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Real Name
Current Alias

Skrull Dragon, Science Guinea Pig, Blue Dragon



Young Avengers, Defenders Squad; Formerly Skrull Empire

Veris (Paternal brother), Unknown Parents (Deceased), Samson Ross (Paternal Half brother)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Skrullos






Unusual Features
Dragon-like appearance


Marital Status

Student, Fugitive; Formerly Tracker, Soldier-in-training, Lab test subject

Taught by Skrull warriors

Genetically enhanced Skrull mutant

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Someday the scientists who did this to me will pay, and Skrullos will become mine! Quote2
-- Talon


Like his brother Veris, Talon had the name of Taloris during his younger years and where he came from or who his parents are remains unknown. Between the two brothers he is the youngest and most often back then was trouble prone, being quick to anger and impatient much to his older brother's annoyance and dismay. Due to his trouble making, Taloris often felt nothing but violent backlash from Veris due to the older of the two not knowing how to properly handle his brother. It settled him down for a time but often the two bickered, yet also cared for one another due to the need to survive on the streets of Skrullos.

With also being K-Class birth Skrulls, the didn't get much help, if any during these hard times. Eventually though, Taloris's activities got the two brothers chased and caught by the Skrull Militia when they tried stealing some valuable items to sell for money. Imprisoned for this crime, the two were close to getting a sentence of remaining there for sometime until a Commanding officer took an interest in exploiting their abilities. Bargaining with the two, they eventually agreed to join the Skrull Militia where the two were put through brutal, rigorous training. But during those years the dynamic between the two drastically changed to a competitive one since both wanted to up their ranking far from where they had been when on the streets and not wanting to be a low ranking soldier.

Unfortunately, Taloris was not so fortunate to get this honor as he was taken at thirteen from the training. Where his brother would continue on in rankings, Taloris was put through multiple painful experiments, the science division testing his unique mutant genes to the point he became unrecognizable as a Skrull at all. Once he recovered, Taloris had to completely relearn his form and eventually came to serve as a tracker for the Skrulls while still receiving some military training so he could still be used as a fighter as well, but never interacting with is brother again.

A day eventually came though that Veris committed a crime Taloris was not aware of. One moment he was training and the next Veris was breaking him out of the Skrull palace, others in hot pursuit of the brothers. Though Taloris mused about the reverse roles Veris told him to promptly shut up and run, Taloris explaining what happened to him during their separation along the way and following the two high jacking a cargo ship to escape. Though Taloris tried to pry into what had happened Veris refused to speak and simply told them they were running. Caring little more to press for an answer, Taloris expressed a fact that if they were starting anew he would no longer go by Taloris, instead taking the new name of Talon to represent his more reptilian form, something Veris actually agreed was fitting.

New home

For the next year the two brothers went from planet to planet, space station to space station conning people and stealing to get by. They largely remained on the run alone across the galaxy until they chanced meeting Hyacinth Calcite when they came across her escape ship. While his brother was immediately smitten with the feline alien, Talon was suspicious, finding her demeanor and flirtatious nature rather off and throwing up red flags. Despite his warnings however, Veris dismissed his brother's concerns and allowed Hyacinth to travel with them much to Talon's chagrin, which Hyacinth found amusing.

Eventually, the trio came across Earth and were taken into custody by SWORD to be interrogated, which took sometime before they were convinced they were not there for the empire as it had been before. Though skeptical, SWORD put the three in the care of the Avengers who enrolled them into the new Academy in the hopes that they could indeed be an asset to the Earth. But as a precaution, Talon was put on a different squad than his brother just in case their suspicions proved true.

Powers and Abilities


  • Genetically Enhanced Physiology:From a young age Talon was subjected to experiments by Skrull scientists. This in terms made him go through a process similar to the Super-Skrulls that enhanced many of his physical attributes but left him unable to shape shift. It did, however, leave him with a more reptilian appearance, believed to be a re-manifestation of their ancestral traits, reminiscent of a dragon. His current powers include the following:
    • Enhanced Strength:Talon has greater strength than that of an average Skrull or human, having been able to lift at least 2 tons.
    • Enhanced Agility:Talons bodily coordination, balance, and reflexes are greater than that of the finest human athlete.
    • Enhanced Stamina:Talon can last far longer then the average human or Skrull, being able to engage in physical activities for hours before fatigue toxins begin to impair him.
    • Enhanced Durability:Talon has denser skin than the average human or Skrull. This enables him to withstand great impact forces or several blows from someone who is superhumanly strong. He can go unaffected by small caliber bullets and knife wounds at best. This is largely due to his dense, powerful scales.
    • Enhanced Speed:Talon's speed is enhanced to where he can move far faster then the finest human athlete or common Skrull. His average speed so far has been clocked at 125 mph.
    • Aerial Adaptation:Talon's body had been modified to have hollow bones that allow him to be able to fly at heights of 10,000 feet while also having an enhanced lung capacity. This increases the amount of oxygen he can take in and go into high and low pressure places that might have lower levels of oxygen available.
    • Keen Senses:Talon has greater eye sight then most humans and Skrulls, being able to see with greater clarity and even noticed the smallest changes in an environment or object. He also has a greater sense of smell that he can detect things most cannot and follow a scent a few days old or detect a smell for over 4 miles away. He also has a greater sense of taste then most would have.
  • Telekinetic Force Field:Being a mutant like his brother, Talon inherited his own power to create telekinetic force fields by projecting solid psionic energy. He can manipulate these shields to different shapes and densities depending on the situation. This can be used to protect himself or many others for about ten minutes of which he has to take a short rest period before using it again.


  • Despite being young, Talon has been trained from a young age in all forms of Skrull combat making him an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Talon could also be considered a sniper among his kind, having a near perfectly accurate shot with throwing weapons and firearms.
  • Talon can be considered a skilled tracker, having had years of learning to develop his new enhanced genetics.

Strength level

Talon has great strength than any Skrull and maybe three times that of an average human.


  • Unlike other Skrulls Talon cannot shapeshift, having completely lost this ability during experimentation with his genetics.
  • Despite being able to withstand several attacks or heavy impact forces, Talon's telekinetic shields can easily be affected by mental focus and last only up to 10 minutes tops.
  • All of Talon's powers are affected by physical condition and mental focus. If he is feeling tired, stressed, or hungry it becomes harder to focus and usually leaves him not at his best.



  • Light weight metal armor

Transportation: His own wings, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: His claws, tail, teeth, various small weapons and firearms


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  • Talon is one of the few known Skrulls who has one other family member who is a mutant, which is quite rare.
  • Talon's appearance is a play on the Skrulls previously known ancient reptilian heritage with added wings and different skin color.
  • He is one of the only known Skrulls confirmed to be genetically enhanced without powers added from an Earth hero or being classified as a Super-skrull.

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