A series of episodic shorts that follow Beverley Switzler who cannot seem to avoid weird, bizarre characters and happenings. Each episode she foils another crackpot villain and each episode ends with Bev in a small dark room, staring longinly at and talking to an unseen photograph of her lost love (the episode is actually her telling the events to her love). As she is talking to the photograph, Bev is surrounded by a pink aura, the aura growing stronger and more obvious each episode.

Chapter One - Ripe for the Picking

Beverley Switzer runs the successful combined-animal-and-book store Scales and Tales and is friendly with her frequent patron and would-be author Arthur Winslow who fantasized about being a hero from one of his books. One day however, Arthur encounters Phelch, a member of an ancient race of sentient vegetables, who, overcoming the limits of their roots, evolved into space-spanning overachievers. Phelch convinced Arthur to allow a merger of their two bodies, enabling Arthur to become the super-hero he'd always wanted to be, Turnip-Man. Turnip-Man excitedly makes his way to Scales and Tales where Bev is talking to her neighbour Selma Blotte. Finally getting to meet Bev, Phelch takes over their combined form in order to experience physical pleasure, grabbing Bev and kidnapping her to Sunset Slope. Deducing "the brains are in the greens," Bev tears the leaves and stem from Turnip-Man. With Bev holding on tight, the now exposed Phelch pulls her high into the air planning to drop and crush her, but she succeeds in maneuvering it too close to a smokestack, where it is destroyed. Arthur is left none the worse for wear, and powerless once more.

Chapter Two – I'll Be Dammed

On a trip to Niagara Falls with her friend Dreyfus Gultch, Bev meets an elderly man named Pierre Dentifris who is wheelchair-ridden and claims to be "paralyzed below the teeth". Suddenly, a large plane flies in and begins airdropping hundreds of trained beavers, who begin damming the Falls. Amid the panic, Pierre flings himself out of his wheelchair, revealing his beaver exo-skeleton. Going by the name Le Beaver, Pierre claims to want to divert the Falls and gain control of the hydro supply. With the help of RCMP officer Preston Dudley and his horse Prince, Bev is able to corner Le Beaver on a fallen tree, across part of the river and fight him, defeating him and causing him to fall into the falls.

Chapter Three – A Dream of Sleep

In bed at night, Bev here's some noise out in her apartment hallway. As the noise moves to direct outside her door, Bev, thinking it was her eccentric neighbour Selma, tells her to go home, it's too late, but when her door locks rattle loose and the door opens, it is a pajamed man sleepwalking. Bev manages to wake him, and he very apologetically introduces himself as Paul Same, and explains how he's been so stressed about an art critic that has been panning his work, and it's led to his sleepwalking. Trying to get to sleep, Bev is disturbed again by a noise out in her alley, but looking out her window, it is, this time, Selma, yelling at somebody stumbling down the alley, and Bev ignores it. The next night, trying to fall asleep, she is disturbed once more by a noise in the alley, and sees the same figure stumbling down the alley, and he looks a little familiar, if not pajamed. She follows the figure for a bit, stumbling across several beaten up thugs mumbling about "Winky Man" before losing Paul's trail, and so she decides to go to Joe's Bar since she's awake. At the bar she meets an art critic by the name of Xavier Couture  and is interrupted by Paul's grand sleepwalking entrance into the bar with a roman candle. Paul, asleep, begins a bar fight, and tries to go after Xavier. Bev manages to wrestle away his roman candle and set off the spinklers with it, waking up Paul, and much to Paul's delight, ruin Xavier's hairpiece.

Chapter Four – You Can't Catch Me...

Bev is finalizing things at Scales and Tales so that she can go away on a trip - she's to stay in Victorian style AirBnB in Pennsylvania. Selma warns her not to go though, telling her the house she is staying in, the Dragonsworth House,  said to be the home of a witch, and guests go in, but don't come out, but Bev laughs it off. In Pennsylvania, Bev gets to the house and meets the young girl of the family, Patsy Dragonsworth. She explains that her parents aren't home, but that Bev is free to get herself settlted in any room she'd like. Bev jokes about the place not being that bad, despite the rumours of it being haunted, to which Patsy giggles and claims that the conspiracies are "half-baked, but my cookies are not" and offers some to Bev. Patsy leads Bev into the basement where she said she was baking, and revealed she was making a giant gingerbread man, fresh out of a giant machine. Once in the basement though, Patsy closes the door with a wave of a hand summons the Gingerbread Man to life. It begins swinging wildly and attacking Bev, but she is able to knock into the giant machine, causing it to overload. Bev just barely escapes, as the machine explodes, taking the witch and the Gingerbread Man with it.

Chapter Five – Scrubba-Dub Death

Bev is out at dinner with her friend Dreyfus Gultch, when an explosion can be heard from the restaurant kitchen. The owner of the restaurant rushes out to the dining room to explain that everything is okay and that a can of cleaner was accidentally put in the microwave, causing it to explode, blaming Sudd the dishwasher. As the owner explains this though, Sudd burts into the dining room, but Sudd is not Sudd anymore; Sudd is 7 foot bubble monster composed of living cleaning agent, and he begins tearing through the restaurant, attacking everything he believes to be unclean. The owner attempts to throw a bucket of water on Sudd, but that only causes him to grow even bigger and wilder, Bev finding the can of cleaning supply and lamenting that it's concentrate and it's power is released in water. Sudd escapes and tears through town, while Bev whips up a concoction of vinegar, lemon juice, milk and egg whites. Bev easily follows Sudd's trail (his rampage literally cleaning the streets, leaving the pavement spotless but also dispatching drug dealers and criminals in his wake), and spalshes her anti-soap concoction in his face, causing the bubbles to burst, leaving Sudd's tattoo behind on the street.

Chapter Six – Talk Ain't Cheap

Bev is in Scales and Tales talking to Selma when all of the TVs are hijacked. On the screens are a deformed man with a freakishly large head in a yellow support frame, to hold it up - M.O.D.O.T. M.O.D.O.T. rules the airwaves hypnotizing his viewers on TVs, phones, and billboards, using mass media and speaking predominantly in sound bites. Selma is seemingly unaffected and snaps Bev out of it, claiming she recognizes where M.O.D.O.T. is broadcasting from - it's a studio just down the street from them. Inside Bev confronts M.O.D.O.T. who explains himself to be a Mobile Organism Designed Only for Talking, design by A.I.M. specifically so he could talk the head office into increasing their budget, but now his own goal is making money. When Bev tries to shut him down, he begins attacking her. Bev is able to override all the screens in the room to display money, and it hypnotizes M.O.D.O.T. long enough for her to pull some cables, hotwire them, and set him on fire.

Chapter Seven – The Bellhop Riddle

While attending a convention, Bev meets a young bellhop who helps her with luggage. The two bond over a pin the Bellhop is wearing of a duck, which gets Bev very excited. After paying the bellhop, and settling into her room Bev realizes she has an unaccounted for dollar - she forgot to tip him! - but when she goes down to the front desk, he is gone. The staff at the front desk tell Bev that the young bellhop likes to take breaks at a nearby pond to feed the ducks, but when she goes to meet him, she finds him strangling them! Incensed at what she finds, Bev, beats up the bellhop and teaches him a lesson, coating him in a bag of bread crumbs and tossing him in the pond to be aggresively pecked at by the waterfowl.

Chapter Eight – For Whom the Bell Tolls

At Scales and Tales, Bev is working away, babbling about how she thinks she will be reunited with her love again, she can feel it, when Selma let's out a loud, "BONG! BONG! BONG!", a coded message that Bev knew meant her ex Lester Verde  was coming in. Completely deflated about her feeling, but trying to be nice, Bev asks Lester how he and his musical career playing the handbells is doing, to which Lester holds up a handless arm, and explains that his hand was accidentally cut off by a prop guillotine on stage. Genuinely sympathetic, Bev asks if there is anything she can do, to which Lester says yes, and grabs her. He teleports her away to a ship, with unexpected powers. Now, as Doctor Bong, dressed up in a costume with a bell mask, and a bell clapper for his missing hand, he claims a lot has changed since he last visited her, but he is now ready to take her as his wife, before shutting her away. Alone, Bev pulls out her photograph of her love, and begins to softly glow pink, as we've seen her at the end of each episode, telling the stories we've seen. As she is telling the stories though, a small rift opens up in the room, and reverse-spaghettifying out of the rift comes the individual from her photograph: Howard the Duck. Howard and Bev ambush Doctor Bong, but with his newfound powers is able to overtake them and subdue Howard, threatening to kill him if Bev does not agree to marry him. And so she does. Doctor Bong turns Howard into a human in his lab (albeit one with only four digits on each hand), and forces a sea captain to marry him to Bev. Through this, Bev's hands glow with the pink aura as she is obviously agitated, but she manages to control herself. Instead, Bev surreptitiously uses Doctor Bong's own laboratory to create five infant clones of him from his nail clippings - the Bong Quintuplets. Bev then confronts Doctor Bong and demands that he spare Howard's life and annul the marriage or else she would publicly accuse Bong of being a negligent father toward his children. Unwilling to see his image besmirched, Bong teleports Bev and Howard back home in Cleveland.

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