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June 1st, 2026

Eliana returned to the VP the next day and Myron appeared to greet her in her room.

Myron: Well? Have you chosen your Eldritch master?

Eliana: I... I already did the ritual to summon one...

Myron: What?! You didn't tell me first?!

Eliana: I got impatient. But I don't know if I succeeded or not, he appeared there then disappeared...

Myron: Well, you wouldn't be alive if you failed. I guess now we wait until your new master shows up. But you should already feel the disturbing presence.

Eliana: Is that what that is? I thought I just had a cold...

Myron: Remember to be careful around these Abominations, they're not called that for fun.

Eliana: Yeah sure, I'm off, bye. She walks out and sees Dominic in the main room. Hey, Dom.

Dominic: Hey, so how was summoning a flying spaghetti monster? He kidded around chuckling, but noticed Eliana looked a bit iffy when he said summoning You really summoned one didn't you? He sounded concerned.

Eliana: It wouldn't be false to say I have my regrets, but yeah. It was crazy, like nothing I've ever seen before. But there's so much behind it, so much powers I could unlock. A lot of powerful sorcerers used Eldritch Magic, and I think I've found the perfect master.

Dominic: You know I decided to read about Eldritch stuff, no not from your book, what they are in general. I just want to be sure you know what you're stepping into...Who's the perfect master?

Eliana: A Spirit of Vengeance called Sethyro, well in legends he's more commonly known as King Artair. Apparently he was a King in the middle ages or something that used Eldritch Magic to win a war he could not win, and his people hated this. So they betrayed him, beheaded him, and stitched a wolf's head in place of his own as a sacrifice to the Eldritch masters to spare their realm from darkness. He returned from the dead and kills people who've betrayed another soul, there's a children's bedtime story about it somewhere... But from the legends it looks like he's got some cool powers to offer, because it's said he can bring your worst nightmares to life, he formed some crypts in Spain somewhere a couple hundred years ago to trap several souls according to legends...

Dominic: And you have to serve him, right?

Eliana: Well he's my master now, he'll teach me Eldritch Magic if I complete his bidding, which, according to this book, is always to bring justice to tortured souls, which I already do everyday so shouldn't be too much of a chore.

Dominic: Well thank God for that, so we can technically add Eldritch deity as an ally right? He joked about it, smiling But in all seriousness, at this rate, we will beat the Virtues, well, you, Trey, Micah, Alyna, Giorno, Alex and Jason maybe...I might stay on the sidelines as tech support, ya know, armor gone, but at least a genius can still be support, right? He sounded a bit like he was demeaning himself and dragging himself down a bit, despite his smile and the chuckle he had at the end.

Eliana: As long as you don't add tech support to the recent list of things you screwed up, then sure. But we're not ready to take on the Virtues just yet, there's seven of them, and they have an army. One of our problems will be containing it all. Which is why we need more numbers.

Dominic: Not necessarily, we could try and get more numbers, or we can find a way to take numbers off of their army, but we really need to be smart about it, as in we had trouble with the guys on the yacht. So boss, what'll it be, I could try and rally numbers, or we could take away numbers from Virtues.

Eliana: Do you really want to jump straight into fighting the Virtues before we're ready? We've fallen for their traps twice, and we suffered greatly from it. We will not attack further until we have the numbers and we have the power.

Suddenly Jason comes running in the room.

Jason: Hey, guys, I don't know what happened to me but, some guy came in my apartment and attacked me, he wanted my magic and the symbiote I stole from Chernie, and he managed to take it. He ran off and I can't find, well I didn't bother to go after him. But just wondering if this is something big or...?

Dominic: He stole the symbiote you had, wait, how in the Hell did he even get past you, pretty sure he would have died if you're implying he attacked you directly.

Jason: I'm pretty sure he had powers. He was creepy, like, creepier-than-my-uncle creepy.

Dominic: Are you telling me a Virtue attacked you, in broad daylight?

Jason: No, he wasn't a Virtue. He had no cloak and his powers didn't match up, he was pretty much immortal and I checked his fears, and he was afraid of you, so I skin-changed into you and he recognised you, he said stuff about breaking you mentally and everything. To be honest I should've opened with that...

Dominic: He-...Oh, oh God... Suddenly his phone rang, and he checked Caller, and the label was just: "Your Inner Demon", he looked at Eli and Jason if he should answer it.

Jason: Prank call him.

Eliana: I wouldn't answer it. Don't fall for any games.

Dominic answered it, but he turned off the mic for it, and put it on speaker.

"Your Inner Demon": 8-5-12-12-15 4-15-13-9-14-9-3 9 23-15-21-12-4 12-9-11-5 20-15 20-5-12-12 25-15-21 20-8-1-20 9-13 23-1-9-20-9-14-7~! 12-15-15-11 20-15 20-8-5 18-1-20 13-5-5-20 1-14-4 20-8-5-18-5 25-15-21 23-9-12-12 6-9-14-4 23-8-1-20 25-15-21 19-5-5-11! Hahahahahahahahahaha! F-ck that's good! He hung up, and Dominic was a mix of shocked and lost, as he was spacing out.

Eliana looked at Dominic for his reaction, looking concerned. Jason smiled in awkwardness at the weird phone call.

Jason: What the Hell was that?

Eliana: I don't know, sounded like a code... Did you record the message?

An Hour Later

Eliana was interviewing Alex to see if he could be trusted. She still hasn't given him access to the VP, he can only enter with another member.

Eliana: Alexander Damasque, alright. Let's just jump right in to make this less awkward, what're your superpowers?

Alex: Is charisma a superpower?

Eliana: Evidently not. You're the first Absconder who needed to be interviewed. Trey said you're not to be trusted. Answer the question seriously.

Alex: Alexandre Demasque I'm nearly a 100 years old by now, I can regenerate, I'm stronger than the average person, I can withstand any kind of substance that could kill a human, I can make red flames that explode, I can go intangible too...Oh! and I can also teleport, is that serious enough for you lady?

Eliana: Sounds useful. I heard they call you the Red Mask, you're a thief apparently, why should we trust you?

Alex: I'm not asking for your trust. It's your choice to trust me or not.

Eliana: Well I don't trust you, but we need you. But I want you to know that if you betray us or impede us in any way, we won't forget it, and we will punish you for it. *Did that sound intimidating? Should I have told him we don't trust him or not?*

Alex: he chuckles Good attempt, but I'm not the kind of person to get intimidated, God himself could be stepping on me, making me endure a 1000 shades of pain, and I will gladly whisper in his ear: "f-ck off".

Eliana: Courageous, huh? Or stupid, the line between those terms has become blurry. To be honest, we're just a bunch of teenagers failing to pull together a superhero team, we're getting desperate because of the Virtues threat, and we need people like you. We don't ask you to fight for us with blind loyalty, we'll help you in any way we can if you help us. That's the whole deal with the Absconders, we're not just here to have fun, we look out for each other too.

Alex: I see. Well, I'm the oldest and the one with the most experience. As long as you acknowledge this, I won't have any problems at all working with you guys. He takes out a cigarette and lights it Oh...and by the way, it's neither courage or stupidity, it's called confidence. Eliana smiles at this, then nods, accepting him into the Absconders.

Meanwhile Dominic had translated the message, as in his room there were holograms were everywhere, and Dominic read the riddle part of the message.

Dominic: "Look to where the Rats meet, and you will find the power that you seek"? Sh-t. *Maybe I should call someone with actual experience...* He goes to an almost alien piece of hardware which looked like a camera and a projector, it chimed a few times before it revealed a familiar face, Ripper of the Hivemind as a hologram.

Ripper: Bernedicci, it has been a while...

Dominic: Not too long I'm afraid.

Ripper: Why contact now? Unless you want to know something.

Dominic: Yes, I want to know more about Wickeds...

Ripper: To cut short, they are inner demons that nanites personify into a virus, think as a rite of passage if you can best one, if you can you will gain a power that will keep rising as you grow yourself, if you fail, well you die, but the Wickeds, that fate has barely ever been recorded...Is this about your Wicked?

Dominic: *Of course it is Captain Obvious...*

Ripper: To give you advice and a warning, a Wicked is basically a host at their worst, not by quality, but by morality, even worse its only limitations are really whatever its current state is and their personality, so knowing you and the sins you shared with us, that is a demon that will go to great lengths to test you...

Dominic: How do I stop it?

Ripper: You do it, the willpower of a Wicked is so strong they can only be killed by the host they were derived from, so if I were you, do not involve your friends in fighting him.

Dominic: How bad is the situation if the Wicked has a Host body, a Klyntar and magic?

Ripper: Then all I can do...is wish you luck, and attempted retribution. I'm sorry we are heading into an asteroid field, if you need any of us, contact us again... He logged off and Dominic sighed in a stressed way, sitting on the couch in his room, and rubbing the temples of his head.

While he was Sitting Alex came in his room, a cigarette in his hand, he looks around nonchalantly

Alex: officially a member of the absconders now.

Dominic: Okay, good for you, no mindless killing, no thing to hinder team etc. He rushed through the whole process groaning, and Alex could see the holograms of the code he was trying to crack.

Alex: that's a lot of things right there...I came here to tell you that imma give you a solid punch when you will expect it the least.

Dominic: Okay, now go smoke a blunt or something. At this point he was just trying to make Alex go away.

Alex: would like to he sits on the couch of the room but I'm bored...something seems odd. Almost as if...I forgot someone...

Dominic: I don't know, maybe some gangster, still don't know how many people Wicked exactly upgraded.

Alex: Well, the big fish is still there, Cash Johnny, leader of the snake gang, this guy is smart and knows people everywhere, he could easily be the trump card of this wicked guy, to make you weaker, because when you look at it closely, X already tarnished the rep of Nanites holders. Would be pointless to do it again, Cash Johnny is waiting somewhere for orders to be given.

Dominic: Hm, Alex with how old you are and how long you've been in the streets, where is a good meeting place for Rats in LA...

Alex: I stopped counting my age, it's somewhere between 90 and 100, I have been on the streets ever since I came on this planet, and a good meeting place is either my squat or that place they call "the Domain."

Dominic: "The Domain"?

Alex: You see my squat is the place where newbies go, the domain is where the veterans go. Unlike my place, they are way more organized and secretive, they do crazy stuff in there, everything wrong you can think of, new drugs testing, Prostitution, organ trafficking, child trafficking, death fights, heck, you can even pay to torture someone there, selecting the age, gender and all..urg...I don't go there simply because they do things I simply cannot stand for...they have ears everywhere, so I couldn't tell you about it earlier.

Dominic: *Sounds like a place he'd go to...* Where is it?

Alex: Well kinda forgot, I didn't go there in years, its somewhere in south L.A, not even far away from my squat, if I wanna go, i will remember the road tho...but why do you wanna know?

Dominic: Because I believe Wicked is there, and whatever he has in store, I'm gonna prepare...also maybe I'll blow it up...

Alex: People did blow it up before, but they just re-built it, it has always been like that, you can easily defeat a gang leader or a murderer, but you cannot defeat the vile human nature.

Dominic: So how are you gonna take out Cash Johnny?

Alex: I do not intent to search for him, this b-tch will come to me sooner or later.

Eliana walks in and sees them.

Eliana: Dominic, Jason's here and says he wants to talk to you, about the magic Wicked took. It's pretty important. Dominic nods then leaves as Eliana turns to Alex Hey, Alex. As an Absconder you should go and contribute to saving this city, you have anything in mind?

Alex: Well me and Dominic before coming here had to kill a few gang dudes, they are still out here roaming, and I know where all the riva-I mean the gangsters hide, that should be good...uh...what's your name again?

Eliana: Eliana. Take us to these gangsters and we'll take 'em out together. *Maybe this'll get King Artair to confront me...*

Alex: Okay girl, grab me.

Eliana: Excuse me?

Alex; I said; 'GRAB ME' take your hand and then you grab me,by the hand or by the d-ck, it doesn't matter, is that hard to understand?, I think not, I'm gonna teleport and you need a solid grip.

Eliana: Oh-okay. She feels embarrassed but shakes it off, then grabs his shoulder as they teleport.

Within a second they finds themselves into Alex's bright red muscle car.

Alex: ok we gonna go around the neighborhood to find those guys.

Eliana: Alright... Nice car...

Alex: I know, that's an original he starts the engine and the car slowly goes down the road uh....so...that's a nice blue sky don't you think?

Eliana: Yes, the sky has always been blue and this time it ain't any different. Focus on getting us there though.

They drive In an awkward silence for a few minutes until they reach a dark road where Alex spots 2 suspicious men handling something to a kid.

Alex: Here's two drug dealers, probably newbies from a local gang.

Eliana: There's a kid with them. We're really gonna beat down two dealers in front of a kid?

Alex: Witness violence or take drugs, choice seems obvious to me. He snaps his fingers and in a fraction of second a red flame appears in front of the dealers as soon as they touch it a loud detonation is heard and they go flying, the kid starts to run with the drugs in his hand ok ,be right back Alex disappears in a flash and immediately reappears in front of Eliana this time with a little bag in his right hand. They are selling brown to kids.

Eliana: Dude, I hope you didn't kill those guys!

Alex: what? Those guys were dead at the moment they decided to do this job.

Eliana: Still, don't think they deserved something so harsh, you took their lives away from them...

Alex: Well, their lives did not hold any value whatsoever, what would you have done? Talk them out?

Eliana: There's other ways of punishing than murder. Murder is so sudden, there's no trial, no time to think about their sins, it's just over in an instant. Where's the justice in that?

Alex: justice is just organized vengeance. I didn't kill them because of justice, I killed them because it felt right.

Eliana: Well death isn't the answer to every crime. Some criminals are worse than others, some are so bad that death is a mercy for them. They deserve something far worse. Anyway, injustice doesn't rest, neither should we. Take us to the next location...

Upon hearing this line, Alex looked at Eliana in a suspicious Manner

Alex: Okaaaay...that was a weird...thing to say... He drives further down the street where this time they notice a few men standing near a bar.

Alex: This bar is a wh-re house, some should be there.

Eliana: Should I be concerned you know all these places?

Alex: I know my neighborhood.

Eliana: Hope that benefits us... Anyway, if we storm the place we risk killing innocents.

Alex: he ignores Eliana and lights a cigarette.

Eliana: Sigh I'll go in then. Stay here.

Alex: don't forget...juuuuuustiiiiice!!!

Eliana rolls her eyes then hops out the car. She enters the building and after two minutes, flashes of red, purple and green light come from the windows, gunshots and shouting are heard but are quickly ended. The door opens as some prostitutes helplessly run out, and after them Eliana walks out. She gets back in the car.

Eliana: Job's done and no one died.

Alex: Annnnnnd, it doesn't change a thing, they will go have fun somewhere else, Fighting criminals is like fighting against nature, you cannot defeat nature, it is the exact same way for crime or 'evil', like you guys would say.

Eliana: Then why fight crime at all? To you it's just natural, and it is, but that doesn't make it okay, it goes against the rules set by society, and in order to protect people we fight it. And that doesn't mean killing, because simply killing is too swift for certain people, and too harsh for others, all crimes deserve the proper punishment, otherwise we're no better than those scum in there.

Alex: Well, we are no better than them girl, We just pretend we are in order to feel better about ourselves, a dog calling himself a cat is still a dog. Alex starts the engine once again and takes a sharp turn to the right, they rapidly find themselves in a very suspicious desert Alley, he stops the car and looks outside from the window to notice that there is no one whatsoever, Suddenly a girl comes rushing at the car with tears all over her face.

Girl: Help meeeee!!!!

Eliana: What the Hell? She gets out of the car and goes to the girl. Are you okay?

Alex stays in the car, burning down his third cigarette and looks at Eliana

Alex: you know it's a trap right? he then looks at the girl Stop your games, that's like the fourth time I'm seeing you screaming for help, where are your buddies? As soon as she sees Alex, the girl falls down on her back in shock T-T-The Re-Red Mask!? a bunch of men in ski mask get out from behind the buildings with guns and start to shoot at both Eliana and Alex.

Eliana places her hand on the wall of a building and absorbs the bricks and uses it to conjure a shield to block some bullets. She runs to one of the gunmen and knocks him to the floor, then absorbs his life energy and creates Ruby energy. The man gets knocked out from this, as Eliana fires a plasma bomb at several gunmen.

Eliana: Alex!

Inside the car Alex is casually texting while people are shooting at him.

Alex: uh? oh yea, those guys...he snaps his fingers and red orbs go flying, hitting every single one of the gunmen in the legs, blowing all of their legs off, they all scream when they are hit with the impact and the detonation but they quickly either pass out, or try to crawl away.

Alex: Didn't kill and Alex gets back to using his phone.

Eliana: She gets back in the car shocked And you think that was fair? You didn't make them regret anything, they lived as criminals and died as criminals, congratulations, you didn't make a difference.

Alex: So it's more about regrets than punishment then. Well they are regretting right now, without a doubt, look at this guy right there trying to scream, I'm sure he is regretting. the girl that stopped them is still on the ground crying and covering her head in fear hey you! the girl looks at him yea you, you regret having done that right? the girl nods abruptly you see, they regret that, without a doubt.

Eliana: But what they regret doesn't matter now, they're gonna die soon, so what difference does it make? This isn't punishment, this is just another crime.

Alex: Being a vigilante technically is illegal, you still do it right? exactly!

Eliana: Vigilantism is beneficial, it prevents criminals from escaping the law, because the law can't get everyone. You know what happens to heroes who join the government, look what happened to the Avengers, to Tony Stark, he's just a poster child for them now, he's not embracing what a real hero is. And if going outside the law is what it takes to defend this city then I will do it.

Alex: Well I just went outside the law to defend the city too. you are so hellbent on the concept of right and wrong that it hurts. You aren't making a difference when you keep people alive and make them 'regret', it's like putting the poison in another glass instead of just dumping it. I'm not making a difference neither by dumping the poison because there will still be poison somewhere else on earth. Can't you see that NOTHING matters. killing or sparing doesn't make any difference, at the end they will still die, YOU will still die, people will keep fighting crime and people will keep committing crime, that's how life works. that's how humans work. you CANNOT alter the human nature just by saying 'Aw no let's not kill and make them regreeeet'.

Eliana: That is a very toxic and cynical view you have there, all men must die, sure, but in the time between now and the grave, that's called life. I'm not trying to change human nature, I'm trying to change the lives of the people living here, until it's over for them and for me. Changing human nature, as good as it sounds, would be impossible, no?

Alex: You just have to be the big fish in the tank, so that your ideals, become the ideals of everyone else, willing or not, at least that's how the streets work, he looks at Eliana You want to change the world kid?

Eliana: Of course I do.

Alex: Well, be the biggest fish, you cannot change the world by being a little hero wannabe, sorry to break it to you, but heroes don't change the world, in fact they are here so that it remains unchanged.

Eliana: Eliana looks down, in deep thought I can change that now... She says to herself as she looks into her hand, thinking about her new Eldritch powers she'll unlock. Take us back to the Vanishing Point.

Alex: Alright girl, he grabs Eliana's hand and they both teleport back to the Vanishing point

Meanwhile at the VP

Jason met up with Dominic in the latter's room after Eli and Alex left.

Jason: Okay Dominic. You said Wicked was the guy who took my Demonic Magic right?

Dominic: Did he smile the entire time and was observant?

Jason: Yes, well, all guys are like that in my bedroom.

Dominic: I'll pretend I didn't hear that, anyways why?

Jason: Well, first time I'm gonna be serious about this, but you need to be careful when fighting Wicked. My magic is not something to take lightly. I may not be scary with it, because I don't care for its capabilities. But Wicked will use it to its full extent. Demonic Magic adapts to the user's personality, and stems from the demonic host they chose. Since Wicked has no demonic host, he has full control over his magic. Demonic magic is based on your fear, it eats it like candy, and there's no cap on its abilities. When Wicked uses it, he won't only bring your darkest nightmares to life, but he'll pull out some real f-ed up sh-t from there, stuff that can break you. It's a very dangerous magic, I call it Devilry, but when you face it you need to be careful, be prepared, and make sure not to lose your head. At least that's what I think I know about it, I'm just making a theory based on nothing, it could be anything really, since it's not real, right? Heh...

Dominic: So you're telling me, and I'm just drawing for example, that at this rate Wicked would be considered something out of Book of Revelations that would bring out dark times, right?

Jason: Uh, yeah, I'm just saying don't lose your sh-t over him, and keep yourself willful.

Dominic: Hey remember who you're talking to, I'm Vanquish... He chuckled deciding to wait for Alex and Eli to return

they finally showed up from nowhere and both were clearly not at ease, Eliana left to the other room without a word and Alex sat back down on a couch.

Alex: sooo...what were we saying before I got rudely interrupted by your b-tch?

Dominic: He gives a quick scowl before speaking We're going to The Domain.

Alex: signs Can't you guys just gimme a rest, for f-ck sake.

Dominic: Ugh, fine, then tell me where it is...

Alex: Well you can't go alone there and it's 'present' only at night

Dominic: Present only at night? You know whatever banger is there would be taken down, but Wicked, what else do you think he'd do? I don't think he does anything not involved with me...

Alex: Wicked could be there only to show you how horrible the world can be...isn't it his task to make you stronger mentally and physically after all.

Dominic: So we just wait then?

Alex: yea, Imma go to my place and come back, I have things to fix, you should go talk to your girl, she seems...uh....I dunno.

After Dominic asked and was told about what Alex and Eli did for Alex's first taks, Dominic decided to go to Eliana, looking around the VP.

Dominic: Eli? Ya' here? He said as he brought his phone out just in case.

Eliana: In here. Her voice came from her room.

He went to her room.

Dominic: Heeeey, I know this will sound like complete bull, but, Alex told me you were a bit off...

Eliana: She straightened herself up He was wrong. There's nothing off about me.

Dominic: Just making sure, as in we are at war, I have to literally bury an inner demon, I'm just making sure that our leader is in a good state.

Eliana: I'm not the one that's weak. She walked off quickly.

Dominic: Well...must be that time of the month...*I hope...I miss having the past hosts in my head...* He went to the many screens to wait

Back to Alex

Alex decided to get out of the Vanishing point by teleporting directly to his squat, he quickly realized when arriving that the apartment was empty, it was not something usual, there was no music, no smell of putrid vomit nor anyone fighting for no reason, there was nothing at all.

Alex: *what the f-ck?* he rapidly went through the corridors kicking all the doors open, but not seeing anyone in the rooms HEY, WHAT KIND OF TRICK ARE YOU GUYS PLAYING!? No one answered for a few seconds until he heard someone breathing in one of the rooms Alex: Who is it!? he rushed into the room where the sound seems to come from to see Lilly sitting on the bed looking at her phone silently

Alex: where are all of 'em? Lilly didn't answer the question but instead got up and walked forwards until being only centimeters close from Alex

Alex: what are you doing...?

Lilly: It's always the time to have fun isn't it? close your eyes an-before being able to end her phrase, Lilly gets a hard punch from Alex, making her fall on her back screaming, her voice which is at first the voice of a young girl distorts to the one of a man; deep and heavy as she turns her face changes to the one of the leader of the snake gang, group which Alex hates the most; Cash Johnny, he is spitting some teeth to the ground and is showing a grimace of pain

Cash Johnny: Well I tri-once again he gets interrupted by Alex who grabs him and throws him against a wall before pinning him to it by the throat

Alex: Where.is.SHE.

Cash Johnny: Do you really think that I will tell you about-HER Cash johnny somehow escapes from the grip of Alex by sliding down the same way a snake would before kicking him to the guts making Alex stunned for a few seconds from the pain

Cash Johnny: I hate you Red Mask. Alex gets another hit to the guts, but this time a solid punch making him fall on his knees

Cash Johnny: Are you kidding me where is your will to f-A flash is seen by the gang leader before he realizes that Alex is now behind him, holding him tight in a headlock strong enough to break the neck of someone and surrounded by red orbs so that he will not be able to escape

Alex: ANSWER!!!

Cash johnny: urf...I-I-ST-STOP!..I urf, cannot, urf, B-BREAT-H Alex keeps strangling him but Cash Johnny responds by making his head pass through the arms of the Red Mask, Suddenly the red fire orbs surrounding Cash's head all fly to him, but he manages to evade all of them by simply sliding throw them with an agility and dexterity surpassing anything Alex had ever seen, the bombs that missed are now flying to the next nearest target; Alex himself

Alex: SH-T! A red flash is immediately seen and a huge detonation is heard, the explosion send everything in the room flying, including Cash Johnny

Cash Johnny: uh? is he...Dea-he gets a kick to the left leg which makes him fall down, when he turns back he sees Alex standing pointing a gun at him.

Alex: you can avoid my attacks sure, but can you avoid a bullet to the head? now tell me, Where is she?

Cash johnny is shaking of fear at the realization that he indeed cannot dodge a bullet and finally talks about Lilly

Cash Johnny: hahaha...Domain, since last nigh-a bullet is immediately fired at the man, but Alex notices that there is no blood whatsoever

Alex: *weird, hm* he kicks the 'corpse' only to see that it is only a thin layer of skin lying there, over a hole to the ground the explosion of before

Alex: *he...he escaped by the hole by changing skin....like a snake!? sh-t, well,to the Vanishing point*he snaps his fingers a teleports immediately to the Vanishing point. Dominic saw him, a bit surprise, as he nearly dropped the Honey Lemon Chicken and Yamchao fried rice he was eating.

Dominic: I know you wont care, but, use the door next time?

Alex: No, I'm going to the domain tonight.

Dominic: Okay, take me with you...Need to tie up a loose end.

Time passed and the sun finally went away, leaving only the darkness of the night, They both immediately departed as Alex teleported Dom along with him inside of his car.

Alex: I will need a gun.

Dominic: Yep He creates a Desert Eagle looking gun with an extended clip Pull back on the slide to cool it, press the button on the side to change from automatic to single fire, or safety, gun will be coded to my and your DNA, and the clip is actually a slide for an explosion, so remove it if you wanna turn it into a grenade, but you'll lose it... He hands him the gun.

Without any more words Alex hits the pedal and goes down the road as fast as he can after a few hours of driving they finally arrive in a huge place in a desolated area, there is music playing and bodyguards standing outside in front of gates.Alex gets out of the car and so does Dom.

Alex: Those guys are all scums, I will kill on sight.

Dominic: Lead the way... Dom made two glock like pistols with silencers, as Alex ran first, Dom saw nanite infused ghoul looking creatures run on all fours towards them, and Dom started shooting.

Alex fires red orbs at every ghoul who is attacking him and Dominic and shoots the 2 bouncers before they have any time to react, then he fires red orbs at the gates making them disappear in an explosion, they both go running inside but quickly realize that it won't be that easy to find Wicked or even Lilly as there are people dancing inside, it is the cover of the domain; A night club.

Alex: Sh-t.

At a balcony however Dominic sees a creepy smile and knows it's him, Wicked then uses his powers to affect everyone as he stood up from his seat

Wicked: Ah, Mr. Bernedicci and THE RED MASK!? Oh you two are having your own bogus adventures! He laughs prompting everyone to laugh too

Alex: Shut up, I don't care about you, Where is Cash johnny?

Wicked: You try to be nice to guests, but they end up being rude...tsk, tsk.

Dominic: *Ugh drama queen...* Just come down here!

Wicked: No, I designed two rooms for you both... Wicked snaps his finger and in a gross fashion the doors emerge one with Dominic's initials, one with the Alien writing system of the Remians, if Alex reads it would have both his human name and true name Dominic in your door, you'll get what you want, but the journey is horrific, Alex, you, well heh, lets say, you don't want it, but it'll have choices for you once you kill Cash~!

Alex:So is Cash in there? he tighten his grip on the gun and is SHE in there?

Wicked: Believe me Alex, there are three women in there who are significant to you, and two males who are as well. He snickered, holding it back after

Alex: Tsk, Alex briefly looks at Dom before they both go to open their respective doors to get in the rooms.

Alex's door

As he entered it was all black at first. It wasn't cold though, the air felt familiar, almost something like that of Rem, he then saw a spotlight shine unto the artefacts he has now, as the sight looks familiar. At this sight he went on to touch them. It was until he saw a silhouette approach them, it was white, but to its body language, and tempted expressions, it was a younger Alex, he went to talk to the silhouette

Alex: What? are you me?

Younger Alex: Why did you do it?

Alex: Because I was right and everyone else was wrong, I was the only one who had enough balls to do it.

Younger Alex: But, what about mot--- Before the younger version could finish, it cut to a silhouette which was blood red of his pregnant mother being ripped apart from the inside by his newest brother, and his nephew. The younger version of Alex looked away, tears streaming down his face but the present Alex looked at it unfazed but with a glimpse of shock

Alex: It is not my fault. It cannot be!

Alex's mother: Kzrei! Kzrei how could you!? She screamed before a creature erupted from her abdomen, it's skin color, a grey, it had goblin-like ears, sharp teeth, claws, and its umbilical cord, mother's organs served as loincloth, it stood 9 feet tall and had a hulking physique.

Spawnling: K-Kzreis, mother, mother tasty, mother, mother sad...Kill Kzrei, make mother happy...Save Rem! It approached the younger version of Alex, who was crawling away in fear, despair and sorrow. Begging in Remian even. Alex took out the gun he received from Dominic and shot...but instead of shooting the Spawn he shot his younger self in the head.

Alex: A pathetic weakling, that's all Kzrei was, I am Alex the Red Mask now, there is no fear, there is no weakness, there is only power. He looks at the gigantic monster Phantoms of my past or not, you are still nothing more than an image. It charged at him and jumped upward, and slamming back down on him, Alex teleported behind the monster Nah, nah, nah, that's not how you fight he snaps his fingers causing a red orb to hit the monster sending it flying back. Again, you don't stand a chance, I do not even care about you, or my idiotic mother that judged good to stay on this sh-t planet. This planet is nothing to me anymore. Its eyes flared in anger, as it shot out a red orb from its mouth similar to Alex's own, but it was more fiery but it phased through Alex

Alex: Quit it. Your illusion so far is weak wicked, YOU HEAR ME?

It teleported in front of Alex, gaining a phasing like ability as well, grabbing Alex by the face, and was smashing him to the ground but after a third hit, Alex teleported on it's back and fired red orbs at it making it fall on it's face

Alex: Come on, Come on, you are annoying.

Wicked: My my, I know you're not a family man, but that's your brephew! His disembodied voice called out.

Alex: I do not care. I do not care about your games neither, you ain't impressive. Give me Cash Johnny or I will kill you.

Wicked: B-TCH YOU CAN'T KILL ME! Suddenly a gate appeared beyond the gate, he can see Lily struggling against Johnny, but even more horrific the goddess of Rem was there as well Oh what's that boss!? Your balls disappeared!? Why yes I'll tell you how to find them, cross the gate and face the fat lady, or turn back, and leave! As he said that the exit door appeared

Alex: My balls didn't disappear wicked, the proof is that you are still sucking on them with your poor attempts of scaring me Alex runs past the gate where Cash Johnny and the Goddess are and stands still in front of them So, who wants to go first, the b-tch from Rem or the b-tch from earth? the illusion of Rem rushed at Alex but he fired a red orb at it making it disappear leaving only him and Cash johnny who is pointing a gun at Lilly

Cash Johnny: So Red Mask, tell me, do you believe in miracles?

Alex: I will kill you.he draws the gun Dom gave him and points it at Cash Johnny

Cash Johnny: No I will kill you he grabs Lilly and holds her as a human shield

Lilly: Please Alex, hel..help me.

Alex:*the trick I used against Takeshi won't work this time* Listen Cash, I am not going to take sh-t from you.

Cash Johnny: The Red Mask fears nothing, right?

Alex: Let go of her, Or I will show you how right you are.

Cash Johnny: I cannot win against you Red Mask, I simply cannot, I know that you will kill me, but.... he puts his behind Lilly's head

Lilly: NO,NOOOO, PLEASE!!! Alex immediately teleports in front of them but before he can reach for the revolver of cash, A shot is fired and blood splatter on his face, the blood of Lilly who just got killed by Cash Johnny

Cash Johnny:....but, I just want to show you that you are not invincible before dying. Alex freezes as the corpse of Lilly hits him before hitting the ground leaving her blood all over him, he looks down at it to realize what just happened

Alex: no...no..y-you...

Cash Johnny: I win Red Ma-he is sent flying back by a punch from Alex, while he is trying to get up Alex jumps on him and starts punching his face with all of his rage, the first punch hits Cash's head so hard that it makes him go nearly deaf, the second punch, hits Cash's left eye, bursting it, the third punch goes right to his teeth, knocking them out, the fourth punch hits his forehead bursting his skull open, the fifth punch hits his nose, knocking it away completely, the sixth punch, hits Cash's hard enough to open up his head completely, killing him and the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th punch manage to reduce his head to nothing more than a pulp, Alex gets up from Cash's corpse silently and looks at Lilly's dead eyes gazing at nothing, he gets down to it and closes her eyes before taking her body and teleporting somewhere away from the domain.

Dominic's door

Dominic stared at it, all black, until some lights opened and it was like a movie theatre, he was restrained in a chair however, and he saw the screen turn on, and on the stage was Wicked, as there was applauding, the crowd who did it? Twisted versions of people Dominic cared about, the Absconders, his mother, the past hosts, etc. Wicked went to a microphone.

Wicked: Now, Bernedicci pictures presents to you, The Vanquish and the heir.

The screen turned on, and like a movie, the life of Dominic was played up to this point, and it went to black. It cringed him, pained him, especially his lowest points. People who were there for him.

Wicked: Gasps But wait, this is not the end! No! No! Fate and time may have developed this picture up until this point, but as a fan and close friend and the tools I have, I can show you the ending. Written by me!

He began reading it out, the crowd waiting.

Wicked: It all ends with the inner demons of the heir to drive him forward, but everything goes bad, his God friend, he turns useless, moping sack of sadness, the cards, they played wrong, fools cannot come back straight, princesses cannot return to fallen empires, demons take, and the street rats, they will be forgotten. He laughing as Dominic gritted his teeth as Wicked continued But wait…am I forgetting someone? I swear my memory gets clouded due to the hype!

The Crowd: The sorceress, what happens to her?

Wicked: Ah! Yes! At some point in time, she confronts him, he noticed her changes, she went with her psychic friend more, almost forgetting the heir. Both were in her chambers, settling it.

Wicked: “Eli, you know I love you right?”, He asked, but she was silent.

Dominic: Shut up…

Wicked: “I would do anything for you, I get it something’s wrong, so tell---“, He was cut off by her.

Wicked: “You’re weak Dominic, we’re through…”, She harshly declared, as the Heir was stunned and he got blasted away, leaving him.

The crowd cheered, all of them, twisted versions looked at Dominic, pulling out a gun, and opened fire on Dom, he was shot everywhere, riddled with holes, nanites keeping him alive, barely though. He watched in horror as they all shot themselves…While that happened he saw what Alex went through on the screen.

Dominic: I-I-I….

Wicked: “I-I-I…”, Oh shut up Dominic! You were always the weakest among them, Trey is a God, Haruto stops time, doesn’t stop death though, and Eliana has a legacy you cannot grasp. Hm she cheered you up before, how about now~?

Wicked grinned, watching as an Undead Eliana rose from the ground in front of him, as she went to his waist, grinning very sinisterly.

Undead Eliana: Dominic, baby~ Tell me what’s the matter~? She cooed at him, straddling him then squeezing his cheeks, and letting go.

Dominic: Wicked this wont do anything!

Undead Eliana: Oh it might, Wicked showed me everything, your fears, your insecurities, you feel unworthy to be with me, too WEAK! But also, what you feared when you left, that you’d be gone you’d be replaced!

She gets off of Dominic and walks back towards Wicked.

Wicked: You feared that someone may claim her after you did…Trey? A version of Trey appeared backhugging this Eliana romantically, but disappeared Or perhaps you even feared that Thad would have her?! An image of Thad going through with Eliana as “his”, but that disappeared or worse you fear she hates you.. He grinned as Dominic’s restraints disappeared, the Undead Eliana looked, angry, and more appeared, the theatre was replaced by a Los Angeles in shambles, as the Elianas chased him, using their powers, Dom hid in an alley way, as they started cornering him, he made some weapons, two UZIs. As they came up he unloaded explosive rounds on all of them, watching them get dismembered in an over the top fashion. He then threw the guns at them making them explode, as he made two blades, and carved through each, a lot bit him, scratched, punched, kicked, and blasted him, but in the end he was kneeling over a bunch of dead Elianas, he had tears though, no, not because of seeing many ways Eliana could die. But because he enjoyed it, he enjoyed after knowing she can leave him for any reason and seeing them get cut down, it made him feel at peace, and he was hating himself.

Wicked: Damn, and I’m called the monster…

Dominic: Please He slightly starts crying Why, why now, out of all times, why get magic, a symbiote, a body, no! YOU DON’T EVEN NEED A BODY, WHOSE FACE IS UNDER THERE!? WHY DO YOU NEED IT!? He yelled.

Wicked: Hehehe, if you insist~ He ripped his face open, and revealed, Dino Bernedicci, his father, he’s using his father’s corpse, he’s defiling it, and with the chuckle he could hear his voice Dominic, do not be sad, papa is here, tell me, you need advice, help, hm~? Until he shook violently, and he braced his head, and he was on the ground panting, his reactions, body language, vocal patterns, this is his father now.

Dino: Dominic, get up, get up now!

Dominic: D-Dad…

Dino: I know you are trying to process all of this…but listen, I don’t have long before Wicked takes control again, but, you have to be strong, know only YOU can bury your own inner demons! He makes Dominic stand up Please my son, to tell you what you need to know, what you wanted to know that night. You may not be the greatest hero, you may not be the perfect person they expect, you may turn weak, but know you are my son, and I know you can make what you are a hundred times more than I can. Now, kick this b-stardo’s ass and send him to Inferno! Soon Wicked got control again, going back to his default form, and yelled out, throwing a demonic energy infused fist with the symbiote at Dominic. But Dominic blocked it, to Wicked’s surprise it was coursing with Positronic energy, green one, and so did his eyes, as Wicked made some knives and tried slashing, but Dominic blocked each one, and Wicked tried to do some break dancing like movements, but Dom just kicked him so hard, he made him go up in the air and landed on his feet, Wicked growled, and got serious, back-flipping back far, and sending out a tendril that had his own energy and some demonic energy, but in a quick reaction Dominic armored up and back handed it, deflecting it away.

Wicked: NO! He growled.

Dominic: You’re right Wicked, I’m a horrible person, I am weak, I am near useless, but like any human, He went into Speed Demon closing the gap between him and Wicked quickly I can be better… His visor flashed as he punched Wicked away, as Wicked flew through to the air, he turned into a swarm of bats to get himself onto the nearest roof of this fake Los Angeles. He looked around and Dominic clocked him across the face, Wicked couldn’t see him, the Widower Protocol upgraded, think of a mechanical cross of Black Widow and Spider-man. He uncloaked only to fire something from his wrist, not webs, instead an energy that can crystallize as he made it a shard which was in Wicked, he ignored it and charged, but Dom shot more energy at him which crystallized him into some cocoon, he went into Gamma Protocol, and flailed him around, Wicked teleported out and shot many rounds at Dom, dealing significant damage, Dom went back into Rebirth Protocol, deflecting many rounds, or using energy shields, Wicked then in a last ditch effort tried to kick Dominic, but he countered, uppercutting him so hard it brought them back to reality and sent Wicked flying out the Domain.

Dominic: *Well time to go back to the VP.* He went into the new combination of Defender and Warbird protocol, Dove Protocol and flew back to the VP. But meanwhile, Wicked arrived in the main city, landed, barely alive, nanites, blood and symbiote leaking from him, as he was crawling to the center of a huge crater.

Dino: Accept it Wicked, you lost, my son beat you... The mental projection told Wicked.

Wicked: Hehehe, No…recognize this place…

Dino: Wait He looked around, it was the sight of the Absconders’ battle with Chernabog No, you can’t, We both saw in Dominic’s memories, he died!

Wicked: Hehehehe hahahahahaaha! Soon they were in an astral plane, Wicked was better Dino was scared, and punched by Wicked, and a familiar demon like figure appears, and he looks at Wicked.

Chernabog: What do you want?

Wicked: Now, Cherny, I fear Dominic, you hate him, so basically, I’ve come to bargain~ He let his hand out for a shake, and Chernabog just smirked, knowing what Wicked has in mind.

Meanwhile with Eliana

Eliana was at the Vanishing Point in her room at night, laying down on her bed watching the maze pattern on the wall filled in with Amethyst energy, but it was almost drained dry.

Eliana: Need to refill that soon... Thaddeus knocks on her door, before walking in.

Thad: I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Eliana: No. What's up?

Thad: I was just going to ask how this magic stuff with Myron is going?

Eliana: I don't need him anymore.

Thad: Really? How come?

Eliana: His influence over this world is limited, I've found myself a new master with real power.

Thad: Eliana...?

Eliana: It's an Eldritch Abomination called Sethyro, though I can only see his human form called King Artair.

Thad: What... Eldritch Abomination? That's some Lovecraftian stuff, what kind of magic is that?

Eliana: The powers I get depend on the Abomination I choose, I chose King Artair.

Thad: Who's that?

Eliana: Some betrayed King from the middle ages who turned out to be an Eldritch god or something. He has some really powerful magic which I need if we're going to defeat the Virtues.

Thad: How do you get this magic? Where's King Artair? Can I see him?

Eliana: I don't think you want to. But he hasn't contacted me ever since I summoned him, and Myron said he accepted me as a student.

Thad: When was this?

Eliana: Yesterday night.

Thad: Hasn't been too long. Sure he'll show up.

Eliana: Yep. It's almost midnight, maybe he'll turn up soon. You should go.

Thad: Fine, I'll go... Speak to Micah or something... He walks out the room, closing the door behind him. Four minutes later, it was midnight.

Eliana: *Any minute now...* Suddenly, the ground starts rumbling and the wall right to Eliana splits open, with a large crack from the floor to the ceiling. The crack opens up into nothingness, as a loud eerie humming sound is heard, and Eliana almost screams from the sight. The rubble around the crack starts hovering and forms into stone steps leading from the hole in the wall to the floor of the room, as a light far away into the nothingness of the hole appears. Then, in a strange flash like that of a glitching television screen, King Artair appears, standing on the steps. Again he is motionless, his wolf head hanging like a flailing dead limb, and his body covered with blood stained rusty armour. King Artair! She jumped out of her bed in shock, trying to comprehend how the hole in the wall is not leading into the next room but to a reality of empty space.

King Artair: In his disturbing and hoarse voice, that still emanates from nowhere Eliana Rosenheim. King Artair greets you with a smile. Of course, his wolf head is still dead and doesn't smile when he says this. Eliana bends her knee to kneel for him, assuming it was appropriate as he was a King after all. There's no need for formalities, I am not your King, nor a king of anyone anymore. A betrayed soul I am, here in this form only to grant penance.

Eliana: Oh... She gets up from kneeling. She had trouble looking him in the eye, as his entire wolf head all the way down to the stitches was frightening her. Why have you come here, master?

King Artair: You want to bring justice to the souls that make the world sullied, do you not? Many do, but do not have the stomach for it. I believe you do, show me.

Eliana: How? Master.

King Artair: Thomas Gardener. Wealthy man. He's a billionaire, who believes that because he is rich, he can get away with keeping a dark soul. He is wrong. Justice will be brought to all, rich or poor, old or young, friend or foe. Go find him, and deliver the punishment most appropriate for his penance. Fail and fall into the realm of the forgotten.

Eliana: I won't fail. What is the reward for completing this mission?

King Artair: Life. His eyes glow white as his wolf head slowly turns upside down and his body flickers. He floats backwards and descends into the hole in the wall as the wall repairs itself back to normal like nothing happened.

Eliana: Oh boy... Thomas Gardener? Haven't heard of this man... She takes her phone out and searches his name, finding a Wikipedia page of him. So he's really a billionaire, gotta find him somehow, if I don't... Then I'm screwed. She looks pale, and then prepare to research Thomas Gardener.

Across the VP, well outside, she could hear a familiar jet sound, as Dominic entered armored up again.

Dominic: Yo guys? Back in action fully now...

She heard him and went to talk to him. She lightly hugs him in greeting.

Eliana: Hey, really? That's great, we're still no stronger than last time but, we're working our way up. She seemed a little jumpy and off.

Dominic: He was a bit caught off guard by the hug due to earlier, he hugged back nonetheless Well here's some good news when I kill Wicked, I get a power boost, bad news, Alex, Alex might become less cooperative...

Eliana: Power boost? Sounds good. Oh and Alex, uh what happened? Is he okay?

Dominic: He lost someone, a girl, I think it's best if we take it easy on him.

Eliana: Aw... Okay he's excused from team activities. But I'm going to busy for the next couple days so you take over the majority of superhero-ing.

Dominic: Hm? Busy with what?

Eliana: Uh, King Artair, my Eldritch master, wants me to find someone called Thomas Gardener.

Dominic: Wait, as in Billionaire Thomas Gardener?

Eliana: Yeah. I don't know how I'll find his location if he's insanely rich.

Dominic: I can help with that, lemme find his location, and I'm gonna help with the rest, besides, he bought from my dad when he was younger...I think I can use the transactions.

Eliana: Oh really? Thank you, that'd help a lot with this.

Dominic smiled, the moment Eli left he sighed, due to what he saw in his door, but he just went to the computers and decided to trace the transactions, also with help from Viviane.

June 7th

Eliana was in the computer room again, though she was wearing her Gemstone suit, and was rushing through some documents, as if she was late to something. Micah had left her something after she asked for a favour, it was coordinates to a location in a file, which Eliana had grabbed and inspected.

Eliana: Hmmm... Yes, thank you Micah! She said to herself, as Micah wasn't there. She then looked at her desk, where a number was written down, a number she got from Haruto's contact list. She stopped before leaving and took her phone out, and dialed the number and called. Hello? Giorno Giovanni right? This is Eliana Rosenheim, I was friends with... Haruto... One of his Absconder friends, he probably told you about that.

Giorno: Hello? Eliana Rosenheim? Ah, an Absconder. I somewhat remember you. I've heard the news about Haruto's... demise... But I assume you called me for a different reason. How may I help you?

Eliana: Don't mean to sound desperate, but the team's been a little...weak lately, we took a strong emotional blow and everyone is just not up for hero business. So we need more heroes, to put it simply. I was wondering if you were interested in becoming an Absconder? Haruto told me you can hold your own.

Giorno: I see... I suppose I can assist Haruto's friends. He and I share the same powers, in essence, so I suppose I can temporarily replace him until everyone else is ready to return to the fight. Haruto's shown me the way to your "hangout" before, so I only need a way to get in.

Eliana: That's great! She was packing up her files while talking. I'm not actually going to be here when you arrive, I'm going somewhere, but I can have Alyna come and let you in, she'll introduce you into the Absconders. I'll set up the gate so when you walk in you'll be scanned and given full access to the Vanishing Point. She uses phone hand and texts Alyna the details while Giorno is still on the line.


Alyna arrived at the Vanishing Point wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans with shoes. After a little bit, Trey walked in talking with Giorno, with his hands in his pockets and his back slightly hunched in exhaustion.

Trey: So you worked with Haruto too hm...

Giorno: Yeah. I know Haruto's... death... hurts a lot, but you can't just mope around like this forever. Use his sacrifice to get stronger, don't let it get you down.

Alyna: I agree with this guy, Trey..

Trey: I know, I'm trying to get past it but... He trails off and just sits on the couch frowning up at the ceiling.

Giorno: It's difficult, I bet. But you'll get past it eventually. Hopefully soon, because we still have the Virtues to take down and we'll need all the power we can get.

Trey: You're right, I need to man the f*ck up. He gets up and stretches, making a noise. His arms got limp as he scratches his belly and walks to the kitchen to get some soda. Alyna shakes her head and giggles as Giorno walks around the VP a bit

Giorno: Right... I'll go familiarize myself with the base. Don't wanna accidentally walk into someone else's room for no reason. Giorno went to the fridge to get some soda before walking through the VP and mentally noting which rooms are which.

A few hours later...

It is now 6:32pm and Giorno and Alyna were out in San Francisco, who just finished fighting a few super powered beings who were trying to destroy the famous bridge. They both emerged from the water and with Alyna’s Oceanus Magic, was sent to the shore, taking the evildoers to the shore and waiting for police to arrive. As they are heading away from the situation, Alyna takes a long look at Giorno.

Alyna: *Giorno... He feels so suspicious. Doesn’t he have the same powers as Haruto? There has to be an explanation of what happened to him.* She thinks back to when Trey told her about his death. *I never recall him having the power to destroy something as strong as a black hole... Gah, I have to stop being insensitive... he probably really did die..* She thinks back to how Trey was upset over the death, not having the motivation to do anything.

As both Giorno and Alyna were taking the an above ground train through the cities to get back to Los Angeles, they were in a city called Santa Barbara and that’s when the train seemed to slow down. As it did, there was huge explosion heard in the distance that rattled most of the city and the train Alyna and Giorno were in.

Giorno: What's going on...? Alyna, be ready for another fight. Giorno took out a World card and held in his hand, putting his belt on.

Alyna: She smirked in an angry way. I can go all day. She clenched her fist as she got out of the train, calming down all of the civilians. Once she exited the train she looked towards the front of the train as there was a huge fire and some weird glowing tech spouting from the front of the train and into the air. What the...

Giorno's World Armor

Giorno: What the hell...? Giorno hopped down and approached Alyna in his World Armor, which has a different design from Haruto's and is on the right. Only change is the lack of the white cape you probably can't see.

Alyna: She glances at Giorno and snickers. You look like an idiot. In my timeline my armor actually put fear into my foes! After she says this, a figure emerges from the technological wreckage it caused. Alyna squints to try and see who it is.

The train tracks were on fire from the explosion, but the train had halted to a stop. The air was covered in a blanket of smoke, and they could hear the sounds of tools and machines wiring and clanging together, but suddenly the sounds stopped, and the figure started to walk out of the smoke to reveal itself. Giorno and Alyna prepared for the reveal, but the figure suddenly jumped up, as the ground rumbled and a loud mechanical exhale was heard like a giant roar; the figure landed, but not on the ground, it landed on a gigantic being that blitzed past, scattering all the smoke from the area and generating a blast of wind that blew Giorno and Alyna to the floor. When they regained their footing, they looked up to see a dragon soaring in the sky, a dragon larger than a cargo plane.

The Cyber Dragon.

It flew around the sky then changed direction towards the two, charging at them. It opened its mouth to reveal several pipes and buzz-saws, and roared at them with a deep and deafening klaxon blare. It landed on the ground in front of them, one wing over the train and the other piercing into the side of a building. The dragon bowed down to the ground, transforming its head to create steps, as the figure, a woman, stepped down from the dragon and to the ground, then the dragon transformed back and roared beside her, its purple eyes flashing as well. She looked at the screaming passengers in the train and snapped her fingers, as the train shifted and the roof opened up, then the seats ejected all the passengers off the train and safely to the ground. She was wearing a fine cloak of royal purple with the hood down, so Alyna assumed she was a Virtue.

Virtue: I'm sorry, but it seems you won't be taking that train home tonight. My name is Victoire Fournier, and I represent the Seven Virtues. I saw your little fight on the bridge, you must think you're very brave killing off other supers. She spoke in a calm, slightly French accent But I'm afraid that's my job, not yours. She placed her hood over her head, then jumped up with jets propelling her shoes. She landed on the cyber dragon's nape and got in a riding position, as the dragon opened its large mouth. It roared once more, before a large flamethrower emerged from its throat, and it breathed out a giant blast of purple fire, that swallowed the area and headed straight for Giorno and Alyna...

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