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Nocturne / Talia Josephine Darkhölme

Talia Josephine “T.J.” Darkhölme is another daughter of Azazel and Mystique / Raven Darkhölme, who took the place of Nightcrawler / Kurt Wagner among the X-Men in her reality.

Powers and Abilities

She has the power to project bursts of incandescent flames by accessing the Brimstone Dimension through which Nightcrawler teleports from her eyes and hands. She can become invisible, even to beings with hyper-accurate senses of hearing, sight, and smell. She wields the same superhuman agility and grace as Nightcrawler. She is able to fly thanks to the dragon-esque wings she has on her back. She also possesses super-strength that allows her to lift or press up to 65 tons, and is semi-invulnerable. She also has a hyper-accelerated healing factor, umbrakinesis, chronokinesis, precognition, postcognition, force field creation, the ability to transmute organic and inorganic matter and the ability to animate inanimate objects. She also has several mental powers, including empathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral projection, possession, creating illusions, and the ability to create shackles of psionic energy. Other powers include causing agony or healing wounds with a touch, exorcising demons and other extradimensional entities, and the ability to alter the form of sentient beings.

Nocturne also wields "infernal mutant magic powers" similar to those of DC's Raven, which are indistinguishable from ordinary magical powers.

Nocturne has also mastered a single form of combat.


She has hands with two fingers and an opposable thumb, two-toed feet, one articulated tail at the base of her spine, and two huge leathery wings similar to the wings of a dragon opening on her back. She possesses a slender body like that of Nightcrawler and the canon Nocturne / T.J. Wagner. She also has red hair, white eyes, and dark blue skin. Otherwise her appearance is inspired by a female Gargoyle, from Disney's Gargoyles franchise.


This counterpart of Nocturne was created to basically serve as a "winged Nocturne" with red hair. Her powers seem more mystical, although in reality they are mutant powers, indistinguishable from magic. Her much greater physical force is similar to the character "Angela" from the Disney Gargoyles series.