This is the first issue of Infamoussnake's new Marvel Fanon-Made storyline called The Absconders: Dark Days. This is a side-story that will take place all over the world and focuses on one of the main characters named Dominic Bernedicci. This storyline is Role-played and made by an Infamoussnake. This is his OC.

  • Infamoussnake - Dominic Bernedicci (Earth-2025)

If you want to join this RP, please ask in the comments and you will need most of our approvals to RP in here. Also, you need to have a Marvel OC (Original Character) submitted to deviantART OR this wiki and must share it with us so we know who we are RPing with. Disclaimer: Any real-life or fictional brands are used in as a parody. None of us are actually sponsored, nor do we care to be sponsored, Now let us begin the RP and enjoy :)


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January 1, 2026, L.A., California, near the limits

He was feeling a lot of guilt for just leaving, Dominic was basically running 7000mph just to run away from it all, this was his max, memories of him hanging out with the Absconders were overwhelming him. If you are only seeing this now, here's a recap: Dominic had Absconded the Absconders until the alien invasion is finished, one way or another. He needed, a minute, but couldn't stop himself, as he was in the forests, he tripped and accidentally launched himself into a three, snapping it in half, he got up staying on his knees panting a bit, and he saw the past vanquishes circle him all in their versions of the suit.

Hayabusa: Bernedicci, you must rest, They have not found you yet take shelter, I see a small uninhabited cave. Dominic listening to him walked to the cave, as when he got in, he sat down and sighed.

Dominic: I left her Hayabusa, she'll hate me for it...

Hayabusa: No, she'll be angry, then upset Bernedicci. He assured him, fiddling with a shuriken.

Dominic: What's the difference?

Hayabusa: Hating you is something she'll do for a lengthy period of time, to be angry is only a reaction, you are both younglings Bernedicci, you still have a lot more to learn.

Bth of them look out and see a scout ship land, as soldiers exit capturing whatever organic being there is for more biomass, as they were taking deer, bears, pumas, anything organic they could find.

Dominic: Why take prisoners or specimens? Dominic looked on as multiple Hivemind troops were hilariously trying to catch animals.

Hayabusa: They use thier biomass to create the innards of soldiers, you see the nanites are not good functioning without anything using them, the ones in charge tested this once, and, well that's something my father ended up needing to take care of.

Mifune then sat beside his son nodding about that fact.

Mifune: Yes, you see as we all stated before the Vanquish nanites are for Arbiters, death sentences and redeeming marks. I was known for neutralizing rogue nanites that possessed others. But you will see this once you sleep.

Dominic looked out as the sun was rising, and he felt it was past 7, he fell asleep.

1424, Japan, Muromachi period.

Mifune was scaling up a mountain, being careful as some rocks were almost hitting him, as he got up he walked into a bamboo forest. Mifune was sent by his superiors of a monk who can bestow power, and that he did find in a clearing, hooded, sipping tea, tea set included with a cup included. The reason for power: Green skinned Shapeshifting Oni which constantly attack his village.

Mifune: My Elder are you the monk with the Divine Tea?

Hooded Monk: Yes Young one, come, sit Mifune...

Mifune: You know of my name!? He gawked at him, as he just noticed the monk has three fingers, but he then sat down.

Hooded Monk: Hohoho, I know many things Mifune, I know that you see in yourself that you even know family among those who diminish you, I know you hope to find love, and most notably I know you deem yourself unworthy to wield that sword...

Mifune: Wow, but may I ask questions?

Hooded Monk: Go in child...

Mifune: Who and What are you, Where do you come from?

The Hooded Monk sighs and as he removed his hood revealed a five eyed, flat nosed biomechanical face. Mifune was staring.

Genji: Your people have taken an interest in calling me Genji, since all I know is Reality.

Mifune: You are strange...

Genji: Well I do come from the stars, just like your sword, I am a leader of a thriving society who are all connected, in fact even those Oni are from the stars.

Mifune: How can such vile creatures come from a place of such beauty and divinity!?

Genji: Your people only label us visitors due to not understanding us, we are mortals like you, but the power is all real, in fact the tea before you is what granted the Oni more power, but for you, it will make you a great warrior, someone who can defend and slay evil...

Mifune: Are you certain I am worthy?

Genji: It is like asking if you are worthy to defend others, or worthy to die for a greater cause, knowing you would do btoh faster than even lightning, drink my son, drink and pour more tea on your sword...

Mifune reaches out for the cup, sighing and drinking it all, getting the tea pot and pouring more all over his sword. At first he felt nothing, but then his armor felt much heavier, black, with white highlights, some green lights emitting from it, as did his sword when he unsheated it, as the blade was a bright glowing green.

Mifune: What is this all, what can I do?

Genji: From what Isee, you can control the weather, purge those who are evil, burning them with a touch of yourself, or the blade, create weapons.

Mifune was in awe, but he heard in the distance the emergency bell had rung, indicating the Oni's return. He looked at the town farther, and nearly tripped, but then looked like he wa spreparing to jump, Genji looked a bit worried.

Mifune: You said I can control the weather, well I must ride a nimbus then...*I hope I will make it...* He jumped off, an dinstnatly created a black nimbus coursing with electricity, as he started laughing a bit in amazement, as he was flying back to his village prepared to Vanquish evil. As more Oni try and leave the village, they notice the mist gets thicker,and they begin to be cautious, then they hear a voice.

Mifune: You have chosen this path. Life works in strange ways. Your choices have lead you here, as have mine. I will give you a new choice. Leave now and live, or stay and face your destiny.

One of the oni try and roar for intimidation, but then they just hear a sword slowly unsheating, and see a slight green light, they then hear a sigh.

Mifune: Very Well...The mist cleared and one of the oni was in pieces, an Oni with a large club tried to hit him, but he blocked it, cutting the club and the Oni, three Oni shapeshifted into birdlike creatures, divebombing him frequently, he created a bow and started firing energy arrows at them, a fast oni blitzed him, but he turned his sowrd nto a naginata, cutting its head off. Soon a large metal ship was in front of him and it opened up, revealing a familiar seven foot tall Hivemind soldier.

Mifune: Are you friend or foe?

Ripper: I'm the one who will look after you, now come we have work to do...

They left for space, and soon the nanites did return, along with him for his son to continue his job.

January 1, 2026, Hivemind Mothership.

The Heads of the Hiveminds were having a meeting, Head Lord Superbia (Hivemind Sigma), Head Lord Veritas (Hivemind Theta), Head Lady Iustitia (Hivemind Beta), Head Lord Formido (Hivemind Eta), Head Lady Gaudium (Hivemind Iota), Head Lady Insidiae (Hivemind Gamma), Head Lord Mantik (Hivemind Delta), Head Lady Animositas (Hivemind Omega), Head Lord Animus (Hivemind Epsilon), and Head Lord Deus (Hivemind Alpha), all about the Vanquish nanites, until Ripper walked in, bowing before them.

Ripper: My Heads, you called me for new orders involving the Vanquish nanites?

Superbia: Ah yes, Ripper, you must destroy the Vanquish now...

Ripper: What!? That is excessive my Heads! Head Lord Genji would never---

Head Lady Iustitia stood up and grew thirty feet tall, shaking the room as she looked angry and glared at Ripper.

Iustitia: Do not ever speak his name! You would have no idea what his choice would be, you are but his Protogé, you are not in charge of Hivemind Xi or Meta installation, so do not overstep your boundaries!

She shouted, Ripper soon left, feeling regret, having to slay Vanquish, it was not their way. Soon he went into a cruiser, brining a handful of Drone Soldiers, but soon Ripper brought out his blades slaughtering them all.

Ripper: *Well it is time to actually try and know this new Vanquish.*

January 1, 2026, At a random gas station at Arizona.

Dominic was buying more foods and drinks for his journey, he looked at the t.v. there reporting news as more Hivemindships were popping up more and sightings of Hivemind soldiers were much more frequent. As he went outside he noticed a scout ship land filled with troops all ai ing guns at him, he armored up, and noticed even the ships turne dinto large battle mechs. They all opened fired as he ran around them, creating an Assault rifle and was shooting taking down a dozen drones, soon two field Commanders were fighting him up close and he formed arm blades as he was using Muay Thai like techniques. As more smoke grew, he decided to hide behind a rock to strategize.

Dominic: Okay what are these?

Mifune: These are warmachines, wow, it is lamost like they need to destroy you now...

Dominic: Oh you think!?

Mifune: Usually they remove the nanties and let you die, this is different.

Dominic rolled his eyes under his visor, as he noticed on scans, that the cannon is connected to it's main power source, it found him and was firing multipel missiles from its cannon, but Dominic used the explosion to jump extremely high, as he was descending upon it, he was twisting and turning in the air dodging missiles perfectly, but then as he was near the cannon, he grabbe one of the missiles, and he wa sin the cannon, blowing it up, emerging unscathed, the deactivated warmachine fell to the other, soon Dominic was shooting and dodging it again, and notice its chest was exposed, and jumped to it, spinning on the chest like a top and using his thrusters to increase power, and he drilled through it.

Dominci: Now onto busineess... He went into Tempest mode and flew away, not known to him the cashier recorded it all, and it went viral. As he was flying he realized at this point he was in Arizona. He was able to find a motel and rest, browsing on his phone pictures of him and Ellie, he felt sad, and then he saw the latest host before him, Max.

Max: Oh don't cry over this, you literally left her.

Dominic: For your stupid cause.

Max: Don't pin this on me Bernedicci. You expect a shiny red carpet and piloting a NASA shuttle once you go back, and that she hugs, and kisses you, that is not reality. You wont get noticed for blowing up some ships, or fighting aliens, even if you sarcrifice your whole life you wont be noticed!

Dominic: You know at this point I saw all the achievements of each of the other Vanquishes, including yours, they were selfless, you! You're a monster!

Max: Do not call me that...

Dominic: You tortured me, tempted me to let you take over my mind! Anyway what is the real mission behind this, what am I supposed to do, I left California now.

Mifune: Now you must hijack a ship, one of the warship, that's why we're here, remember a warship landed in the Grand Canyon.

Gumi: You'll need all the help you can get child.

Dominic sighed, he looked at the call option on the missed calls he had, but he decided not to.

Meanwhile on Hivemind Sigma's ship, January 1, 2026

Head Lord Superbia entered a chamber as there was a symbiote moving around as it was getting electrocuted, tortured, and was being force bonded with nanites, it was screeching loud.

Superbia: What is its status?

Hivemind Researcher Model 30: The Klyntar is fiesty my Head Lord, but the Atrocity project is 70% complete, remember it is only a last resort.

Superbia: Obviously, so I can call it to me?

Hivemind Researcher Model 30: Yes my Head Lord...

Supervis has a fiendish grin on his face, as he was told this.

January 3, 2026, Back at Arizona at the Grand Canyon

Dominic was scouting out the area looking around, scanning, he saw enough troops that are able to take over states if needed, he sighed.

Dominic: Is that the ship?

Brotok, the Vanquish of ancient Greece, stood beside him crossing his arms,his eyes caught by the Grand Canyon, but growled the moment he sees the Hivemind troops.

Brotok: Yes this ship is appropriate enough.

Dominic: Alright, wait, what the Hell? He looks at a distance even closer, and he sees that Ripper is being restrained by two Hivemind troopers and being beaten by an even taller one, looks like an elite, a cycloptic helmet, skeletal body structure. Brotok's eyes widened and he was in shock Looks like they turned their backs on him, one less thing to worry about, eh Brotok? Brotok?

Brotok: I-It cannot be, no, no, I made sure he was gone, Dread is still here! Brotok shouted, making all troops look at Dominic and Brotok's direction, especially Dread, and they both heard him make a low chuckle as he motioned Troops to attack.

Dominic: Way to go Brotok.

One of them had an RPG-like weapon and fired hitting a weakspot of Dominic's vantage point forcing him to slide down, landing on his left knee and right fist, superhero landing, Dread took a few looks at him and Dominic could see Ripper go for cover a bit to heal.

Dread: Hmmmm, not my time, not ready, you're no Brotok, you may carry his memory and others, but you are not him, you may fight me when you are actually worth my time...He sounded pompous, just before Dominic could taunt or insult him, a long blade extended from Dread's arm nearly puncturing his throat, but barely grazing it That's what I thought. He then left on a ship, Dominic went into Bunker Buster, and then smashed two soldiers, he then flew up into the air launching multiple missiles, and soon shooting up the others, he sighed going back into Assault mode. But then Ripper came out of hiding.

Ripper: Host, I am her--- Suddenly Dominic tackled him to a rock wall pinning him Now, calm down host...

Dominic: Calm down!? Turns into Bunker Buster mode, essentially holding him with one hand You attack my house, you try and kill people I love, and you kidnapped me on multiple occasions, and that's how we met! But nooooo, I had to abandon people I cared about just to fight you guys! I had to absndon a girl I loved, and you're telling me to calm down!?

Mifune: Dominic! Let Ripper speak!

Dominic growled and let go of Ripper. And Ripper looked in awe at Mifune.

Ripper: Mifune, you are a memory?

Mifune: Yes, my old friend, so are the other before and after me, even my son.

Ripper: Hayabusa...I do not understand, why now you reveal yourselves, and why hasn't the Heads informed me?

Mifune: Are they trying to destroy us?

Ripper: Yes, do not get me wrong, I thought it was the usual retrieval, first they said I had to purge the Vanquish, but, now yes, they gave orders for termination.

Brotok: The Heads have been corrupted ever since Genji died Ripper, you should have noticed.

Dominic: Hold up, isn't Genji that hooded monk which gave the nanites to Mifune?

Mifune: Yes, also the Head Lord of Hivemind Xi, and Meta installation, basically to compare a retirement home for nanites, where they are all in one pool.

Dominic: Then why do you need to talk then Ripper?

Ripper: He sighs I believe the Hivemind is corrupted now, our ways have gone, these new ways I did try and go through with, but they are not the same, they lack equality. But now I want to help you defeat them Bernedicci.

Dominic felt good that he wanted to, but before he could say anything he looked to his side and saw a large army even at the top of the Grand Canyon all aiming guns at them it was S.H.I.E.L.D, Ripper growled, but Dominic raised his arms up prompting Ripper to do so as well.

Colonel Nick Fury: Alright Alien scum, you're coming with us...


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