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May 30th, 2026

Eliana was sitting in the Vanishing Point's computer room, at a desk working on some stuff while waiting for the computers to detect a crime.

Eliana: *There's been an increase in crime lately, probably because of the lack of superheroes running around, thanks to the Virtues. Oh, a robbery? No point, won't be able to get there in time... Sorry, dude.* She was looking at the computers every few seconds observing all the crime. *Car chase, other side of the city. No use.* She continued her work, looking at a list of the available Absconders. She called each one, with no response from some of them. Trey, no... Micah, Alyna, Thad, Antonia? No... Dominic, Jason? Great. Haruto... She slightly tears up but wipes it away, crossing his name out. She turns away from the paper, turning around her chair and looks at the computers, seeing the crimes going on. Come on, Ellie... You've got to keep the team together... We may be the only ones left fighting. Oh where did it all go wrong... She buries her face in her hands and remembers the day, seven days back, where everything started going downhill...

May 24, 2026

Dom was just there, he learned about it after making a shrine for Haruto at the VP in remembrance to him, but he didn't expect it, his father died of a stroke, and now Dominic, he owns his father's company, he is the CEO of Dinomo Industries. He was there with some other family members and family friends, his mother and Eliana, it was very rainy, he was garbed in black, as Dom was wearing shades to hide the expression in his eyes, as they were that of pure anguish, as he heard the priest give prayers, blessings, and his mother went up for her eulogy. Dom bit his lower lip to not cry, as Eliana could see tears stream down his cheeks.

Dominic: *I, dad, Haruto...I'm sorry...* Eli could hear Dom heavily breath while trying not to sob or cry.

Eliana: She had tears in her eyes, she was still crying over Haruto's death, and was feeling sorrow for Dominic's loss. She looked at Dom's face, then placed her hand on his arm, silent but comforting Dominic.

Dominic: While listening to his mom's eulogy about to end, he looked around a bit and his face turned from not just one of despair but he was horrified as well, He saw at a distance, Wicked in a covered up trenchcoat and hat, smiling at Dominic *No, please no, no, STAY AWAY YOU MONSTER!* His feeling of fear of Wicked was so strong Eli could sense it a bit

Eliana: Calm down, he won't disturb us. She said telepathically, pulling out Clio's Broach, showing Dom but concealing it, as it glows slight purple to show the Amethyst energy ready to protect them, then places it back in her pocket.

Soon when his mom finished, Dominic went up, passing by his father's coffin, seeing its glass cover showing Dino, as it was designed to preserve his body's condition, but of course not him.

Dominic: My father, as my mother described, is a very complicated person. He always see,ed to balance everything well, and barely ever got stressed, he reveled in everything he could do. Eventually when he had me in his thirties he realized he is a father, and he knew with his line of work and his age, he would encounter health problems, in fact he always wanted to be cremated by the sun. But he had nothing to prepare for this, all I know is, he needed to tell me something and I wasn't there, and I don't know what's worse, either it was the fact he needed to tell me something, or even when I wasn't there, it's the fact he still trusted me...I-I'm sorry, dad, you will be missed... He spoke out broken, full of despair, as he walked back to his seat, as they were putting Dino in the hole, Dominic held the white rose he was gonna put on Dino's coffin. As everyone put their share of White roses, as Dom and Eli were the only ones left, then Wicked appeared behind both.

Wicked: You've got to wonder...Just as you were balls deep in Eliana do you think that's when he died? His twisted monstrous, psychopathic tone basically hissed out, as he started snickering. Dominic gritted his teeth, his eyes glowing green under his shades.

Eliana: She turned around to him, pissed off. This is a funeral, have some f*cking respect!

Wicked: Oh yes....respect, just like when doing this... He then roundhouse kicked her in the gut sending her far a bit, Dominic saw, and armored up quickly into Gamma Protocol and punched him hard, which he dodged.

Eliana growled, unintentionally absorbing life energy from herself and combusting into Ruby energy, as she was still upset over Haruto's death. Her aura was blood red, as she blasted Wicked with Ruby plasma.

Wicked dodged gut punching Dominic so hard it unarmored him and he fell on his knees, he went to Eliana and pretty much beat her down, but before he could do anything else he glitched a tiny bit, and he growled deciding to leave, soon Dom went home with Eli, and besides company work, he hasn't been heard since

South L.A, residential area, morning

Alex is sitting on the outdoor stairs of the abandoned apartment where all the local low lives would come to have their dose of fun, whether it was drugs, flesh or anything else, A young boy, probably still in high school comes out of nowhere and stops right in front of him.

Boy: Red sparkles in a robe.

Alex: what?

Boy: froggy frog never jumps the dog.

Alex Ok, you good, what do you want?

Boy: uh... he starts to look at his feet much know...

Alex: Get straight to the point.

Boy: uh...I my friends asked me to come here if I wanted to know, Like girls and all that.

Alex: Oh just get in, then go to the first room to the left, tell them the password and ask them for whatever.

Boy: oh...ok, i will just-

Alex: you want me to guide you or what? get inside or f-ck off, you are blocking other clients. At these words the boy rushes inside not even trying to respond to Alex. The door closes and Alex can hear some laughs inside, someone comes from behind the side of the building and it is none other than Lilly Lilly: so you are the one guarding now, how it because of...what happened last time?

Alex: I know that they will send their men at any moment now, I killed one of their "pillars", the right hand of Cash Johnny himself, if they get inside they will just massacre everyone, I don't want this to happen.

Lilly: Oh, is this empathy right now? damn, did me getting assaulted impacted you that hard, that's cute...nah, it's not.

Alex: Don't make me laugh, if they kill everyone here, it will be bad business, Every dollar I get is either from here or from heists.

Lilly: cold as always, aw man, this kid you sent inside almost makes me feel sad, he doesn't even know how ruined his future is now.

Alex: everyone who steps in this building has their life ruined, this kid will try wh-res first, then he will get tempted by the sight of everyone injecting heroin, after trying it he will just want to try it again, his life will revolve around a needle and a bunch of holes and this squat will become his new home, that's not sad to me.

Lilly: nothing is sad to you Alex, you are the most horrible person I have ever f-cked with, but who said I didn't like it.

Alex: shut up, urrg, i am barely holding it together this morning, we should go get coffee or som- Before he can finish his phrase Alex hears something in his head, a vibrating voice, almost as if someone was talking to him on a speaker, the voice drowned every other sound around it has been a while, Kzrei, you coward, running away like this, abandoning mother and the others, I am coming brother and this time, i will not lose Alex tries to ignore this voice and the memories that comes with it

Lilly: Alex? but deep down he knows who it is and why he is coming

Lilly: Alex!? he feels in his head everything coming back together

Lilly: Answer me! it's not funny anymore!!! he remembers...

Alex: *it's not real, it cannot be real, it has been so long, why is he coming for me, I am not ready, no I am not, I am Alex now, I am Alex, I am-* he comes back to his senses and sees Lilly in front of him a distressed look on her face Oh sh-t, I spaced out for a second there, maybe we should really go get coffee..haha Lilly looks at him not convinced

Lilly: uh...ok...that was really weird, don't do that kind of sh-t.

They starts walking towards the nearest coffee shop Alex: *this is bad, I knew this would happen, I knew that even on earth they would pursue me, well, snake gang will have to wait*

May 30th, 2026, at the Dinomo Industries tower

Dominic just had an intense discussion with the board members, well, his father's board members, he stands from his chair. Albert Graves, Leonard Hargrove, George Temple, Harrison Griff, Ronald Blake, Miltades Mason, Amanda Bean, and a new female board member.

Dominic: So those are all your suggestions for what we do? Keep doing what we're doing? Gentlemen, I literally have advanced alien technology flowing through my blood, and this is all you suggest, replace oil fields with machines tapping into other dimensional energies? Okay, how about it was obvious you all know the Endo Corp. Superhuman Centre is...destroyed, correct?

Albert: Yes, Dominic, we're not idiots-

Dominic: Shut up...You tried and find someone else the moment my father went to the hospital, I know, so to redeem yourselves, stop giving me half-ssed suggestions, and tell me how we can improve!

New Board member: Mr. Bernedicci, being a member of the Superhuman community as well, I believe we should establish a new Centre, one with actual defenses, maybe all based around that nanotechnology you possess? She gulped a bit, as she didn't know it was a good idea.

Dominic: What's your name Miss?

New Board member: Viviane Free, sir.

Dominic: Take notes gentlemen, so far I have head of Viviane's status here, one of our only superhuman employees, father monitored her works on her promotions, concerns, projects related to the superhuman community, and has made her board member, if I'm correct, last year?

Viviane: Yes sir...

Viviane's faceclaim

Dominic: You know, my father, he tells me he appoints people he trusts in shadows to watch this company, heck, those people inform me even now...I'm letting Viviane take charge in the moments I cannot, she will know, hear, and tell me everything understood? Not just because I trust her only...but because I must take responsibility and be a servant to all the people here in L.A..Excuse me now... He leaves his board and goes into his office, he sits at his desk, and turns the chair around and it looks at everything, he sighs as he turns around and sees a group pictures of the Absconders, well Himself, Ellie, Trey and...Haruto, all as people though Okay Dominic, time to be the real you... He goes down and into his car and starts driving to the Vanishing Point.

At the Vanishing Point

Eliana finished her work for the team, then headed into the main room where she had another lesson in magic from Myron. After 30 minutes the lesson was over, but Myron asked Eliana an important question.

Myron: I've taught you the basics of magic, and you've asked for more so I'll deliver. It is time for you to choose with school of magic you want to pursue. I've shown you which ones there are. This is a very important decision, so choose wisely.

Eliana: Oh good, I've been thinking about this since our last lesson. I choose Eldritch Magic.

Myron: He suddenly freezes and looks at her, Eliana couldn't see his face under his hood but he seemed shocked and worried. Eldritch? That is... Very dangerous, Eliana.

Eliana: It's interesting, and very powerful. I want that.

Myron: Are you aware of the side effects? Every single user of it has-

Eliana: Gone insane, yeah I know. I've read those books about it, but that's only because they used it wrong. I'm smarter than that.

Myron: You are, no doubt. But Eldritch Magic is too tempting, too alien, it should not be even attempted.

Eliana: My decision is final, unless you are too weak to teach it, then I shall find another master to teach me.

Myron: No! I- I will teach you it. But... Are you aware Clio chose the exact same magic?

Eliana: Really? That's cool! She became Sorceress Supreme with it, meaning I could too!

Myron: Yes... But it was also her downfall. She became too powerful, and always wanted more... Eldritch Magic yearns for your curiosity to take the better of you.

Eliana: Tell me more about Clio using it.

Myron: When she chose it... I chose it too. We both learned it together, but I stopped early because I saw how it was messing with her head. After her time of being the Sorceress Supreme, she became so powerful, so wicked, that she had turned into an Eldritch Abomination herself.

Eliana: Woah...

Myron: Anyway, Eldritch Magic comes from the Eldritch Abominations, all users must choose an Eldritch master to follow, which gives them their abilities. You can choose up to three masters.

Eliana: So I can choose Clio?

Myron: That's not recommended. You already have the Transmogrification magic from Clio, and the Broach, there's nothing more she can offer you.

Eliana: Then which master should I choose?

Myron: I don't choose for you. You seek out the master, and they'll accept your worship if they please. Beware, some masters will kill you if they are displeased with you.

Eliana: What did Clio choose?

Myron: She chose three masters, each reflecting her Mutant abilities, one for Creation, one for Psionic, one for Destruction. I don't recommend doing the same.

Eliana: Alright, I'll go read up on some Abominations and choose one. See ya! She runs off out the room, as Myron shakes his head.

As Eli finished, that's when Dominic arrived and he caught a glimpse of Myron before he disappeared.

Dominic: *Okay...pitiable maybe, but damn, he looks ravaged...* He approached Eli Hey Eli, I've decided to balance everything out, got someone I can trust in charge of company when I'm away, so I can actually help the city...Haruto would have wanted that.

Eliana: That's great. But once I learn how to master Eldritch Magic we won't need more people to help the city. But at the moment we can't save all civilians...

Dominic: Eldritch? Like H.P. Lovecraft/Cthulhu stuff? He raised an eyebrow

Eliana: Yeah, I guess. So what do we do about the lack of teammates?

Dominic: Well we should find Jason and Alyna, we don't know where they went after Chernabog. One of us needs to get Trey, maybe carefully, he is more vulnerable now, but I think I know a guy...

Somewhere in L.A.

All of Los Angeles's biggest gangs were in a meeting, The Eastside Kings, The Uptown Vagabonds, The Underground Freaks, and the Snake gang. They were all called here by someone who just called himself: "The Smiling man", To his namesake as he put his feet up on the round table like thing the leaders were at, shrouded by the darkness, only things seen are his glowing orange eyes, and grey-ish metallic looking teeth, where the inside of his mouth was orange.

"The Smiling Man": Now, I take you got the message and/or heads of some of your boys~? He grinned, only to be described by anybody, a demon from Hell. Cash Johnny leader of the snake gang gazes at the Smiling man and finally decides to break the silence.

Cash Johnny: So...who are you? and why- he gets interrupted by Manuel "Cholos" Hernandez the leader of the Underground Freaks who takes out an uzi out of his vest and points it at the smiling man Cholos: we ain't joking around Hombre, talk or die.

"The Smiling Man": Simple, I'm in charge of all of you now! And word of advice, before you pull that trigger- He was shot by a single burst of the Uzi, after two seconds he looks back smiling and came into the light, Wicked was the smiling man, in a body, whose is uncertain, but to the four leaders's surprise he caught five bullets from the burst with his teeth, and chewed it up and swallowed -you better know what you shoot at before you do...And may I say Cholos, I thought you'd go against the stereotype and have manners, you think you know a banger huh? But let me say I'll let it slide, for now... He grinned.

Cholos: tsk!

Cash Johnny: so before I got rudely interrupted by Manuel, i was about to ask; who, i mean WHAT are you, and more importantly, what is it you want from us. the leader of the Eastside Kings; K' Jimmy takes a look at his watch K'

Jimmy: It's getting boring here...

Wicked: You see Johnny boy, I've been watching, and I can see your problem with superheroes, and the Red Mask, who is leaning on that territory. I can take down the Red Mask for ya'll...or, I can give you power, not control, power, I can make you a lot like Bernedicci, so I give you rats two options, either I can kill the Red Mask for you and leave you to your mundane gang lives where you'll either die by knife, overdose, bullet or betrayal...or ALL of you can work for me, and even if you do die, you at least had a gallon of some of that power only an Avenger can have, so like street rats, or become dukes, and maybe, live forever...

the gang leaders all go silent as if they are evaluating the different pros and cons, they look at each others for a while and start to talk about the matter but they are all interrupted by Cash Johnny affirming his position by standing up Cash Johnny: I don't know to who you are addressing but I am not a rat Smiling man, I am a snake, snake eat up rats, your proposition is very interesting- the others nod in agreement -we are doing it for the kingdom, not for the king. remember that.

Wicked: Then looks like we're in agreement He shoots out four tendrils into them, as they can feel some power, something changing in them As for what I am, I crawled from the minds of Vanquish, clawing my way out the moment it touched Bernedicci's mind! Each leader could feel their suit form a bit, as they saw the under-suit forming on their skin The one who seeks to tear and f-ck his world asunder! To take everything he loves, and to break him until he becomes stronger! But for details to know what I am, I am he who comes from the stars! The one who was born to see if one is worthy to keep a mantle! Whose origins cannot be comprehended by simple minds, that you could swear I am of Eldritch Origin! I am the Omega to a Host's Alpha! And to rephrase a part...YOU ARE ALL KINGS! They felt their armor finally form NO, MORE THAN THAT! THE KINGS SHALL BE EMPERORS! THE FREAKS SHALL BE THE MONSTERS AT NIGHT! THE VAGABONDS WILL BE THE DRIFTERS OF FATE! AND THE SNAKES...THEY WILL BE THE ONES TO RISE UP AND DEVOUR THE EARTH! AS FOR ME...I AM THE DEVIL! AND I AM HERE TO STAY! They could feel their knowledge, their power Now go, share this power with your boys~! He grinned. The gang leaders rise up, overwhelmed by that amazing burst in power, they can feel every bit of it inside of them, they all smile at the realization that they are no more normal humans.

Cholos: Oh! Hombre!!! this is amazing! he takes out his gun and crushes it in his hands HAHAHA! who needs those anyway! not me!

K'Jimmy: hm...this is less boring suddenly.

leader of the Uptown Vagabonds Abo Takeshi: impressive...

Cash Johnny: The Red Mask is nothing compared to this!

they all leave in the cold night, real power in their hands. only waiting for the time to come to use it. Wicked then starts laughing.


At some point he traveled to an apartment, not just anyone's though, Jason's, where he even keeps the symbiote that Chernabog used. He made his way to the door, and kicked it open, completely turning it into splinters.

Wicked: Oh Jason~ I think you have some things that are in process for...reclamation... He grinned as he was calling him out.

Jason: Jason's eyes widened seeing Wicked. He was currently in bed sitting up, shirtless with one hand beneath the sheets. He put one finger up at Wicked. I'll be with you one sec... He clenched his fist and turned instantly to a cloud of darkness, which quickly flew out of bed and to the floor facing Wicked, then reforming into Jason, wearing casual clothing. So... What?

Wicked: Nothing much, but I would appreciate if you hand me the symbiote and let me copy some magic if it's fine? He can draw some similarities of Wicked to some Hivemind constructs, but he was different

Jason: Look bro, I don't like this symbiote as much as it doesn't like me, and honestly, stealing some magic would piss the demon off, which I would normally accept because he's a huge prick~ He winces, as the room rattles because he angered the demon But since you're the first dude who came into my apartment and wanted something other than yours truly, I gotta ask, why do you want this sh*t?

Wicked: Just to help Mr. Bernedicci become stronger...

Jason: Dominic? How will the symbiote help him... I resurrected it off a dead Hivemind leader called Chernabog, so what good will it do for him?

Wicked: A power flex, think of it like a protein shake I'll just make him wear it for a week and then, power rubs off, the magic is for a good enough training area.

Jason: For some odd reason I don't believe you. Some random guy busts open my door and asks to help another man, that's just unrealistic for me heh.

Wicked just groans and throws a right hook at Jason

Wicked: Time is short, running on 6% here Jason, where is it!?

Jason: Under the bed, go ahead and take it... His jaw cracks back into place Over my undead body...

Jason kicks him in the gut, sending him flying into the wall.

Wicked smiles as he dashes into Jason, knocking him away as he was looking for the symbiote under his bed

A small blue baby demon jumps out from under the bed, clinging onto Wicked's face and gnawing on it. As Wicked is removing it, Jason kneels down and punches him in the groin with super strength.

Wicked jumped a bit, and looked at him

Wicked: Really? He then roundhouse kicks Jason in the face and watched as his head did a complete 180

Jason cracked his head back to normal then started to form into his demonic form and bit at Wicked, removing his shoulder

Wicked decided to look into his memories using nanites by making some enter his brain, as he was getting everything that he could from Jason as he was using tendrils to stab Jason in many places as he was getting the information he needed, the magic and the symbiote

Jason's mind clouded itself with a loud demonic roar, and the demon started attacking Wicked like a virus, repelling him.

Jason: You'll never probe my mind! He says with two voices, then jumps at Wicked. They fight for well over an hour, both ripping each other to shreds before realising they're both immortal. After a while, the symbiote slowly crawls out of the closet Hey! Bad boy! Get back in the closet! He punches Wicked again

Wicked: Come to papi! After Wicked whistled a bit he was getting its attention

Jason held his hands together then threw them outwards, sending a salvo of tortured souls flying at Wicked which distracted him. Jason ran to the symbiote and had it crawl around his arm. Jason then searched Wicked data and ran out the apartment. A few moments later Dominic comes running in, drop kicking Wicked out the window.

Wicked: Hm I thought breaking you mentally would make you lose your armor capabilities, well...a genius can make a mistake~ He lunged at Dominic making two knives, as he started performing a flurry of slashes, punches, kicks, and even sometimes bites

Domini: *Crap, what was this dude's powers again?* Dominic dashes past Wicked, punching him several times, but darkness emits behind Dom as he runs.

Wicked noticed this, and hoped back a bit, and when Dominic overshot his running, Wicked lunged forward and pretty much bit his face off, and watched as he regenerates, but he was still standing Wicked: No matter how powerful, Bernedicci would be taking time and just heal, he wouldn't be standing, so I take illusions are part of the set~?...I'll ask again, where is the symbiote?

Dominic formed back into Jason, fully healed.

Jason: You fight me you get the whole package. He slits his wrist and squirts blood all over Wicked, as it suddenly turns acidic and burns his body. The symbiote starts curling around Jason's body, but his skin suddenly screeches and the symbiote does too, scaring it off as it slides off him and to Wicked. Damn it!

Wicked looks at it and crouches to it

Wicked: Shush, shush, it's okay, I may not offer full symbiosis, but as long as you hide your consciousness in me, you won't feel pain, but we'll be stronger! He told the symbiote.

The symbiote accepted him and crawled onto him.

Jason: Bulls-it...

He can see Wicked having a more biomechanical appearance, as he sent out a tendril which had teeth and eyes, looking like a serpent when he sent it out as he pulled himself towards Jason and made the symbiote and nanite get into Jason's head to try and learn magic again

The demon tried fighting back against Wicked, battling his nanites. The only way Jason could win the battle was allowing the demon to completely take over his mind, which he wasn't willing to do, so he gave up and let Wicked copy his demonic magic.

In a matter of ten minutes, Wicked let go, and he learned it all, as he made a demonic sigil which made a portal he walked through, but before closing, he turned to Jason

Wicked: Thank you for your contribution~ He leaves laughing, as he was at his best physical peak, and everyone shall beware

Later the same night, South L.A, residential area

Alex is once again in front of the squat smoking a cigarette anxiously, he is walking in circles alone in the dark waiting for clients.

Alex: *How was he able to communicate with me, did he get an artifact!? sh-t* he stops walking as he notice 3 men coming from the other side of the road, they are all bald, asiatic and classy, the closer they get the faster they start to walk, Alex puts his cigarette to his mouth and after taking a drag he starts to talk Alex: Passwo- the taller bald man points his Revolver directly to Alex and shoots 2 times the others follow and start to shoot multiple times, a white flash is seen and Alex disappears from their sight only to reappear inside the squat, he is bleeding and everyone inside stops whatever they are doing to come see him.

Alex: F-ck, 3 shots in the guts! i should've known! We are under attack boys and girls! Where is Lilly!? One of the junkies answers

Junky: Light room Boss he takes out 3 bullets from his gut and the wounds immediately heal then.without an answer Alex teleports himself to the "Light Room", a colorful room full of multicolored lights where people go to enjoy the effects of whatever they are on even more to see Lilly, she is on a couch sweating profusely, her body seems limp, her eyes are closed and there is a smile on her face, Everyone in the room is in the same state, they are all done for the night, Alex walks directly towards Lilly and gives her a large slap on her face. Her face goes back but she gets it up and looks at Alex a smile still on her face

Lilly: Hah...haha..oh man...roughy roughy

Alex: F-CKING B-TCH!, we are under attack! I told you not to let your guard down! where are they!? where are the goddamn artifacts!?

Lilly: Th...The arti-what?, you mean...the glowy rooooooocks? haaaaaaahaha! that's strange-uh? those are straaange...

Alex: *sh-t, sh-t, sh-t, first him, now that!?* f-ck it, you are useless he grabs Lilly by the collar and makes her stand up, holding her with his left, he puts his hand in every pocket of Lilly's attire. finally taking out of her hoodie's left pocket a bright red ruby and a golden bracelet that he puts around his arm Alex: I swear, i'm gonna kill you before the needle does.he throws Lilly's limp body on the couch. and disappears to the main lobby where the 3 Asian men have already got in, they are shooting everyone, and any attempt to shoot them seems in vain since they appear to regenerate, they remain silent as they are taking the lives of others but as soon as they see Alex their eyes focus on him and they start shooting at him at the exact same time and pace Alex; just try the golden bracelet around his arm starts to glows and every bullet coming to him passes through an hits the wall behind. As Alex is getting closer the men all freeze and a silhouette appears behind them: Abo Takeshi leader of the uptown vagabonds, he is in a black armor that matches his short and thin figure and is holding 2 swords that both touch the ground making an eerie noise.

Alex: Oh, Abo Takeshi, fancy sh-t you have here, sorry for killing your father years ago by the way, that was a d-ck move, I know you wanted revenge and all, buuuuut, could you not? it's night time, people just wanna have fun an- before he can finish his phrase Takeshi is in front of him holding a blade at his throat Takeshi: father was an idiot, he was weak, I am not, I have gotten the power to rule over this town Red Mask.

Alex: you know I'm intangible right? *What the hell? where did this guy got such power...this almost looks like-*

Takeshi: This place will crumble, not for the honor of my father but for everything else! he swings his left sword attacking Alex, but the attack phases right through him, immediately Alex teleports a few meters behind the 3 henchmen Alex: DIE!!! a red flame appears on the back of each henchman making them burst into pieces, Alex looks up but does not see Takeshi anywhere Alex: Show yourself up b-tch!

Takeshi: As you wish Takeshi is right in front of Alex, no one knows when he got here but he certainly did, he swings his right sword at Alex, making a huge cut on his torso Alex: SH-T!!! in a reflex, Alex disappears in a white flash, everyone is running around in panic, the chaos is overwhelming.

Takeshi: Father was right Red Mask! you are indeed a coward! he starts to swing his sword at random people, killing them on the spot before starting to look in every room he sees, he finally stumbles upon the Light Room seeing Lilly unable to defend herself Ooooh isn't that the prostitute the Red Mask hold so dear, lucky me!

Alex is on the rooftop bleeding profusely from the cut Takeshi made Alex: It's so deep..arrg...*I won't regenerate from this in less than a few minutes*, Takeshi is probably killing everyone inside...grrrr...he tries to get up but falls on his knees *No...I can't go right now, it's useless...this armor...I remember...where did I see it, whe-* he opens his eyes wide *How!?* he finally manages to get up, his wounds are not completely healed but it's manageable, he teleports to the main lobby but doesn't see anything but a few corpses, he notices a boy hiding under a table, it is the boy from earlier Alex: you! where did Takeshi go?

Boy:...I...I...he...he went to...I don't know!!!

Footsteps are head and Takeshi comes from behind a wall holding Lilly tight in his arms as an hostage Takeshi: hm, The Uptown Vagabonds have strict conduct rules and we never partake in such activities, or at least we do so in a more responsible and moderated manner. he puts his hand on Lilly's cheek and holds them tight This woman disgusts me, Holding this filthy thing disgusts me, but I am forced to do so, I know about your rather..."explosive" powers, it would be dangerous for me to get close to you when you have such a devastating ability.


Lilly: she looks at Alex her eyes half closed and tries to talk but fails to make a phrase that makes any sense Takeshi: You make any move, she dies...painfully. he looks at Alex menacingly

Alex: you know what? she deserves it...You are right Takeshi's expression changes to shock


Alex:...I said you are right, she is a disgusting and deserves whatever is coming to her...

Takeshi: tsk! don't play smart Red Mask!!! I'm going to tear her apart!

Alex: You think I care if you tear her apart, I have hundreds of other wh-res who will just bend over for money. Do your thing and come at me.

Takeshi: grrrrr...You...You!!! *Does he really not care, what's going on in his head!*

Alex: Do it or I will kill you both A red fire appears near Alex's fingers

Takeshi: *Father...Father!!! what is the meaning of this!, You were right Father! This man is not like us, he is not human, he's a monster, what should I do father!* Alex starts to slowly walk towards Takeshi and Lilly, a red flame still floating near his fingers.

Takeshi: *Answer Father!!!* Alex is getting closer and the flame is growing bigger

Takeshi: *I cannot do it father, I cannot do it! is that fear!? how to face someone like this! how to face such a fiend!* the footsteps of Alex are getting closer and now he is only a few meters away from Takeshi

Alex: last chance.

Takeshi: *grrrr...if I kill the girl he will just kill me, If i don't kill the girl before he gets here, he kills us both...I Know!* Well there is a variable you forgot Red Mask! Takeshi grabs Lilly and throws her at Alex as a diversion so that he can move and attack Alex without risking anything *he wont see that coming*. the body of Lilly is falling towards Alex, but instead of dodging or grabbing the body like Takeshi expected, Alex starts to run and phases through Lilly's body, she falls back a few meters away from the fight.

Takeshi: *TSK!!! NO! SH-T!!!.... I don't care i will take him face on* he swings both his swords at Alex but he is hitting only air, Alex is not in front of him anymore but behind, he teleported. Alex: your father always said I was a coward, if only he saw his son using defenseless junkies as hostage...he would be proud, now tell me yourself, what I just did right there....was THAT an act of cowardice? know what, I don't even care A bright red flame appears in front of Takeshi Alex: I only care about your death right now the flame touches Takeshi's torso sending him flying across the room, making a gaping hole in his chest.

Takeshi: *Father!!! you..* you...failed me father! before dying Takeshi see a vision of a metallic smile, almost as if all of this was planned Sm-Smili-Smiling Man!!! he spits his final words in blood and finally pass away, Alex walks towards him and looks at his corpse

Alex: *this armor...Takeshi...what would never do something like that by your own* he looks around seeing all of the junkies still in shock OK guys, let's just get rid of all the corpses before the police arrives and wake up Lilly with cold water, come on, y'all wanna go to prison or what!? at these words the junkies listen and start to put the bodies in little containers that they bury somewhere deep down under the soil, when turning back Alex realizes that the armor of Takeshi has completely dissipated *tsk..what does any of that mean?*

After an hour Dom was in the area, looking for Alex.

Dominic: *I should have got his number...* He leans on a building deciding to rest a bit, browsing his phone for news, and he sees news of the attack, and his eyes widened, he then called Viviane Viv?

Viviane: Yes, Mr. Bernedicci?

Dominic: D-Did you see the news?

Viviane: Yes sir, I could have informed you, but many calls came in about said incident, relief foundation is on the way, sorry you had to find out this way...

Dominic: It's okay, it's okay, just, make sure this is handled on the fixing side, I'll solve the problem...

Viviane: Okay sir, bye. She hung up, as Dominic then decided to look for Alex.

Over to the building Alex is outside he is looking at the body of Takeshi, analyzing it, looking closely, he sees a mark similar to a scar in the neck of The dead Vagabond almost as him something had entered there.

Alex: the armor...the exact same as Dominic's one...tsk!

Dominic: He decided to use simple means to find Alex ALEX! WHERE ARE YOU!? HELLO!?

Alex hears the sound of some calling him nearby ,he looks around and searches for the sound, after a few seconds he finally finds himself in a street in front of Dominic

Dominic: Ugh thank God...I looked for you for four hours, anyways I wanna hire, invite and/or recruit you to the Absconders. Alex's eyes open wide

Alex: The Abscon-what?, why would you hire me anyway, i'm just a normal person look Alex looks at his clothes realizing that they are still ripped and covered in his blood

Dominic: You do know the first time I met you, I literally scanned you up, saw an abnormal pace of cellular regeneration and 80 pounds of crack and blow IN your body... Alex starts to laugh a little and lights a cigarette

Alex: cool, cool, that's cool, he snaps his fingers and 4 red fireball appears all around dom Gimme a good reason not to kill you for knowing that buddy.

Dominic: Because maybe if you do repercussions end with magic of the Lovecraftian kind destroying you? I mean my friends are pretty damn powerful, maybe even stronger than me...but you know, no biggey.

Alex: Destroying me? I would like to see that and by the way Domi-*Dominic! of course, his armor!, I should ask him about it!* uuh, imma cut what i was saying but You have like an armor that can do avenger stuff right?

Dominic: Not currently, but yeah, and if this has to do with bangers having nanites now, I'm just as confused.

Alex: today 4 gangsters from the Uptown Vagabonds gang came to! and they started attacking, I'm not sure how, but one of them had a Nanite armor, just like you. Are you linked to that?

Dominic: Firstly, bullsh-t on house, second, no, so far anything nanite related on Earth goes after me...

Alex: Well, can you tell whether or not someone had Nanites in them?

Dominic: I'll do what I need to do...but first, fireballs, down...

Alex: Fine, he snaps his fingers and the fireballs disappear follow me, I got something for you to look at he led Dominic to the front of the Squat where the body of Takeshi was still here on the ground he had an armor...just like the one you had.

Dominic inspected the body, checking the entrance for the nanites, and then saw one nanite left and it was pretty much dead, but moving. His eyes widened.

Dominic: Who else has these nanites? He had a worrisome tone.

Alex: His henchmen could regenerate and had an amazing precision, I just assume they had it too, unfortunately, they kinda...exploded so you won't be able to analyze them, before dying Takeshi said something...I was far away but he said "Smiling Man" you know about that?

Dominic: Oh sh-t! We need to find where they all are, NOW!

Alex: I'm pretty sure the 3 henchmen were the only one who came here, Gangs work that way, if they could come in greater numbers, they would've, I don't care about them, I care about who gave them powers and why.

Dominic: Look, let's go to a place without bystanders, if this "smiling man" is who I think it is, we shouldn't talk here.

Alex: Sh-t man, Well he walked up the stairs of the Squat and opened the door Let's talk in my "office", try not to get shot tho.

Dominic followed Alex in, being wary of his surroundings, into Alex's Squat, but in case Wicked was watching, but a feature of Wicked is that...he always watches what he can see. Alex walked in and started to guide Dominic to a room, everyone was looking at Dominic in a threatening way the music was so loud that Dominic could barely hear his own thoughts.

Alex: out, don't walk in vomit they arrived in the room and Alex closed the door, someone was gagging and vomiting in the toilet Lilly...shut the f-ck up, Jesus man. That's disgusting. So Dom sit down..uh on the bed or something and talk.

Dominic: *Lovely...* Alright, this smiling man is probably a nanite virus named Wicked, his purpose is supposed to be making me stronger, but so far he's terrorizing me, he has great power, a lethal mind, and hopefully is unstable, as for the gangsters, maybe to lure me out, or ruin the thought of nanite tech use, both maybe...

Alex: I see, that's..complicated, but I see, why Takeshi tho, this guy is barely involved with the business, I don't think he was the only got nanites from whoever is this Smiling man the door of the bathroom opened and Lilly got out, nearly falling Lilly: Wha-he-hell is this gu-guuuy doin' there, Ooooh, it's Robot armor guuuy right?. Alex puts his hand on his head looking exasperated.

Dominic: Maybe we should find them, if we're lucky most of these guys have no proper idea on how to truly operate them.

Alex: Those guys despise me, I am like a magnet to them he looks under his bed and takes out a meth pipe no need to search for them, they will either attack me or you he puts some powder inside and uses his lighter to heat it before pulling some smoke from it so...uh..what was I saying again, oh yea, we just wait.

Lilly: wha- wha-re-uo guys talk bout'? I wa-oh sh-t! she ran back to the bathroom, going back to vomiting.

Back at Wicked's base of operations.

He was smiling to himself, watching the news of the nanite powered drifter's work, smiling to himself, eating popcorn. The three remaining gang leaders came in and Cash Johnny started to talk:

Cash Johnny: Takeshi told us that he was going to lead an Attack on the Red Mask's hideout, if we can even call that sh-thole a hideout. He didn't contacted us since.

Wicked: Oh, he's dead, as in very dead, nanites will even have hard time fixing a cauterized hole in the chest. He casually told all of them as he ate more popcorn. k'Jimmy looked at Wicked in disapproval.

K'Jimmy: Well, Well, that's lame, so Cholos, we play rock paper scissors to see who goes first?

Cholos: Hahaha, Don't call me that, My new name is X. K'Jimmy looked at him holding a laugh.

K'Jimmy: Dude, are you really just gonna use a super villain name, that's embarrassing...Uh..whatever, so Smiling dude, what's your plan then?

Wicked: Well, Jimbo, you go after The Red Mask next, shouldn't have let the one with a "ghost-dad" go first, as in, it was pathetic, I was personally excited for him, well, divide his remaining boys by three and you all get a share of how much men he has left, and please tell them...these aren't just f-cking suits, it's universally embarrassing!

K'Jimmy: Well said mah man he morphs his hand in a golden liquid I doubt the Red Mask can blow liquid up.

Cholos: Are you gonna attack right now!? If yes I will come!

K'Jimmy: Don't get too excited big boy, patience is key, and no, I don't need yo Tacos made a-s helping me.

Wicked: Anyway go on Jimbo, have fun, and Manuel, stay here, practice, heck Jimbo is getting used to it fine, so I advise you to start rehearsing and show Red Mask what an Underground Freak really is...

Cholos: tsk! you....!!!

K'Jimmy: Well I'm outta here, gotta get ready for the lil party the golden liquid wraps around his whole body and he propels himself through the nearest window of the base.

Wicked: Go now before I decide to do something Suddenly Manuel received flashes of everything he fears Extreme...

Back to Dom and Alex

Alex was looking at Dom the meth pipe in his hand

Alex: So...about the Absconders thing, As you can see, I'm not really made for the job, I would've killed you if it wasn't for that hamburger you helped me obtain.

Dominic: Well, personally you would have been a significant addition to the know if you need any help with changes of lifestyle, you can ask right? Alex started to laugh and looked at Lilly who was lying nearly unconscious on bed.

Alex: hahaha! Lilly you heard that guy "change in lifestyle!" good one Lilly started to laugh and Alex looked back to Dom.

Alex: Look, One day a star felt on earth, but the star felt in dog sh-t, even if you take the star out of the dog sh-t, it will still reek of a-shole. That's literally all I have to say about that.

Dominic: You could use bleach, I mean that's still a thing...

Alex: ok, ok dude, I will give you a call if ever I want to make a 180 degrees turn in my whole life, but for now I'm just gotta wait for some dudes to try to kill me, so yea.

Dominic: Alright then- He then feels something, he quickly goes near the window, and sees some other nanite infused bangers Well no need to wait now... He creates two handguns as his eyes glow green.

Alex: he gets up and looks by the window too F-ck, can't a man just rest, take those guys out dude, their leaders must be nearby he rushes downstairs and gets out of the squat.

Dominic jumps out the window, and lands on his feet, he starts shooting at the lesser bangers, as he gunned down one in rapid succession, but one of them used jet thrusters to leap at Dominic, him not being used to fighting without his suit tried blocking on instinct, but he yelled in pain when he got hit. He then decided taking cover and shooting was better, as he combined the two pistols into an Uzi style gun as he waited for his arm to heal.

At the same time Alex is outside, before reaching the bangers a trucks shows up in front of the squat and on the top of the truck there is K'Jimmy standing, his body is a strange mixture of a gold substance and liquid, he has a little smile on his face and is signaling Alex.

K'Jimmy: hey Red Mask, wanna go for a riiiiiiide!!! well come b-tch, Or, are you a lil f-g?. the truck engine starts and it starts to go down the street at high speed, Alex looks at Dom

Alex: wanna go for a ride?

Dominic: Arm may be mending, but let's do this! Alex gets to the nearest car and breaks it's door lock to get in he drags Dominic with him and snaps his fingers to get rid of the bangers with red fire balls.

Alex: you drive, I fight.

Dominic: Use this as well... He gave Alex the Uzi style gun, as he got his hands on the wheel and drove fast. Dominic starts the engine and goes as fast as he can to catch up to the truck they finally arrive on the highway where the It is only meters in front of them, the back door of the truck opens and from it, 2 bangers get out and jump on the car, they start kicking the glass, and attempt to attack Dominic who can barely see anything. In response he drives dangerously to throw the bangers off balance so that they will be stunned to shoot at, they all fall off leaving the road clear, Alex looks up and see K'Jimmy looking at him on the top of the truck. 3 other gang members jump out of the truck to throw themselves at the car, one of them fails to reach the car and falls under the wheels, causing the car to drift away from the truck with 2 bangers on it ready to attack Alex and Dominic.

Alex:you get rid of those guys and I get rid of the dude standing on the truck. in a white flash Alex disappears, Dominic assumes that he teleported on the truck.

K'Jimmy is standing in front of Alex as if he was waiting for him, the truck is going at high speed and they are both struggling to keep balance, everyone in their car is looking at the truck wondering why there are 2 men standing on it.

K'Jimmy: Red Mask, Red Mask, Red Mask, you just killed Takeshi right?

Alex: Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, yes I did, you guys don't loose your time right!?

K'Jimmy: Why would we take time anyways, I didn't want to miss the fun! he starts to get close

Alex: Nanites uh? Takeshi didn't last long neither will you Alex moves his hand to the right causing a few little fire balls to appear, the fireballs touch Jimmy, causing an explosion large enough to kill a human being but not large enough to blow the whole truck.

Alex: And just like that you are gon-before he can end his phrase he sees something terrifying, around the cloud of the explosion, a golden liquid is hovering, the liquid quickly reforms into a ball, the ball becomes a silhouette and the silhouette becomes the man that Alex thought he blew up, K'Jimmy leader of the Eastside Kings.

K'Jimmy: ha...haha...hahahaha he looks at his hands oh I feel the same way you feel...POWERFUL. K'Jimmy rushes to Alex at top speed somehow maintaining his balance even with the truck going at high speed Now! the Red Mask is gon' see RED! he morphs his hand into what appears to be a golden blade and tries to slice Alex who dodges the hit by making a quick step back, suddenly the blade morphs once again but this time into a whip that grabs the leg of Alex and makes him fall on his back.

K'Jimmy: Stand up dude! come on K'Jimmy steps back in a cocky way waiting for Alex to get up

Alex:*If I go intangible I will phase through the truck, and if he loses me he will just come back to get me, only this time he would've killed Lilly and the others* he stands up and gets in fighting position *not an option right now* he makes a sudden motion with his left hand causing red flames to appear once again, the flames all fly at high speed to reach K'Jimmy who lets all of them touch him. Alex: *Now, look...look closely* Alex looks at the explosion, he notices the regeneration process: K'Jimmy transforms into a golden liquid that morphs into him once again.

K'Jimmy: You are a try hard Red Mask, you can't kill me tho K'jimmy's lower body part transforms into a golden liquid that propels him, Alex has barely enough time to think as K'Jimmy is coming right at him, he makes a red flame appear once again, in an attempt to disintegrate his foe for good but it doesn't work once again, K'jimmy's body transforms into the golden liquid and reforms behind Alex who before being able to turn back falls once again but on his face this time.

K'Jimmy: you weak boy, you weaker than an ant, come on get up and try to blow me up again, he kicks the container of the truck Guys! come up there! 4 Gang members come from the back door of the truck and climb the container to go to the top of it where their leader called them, they crawl up like insects on a wall and start to run to Alex who is still down to the ground

Alex: sh-t! he teleports to the other side of the truck before the 4 men reach him,they turn back and one of them rushes Alex again but before he can touch Alex, Alex teleports, the man falls from the truck having attacked without considering the fact that he was on a truck going at high speed, the three other man this time surround Alex and decide to fight him hand to hand,one of the man tries to punch him, Alex dodges the punch and kicks the man to his knee as he fall down Alex kicks him once again making him fall from the truck, another of the man attacks him while he has his back turned, the man grabs Alex with a headlock and tries to strangle him

Alex: ugh..t-the nanites didn't make you smarter big man!!! Alex puts his arm on the back of the man and makes a red flame appear, the torso of the man explodes and his body starts to fall off, but before it does Alex grabs it and throws it at the third man who falls off along with the body. K'Jimmy who has been watching it all starts to clap his hand.

K'Jimmy: Good show, NOW FOR THE MAIN EVENT! KING JIMMY THE GOLDEN BOY!!! VERSUS!!! some lame dude. K'Jimmy runs to Alex and engages in hand to hand combat he starts by wrapping his hand with the golden liquid and uppercuts Alex who dodges the attack by stepping back and teleports behind K'Jimmy, He immediately kicks K'Jimmy, but The Gang leader transforms into a golden liquid and reforms around Alex to tackle him, Alex falls on his back with K'Jimmy over him who is now with his golden hands punching Alex as hard as he can.

Alex: *I must...not*he gets punched again *run away from thi-*he gets another strong punch to the face cutting what he was thinking, he hesitates to become intangible but decides not too and instead Teleports, this time in the truck driver's seat, he puts his hand on the face of the driver, completely disintegrating his head before pushing the corpse out and start to drive.

K'Jimmy is at the top of the truck his hands are bloody and he punches a hole in the truck's container in frustration thinking that Alex ran away, he walks and gets at the top of the tractor of the truck not knowing that his original driver got killed and that now Alex is the one driving.

K'Jimmy: Allan let's go back to the Squat then, he will know what is the cost of running away from the King Jimmy Despite the order K'Jimmy clearly gave, the Truck continues to go south. ALLAN!!! I SAID, LET'S GO BACK TO THE SQUAT!!! ARE YOU HEARING ME FROM THERE? he gets no answer and the truck keeps going further WHERE ARE YOU GOING ALLAN? once again he gets no answer but he looks around to see where he is, since it is dark he is having trouble knowing where "Allan" brought him, while looking closely he notices that he is in the scrapyard of south L.A, He gets down to the ground and walks towards the driver seat to open the door Allan what is the meaning of this bul-before he can open the door fully he gets a kick to the jaw that sends him flying back, he looks up and sees Alex.

Alex: You know why I brought you here Jimmy?

K'Jimmy: you...little...K'Jimmy attacks Alex but the Attack phases right through him

Alex: Intangibility would've only sent me flying back on the truck, I just had to be on an actual thick ground to be able to k-ck your ass he starts stretching You are doing it all A-s Backwards with your gang, you should've all attacked me instead of just sending them flying on the car.

K'Jimmy: tsk he morphs his hand into a whip and attacks Alex but once again the attack phases right through

Alex: he casually starts to walk away from K'Jimmy So when your little whip grabbed my leg I noticed something K'Jimmy, I noticed that the liquid you were using was hot, I'm pretty sure it burned my skin, also as it solidified it would become awfully cold, It reminded me of something...Metal K'Jimmy starts to look worried and while Alex is talking he runs away knowing that he has no chance of winning now that Alex can go intangible again and that's why... Alex teleports inside a long structure, a scrap lifting machine to be more precise ...I brought you here Jim-Jim, whoever gave you powers, didn't bother with material it seems While K'Jimmy is running away a red flame appears in front of him making him shatter once again into a golden liquid, but before he can morph back to his original form, Alex turns the electromagnet on causing the golden liquid to get lifted up to the air Metal...Nanites making people use metal from earth...the guy who gave you that was a cheap b-stard instinctively K'Jimmy starts to reform his body only this time it is way slower Alex teleports at the top of a pile of scrap near the magnet and takes the gun that Dom gave him. Well here goes nothing He throws it at the golden liquid rebuilding the body of K'Jimmy on the magnet, As always, the Gang leader completely goes back to normal, only this time his body reformed around a gun that is now stuck inside, which kills him in an instant the body of K'Jimmy falls from the heights of the Magnet and as it reaches the ground it breaks into pieces, limbs flying, the man known as K'Jimmy was dead. Alex teleported to his dead body to look at it only to see the same scar near what was remaining of his neck.

Alex: you thought you were gold but in reality you were just scrap. Like everyone else. he spits on K'Jimmy's dead corpse and gets back to the truck which was now his. Well let's go back home shall we.

31st May, 2026

It was the next day, a Sunday, and Eliana phoned Alyna to come to the Vanishing Point where she was waiting. She also told her to try to bring Trey as he has been inactive since the incident.

Eliana: *Hopefully Trey comes, I'm worried about him... And Thaddeus, he's been gone for a while, I hope she shows up soon...*

Over in Hollywood Hills, Alyna came from a room and closed the door, taking a phone call which seemed to be Eliana. They talk for a little and after Alyna hangs up, she goes back in the room to talk to a laying Trey.

Alyna: Hey um, I know you want to watch another movie, but Eliana needs us... Her voice trails off as she winces, hoping for a calm response.

Trey: He sighs and turns in bed to look at Alyna. How could you, of all people say that Alyna.... He said this in a soft, a bit grim, voice. You've become my best friend so you should know that I don't want anything to do with the Absconders right now. He turned his head to look at the television in his room again.

Alyna: She breathes out lightly, and takes a step to Trey. Trey, I care about you, but you cannot keep laying here, depressed or something... You have to try to be strong and not let this pain hold you down forever... She touches his shoulder as he turns his head once more to look at Alyna and and he sees a sincere, soft smile from her and sits up. He lightly nods and smiles as Alyna smiles back and he gets out of bed.

Trey: Thanks, I'll try my best to not hold the team down. Alyna hugs him tightly as he hugs back and she exits the room to let him change. She had her gym clothes in a gym bag slung around her shoulder and went upstairs to Trey's mother's room. She lightly knocked and let her know they were leaving and she said goodbye to her and Trey when he got out of his room.

Alyna: Ready? They both leave the house and Trey locks the door, and they begin to walk down the driveway, surrounded by trees. They then head to the Vanishing Point in which they enter.

Eliana: She stands up and greets them with a smile, looking sympathetically to Trey and asking if he's okay. After they settle down she tells them what's happening. Okay guys, there's a problem, the crime rates in the city are increasing exponentially, and as a group of heroes we haven't been There's a lack of heroes on the street because of those Virtues and we can't afford to give up if we don't want the city to fall into crime. Dominic and us are the only Absconders available right now, we should go out there and protect this city as we always had. I've been in the computer room, it's hard to operate it without Micah but I learnt how, and I know how we can strategically place ourselves to lessen the petty crime rates in the city. Eliana goes on for a bit until suddenly a weird noise is heard, and a portal opens up in the middle of the room. To everyone's surprise, Micah and Thaddeus jump out just as the portal closes; they are both bleeding and beaten, coughing and crawling across the floor.

Thad: El-Eliana?

Eliana: Thaddeus! She runs to him, kneeling down to help. What happened?? Where were you guys?!

Thad: The Seven Virtues...they took me..

Alyna and Trey towards them and Alyna kneels in and instant activated a magic healing spell. She begins to heal them as her hands glow light blue and their bodies start to get a blue aura around them.

Alyna: They took you and Micah?!

Micah: N-No... He coughs as he feels his body relax and begin to heal. He looks up at Eliana and Trey. They took Thaddeus but I had to save him... So I followed... But I got captured in the process.

Trey: He clenches his fists. When did you guys get captured? His tone was wavering.

Micah: His helmet is still on his head, so he checks the date and footage. A week... The day before prom night. He begins to sit up finally and leans against a sofa.

Eliana helps Thaddeus up as he leans on her.

Thad: Eliana, we need to be careful, the Virtues, they're planning to attack, Zacharia Martell! He knows about us tracking him and he's coming to kill us!

Eliana: Thaddeus... That attack already happened... At prom night. Zacharia... He attacked us... We lost Haruto...

Thad: No... Eliana I'm sorry...

Eliana: It's not your fault.

Thad: They tortured me, I wouldn't give in, then they brought in something... And I eventually cracked, and revealed the location of the road you guys were on after prom... Zacharia found you because of me...

Trey stares at Thad, as the scene from prom night plays in his head: The beating, the black hole, the loss of his best friend, Haruto. Trey walks to Thad and grabs him by whatever remaining collar he has and throws him against the wall, angry.

Trey: YOU DID THIS!! YOU KILLED HARUTO!! YOU'RE TELLING ME YOU COULDN'T USE YOUR "LUCKY" POWERS TO GET OUT FROM THAT?! Alyna springs up and grabs Trey's arm and tries to pull him.

Alyna: Trey stop!!! He didn't mean to!!

Thad: No! I couldn't! They tortured me, and found a way to disable my powers! They got their hands on some dangerous information, and I've already been tortured once! He pulls up his sleeves to reveal scars that haven't healed from years ago, and some burn marks too. Eliana looks concerned and comforts him.

Eliana: I thought only Mutagen could harm you like that... What happened in there?

Thad: Remember that technology that Omar had years back? Apparently the Seven Virtues have got their hands on Mutagen data, and managed to recreate the element that disables my powers.

Eliana: But how did you even let yourself get captured again? I thought your powers have increased since then...

Thad: The assassins seem to be immune to my mind control powers, the Silver and up.

Eliana: Then you're too weak to be allowed to fight them. You must stay within the Vanishing Point, it's too dangerous to let you leave, if they catch you again, we can't risk another tragedy. Thad looks down to the floor in embarrassment and sadness. Eliana turns to the rest of them. At Least now we know the Virtues are stealing data from Mutagen, an old government subdivision that studied mutants. What this could lead to is not yet clear. Micah, do you know where they kept you guys? If we find that place we could potentially find Zacharia Martell again...

Micah: I'd have to trace back my magic to their base... But I'm not sure if any of the virtues could sense my magic or not... Regardless I'll try. He's still very injured so he gets on the couch, and let's his suit fall off of his body, as it reforms and closes once again, standing next to the couch.

Alyna: I'll heal. She looks at Trey. Please, calm down. She goes to Micah and kneels once more and places her hand on his side, and starts to heal him once more with her Oceanus Magic.

Trey: Fine.. He backs away from Thad as he walks to Micah and places his hand on him. He tries to pass cosmic energy through his body to help heal Micah but nothing happens. None of his energy seems to be responding to Trey mentally. F*ck...

Micah: Hm? What's up man? He opens his eyes and looks at Trey. Alyna also looks at Trey with a sad expression on her face.

Trey: I don't know... Ever since his death... He pauses for a moment then keeps talking. My powers haven't been responding to me. It feels like someone drained all my powers. I can't do anything...

Micah: He sighs and tries to make a joke. Well maybe I could give you my magic, but yanno I'm kinda near death right now, haha. Trey glares at him and shakes his head and walks away into the hallway of the base, going to his room. Oh, sorry... I thought he'd laugh at least.

Alyna: She is shaking her head while still healing him. That was weak Micah. She stops healing him and walks to Eliana. I'm drained of magic. He should be fine from here. So while we wait for him to fully recover, do you want to monitor some crimes happening right now? Stop as many as we can?

Eliana: Sure. Dominic will probably be back by then, I think he's found another person to join us. Anyway let's go. They head to the computer room and look at the monitors for some crimes.

Two Hours Later

Eliana and Alyna have been out reducing the crime levels together. They just finished beating up a criminal and saving a victim, who thanks them and leaves. They then decide to walk back to the VP, done for the day, as they walk through a park.

Eliana: Is Trey feeling any better? I can't imagine what he's going through, I mean they were best friends since childhood...

Alyna: She looks and and half smiles. He's really hurt but I've been going to his house everyday to try to cheer him up and help him with whatever he needs. It really sucks seeing him like that...

Eliana: Glad he has someone to help him emotionally. So how's life in the future?

Alyna: It's actual uh- She stops mid-sentence as she picks up a sound somewhere around her. They are passing under a bridge and Alyna sees a white guy walk out, very hurt and holding one arm.

White Guy: Hey you, I remember you... He points at Eliana.

Alyna: Eli? Do you know this guy? She keeps her guard up.

Eliana: Um... No? Have we met? Sorry if I don't recognise you...

White Guy: He sighs. We fought before with your two guy friends... At night... I had the Klyntar Symbiote. He coughs a little and pounds his own chest, then his flaming symbiote comes out from under his clothes and surround his face forming a mask but instantly goes away after. Shit, sorry about that...

Eliana: She gasps, generating a purple Amethyst shield around her and preparing a fighting stance. Alyna, we fought this man before, Trey, Thad and I. He's another villain, get ready to fight!

Spoil: Hey hey, stop that. I'm not here to fight you guys now. There's something bigger than all of us here, and I, uh, need your help to stop it. They're villains so I think you'd want to defeat them. Just please put away your powers so we can talk at least. I'll keep my Klyntar under control.

Eliana: Sorry if we're a little jumpy lately, but you're gonna need to be a lot more convincing to get us to trust you.

Alyna: Yea she's right. She has water swirling around her and she squints at him.

Spoil: Okay my real name is Kenneth. My Klyntar's name is Spoil, which I call myself. So we encountered some people who were called Virtues. He does air quotes with his good arm. I was doing something-

Alyna: Wait you're the one who released all those Symbiotes like yours in the city!!

Kenneth: Yea yea, but the Virtues came and f*cked me up, but my Klyntar managed to attach onto one and read a little into their minds. That's how I know that they're called Virtues. I also found a little bit other information. But it seems they want to kill many people in this city, then state, then maybe the country. It's insane...

Eliana: We've only just seen the beginning then... We found out they only target Superheroes, and don't always attack civilians. They're probably planning to purge the country of superhumans, that's probably why they came after the Absconders, our superhero group, AND you. We've suffered a lot of attacks by them too, so you need our help? Explain further.

Kenneth: I don't know. We need some type of plan to take all of them out. But as you've probably noticed, they're extremely powerful. The best way would to gather all heroes so they can join in and take down those guys.

Eliana: Well we've run out of heroes, might end up having to ask the villains for help haha...

Alyna: Well this is wonderful. We have to join up heroes and villains. There's no way this can even possibly go wrong! She says in a very sarcastic voice while facepalming.

Kenneth: Let's get to it then. Where do you people hide out. He walks closer to the girls.

Eliana: Yeah, sure, like we'll lead you right into our hideout, even if we had one. We'll meet you here whenever we need to talk, still don't trust you even if you are against the Virtues.

Kenneth: He rolls his eyes. Yea, whatever. Our next meet as an update? When will you come back here.

Eliana: Tomorrow, same time. Need to tell the others, see if Dom found someone. Till then... They leave Spoil and head back to base.

Later that day, In the Squat

Alex is in his room, speaking to Lilly while Dominic is outside of the building speaking to Eliana on his phone.

Alex: Yesterday while you were in another dimension, A lotta sh-t happened.

Lilly: she takes a sip from her cup of coffee sorry about that by the way, I couldn't resist.

Alex: Well, I still killed Takeshi and K'Jimmy, The town is pretty much mine, those guys got powers from someone, Nanites precisely.

Lilly: you already told me that this morning.

Alex: Yeah...But to be honest, I couldn't care less about those petty gang leaders right now, something bigger is about to happen. Lilly looks at him with a doubtful look

Lilly: bigger? do you mean, the army or something?

Alex: No...uh...well, let's say my past is coming back to me.

Lilly: I didn't even know you had a past she takes another sip you just kinda....showed up, when I was in high school, I was hearing about you everywhere and somehow, you are still here.

Alex: It's because I did just 'showed up', It's hard to explain really and I don't think you would understand a word, but to sum up the situation, I hate to admit it, but I'm in critical need of help.

Lilly: Oh? she raises one eyebrow Did you just....say that?

Alex: That guy...uh..Domino or whatever, he proposed me something, to join the absconders. Lilly spat the coffee that she was drinking in shock

Lilly: whaaaat!? no! If you join those guys, we are ALL f-cked!

Alex: No you aren't, you really think those guys care about people like you, no they don't, they probably have some someone menacing the whole earth or something to defeat instead. If I join, I will not only be safe from the...'her' but I will also obtain fame, glory and power, with this kind of power, I will- he gets interrupted by Lilly

Lilly: It's nonsense!, you aren't a hero, you kill people, you have no morals, you are hideous!!! If you join them how much time until one of them decides that you are dangerous and kills you on the spot!!!

Alex: If I was scared of death, I don't think I would be on this planet right now. I will join them, You will be safe, don't worry, everyone here will be safe, you'll take care of the business when I'm absent, I'm sure no one will mess with you, you just have to...he takes a gun out from under the bed, a classic six round revolver ...Establish your authority.

Lilly: ok...ok..ok, but...don't...I dunno...die maybe? Alex starts to laugh Alex: I'm gonna tell Dom that I will join and we gon' depart to wherever I need to go to be accepted, you know what they say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. he opens the door to go search for Dominic. He could see he was still talking to Eliana.

Dominic: I know, I know, look, I can still go John Wick and Kingsman on these guys, and besides they don't understand nanites like Me and Wicked...Okay calling me weak while sick, that's okay, but calling me weak in general, kind of hurtful ya know, first Absconders thing we ever did I had to clean up bank robbers...Okay, I get your point, but trust me I'll be fine...Oh, he's here, bye, love ya' too... Alright Al, we gotta take care of this gang/nanite problem.

Alex: I'm gonna join the Absconders. here and now.

Dominic: You seem too eager.

Alex: you seem too doubtful.

Dominic: Doubtful? Nah....But suspicious, very. But come on let's--- Before the both of them could go, the ground rumbled.

Alex: that comes from the town center, or the most populated area, that's bad. come on let's go they run to the town center and see and horrifying vision, a 6 meters long monster was crushing down everything around him, punching buildings down, screaming in rage, it Has four gigantic and muscular arms and is covered in what seems to be metallic plates, on his head, a metal plate forming the letter X, around him a dozens of masked individuals slaughtering innocents, cutting their throats and doing much more horrible things.


Dominic: You know, I'll sound horrible for saying this...but make him stop those X-piring X puns and then save the civilians.

Alex:...he looks just like Manuel Hernandez...another one of those gang leaders...well let's go Alex's gold bracelet starts to glows as he runs towards the gigantic monster Manuel "X" Hernandez, previously known as Cholos, The monster turns to face him and starts to grin.

X: FINALLY, THE RED MASK!!! SOME X-TRACT OF X-XERCISE FOR ME. he tries to punch Alex, but his punch phases through, Alex teleports behind X and starts to fire red fire balls, after a few explosions of little scale, smoke forms around the silhouette of the freak, but overall he didn't take any damage from the explosions, before Alex can react, he gets a left punch from X sending him crashing into a car.


Dominic: Oh my God, SHUT UP! The moment X turned to look at Dom, Dominic made a shotgun and fired at his eye but quickly, he realized that this monster was beyond average since the shot in his eye didn't even result in him blinking or flinching

X: YOU LITTLE X-CREMENT!!! He started to run towards Dom preparing himself to kick the hero. Dominic ran at him as well, but before X could kick, he slid under him turning the shotgun into a hand cannon, shooting at his legs and crotch,once again X remained unarmed and before Dominic could shoot again, X grabbed him and sent him flying against the nearest building

X: PATHETIC. Dominic from the building created a sniper rifle, a heavy one, and he aimed at X's eyes and started firing the bullets touched the enemy's eye by yet again, no real damage was inflicted or at least nothing that one could notice from so far away.

Alex on the other side of the street is still lying on a car, the car broke down on impact and Alex is still regenerating from the damage that X's attack dealt him, he gets up and start to look at the giant, he teleports at the top of a building.

Alex: Well, A little explosion won't kill this one, big ones will. a fire ball the size of an average person appears in the air *This attack will certainly destroy him, it can destroy a whole building!* the fireball drops on X's head and a giant explosion is seen, the impact blows up every building's glass window and sends every car around flying, when he looks closely Alex still sees the silhouette of X standing here in the gigantic hole the explosion made this time only a slight scar on his metallic head he looks up and yells with all of his force

X: RED MAAAAAAASK!!! His screams are so loud that it makes Alex temporarily go deaf. X jumps many meters in the air and lands on the building where Alex is standing causing it to crumble he grabs Alex's arm and smashes him to the ground making Alex spit blood. YOU ARE THE PERFECT X-AMPLE OF A FOOL.

Alex: Sh-Shut are annoying as hell..guh at these words the Beast lifts his left foot and starts to crush Alex's legs with it causing him to scream on the top of his lungs GAAAAAAAHHHH-

Dominic: Crap... He sends Eliana a text about the situation, and as soon as it was sent, he ran to where Alex was and made dual machine guns and fired at X Come on asshole! He started firing more when Alex immediately teleports to the other side of the street enable to walk

Alex: Sh-t, well...Big enemies, big explosions...He looks around him But there are still people around here...I can't kill..not in front of him. he snaps his finger and makes many red orbs appear around X, the orbs touch him and explode but he is still unfazed by the attacks he backhands Dominic sending him flying once again and turns to Alex's direction


Alex: *Behind this invincible beast...there is still the impulsive and stupid Cholos everyone knows...A man behind a monster is still a man, and every man can be manipulated* Hey X...You think you're tough right? well come on, I'm still holding back, come at me bro *The nanites in him are as weak as the others, they must have at least one flaw*

X: grrrrrrrrr...X starts running towards Alex crushing and demolishing everything in front of him in a blind rage suddenly the floor explodes in a red flash and the lower half of X's body falls in the sewers

Alex: That's a sh-tty situation right there, don't you think man?

X: yooooou....YOOOOOOU!!! X leaps from where he is and lands right in front of Alex I am going to X-TERMINATE YOUUUUU!!!

Dominic: At a distance Hey X! With that new size I bet you can't get thrice your own name anymore!

X: Looking at Dominic I WILL X-ECUTE ALL OF YO-

Alex: Hey X, where is Cash Johnny? did they send you out first because it was garbage day?

X: he turns back to Alex with even more rage that his pale skin is starting to turn red GrrrAAAAAAG!!!!

Dominic seeing this quickly sent a text to Micah, and formed a megaphone.

Dominic: Hey X! They should've just called you "I" instead, you could have been number one, but thay category would have been out of stupidity!

Back at the VP

Micah was in the main room of the VP watching TV with his feet up and eating some Chinese food out of the box with chopsticks. He heard his phone go off but ignored it, but then the message flashed from his suit, so he stopped eating and looked at the suit. He put down the foot and snapped his fingers as the texts appeared in the air in holographic form. His eyes widened and he shook his head angrily as he jump backwards into his opened up armor. It closed around him as he made a portal in front of him to outside of the base.

Micah: Crap, it's going to take my a long time to get there, and I can't use my portals too much to drain magic energy... His suit then changes be morphs into the Speed Demon Form that was copied off of Dominic in their earlier fight. It was a sleek, black version, as it vibrated to the point where he looked like a blur and had purple electricity coming off of it. I've honestly missed this form. Let's do this. His voice from the suit had a deep, shaken rumble to it and he boosted off into the city and made his way to Dominic and Alex.

X: X-TREME P*RN! The monster slams Dominic into Alex, sending them flying through and into a building as it was earlier cleared during the fight. Dominic gets up then helps Alex up as they nod towards each other and Alex holds Dominic on his shoulder and they flash out of the building. X smashed into the building thinking he killed them, but they're in the air above him as Dominic yells a war cry and forms all the guns and grenade launchers he can from his nanites and rains down hell on X. He looks up being dazed by this all out attack and Alex pours some red explosions into him to. Dominic then grabs onto Alex and he lands on X and slides down his body a little before jumping off and rolling on the ground to a stop. X gets up and roars even angrier than before.

That's when a super fast figure jumps up and punches X in the back sending a huge burst of electricity, creating a mini explosion, injuring him more. He lands on the ground and before X even knows what's going on, the figure disappears but appears next to Alex and Dominic.

Micah: Hey Dominic! You called? He looks at Alex confused and sets an advanced healing spell on them both. Whoever this guy is... And Dom, we have to finish him off right now. I have an idea...

Dominic: If it involved trying to punch him harder, forget it, Alex over here has like peak human strength and when I tried I nearly destroyed my arm...however, he is weak to words...

Micah: Does anyone of you have explosions you can offer? I think I can use this Speed Demon mode to create a huge vortex and if you can send explosions into it, it should be able to localize the biggest of explosions, maxing out the damage output on... whatever that is.... His Speed Demon mode shoots out a little electricity and X turns around ready to attack, but Micah carries Dom and Alex away at blinding speeds, getting on top of a nearby skyscraper.

Alex: Explosions uh, well, You did ask nicely so...he snaps his fingers creating 5 fire ball in the air do your thing, just...try not to directly touch them he stands up and starts to address to X who is furious down there HEY X!!! REMEMBER HOW I DESTROYED ALL THE REVENUES OF THE EASTSIDES? AND SUBSEQUENTLY RUINED YOUR FAMILY? X becomes hysterical and starts to scream on the top of his lungs almost like a demon.

Micah: Good. Now send them at me when you see it appropriate. He takes off in blinding speeds, running around X in a circle. He goes faster and faster but stops at a certain limit and is circling around him, starting to create a cyclone around him and makes X rage even more, seeing that he can't even hit Micah, the cyclone gets more narrow as debris picks up an surrounds X to the point where he's not seen in the cyclone anymore. His body starts to pick up off the ground. *Hurry, new guy....*

Alex smirks and look at X Alex: hey...X...remember when you actually stood a chance? well that's the last thing you gon' remember he moves his right hand forward causing the 5 fire balls to plunge on X

As the fireballs enter the cyclone, the huge explosions detonate inside, but inside of bursting outwards, all the force and explosive power keep contained in the cyclone as it swirls higher and X roars and screams through the pain. After about a minute of a fire and explosion cyclone, Micah stops as it dies down and his armor goes back to normal. X is seen as a burnt corpse and Micah laughs as he looks up breathing heavily. He flies up to Alex and Dominic.

Micah: Dominic, I think it's time to go. He smiles and brings them down to the ground as he starts to fly away.

They made it back to the VP, as Dom, Alex, and Micah cleaned themselves up, Dom greeted everyone.

Dominic: Guys...this is Alex, he's decided to join the Absconders as in he has street smarts, teleportation, phasing, and even fireballs, but if you wanna ask him questions I'm here to fact check.

Alex: Uh...yea...I'm Alexandre Demasque and I do everything he just said...uh...yea.

Trey's eyes widen and he looks around at everyone then back at Alex.

Trey: Dom are you kidding me?! He's the guy who SLAUGHTERED a whole city!!! Not to mention that banked he robbed!! Me and Har-... We told you guys about this!

Micah: Woah really?

Dominic: It clicked in Dominic's head I'm just did a f-cking stupid...Alright Trey, calm down, we are at war with the Virtues, at this point we pretty much have to ask villains for help, especially if it was this scum, You know I had to go in his hidey hole. People were being f-cked, a teen was doing drugs, and some chic was vomiting due to drugs, okay but his powers, we need the, for this war, I will take full responsibility for everything he does, every life...

Alex: he looks at Trey with a huge smile on his face Sorry for my rather...lethal decision, but I am a better person right, else I wouldn't have joined a group with YOU in it, where is your teleporting armored friend? I gotta tell him that too

Dominic: His eyes flashed green as he quickly punched Alex, which. knocked him to the ground Wiped that smile off of your face, you're not off the hook! His composure was instant rage now.

Alex spits on the ground and looks at Dominic, his smile is still here and now he is laughing Alex: You didn't wipe it off man, too weak I guess.

Dominic gritted his teeth a bit as his eyes furiously glowed a bright green, but, it settled, as he inhaled.

Dominic: I may not be in top condition to deal with Virtues right now, but everyone else is, so if you are asking if I'm taking the pussy route...yes, but trust me, you're gonna get your ass kicked Alex...

Before either could react, Eliana and Alyna interrupt to talk about Spoil's interaction with them.

Eliana: Hey guys, Alex's questionable behaviour can be discussed properly later, but Alyna and I just ran into Spoil, he's a villain Trey, Thaddeus and I fought before. He wants our help to fight the Virtues, and I think it's better to use him to eliminate one big enemy before bringing him to justice. Especially since we can't take the Virtues out with just us, I mean look at us, we're a mess.

Dominic: Are those Erratics guys an option?

Eliana: Her voice sort of trails off into curiosity I think those guys went out of LA...?

Dominic: So a princess, an alien junkie, a half alien, three magic users, and a company owner with nanobots. We will definitely need MORE help...

Eliana: Hunter had a friend with powers, Giorno. We could try to find him. There's also tonnes of Mutants in the city, but they may have migrated...


Eliana headed out from the Vanishing Point at night, and travelled into Angeles National Forest alone. She held a book tightly in her arms, a book of Eldritch creatures given to her reluctantly by Myron, and she had bookmarked a certain page. Eliana wore a backpack, and filled it with the items necessary for her trip. She was exploring the forest, it was dark and she could barely see anything, she just followed the sound of the forest creatures chirping, and her own footsteps. She took out the book and opened it to the page she was studying, and held her finger onto the page as she read the words, and her finger glowed red to give her light to read.

Eliana: "Sethyro"... "Spirit of Vengeance"... "Head of a wolf"... Time to summon you. Eliana ventured further into the forest until she reached an opening in the woods. There was a tree in the centre and an open space around it, she thought this was a good place to start. *The atmosphere is so strange here... It's drawing me to this spot, I guess this is perfect.* She gets the book and lays it down on the ground with the page dedicated to Sethyro opened, then kneels down to the ground and places her backpack on the ground, opening the zip. She reads slowly from the book and follows the instructions. "Build a bed of wood for the dead to rest"... *I'll just create what the pictures show...* Eliana clenched her hand and conjured up a small bed of twigs on the ground in front of her, resembling a nest for an animal to sleep on, though it was flat and round. Done. Now, "present the head of a slain wolf"... *I don't like where this is going...* She opens her backpack and pulls out a decapitated wolf's head, freshly cut and still dripping blood, which Eli had recently killed in the woods on her travels. Eliana gagged seeing it, but placed it on the bed nevertheless. *Sorry little dude, but your sacrifice is necessary. Next...* "With a dagger of silver, divide your flesh and release drops of human blood. Feed it to the animal, with intent to unite blood of beast and man"... Aw sh-t... Eliana hesitantly pulled out a dagger of silver from her backpack and held it, she looked at the shiny blade and back at her wrist several times. She looked at the wolf head, sighed, then pressed the blade against her index finger, cutting it and causing it to bleed. She held the finger over the dead wolf's head lying on the bed of sticks, and several drops of blood landed over the wolf, a couple landing inside its opened mouth. She pulled her hand back and cleaned the dagger, returning it into the bag, then wiped the blood from her finger. Lastly, I have to say this sentence. "I seek penance for those who..." wronged this city...and myself. After stating her reason for summoning the Spirit, she sat there in silence. She stared at the wolf's head, the bed was leaking with wolf's blood and now was mixed with her own. Hopefully that did it... This wolf head is starting to stink... Eliana kept staring at the wolf, looking it in its eyes, they seemed to be staring at her, and the longer she stared the more uncomfortable she felt. Without realising it she had stared at the wolf head for 45 minutes, not taking her eyes off it. Then she realised the ambiance of the forest ceased to exist a while ago, it was dead silent, save for her own breathing, which grew heavier every minute.

Eventually Eliana felt uncomfortable by the silence; her skin started to crawl; her hairs stood on their ends; she started to produce ice-cold sweats down her face, and then she heard a sudden stick snap, her head shot upwards to look at the noise but what she saw made her freeze. She glared at a figure several metres from her blood sacrifice; what it was was a man, slender and wearing rusted and dull armour. He would've resembled any other normal human except for one thing: his head was replaced with that of a dead wolf's. His wolfish face was constantly looking downwards, but its eyes disturbingly fixated on Eliana. His raw countenance was motionless and appeared like a tortured beast, Eliana wondered if it was even alive. She couldn't even grasp what it was, she looked closer to see that the wolf head was stitched onto the man's neck, and there was dried blood splattered on its body, and fresh blood dripping from its mouth. The longer Eliana looked at it, the more horrified she felt, as its whole appearance just felt..."off".

Eliana: Sethyro, I come to ask for your guidance.

Sethyro: This form is not Sethyro. As he spoke, his wolf mouth didn't move, but the voice just emanated from around him; it did not echo off the surroundings, so Eliana presumed only she could hear it. The voice itself was deep and hoarse, and made Eliana shiver with each syllable.

Eliana: Her voice cracked a little, afraid to offend such an unpredictable creature Of course, in this form you go by King Artair?


Eliana: Her eyes widened, hoping she got it correct. I am merely a servant, a student, seeking your teachings, not to use you as a weapon like many others.


Eliana: Her stomach did a back flip, as she felt extremely nervous to not say the wrong words. Eldritch Abominations like King Artair are known to kill people who they are unimpressed by. Uh... I am not looking for power from you, I am looking for the knowledge needed to enact vengeance upon not just my enemies, but the enemies of the city. I wish to learn how to grant penance to the betrayers, and as an result provide protection for the betrayed souls...

Artair:... Artair didn't move, not once, throughout the entire encounter. He wasn't staring at her, even though it felt like he was. By now Eliana felt faint, the mere silhouette of Artair was life-draining, and Eliana started to hear a deafening hum, but not from a human, just a loud noise, soft but powerful, as if the atmosphere around her was vibrating. Then suddenly, Artair's aura glowed slightly yellow, and then he started to bleed dark red blood from his eyes, ears and mouth, drenching his body in blood and spilling it onto the grass beneath him. Then the bloody figure melted into the ground, and Artair was no longer standing there, the humming stopped, and the noises of the nocturnal animals returned. Eliana sat there in bewilderment, not knowing whether she succeeded or failed.

Eliana: Well... Sh*t.

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