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Real Name
Susan Victoria Storm-Richards
Current Alias

Sue Storm, Doctor Storm, Invisible Girl, Baroness von Doom, Tabitha Deneuve



Fantastic Four (founder and co-leader), Future Foundation (mentor), S.H.I.E.L.D. (consultant and part-time member)

Franklin Storm (father; deceased), Mary Storm (mother; estranged), Johnny Storm (brother),
Reed Richards (husband),
Victor von Doom (ex-boyfriend)


Base Of Operations
Baxter Building, Manhattan, New York City, New York






Marital Status

Adventurer, scientist; former model, student

Four biochemical science doctorates

Human mutated via exposure to anti-matter cosmic rays

Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics:
Fantastic Four Vol 1 1


Quote1 What? You haven't met a woman who could turn invisible before? Well, there's a first time to everything... Quote2
-- Invisible Woman

Early Years

Born in the late 1970s, the oldest child of renowned scientist Dr. Franklin Storm, Susan Victoria "Sue" Storm inherited her father's genius. From early childhood, she was one of the prodigies studying and working at the Baxter Building, a midtown Manhattan government research lab. Following her father into physics at such a young age, she would eventually change her focus to "inner space" biology. As young as fourteen, Sue would already become a formidable and well-respected scientist in her own right, earning four doctorates in bio-chemical sciences. With this, Sue suddenly finds mutual but puppy love with fellow student, Victor von Doom, only for their relationship to end after Doom realized that Sue was starting to get in his way of finishing his scientific works, making Sue realize that she and Doom weren't compatible to begin with. In her later adolescence years, however, Sue would later found herself being romantically-entangled with new brilliant Baxter Building classmate, Reed Richards (who would become Sue's eventual loving soulmate), placing her in a love triangle between Richards and Doom, whom the latter would eventually plan to propose to her when their adults. Her brother Johnny also spent his formative years at the Baxter Building labs, but he rebelliously resisted taking advantage of this opportunity to learn, much to Sue's dismay at him for Johnny not taking this chance seriously. Over the next few years both Susan and Victor, despite both feeling a little awkward at each other, helped Reed with their N-Zone mathematics, while Reed and Ben aided Victor's work in miniaturized robotics.

A Fantastic Foundation

Fantastic Four First App 61615

Invisible Woman and the rest of the Fantastic Four bands together for the first time

Accompanied by a bevy of military officers and scientists, Sue, Reed, Ben, Johnny, and Victor stood at the control panels of the transmit platform, and as the portal opens to the other side, the five of them were side by side trying to teleport an apple to the interdimensional gate leading to the N-Zone. But one tiny "miscalculation" turned into tragedy, transporting the five instead of the apple. Along with it, a brutal cosmic ray storm had battered the crew as they were on the alternate dimension. The Negative Zone's cosmic rays left Sue the ability to turn herself and anything she comes contact with invisible along with the extension of generating invisible force fields. Reed himself took responsibility for the accident which transformed the four, and he wrapped himself around his work in an attempt to reverse their condition. The exposure to the cosmic cloud brought out the worst in Victor von Doom. The evil genius even tried to turn Ben Grimm against Reed, convincing him that Reed was responsible for Ben's hideous appearance. Thankfully, Ben realized that Victor was out to ruin Reed and united with his friends to stop him from wreaking much havoc across New York City, and even beyond.

After this finding about this revelation herself, she spurned Doom out of disgust for knowing Doom's true colors as an overambitious and egotistical man who would do whatever it takes just to keep anyone from getting in his way, effectively rejecting his love for her. Sue, Johnny, Reed Richards, and Ben Grimm had now embraced their cosmic powers for the greater good, joining forces as the heroic Fantastic Four and battled against their new enemy, Doctor Doom. When the four officially named themselves as the iconic Fantastic Four to the very public later on, they dedicated to the use of their powers for the safety and overall benefit of humanity, along with their missions of further exploration across the cosmos. As a founder and the co-leader of the heroic four, Sue was labeled to be the famous and popular superhero known as the Invisible Woman.

Early Major Adventures

The Threat of Galactus

Galactus attack Earth-61615

The Four had to deal with the threat of Galactus for the safety and future of planet Earth from his cosmic hunger

As the ancient and powerful cosmic being known as Galactus, the cosmic "Devourer of Worlds," first began his upon arrival at the Milky Way Galaxy, wherein he sends one of his Herald, the Silver Surfer on his way onto Earth. Out of hunger, Galactus attempted to fed on Earth's core many times but was stopped by the redeemed Surfer himself on the day of his arrival, helped by the Fantastic Four themselves, successfully banishing Galactus from the face of the Earth to another distinct region of space, using the powerful universal weapon as a result of Richards' mind, to which the latter had called the Ultimate Nullifier.

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Expecting that their actions might have finally exposed their identities to the world shortly after the Galactus threat, the Fantastic Four anxiously prepared to make a public statement until they were confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s director Nick Fury in the Baxter Building, who revealed to them that the agency have actually protected their presence during the arrival Galactus, covering up the actual scene with hologram projector (courtesy of Mysterio's confiscated tech), making the people, who where at the area at the time, see a mysterious storm instead of the Fantastic Four fighting an enormous cosmic being. Knowing that their identities have yet to be revealed to the public, the Fantastic Four were thankful for S.H.I.E.L.D.'s act, only for Reed and Sue to suspect that Fury did them a favor for a catch in return, something that they immediately questioned Fury what it was.

Fury, amused by their remarkable intellect, finally spat out his offer to recruit the two of them in S.H.I.E.L.D. science and research team to deal with extraterrestrial threats like Galactus. Reed immediately declined the offer since he was already comfortable working at the Baxter Building, but with Sue seeing this as a second chance for her to get her reputaion back in the scientific community, she would volunteer to help S.H.I.E.L.D. in researching with their xeno-scientific division and battling against several extraterrestrial threats that Earth would eventually encounter in the future. As a result of Sue's voluntary decision, she was finally recruited by Fury within S.H.I.E.L.D. ranks as a consultant and scientist, although she made a deal with Fury that she would only work with them part-time since she still refer being a Fantastic Four as a her main priority, no matter the cost. Fury agreed, paving a new path of opportunity for Sue to have her own journey as Sue Storm alone, not just as her Invisible Woman persona. Initially thinking this would either sadden or anger Reed, Sue was happily surprised that her lover reacted otherwise since he supported her decision thoroughly, knowing that they have plenty of time to be with each other when their at the Baxter Building.

A Visit to the Future

Finding The Cure

At some point in the Four's early adventures during the early 2000s, Reed was currently helping Ben on his condition as the Thing, since the latter still had hopes of getting himself back into his original form and live a normal life once more with his girlfriend, Alicia Masters. In the request of Ben and Reed's conscience will to help out his best friend, the four decided to travel into the future in order to search for a cure, or more accurately, find a blueprint or formula of a cure that would turn Ben back into his human form. Upon the arrival of the Fantastic Four had arrived inside the future version of the Baxter Building, they latter were kidnapped by a group of advanced-looking operatives, who interrogated their visit to the future on behalf of a higher individual named Scarlet Centurion, who supposedly was the former "monarch" of the future United States of America and the "leader" of the Resistance in their objective against Kang the Conqueror, during the arrival of the Fantastic Four. Moments before Kang turned into Centurion, he traveled back in time once again in a certain point in the past, recruiting his alternate past self as Kang so he could take his place in the meantime to take over his empire, while the Scarlet Centurion inside the ruins of the Baxter Building, "assisting" the Fantastic Four.

Honestly answering Centurion's question during their first encounter, Reed told Centurion that they went back in time using the Baxter Building's time machine in order to find a possible cure for Ben Grimm's worsening condition, and if he stayed as the "Thing" for far too long, his rock-like skin would become permanent for the rest of his entire life. Centurion questioned to why Ben does not embrace his true being as the Thing, only to accidentally insult Ben with that response that almost led them to have a brutal fight, before being calmed down by Sue, Reed's fiancée. As he expected out of Ben's reaction and knowing that Reed and Sue aren't married yet, these version of the Fantastic Four were revealed to have come from the distant past, a few years even before his younger self had met and encountered the superhero team.

Centurion agreed to help the Fantastic Four, only to deceive the team, especially Reed, into "helping" him in the Resistance's lifelong mission, defeating Kang and his enforcers. As they were working on the cure for Grimm's condition inside the lab, Sue asked why he was willing to help them, when he hasn't even met them before. Centurion then partly told them the truth just so he could gain their trust even more, which was revealing his real identity, Nathan K. Richards, one of Reed Richard's long lost, distant cousin. Reed was confused by his revelation, since he had never met or have even heard of him before. Deciding not to "spoil the fun," Centurion simply hinted to Reed that they'll eventually meet his younger self, someday in the future. Aside from Centurion's background story, Reed also questioned the origins of Kang the Conqueror, to which Centurion tells him a fabricated origin about the latter, saying that Kang's true origins remains a mystery, with rumors only telling that he was a rogue time-traveler and a descendant of Victor von Doom.

The Wrath of Kang
Kang 6164

The Fantastic Four faces off against one of their greatest enemies of all time, Kang the Conqueror, for the first time

Unbeknownst to Kang and the rest of the team, Johnny and Ben decided to roam and have a one-to-one talk on what he's truly feeling about his condition, when it was abruptly interrupted after Johnny accidentally stepped on a pressure pad located at the end of the halls, only meters away from the lab, where Centurion and Reed still currently were. Though it seem like everything they found out was coincidental, the two discovering the true horrifying events of the dark future was all part of Kang's game. Secretly finding out about what happened to Ben and Johnny, Centurion used his mental link to communicate with the Kang divergence, signalling his next objective to teleport inside the building, and ruthlessly attack Centurion and the Fantastic Four without stopping, interrupting Ben and Johnny, causing for them to leave the vault, and jeopardizing Reed's work on closely completing the serum of Ben's cure. Johnny and Ben tried to fight off Kang, but his power, forcing the two and the rest to follow Centurion on the hiding place.

Due to the unexpected arrival of Kang, Centurion led the Fantastic Four to a secret vault, the same vault where both Ben and Johnny were earlier, and forced them to hide there, while Centurion deals with Kang. Coming out of the vault, wherein he apparently killed the Conqueror in a brutal duel. In reality Centurion thanked the Kang remnant for easily agreeing with his little game. Kang then asked his future self if he finally gets to go home afterwards, only to be stabbed through the chest with his own sword, killing him without any signs of remorse, telling the remnant that he would not be needing to.

Following the actions of murdering Kang, Centurion returns to the hidden vault, holding Kang's head as he brings it in front of the heroic team like it was nothing new to him, much to the horror experienced by the latter. Since Ben already knew Centurion was not to be trusted, he immediately takes action, but before he could have thrown his massive fist at him, the unhinged uses his advanced combat skills, easily taking down the rocky behemoth, followed by gassing the rest down, before imprisoning every each one of them, except for Ben whom Centurion had taken to the lab, with the rest of his collection of trophies, located within another vault in the Baxter Building.

Ending Kang's Empire

Upon waking up inside his encased cell, Reed was being watched by Centurion as they start another conversation. During that very conversation, Centurion finally reveals him all about his true complicated origins, and that he was the true Kang all along. Along with it, Kang also introduced Reed to a fellow prisoner, revealing to be his son, or at least a future counterpart of his future son with Sue, named Franklin. Eventually, Sue was able to get her and the rest of the Fantastic Four out of their cells and began their search for Ben, who was being experiment upon by Kang after he was close into creating the cure, but not before helping the imprisoned Resistance members escape the building first.

However, in the wake of their escape with the rest of his prisoners, including the temporal duplicate of Ravonna Renslayer, Kang left Ben and went to get back up and created dozens of his temporal remnants to surround the prisons and prevent them from ever going home to their own timeline, and despite Kang knowing the risks of creating a larger fracture within the space-time continuum, he let his own unstable emotions and selfish ambitions of ruling the entire history of the "Prime Reality" get in the way, falsely assuring that he would still find a way if the structure of the multiverse were to suddenly collapse because of his reckless intentions.

Kang and the temporal remnants arrived and encircled the members of the Resistance as they try and escape the Baxter Building, killing several prisoners in the process, despite the three's efforts to save them. Reed tries to fight Kang while Johnny and Sue help the prisoners flee, but Kang's powerful anti-matter weapon combined with his combatant skills had only made him the victor, weakening Reed. As Kang prepares to deliver the killing blow to Reed, Ben rescues him and the rest of the team, conclusively giving up his goal to revert his own self back to human form by completely rejecting Kang's mischievous offer to have him cured at a risky and diabolical price, and instead has decided to embraced his powerful form, willingly accepting the heroic power and the persona of the Thing within him.

Nearing the end of their final show down, the heroic four and Renslayer ultimately battles Kang in a duel, with Reed successfully taking out all of Kang's counterparts out of existence using a improvisational device of his own design, ultimately enraging Kang in his allied selves' defeat. Shortly after the battle, Reed and the four were able to bide some time, thanks to Renslayer's diversion to handle Kang herself, to restart the deactivated portal that Kang tried to destroy, and finally, safely return home to their own reality, much to Kang's dismay in his failure to take down one of his greatest adversaries when he had the chance to.

Ultimate War

Encounters from the Skrull Kind

The Fantastic Four were suddenly approached by their arch-nemesis, none other than Doom himself, who unexpectedly asked for the heroes' help, something he preferred calling his action a "reluctant request". The four were confused, especially Reed, asking him what kind of help does Victor need from them. Victor responded that he wouldn't even consider the four's help, if it wasn't for the sake of saving his own country, Latveria, and the rest of the world from an impending doom. The heroes then asked what was coming, to which Doom replied, "An invasion," confusing and surprising the four at the same time, though it was revealed that Doom had been studying extraterrestrial life since the Chitauri Invasion, leading to him making a theory about Earth being a frequent target for alien colonization after discovering that an ancient powerful species known as the Skrulls has been watching Earth and has attempted on colonizing it since the dawn of history. Doom then told them that the Skrull have been doing it every next thousand years, and now believes that they're coming to Earth, once again, although they have yet to know who the real responsible perpetrators were in contacting the Skrulls, and he had no other choice now that he needed their very help to stop another invasion from ever occurring, and at the same time keep this shocking discovery between them in the meantime to avoid mass panic and hysteria.

The Skrulls Attack Latveria

Some of the Skrull spacecrafts somehow found its way onto Earth, crashing into several locations all around the world, most notably the Kingdom of Latveria and the Kingdom of Wakanda, as Doom has suspected and predicted for it to actually happen. However, most of them were unfortunate on their ships' crash landing, having most of the Skrulls to perish as they have roughly crash landed into rocky terrains and fathomable oceans where no one gets back from. Nevertheless, those who did survive did proceed with their true intentions of exterminating and decimating Earth's entire race and life, who they have mistakenly taken as a rival species, daring to challenge them in becoming the far more superior species in the entire universe. After having to immediately know about their impending arrival on Earth, the Fantastic Four, even the Wakandan monarch Black Panther and the Subterranean ruler Arthur Molekevic (more commonly known as the on-and-off rogue Mole Man), has finally decided to help Doom in preventing another alien invasion from the hands of the Skrull Empire, a domain that the heroes and villains have only recently discovered its existence.

Powers and Abilities


Invisibility: During her cosmic expedition to the Negative Zone, Sue Storm received her powers when cosmic rays bombarded her body. Mr. Fantastic suspects that Sue Storm somehow taps into hyperspace when she uses her powers. As yet, the only limit seems to be her own reserve; she is reluctant to stretch her powers until absolutely necessary. The Invisible Woman has the mental ability to manipulate ambient cosmic energy for a variety of effects, including the rendering of herself and other objects invisible, and the construction of solid, invisible force fields. In an as yet unknown manner, cosmic energy interacts with the cells of her entire body in such a way as to produce a new form of energy with unusual properties. By a simple act of concentration, she can cause all wavelengths of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light to bend around her without distortion; she also somehow directs enough undistorted light to her eyes to retain her full range of vision while invisible. Sue can also generate invisible force fields that allow her to levitate herself or other objects, propel or manipulate them however she wishes, and generate invisible force weapons and protective shields.

  • Psionic Force Fields
    • Shock Waves
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened states represents Sue's potential power under the empowerment of enhancing factors and scenarios


  • Genius Intelligence
    • Master Scientist
    • Master Inventor
  • Presumed Millionaire
  • Trained Combatant
  • Leadership

Strength level

Class 15+


  • Concentration



  • Fantastic Four Uniform
  • Baxter Building issue communications equipment
  • Various advanced technology equipment
    • Various created gadgets and gear
    • Fantasti-Flare
    • Universal Translator
    • N-Zone Transporter
    • Chrono-Tunnel


  • Fantasticars
    • Fantasti-Car (formerly; destroyed)
    • Fantasticar 2.0 (formerly)
    • Fantasticar 2.5 (formerly)
  • Fantastiships

Weapons: None known.


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  1. Modern Comics: Fantastic Four Vol 3 5


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