Real Name: Harry Jones

Height: 7'6" (as 609) 5'6" (as Jones)

Weight: 970 lbs (as 609) 169 lbs (as Jones)

Eyes: Red (as 609) Blue (as Jones)

Hair: None (as 609) Black (as Jones)

Skin: Red (as 609) White (as Jones)

Citizenship: U.S.A

Birthplace: New York, NY

Powers/Diseases: Drug Induced Physical Schizophrenia


Before the Experiment

Not much is known of Jones' life before his experiments. He joined the U.S Army at 17, reached the rank of Sgt and had to be discharged due to being paralysed after a bullet wound in his spine. He was paralysed from the waist down and spent his life up to the experiment in a wheelchair.

The Experiment

After his discharge he spent 3 years as a citizen, then signed up for a stem cell experiment called Experiment 609 to go back to his military career. He was injected with a serum called 609 and it re-animated the cells in his lower half and he was able to walk again. The experiment, for now, would be called a success.

The Side-Effects

About 3 months later, 2 weeks before he was to be deployed, he started experiencing side-effcets. He found his strength increased, his senses heightened bits of amnesia. As the side-effects continued, he began to grow more and more agitated and feral. Eventually, when mugged in the street, his 609 side broke out. He grew over 2ft and was strengthened superhumanly. His skin also was tinged red. He was taken to a secure facility owned by a government sector called S.H.I.E.L.D. His 609 side started growing and his transformations became more frequent. After a year in the facility, S.H.I.E.L.D's chief medical officer said "It's not particularly scientific, but 609 can only be described as a giant red lizard" and 609 was his dominant half.

The Breakout and Criminal Life

After 2 years in the facility, Jones was learning to control 609, not just losing control and becoming some wild beast. He used this control to smash through the weak wall in between his cell and his monitoring room. He smashed and broke his way out of the facility. He then used his new-found control to get revenge on those who had created him. He found the doctors behind Experiment 609 and quite literally tore them apart. After this he robbed banks, using the money to search for cures. He broke into hospitals and research facilities but there was no effective cure for Drug Induced Physical Schizophrenia. This turned him sour and his 609 side became dominant again, Jones no longer being able to control it.

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