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June 7th, 2026

Everything swirled onto a running Giorno before returning to normal. However, everything was tinted a shade of blue. The birds flying around were stayed still in mid-air. The people around them were frozen, running in panic. The purple fire spewed at them was frozen in place. Rubble and debris from various ruined buildings were falling towards the ground, though stuck in mid-air. Giorno had grabbed Alyna and was holding her in his arms in a "bridal" carry as he ran from the flames, still frozen in place as if someone had been watching this world like a TV show and had hit pause. Everything looked like it was on pause.

Giorno: Another Virtue?! He yelled out loud, though no one acknowledged it since everyone but Giorno seemed to have been paused in time. Alyna appeared to be in a running pose, despite being carried by Giorno First, the gravity Virtue, now another?! And after Haruto's sacrifice?! You have to be joking! What the hell is with our luck?! He continued running through the paused world, jumping over random debris that had fallen in his way. How far is safe from that thing?!? He turned his head around to look at the paused Dragon before running faster. I'll just toss some Ice at it and hope that'll work! He waved his hand at the Dragon and sent a tidal-wave of icicles at the Dragon. They managed to get just in front of the fire before they distorted themselves and were now stuck in mid-air. Ugh... Time resume your flow! Everything distorted around Giorno before returning fully back to normal. The blue tint was gone, the birds were flying again, people were running for their lives, rubble was finally hitting ground, and, of course, the dragon behind them was moving. Please don't beat me up for this, Alyna! He said to her since he was still carrying her bridal-style.

Alyna: She blinks a couple times and sees Giorno carrying her and this makes her face go red hot. Let go of me!!!! She leaps out of his arms and lands on her arms roughly but gets up and brushes herself. Thanks anyway... We have to escape somehow! She said some magic incantations and water formed around her and she wall jumped between some buildings and was high in the air with her great jumping power. The water around her formed in the air into the same water drill that she attacked Trey with back then. It started to go down at the dragon with the Virtue on it but suddenly the drill tripled in size, and Alyna smirked as her eyes flowed Arctic Blue. The drill went down onto the dragon and it roared a deafening roar.

Victoire made the dragon pull up, blocking the icicles with the tough hull of the dragon's chest, but freezing some wiring. The dragon in turn pulsated with purple electricity which shattered the ice and resumed all the wiring and machines. The metallic shell of the dragon was hit by the water drill from Alyna, and the metal parts which were constantly moving around and fixing into places were collided with, tearing the metal and scraping the back of the dragon. The dragon quickly moved, facing its head towards the water drill, then breathed large purple flames at it, dispersing the water. Victoire turned to look at the damaged hull of the dragon and aimed her hand at it, commanding the dragon to mend itself and replace the parts piece by piece. The dragon then flapped its large jet-wings, and Victoire swung her hand across the air and at Alyna, which commanded the dragon to fire a barrage of missiles that blanketed the sky and homed in on Alyna. Victoire saw some civilians and rolled her eyes, so she snapped her fingers causing the dragon to emit a screeching beep sound which annoyed the civilians forcing them to retreat away from the area to avoid harm. The dragon then turned to Giorno on the ground, and opened its wide mouth again and splashed out a liquid in a large area at Giorno, then breathed fire on it to light up the entire area around Giorno with scorching purple fire.

Victoire: Don't hurt my dragon.

Giorno: No can do! He threw out a large wave of frost over the fire, infusing cosmic energy into it in an attempt to enhance the ice and freeze some of the fire. Can't have anyone dying!! He throws out another, larger wave of cosmic-enhanced ice to freeze the flames. After that, he held out his hand and gathered shadows and light into the palm of his hand before firing a precise, powerful beam of the energy straight at the dragon's wing.

The beam almost hits the wing, but suddenly the dragon flies up, dashing through the air faster than a train, and hovers in the middle of the sky near the roofs of some buildings, then clings onto the side of a building, being big enough to cover the entire top of the skyscraper. The dragon spreads its wings, releasing dozens of miniature eagle bots that fly down at Giorno, all firing small bullets that still pack enough punch to kill.

Giorno redirects his beam to burst apart and start destroying several drones before disappearing entirely from view. The eagle bots are unable to locate Giorno, before another beam branching off and destroying another dozen of drones. Giorno reappeared from the rooftop of a nearby building, his hands out and holding a weapon similar to the Platinum Star Slasher in his hands.

Giorno: Up here. He smiled under his helmet as he proceeded to charge up his next attack, pulling the trigger and firing a beam which split off and destroyed several more drones. After that, he charged another one while making a mental link to Alyna. Alyna, take care of the dragon while I deal with these drones, please!

After he tells her this, it’s seen that Alyna is on the ground, injured and weakened and trying to get up after being barraged by the missiles. She staggers upward and creates a healing aura around her. She doesn’t respond to Giorno for a few seconds then says.

Alyna: I’ll try... She tries to use some magic, but she doesn’t know how to attack a huge dragon way above her as she’s on the ground. She looks around angrily as there are no water sources around her. She decides to run to where Giorno is and tries to use her magic to send hundreds of little needles of water that are powerful enough to break some eagle bots around Giorno. Sorry... I can’t do much... The pain of the missiles makes her kneel back to the ground and she reels in pain. We’ve got to escape somehow...

Giorno: Our only option is me carrying us out of here in a time stop... Brace yourself, alright? He stopped time and grabbed Alyna in a bridal carry again, running as fast as he possibly could back to the VP before setting Alyna down on the couch and resuming time. That's... impossible to defeat... It's moving way too fast for either of us to successfully attack it with, and your powers aren't that strong away from water... With our current group, we wouldn't stand a chance...

Alyna: She sees herself on the couch and she reels in pain some more but feels some relief. Yea... Thanks for that... That dragon actually scared me a little bit... She then smirks as she feels a little excitement. I need to face her again. She then passes out.

The next day...

It is 8:39pm, as the night sky finally rolls in. The city lights have already turned on and provide a beautiful view to Trey from his patio. He’s currently sitting in a lounge chair in his patio looking over at the alluring, lit up city of Los Angeles. Though he doesn’t have a smile on his face, he seems to be enjoying the view very much.

Trey: *I wonder if I will get accepted to that college I applied to.. Knowing my luck, I’m probably not smart enough. I don’t even have my powers anymore either.* He sighed and looked back up at the sky with thousands of stars in his vision. He stared on quietly, enjoying the view.

Sky watchers at this time noticed a light blue shine in the night sky before what appeared to be a shooting star streaked forward across the night sky. To those with super-hearing, the words "Sloth Grave!" could be faintly made out as the light blue shooting star passed across the sky. If any of the Absconders were listening, they would recognize the voice that spoke these words...

Giorno: Wait... He looked outside his window and saw the star, grinning to himself So that's what he's getting himself into?

Trey just looked at the shooting star and smiled as it brought a feeling of comfort and assurance to him. He wasn’t able to hear those words shouted though, but it still made him a little happier. He watched it flash across the sky until it finished and he simply began to doze off to sleep after the spectacle.

At the same time at the Squat

Everyone was quiet for once, there was no party, no fights and no one would've even thought of talking to Alex, they were all doing their usual business in silence, Two man were standing in front of the squat, guarding it for their boss, the night was heavy and eerie, one of them lit a cigarette and started to talk.

Guard 1: You heard what happened?

Guard 2: Yep.

Guard 1: Well... he turned back to see if anyone was listening to him ...he deserves it.

Guard 2: I dunno dud', He liked Lilly, No one deserves that kind of bullsh-t.

Guard 1: he is not "No one", this guy slaughtered people without mercy, He is arrogant and an overall as-hole, He literally asked for it.

Guard 2: Rumors are saying that Cash got her.

Guard 1: pfff... doesn't matter, I hate the guy and I hated his girl too, she was a prick, it would be my greatest pleasure to p-ss on her corpse.

Guard 2: the second guard was looking behind of the first and didn't say anything

Guard 1: did the cat stole yo-he turned back feeling a presence, it was Alex who was behind him with a rather deadly look Guard 1: I-I...B-Boss, I'm s-s-sor-Alex took the cigarette away from the guard's hand to put it in his own mouth

Alex: I won't kill you today, not feeling like it...Keep guarding...He walked away in the darkness of the night

Guard 2: Where ya going boss?

Alex: he kept walking without looking back Well, to the people that might save my life and yours he was going to the VP

Meanwhile with Dom

He was at Dinomo industries' tower working on everything, The Virtues, Wicked, The Gang situation, and Eli's entire data on her trip. He heard the door open and quickly shut off the holograms. It was Viviane, Dominic could feel her worry and slight fear.

Dominic: Viv, what’s wrong?

Viviane: Well relief foundation has done its job, We got ideas for Centres like the ones Endo Corps make….But in all honesty that’s not what I’m worried about, I’m worried at what’s happening, as in super powered beings being killed, gangs getting their hands on your nanites, I just want to know what’s going? Her expression made him feel a bit guilty. He sighed and showed holograms based on the data of The Virtues and Wicked. This is---

Dominic: Yep, violent extremists and a personification of my worst qualities, call it what you want, Insane, Ridiculous, or Downright suicide, but it’s my responsibility ya’ know?

Viviane: Dominic, I---

Dominic: Look, I get it, you don’t want to be involved with a guy who has the biggest “Come get me!” sign on his back, so you do you.

She looked over everything that was happening, at the holograms, then she gave Dominic a sincere look.

Viviane: Dominic…I want to help you…

Dominic: He looks at her curiously How so?

Viviane: I- I’m still conflicted about the fighting, but, I can help you, I want you to relax, I’m taking you to somewhere.

Dominic: Ugh fine.

Soon Viviane brought him to a club, it was filled with all types of being with super powers, Mutates, Mutants, Inhumans and some Aliens. Dominic eyed the entire club and soon he eyed Viviane, looking a bit unamused.

Dominic: I don’t see how this helps me Viv…

Viviane: It helps you by retaining your stability.

Dominic: You saying I’m unstable? He raised an eyebrow Never thought you’d be the type to use labels… He smirked, and was about to walk out of the club.

Viviane: I’m not labeling. Your father always took pride in a son who was a laid back genius, someone he knows he can trust to keep a company, who can keep his composure under pressure…I just want to see if I can bring that genius back.

Dominic: He flinched a bit when hearing his father being mentioned, but he smiled, sighing *Damn it Old man…Even while being possessed you still manage to creep in to help from your end.* Alright then…You have an odd way of persuading people.

They both slightly drank and danced in the club, it ended with Viv in Dominic’s arms as he was slightly drunk, both face to face, happy, it was until the t.v. in the club switched from a movie to news, stopping both.

Dominic: Somebody turn that up!

News Reporter: A mysterious figure was spotted in the ruins of the Endo Corps. Superhuman Centre.

When Dominic heard that, he quickly made a secure Absconders group chat and invited everyone who was currently a member and he started a voice chat.

Dominic: Who is seeing the news right now!?

Giorno: Someone's at the Centre's remains? This is absolute bizarre... It's got to be an enemy, there's no way one of our allies is probing around there.

Dominic: Anybody available, Giorno, can you come with me to check this out?

Giorno: Send me the directions, I'll meet you there. He left his room and went to start up his motorcycle before riding off and waiting for the directions. Once they had been received, Giorno followed the directions to the Centre's remnants. Dominic was there armored up, as both entered, they could hear a cackle.

Dominic: Oh f-ck, well Giorno you might survive...

Giorno: Right... Giorno transformed into his World armor and left his bike parked outside. The hell was that cackle?

Dominic: He's called Wicked, didn't really expected him to recover so soon.

Wicked: Now now Dominic, introduce me to him, at least there are no black-holes around for this one... He laughed and it sounded like a mix of Chernabog and Wicked

Dominic: You hear the other voice too right? He asks Giorno.

Giorno: Wasn't that... the Nanite monster that consumed you? A voice in his head similar to Haruto's told him that it was Chernabog Uh... Chernabog, I think... *Haruto, is that really you?* There was no reply as he held out his hand and summoned the Platinum Star Slasher, since Haruto wasn't going to be using it any time soon.

Dominic: Yep, but it's too in sync.

Wicked: I bargained with Chernie! Appears in a blur behind both, a mix of design of his own and Chernabog's, the horns on the side of his head hiding in the hair, the colors, and the placement, he fused with Chernabog, he laughs and kicks Dom away who recovered to look at it and he swore under his breath, as Wicked wrapped a tendril around Giorno.

Giorno: Ugh, this thing feels gross... He stopped time around him, cutting through the tendril and stabbing several times before dashing towards Dominic and restarting time to let the damage take effect. You alright?

Dominic: Yep, just caught off guard... *Come on, we need to coordinate.* He formed an assault rifle looking weapon, as he opened fire on Wicked who was pretty much doing a jig to avoid each shot. Before he finished Wicked created a revolver and shot at both of them, however it was quickly intercepted by an energy dome made by Dom.

Giorno: *Don't you think he might be able to read your thoughts too?* He switched his Star Slasher to gun mode and charged it multiple times before firing it through the dome to knock the revolver out of Wicked's hand. *Whatever the case, be careful of his actions.*

Dominic set off the Dome and went into Speed Demon Protocol as he ran straight to Wicked giving high speed punches, each all staggering him too much, as he was swearing with each flurry

Giorno stopped time so that he could get behind Wicked before restarting time and delivering a high-speed punching barrage to him from behind, yelling Gold Experience's Stand Cry of "Muda!" Not only did Giorno punch hard and hit fast, each punch infused with different elemental energies and even cosmic energy, providing even more pain for Wicked as Giorno continually sped up his barrage.

Wicked grew tendrils, and was intercepting all their hits, which prompted Dom to punch fast enough to start gaining some heat marks on his armor, but Wicked was just laughing.

Giorno: *Alright, this isn't working... Plan B, Dom! Distract him while I make some preparations!* He stopped time and summoned the Star Slasher again. He took out a Devil card and inserted it into the weapon before charging it up multiple times Since you love to prey on Dom's fears so much Wicked... Let's give you a taste of your own medicine. Let the Devil's fear overtake you. He pressed the barrel up against Wicked's back and pressed the trigger. Devil Fear Nova. The blast of dark red and black energy punched through Wicked before stopping within the time stop. Once Giorno restarted time, he moved himself and Dom out of the way of the attack If he loves preying on your fears, Dom, let him try out being on the opposite end of the fear. Enjoy the cosmic energy drawing out your greatest fears, Wicked.

Wicked screams and goes on the ground rolling, tossing around crying, and Dominic's expression is blank. Wicked was still screaming.

Giorno: Well, it worked. He looked over and Dom and saw his blank expression. Dom? Are you okay?

Dominic: Yeah They then heard him stop, as he stopped tossing, as Wicked was slowly laughing, Giorno could see the hole in his chest heal up

Giorno: That's never good... He removed the Devil card from the weapon and tossed it aside, letting it disintegrate as he started charging up his next shot to the maximum, but before anything Wicked, disappeared, as in dissipated.

Dominic: Come on, we need to tell everyone else.

Giorno: Right... He looked at the Star Slasher, charged to the maximum with energy I'm going to deal with this, first. He shot upwards at the sky to see what would happen. The blast flew through the atmosphere before dissipating entirely. I'll meet you at the VP. With that, he went back to his motorcycle and drove off.

Dominic flew to the VP in his Dove Protocol and thanked Viv for the time with a text.

Alex was already there waiting for someone to answer him

Somewhere, on a planet light years away from Earth

The landscape was seemingly full of life, intelligent life, there were a dozens of reptile looking humanoids standing around an orb that looked like it had just landed, the orb was completely grey, and looked almost metallic, they were rubbing it's cold surface while making strange noises, wondering what it could be that felt on their nameless home planet, on the planet itself everything was green, things that looked like trees everywhere along with rivers and lakes, Around there were mostly reptile looking animals, with the humanoid ones being the most intelligent, They were discussing in their own language

Reptile 1: What could it be?

Reptile 2: It is the rock in the sky that felt!

Reptile 3: Did we anger the mighty Luhk?

Reptile 4: The mighty Luhk!? As soon as this name was said everyone started to murmur, some were looking scared while others were starting to laugh

Reptile 1: The mighty Luhk has nothing to do with this!!! calm down!!! I will look at this myself

He started to touch the ball and tried to listen if there was anything inside

Reptile 2: Be careful

As he kept touching the ball it started to hatch, almost like an egg, A light started to come from it


The man in armor that came from the sphere

Reptile 2: Get away from this!

When the Sphere finally hatched completely a silhouette emerged from it, a white and bright silhouette, it had an armor all over it's body along with a long spear that was glowing as he was holding it, his helmet was constructed so that his eyes couldn't be seen along with any part of his face and his cape, instead of swinging in the direction of the wind, was seemingly going whenever it wanted like it had a conscience of it's own, the Man turned to the reptile that was touching the sphere from which he comes from and pointed his spear at him

Armored Man: Is this the planet known as earth?

Reptile 1: I-I-i...Mighty Luhk, please save me he started to tremble as the other reptiles were running away from the threat

Armored Man: Answer.

Reptile 1: I just want to prosper! Please spare me! Please, By the name of The great Luhk spare me!

Armored Man: *Useless, Useless, Useless* He pointed his spear at the sky and it started to glow from a greenish light *He is not there, wrong planet...again!* he looked back at the Reptile who was trembling in fear I failed to find him....again!

Reptile 1: He gulped May I ask sir, who is this "him"?

Armored Man:..A man who abandoned everyone for his selfish desire...

Reptile 1: Mayb-The glowing spear was in the head of the man before he could even pronounce his first word, a green substance came oozing from the hole in his head as he felt down while the spear was hovering

Armored Man:...Frustration is my worst enemy....grrr...This planet....This whole planet fooled me!!! AGAIN!!! LIKE ALL THE OTHERS, he turned to his spear and the glow got even stronger I AM SICK OF FAILING EVER SINCE I TOOK THIS MISSION!!! KILL THEM ALL!!! KILL THEM ALL!!! The spear propelled itself in the sky out of sight, and screams of panic from the reptile humanoids came forth in less than ten minutes This is because! The armored man looked up in the sky that was turning green because of the blood from the reptilians, screams were everywhere and the chaos was only starting This is because of you Kzrei!!! I will find you! and I will bring you to he pointed his fist at the sky and tightened it TRUE JUSTICE.

Same time over at the Soniak household

The house had an aroma of cheesecake and strawberries. Trey’s mother Teresa walked from the kitchen into the big living room, and at the sliding door which lead into the patio, which had a view onto the hills and over Los Angeles. She walked past the pool and leaned onto a railing, overlooking the city and seemed to be deep in thought.


Trey’s mother, Teresa Soniak

She then turned around sighing deeply and walked back inside, leaving the door open and walking through the living room back into the kitchen, checking on her cheesecake with strawberries. She took them out of the oven, delighted with the outcome of the baked goods. She smiled widely and looked around for her phone, finding and grabbing it, dialing Alyna’s number.

Alyna: She answered, seeming to be out of breath. Ah.. Hello? Ms. Soniak?

Teresa: Hey Alyna, are you and Trey done training? She had a curious tone in her voice.

Alyna: She sighed and sounded a little down. Er, yea, we just started packing up our stuff so we can head out. Teresa heard the disappointed tone of her voice.

Teresa: She paused a bit and asked in a deflated tone. How’s my son doing...

Alyna: He’s unmotivated as usual.. Also it’s like his powers just got drained completely. He’s having so much trouble focusing it into something as simple as super strength. She paused then said. Simply using brute force isn’t going to work... It’s gonna take time.

Teresa: She frowned and sighed. I understand. Anyway have him come home. I made him his favorite dessert, so I hope that can cheer him up for a little bit..

Alyna: Of course Ms. Soniak, don’t worry, I’ll bring him home soon.

Teresa: Thank you Alyna. Be safe!

Alyna: Mhm, I will. She hangs up the phone and slides it in her back pocket as she takes a deep breathe and looks towards Trey, packing up his backpack. She finishes packing up her stuff and Trey says to her.

Trey: Hey you ready?

Alyna: Ah, yea! You? As she says this, she stands up with her backpack slung over her shoulder and Trey smiles at her, as his eyes have bags under them.

Trey: Of course He ran his hand through this hair a few times and hesitated to pull his phone out of his pocket to check his appearance with the camera. He ended up just shrugged and leaving his look the way it was.

Alyna walked past him and grabbed his hand to hurry him up out of the abandoned skate park under a tunnel while looking at her phone. He just breathed out heavily and was led out of there and when Alyna looked up from her phone and looked at Trey, she burst out in laughter.

Trey: He looked confused when she laughed at him and felt a bit embarrassed, as it attracted attention from pedestrians around them. What is it????

Alyna: She kept laughing and stopped herself as she went in her gym bag and got out a rag and she used her powers to instantly wet the rag. She got close to Trey and reached at his head and pulled out a few branches from the back of his hair. She showed it to Trey and burst out laughing again.

Trey: He lightly smiles, trying not to laugh and coughs a bit and before he can turn around in embarrassment, she throws the branch to the ground, grabs his face and uses the wet rag to wipe his face of lots of dirt on his face. Stop Alyna! This is embarrassing..

Alyna: Why didn’t you check yourself before we left?? She gets close to him and Trey stares at her in her eyes as she wipes his face and he starts to feel butterflies inside his stomach. He feels his face get hot and but lets her finish cleaning his face. There, now you look presentable to anyone. She said that in a little joking tone and smiles cutely at him, placing the rag back in her gym back.

Trey: Wow... *You’re so cute..* He stares at her as she looks back up from her bag to look at him in curiosity.

Alyna: What? She then picks out a leaf or two from his shirt and he smiles while shaking his head and walks past her. Don’t leave without me.. She follows behind him.

Trey: Where do you want to go? He looks back at Alyna.

Alyna: Well, lets just go home, shower and relax. I don’t feel like going anywhere right now.

Trey: But I’m kind of hungryyyy. He drags out the r and leans his back with his eyes closed.

Alyna: Don’t worry! I’m sure there’s something at home waiting for you. She smiles to herself, hoping he’ll be surprised at his favorite dessert.

They continue to walk around the city at a slow pace, eventually reaching the Hollywood Hills. They walk up his long driveway up the hill and eventually reach the gates to his house, which he enters the code for. They both enter the house as Trey uses his key to unlock the door, and they set their stuff down to take their shoes off. Trey stops and gets up from his kneeling position and sniffs a couple of times and a smile emerges on his face as he just kicks off his shoes.

Trey: Mom!!! I’m home!! Is that what I think it is? He gets into the kitchen and sees his mom cutting up the cheesecake and she looks at him smiling nervously.

Teresa: You’re home already?? I thought Alyna would keep you out some more... Alyna walked in as she said that and she mouthed the word sorry to her and smiled. Teresa just shrugged and Trey sat on the table as the cake was cute into small pieces.

Trey: Thanks Mom!! He used a fork to pick up the piece of cake and eat it, his voice humming in pleasure and serenity. He sat back in the chair leaning his head back and smiled to himself while eating the cheesecake. Delicious Mom, thanks.

Teresa and Alyna went to go sit at the table with Trey to have some cake with him. It was quiet while having pieces of cake but Trey finally broke the silence.

Trey: I’m uh, sorry about everything.. Alyna looked up from her cake in slight confusion and in calm voice she says.

Alyna: What for? She continued to chew her cake, and Teresa just looked at Trey in a calm and caring facial expression.

Trey: For just... Being so upset and not.... involved with you guys so much. Like his death just shook me and I can’t seem to man up over it...

Teresa: Trey... it’s not about being a man. It’s about... knowing this happened, accepting it, and moving on from something like this.

Trey: ... He took another bite of cake and chewed silently. Alyna just looked down and listened.

Teresa: Believe me Trey, it was hard for me when your father died... I went back to Titan, the moon of Saturn, where I was born. It hurt me so much I couldn’t even stay on the same planet as where he died. Look honey, you are strong. You still have the willpower to go to team meetings and all.

Trey: He nods quietly and looks down in sadness.

Teresa: At this point you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Just do something that I took too much time to do; and that was accept it. Accept it all. It hurts me, as a mother, to see you like this honey. She gets out of the chair and hugs him as he’s sitting. Be the strong person I know you are, Trey. Just try and you’ll see how much you’re missing out on... She sniffs and stops hugging Trey as she smiles lightly and walks out of the kitchen. Trey looks down at his cake and looks deep in thought until he feels Alyna’s hand on his shoulder.

Alyna: She says in a soft, caring tone. She’s gone through a lot, but she didn’t stay pitiful and dispirited.

Trey: ... He looks at Alyna in the eyes and then back down and says in a firm tone. She’s right... she’s gone through a lot more than me, but she’s eventually become stronger than the situation... He pauses, then says. Haruto was my first friend, but just because he as the first to make me feel... human, doesn’t mean he is the last. I have other friends who make me happy and support me. He looks at Alyna and smiles and she smiles back softly.

Alyna: Will you be okay?

Trey: Of course. Plus, how useless will I be without my powers to the virtues... right? He laughs a little and Alyna laughs and shakes her head as she gets up.

Alyna: Well we’ll go train again soon. I’ll go talk with your mum.

Trey: Alright, have fun Alyna. They both get up and they hug closely for a little around 10 seconds and hey separate as Alyna goes to the patio where Teresa was sitting. Trey went to the restroom, then went to his room, to lay down and take a nap...

June 12th, 2026

Eliana was on a speed boat she rented, driving it in the North Pacific ocean for a almost two days now. She was searching for an island owned by billionaire Thomas Gardener, and had the rough coordinates of the location of this island and was heading there by boat. The island was off the coast of California, and supposedly was where Thomas Gardener lived and was currently located at. Eliana had been driving her boat around those coordinates for hours and yet could not see an island within miles.

Eliana: *Does this damn island even exist?* She sat back in her Gemstone armour and sighed. She reached for a bottle of water and drank the whole thing then placed it back into a bag. *Micah better have gotten the right coordinates from that sales log Dominic gave... I'm pretty sure I'm going in circles around this place. There's no freaking island anywhere within miles! Am I going mad? Accepting this mission from an Eldritch Abomination and taking a boat through the Pacific ocean to find an island hopefully housing a billionaire? I think I am going insane, I thought I heard Haruto the other day in the sky, which is impossible. Now I'm doing the exact same thing going in circles around the same bloody coordinates looking for any piece of land which would be visible by now if this island existed, and that's like the definition of insanity!* Ugh! She kicked the bag of food supplies she had and groaned in frustration. Then, in an instant, a missile struck the boat, exploding it and flipping it over, tossing Eliana into the water before she could even react. She accidentally swallowed a bunch of salt water and was screaming underwater with only bubbles coming out. Her head was buzzing and her ears were deafened from the loud explosion, and when she regained her senses she looked around and was still underwater, watching the parts of the boat sink and balls of fire in the water from the missile. She looked to the surface and swam up, gasping for breath and panting heavily in fear and shock. Oh my God! What was... That!

The pieces of the destroyed boat was floating on the water, some on fire, and she was confused as ever. She swam to a big piece of the boat still afloat and held on to stop herself from sinking, as she was still in shock and now freezing cold from the sea. Suddenly, a large island appeared in the distance not too far from her, popping into existence like a hologram being projected in the sea.thumb|link= It was the island she was searching for, it was near her the whole time but under a sort of cloaking device it seemed. The island had several tall towers dotted around the corners of it, they looked futuristic and were all connected by a sort of railway-like path. Eliana watched in awe, it looked like some future theme park to her, though it was on an island with a large forest and sandy beaches. She looked at the closest tower to her, as it fired out a missile upwards like a giant firework, then it redirected towards Eliana and flew at her at blinding speeds. Eliana screamed and quickly swam underwater, using her Ruby energy to propel herself deeper underwater to escape the blast of the second missile. Eliana swam deep, and the fiery explosion engulfed the water above her, she barely made it away but was still under water. Eventually she tried to swim for the island, using her powers to boost herself there but was running out of air. She was getting tired, with a lack of oxygen and forcing herself to use her Ruby energy from her own life force, reaching closer to the island but also slowly blacking out. She couldn't swim up for air because of the missile tower, but luckily she reached the shallower waters and climbed onto the beach, her body feeling very heavy to her. She gasped for air again, panting heavily and almost crying from the experience. Her armour was falling apart revealing her skin which was burnt and bruised from the explosion, but the excitement from the escape was generating Amethyst energy that healed her slowly. She was near the base of the tower that fired at her, crawling in the sand as it stuck to her armour.

Eliana: God... I almost died there... But that's not stopping me. She started to climb onto her feet Worse things will happen if I fail... *The island seems well guarded by the towers, but it seems I'm too close for the tower to target me. What about these track things connecting the towers... She walked closer and tried to enter the forest by walking under the track things, but immediately a translucent red wall of hard-light formed, projected by the track-like path between the towers. Eliana bumped into it and stopped, it was very hard and Eliana pushed again it to investigate. Odd... A wall made of... Light? First an invisible island, then a missile defence system, and now light walls. Thomas Gardener sure spent a lot of money to keep this island hidden and secure... So... How do I take this wall down? *Blowing it up should do it. Okay, remember that time you transmogrified an RPG?* Eliana takes several steps back away from the wall then uses Emerald energy and creates an RPG in her hands. She aims it at the red light wall and fires at it, but the explosion didn't even faze it. She thinks and alters the RPG, improving it by infusing it with her remaining Ruby storage to make it extra powerful. This should be powerful enough to take out a building... She fires the Ruby bazooka at the wall, creating a huge red explosion. After the smoke clears, the wall is fine. Ugh...

The explosion was heard by the guards of the tower, who came out from the base of the tower, wearing black armoured clothing without helmets and wielding military grade weapons. Several of them came at her from behind, as Eliana turned around to look.

Guards: We've discovered an intruder, eliminate her!

Eliana: Crap! She impulsively pulls out Clio's Broach and activates it, as it converts the life force of all the guards into Ruby energy and absorbs it into Eliana, knocking all the guards unconscious before they can fire. I hope they didn't alert the entire island... Okay, that's a lot of Ruby energy, time to bring this wall down. She turns to the wall, as she generates a magenta aura around her, and charges up a large plasma ball in her hands that glows brightly. She aims it at the wall, as it fires at a pink plasma beam that pierces the wall and causes the light to disperse. She then aims the beam at the nearby tower, cutting it in half and causing it to collapse and the wall to deactivate. The beam dies down as she walks through where the wall used to be and smiles. Now to find Thomas Gardener.

Eliana runs into the large forest, looking around for more people. After a couple minutes, she hears some men cheering in the nearby area so she heads in that direction. She hides behind a tree and watches the men, there's four of them, Gardener's guards, surrounding a guillotine with three heads belonging to civilians locked in, crying and begging for release, but the guards are laughing.

Civilian 1: Please! We played his game and won! Why are we still here?!

Guard: You survived the game, you didn't win anything. If anything you just pissed off Mr Gardener.

Civilian 2: We're sorry!

Civilian 3: Why are we even here?!

Guard: Because Mr Gardener wanted you here. Facing a blade. It pleases him to know he caught you one way or another.

Civilian 2: Please let us go! We'll pay you!

Guard: Ha! All of your lives together are not even worth half of what we're payed! Kill them already!

Another guard pulls a lever on the guillotine, bringing the blade down and beheading the three civilians as they scream, making the guards laugh. One guard kicks one of the heads away. Meanwhile Eliana watches with rage, then runs out of hiding and blasts that guard away with Ruby plasma. She then dashes at another and lifts them up with a choke hold, charging them up with Ruby energy, then throwing them at another guard, turning him into a human bomb that blows them both up. The last guard aims his gun at her and fires several bullets, but Eliana dodge rolls and fires Ruby plasma at his face, burning it as he screams. She then kicks his head, knocking him out.

Eliana: *Beheading innocents? These people are disgusting... I need to keep searching for Thomas Gardener, and it seems these guards are extending his barbaric sins too.* Eliana shakes her head at seeing the dead civilians she couldn't save, then walks further into the forest, seeing a large mansion in the distance. She heads in that direction watching out for more guards on the way.

After a couple minutes of walking through the thick jungle, Eliana hears several people screaming, some with fear in their voices and some with pain. She also hears a vehicle driving and a loud gun firing, with some other men yelling with excitement. She rushes over to the noises and sees some guards in a jeep aiming a turret at some running civilians and gunning them down. They're driving around and killing the civilians who are trying to escape, laughing after each kill.

Guard: Run, b-tches! Run! Hahaha! The jeep drives around the area, but Eliana jumps out from hiding and rapidly fires Ruby bullets at the guards. The turret turns to her and starts firing, but Eliana glows purple with Amethyst energy and blocks the bullets with her hardened skin. She then runs at then jeep and lifts up the front half and flips it. Who is this b-tch?! Eliana pulls out one of the guards from the tipped jeep's door and drags him to the mud. Get off of me!

Eliana: That mansion. She forces his head to look at the giant white mansion Is your boss in there?

Guard: Nah he's hiding in a cheap wooden hut in the corner of the island. Of course he's in there you dumb b-tch!

Eliana: Why are you killing these innocent people?!

Guard: We're sent to sweep up any escapees from the game.

Eliana: What game?

Guard: Mr Gardener's game, who the Hell even are you??

Eliana: I'm- *Is Gemstone too lame?* Gemstone.

Guard: That sounds like the name of a hooker- Eliana punches him hard enough to break his jaw. She then throws him to the side and looks to the mansion in the distance. She continues running towards it through the forest. The closer she gets the thicker the trees get, eventually the branches make the forest dark and hard to see in. She bumps against several heavy objects but pushes through them, trying to get through the dense trees. Eventually she gets annoyed, and creates a light source in her hand to see, but gasps, realising she's not pushing against trees or long grass, but bodies, hanged by the tree branches. There's dozens of them, all around her, innocent men, women and children hanged, their eyes still open. She's about to scream but is too scared to let any voice come through, so she just squeals. She then closes her eyes and runs through the bodies, eventually making it out of the forest.

Eliana: This place is a nightmare... She then jumps at a loud bang, a gunshot in the distance. Her head snaps forward, seeing a long field, like a racetrack but with grass. It has a small metallic fence on either side of the long field, leading up to the giant white mansion's front garden and door. On the field there are several obstacles, hills and other things, and a couple dead but fresh bodies on the floor bleeding. She hears an old man's voice shouting, so she hides behind the fence and looks over it to see what's happening. She looks at the mansion at the start of the field, and on top of its balcony stands three men, two of them guards and the one in the middle, wearing a fancy white suit, is obviously Mr Thomas Gardener. He's a fat man, with black kempt hair and beard, and though he looked jolly from this distance, he was holding a rifle in his hands, and looked like he knew how to use it. *That must be Thomas Gardener...*

Thomas: Clean up time, boys! He said in a happy voice, as several workers entered the field and lifted up the bodies, tossing them into a large bin and transporting them away from the field. At the end of the field, near Eliana, was an open end leading into the forest. New game, everyone! Two garage doors on each side of the mansion opened up, as several bewildered and frightened civilians walked out. They walked onto the start of the field and looked around, some of them children, some of them elderly. Hand me the revolver, Richard.

Richard: Yes, father. A young, handsome brown haired man walked from behind Thomas on the balcony and took out a silver revolver from a stack of weapons, handing it to his father Thomas, obviously exasperated by the commands. He then turned around and walked back inside the mansion as Thomas loaded the revolver.

Thomas: New track, number 10. After saying this, the fences on each side of the field track glowed green, and sent out a wave of light which caused the obstacles on the field to morph and change into new obstacles in different positions, altering the entire track. Eliana recognised this technology, the fences were generating hard-light objects to form the field. Eliana inspected the fence she was hiding behind and saw a logo, reading "Dinomo Industries".

Eliana: *This technology was what Thomas Gardener bought from Dominic's company... What is he using it for?*

Thomas: Let us begin. Freedom for those that reach the forest. The civilians looked confused, but Thomas aimed his revolver at them, breathing in and out. He then fired the gun, blowing one civilian's brains out. They all screamed, then started running. Eliana understood the game: the civilians had to run from one end of the field to the other to escape into the forest, avoiding the bullets from Thomas. The obstacles got in the way of some, resulting in Thomas killing them, but the civilians still desperately tried to get to the forest. Hurry! Run if you want to survive! For now... He seemed to be cheering after every kill, even being impressed by himself for murdering innocent children. His guards next to him cheered him on with claps, as if at an art gallery.

Eliana: *This is sick!* She so badly wanted to jump in, and she almost did, but she suddenly heard a large vehicle pass behind her: a tank. She froze, too afraid to turn around, until the tank passed. The game still went on, from 20 civilians, only a dozen remained. The older ones all died, so did the youngest. The adults were using zig-zag patterns to avoid the bullets which annoyed Thomas, so he had the fences move the obstacles around to break their pattern, allowing him to easily kill them.

Thomas: Beautiful shot, was it not?

Guard: Very satisfying. That one bit me earlier in the cells.

Thomas: There were only four civilians left running, and they eventually made it out into the forest, running with their last breath. Some got out, damn it!! No one escapes my game, deal with the survivors! Two jeeps drove out into the forest searching for the survivors to kill. Mr Gardener started to walk back into the mansion. Alright, I'm bored of the game for today. Remember I want the heads of the fastest surviving runners in my gallery and the end of the day.

Guard: And what of the left overs in the cells?

Thomas: Have your fun with them then send them in the blender. I want a fresh batch by tomorrow at 8 am sharp.

Guard: Yes Mr Gardener.

Thomas: And tell my son that if he trashes another helicopter, he'll be entered in the next game.

Guard: Y-yes Mr Gardener.

Meanwhile Eliana came to her senses and after the field was clear of guards she got out of hiding.

Eliana: I should kill him right now...while he's vulnerable... Don't know how many men are in that house so I should follow him... But then his guard said something about the remaining civilians in the cells... But what about the survivors the jeeps are after... No children survived though, there could be children in the cells however, so I should go there... But that would mean abandoning all the survivors to die, and there could be dozens around the island, but there's the tank to deal with, and I doubt that's the only one. Ugh, I guess I can't save everyone... I'll follow this guard into the cells, the survivors could outrun the jeeps, right? Meanwhile there's probably kids in there that'll get assaulted if I don't help... Yeah, that takes priority. Eliana sneaks over and watches the guard step down from the balcony and onto the ground. The guard goes up to the garage door and lifts it open, walking into it, as Eliana waits and rolls in just before it closes. She's now in the mansion's cells, and sees the guard walk through whistling a song. She crouches down and quietly follows, as he unlocks a door with an eye scanner and heads in, but the door instantly closes behind him locking Eliana outside. *Crap... How do I get through without making too much noise? I need to get through, I don't know what he could be doing in there!* Come on, Eliana, think! She feels the door, pushing against it *It seems to be very strong, probably strong enough to take a tank shell or two. If there's more rooms and doors beyond this, if I break through it loudly I could accidentally alert more guards... Come on, COME ON!*

Eliana hears a child scream from behind the door, and gasps as she strangely glows purple and runs at the door, knocking it down like paper and running into the room. It's a large room with many cages on the walls, like a battery farm for humans, but most of the cages are empty. The guard is holding a child by the arm and is about to throw them into a weird contraption built into the wall, it looks like a large blender with many blades and a grinder at the base. It is leaking with puddles of blood as the child is screaming and fighting to be freed. The guard instantly turns around upon hearing the door break down.

Guard: What the Hell?!

Eliana: Let him go!

Guard: You shouldn't have come in here... He reaches for his belt, about to press a button Eliana assumes would alert the entire island of her presence. To stop this, Eliana jumps at the guard, tackling him but he accidentally pushes the child he was holding into the blender. Eliana landed on the man, but looked into the machine with a gravely shocked face, as blood splattered on both their faces. The remaining civilians in the cages all scream too as Eliana's face turns pale, and she struggles to move, petrified at the sight, looking directly into the blender.

Eliana: N-no... Look what you did...

Guard: You did this you crazy b-tch, not me!

Eliana: Shut up, SHUT UP! She throws the guard across the room then desperately wipes her face from the blood, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Guard: Ugh, you're dead now. She looks at him as he presses the button, alerting all guards to the location. Eliana yells at him then lifts him up, charging him with Ruby energy as he and the civilians scream.

Eliana: You're lucky I'm not throwing you in there... *These people are traumatized enough...* She stops sending energy into him, then slams his head on the floor, knocking him out. She then frees all the civilians. You guys have to stay here, I'll take care of the guards, then come back and guide you safely out of this island. But please, do not leave this room yet. Understand? Good. She hears the yelling of guards from the doorway entrance and hears them opening the garage door. A bunch of guards run in, so Eliana transmogrifies the door into Emerald energy, then creates an assault rifle and powers it with her own life force Ruby, firing dark red explosive bullets at the legs of the guards, making them fall over and cry in pain over losing their limbs. She runs past, knocking them all out by smacking them with the gun butt, then heads out the garage door. She sees more guards, who fire their weapons at her, but she boosts herself up with Sapphire energy then shoots them with her gun a couple times. She lands near them then uses her martial arts skills to disarm and knock out the rest. *Okay, there'll be more here soon. Head inside the mansion orrrrrr.... Go into the forest. If I get to Thomas Gardener I can threaten him to call his guards off, and besides if I go around taking out all his men he'll find out and bring out his best defences, including those tanks. Yeah, get Gardener first.* Eliana transmogrifies the minds of the unconscious guards with Clio's Broach and generates a lot of Sapphire energy. She then boosts herself up onto the balcony and walks up to the closed glass doors. She tries to open them but they're locked and the curtains are shut. She looks around then looks up, seeing a camera looking directly at her. *Crap...*

Eliana hears some guards yelling outside, so she punches through the glass panel and runs inside the mansion. She enters a large room with no one inside and looks around, finding and taking out the cameras, then trying to find a way to hide. She looks up at the ventilation system and boosts herself up to it, transmogrifying the cover, climbing in then reforming the cover behind her to leave no trace. She crawls around the vents, hiding from the guards that search the room for, so she quietly crawls, looking through the vent covers to find Thomas Gardener. Eventually she sees a vent looking into a living room where Gardener is talking to another man in a suit, sitting down on two comfy chairs facing each other. She listens to their conversation first.

Man: We scheduled your flight to Sacramento for 3 pm tomorrow.

Thomas: And you have my speech prepared?

Man: Yes. Here it is. He hands Thomas a bunch of cards, who reads them.

Thomas: Endo Corps, isn't this some superhuman charity?

Man: Yes. They need the funding because of a recent terrorist attack on one of their Centres, located in LA.

Thomas: Then it's done. I'll give the heartwarming speech, donate the money then I'm going to Venice.

Man: Sure. And your son?

Thomas: What about him?

Man: Are you sure you want to leave him in charge of your island?

Thomas: That boy has always been reckless. He's just like his mother. You make sure he doesn't screw up, a single transaction not given as a bribe could lead to this island being found.

Man: Yes, Mr Gardener.

Thomas: Alright, now which Avenger action figure do I have to hand the child at the hospi- Before he can continue, several guards burst in the room, their weapons ready.

Guard: Mr Gardener! Sorry for the interruption, but there's an intruder in here! We believe it's an assassination attempt on you, we must escort you to the helipad!

Thomas: What- where are you taking me?!

Guard: Somewhere off the island, we can't discuss it out loud, it's not safe here!

Thomas: How did someone get past those Dinomo shields-

Guard: Please, Sir! Let us escort you off the island until we can deal with the threat.

Thomas: Fine. Get my son too, that stupid boy will get himself killed too!

Guards: Yes, Sir!

A portion of the guards leave the room, as some form a guard around Gardener to protect him. Eliana watches waiting to strike, but one guard searching the room looks up and sees her eyes through the vent cover. He shouts, aiming his gun at her.

Eliana: Crap!

Guard: Someone's up there! He shoots at the vent, the bullets piercing Eliana's armour but not hiting her body. She crawls through the vent quickly, but more guards shoot, causing the vent to collapse and Eli to land in the room. She instantly activates Clio's Broach and converts all their incoming bullets into Emerald energy, then creates a gun herself and shoots the guards. They fall down, giving her time to throw a Ruby bomb at them, blasting them all back. She runs out the room and into a corridor, running to find Thomas Gardener. Some more guards head her way, so she absorbs their psychic energy and creates a telekinetic shield which deflects all their bullets, charging at them then pushing them all away with TK. She runs out of the front entrance of the mansion, looking around for the helipad but can't find it.

Eliana: Where is that fat bastard?! She is where the field is, and sees in the distance a tank aiming at her. Oh shi- The tank fires a shell at her, which hits her chest and sends her into the mansion wall, blowing her up too. The wall of the mansion collapses on her too from the damage, smothering her in rubble. The tank drives onto the field and closer to her, to check if she survived. Eliana shifts through the rubble, pushing it off her as she stares directly into the tank barrel. She has a hole in her stomach, but she's glowing deep purple with Amethyst energy, which causes her to rapidly heal. She takes out Clio's Broach and prepares to press the button, she presses it at the same time as the tank fires, quickly absorbing the rubble and the tank shell before it strikes her. She then smiles, and before the tank shoots again she recreates a tank shell, firing it down the tank's barrel and blowing up the tank turret. After destroying the tank, a group of guards come from the side, so Eliana reacts by jumping at the tank, lifting up the broken turret and tossing it at the guards. The ones that dodged fire their guns at her, and one throws a grenade. Eliana forms an Amethyst dome shield around her which blocks out the explosion and bullets, she then rapidly fires Ruby bullets at the guards, taking the rest out. She then hears a helicopter starting up in the distance, from the roof of the mansion. He's on the roof!

Eliana charges up with Sapphire energy and super jumps onto the roof of the mansion. She sees the helicopter on the helipad ready to take off, and Thomas Gardener escorted into it. It starts flying off as Eliana runs to it, but she gets tackled by guards who try to taser her. Eliana elbows one, and grabs the face of another, she frees herself enough to absorb and expel Ruby energy from them and blast them off. She continues running to the helicopter, as some guards fire their heavy guns at her, her Amethyst protecting her from damage but the force of the bullets slowing her down.

Guards: Don't let her get close to Mr Gardener!

Eliana: Can't. Let. Him. Escape! Eliana absorbs the Ruby energy from some of the guards, then runs at the helicopter, exploding Ruby energy beneath her feet to jump high and trying to grab onto the helicopter, managing to get really close. She fails, falling and landing on the balcony, but jumps to her feet quickly, determined not to let him go. She charges up her remaining energy and fires a powerful Ruby bomb at the helicopter, clipping the tail rotor and exploding, sending the helicopter out of the sky. It seems to be an advanced helicopter, and manages to stabilise itself and land almost safely on the field track. YES! Got him!

The men on the roof look down and fire at Eliana, but her Amethyst energy is too high at this point, making her not bothered by the bullets, so she casually turns to them and sends a telekinetic blast, knocking them all away. She turns back to the helicopter below her on the grass, and sees two guards helping Thomas Gardener out the heli. Eliana throws a purple orb of Amethyst energy down by them, which explodes and creates strings of energy around the guards, restraining them to the floor.

Thomas: Ugh, you damn woman, you'll never escape this island alive!

Eliana: I highly doubt that. I got in easily, I can get myself out. Thomas is staring up at her, not trying to escape or anything.

Thomas: Whatever they're paying you I can double it, triple it even!

Eliana: What I want, money can't buy.

Thomas: That's bullsh-t and naïve, money can buy everything. What do you want?

Eliana: I'm here to grant penance upon you for your sins on this island. You are one of the most vile men I've seen, I wonder how I should kill you?

Thomas: You don't know how many businesses will fall at my death. You look young, like a teenager. Who hired a little girl to kill Thomas Gardener?

Eliana: You wouldn't know him.

Thomas: I am not a bad man, I have donated millions to charity, given money worth more than all the dead here combined. Tomorrow I'm hosting a charity event, in which I'll donate 96 million dollars to a superhuman charity, and I visit children's hospitals too. And you are against that?!

Eliana: I am against men who think they can buy their way out of justice. Now before more of your men arrive, let's see what you're really afraid of... She fires a blue Sapphire bullet at his forehead, which reads his mind and signals it back to her. Ohhhh... Let's play a game, Thomas.

Thomas: Huh?!

Eliana: It's simple. Freedom for he who reaches the forest. She points behind him at the forest at the end of the smooth track.

Thomas: What?! No...

Eliana: She converts Emerald energy into a revolver and prepares it, aiming at Thomas. Ready? Let us begin.

Thomas: No, NO! Eliana fires a bullet near his leg, as he starts running towards the forest. His eyes widen, as she shoots another bullet very close to his face.

Eliana: So close, you'll have to try better than that! She fires another bullet hitting his calf which makes his yell in pain, but continue limping away. Eliana sees some guards in the distance, so she throws Amethyst bombs at them which restrain them. She fires another bullet at Thomas which penetrates him through the back and out the stomach, causing him to fall over and cough up blood. Beautiful shot, right?!

Eliana jumps off the balcony and onto the grass, then runs over to where he's lying. She turns him over and looks in his eyes.

Thomas: Please! No! Do-don't... Do... Thi-this! He's breathing heavily as if having a panic attack

Eliana: Now you know how all those victims of yours feel. All the human lives you stole for a bit of fun.

Thomas: Please... No-no more!

Eliana: Oh, you'd prefer to go in the blender? That's where the people who don't participate go, don't they?

Thomas: I-I, no, please... His voice shrivels up, and his eyes start tearing up

Eliana: You're pathetic, weak, and cruel. She fires another bullet in his abdomen, making him again cough up blood and groan. You don't even deserve death. Now tell your men to call off the hunt for the survivors and end you disgusting game.

Thomas: Ha...ha... think I can control their exact activities? I-I just pay them to protect me, serve me and...and they can do whatever here... the survivors are probably already dead... My guards, they come here... They're normal people with lives... They come here to unleash their true selves... Not to abide by the laws of man... They're not my dogs, they're... Human... You can't change human nature, you dumb... ignorant girl...

Eliana: ... She looks down and frowns. She then breathes in deeply, and fires the last bullet, blowing his brain out all over the grass. She drops the revolver, then walks past the helicopter through the field. She takes out Clio's Broach and clicks it, transmogrifying the Dinomo technology, the vehicles on the island, and the entire mansion into Emerald energy, and travel like a green hurricane all warping around and absorbing into Eliana. She then walks through the forest all the way to the beach, quickly defeating any guards left on the way and stops at the shore. She creates a new speed boat, and drives it away from the island, heading back to Los Angeles.

A few days later

The birds chirped and the the tress rustled from the animals jumping around in it. This was a new landscape in the Californian forest but similar to the other they fought in. A few yells and splashing sounds were heard as it was soon seen that it was Alyna and Trey jumping and running around each other in the woods.


The area Trey and Alyna are fighting.

Alyna: Come on Trey! You can do better than that! She dashed at Trey, almost visibly invisible and strikes him all over his body in a few seconds, sending him flying back. He hits a tree and flops on the ground. As he tries to regain his balance, Alyna jumps through the trees and jumps down at him, doing a few spins and punches the ground, making a huge ice glacier erupt from her punch in the ground. All the area in front of her has ice erupting from the ground but Trey already jumped to the side to escape.

Trey: You’re trying to kill me!!! He huffed as he kept running past the trees to try and hide.

Alyna: I’m not even trying... Her eyes glowed arctic blue as she disappeared in a burst of speed and took off after Trey. She skidded to a stop to slow down in front of him and spun around to do a flying back kick to his chest, knocking the wind out of him and sending him flying.

Trey: *Damn!!* He shook his head fast as he did a backwards somersault to get off the ground. He glared at Alyna but her hands generated a great deal of water and it transmuted into a long golden axe. It gleamed in the sun as she smirked and her eyes still glowing.

Alyna: *Sorry about this Trey...* She then dashed in high speeds at him, zig zagging then bringing the axe over her head. He seemed to have stop moving and be staring at Alyna zig zag towards although he didn’t seem to follow well enough. When she showed down in front of him, she swung the axe down with immense force at him. As she did this, Trey’s eyes widened and he side stepped at the perfect moment to dodge the axe, which made the terrain explode under it. The shockwave of the swing made the trees and boulders farther behind Trey, explode as well.

Trey: His face seemed agitated as his eyes were now squinting at Alyna. He managed to see her face bright up in a smile, but she instantly spun around in a 360 to swing the axe horizontally at him. He bent his body half his height to dodge the axe and his body went back up into a squat. He then quickly strikes both her arms holding the axe with great force and this makes her wince, but it turns into a smile once more. The axe flies out of her hands but turns back into water and it rotates with immense speed then hits Trey in the body, sending him flying. Agh wait!

Alyna doesn’t listen and brings her arms above her head and that makes her palms glow white as water behind her starts to rise like a wave. She brings her hands down to the ground as the wave goes over her and at Trey’s downed body. He sees this in surprise but grits his teeth and runs at the oncoming wave. He jumps in the air, brings his left leg over his head and slams it down into the terrain beneath him as the wave lands on him. He applies a great deal of force with his leg so that it creates a shockwave around him that makes the terrain below him explode but also push back all the water around him with pressure alone.

Alyna: *He’s doing it!* She smirks and gets excited as she runs into the dome of pressure Trey created so no water would hit him. She is about to strike him and Trey turns his head with accuracy and looks at Alyna coming at him. She launches multiple strikes with her fist and palm at him and Trey gets hit with every strike but after a while he begins to react accordingly and able to parry some strikes. They engage in hand to hand combat for a while, but Alyna is landing a lot more hits due to her knowledge of martial arts and Trey’s inexperience of it.

Trey: *Dammit...* He tries to keep up with her, but then he gathers up his strength and starts to put it into his strikes. Alyna’s eyes widen once more as she feels his attacks getting heavier and his body getting denser as she attacks. She spin kicks him in the face, sending him through a tree and into a boulder. Before he can get up and dashes at him once more at kicks him in the stomach, making the boulder explode and sending him rolling along the dirt and grass and finally stops rolling and slide to a stop in a squat. He looks up at her but she’s high in the air, with her arm to the side and water tendrils connected to her hand. The tendrils are long and connected to LOTS of huge rocks. She simply swung her arm in front of her as she was in the air, and so the water tendril whipped forward, launching the rocks out at blinding speeds towards Trey.

Alyna: *I wonder...* She lands in a tree as Trey starts punching and shattering the projectiles launched at him. He flips to dodge some and he starts getting faster dodging all the projectiles, he stops as there are no more projectiles and he smiles, looking at his hands and body. I’m guessing it’s all back now!

Trey: Yeah!! He shouts from far away and with a smirk he looks at Alyna, then runs at her, between trees and rock piles. He jumps in the air and lands, slamming his forearms into the terrain beneath him, destroying the entire ground under him. The tree she’s in falls in a hole and she jumps off the tree before she can get trapped. She lands and rolls in the ground as Trey jumps out of the hole doing a front flip with a giant boulder over his hands, held loosely by telekinesis. He launches the boulder at Alyna and she stands up and holds out her hands which get surrounded in a dense mass of water. The boulder hits her hands with a large amount of force and pushes her back as she slowly skids to a stop. She sends water through the boulder to break it in half quickly and throws each half to the side of her. As soon as she does this, a dark blue eye beam hits her in her torso and she gets shocked as it burns some of her clothing off. The force of the beam also pushes her back. Alyna stops moving and crouches as she had an undershirt and starts to laugh loudly. Trey stops and laughs too as they both stand up and walk towards each other and hug closely.

Alyna: You see? All you needed was that little push! She has a gleeful tone as Trey looks at her in her eyes and smiles, then looks back at himself.

Trey: You’re right. After accepting what happened it was much easier for me to just, focus on the fight and keeping up with you. He stretches and looks back at Alyna who’s grinning from ear to ear.

Alyna: I knew you could do it Trey, and just in time for the fight with the Virtues too. She walks near the lake and sits on a log. Trey follows and lays on the ground to look up at the sky.

Trey: I fought one, and you fought one. They were both really tough.

Alyna: She breathes out deeply. Yeah, they’re super powerful. I just need to get faster, so they can’t land a hit on me. I’m not very durable to hits.

Trey: I’ve never encountered people that before. It’s almost depressing how hard it is to keep up with ‘em. He places his arm over his eyes.

Alyna: Well, if my sister were here, they’d be nothing to her...

Trey: He takes his arm off his face and turns his head to Alyna. Your sister? Evelyn right?

Alyna: Yeah, Evelyn. I’ve told you about her before but I’m pretty sure you’ve read about her in the history books as well right? She takes a look at Trey.

Trey: Yes, isn’t she more.... powerful than you? He winces in case she gets mad, but she just sighs and smiles.

Alyna: Yeah... She’s a very skilled warrior and magician. In my era, sons of the king were the next in line to be king. But Evelyn far outclassed both me and my brother, Abel. So she was going to be the next Queen.

Trey: Woah... He squinted at her, paying more attention.

Alyna: Yeah. My mother told me that Evelyn was born with a high magic supply. At a young age she was very skilled as a warrior and magician, mastering most forms of weapons and Oceanus Magic at... age 13, I believe. Alyna turns on the log to face Trey completely and kept talking. She then became so adapt in Oceanus Magic that the power extended to Nature itself, like weather. It was crazy what she was doing from what I can remember. Before we um, got attacked by that Time Wizard, she was like a god in my eyes and everyone in the kingdom... Her speed, power, skill with her infamous spear weapon...

Trey: He interrupted her chuckling. Haha, God? What? That’s a little much Alyna...

Alyna: Don’t interrupt me again. And Trey, I wouldn’t bullsh*t to you. If she was here, she probably wipe out all the Virtues in one blow; she is way too powerful for us. I saw how that techno Virtue was that other day, nothing compares to Evelyn’s power. She sighs and looks at the lake water again. I miss her... Regardless of how much of a b*tch she was to me. She’s still my sister, and I just hope she’s alright...

Trey: Well... if she’s as skilled and powerful as you say, you told me a warrior doesn’t go down easily, so I bet she’ll be fine, Alyna. He gets up and sits next to her and wraps his arm around her and pulls her into his chest. She hesitates for a moment, then just wraps her arms around him in silence.

Alyna: I hope we can beat them Trey. She stops the hug to tie her shoe and stand up.

Trey: I hope so too Alyna. Aren’t we gathering up a villain to help us too? He chuckles a little and sighs and puts his hands in his face.

Alyna: Insane, I know, but like I said, we’ll need all the help we can get. She starts manipulating the water in the lake and swirling it around the area they’re in.

Trey: Erg, I need some cheesecake. Wanna come home with me? Or are you going to stay here to train?

Alyna: She turns around with a confused look on her face. You do realize you’re staying here and training correct? You just slowly eased into getting your powers back. You’re not going to immediately take a break.

Trey: Are you serious??? Dude...

Alyna: No complaining. The way I was trained, we don’t take breaks, and if you want to be ready, we’re going to keep goin’. Let’s go. She lets the water back into the lake and starts to walk back into the forest.

Trey: He just gets up and rolls his eyes as he follows Alyna deep into the forest once more.

At Dinomo Industries tower

An explosion occurred at the main entrance, who stepped in? Wicked, guards armed with Dinomo tech approached him, led by a big guy with a hard-light shield, commanding guards to surround Wicked, as behind them was Viv.

Viviane: Don't underestimate him!

Head Guard: Yes ma'am! He held his shield, as Wicked laughed, as when they were finally done with warnings, Wicked caught a glimpse of Viv, and sneered out of disgust. Two guards with tonfa like weapons started batting him back, as he was blocking their hits, until he caught both, throwing them while spinning into the other guards Hmmmm~ I see why Dino becomes specific with these guys, undying loyalty...some by blood~ Well time to cut a bloodline! He removed the protective mask of one of them and it revealed a member of the Bernedicci family who looked scared, he extended his fingers into claws and before anything else, the head guard charged at Wicked, shield first, successfully knocking him away from the guard.

Head Guard: Stand down!

Wicked: My, my~ Captain America fanboy here! The guard swung a fist at him, and was punching him, all signs of different disciplines the guard was skilled in, before he tried to give Wicked a downward elbow strike, with the shield, but Wicked caught it by the shield And looks like you might have asked Taskmaster to train you!

Head Guard: Shut up! He tried headbutting Wicked, but Wicked intercepted it with his own head butt, making the guard's head bleed, as he yelled getting on his knees, Wicked chuckled, turning his hand into an axe and raised it up. Until Viviane threw a chair at him, which he casually took, as he walked to her, when he got close, he grinned, until she punched his face, which slightly deformed it and pressed it into his head. He however knocked her down with a right hook, and was about to walk away, until she grabbed him by his feet, blood coming from he lower lip.

Viviane: I- I- Won't let you ruin this company further!

Wicked: Oh Ms. Free Turns his face and voice into that of Dino's I'm gonna give it a major upgrade~! He then stomped her face, knocking her out *Durable b-tch she is...*

He was walking down the company further, fighting, and killing some guards. Until he made his way to Dinomo Industries' power source. A Hivemind generator, collected after the big battle. He smiled and went to a computer which monitored its power output, as he let the mental images of Dino and Chernabog show up, as it looked like Dino was beaten up by Chernabog.

Dino: My son...will kill you Wicked He huffed out He's more than worthy of his power--- Chernabog kicked him across the face and proceeded to beat on him.

Chernabog: Silence... Wicked grinned, then laughed, as Dinomo Tower's power source glowed bright and was coursing with energy as Wicked hopped on it.

Wicked: Everyone will see what that power truly is! He laughed, as he coursed with mental, positronic, magical energy and symbiote biomass as he shot out tendrils everywhere which resulted in entire chamber slowly turning dark purple with power lines. Meanwhile, Viv with her remaining strength called Dominic sounding tired

Viviane: She fainted, a couple of minutes later Dominic was flying, until he saw where Dinomo Tower and the city block it was occupying, replaced with a black biomechanical dome, which looked like symbiote, as it expanded symbiote tendrils into more city blocks. From the Center of it three large serpentine looking heads were there. Wicked, The Symbiote, and Chernabog, all giving a booming laugh, as humanoid, symbiote nanite monsters emerged from it.


Dominic: Y-You, you b-tch! He flew in fast, but Wicked merely slapped him away with a tendril, having enough force to knock him all the way back to the VP unconscious.

hours after as he woke up he noticed a familiar silhouette, the one of Alex staring at him

Dominic: Alex?....I'm sorry, for what happened, for what I caused.

Alex: What you talking about?

Dominic: You know what I'm talking about, he showed me what he planned for you, her death is on my hands, not yours, I- He passed out again.

Alex: eh...he started to shake Dominic with his left foot Wake up, I wanna get in, you a-s.

In Dominic's head

He was being shown possibilities if Wicked wins, and he was frozen, in emptiness, blackness around him. He knows someone is in his mind though, someone is there showing him this. Suddenly a voice emanated from everywhere.

I know you sense me Dominic, to tell you the truth, this is the first time you found me, I always found you. Your personality change, that was me, your humility, me, the spark for Eliana, me. You think your life is yours alone? You think you're the hero?

Dominic: Who are you?

Suddenly the Rebirth protocol of his armor manifested.

Figure: Who do you think?

Dominic: The Vanquish...

Vanquish: Correct.

Dominic: Why show up now? Only now, I had MY life in absolute shambles and now, you only show up!

Vanquish: I told you, I was living your life!

Dominic: Bullsh-t!

Vanquish: No... He rushed forward head butting Dominic, this gave Dom memory flashes, and he huffed out in surprise.

Dominic: No. Not--- It can't...

Vanquish: We are very discernible from each other now Dominic, too alike, I ran, you ran, I fight you fight, it's unnoticeable. With the whole situation, you need to decide, now, for once, on your own, when you do, I'll come back one way or another...Also, I'm keeping Alex busy. Wake up...

Back to reality.

Dominic blinked and he was in the VP.

Dominic: What? Turns to Alex Did I act weird?

Alex:....I'm not here to answer questions, I came back to this sh-thole for 2 reasons, one: To kill the guy that killed Lilly and two: to let you guys know, that someone or something is coming to earth

Dominic: Coming to Earth?

Alex: Yea, Imma get straight to the point, You see, I come from a place that was dominated by some crazy woman, I didn't like this sh-thead, so I f-cked off, but she didn't like that I did, so now she sent someone to me, someone who is probably my little brother Lidwr, that's the short story, Lidwr gon' invade earth and will most likely kill y'all in the process, I don't want him to take me I'm asking for....h...heeeee....HEEEEEEEL.....he coughed a, I'm asking

Dominic: I'll help...also I don't want to sound racist, but, since you're an alien was that difficulty to say "help" a mental thing or biological? As in my God.

Alex: I don't ask for help, weak people ask for help, do I look weak or do I look like someone who can blow this whole base off just by willing it? No need to answer, My brother is going to come at any time, The worst is that...I don't know what powers he will have...

Dominic: Well, at least he's not some monstrous dome right now...

Alex:....So now, I'm part of the absconders I guess

Dominic: Hey you earned your spot here, it's hard for a junkie and a banger to join a team, I'm pretty sure to the criminal underworld this is the equivalent of you turning into the Anti-Christ... He chuckled...

Alex looked at him, with nothing close to a smile

Alex: It's not like I care, what they think of me, I can kill them all while taking a sh-t, so what do we do first?

Dominic: Dominic sends data of what Wicked is doing to all Absconders We rally, and then take the head of the devil...

June 16th, 2026

It was the same day, same time, and Eliana was in her room at her home, talking to both Myron and Thaddeus at once while her family was away. Eliana was relaxing on her bed, Thaddeus brooding in the corner against the wall, and Myron standing ghostly in the middle of the room.

Eliana: On the mission I converted the whole island, well every object on the island, into Emerald energy using the Broach.

Myron: That explains the power increase. The Broach allows you to access the same power Clio herself had, and I assume the magical properties of the Broach is permanently increasing your own abilities. Absorbing more energy than you can handle while having the Broach equipped allows you to upgrade your capabilities, which is why I gave it to you.

Eliana: What's the maximum capacity the Broach can give me?

Myron: As much as Clio had, and it is told she could consume planets with her flames.

Thad: Planets? You're saying Eliana can destroy planets?

Myron: No, not yet. She is far too inexperienced for that. Clio trained for decades, and she started from scratch. Like Thaddeus to you, I was there to help her discover these abilities, and she became a Goddess later in life. Luckily I have experience training her, and I am here to help you with my extensive knowledge. So if you stay by my side you will learn a lot faster than she did.

Eliana: Yes well I don't need you, just your knowledge. Sorry, but you're not completely willing to teach me Eldritch Magic, so that I will have to teach myself. And since it may take decades to get my Transmogrification to a planetary level, I'll need some Eldritch abilities on the side to fight the Virtues. For a time traveller you seem to heavily underestimate how little time we have.

Myron: You can't do this alone, Eliana.

Eliana: I'm not alone. I have Thaddeus with me.

Thad: Uh, yes! I'm here to help you train, as I was before.

Eliana: Great. Hold on a second... She checks her phone Dominic is calling me for help. Let's go, Thaddeus.

Thad: Right.

Eliana and Thaddeus left as Myron disappeared out of time. They headed to the Vanishing Point and entered, seeing Dominic and Alex.

Eliana: Dom, you said Wicked attacked the Dinomo Industries Tower. Are you okay?! She hugged him lightly to make sure he's alright, looking worried herself but also tired since she hasn't slept in four days.

Dominic: He hugs back, and looks at her, seeing she hasn't slept I'm alright, but, how about you? He turned into his Dove protocol, preparing to heal her.

Eliana: I'm...fine. Just couldn't sleep the last couple days. Been having nightmares, nothing serious. Anyway, what's the plan?

Dominic makes a hologram, showing what Wicked has done.

Dominic: We need to cut a path straight to Wicked, he took over Dinomo Industries tower, and the city blocks it's occupying it, from what I can tell he's used up Jason's magic. Now, he spawned minions, I need you, Alex and Thad to take care of them. Remember, I'm the only one who can kill Wicked, so I don't know how long it will take. Now any suggestions?

Eliana: Jason's magic... Well we're not bringing Jason, no more magic for him to steal. She rolls her eyes Are you sure you can take on Wicked alone? I don't want you dying on me in there.

Dominic: If I'm not out of the dome for more than twenty minutes, come get me. Right now Wicked is gonna actually put in all his effort, so everyone should be careful.

Eliana: Okay, are these minions of his sentient, alive? I don't want to kill anymore people...

Dominic: Some of them might be using people as hosts, so check behind the symbiotes first.

Thad: Damn. I can't control them then. But I can free the hosts with my telekinesis, then you we can destroy them.

Eliana: Alright, that works. We should leave quickly.

Soon they all went to Wicked's dome, the three heads looking around, and as they arrived all three heads saw them, laughing. Symbiote Nanite monsters came, as Dom scanned them, some of them had glowing chests, others don't.

Dominic: The glowing ones are humans, the none glowing ones are free to kill.

Eliana: Got it! She formed her Gemstone armour as Thaddeus scoffed. Eliana ran out and jumped onto a glowing monster, she placed her hand on it and drained the Psychic energy from the host, putting it to sleep. She then blasts the nanite symbiote off it and runs to another. She uses her TK to lift up a non-glowing monster and throw it into a wall, then sends a telekinetic blast at another monster which shatters it. Thaddeus, free some hosts!

Thad: Fine. He jumps high up using TK to super jump over a group of enemies, then lands, sending out a wave of telekinesis that separates all the hosts around him from their symbiotes. Damn, it's hard to fight in a suit.

Eliana: No one told you to wear one. She uses her TK to crush the nanites Thad separated.

Dominic went into Dove Protocol, as a horde of more enemies lunged at him, he used the pod missiles and adjusted it to be strong enough to on,y destroy the symbiote and nanite matter. The Three heads laughed.


He laughed as he spewed a giant ball of plasma from his mouth.

Alex was on the other side of the place and saw the plasma ball and from a snap of his fingers, fired a red flame at it, as they came in contact they detonated and the explosion blew some of the hosts away

Alex: So...So....He looked around to see that many of them were now coming to him

Alex: soooooooooo......They were coming closer to him and jumped forward But Alex wasn't there anymore, he was standing far from them, near Elliana

Alex: soooooo much bragging for a little computer virus he looked up at the three heads Do I need Avast to kick your ass?


Alex: Meh, Of course you wouldn't know, dumba-s, whatever, I have something against you he makes a little red orb appear on his palm You killed someone the orb grows larger I doesn't matter that you killed, what matters is who you killed and finally the orb grows larger than his own body It's a rule to never mess with me, thought that cash would've told you but Oh well, to cut it short, You gonna die tonight..he fires the gigantic orb at the three heads. The Heads all yell, as they got decapitated and a hole in the dome was opened up. Soon Dominic entered and he saw everyone in cocooned like states, hanged from branches of a symbiote, nanite tree, in its hole, or cracks, even seams, he could see the part of the city it was a part of.

Wicked: Like what I did~? Wicked called him from one of the branches

Dominic: What are you doing to them!?

Wicked: Calm down! I'm merely feeding off of their hatred of you... Wicked showed as Dominic learned the negative traits he was seen as: Self Righteous, Predator, greedy, Arrogant, Pig headed, Self Absorbed, he was distracted by these, as Wicked appeared behind him, kicking him so hard it caused a sonic boom, knocking him onto another branch, Dominic Prepared the Dove Protocol's wrist-guns, as he opened fire on Wicked, who gracefully dodged all shots, bringing a down ward slash with some knives across Dom's helmet, scratching it, Dominic retaliated, flying into Wicked at high speeds, as soon as they collided against the tree, he went into Gamma Protocol punching Wicked, but Wicked caught one of Dominic's punches smiling, tearing off his arm, making Dom yell out in pan, as Wicked smashed him against the giant tree, throwing him inside it. Wicked went in, and couldn't see hm, so he easily guessed he was in Widower protocol, as Dominic tried a spinning jump kick Wicked intercepted it, parrying him, soon they were trading hits like Martial Artists, but Wicked launched Dominic away, making Dominic switched to Rebirth to patch up his arm, and was firing on Wicked with guns, but Wicked pulled out a revolver, Dominic reacted, punching his fist into the ground, creating a domed energy shield, as when Wicked fired, it was powerful enough to bypass Dom's defense and it exploded knocking Dominic out of the tree and into some ground, in some kind of liquid, Dominic panicked, as he went into Submariner protocol, but due to his arm missing and more wounds, it still entered him, as he drifted into unconsciousness. Outside, the Dome became smaller as it only occupied Dinomo industries tower now, and started ascending to the top as it glowed green and the symbiote nanite monsters were gone. But the dome still remained.

Dominic: *No! NO! Please!* This is all that ran through his mind as he was drowning in the red liquid, seeing all his sins. He was stabbed by a root of the tree and brought face to face with Wicked, he was smiling, as he disemboweled Dom and he yelled in pain *I'm sorry...Everyone.*

Vanquish: *You mean to tell me after all this effort, rallying those you can, being a leader, you give up?*

Dominic: *Huh?*

Vanquish: *I seem to remember something I-, We have...*

Dominic: *Yeah, yeah that's right.*

Vanquish: *What would Haruto think of you, also will you let your father watch you die!? Let Wicked and Chernabog laugh!?*

Dominic: *No...NO, I'm gonna kill...* Wicked chuckled as he was about to stab Dominic in the face, but Dominic's visor gleamed as he quickly regenerated WICKED! He yelled out as the yell was powerful enough to destroy the tree, and in reality, the dome opened up turning into gigantic a platform in the sky for everyone to see, as Wicked grinned running forward to Dominic as he went into Gamma Protocol, and they clashed causing a shockwave of their own energies, as Dominic spearheaded into Wicked pinning, as he beat him down, but Wicked slithered out, about to claw and strike Dominic with his tendrils, but Dominic went into Rebirth protocol, as they ended up slashing each other rapidly, and they clashed again, Dominic then created some shoulder mounted guns and fired at Wicked knocking him away, turning into the Dove protocol and flew around unleashing a full salvo of his arsenal, Wicked, growled as he turned into a giant 30 meter symbiote nanite, serpentine creature, occupying nearly the entire radius of the Platform, as he slapped Dominic around with tendrils, while he was flying.


Dominic: This isn't about power Wicked... He grabbed all tentacles, flying around the platform and Wicked in circles, tying him up, as Wicked was extended the tentacles so he could have more room, as Dominic landed at the near edge of the platform going into Speed Demon protocol This is about me settling my Inner demons, you... He then ran, moving so fast Wicked couldn't extend the tendrils fast enough as they got ripped off, he roared in frustration as a vortex made of wind and Dom's energy was being created on the platform, surrounding Wicked. Wicked made two tendrils trying to whip at Dominic.

Wicked: JUST Whip and a miss DIE Whip and a miss YOU LITTLE SH-T! Wicked then tried to make spikes, breath out energy, but he was being burnt by the intensity of friction, as he went into his original form and Dom stopped running in a circle, and rushed Wicked, as in the last second turned into Gamma Protocol and uppercutted him, and then intercepted him with Dove, flying so fast off the plat form it was obliterated the platform as Wicked was now at high orbit and Dominic punched into Wicked's chest. And now, Wicked was dying.

Dominic: Goodby- Wicked put a hand on Dominic's shoulder, looking at him.

Wicked: Wait- I want to admit I was never scared of you... He panted out I was scared of death, I wanted to live, no strings of fate, and you were the only way I could die, and knowing my purpose, it mixed, made me want to kill you...Truth be told, if that was never the case, there would have been a future where we were friends... He laughs at the thought, sighing sadly, as Dom felt sympathetic Wicked a bit I'm sorr-

Dominic: Wicked- I wanna bargain...

Soon after five minutes Dominic flew back down to Earth, his armor disintegrating as he was in clothes now, looking at the Absconders.

Dominic: Well, that got taken care of... He chuckled, stretching a bit to get loose, anyone could tell, some thing was different. As if he has seven faces now.

Eliana: What happened? Are you...okay?

Thad: You kill that thing?

Dominic: Killed him, and Ellie, I'm fine... His eyes had a bit of a glint.

Eliana: Hm... Alright then, if you say so... We've damaged this city enough I'll stay here and clean up.

Thad: Uh, no! I can do that, you go home and rest. You barely slept since that whole island disaster mission.

Dominic: Thad's right Ellie, you'll push yourself too hard, come on, I'll take you home...

Eliana: Okay. Thanks Thad. She walks home by Dominic's side.

At Eliana's House

Eliana arrived outside her house with Dominic. She said goodbye to him then went inside as he left. She was greeted by her father on the way in after she closed the front door.

Mr. Rosenheim: Was that Dominic?

Eliana: Yes, dad.

Mr. Rosenheim: How's he doing?

Eliana: Fine. Why?

Mr. Rosenheim: With his father's death and what just happened on the news.

Eliana: Y-you...saw the news?

Mr. Rosenheim: Yes, with Dinomo Industries tower and everything. Must've been horrible.

Eliana: Yeah...

Mr. Rosenheim: What's going on, Eliana?

Eliana: What?

Mr. Rosenheim: You're hardly ever home, you're always sleeping over at your friend's house, whenever you do come home you're too tired to talk. Is something wrong?

Eliana: No, just have this new Summer job that takes a lot out of me.

Mr. Rosenheim: Just try to take a break once in a while. We're here if you need us, you can tell me anything that's bothering you.

Eliana: I know, I haven't forgotten my family.

Mr. Rosenheim: Good. Your mother ordered pizza, so go change and by the time you're downstairs it'll be here.

Eliana: Okay, dad. She went upstairs to her room and saw her 12 year old sister Cornelia, or Corrie. What the hell are you doing in my room?

Corrie: I know about the whole Superhero thing. So don't lie!

Cornelia "Corrie" Rosenheim, Eliana's 12 year old sister.

Eliana: W-what? What superhero thing?

Corrie: Your boyfriend. He's a superhero, the Vanquish one.

Eliana: O-oh. Don't tell dad about that, please. You know how he feels about vigilantism and everything.

Corrie: Don't worry, I convinced them Vanquish and Dominic Bernedicci were two different people. But you better tell me everything.

Eliana: Oh... Everything about what?

Corrie: The Absconders. I know they exist, and I know your boyfriend is one of them. Does he talk about them?

Eliana: No, actually he's very private about that.

Corrie: That's a lie, he's has a public identity.

Eliana: Yes but he keeps our relationship and his hero business separate. And I'm sure most of the Absconders, and whatever other Superheroes exist in LA, died in the attack on the Superhuman Centre.

Corrie: Seriously?

Eliana: Yea...

Corrie: I've seen the videos online, they're a lot more recent than the Centre bombing.

Eliana: Editing software or something.

Corrie: No because there's multiple videos at different angles. I can show you them!

Eliana: Ugh, get out! She pulls her by the arm and and out of her room, closing the door behind her.

Corrie: From behind the door I'll just send you the link...

Eliana: Shut up! She goes and lies down on her bed. She sighs and looks up at the ceiling. After ten minutes Eliana drifts into sleep, but has another nightmare about Thomas Gardener laughing as he shoots innocent people, and the innocent child accidentally tossed in the blender which still haunts her. She quickly woke up, opening her eyes. But instead of seeing the ceiling, she entered sleep paralysis and the ceiling opened up into darkness. The whole room split in half and sank away, the walls turning into rubble that floated around the room, all as she heard an ominous growling sound. She saw a figure approach, it was King Artair. He came close to her face, somehow floating in front of her.

King Artair: Well done. You have completed the task I assigned to you and granted penance to Thomas Gardener. The way in which you tormented him before his murder played to his fears, his worst fears. He died in pain, and will forever be mentally scarred in the afterlife. This is the best possible way you could've gone about completing the task.

Eliana: ... Her eyes tear up

King Artair: You seem upset. As corrupt a soul he was you didn't want to kill him. But you did. No worries, there are ways of punishing people which allows them to keep their lives. Punishments more severe than death. More permanent. You wish to learn how? I shall grant you the power of Psycho Warping as a reward. It is a dangerous ability, for your enemies... I don't need to teach you how to use it, you already know how... He reaches out his hand and touched her forehead with his gauntlet, her body instantly went ice cold as she started screaming, and the ceiling repaired itself and all the floating pieces of rubble fixed back together as King Artair descended back into the darkness. Eliana stopped screaming as she sat up in her bed, sweating coldly. The world seemed to shift back upright and she was breathing very heavily.

Eliana: Woah... Suddenly Corrie burst into the room

Corrie: Eli, why did you scream?!

Eliana: Did you feel, did you hear the?

Corrie: What?

Eliana: The walls they fell apart...

Corrie: Are you high or something?

Eliana: Nevermind, bad dream.

Corrie: Are you okay? You're sweating a lot. Like a lot.

Eliana: Yeah... I'm fine. Better than fine. She looks back up to the ceiling, seeing a crack which quickly closes itself, as she smiles...

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