Tania has the same early history as that of her Earth-616 counterpart.

Shortly after confronting Fantasia, Starlight was named the official leader of Winter Guard, a position analogous to that of Carol Danvers, which she accepted, serving as the Winter Guard leader to this day.

Powers and Abilities


Tania is able to generate, store, and release massive amounts of nuclear energy. She has used this energy for powerful blasts, flight and heat shields. She has used beams from her eyes to attack an opponent. She has vast superhuman strength on par with Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers. She has virtual invulnerability and is impervious to most powerful attacks. She has a hyper accelerated healing factor that allows her to recover from damage that can overcome her invulnerability. She has the power to restructure matter at the molecular level and can transmute any organic or inorganic element into whatever she wishes. She also has cosmic awareness.


Tania is one of the world's foremost neurosurgeons. She has considerable skill in hand to hand combat and acrobatics, and speaks fluent English and Russian.

Strength level

Starlight is able to lift 79 tons.


She is constantly giving off radiation.


As Red Guardian, Tania used a throwing disc carried on her belt buckle.


Tania's footsteps are irradiated, and glow in the dark.

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