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The Thing
Branch Abomination




Rocket Raccoon ("Brother")


Base Of Operations
Avengers Mansion






Unusual Features
Tree-like body


Marital Status

Avenger, adventurer

No formal education, trained in combat by the Avengers and Rocket Raccoon.

An experiment of life created by HYDRA, initially to make their first superhuman agents, along with his "brother", Rocket Raccoon. After being revived/restored, Subject-401, "Groot", along with Subject-400, "Rocket Raccoon" joined the New Avengers.



Quote1 His vocabulary is limited. He literally can only say his own name. That's kinda weird, you know. Considering that his... "brother" is a real tactical genius and weapons expert. It's like that, HYDRA needs a duo of brains and brawns. And because of him, we all must use translator devices... Quote2
-- Dirk Anger

The Wooden Titan

Subject-401, now known as "Groot", was actually one of the 500 experiments performed by HYDRA in order to make superhuman agents. While they do have Quicksilver as their first superhuman agent, HYDRA began making experiments to make an artificial life-form. A simulation of life, that they can use for their own advantage. Groot was the 401st among the 500 experiments. Groot was intended to be a walking tank, that can use nearby environment for combat effectiveness. Plus, he's programmed to be a silent, obedient agent. Groot was supposed to be only programmed to being only capable of saying "I am Groot" to "inspire fear". However, the 500 experiments were later abandoned after HYDRA perished under the Avengers' actions. As such, Groot was deemed incomplete. Although he, along with his "brother", Subject-400, "Rocket Raccoon" was actually near completion. For months, they're left "rotting" in the HYDRA base where they're kept at.

A Look at the World

Finally, Subject-401 and 400 would later escape from their "imprisonment" and revived. When the Avengers are trying to find members for their New Avengers, they stumbled upon the base where the 500 experiments were kept at. They found out that only "Groot" and "Rocket Raccoon" seemed to be able to be revived, or "activated". When Groot and Rocket were activated, they went on a short rampage before being put down by Juggernaut. They're brought into the place where in the future, it will be known as the Avengers Mansion. Several researches were done of them, and some facts were discovered about them. In particular, due to Groot's limited vocabulary and only Rocket can understand him, Dirk Anger gave the Avengers translator devices to understand Groot.

Powers and Abilities


  • Unique Physiology: Due to Groot's wooden body and unique physiology, he possesses super powers. HYDRA initially engineered Groot to be the perfect type of minion. Being a walking tank, can shrug off a lot of damage, while dealing heavy punishment to the enemy. Groot also possesses the ability to regenerate his wounds, and even dismembered limbs. Not just that, his natural physiology and body allows him to grow in massive sizes, up to 60 feet tall. Groot is potentially immortal, as well. One of Groot's greatest powers is to actually possess control over other plants, allowing him to use nearby plants for his own advantage. Even he can eat a plant in order to fasten his regeneration, and "speak" to them, giving them commands. An example is when he uses nearby vines to entangle enemies.
    • Superhuman Strength: Groot possesses a considerably immense amount of strength. He has been shown to be able to lift up to 100 tons, with unknown limits if he grows up to his maximum size. At his maximum size of 60 feet, he has been shown to be able to lift up a tanker ship with ease. Groot was also shown to be able to lift up a bus with one hand and rip it apart with little difficulty. His strength also allows him to go toe-to-toe with other beings with similar strength.
    • Superhuman Durability: Groot's dense wooden body allows him to shrug off most attacks thrown at him, and even become a little invulnerable. He can survive being shot by machine guns with no visible damage, being smashed and punched around by beings with strength similar to himself, and being rammed by a big ship. Explosions won't do much damage to him either. However, he does have a weakness in his durability, which is fire. Although it is questionable.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Groot possesses an advanced healing factor that bestows him with the ability to heal faster than normal humans. Groot has been shown to be able to regenerate limbs, and even after being disintegrated, he's still capable of healing, just from a simple branch originating from his body. Groot can accelerate his healing factor by consuming plants.
    • Immortality: Groot is immortal, by the means of aging. That means that Groot is not affected by aging, potentially making him immortal, although he can be killed physically. But it should be noted that killing him would be hard due to his endurance as an effect of his healing factor.
    • Body Manipulation: Groot is able to manipulate parts of his body, except his own head, to be formed into various tools and weapons. An example is when he created a shield from his arm, forming his entire arms into razor vines that can be used as a makeshift spear, generating tentacles from his fingers, and making a basket from his hands.
      • Growth: Through body manipulation, Groot is able to grow himself into massive sizes, with the maximum size being up to 60 feet tall. As he grows, his strength also increases. In turn, he goes slower the bigger he is.
    • Botanopathy: One of Groot's greatest powers is to communicate with other plants around his area. This means that Groot is able to command the plants to do his bidding. A good example is when he uses vines from a nearby forest in order to entangle an enemy. Not just that, he can use it to assist others.


While Groot has no formal education or whatsoever, he has been trained by the Avengers and Rocket Raccoon to use a type of free-style fighting to use his strength in combat effectively, to it's greatest extent.

Strength level

Groot is able to lift up to 100 tons. Through size manipulation, he can lift up greater weights, although the limits are unknown.


Groot's wooden body makes him vulnerable towards fire. Although recently, he has been shown to be immune to fire, instead, and takes reduced damage from fire attacks through size manipulation. Also, Groot gets slower as his size increases, making him an easy target. Groot is noted to be not able to comprehend things quickly, too. His vocabulary is also limited, only being able to say "I am Groot", unless someone uses a translator device or a thing like that.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: The Avengers Quinjet
Weapons: Various weapons that can be formed from his body, mostly melee weapons.


Groot is only a few days old when he joined the New Avengers. Although he has aged to some months now.


  • Unlike most depictions of Groot in Marvel Comics, Groot has no relationships with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and he originates from Earth. Plus, his limited vocabulary (with him only being capable of saying "I am Groot") doesn't come from his physiology. Instead, he only can say that because initially, he's designed to be the perfect, no-nonsense, silent soldier, but then, after he joined the New Avengers, Rocket Raccoon taught him to speak, and he was only thought to speak I am Groot. It was said that Groot's "not too smart" to comprehend, as well. Although he generally still can understand others.
    • Groot's debut in Earth-4045 on Earth, is a reference towards his first debut on Earth, as well. But, it references the classic Groot, which was the "Golden Age Groot" that can actually speak.
  • Groot's diet is unknown. It was stated by US Agent that he's strictly a herbivore. This was proven when Groot ate some Sakura flowers in one of the New Avengers' early missions, located in Japan.
  • Like his mainstream and MCU versions, only Rocket Raccoon can comprehend what Groot says. However, Dirk gave the Avengers and New Avengers translator devices to understand what Groot is really saying, making everyone in the Avengers capable of understanding Groot. Although in comic panels, his quotes are still I am Groot.

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