Quote1Friendship is Super!Quote2
--Super Hero High's slogan

Super Hero High is a fan-made action figure franchise and also a webseries made by a collaboration between Hasbro, Bandai, and Mattel while also being a spin off of Monster High and Ever After High. It is centered on the children of famous comic book, videogame, anime and manga and many other types of fictional characters (DC, Marvel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.)

Note: I was inspired by Lady--Knight version on Deviantart and DC Superhero Girls to do this. All credit goes to both of them.

Plot Summary

Welcome to Super Hero High, a boarding school for the children of superheroes and supervillains. Meet Clara Kent, daughter of Superman and Alexis Luthor, daughter of Lex Luthor. Even though her father is evil, Alexis doesn't want to be evil like her father, so she and fellow villains decide to break free from the system, however Clara and her fellow heroes are against it, as they believe that they are destined for greatness while her brother Clark Jr. tries very hard to reform the other villain kids.



  • Patricia Parker: Daughter of Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson and sister of May Parker. Has secret relationship with Oscar Octavius despite their father's feud. Similar to Ashlynn Ella.
  • Brett Banner/Homer Hulk: Son of Bruce Banner/The Hulk and Betty Ross. Exposed to same gamma rays as father and has same temper. Similar to Jackson Jekyll/Holt Hyde.
  • Groota: Daughter of Groot. Speaks the same language as her father but Alexis and the other students seem to understand what she is saying. Similar to Ghoulia Yelps.


  • Oscar Octavius: Son of Dr. Octopus. Has his father's robotic arms. Isn't really evil and has secret relationship with Patricia Parker. Similar to Hunter Huntsman.
  • Felix Hardy: Son of Black Cat. Once had a relationship with Patricia Parker.
  • Vanessa Von Doom: Daughter of Doctor Doom. Tries to be just as evil as her father. Similar to Nefera de Nile and Duchess Swan
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