Teenage Dream
Season 4, Episode 3
76-Teenage Dream
Airdate 3/14/2015
Written by Bridgetterocks
Directed by Bridgetterocks
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Young Avengers Arc


This chapter belongs to Assemble!'s Season Four "Young Avengers" Arc

"Teenage Dream" is the third episode of Assemble!'s Season Four and the seventy-sixth episode overall.


-My name is Billy Kaplan, son of Jeff and Rebecca Kaplan. Ever since I decided to tell the world who I really am… Well, in terms of sexuality at least, not to mention my fanboyness, I’ve been dealing with bullies. That was until I met the Scarlet Witch, my all-time favorite Avenger, who told me to stand up to them. That didn’t end up so well because I ended up almost killing the poor guy… Turns out I have electrokinetic powers… And that’s just only one of them. To keep on practising my powers, I tried to reach out Wanda again, but was surprised when the Vision himself told me the Avengers were gathering a group of young individuals with superpowers, just like me! They called this subdivision, the Young Avengers. I met a whole bunch of super cool guys as a Young Avenger: Cassie Lang followed in her father’s footsteps and used the Pym Particles secretly, turning into the size-changing Stature… Eli Bradley’s grandfather was the original Captain America. A third generation super-soldier, Eli continues to fight for peace as Patriot… Former New York society deb Kate Bishop so impressed Captain America on the battlefield that he gave her one of Clint Barton’s bows and dubbed her Hawkeye II… Tommy Shepherd has super-speed, white hair and a criminal past—all of which he shares with the Avenger Quicksilver. For obvious reasons, he’s called Speed… He also happens to look exactly like me, which—in addition to my having magic powers—made everyone think we were the long lost twin sons of the Scarlet Witch. My name may be Billy Kaplan, but on the field, I’m Wiccan… And finally, a super strong shapeshifter, Teddy Altman is the son of the Kree Captain Mar-Vell. Like his father, Teddy protects the planet as Hulkling… He’s also my boyfriend. -

-Are you anxious for the what the Avengers will say, Billy? - Hulkling asked his boyfriend.

-Yes… Ugh, I’m so nervous Teddy. -

-Relax baby… - He smiled. -You’ll be fine. - The two Young Avengers leaned forward, ready to kiss each other when Tommy walked inside the room.

-Hey, you two, Iron Man is calling us to the Meeting Room. -

-Uhm… Yes, yes. - Billy replied, blushing.

-You need to be a LOT faster guys… - Speed smirked and ran away from the room.

The Young Avengers walked inside the Meeting Room, where Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Quicksilver were waiting for them.

-Billy… Tommy… - Tony Stark spoke up. -I think it’s time for you to know the truth. -

-I… I… I tried to create two human souls… I tried to have two sons with the Vision using my hex powers… However… These children were mere magical constructs… So I took it to an extreme… I altered reality… To make you two… Reincarnations of my two sons, who could never have a human soul… -

-So… So you altered this reality… And made us be reincarnations of your two children? - Kaplan asked.

-Yes… - Wanda looked down.

-Why us? - Speed asked.

-I didn’t choose you… I just… Changed this reality so my two sons were reincarnated in two teenage males… Eventually your powers wouldn’t go unnoticed… Which is what happened. -

-I must add… I am not completely happy with Wanda’s decision, - Vision added. -But she is human… Humans have the need to leave their mark, to keep the last name going… So even though I was not pleased once she had done it, I accepted it. -

-You can go give your mother a hug, boys… - Carol suggested. The two teenagers ran and hugged Wanda tightly.

Wiccan looked up at Vision and hugged him too.

-Well… That was… Unexpected… - The A.I. said, putting a hand behind Billy’s back.

-Guys… - Tony Stark spoke up. -I gathered you all here because I have an announcement to make… Not only the Avengers will be living in the Avengers Mansion, but the Young Avengers will too. Up to now, you’ve all lived in your separate houses, getting together just when needed. Now, you will all have your own rooms in the Mansion. This was Pepper’s idea and she ended up convincing me. -

The teenagers cheered. Suddenly, J.A.R.V.I.S. spoke:

-Mr. Scott Lang is here. -

-What is my dad doing here? -

-As you all know, Dr. Henry Pym has been mentally unstable since Ultron tried to take over the world two years ago. - Captain America looked at the heroes as Ant-Man walked inside the room.

-Uhm… Hey. -

-Hello, Mr. Lang. Have a seat next to your daughter. - Rogers nodded at Cassie.

-Scott Lang is a single dad, constantly trying to care of his daughter with a low-paying job. Since we pretty much lost our size-changer, Dr. Pym, we decided to recruit Ant-Man into the Avengers, therefore, both Scott and Cassandra can live in the Mansion… -

-For free, of course. - Carol added.

Father and daughter hugged each other.

-Thank you so much, Avengers. - Ant-Man smiled.

-Hey, you’re an Avenger now too. - Cap replied, shaking his hand.

-I have a question… - Patriot muttered.

-Yes, Elijah? - Captain America looked down at the teenager.

-Wouldn’t Dr. Pym feel even worse if he saw himself excluded? -

-Well… Hank and Jan aren’t living in the Mansion anymore. - Danvers explained. -They moved to Los Angeles so Henry’s mental state wouldn’t get worse… Remember he created Ultron in this Mansion, and his instability started in the main hall. -

Suddenly, the alarms in the Mansion went off and Falcon ran inside.

-It’s Batroc and Taskmaster. -

-Sam, gather the Avengers, we’re going for Taskmaster. - Steve said.

-What about Batroc? - Speed asked, looking up at the First Avenger.

-Well… I think the Young Avengers can take on him… What do you say? -

The teenagers looked at each other, not completely sure if they could. Patriot stood up. -I say…… YOUNG AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!! -


  • Wiccan, Hulkling and Speed's sprites were made by User:Nekhene and can be found HERE


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