This is the SECOND issue of Infamoussnake's new Marvel Fanon-Made storyline called The Absconders: Dark Days. This is a side-story that will take place all over the world and focuses on one of the main characters named Dominic Bernedicci. This storyline is Role-played and made by an Infamoussnake. This is his OC. For the previous issue, click here

  • Infamoussnake - Dominic Bernedicci (Earth-2025)

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January 4, 2026, Hivemind Sigma Ship

Dread was being called in by Superbia, it was at the science division, his one red eye widened at the project as Superbia put his arm around him.

Superbia: Glorious isn't it?

Dread: Is this supposed to be my replacement Superbia? He glared at the shorter, but mutch higher ranking, Hivemind construct.

Superbia: Not at all, this will be used if the war gets out of hand, the might of a Klyntar and the Hivemind! You though, you are the herald of Ambition, Anger, Fear, our Vanguard, my teacher even!

Dread: Guess you're right Puts arm around Superbia You forgot to give credit to Head Lord Insidiae, you know Suddenly the bony metallic fingers extended becoming like tendrils and went into the ears, eyes and mouth, suffocating and fiddling with Superbia's brain A herald of treachery... Superbia was paniced as Dread faced him I was trapped in that volcano when Brotok pushed me, having to learn humanity, and I learned that status is important, also I was able to watch Game of Thrones due to Satellites, and I loved it, helped me learn, anyways assimilating you and taking your place and making this project was the plan, so farewell you c***less c*nt... After assimilating most of Superbia, he gained a bit more mass, like metallic flesh sprouting upon nim, giving him a lean skeletal look, and he went to the scientists who were calm seeing Superbia dead, after all why mourn a king they had no loyalties to. Dread was then checking the research status on the project You didn't tell me you jump-started the project this soon.

Hivemind Researcher Model 30: Well Superbia rushed us, didn't have enough time, anyways get rid of the rest of him.

Dread: No...I want you to feast upon it.

Hivemind Researcher Model 30: What!?

Dread: Every King needs their Queen, now He caresses her cheek Become the name they forced you to abandon, return, take it back from the b*stard who took it, please my Queen...My love, come back to me...

She looked hesitant, but had a twisted smile, as she started eating all that was left, as Dread hummed in satisfaction, as she was he could see the lab coat like protrusions, wrap around her forming a cocoon, and soon after emerged her new form, she had red energy like skin, white glowing eyes, a black metallic "crown", and a regal looking metallic dress, Agony hath cometh!

Dread: You are as beautiful as the day they purged you...

Agony: My King~

Soon they made up how Superbia died by making his cruiser fly off and explode, as he knelt before the other Heads, him and Agony.

Dread: Me and Agony have been tasked to take over Hivemind Sigma.

Iustitia: Very well, Agony, we release you from your status as purged. Th other Heads nodded.

Dread: Thank you, my fellow Head...

January 6, 2026, an Undisclosed S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ

Dominic was in a cell with Ripper who learned how to play the harmonica, and he conveniently learned a song already, while this transpired Dominic was now regretting the powers (Hard to believe really), until Fury went to them, Ripper growled.

Ripper: Go away Colonel, can you not see Bernedicci wishes not to be disturbed..!?

Colonel Nick Fury: You know? I can't really be intimidated after knowing you play a harmonica. Ripper growled, Dominic looked at Fury apathetically making the mask go away.

Dominic: What do you want Fury?

Colonel Nick Fury: Someone wants to see you. His mother then showed up looking sad.

Dominic: Mom!? I-I'm sorry for leaving I mean...

Francesca: Nico, it's okay, look me and your father understand what you have to do. She gave a small smile.

Dominic: Y-You do?

Frencesca: Yes! You've forgotten what I told you when you were a kid...All of us have destinies, yours is being a superhero, and mine well, I went from secretary to Senator who has some authority over S.H.I.E.L.D. .... She gave Fury a Sh-t-eating grin Anyways me and your father want to say go out there and kick their *ss Nico! She smiled before going off, Dominic had a significant boost in fighting spirit.

Dominic: Why did you brought her here?

Colonel Nick Fury: You see son, as she said, this destiny and that she has some authority over us, and, we need you back in the fight, we'll have to train you, gather info, in twenty-five days we'll attack the Hivemind.

Ripper: You will also need my help Colonel. I know every nook, cranny and corner of all the ships, and I might be able to give your technology certain upgrades.

Colonel Nick Fury: Okay Ripper, show me what you got for us.

Soon both were out of their cells, and Ripper was helping Fury make a plan Dominic sighed, as he got out and decided to talk with each past host, as Earl the Vanquish of the Medieval age and Gumi the Vanquish of vikings appeared.

Gumi: Well this is it huh?

Earl: Our honor and knowledge will be with you Bernedicci... All the other past hosts appear before him.

Past Hosts except Max: We all are... They look at Max, the host of the 90s, a.k.a Izzy glared, and so did Billy of the 15th century did as well, Max then sighs.

Max: Fine.

Dominic projected a mental image of himself to hug all of them.

January 17, 2026, Hivemind Sigma Ship

dread and Aginy were watching in a pit like section of the ship two Hivemind elites were fighting, as Agony was staying on Dread's lap. One had shoulder cannons, while the other had an arm cannon and two swords, he was winning.

Agony: Dread, who are these two and why are they fighting? She asked as it sounded like she just noticed them.

Dread: The one with two cannons is Killgore, the one with an arm cannon is Ruinator. As he said this Ruinator charged Killgore into the gound and started beating him, deforming his metal head.

Agony: And why the fight? She looked bored as somehow the fight wasn't interesting.

Dread: I needed proof of one of them to be worthy as herald, which reminds me... Looks at Ruinator Ruinator, you are victorious, you may stop beating your comrade. When Ruinator stopped he left a deep fist shaped hold in Killgore's head, who is some how still alive. Ruinator bowed down, as Killgore crawled away. Ruinator then stood up and started prophecing in a voice similar to a certain fighting game announcer's

Ruinator: My Head Lord Dread!

Dread: His eye widens and Agony was a bit caught off by it Wow you have an intimidating voice.

Ruinator: I will serve you and slaughter your enemies Head Lord Dread!

Dread: As in seriously you could be amazing at saying just a few words.

Agony: It is amazing...

Ruinator: I will drink their blood if necessary!

Agony: Can you stop now please.

Ruinator: I will feast on their corpses!

Dread: As much as Agony would do that, please don't.

Ruinator: I will mount their skeletons on walls, enslave their children and make soldiers out of them! He then bowed again.

There was an awkward silence between all three of them, as both the Head Lord and Head Lady of Hivemind Sigma waited.

Ruinator: I'm done...

Meanwhile Iustitia was paying tribute to Head Lord Genji's tomb on her ship, feeling sorrow for her fallen friend, her only friend, until she felt the pressence of someone behind her.

Deus: Wallowing wont bring him back.

Iustitia: Stop trying to make a point, you know there's no reasoning with me.

Deus: He wouldn't want Dread in charge of Sigma...

Iustitia: Well, you make a point there.

Suddenly Formido, Guadium and Insidiae came in with two figures one looked like a Chitauri in what can be best described as a Sci-fi Cowboy outfit, while the other was basically an Android Ninja.

Deus: Who are these two?

Formido: I fear they have found the wrong vessel, vagabonds maybe...

Insidiae: They seemed keen on getting in, they subdued the elite sentries even.

Guadium: And he isn't lying or over exaggerating.

Iustitia: Why are you both here?

Dread: Because I hired them, their names are Deadeye and Swift-Knife....

All five of them saw Dread walking to the two strangers, grabbing them.

Iustitia: Why hire them?

Deus: She has a point Dread, this isn't just for Vanquish is it?

Dread: Sighs Remember, General Ripper is having a breakdown, and now we need all necessary factors to eliminate him, and these two are old time friends, now if you excuse us, we will strategize.

Dread walks off with his two Bounty Hunters, as the triplets (Formido, Guadium, and Insidiae) left, both Head Lord Mantik and Animositas decided to talk to Deus, prompting Iustitia to leave.

Animositas: So, letting him take over huh!?

Deus: It's not like that.

Mantik: We surrender power, authority and equality. Now a planet is literally at stake.

Animositas: What's worse about that entire annalogy, Genji's vision is dying, you remember how much that idiot constantly loved visiting that planet, we're essentially even dishonoring him until now.

Mantik: What will you do about it Deus?

Deus: My Heads...gather your best, prepare your weapons, we will kill Dread.

Animositas: This is more like it.

January 21, 2026, S.H.I.E.L.D HQ

Dominic was currently in a hard-light based training ground, somewhat like the Danger room of the X-men, he was fighting off the average decoy S.H.I.E.L.D androids, winning. Ripper and Colonel Nick Fury were watching his progress.

Ripper: He's vastly improved Colonel. Are you sure these androids are the best, or are you just holding out on him.

Colonel Nick Fury: I think we both know the answer to that... He told Ripper as he pressed a button spawning some soldiers who look like they're from ISIS, except with vehicles and powerful weapons even, he then goes to the mic to talk inform Dom Alright kid, let's see what happens if we actually put variables...

Dominic: He Growls and turns into Bunker Buster then ground pounding all of them, defeating them and reverting back to Assault This is getting stupid Fury, none of these will help, all of these are toys compared to what they have. Nick Fury sighed, shaking his head from Dominic's teenage angst.

Ripper: Fury, let me, I know what to do He uses the mic and speaks Bernedicci, me and the others have decided to give you a real test. He loads up another war like scenario, making Dom groan.

Dominic: Oh what another ISIS scenario...wait "others"? He then sees someone crash in like a meteor creating a crater, the rifle he held landed ten feet away from Dom, he could hear something escape the crater, not seen, as it picked up, and uncloaked revealing Max as Vanquish, Green, black, with green glowing visor, white trim, but it looked more upgraded, like something from Halo No freaking way...

Max: What kid? You wanted a challenge, you have several. He then opened fire, making Dominic create a shield deflecting the rounds fired Smooth kid, ever since you decided to practice you've got an extremely imporved recharge time now, better weapons, potentially more for-

Dominic: Shut up, I know the deal about my powers now, so take this seriously! I've got a war to stop...

Max: As you wish, but to confirm, you're just as clueless about the nanites and Hivemind ever since your first got them. Dominic growled and sprinted at him, making mace like apandeages on his hands, prompting Max to block with a hard-light shield, he then bashed Dominic, sending him into a lamp post, colliding with it and bending it into a V-shape, as Max opened fire Dominic was avoiding it. Max decided to switch to a shotgun, as he charged at Dominic hitting him in the gut with the barrel in an impaling motion, as Dominic grunted, Max then hit Dominic by shoulder charging him and then shot him, pushing him back. Bang! Bang! Bang! as Dominic was far enough, grunting from the damage, Max then threw a grenade and made a domed energy shield for himself, Dominic tried doing the same, but then his focus was too little as the grenade didn't hirt him, but launched him into a building, well, kind of hurting him. He got up wincing as he got into stealth mode, the building was abandoned, so it was wise to choose. He cloaked and was cautiously walking around, and he heard a giggle, and it sounded like her, wait, them, but it couldn't be, he left, why here? Why now? Might as well go mad with regret.

Dominic: E-Eliana? Trey? Haruto? He created a knife just in case. But all he heard were many taunts, questions, insults, and then a high pitch frequency, he braced his head. He then found himself in a conquered and torn up Los Angeles, he sees Ripper, the past hosts, Trey, and Haruto dyng, all having puncture wounds, and energy blasts, he then hears a scream, it was her Ellie! He then goes into Runner mode and heads toward the source at high speeds, as he watches as Hivemind ships are flying around. He arrived to the source which was the Centre, he saw on the roof Eliana fighting off some combination of a Klyntar, Dread and himself, all in black and red, he saw her kicking and struggling, using all of her types of energy, and the figure just laughed, as ita hands were around her neck Eliana! He switched into Tempest mode and flew at the assailant at highspeeds, but then he broke Eliana's neck, crack, left and right, and he just teleported as Dominic held the lifeless body, eyes open, bleeding from the mouth, as he was in tears Ellie! Ellie!! Why, I-I'm gonna stop them. He growled in blind rage as tears streamed down, he heard, a menacing distorted chuckle, a horrifying mix of his voice and Dread's, as the chuckled evovled into a maniacal laugh.

Assailant: You think you can save them!? He disappeared, as he heard some breathing behind him You can't even keep your home safe! Dom gasped when hearing this, making him turn around, and he was horrified, as the Assailant's Techno-organic tendrils were making a puppet show out of dead bodies of his parents.

Puppet Dino: Franky, do you think Nico is doing good?

Puppet Francesca: No Dino! He looks scared. Both puppets ragdoll their way to Dom, their heads looking at him twistedly Go ahead and march to your death Nico!

Puppet Dino: Yes, that way you can see her again! Soon the assailant jumped behind both meat puppets tearing their heads off, then did a roaring screech, and smashed both sides of his head with his parents' head, and he was knocked back into reality, where Max had head butted him into a wall knocking him back into Assault mode, panting.

Max: Keep your head in the game kid, just because you wont move doesn't mean I wont find you. Step up your game.

Dominic: Grrrr, I'LL GIVE YOU A GAME! He roared out as he turned into Bunker Buster mode and charged him into several walls, and soon multiple buildings, as Max was grunting making two SMGs weakening Dom into Healing himself as Max gave him a body blow, staggering him doing a Judo throw, sending him into the air, far. Max then created a bazooka and fired it, but Dom then switched into Tempest mode firing his wrist guns, as Max fired more rockets, they all exploded creating smoke, Max couldn't scan as Dom flew out of it in blinding speed, picking him up, and launching multiple shoulder missiles into a building weakening it, he flew high up until the limit and came crashing down, planning to use Max to cushion his descent, as he switched into Runner to increase falling speed, and in the last second, he switched to Bunker Buster, brining the building down on Max, ending the simulation, as Max was groaning in Dom's head.

Max: Jesus kid! It was just fair training, you wanted this-

Dominic: It's not about you! It's just, forget it. As Dominic was walking back to his quarters to sleep, Ripper passed him and he sensed the troubled nature within Dominic. He then heard Fury calling him in, he arrived in what was basically the War room. He was speaking to a Hologram Fury.

Colonel Nick Fury: Ripper, some of your Hivemind boys are tearing up an Adamantium processing station in Nevada, need you and Dominic to---

Ripper: I am sufficient enough Fury...Let the child rest.

Fury sighed, shaking his head, pinching the bridge of his nose, motioning him to get on with the mission.

Hours later at Nevada

There were Hivemind troops everywhere in the processing facility, as they were on and about filling capsules with Adamantium, Ripper was at a vantage point watching and gathering info. He saw Deadeye and Swift-Knife were there.

Ripper: *Damn it all! What is Dread planning!? He even sent these two b-stards, so it is serious.* He grimaced as he watched.

Deadeye: That's right, many as you can! Your Head Lord wants all of it for his little Pet Project!

Swift-Knife: I desire an Adamantium layer. He said as he looked at a jacuzzi shaped vat of liquid state Adamantium.

Deadeye: What are you talking about!? You don't need one! I made you out of old Invasion Chitauri armor, used for the foot soldiers and Leviathans, Hell! Most of you is Vibranium, better, lighter.

Swift-Knife: Hmmm, logic detected...Adamantium chasis flawed...Thank you... It seven white eyes then flash red General Ripper detected in area, unknown pinpoint location...

Deadeye: Crap, alrighty then, Hivemind troops be prepared! General Ripper is in the area...

Ripper: Fury, they're taking the adamantium for some weapon the Hivemind is making, i'll patch you in through my optics... After this Fury was able to see everything Ripper sees.

Fury: Neutralize the problem Ripper, take back as much of those Adamantium cannisters as you can.

Ripper: Understood He mutes his comms Fury reminds me a lot of that human actor known as Hasselhoff... He then proceeds to jump off his vantage point and cloaks as he approaches. He gets a bit taken back seeing four Hivemind tanks, but he calms down, he eventually entered through an already broken window, he broke the neck of a Hivemind soldier, he saw one free Adamantium cannister and decided to cloak it as he made a backpack like protrusion to store and protect it. The doors of the facility burst open revealing Ruinator and he fired an energy blast near Ripper.

Deadeye: Whoah! Cool it Zealot! He warned, as Ruinators was huffing and panting as the seams of his armor glowed a bright sun-like red.

Ruinator: TRAITOR! To the confusion of both Ripper suddenly appeared behind both of them.

Deadeye: SH- Ripper suddenly backhands him away, Swift-Knife then performs three consecutive hits on him, which Ripper blocked in an almost Wonder Womanly fashion then roundhouse kicked him away.

Ruinator: You dare to deny the Hivemind!? He shouted as Hivemind troops opened fire and Ripper cloakd himself.

Ripper: They're corrupt now Ruinator, you must see that! He leaped up and as he was being fired upon, he shot all the Hivemind troops, as it ended with his gunhands pointing at Ruinator who was pointing his arm cannon.

Ruinator: All I see is a foolish kinslayer, BOUNTY HUNTERS COVER ME! He then fired at Ripper pushing him back, as Deadeye then fire energy rounds which were flying erraticaoly at Ripper, turning and twisting, making him block each one instead of dodging, suddenly Swift-Knife warped in front of him with a sword in hand, he manifested his arm blades defending from the attack and then trying ti kick him away, but he warped again, Deadeye was in front of him and shot him in the face dazing him as Ruinator charged him through the wall as two of the four tanks waited. Ruinator threw Ripper into one of the tanks, Ripper saw it was about to fire so he spinned in midair didging it and then shooting the exit hole of the cannon destroying it, Ruinator then started using two swords as he flew at him with highspeeds making Ripper block with a handblade known only as "Vanquisher's memory" as the clash was so hard it destroyed the facility and the three remaining tanks, and even knocked each other out. As Ripper woke up all he saw was Ruinator reluctantly leaving on a ship and Deadeye and Swift-Knife gladly following, he checked his back and the adamantium cannister was still there making him sigh as he decided to go back to the S.H.I.E.L.D HQ.

In Dominic's head

This is after Ripper came back, Dominic is still sleeping, This is the inside of his mind. The enviroment which was a representation of his mind is his home, and due to mental Hivemind assaults in trying to flush him out, Thad's further weakening due to his powers, all these factors rendered his mind broken if it wasn't for two things: His positive memories, and the Past Hosts as they were trying their best to fix him up. Dominic was watching on a tv the first time the Absconders united, the bank, he smiled remembering the moment, left to clean up and coming back to the Centre a bit outraged, then he decided to fast-forward to an event where it mattered, the destruction Ellie caused, as he suddenly even brought himself back there to witness it. She was fuming, glowing with Ruby energy as she was screaming in absolute anger as he limped his way to her.

Memory Dominic: ELLIE THAT'S ENOUGH! Calm down! He was holding her back, as he looked around and police were arriving and he flew her and himself out of there, leading the others out as well.

Dominic: You needed me. He then remembered the moment they went back to The Centre, after that, the past version of himself turned on the tv for The News, showing what Ellie did and both Dominic, real and memory looked at Ellie and her horrified expression.

Memory Dominic and Real Dominic: Ellie, calm down... He remembered saying that as he watched her leave the Centre going home. He transitions to a different memory days after the incident that happened. At Eliana's house.

Dominic was knocking at her door, he had a worried expression on his face. Real Dominic patted the back of his past self comforting himself.

Memory Dominic: *Come on Ellie, please be alright, or at least responsive.*

Real Dominic: She's invincible bud, I just slightly hate you days after this..

Rudolphus Rosenheim, Eliana's father, opens the door.

Mr Rosenheim: Oh, Dominic, it's you. Eliana's upstairs. Though she seems a little focused on her studies right now.

Memory Dominic and Real Dominic: Uh sorry to say, but she kinda needs to hear what I have to say, it's important. His face was sincere, not that usually stoic look, or the confident gleam in his eyes. It was one of humility. Real Dominic pauses the entire memory, just to see the look he had in his eyes that day.

Real Dominic: If only I knew how to stay as strong as you when they attacked... He sighed and made the memory move again.

Memory Mr Rosenheim: Fine, go on ahead.

As Ellie was studying she heard a knock at her opened door, and heard a sigh.

Memory Dominic and Real Dominic: Hey Gemstone. They had a weak smile. The Real Dominic's eyes were watering a bit, sighing.

Memory Eliana: Don't. Don't call me that. She's still writing and hasn't looked up.

He closes her door, and locks so no one could hear the superhero business.

Memory Dominic: About the Magic incident, stop beating yourself up about it.

Memory Eliana: I...killed all those people. You saw the news, I mean, they just recovered another body last week! I took down three buildings, I unleashed a crueler side of me that should be buried away.

Dominic put a hand on her shoulder.

Memory Dominic: You remember my first time being Vanquish, as in I was careless, sloppy, inconsiderate. But knowing I was that selfish prick, I moved on from him, as in imagine what that Trifter guy would have done, I mean yes, people died, but wallowing in pity wont bring them back, I know it didn't bring back victims of “Vanquish the Beast". That old news report, where he fought a monster once while both of them were filled with rage, he remembers that moment so much, the families, people who tried to help, and he tried killing himself, and he told her this before.

Memory Eliana: Superheroes don't kill people. Especially innocent people. I've done that, so I'm no longer a superhero. I'm just a girl, trying to live a normal life, pass my exams and get on with it.

Real Dominic: You know that I see you more than that...

Dominic: You always were, at your core you are a girl living a normal life, and that's who you are, we may have these powers, but it's our choice to use them, as in all that destruction, they will blame all of us for it, but we're still coming, we'll be there to save their day. As in you can't expect a hero to not have a cruel side. It is a part of us, because we're human, morally human, and I'm not gonna leave your side until I help you through this. For better or worse, I'll always have your back.

He watched as Eliana embraced his memory self, silently crying into his chest, as he patred her back. The Past hosts, appeared behind the Real Dominic, sympathizing.

Dominic: You know...This is where it sparked, me falling for her, I was set, We could've faced down any obstacle We had, but I had to fuck it up...I broke. It transitioned to multiple freezed frames of memories about Hivemind attacks on him and the Absconders.

Billy: Dominic, you realize these can't be changed...Our fight with Dread is already setting sail.

Izzy: Nico, we'll make sure that you'll go back to her.

Dominci: You know this isn't even the moment that I hate myself, that I wish, that these damn nanites never entered a cut in my hand! He then snaps his fingers, and it was the memory he left, as he stood beside his memory self and started speaking.

Dominic: Hey guys, I'm leaving. The Hivemind wont leave, so I am not gonna be a part of your problem anymore. I know you'll all think I'm a piece of s-it for leaving, I do too, but trust me I will come back. I know you all have my back, but this is a literal army, an army I basically brought here, that only I can take down Hears one of the alien ships fly by I wish there was another way Sheds a tear I really do, but this is my responsibility, I hope you understand. At this point you can tell people that I'm Vanquish, truth needs to come out. And Ellie since you're probably also listening to this, I love you, but I don't expect you to accept me back with open arms if I return. So yes...I'm Absconding the Absconders. He armors up and goes into Runner mode and runs off. Dominic then just gets on his knees and starts punching the ground.


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