselves that they are doing the right when truly they aren't doing anything but wasting time and space. Their illusions of grandeur pains me.

Alex: Shut up and get to your point, why did you even call?

Allan: Well, Dominic, Antonia and yourself are in a delicate position, I called you to point that out.

Alex: Get lost Allan! he hung off and smashed his phone

Dominic makes his tendrils get off of the tower, and Antonia was swearing under her breath.

Dominic: So, the b-stard can make us public enemies, LA already sees us as terrorists.

Alex: I'm not a big fan of getting chased, I always bribed my way through things, Allan never does things at random...Just be ready I guess, we should head back to the VP the got into Alex's cars and made their way back to the VP


Dominic went back to Dinomo tower in his office, and he sighed in stress as he looked behind him looking at the city, he stood up from his chair, just to look at the view. He was also looking at his slight reflection in the window, seeing his pupils dilate and change colors a bit.

Dominic: Yeah, it's all gonna fall if we don't clear our names... I know it's hard, but we have to keep pushing on... Being labeled by the law has never stopped any hero really, so just find ways, we always do... But they look at us and forget what we do, what we sacrifice, they can't be grateful His eyes furiously glows a dark green ... They'll abandon us! They'll all stab us in the back, S.H.I.E.L.D, the Government, even the damn people, t-they'll betray us... A tear rolls down his cheek as he looks down a bit, but he starts laughing Funny how all of them wouldn't be here without any of you huh? He looks up and fully sees his reflection, it was Dominic, but by his side was Dino, behind him was the Vanquish, and there was Chernabog, the Symbiote, and Wicked You need to calm down more Dominic, a hero's journey is never an easy one... And You're right, you could have easily ruled LA, but you chose to do the hero business for fun, but you learned to be a true hero... I could have destroyed the city, but I stopped, and that is something you did... You were able to sympathize with inner demons, and embrace them... If people will label us as terrorists, fine, we'll keep being what they call "terrorists"... He hears the door suddenly open and it was Viviane who looked a bit worried Viv, you can knock next time, anything up?

Viviane: I'm just here to tell you, several employees want a raise, as they say at this point only money can make them stay.

Dominic: So you're telling me you want a raise?

Viviane: Wha-? No, I-

Dominic: Kidding, anyways, yeah raise those salaries, proportionate though, anything else?

Viviane: I wanted to talk about something...

Dominic: Oh, ohhhh, is this about the club, look I'm sorry, I had one too many drinks...

Viviane: No, don't be.

Dominic: No, no, I can be seen as manipulating someone lower than me, there can be lawsuits, and I'm dragging Dinomo through enough bombs and-

Viviane: Dominic! She interrupted as he sat down, being calm Look, I just want to say that, I'm staying by your side no matter what, in fact, your father planned it that way, and, I can see why, you are becoming a man, that even he admits, he could ever become. And that's a good man, and I see that, I feel that, He's proud to have been your father, Dominic. She gives him a smile.

Dominic: He looks at the window seeing Dino putting a hand on his shoulder *Hehe, Old man... Hehe little sh-t.* Thank you, Viv, from what's happening so far, I'm glad to know someone who's not an Absconder is taking my side, gives me hope that there are still people who believe in the Absconders. He turns at his chair and looks at the city, but Dominic is caught off by a hand on his shoulder and it was Viviane.

Viviane: Give them time, they'll see.

11th July, 2026

It was 7:54 am when the Absconders arrived. They were in Trinity County, in an open forest area near a rocky hill, Eliana, Trey, Haruto, Alex, Dominic, Limit and Spoil all came together and stood in a closely packed line. They were facing their enemies, all Seven Virtues who were staring them down, standing in an orderly line as if expecting guests. The Seven were wearing their own unique coloured cloaks, red, blue, green, purple, grey, black and orange. Behind the Virtues on the open field, outreaching as far as the Absconders could see, was several armies of cloaked assassins, all of them standing in square-structured groups of one thousand soldiers, as if ready to march. There were seven squares, no doubt one army for each Virtue, resulting in 7,000 Assassin soldiers. The Virtues were all hooded, but when the Absconders arrived in formation, they removed their hoods in respect. Seven against seven they all stood.

Anthony (Green): Welcome, Absconders. He whispered in his snake voice We're glad you came. We've all greatly admired your cour-

Eliana: There's no need for a faux affable conversation. We're here to discuss battle terms, that is all.

Anthony: Patience, Gemstone.

Victoire (Purple): Look, girl, there's seven thousand more of us than there are of you. Why are you still playing tough? Not to mention this. She snaps her fingers, as a loud mechanical roar was heard in the distance. Eliana shook at the sound of it. Hope I didn't scare ya...

Dominic: We get it each of the Seven is trying to be Daenerys Targaryen. Jokes aside, are we gonna have to wait for "AHNOLD" for terms?

Ayman (Red): Don't speak his name. We should take your tongues for that!

Jared (Blue): Calm yourself, Ayman. His name is Arnault, speak it right or hold your tongue.

Zacharia (Grey): How do you know this name? It is not a name our men are allowed to speak. Betrayal is not a thing in our company. Our men punish themselves. You saw this, I heard, from the traitor that revealed the attack on the Centre.

Karl (Black): Is it a crime to mention his name? He has created such a beautiful new world, one without crime or torment.

Eliana: So it's true? There's someone behind the Seven, controlling the Virtues?

Ayman: Such incompetence would never have happened in my ranks. Blowing up the Centre was child's play to me, and I would've killed you all then hadn't it been for that traitor. No matter, I can make up for that now.

Jared: We wait as we agreed, Ayman. The Virtue in the blue cloak tried to calm the red cloaked Virtue.

Haruto: Seven in total... He held out his hand and began swiping through the air. To him, he was looking through his equipment in an inventory, but everyone else saw him swiping through the air Everything's in seven, huh? He stepped up and pointed straight at Zacharia You there. Mr Singularity. Remember me? He cracked his knuckles before flipping Zacharia off

Zacharia: His smug grin turned into disbelief. What?! I-I killed you already! *How is this possible?!*

Haruto: Death, huh? I guess that's what everyone saw. So, battle terms?

Alex: F-ck battle terms, battles don't have rules, we fight, you all die, heroes win and that's it.

Figure: We're all heroes here. An 8th cloaked figure said from behind the Seven. As they heard this, the line split open and they all knelt, as a white cloaked Virtue assassin walked up to the Absconders. You want to protect your imperfect world, we want to save it.

Eliana: Who are you?

Figure: You've heard of me, I assume. My name is Arnault, and I am the leader of the Seven Virtues.

Arnault in his white cloak. He isn't holding any weapons, though.

Eliana: What about the Seven?

Arnault: They are my Seven Virtues. He spoke in a calm, approachable voice and he had two swords sheathed. I started this company, I am the Eagle they all wear on their cloaks, I am the one who granted them their gifts.

Eliana: Their gifts?

Arnault: The great powers they possess, that we all possess. I gave them to each and every assassin in my company.

Eliana: How?

Arnault: I can bestow powers upon people.

Eliana: Then why are you trying to kill Superheroes?

Arnault: I don't need to explain myself to you. But I do admire your own powers, all of you have managed to survive this far. And for that I think it wouldn't be fair for the new world to be introduced with all of you murdered unfairly. My battle terms, if you can defeat all my Virtues individually, you have proved me wrong and we surrender. Earth will be in your hands to destroy. However, if you fail to defeat any of my Virtues, I won't hesitate to command them to liberate the cities which you protect. The remaining Superhuman population won't be able to keep us out, and soon they will all become my assassins.

Eliana: What kind of battle is this? This is cowardice. You won't fight yourself, but you will turn the tides of the battle against your men?

Arnault: I'm making it fair for your side. Be grateful I'm not having them attack you all at once, because we all know the odds of that fight. The battle will start in one week from now, on the 18th of July. Go back to your base, strategize, rally your allies, pray to your Gods, then return here and fight for your salvation. We'll be waiting. He turns around and leaves, as the Virtues stand up and form the line again.

Alex: Well, that was really over dramatic.

Dominic: Okay, soooo what's with the whole 7 deal?

Karl: Arnault likes to pick Seven of his most trusted and loyal friends.

Eliana: And you all follow him blindly?

Karl: We were his friends before he gave us the gift, we were always loyal to him.

Eliana: Great. I think we should go back now, we'll see you again in a week for the fight.

Karl: Farewell, Absconders.

The Absconders and co leave, heading back to the Vanishing Point as the Virtue army stays there, in the same position for the week.

Back at the Vanishing Point

As they arrived, Dominic put a holo projector at the main room's table, showing two Hivemind assault cruisers, each containing 300 Troops.

Dominic: So, besides Ripper, and his troops, who else has got more additions to our side.

Eliana: Thaddeus isn't joining, apparently. The rest of the Absconders were at the base too, so were the Erratics and Spoil who were let in as they arrived.

Jason: I can create, like, a dozen monsters. Wouldn't really make much of a different though.

Eliana: So, that's 6 hundred Hivemind troops and... 12 demon spawn?

Jason: Yea.

Eliana: Great. The Virtues must have like 7 thousand assassins. They'd beat us by overwhelming us.

Jason: You can't just find more heroes?

Eliana: There are no more heroes left after the Virtues.

Antonia: Well, I have a way, but you guys need to buy me some time, like, it will take the whole seven days for me to get my guys.

Eliana: If it works, sure. Ugh, it's my birthday tomorrow, I totally forgot. This whole Virtue business is stressing me out.

Dominic: Even though it might not be the time, you could use stress relief, as in, come on, you're pretty much our leader in all of this, so yeah you could relax...

Virus: Ugh, the host is being sympathetic... She whispered to Vice whilst she was in her inert state.

Vice was tuned out with her headphones but took them off.

Vice: What? Oh, yeah, hey can we just skip to the plan of battle? No one cares about your damn birthday.

Eliana: Fine, do you have any sort of army or demon legion or whatever?

Vice: Hah, no. But I can create some death slaves. I can bring a couple dozen of them.

Eliana: Good.

Jason: Wait, why can't your boyfriend do that too? Create slaves.

Eliana: Dom is bringing a Hivemind army...

Jason: What, no I mean Thaddeus.

Eliana: Thad isn't my boyfriend...

Jason: Oh, whatever.

Eliana: Thaddeus's busy training with Myron. He's useless against the Virtues, he would just get himself killed. Oh, Myron has a monastery of wizards I think. I can check with him. Anyone else?

Alex: Just beat some thugs up here and there and force them to fight.

Eliana: Not only is that cruel, random thugs would be nothing in this fight and die very quickly.

Alex: Cannon fodder. It's a good tactic if you are a good tactician.

Eliana: I don't care. We're not forcing people to die for us.

Vice: Do you not understand what slave means? Besides these people don't matter. If you want to save yourselves from these Virtues you're gonna have to break your moral code.

Eliana: Whatever... I'm going to train alone for a bit, we'll discuss battle plans another time. Everyone should get training too.

Soon Dominic went into his room, and made holograms everywhere, each showing his memories of different battles, he had. Either as a team with the Absconders, Mistakes he made, or battles with just himself, he then looks at the battle between him and Zacharia.

Dominic: Hmmm, a giant form could be in order....What do you think guys?

Suddenly holograms of Dino, his Vanquish suit, Chernabog, the Symbiote, and Wicked appeared.

Dino: Even with your speed in changing between protocols, that doesn't mean you'll have enough time to generate nanites that fast, you're not Hank Pym.

Dominic: Hm, guess you're right. He then turns to a different set of memories, and it was every time he went berserk Beast mode anyone?

Symbiote: Yesssss, you already embraced your inner demons, why stop now?

Wicked: You don't see me calling you a literal piece of "cosmic sh-t" now do you? They glare at each other.

Chernabog: The beast mode is a great idea.

Vanquish: Yes, you still have some memories of Chaka right.

Both Chernabog and Vanquish look through memories and found Chaka, the first Vanquish host and his almost feral, bestial and wild nature, as they gathered data, and showed Dominic schematics for the Beast Protocol, showing that it was a well physique between Rebirth, and Gamma. Its legs resembled hind legs, it had claws, the traditional Vanquish helmet, but with an open mouth with sharp teeth, and a tail.

Dominic: Excellent, anything else?

Each of all of them started giving ideas, until he heard some of the other Absconders pass by his room, and he made the holograms of his other personalities go away. As Dom worked on his additional Protocols, Haruto and Trey walked by and entered a training room.

Haruto: Up for a little sparring? He put on his new belt and took out two little bottles, one dark silver and the other bright silver. He shook them up a little bit as he waited for Trey

Trey: Erm, sure bro. He looked at the bottles weirdly and then at Haruto. We should go in the “backyard.” He made air quotes. It’d be better so it can contain our powers. He walks out of the room and heads down a tunnel, which lead into the other end of the Vanishing Point, and walked up stairs to an open space with no buildings or housing nearby. Just grass and trees.

The area Trey is talking about.

Haruto: Sure. He follows Trey, placing the bright silver bottle on the right slot of his belt, followed by the other bottle in the other slot.

Binary Driver: Shin Arcana! Assault! Best Match! Haruto quickly twisted the lever upwards as he stepped out onto the field of grass. A series of pipes formed around him, which were filled with energy the same color as the bottles.

Haruto: Henshin! The pipes formed screen-like shapes similar to a Gundam plastic model kit before enclosing themselves over Haruto and leaving him in his armor. After the screens disappeared, steam vented outwards from the areas where the armor halves connected

BD: Mix!! Genjitsu no Attacker! Shin Assault!!

Haruto: Now then... He held out his hand as pipes extended from his belt and to his hand, forming the shape of a sword with a circular guard before solidifying together into the item it formed Let's see how you've held up while I was gone.

Trey: Under his breath. Jesus Christ... What just happened... To Haruto. Alright let’s do this! His eyes glow dark blue as heat started to come from them. He charged at Haruto with a flying tackle aiming to grab around his body.

Haruto: Ikuze...! Haruto dodged the attack and swiped at Trey with his sword, cosmic energy charged on the surface of the blade

Trey turned and flew upwards dodging the Cosmic energy blast. His head aches as he used telekinesis so he flies down at Haruto and launches multiple punches in high speeds as he reached him.

Haruto jumped backwards as Trey flew upwards, sheathing his sword on his back before charging his fists with cosmic energy and returning Trey's punches with his own, the two punching each other at high speeds as Haruto yelled out "Muda...!"

Trey: MUDAAAAAA!!! Trey started to slow down as more of Haruto’s punches connected, and that’s when Trey got completely overtaken by the amount of punches, getting hit backwards. He stumbled and spun around shooting heavy, wide cosmic beams from his eyes at Haruto which also scorched the grass it blasted over. RAHHHH

Haruto: That's my line! He lets the cosmic beams damage him greatly, unable to avoid or counter it in time. Dual up!

BD: Pyro Arcana! Swordsman! Best Match! As the smoke from the cosmic beams hitting Haruto faded, it revealed Haruto in a sleeker, sharper armor. His right side was white, save for his right arm which was a vermilion red. His left side was the same red, with a white arm instead. Mix!! Kasai no Blade Master! Pyro Swordsman!!

Haruto: Check this out. He held out his hand and reached into a small portal, taking out an Odachi greatsword

BD: Kurenai Odachi!! After this, Haruto dashed forward towards Trey and slashed.

Trey made his body dense enough in time for the slash to barely damage him, then counters by shapeshifting his hand into a spiky mace and uppercuts Haruto with it, with immense force. This sends Haruto flying upwards.

Trey: How do you like that?! He used TK on the ground around him, breaking it apart and sending huge debris at Haruto who’s still launched up in the air.

Haruto: Dual up! He replaced the bottles in his driver with another pair, one green and the other silver-ish black. The screens still formed in the air, though it wasn't supported by anything. As he fell back down, the front screen remained while the back screen flew down faster to catch up and complete the armor

BD: Aero Arcana! Reaper! Best Match! The screens disappeared as Haruto fell back down in a much slimmer and lighter armor Mix!! Kaze no Sparrow! Aero Reaper!! Haruto summoned a pair of chain sickles made seemingly from emeralds, using them to hook into the ground and pull himself down quicker before letting them go and drop-kicking Trey from above.

Trey’s face hit the ground with immense force and this dazed him. He got up very fast and got in a fighting stance, then darted at Haruto, stepping around him, inhaling a huge ton of air then releasing it as a super breath at Haruto in point blank range.

Haruto let the super breath hit him and get blasted away before using the air from the breath to boost himself back straight at Trey in a tackle, summoning his chain-sickles again and preparing to slash at Trey's body.

Trey: Tch, you’re so annoying! He made a psychic shield emerge from his skin and blast Haruto off of him as Trey hit the ground and rolled a few times himself. He then controlled all the flying debris he sent up at Haruto earlier and sent them down at Haruto. After he did that, he flew at Haruto preparing an all out assault. *I don’t think he can dodge all of these attacks coming at him!* His eyes glowed as he cocked back his arm.

BD: Terra Arcana! Artillery! Best Match! Haruto had flown back from being blasted away. The dust surrounding him from the impact began to fade away as two screens could be seen faintly. Mix!! Chikyu no Ordnance! Terra Artillery!! The dust finally faded to reveal Haruto in much heavier armor, his left side being brownish-orange with a bronze arm while his right side was reversed: bronze with a brownish-orange arm.

Haruto: Not so fast, bud. Haruto held up a pistol-like weapon, causing a large portal to appear behind him. Several panels flew out and combined into a large rifle I still haven't used this form yet. He pulled the trigger on his pistol several times, blasting away the debris with the rifle before aiming at Trey and firing several cosmic energy projectiles at him with the rifle. The projectiles all hit Trey and he stopped flying and skidding along the ground, getting dirt everywhere. When the dust settled it is seen that Trey is heavily bleeding and panting from the cosmic energy shots.

Trey: S-Sh*t man... He coughs up blood. Couldn’t go a little easier? He said this weakly as he held his hand in Haruto’s direction and created a huge omnidirectional blast of telekinesis.

Haruto: Sorry, dude... He holsters his pistol and has the rifle split up into panels again, using that to take the brunt of the telekinesis wave before returning them through the portal and running over to Trey You good? We can stop here if you want...

Trey: Y-Yeah man... He gets up coughing as his injuries heal very slowly. Mind helping a little?

Haruto: Yeah, I got you. He holds out his hand and begins healing Trey's injuries, overwriting the wounds so that they healed almost immediately and caused no pain for him Better? He holds out his hand to help Trey up. Trey takes his hand and gets up, wiping dirt off his body.

Trey: Seems like you’re pretty ready for this battle... Unlike me.

Haruto: What happened to you while I was gone...? You didn't get seriously hurt, did you? Seeing the battle was over, Haruto removed the bottles and exited his armor, letting it dissipate into a mass of mist that flew away from him and Trey.

Trey: Nah... I lost my powers when I thought you died bro... but I recently got them back, and I didn’t get any stronger. So I guess I gotta work extra hard to survive now.

Haruto: I see... Well, you'll get past this sooner or later. If Eli and I can get as strong as we are now, you can too. He gave Trey a smile of confidence.

Trey: Thanks man. Anyways I’ll be back later. Cya. He looks a little upset as he flies away, with an intense headache.

Back to Alex

Alex went outside and was now searching for any trace of the boy who told him about the immigrants, after a while of searching he noticed the boy who was eating at Tim's burger with a girl, Alex rushed inside the restaurant

Alex: You! he ran to the table where the boy was sitting and in front of all the customers he grabbed him by the collar and held him against the wall

Boy: Oh god! the girl who was with the boy got up in shock

Girl: Oh my god! What do you want!

Alex: What the hell man! You and Allan were up for that one weren't you!!!

Boy: What!? No-No! What!?

Girl: Carrey!? are you alrig-

Alex: Shut up b-tch! he turned back to the boy So Carrey, is that it, get outside. he let the boy down and goes outside, all the customers were eating pretending that nothing happened

Carrey: No, No, what happened? tell me what happened!!! he babbled as he followed Alex outside

Alex:You told me to go help the immigrants, you insisted on it, but it was a trap, now Allan Ojiri has a picture of me and 2 other absconders in front of corpses!

Carrey: Oh my god...Oh my God! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't know that it was that, I just wanted to help, I didn't know!!!

Alex: You didn't f-cking know that there was dozens of dead immigrants inside of a sealed container that you HAD as job to deliver! Are you sh-tting me?

Carrey: No-No, Please you gotta believe me! I needed to deliver it to a certain location! I didn't know if the people were dead or not, I didn't know anything! I just had a job to fulfill!

Alex: Where is Allan at the moment. TELL ME!

Carrey: I-I-I don't know!!! Please, I swear I don't know! I don't want to get involved with him again! please!

Alex: Sh-t...Well, I guess I will be on my way then.

Carrey: I'm sorry if I cannot help...really...

Alex: Urg, it's not like you could do anything.

Carrey: Well...I wish I could but not now the girl that was with him came out with a worried look

Girl: Who are you? he looked at Aled

Alex ignored her and got back to the car to drive back to the VP with something that can only be described as frustration

12th July, 2026

It was 5:46 pm, and Eliana's birthday party was over. She had returned to the Vanishing Point with the others and they sat in the main room.

Eliana: Sorry to cut it short, I'm going to go home early to attend Corrie's birthday. What luck we're born on the same day, haha.

Dominic: Ellie, come on now, I didn't even give you your gifts yet.

Eliana: Oh you didn't have to get me anything. But since you did, what's your gifts?

He presented her with a box, when she opened it, it was a necklace with jewels that spelled out her name.

Dominic: I know, it doesn't look like anything special, but, to tell you the chain is made of vibranium, none Wakandan, so you wont have to return it to the king, and the jewelry, they change depending on your emotion. Had to go to Space to get it, and before you say I was skipping out on training, I got it last month, and I finished it the first day of July...Happy Birthday Eliana. He smiled.

Eliana: Aw, thank you. I love it. She put it around her neck as Thaddeus rolls his eyes.

Thad: How cliché. I've made a better present. Here it is. He hands her a ring with a gem in it. I got it from Myron.

Eliana: Wow. Thanks Thaddeus.

Thad: Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Which is why that's not yours, it's for Corrie. Here's your real present. He snaps his fingers, as a black and purple suit of armour walks into the room, then kneels down. Eliana's eyes widen as she runs to it in excitement. The new suit you chose.

Eliana: Woah. It's a suit?

Thad: Yep. The suit stands up, as the back opens up and Eliana walks into it, and it wraps around her body.

Eliana: Wow! This is amazing! Thanks, Thaddeus!

Eliana's new super suit. The purple glowing parts change colour depending on the energy active, but the default setting is purple.

As she speaks, the voice is similar to her own but slightly robotic and projected.

Thad: It's made of magically enhanced steel. Myron got that sorted, I got the suit sorted.

Eliana: How did you make it?

Thad: I know some people. You can transmogrify it and save it to be created whenever. The magic enchantments allow it to be turned to Emerald energy yet still store its information. The HUD and everything isn't too complicated or anything, I know you don't like too much tech. So really it's just to protect you and look awesome while you go superhero-ing. It hides your face too so Richard Gardener can't expose you any more.

Eliana: I don't know, will the public still recognise me as Gemstone?

Thad: They'll see your powers and draw connections soon. Besides, the name Gemstone is getting old. Time for something new?

Eliana: I'll figure something out. Thanks, again.

Thad: No problem!

Dominic: I'll show you your next gift later, Eli, you got a family to get back to. As soon as Eliana left, Dominic turned to Thad Did you have to pull out a "Best friends can be better than the boyfriend gift" on her birthday?

Thad: I'm more than just her best friend, I'm her protector, okay? I'm closer to her than you'll ever be, and I'm not even trying to sleep with her. My present actually catered to her wants, she likes being a hero, not some basic b-tch who gets necklaces from her boyfriend. So don't think you're actually helping her, she's not yours, she's mine. He said in a serious tone.

Dominic: Oh I'll give her something she'll want and need, just wait until she comes back.

Eliana arrives home, her new suit converted into energy and she's wearing her birthday dress. She enters her home, greeted by her mother, a red haired elegant woman named Catarina Rosenheim (née Varela).

Catarina: Hello, Ellie! Happy birthday!

Eliana: Thanks, mum. Where's Corrie?

Catarina: She's in the living room, we're opening the presents. You didn't miss much, don't worry.

Eliana: Oh, sorry, just opened my presents so it took a bit.

Catarina: It's fine. Come. She smiles, gesturing Eliana to come and meet Corrie. Cornelia, or Corrie as she prefers, had ginger hair, like her mother, and was waiting for Eliana. As she saw her, she ran to her and hugged her, excited to see her.

Corrie: Eli! Happy birthday!

Eliana: Haha, happy birthday to you too, sis. You're 13 now, you're growing up.

Corrie: Says you, you're 17.

Eliana: Yeah haha. Oh by the way, Thaddeus got you this ring. She hands her the ring with the gem in it.

Corrie: Thad got me this? Cool. Tell him thanks. She put the ring on, but as she did she felt her body heat up from within. *Woah... That felt weird.*

Eliana: Anyway, let's open the rest of our presents now.

Corrie: Yay... Later, after the party is over, Eliana just finished texting Dominic, who told her to come over. She was about to leave before being stopped by her dad, Rudolphus Rosenheim.

Rudolphus: Where are you running off to?

Eliana: Dominic's house.

Rudolphus: Can't you just take one day and stay here for the night? It's your birthday, Eliana. Corrie's too.

Eliana: Dad, he's my boyfriend. I can visit him on my birthday you know.

Rudolphus: You had a party with him earlier.

Eliana: And I had a party here too. He has another present he wants to give me, before my special day is over can I please go?

Rudolphus: No, Eliana. You're staying here. You go out too much. He can give you it tomorrow, or should've given you it earlier.

Eliana: Dad... She sighs, but after thinking for a bit, she looks at her father in his brown eyes, and her eyes start glowing blue, and his copy hers and glow too. Can I please go to Dominic's house?

Rudolphus: He smiles Of course you can! Have fun! Eliana looks at him worriedly, then hurries out the house. After closing the door and taking a few steps, she zips up her jacket as the sun has set. She looks down and contemplates the morality of her actions, but sighs again and continues walking, arriving at Dom's mansion and entering. They both head up to his room and greet each other.

Dominic: Ready for this? He pulls out something that Eliana would believe is a holo projector, but it made a ball, one that pulsed with red, green, blue and purple energy I call it the Gemstone of Fate, of course in your honor.

Eliana: Oh cool! Thanks, Dom.

Dominic: Now, it has a lot of energies similar to yours, all four types, of course it's missing one thing, true magic. So WE thought it would be perfect for you, you are next to become Sorcerer Supreme after all. He put the emphasis on the word "We".

Eliana: Magic? Her hand started glowing purple, and she flicked her wrist and sent some magical energy into it. It then became a bit transparent, and showed somethings which may happen, as she saw Dominic with his other six personalities, before he could show it in real time.

Dominic: Using the most advanced version of Alien logistics, Quantum mechanics, and of course your energy. It can basically: witness past events, observe any present even in a sixty kilometer radius, and hopefully be able to show the future.

Eliana: Oh, cool. Thanks. *I guess Myron will find a use for it.*

Dominic: Welcome... He puts an arm around her, kissing her cheek. Also Thad is trying too hard to one up me ya' know, as in before I was scared of it, now I'm relatively annoyed.

July 15th, 2026

It was about to be noon when the house was filled with a nice smell of chicken and waffles. Trey was gobbling like a pig, being extremely hungry but nervous because of the encounter with the Virtues the other day. He finally finishes eating, when suddenly his phone rings. He licks his fingers as he picks it up and sees that it’s Micah. He answers the phone and finishes his grapefruit juice in a single gulp.

Trey: Hello? What’s up Micah?

Micah: Remember what I told you about that spell? I need your help, I’m gonna need you to come visit soon.

Trey: Alright, no problem, be there in a sec. He hangs up then gets up and goes to his room, deciding to change his clothes. He exited his house and eventually got to Micah’s location in the woods.

Micah: Trey, welcome.

Trey: Hey Micah, it’s so early, why’d you decide to show me the spell today?

Micah: Noon is early? Anyways it’s really important and I think you’re the most capable of helping me with it.

Trey: Err... if you say so. Well let’s see it.

Micah: Alright let’s go. Trey follows Micah deeper into the woods.

After a few hours Micah creates a portal back to the Vanishing Point and both Trey and Micah walk out looking beat up.

Trey: Can’t believe you’re thinking about doing this...

Micah: These Virtues have done too much to this state. They’ve gotta be eliminated and this is the easiest way if we do it right...

Trey: Yeah yeah... They see everyone in the Vanishing Point walking around and talking, some just sitting alone or eating. Limit is one of those sitting by himself meditating and opens one eye to see Trey and Micah. He gets up, leaving his sword on the floor and walks to Trey.

Limit: There’s word here that you’re pretty weak. If that’s so, you better not hold anyone back or the blood will be on your hands.

Trey: Don’t worry, Limit, that won’t happen. He said that in a semi-angry tone while rolling his eyes. *Bet this guy thinks he’s all that.* He went into Alyna’s room and looked around not seeing her anywhere in the base, he texted her on his phone and was told that she was busy but would be available later that night. He sighed and decided to go hang with Micah again who was in the kitchen getting food.

Micah: What’s up, want to train or something? Heard what Limit said to you. He took a bite out of a pineapple. Trey looked at him weird then said.

Trey: Yeah, kind of hate that everyone got more powerful, but not me. As he said this Micah just shook his head in agreement and opened a portal somewhere, and they both walked through.

Later that day at 11:57pm

Trey was sitting in the living room, and as the only source of light being the television, he heard a doorbell ring and that slightly made him jump. He sighed and got up, going to the door, opening it and seeing Alyna.

Trey: Oh hey Alyna, I totally forgot we were supposed to meet tonight! He laughs as she smiles and rolls her eyes as he lets her in and closes the door. She has her gym back with her as she lays it down near the couch that Trey was sitting on.

Alyna: You forgot about me and you’re watching a movie? Wow, shows how much you care. She says that in a teasing voice as she goes to the stairwell. Your mum here?

Trey: Naw, she left this morning apparently. She has an overnight business meeting. He walked to the kitchen as Alyna went in with him.

Alyna: Aww, okay, I was hoping I could talk to her at least.

Trey: Well sorry to disappoint. She chuckles and as Trey opens the fridge, she swipes some fruits and water. Trey looks at her weird and takes a leftover apple pie, with 2 slices left. His stomach grumbles as Alyna was cutting her fruit on the kitchen table.

Alyna: You hungry? I can make something better than 2 slices of pie...

Trey: Nah I’m fine, thanks. She scoffs and he goes and sits on the couch and puts his feet up, continuing the movie.

Alyna: Wait for me! She jogged in, with a tray of cut up fruits. She sits next to him and smiles at him as Trey stares at her, then smiles to himself, looking back at the television.

Trey: He takes a deep breath and begins to ask. So are you ready for this battle?

Alyna: She lightly laughs and says. Warriors always have to be ready. She looks at him and frowns as she puts the tray on the table. Are you ready though?

Trey: He looks down and shrugs. It’s not like I’ve gotten any stronger. I’m still as strong as I was when I lost my powers, if not a little more skilled with you training me but I don’t know if it’s going to be enough.

Alyna: ...Yeah, I am a little scared. If my sister were against a powerful opponent she would stand her ground and stay calm and never give up. But I’m torn. I’m trying to stay confident but... what if we actually lose... She looks at him again but with a sadder face.

Trey: He doesn’t have words and looks away from her and at the television trying to find an answer.

Alyna: And I know how everyone’s been telling you how weak you are. It’s not fair to you. It’s not your fault.

Trey: I don’t even know anymore. Limit told me I might hold the team back. What if he’s right? He sighs and looks down at his pie.

Alyna: She gets closer to him and holds his hand in reassurance. Then I’ll be by your side.

Trey: He looks away, smiling and blushing

Alyna: And I won’t leave you Trey. Even after the battle... She smiles at him softly and when Trey looks at her, she looks down, then at the television.

Trey: Alyna.. He uses his right hand to place it on her face, turning it to him, as she looks at him in the eyes. He leans in slowly, and she leans in as well, shutting her eyes tightly. She waits and then suddenly hears Trey burst out laughing.

Alyna: W-What Trey?! Her face became noticeably red despite her skin color and she became increasingly embarrassed.

Trey: I’m sorry! You just looked like you ate a lemon! He stopped his laughing as she tried to hide her face in her hands as she shut her eyes again. He then grabbed her hands and pulled them away from her face and held them down, and went in for a kiss. Alyna wasn’t expecting this one and she got kissed for the first time in her life. She was surprised, but Trey held her chin, as she started to get accustomed to it, and kissed him back. He pulled away, her eyes still closed, but a cute smile on her face.

Alyna: Ah... So that’s a kiss... She opened her eyes and looked up at Trey cutely, biting her lip softly and leaning in once more, kissing him again. After a long time, they pulled away from each other softly breathing and looking at each other in the eyes.

Trey: Er, Alyna, I- She interrupts him by straddling him and looking down at him, biting her lip wrapping her arms around him.

Alyna: Let’s just... have fun before the big day...

Trey: He smirks while looking at her and kisses up at her, as she kisses back sensually. Trey starts to grab her shirt and lift it up, so he could take it off of her.

Alyna: She lets go of him quickly and looks at him. W-What are you doing?

Trey: He starts chuckling This is how we start to do it Alyna.. You really are a virgin...

Alyna: I don’t know what to do.. She blushes heavily now. I’ve only seen what Toni has shown me on her phone...

Trey: Ah. He smiles and kisses her again, taking her shirt off as he throws it next to him and goes back in for the kiss. *She’s really good at this...*

He then takes off her bra slowly as Alyna reluctantly lets him. She feels her face heat up and before she can hide them, Trey buried his face in her chest, making Alyna gasp lightly and sensually. Trey then looked up at her, beginning to take his shirt off. Alyna places her hands on his chest, as she was in awe of his body. He finally went for her pants as she closed her eyes and finally took them off. He laid her down on the couch as she looked at him with wide eyes and he crawled on top of her but then stopped.

Trey: I just... Wanted to say thank you. Her eyes softened and she smiled lightly. Thank you for being with me when I was at my lowest. Thank you for being you. She grinned and laughed to herself.

Alyna: My pleasure Trey, never thought I would feel this way for a man, but... She smirked when her gaze fell into his and she opened up her arms.

Trey: He laughed at went down into her arms and kissed her deeply, feeling her bare chest press against his.

The two went on to make love for a couple hours afterwards, before falling asleep, cuddling with each other on the couch as the movie played on, in the romantic filled night.

July 16th, 2026

It was about 10:00 AM on this cloudy day. A storm seemed to be rolling in. Haruto and Giorno were riding their motorcycles to a far off area, where their attacks wouldn't damage the city or be noticed. Giorno only owned his Honda Rebel 500, while Haruto used his Ride Dueler.

Giorno: So that's what you got? He parked his bike and put on his buckle, transforming into his World armor

Haruto: Yeah. Haruto equipped his Driver and took out his Pyro and Swordsman bottles How do we wanna start this?

Giorno: Melee? He summoned the Platinum Star Slasher as a weapon

Haruto: Ah, the Star Slasher. A good weapon, indeed.

BD: Pyro Arcana! Swordsman! Best Match! The assembly platform appeared around him as tubes formed into two screens, the one in front red and the other white.

Haruto: Henshin! He twisted the lever upwards and took up a fighting stance before bring his arms to his side and letting the armor combine over him.

BD: Mix!! Kasai no Blade Master! Pyro Swordsman!! Steam vented from Haruto as he held out his hand. The platform and screens disappeared as tubes flowed out of the belt where the bottles were and to his open hand, where a crimson longsword with a phoenix-styled guard and a hexagonal pommel Crimson Phoenix Sword!

Haruto: Now then... He held up the sword in an offensive combat stance Let's start the duel! *I think I'll use that as my catchphrase...*

Giorno: You got it! Giorno rushed at him and slashed with the Star Slasher. He infused cosmic energy into his attack to deal more damage with his strike, but Haruto calmly blocked it with the flat of his blade and pushed him back. Really?

Haruto: Then try harder! Haruto rushed forward in the blink of an eye. He didn't hesitate at all when he brought his sword down, with Giorno's head being the target. Giorno stopped time and used cosmic energy to push himself backwards, delaying Haruto slightly as his Driver automatically stopped time for him so that he could continue to fight.

Giorno: Damn... that's some pretty impressive speed...

Haruto: I have a faster set. He sheathed the sword on his back, taking out another pair of bottles Dual up.

BD: Aero Arcana! Reaper! Best Match! The assembly platform reappeared with a green-colored screen in front and a silver-ish black behind him. Mix!! Kaze no Sparrow! Aero Reaper!! Even in stopped time, the assembly platform functioned as it did, replacing the Pyro Swordsman armor with the lighter, green and black armor

Haruto: And now... Haruto summoned his pair of chain sickles Try the Emerald Storms out for size. He began spinning the scythes around on the chains.

Giorno: Let's see what you've got. Giorno switched the Star Slasher to gun mode and fired repeatedly at Haruto.

Haruto: C'mon, you can do better than that! He used the chain sickles to deflect the cosmic energy away before redirecting the weapons to cut Giorno

Giorno: Urgh, dammit! The sickles cut into him, though he used cosmic energy to send him backwards a bit so he could switch back to sword mode and deflect the sickles away from him

Haruto: You can do it, man. C'mon!! He brings his sickles back to him and dashes at Giorno, faster than he did in Pyro Swordsman form. He unleashes a barrage of slashes with the sickles on Giorno, who does his best to keep up and block them all

Giorno: This is way too overwhelming...!!! Giorno manages to load in a World Card into the Star Slasher and unleash a charged attack with it. The slash is infused with chronal particles and cosmic energy in a highly volatile manner that explodes upon contact with Haruto

Haruto: Mazui! His armor explodes from the attack, sending him flying and restarting the time flow for both of them. The deflected projectiles flew off and exploded in mid-air, the explosions from their attacks took effect and detonated. Haruto's armor was damaged, with portions of it falling off and even half of his helmet missing Damn... The Aero Reaper isn't durable at all...

Giorno: We're not done here!! Giorno jumped up from the smoke and delivered a downward slash towards Haruto, who rolled out of the way.

Haruto: That's the spirit! He swapped out his Aero Reaper armor with another pair of bottles *Haven't used this form on Earth yet... let's test it out!*

BD: Cryo Arcana! Sniper! Best Match! Haruto quickly twisted the lever and let the assembly platform replace his armor quickly Mix!! Kori no Marksman! Cryo Sniper!! He rolled backwards as Giorno fired several cosmic energy bullets at him, summoning his sniper rifle. Konjou Rifle!!

Giorno: No you don't! He shot Haruto's hand several times to knock the rifle out of his hand

Haruto: Yes I do! He quickly held out the compacted rifle and pulled the trigger, launching a wave of ice at the projectiles. Afterwards, he flipped out the grip and extended the barrel completely, firing the rifle at Giorno with the same strategy.

Giorno: Dammit! His hands freeze to the rifle, with some ice dripping down and connecting to the ground. Haruto continued to freeze Giorno's hands to the ground before freezing his legs to the ground, thus immobilizing him. Well then...

Haruto: Looks like I win.

Giorno: Just what you'd expect from powers beyond the world... Can you let me out?

Haruto: Oh, yeah. Haruto switched back to Pyro Swordsman and melted down the ice safely, then cancelled his transformation.

Giorno: I'm pretty excited about getting my new powers. He stood up and cancelled his transformation as well.

Haruto: Don't rush into it now... Caesar might beat you up pretty bad.

Giorno: I'm taking the 7 Deadly Sin strikes too?

Haruto: Maybe. That's how it was for the first few days...

Giorno: I won't get my hopes up then.

Haruto: Time to head back?

Giorno: Yeah. He went back to his bike and started it up while Haruto brought out his Ride Dueler. The two rode back to the VP and began making preparations for the upcoming war.

Later that day

Alex was sitting in the VP lighting a cigarette looking bored when he saw Ellie coming in the room

She walks past him, pulling the cigarette from him then extinguishes it in her hand

Eliana: No smoking in here. Get ready to spar, you need to learn how to fight for the upcoming battle.

Alex: What the hell dude, that's like a dollar you just crushed.

Eliana: Then learn how to spend your stolen money more wisely, rather than on some cancerous smoke sticks. Come on. She gets into a fighting stance.

Alex: He stands up I can't get cancer, other than th-he stops and takes a red ruby that was on the table to put it in his pockets yea, other than that, are we gonna fight like..right there, you are conscious that I can blow all of this up right?

Eliana: We can all do too much damage than we need. It's better to learn how to control it rather than constantly be cautious. But you're right, let's head out back. They leave, going down the VP and out the back exit of the VP onto an open forest area. Now, let's see what you got.

In a flash Alex was right behind her and ready to punch her from behind

Alex: I got that.

Eliana instantly rolled forward, dodging the attack. She then got up and turned around, running at Alex and sweeping his leg. Her attack got Alex who fell on his back

Alex: Sh-t while he was down he teleported on a tree and where his body was, a red fire ball appeared haha the ball propelled itself to Eliana

Eliana charged herself with Ruby energy and sent a piercing beam of energy which hit the ball, exploding it before it reached Eliana. She then threw a Ruby grenade at the tree.

Before the grenade could hit Alex, he teleported on another one and then on another one and then yet another one every time he was teleporting on another tree he was firing a red fireball at Ellie

Alex: Hit a mole baby!

Eliana: Hit a what? She boosted herself forward, dodging one fireball. She was hit by another which sent her flying back. She landed roughly then jumped to her feet. She held her hands out, converting several trees into energy and absorbing it. She starts pulsing green, then creates several missiles that fly in Alex's general direction.

Alex felt from his tree and landed on the ground all the missiles that Ellie sent in her direction went through him and destroyed the trees behind

Alex: Eh. he snapped his fingers and a circle of red fire balls showed up around the 2 of them, the fire balls were slowly closing on themselves, Alex went running in her way

Eliana charged herself with Amethyst energy to protect herself, then sent several small bombs of Amethyst which would immobilise Alex if they hit him.

But then Alex before hitting one of the bombs disappeared to get out to leave the circle of red fire balls

Alex: Ha! the balls were now closing in faster

Eliana: *Crap...* She focused all her Amethyst energy onto her body, then prepared to shield herself from the impact. The fireballs hit her, exploding her but her enhanced conditioning via Amethyst shielding helped her survive it. She arose from the flames injured, but drained her own life force into Ruby energy and launched several plasma spikes at Alex.

Alex was laughing at his own prowess when he was surprised by the spikes coming at him

Alex: *F-ck* One spikes got his elbow before he teleported yet again to the other side of the battleground, the wound was slowly regenerating You are pretty powerful, but it's useless against a volatile force such as myself. Come on.

Eliana: Volatile force, ay? How's this for volatile... Eliana absorbs a lot of Ruby energy from Clio's Broach and bursts into flames, exploding into a large fiery being of Ruby plasma that dashes across the field, burning everything in its way heading straight for Alex.

The flames consume the trees and wrap around him before disappearing, but Alex is nowhere to be seen in this destroyed area he is casually leaning against a tree behind Eliana

Alex: If I couldn't teleport or go intangible, You would've killed me, that's good to know. he snaps his fingers and a fireball the size of a ping pong ball pops up in front of Eliana Inversely I can kill you whenever I want, but I'm not doing it. the ball disappears Good session though.

Eliana: Don't let your opponent have a chance to kill you. The Virtues won't hold back, even if Arnault is...

Alex: Pfff, I don't die, others do. he walked back to VP

Eliana went into the VP and was walking through the main room, when she saw Myron and Thad talking. She approached them as they stopped and turned to her.

Eliana: Since when were you two friends?

Myron: I'm helping Thaddeus train.

Eliana: Ah, so this is why you're not helping with the Virtues?

Thad: I don't want to be a burden.

Eliana: Right. Anyway, Myron, you own a monastery, right?

Myron: I do. Why?

Eliana: And there's wizards there?

Myron: Yes. 200, maybe 300.

Eliana: And you command them?

Myron: Somewhat. Why?

Eliana: Could we have some to fight the Virtue war?

Myron: No.

Eliana: Why not?

Myron: Because they fight for knowledge, not for a petty squabble you have with some assassins.

Eliana: Petty? If we don't defeat the Virtues they'll kill us all, taking over the state, Hell even the country!

Myron: Minor loses throughout a history of pain. It's nothing new. You can't convince them to fight for you based on that. Only I lead them, direct them would be the more appropriate term.

Eliana: Then direct them to the battlefield, we need them! The Virtues have seven thousand superhuman soldiers! That's equivalent to a human army of like, two hundred thousand!

Myron: You can't force them to fight. I will not force them to fight.

Eliana: You forced them to fight me, but not my enemies. Are you my enemy?

Myron: I needed to find out who you were. To complete my only purpose through time.

Eliana: And that's to serve me, right? If we don't win, I die. Then your only purpose is gone.

Myron: My purpose lost all meaning, ever since you started to become more like Clio. If you don't even accept my advice anymore, why should I ask them to fight for you? They're above all that, they only seek knowledge.

Eliana: Look, I'd return the favour to them. How much do they know about Eldritch Magic?

Myron: The basics. It's not usually taught anymore due to the lack of Eldritch influence on this world.

Eliana: I can spread knowledge of the Eldritch arts to them. I'd benefit your cause, if you get them to help me. Starting with this. She goes and gets Dominic's present, and hands it to him. It does some time stuff, you'll like it.

Myron: Hmmm. It's interesting technology. Fine. But I'll give you 15 mages. That is all.

Eliana: Out of 300?!

Myron: Don't be greedy. These mages are powerful, and that's the only amount I'd be able to convince to fight.

Eliana: Fine. It's better than nothing. Go get them.

Myron: Sure. He suddenly disappears, leaving her and Thaddeus.

Thad: Now what?

Eliana: Ugh, I don't know.

Thad: I can see you're a little stressed right now.

Eliana: Well no sh-t. The Virtue battle is so soon and we don't have a big enough army.

Thad: I think you should relax, for now. There's nothing else we can do but wait. Let's go outside for a bit. Clear your mind.

Eliana: Alright...

Eliana and Thaddeus exit the Vanishing Point and head into the city, walking around and observing everyone walking past.

Thad: So have you thought of a new name yet?

Eliana: I need one, Gemstone has a lot of negative connotations now.

Thad: How about Countenance? Sounds cool enough.

Eliana: Hmm... Nah. How about... V... V, v, v... Volatile?

Thad: Volatile? Sounds awesome. Why?

Eliana: The shape on my helmet looks like a V, and Volatile kinda matches my powers.

Thad: Ah, yeah. They pass a store and buy drinks, and overhear the radio in the background. It sounds like a superhero talk show, with a host that starts talking about the Absconders. Hey, Eli. Listen to the radio.

Woman: On the radio So as we all have heard, the Absconders were accused of being terrorists by billionaire Thomas Gardener's son, Richard Gardener. He claimed that Gemstone murdered Thomas in cold blood, and has provided picture evidence and a short video. Whether this is in fact true or not, and Gemstone was really sent to assassinate Thomas Gardener, is uncertain. But this isn't the only picture evidence of the Absconders committing crimes. For those of you who've seen the sickening images leaked online of Dominic Bernedicci, who appeared on the news trying to deny the claims of Richard, and two other Absconders in a containing with a dozen dead bodies. One of our callers linked them to a human trafficking ring that was shut down a couple months back, and I personally don't want to believe these claims are true, but the evidence is overwhelming. Can we even trust the self-proclaimed heroes watching over us? It looks like we have a caller here to express their views.

Eliana: God damn it...

Caller: Hello?

Woman: Yes, hi. You're calling SuperHaven Network, this is Jeanette Gallows, what are you calling in for, Sir?

Caller: Yeah, I just wanted to say that I don't believe a word coming out that spoiled rich kid's mouth. Nor do I believe in those pictures leaked online. All I know is Gemstone saved my life, I was being mugged one day, and this large beast of a man pinned me to a wall and held a knife to my throat. At that point I was pissing myself, I didn't know if I would ever see my daughters again, I offered him money but he didn't accept it, I was so scared I couldn't breathe. Then in a flash, Gemstone was there, and she threw him across the floor, she grabbed me and comforted me. She told me that I was safe now, then took the man's knife away and called the police. I got to see my family again that night, and that's all thanks to Gemstone. I don't care how many pictures turn up, Gemstone saved me, and that's all that matters.

Woman: That's quite a wonderful story you have to tell, so it seems these people could still be heroes. But we've learned from before, saving doesn't mean unkilling, so it's still up for debate whether these people really are our heroes. Is there anything else you'd like to say?

Eliana: Aw... Some people actually still believe in us.

Thad: Yeah, see? The people haven't forgotten how you've helped.

Caller: Yeah. I'd also like to say that Richard is liar, Gemstone may or may not have killed Thomas Gardener, but if she did, it will always have been for a good reason. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I've seen big jolly business men like that, they're always hiding something. Gemstone and the Absconders could've found out his secrets, embezzlement, fraudulence, I don't know, it could be anything. But whatever you believe, I know that Thomas Gardener's death was justice.

Woman: These are pretty serious claims you're making. Is there any evidence to suggest these are to be taken seriously?

Caller: You remember big names like Harrison McMahon, George Blake and Terry Glover? All big business men that have been arrested for hiding some pretty messed up stuff using their money and fame. Thomas Gardener is no exce- wait hold on there's someone at my door... The caller goes off from the radio for a bit, it sounds like he's opening a door in the background. Eliana hears him arguing with someone, then suddenly large crashes are heard on his end, then his call is ended.

Woman: Hello? Are you there? Guess he must've been busy. I guess we should move on to the Eternities of Sacramento- The radio continues in the background.

Eliana: Woah! Did you hear that? He got cut off!

Thad: He had someone at the door. But hey, he supported you!

Eliana: No that was too suspicious, you heard the background, something happened.

Thad: Like what?

Eliana: Maybe Richard got him!

Thad: That's ridiculous. Why would Richard come and take down one caller on a radio show?

Eliana: Because he was bad mouthing him.

Thad: There's hundreds of people talking sh-t about Richard, I doubt he's going to go kill all of them haha.

Eliana: This is serious. We can't let him get away with this. We're going to attack Gardener Tower now.

Thad: What? No, I'm not doing that!

Eliana: Don't then, I'll see you back at the VP. She headed off behind and alleyway to change, as Thad rolled his eyes then walked off. Once Eliana suited up into her newly named Volatile armour, she ran off in the direction of Gardener Tower in Sacramento.

She ran through the streets, people catching eye of her new armour and murmuring about it. After a while of using her Ruby thrusters to get to Sacramento, she finally arrived at Gardener Tower. There were many guards outside it, but they weren't patrolling. They were looking anxious, turned towards the building with their weapons out. Eliana ran to the building, but suddenly a large bang was heard, and the entrance of the tower ripped open in two and collapsed. A figure came hovering out from the tower, as the guards yelled and fired bullets at it. The figure held its hand at them, disarming them with telekinesis then throwing them across the street. It landed on the floor, as rubble covered the streets and people were screaming. Eliana caught a glimpse of the figure, and it had a metallic head and was wearing a polyester coat around its body, with a formal jumpsuit underneath. Eliana believed it to be an android of some sort, as it walked up to her with confidence and effortlessly disarmed all the armed guards in the area without touching them. Eliana prepared for a fight as it approached.

Imperious's helmet and clothing.

Figure: You. Who are you? It spoke with a robotic voice. Eliana's suit did the same to disguise her voice.

Eliana: I'm a superhero named Volatile. Who are you?

Figure: My name is Imperious. Why are you here?

Eliana: To take down Richard Gardener. He's been giving my group, the Absconders, bad publicity.

Imperious: You'll find no luck in there. I searched the tower for him. He's nowhere to be found.

Eliana: You're after him too?

Imperious: Yes. I was sent to take him down by some enemies he made.

Eliana: Are you... A robot?

Imperious: No. I'm a superhero, like you.

Eliana: Oh, who sent you?

Imperious: Let's just leave it at I was hired by the Gardener Corporation's competitors. I only took the job because I know Richard is a vile man.

Eliana: How?

Imperious: I can read minds. Such as yours.

Eliana: You seem pretty powerful. Have you heard of the Virtues?

Imperious: Of course. They tried to kill me, as they tried to kill you.

Eliana: How did you know that?

Imperious: I can read minds, I told you.

Eliana: *I don't know why, but I strangely trust this guy...* The Absconders and I, we're having a war with the Virtues. We're supposed to defeat them once and for all soon. We need all the help we can get. Do you want to join?

Imperious: Sure. I'll meet you there.

Eliana: What? How do you know where?

Imperious: ...I can read minds. Don't worry, I'll be there, and I'll bring an army too. I sense you need one.

Eliana: Uh... okay?

Imperious: I- I must be going now.

Eliana: Oh... okay... Bye? Imperious suddenly teleports away, leaving Eliana confused. *That was so awkward, how did he know everything? Couldn't have just been mind reading...?* She shakes her head, then turns around and heads back to the Vanishing Point, as Richard wasn't there.

July 17th, 2026

The Absconders were in the Vanishing Point computer room, going over their battle plans for the upcoming war. Tomorrow would be the official start of their war, and they needed to plan for success.

Haruto: Alright, welcome everyone. Today is the eve of our war, so let's plan out our strategies for the Virtues... He took a sip of a cup of coffee next to him. Eli?

Eliana: Okay, as for positions, we'll start with our armies. We don't know how the Virtues will be doing this, so let's assume there'll just be one Virtue with their army of a thousand behind them. We won't have our armies ahead of us, to avoid the Virtue just one-shot-ing our army, so we'll have them behind us. Our heavy hitters, that's me, Haruto, Trey, Alex, Dominic, and Spoil, will be at the front, occupying the Virtue, which is important. Meanwhile we'll have Vice, Imperious and Antonia leading the vanguard to attack the assassin army. That's not all, our army will most likely fail at taking out theirs, so we'll need others on the side fighting assassins, taking their army from behind. We'll also need people to attack the Virtue from the side while it's occupied by the main guys. Haruto, got any ideas?

Haruto: Giorno and I can stop time, so we might be able to sneak in a few hits. However, we'll have to use that sparingly, so that the Virtue doesn't figure out we can do so. Aside from that, perhaps one of the Erratics can use range attacks. What was his name... Joker! Right, Joker. He can use his bolas to deal some long distance damage. If absolutely necessary, I can set up in a sniper form and help out. He takes another sip of coffee Maybe the rest of the Erratics can help out with some attacks from the side. Anyone who can teleport or move fast enough to get in, hit a couple of times, then get out of there quick. However, the Virtue might be able to overpower the vanguard and the side attackers, so it's possible we may need another trick up our sleeves... Got anything, Eli?

Eliana: Micah and I can create traps, if we could trap the Virtue then it gives us an opening to attack, but also time for our armies to clash without the Virtue interfering. The thing is, we can't have too little people attacking the Virtue, and too little people attacking the army. We can't risk anyone dying, so we can't leave anyone alone fighting the Virtue. Jason, you're immortal, you can be there to wrestle the Virtue if he starts gunning for the armies. That way there's always someone keeping the enemies busy. The thing about this plan, is that we'll have to do it 7 times, and by that time the Virtues would predict it. There's also the different powers to take into account, and how tough we're gonna be by the 7th battle. Good thing we have healers, anyone on standby during this fight, you jump in and either help annoy the Virtue, or you weaken that army. That's all the planning we can do as a team, so you guys gotta remember to keep it unpredictable. That's what we got over the Virtues, we're unique. Now, let's plan combo attacks...

July 18th, 2026

It was finally the day of the war. The Absconders, the Erratics and their allies all marched onto the battlefield in Trinity County at 8 am sharp, they were all nervous and shivering. The Sun was out and shining, some of the team didn't know if they would make it. As they arrived, they saw the Virtues standing in the same position they were a week ago, they were so dedicated to this battle that they didn't leave the field. The seven armies were still waiting as were their leaders, and the Absconders and their army got in formation, staring down the Virtues from a hundred meters away, both their armies behind them to show their strength. Arnault was nowhere to be seen, but one Virtue stepped forward, walked halfway through the battlefield then halted. It was the grey cloaked Virtue: Zacharia Martell.

Zacharia: Welcome, Absconders! Today we meet for the last time. I'll enjoy watching you all scream. He smiled sinisterly, eyeing Haruto and he prepared to fight, and his army of a thousand assassins followed him from behind

Alex: Okay...That's...that's cheesy. Now...5 fire balls appeared in the air ...Let's just be over with it quick.

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