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Real Name
King Thanos, Overlord, Mad Titan, Ruler of the Universe, His "Lame-Ass Counterpart," The Keeper of The Cosmic Cube, The Last Wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet, Dark Lord, The One



Overlords (formerly), Endless Resurgence (formerly)

A'Lars (father; deceased), Sui-San (mother; deceased), Eros (brother; deceased), Uranos (great-uncle; deceased), Kronos (paternal grandfather; deceased), Daina (paternal grandmother; deceased), Zuras (uncle; deceased), Thena (cousin; deceased), Sersi (cousin), Black Order (adoptive children; whereabouts remained unknown), Several children (deceased)


Base Of Operations
Endless Resurgence empire, formerly the Sanctuary






Marital Status

Former ruler of the Endless Resurgence empire and formerly the Sanctuary, former leader of the Overlords

Mutant Titanian (born with the Deviant Syndrome)

Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics:
Dark Age Vol 1 11
Modern Comics:
Fantastic Four Vol 3 14


Quote1.png I'm the strongest Titan in this goddamn existence and no can ever stop me... Not even you, little pig! Quote2.png
-- Thanos to his mainstream counterpart

Early Years

Before the years of Ultron Revolution, Thanos seemed to have the same history with his Earth-61615 counterpart, only with a few major setback throughout his earliest origins, until Ultron started an all-out war against humanity and those who dares to oppose him and his ideologies. Because of this, Thanos had no choice but to wait until the megalomaniacal machine is defeated so he can prepare, and seek for the right time strike in order to invade Earth once again, once Ultron has been taken out of the equation.

Through the means of trying to overthrow his kingdom's old system in order to rule it for himself, Thanos has savagely murdered his entire family whom he thought was against his ideologies, including his own father, A'Lars, and mercilessly overthrown his throne in the process and successfully established his own empire within the Ancient Eternals of Titan, eventually replacing it as the more powerful Resurgence Empire. With the help and effort of the Resurgence Empire's Starfleet, the Emperor has accomplished several countless victories against many different species across the entire universe, causing for him to gain power not even his father could've ever achieve, even when he was still alive as the Eternal Ruler.

The Black Order

Instead of having their new society established on the surface of the Moon unlike their Earth-61615 counterparts, the House of Agon have decided to follow the traces of the Kree as it had left Earth to travel across the vast space of the universe, only to find themselves landing in the deserted but life-bearing planet, where it was located inside the Greater Magellanic Cloud, the very known location of the Kree Empire. Only a few hundred years after it was first established by Inhuman immigrants, the House of Agon, the society of Attilan has unfortunately been attacked and raided by the Imperial Starfleet of the Resurgence Empire, causing for its massive devastating collapse and downfall. Most of its helpless inhabitants were executed by the tyrannical forces, leaving some "worthy" individuals into being enslaved under the Mad Titan's abusive power.

Later on, the adoptive sons and daughters of the Inhuman Royal Family were all raised by Thanos himself, and were persistently trained and were also deceived under his guidance. As they have grown up to be the skilled, deadly, bloodthirsty warriors and mercenaries of Thanos, they started calling themselves as the Black Order.

Ultron Revolution

Thanos' plans on recolonizing the significant planet Earth was unfortunately been forced to be delayed when Edward Stark and his powerful and tyrannical Empire began to rise into society and ruled the world by its established new world order to control the world.

The Black Vortex

As an eventual response after witnessing that the entirety of Earth has still been diabolically governed by the Empire of the ultimately sinister Edward Stark, Thanos decided to come up with his back-up plan to claim the planet to his own power sooner than he willingly anticipated. For the next few months, the Mad Titan and his children have progressively grown his forces as they prepare for their assault on Earth once more.

Along with it, Thanos had also found out about a universally-powerful artifact known as the Black Vortex, in which he and his children had began to travel all over the regions of the unknown just to wield its power once they should be able to find it. Impressively enough, it only for Thanos to find its location in only a matter of a day and a two, revealing to be a benevolent, life-giving, and technologically-advance planet called Kymellia. Once they were able to land on the planet, Thanos was not so hesitant to have him and his forces in decimating half the population just to force its citizens into surrendering it to him.

Visitors from Beyond

Following his ongoing assault on the planet, the Mad Titan's strategy surprisingly work as he expected, with one of their race's leader finally giving up the exact location of the Black Vortex within the planet when he decided to lead him and his children right into where it was, much to the warlord's delight, right before he was nonetheless, killed by the latter without any signs of mercy nor remorse. As Thanos sees the Black Vortex right before his very eyes, he could only grin in excitement and joy, just as when he finally says the words of activation, by submitting to it. However, right at the last second where the Titan could have been granted the full power of the Vortex, he was unexpectedly shot several times in the chest by someone he never saw or met before, with his companions with him, who also fought Thanos' children of war afterwards.

Though slightly wounded, Thanos still was able to commit his most desired goal nevertheless, successfully wielding the power bested to him by the Black Vortex, unleashing the Mad Titan's undiscovered cosmic potential, much to the Guardians' shocked and bewildered expressions. With the power of the Black Vortex given to him, Thanos then effortlessly flies out of the location where they found the artifact, flying into the sky of Kymellia to profess his godly power towards the people of the planet. The Guardians as well had witnessed when Thanos delivers a prophetic message to everyone about the countless visions of several different futures he had foreseen given to him by the power he had submitted to.

The Prophetic Warning

With the last of his message suddenly implying that everything would die very soon, Thanos then summons a powerful beam of energy from his own palms, with his intention of ending everything on his own terms even before the "end" could arrive. In the middle of Thanos' reckoning upon the whole planet as a part of his new crusade to end everything, the Guardians were instinctively and quickly obligated to find a way on how to stop the Mad Titan from obliterating the planet, the member Gamora thought of riskily submitting herself to the mystic artifact all to try and stop her adoptive father's alternate counterpart, despite her teammates pleas to intervene her from doing so.

By doing the latter, Gamora was able to miraculously use the Black Vortex to revert Thanos back to his normal state, much to Thanos' confusion to how she was able to do such feat, with Gamora simply telling him that since he'd already done it once, she wouldn't let him do it again. In the aftermath of Thanos' defeat, the Black Vortex was once again been guarded to another, more secured location since it was now taken by the Guardians of the Galaxy to a dimension where nobody would seem to find it, taking the Black Vortex somewhere within the Negative Zone, or so they thought. Following his defeat at the hands of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos was subsequently rescued by his children as they escape Kymellia and was taken back to his main headquarters, at the Resurgence, where he fell in a coma for the next several days since he was depowered by Gamora, before eventually waking up, strangely with a smile on his face after mysteriously muttering the word, "Tesseract."

Dream World

After traveling all throughout the entire universe once again, searching for the last known version of the Cosmic Cube also known as the Tesseract, he successfully discovered it in an ancient Kree temple located in an unknown location, and has finally acquired and and is now holding the power of the latter and collected several pieces of the Infinity Stones, which he had also founded in the temple. As a result, After discovering its power, Thanos attempted to control the whole creation by changing the fate of the universe so he could rule it all and due to his mighty power holding the Cosmic Cube, all the efforts and might that he had exerted for past years of his lifetime, was finally been payed off.

Though not what he exactly expected to happen, his desire on invading the universe was still somehow fulfilled after the Cube granted his wish by creating another duplicate and alternative timeline of his original timeline, where he successfully invaded Earth and the rest of the entire universe. He eventually became the ruler of his newly-founded empire known as the Endless Resurgence in his newly-established empire built on this once-fabricated realm that eventually came true.

The Last Invasion

Though he successfully gained power and force controlling the reality that the Cube had created, he wasn't contented and still plans on invading the not just the real original timeline but also the other realities in the multiverse as well, just so he can prove the fact the he could conquer the entire multiverse by himself and his subordinates, proving that he can be the greatest of all beings in all of existence.

Eventually, Thanos used the Cosmic Cube in order to create and acquire a massive army of alien species across the universe that he had created under his control for him to use, so that finally, Thanos would be able to conquer other universes in the multiverse, including his own, original home. However, everything went wrong for the Mad Titan as his invasion seemed a little off-timing. While Thanos was still on his way to his universe's Earth so he could've conquer it, he had encounter another Earth just as well, coming towards the same direction where he was going.

Confused on what was truly happening, Thanos even thought he was hallucinating after seeing that two Earths are about to collide. Trying to prevent this other Earth from going straight towards Earth, Thanos decided to fire every cosmic weapon in his starfleet, capable of penetrating through a planet's core and even destroying it in the process. Howerever, despite all the Mad Titan's efforts on preventing an event known as an incursion, he failed. Due to the gravitational force increasing every time it got closer, the two Earths finally collided, creating a massive explosion throughout the galaxy, wiping all life that were affected by the massive collision of the two planets, including most of Thanos' starfleet.

Secret Wars

Surprisingly, Thanos, along with a few of his starfleet's lieutenants and members in his native reality were among the many fragments of the multiverse preserved by the godly race known as the Beyonders when they created Battleworld. Thanos and his starfleet's domain became part of what was later referred to as the Titanian Empire, since most of it's residency were composed of fellow Titanians. Those Titanians battled and killed all of Thanos' starfleet, though it spared the Mad Titan himself, much to his surprise and confusion.

Unfortunate to Thanos, he unwillingly remained as a low-ranking member of the Overlords, a Titanian rebellion organization composed of different versions and counterparts of Thanos across the Battleworld, led by their powerful warlord, King Thanos. Later on during the heroes and villains movement against the Beyonders had begun, King Thanos decided to join in their ranks to help and support the heroes overthrowing the tyrant cosmic entities and be able prevent the fate of the multiverse as they know it.

However, Thanos disagreed, saying that they won't need the help of the heroes and didn't have to save the multiverse "by the book," suggesting that they should just rule the multiverse by themselves, because according to Thanos himself, they can pretty much to everything they wanted since they are an army Thanos after all, believing that nothing could ever stop them. Having both strong disagreements, the two had a deadly and destructive duel that would've lasted for an eternity.

Thanos, The Overlord

However, after a long struggle and wrestle against the King Thanos who was thought to be the superior among all the Mad Titans, the "inferior" Thanos finally was able to prove himself worthy of leading, by repeatedly beating a mystically-stunned King Thanos' face into the ground until it's thick skull shatters completely, killing the King, once and for all. As a result, Thanos became the new tyrannical leader of the Overlords, starting their own plan into conquering the universe as their own. Unfortunately, during the last days on Battleworld, the Overlords' schemes were ultimately prevented in the process, thanks to the heroes' intervention of convincing them to change their ways, so they could save the multiverse.

Most of the Titans were finally able to clear off their head and started to help the heroes against the Beyonders, which did succeed in the end, while Thanos and the rest of the Titans were defeated, and was left on the domain of the Titan Empire as it started crumbling and collapsing into nothingness. All of the Thanos who were on the domain unfortunately didn't survive the end of Battleworld, all but two, the Thanos of the mainstream universe and this one, from Earth-61615, who somehow managed to survived the event a few heroes and villains knew and remembered as Secret Wars, and made it through the rebirth of the multiverse. The only big shocking revelation, is that Thanos' universe is one of the many universes that didn't make it during the revival of universes, making Thanos get temporarily stranded on a universe he had been despising the most, Earth-61615.

Journey on Earth-61615

A few months after the events of Secret Wars, Thanos went in hiding in the mainstream universe, where he started a new life, though nothing had ever changed since he is still the same intergalactic, cosmic criminal and terrorist. This time, Thanos had kept himself on low profile, as he started searching all over the entire universe for his new interest of possessing, this universe' Cosmic Cube. As a use of transportation, Thanos somehow found this universe's Sanctuary on a barren planet, which was unfortunately destroyed by unknown reasons. Thankfully, Thanos managed to get this vehicle fixed in a short period, before continuing his search for the legendary multiversal Cosmic Cube.

After searching across many different planets across many different galaxies and dimensions, he finally found the Milky Way, where he started sensing a strong source of energy, which was most likely the energy coming from the Cosmic Cube itself. As he enters the discovered galaxy, he probes more and more thoroughly until he eventually discovered the way to this universe's Earth, which he sensed more energy from the Cube, indicating that the Cube is indeed stored and is protected somewhere inside the planet. Thanos then smirks in pride, as he recognized seeing this universe's Fantastic Four in shock from inside of the F4's space station, before he intended on driving his ship full-speed towards the Earth's orbit as it enters the atmosphere.

Fantastic Foes

As Thanos' ship continues to crash towards the Earth's atmosphere, the Fantastic Four tries all of their efforts as they use all of their powers and abilities in order to prevent Thanos from entering the planet's surface, but sadly, failed in the process since Thanos was too powerful, causing for Thanos' ship to successfully crash and lands in the sea, near the newly-rebuilt Baxter Building, located in New York, where he had sensed the source of energy. Thanos emerges from the Sanctuary, before it sunk beneath the seafloor, continuing his search for the Cosmic Cube inside the headquarters of the Fantastic Four.

As panic and chaos drives everyone to get out of the building, Thanos mercilessly and single-handedly killed all of those individuals who was still inside it, from innocent scientists to all of the guards who attempted to protect the Cube. Luckily, the Fantastic Four manages to arrive at time through their teleportation device, even before Thanos could open the storage vault. Sadly, the Mad Titan himself manages to outmatch every single one of the four heroes, including the Thing himself who Thanos had a match with in battle.

As a result, Thanos easily teared the unbreakable vault in half using his fathomless strength, and by just that, Thanos finally had the possession of the Cosmic Cube, much to the heroes' feeling of defeat and hopelessness. Now possessing one of the most powerful weapons throughout the universe, Thanos used the Cube in order to reshape and rewrite all of this reality into his own will, starting with Earth's terraforming, merging all of the planets in the entire Solar System, as it turns into one, which Thanos would call it his new home and kingdom, New Titan.

The heroes had no other choice but to watch as the cities of New York started merging through a chaotic and destructive process. As the four confronted the reality-displaced Thanos, they asked notable questions regarding where he came from and why was he doing this. In response, Thanos grinned and simply replied that since his world was already taken from him (during Secret Wars), why not just take away their's as well.

Looking Through a Broken Mirror

However, not all hope is lost for Mister Fantastic, since he had just thought of an idea, an unthinkable but still useful at the same time. Using their teleportation device and time-travelling device at the same time, Reed and the rest of the four were transported to a location where they had last found their world's Mad Titan, the Black Quadrant. After they suddenly vanished, Thanos taunted the Four for "running away, like a scared animal," but unknown to him, they had to ask for someone's very help.

While Thanos was busy terraforming Earth into New Titan, the Fantastic Four had returned once again, only this time, they managed to return only a second after their previous selves have left the scenario. Thanos taunted them as a result, asking what kind of help did they asked. In response, the Human Torch simply responded, teasing, "the one that you'll be needing," as the Thanos of this universe came from behind him, giving him a straight, strong punch to the face, making Thanos drop off the Cube at the hands of the Invisible Woman.

From that point on, both of the Mad Titans clashed against each other as a distraction, while both Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic continues to find a way in fixing all of the destruction made possible by the Cube and reverse all of the damages done in order to stop the terraforming of Earth. However, with all their efforts on trying to fix the Cube using their best technology, Reed and Susan still failed, until Ben have thought of doing something that would reverse that damage done by the Mad Titan on Earth, but at the cost of possibly losing his own life if he does so. Meanwhile, during the clash of the Titans, both of the Thanos continued taunting one another as they fight, comparing and arguing on whose a more superior Titan. Thanos then told his mainstream counterpart that getting to meet him was like, "looking through a broker mirror," telling that he was never like him at all.

Ignoring the possible consequences, Ben immediately took the Cube, and before the rest of his teammates and both the Thanos could try and stop him, Ben finally took control of the Cube, and used it's never-ending power to revert Earth's state back to the way it used to be. As the effects of the Cube's destruction started to reverse, Thanos uncontrollably roars in rage and immediately gained the upper hand on his counterpart and beats him without any hesitations, after realizing that his greatest plan, had ultimately failed.

As Thanos almost beasts his mainstream counterpart to death, the four then charges towards the Titan to save their own Thanos' life and finally, confront and apprehend him, once and for all, for attempting to destroy the universe. While attacking the seemingly undefeatable Titan in order to distract him, Thanos uses his unique and incredible powers that mainly differentiates him from his counterpart. Revealing his true powers to everyone, Thanos summoned the dead in the nearest cemeteries throughout the cities, and later uses his powerful psychic powers towards the heroes, a power that not even Sue herself could've blocked. As a result, the Fantastic Four were now under Thanos' coercion, except for Johnny, who approached an unconscious Thanos and encouraged him to get up and help each other out, since only the two of them still remains.

Thankfully, just as Thanos tried to pick up the Cosmic Cube so he could resume his universal conquest, his counterpart suddenly wakes up with his eyes fully glowing and immediately rises up with more than enough rage, thanks to Johnny's help, to keep him awake and more powerful than he was weakened before. Thanos then confronted his reality-displaced counterpart, shouting his name before he could've pick the Cube up. However, Thanos unexpectedly requested an offer to his counterpart, an offer that he would be able to help him conquer the universe, not just by himself, but with his help. Still not convinced with the idea of his offer, the mainstream counterpart unexpectedly used his own powers towards Johnny, who never expected his betrayal, disintegrating him in the process, which apparently killed him.

Clash of the Mad Titans

Now that Thanos was fully convinced to partner up with his counterpart, they allied themselves up as they both held the Cube together, combining both their might to make the Cube a lot more powerful so they could use it on taking over the universe. The mainstream Thanos then laughs for unknown reasons, confusing his counterpart. Thanos then just laughs with him even though he had no idea what was he thinking then, which made the mainstream Thanos question him whether he got "the joke," or not.

Thanos asked him what was the joke, and in response, Thanos answered that the joke was the one they were holding the whole time, revealing to be a decoy of the Cosmic Cube, which only emitted a bright light as an effect. The real Cube was revealed to be in Johnny's possession, who was still alive since the one whom Thanos had disintegrated was a hologram. The mainstream Thanos then headbutts his counterpart, making him lose control of mind-controlling the rest of the Fantastic Four.

Realizing that they almost lost to the Mad Titan, all of them combined forces, using all their powers to distract him in order for Reed to get to the Cube and finally encased it with a power-dampening container, keeping it away from both Titans. Even though the Cube is now under the safest hands of the four, Thanos still stood a lot stronger, reaching his full potential as he uses most of his most destructive powers and abilities towards them, and unfortunately, despite all of their efforts, the heroes lost once again, only leaving him with his counterpart.

Duel to the Death

Since only two of them still remains conscious, both the Titans clashed, and never hesitated to kill each other after his counterpart's betrayal. As they have fought for the prize of claiming the Cube for themselves, Thanos' motivations were driven out by power and hunger of conquering this universe, however, his counterpart's motivations were not for his own self-ambitions and egoistic plans, proving that he's truly changed since Infinity War, and promised to take the Cub in order to restore back the universe and Earth back into its normal state, because all his life, all Thanos ever wanted to do is to keep the fate of the universe in balance.

Motivated into saving the fate of the universe once more, the mainstream Thanos triumphantly won against his past-resembling, reality-displaced counterpart. As he held the Cosmic Cube, a defeated and weakened Thanos then continues to taunt his counterpart, telling him that all of his was just a lie to convince the others that he truly had no interest on attempting on creating another universal war, because he knew that deep down in Thanos' mind, he would still use it for his own benefits of courting Death once more.

But before Thanos could've continue and try to manipulate him into using the Cube for himself, his head was mercilessly and ruthlessly stomped by the mainstream counterpart's boot without hesitation at all, brutally crushing his thick skull, which finally killed him once and for all. But despite his death, Thanos rethinks his decisions on using the universal tool, believing that his counterpart had a point, that using this Cube to destroy the universe would make Mistress Death accept his love again.

Erased Legacy

But ultimately, Thanos remembers his family, from his siblings to his adoptive children. As a Titan who lacked empathy, sympathy, and conscience towards the rest of every being throughout the universe, he couldn't just abandon them for Death. In the end, Thanos made his final regrettable decision, which was to restore back the universe to its normal state, saving the day in the process. Though he was not credited as the one who saved Earth from destructive terraforming, he was still remembered by the Fantastic Four and the rest of Earth's heroes as the real hero of that very day, despite on the fact that he killed his own counterpart which was definitely an unacceptable move for the heroes, before he left the planet and returned to the Black Quadrant. From that they on forward, the heroes still believed that Thanos can still change and abandon his old ways as a intergalactic villain and as a wanted fugitive throughout the rest of the universe.

After Thanos' defeat and death, the Reed and Sue went to study and explore further more on the remaining alternate realities across the multiverse to find out if the reality-displaced Thanos' home-world was really destroyed during the Secret Wars event, or if it's still out there, only lost through the deepest parts of the multiverse. Only after several months researching more on the whereabouts of the lost reality, they managed to find it, along with other Earths of different universes that were seemingly destroyed during the formation of Battleworld. However, they were too shocked and were too unprepared to find out, that none of it was real, revealing that all of it was a part of a haunting and an inescapable dream as they were stranded inside of it, inside a scarring and terrifying nightmare.

Alternate Timeline

Thanos starting to recreate the known multiverse into his own image, attempting to prevent the foreseen "prophecy"

In an alternate timeline that was thankfully averted by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos was able to successfully commit his most desired goal nevertheless, successfully wielding the power bested to him by the Black Vortex, unleashing the Mad Titan's undiscovered cosmic potential, much to the Guardians' surprise. With the power of the Black Vortex given to him, Thanos then effortlessly flies out of the location where they found the artifact, flying into the sky of Kymellia to profess his godly power towards the people of the planet.

The Guardians as well had witnessed when Thanos delivers a prophetic message to everyone about the countless visions of several different futures he had foreseen given to him by the power he had submitted to. Gamora attempted to use the mystic artifact by submitting to it all to try and stop her adoptive father's alternate counterpart. Unfortunately, her heroic attempt was unhesitatingly intercepted by Star-Lord himself, who was in a desperate act of trying not losing her at all costs, without even thinking carefully that Gamora's solution might've been the only way to stop Thanos' godly power.

Due to this unthinkable and drastic action that was made by Quill, the Guardians at that moment had finally find themselves helpless and already defeated when the Mad Titan has fully absorbed all the essence of the Black Vortex onto his very being. Both the cosmic heroes and the children of Thanos tried to stop the propethic and unstable Thanos from destroying the planet, only to be easily killed by the Titan, obliterating most of them out of existence without mercy. Thanos finally began calling himself as the Dark Lord of the multiverse, claiming to "purify" it in his great plan of recreation for the known multiverse and prevent the foreseen prophecy that was said to be inevitable at first, but was now revealed that it could be changed with the help of Thanos' achieved omnipotence.

In his crusade on "saving" the multiverse in his own terms, the Dark Lord grew more and more power as he came across several cosmic beings and entities who tried to stop his infinite quest, from the likes of various incarnations of the multiverse's greatest protectors and destroyers to the Beyonders themselves, the ones that were both responsible for helping in creating most of the multiverse, and the ones who were supposed to be responsible for starting the prophetic event, until Thanos himself came to confront them on the edge of the cosmos and slay the cosmic beings without any hesitations. Now that the greatest of the multiverse's were mostly annihilated, the Dark Lord finally began his regenesis on the multiverse by merging the countless infinite incarnations of the "Heart of the Universe" into himself. At that moment on forward, Thanos has declared himself as the The One as he finally became "everything," according to his own, uncomprehnsible words.

However, this timeline was later erased for the very best, when Guardian of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon, the only known survivor of the multiversal ordeal unleashed by the ultimate Dark Lord, uses his only last resort which was entering the Quantum Realm with the help of the Pym Particle powered device previously given to him by Hank Pym, in order to enter a time vortex and travel back in time to alter the horrific and traumatizing events, which caused him to have the second change in preventing Quill from intervening Gamora in using the Black Vortex to stop Thanos' mad and unstoppable godly power, once and for all. Hence, due to the changes made by Rocket, this timeline never came to pass.

Powers and Abilities


Thanos possessed immense physical strength and endurance. Thanos even also manages to overpower his own Earth-61615 counterpart in seer strength and speed during their battle. His psychic powers allowed him to have awareness of events several star systems away, and he could take over other's bodies, using them as conduits to channel his mind and power until his mind exhausts and kills the frail host body. He could also rise from the dead, sacrificing other lives to resurrect his own, as well as recharging his energies to awaken more powerful the longer he stayed dead. He had also claimed he could transfer his follower's souls from one body to another, and control what form their next life would take after they died.

  • Superhuman Intelligence
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Nigh Invulnerability
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Energy Manipulation & Control
  • Matter Manipulation & Control
  • Enchantment
    • Telepathy
    • Resurrection
  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Black Vortex Empowerment (formerly)
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


  • Super-Genius Intelligence
  • Skilled Unnamed Combatant
  • Mystical Knowledge

Strength level

Class 100+


  • Extreme Obsession with the Cosmic Cube
  • Extreme Obsession with the Infinity Gauntlet



Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  1. Modern Comics: Fantastic Four Vol 1 36


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