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Roman the First

Real Name
Current Alias
Roman the First

King Roman, Sub-Mariner 2099, Warlord of Atlantis, King of the Aqueos



Namor McKenize (Sub-Mariner)(father, deceased); Marrina Smallwood (Marrina) (mother, deceased); Relur Hammond (Brother); Unknown sister; Krang (Adopted father); Atlantean Royal Family


Base Of Operations
Atlantic Ocean, Eastern seaboard and fromerly new Atlantis





Unusual Features
Possesses underarm webbed flippers, Pointed ears, gills behind his ears, Fangs


Marital Status

Adventurer, warlord of Atlantis, usurper king of new Atlantis.

Trained by Krang the Conqueror


First appearance




Roman the First was one of the three unnamed children that Marrina and Namor McKenzie had. His egg was found by Krang the conqueror who rasied him has his son. Krang named him Roman, Roman was trained in the art of war and leadership.

New Atlantis

Most of the few Atlantean came to live under Krang, after the death of Namor and the lost of Atlantis a.k.a. New Atlantis. Alchemax started a new project called New Atlantis, mutates were created as slave laborers as the normal humans lived in airtight domiciles under the ocean. Learn of this and thinking that this could be his New Atlantis, he pretended to be one of the mutates slaves. He began to rally the mutates against their enslavers. The mutates started calling Roman, Roman the First, as he begins to fight against the humans. Some humans were allowed to stay and be mutated, most were allowed to leave New Atlantis with the understanding never to return to reclaim it. With the new home the wandering Atlanteans joined the mutates to live in peace and Krang came with them.


One of the humans the had be turn into mutant pretended to be under attack and was saved by Spider-Man 2099. The human asked Spider-man what CEO of Alchemax(Who was, in fact, Spider-Man & the new CEO of Alchemx Miguel O'Hara) planned would do about the mutates taking over New Atlantis. Spider-Man replied that he thought that Miguel would be forced to remove the mutates from New Atlantis, at which point the human revealed his allegiance to Roman the Sub-Mariner and drove into the sea. Returning to the ocean, the human told Roman what he learned. Roman replied that the surface world had once done a similar thing to legendary Namor, his father and explained that Namor had the surface world a lesson. Roman said he would teach this modern-day surface world a lesson as well, with some of his men they set out to flood New York, flooding the downtown area and with Horn of Proteus, Roman summoned Giganto to attack the area. Spider-Man and the Avengers (Earth-928.2) show up at this time, She-Hulk 2099 took out her weapon Aglaea's Graces the very water in the city turn against the Altantains and mutates. Spider-Man went after Roman and the horn. Spider-Woman 2099 (Earth-928.2) makes a fishing net to catch some of the mutates and Altantains. Iron Man 2099(Earth-928.2) goes to save some of the people trap in their cars and houses in the flood. When the Human Torch 2099(Earth-928.2) show up and drives into the water and Krang see his wings on his ankles, He yells to his men "Hail the Prince of Atlantis!" the Atlantean stop fighting. Roman quickly turns to see what his father is talking about and loses the horn of Proteus to Spider-Man who sends Giganto out to sea. Roman attempted to get the horn back from him, but Spider-Man bit him in the neck with his fangs, injecting a paralyzing venom that caused Roman to fall unconscious.

New life, unlife

Roman wakes up in a cell in one of New SHIELD 2099's holds waiting to be questioned by Spider-Man, Iron Man and New Green Goblin. Before they got there, unknown to Shield or their cameras, two beings appeared out of nowhere. One of the beings was an Aqueos, an Atlantean Vampire and the other he found if he looked a way he forgot was there. The stranger in black, asked Roman some questions which surprising himself he answered then the Aqueos bit him and named him king of the Aqueos and then they disappeared leaving Roman alone in his cell. Iron Man, New Green Goblin and Spider-Man came to question him just in time to see him leaving Shield and drive into sea. The guards were put to sleep or drain of blood.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Namor McKenzie (Earth-616)#Powers and Marrina Smallwood (Earth-616)#Powers However doesn't have flight. Later The powers of Aqueos


  • Leadership: He was taught to lead armies by his father Krang.
  • Multilingual: He speaks virtually every language on Earth.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Train by Krang the Conqueror
  • Genius Level Intellect:
  • Expert Tactician: He is a highly accomplished tactician.

Strength level

Roman possesses the normal strength of an Atlantean male who engages in moderate regular exercise. He can lift (press) approximately 4.55 tons in air, under optimal conditions. However as an Aqueos, his strength is higher 91 tons.


Water Deficiency: When not exposed to water, many of Roman’s physical attributes gradually decline and can reach a point where he possesses only a small fraction of his powers. Roman's strength, stamina, and durability are affected most and, at their minimum known level, are much closer to the levels possessed by the vast majority of other Atlanteans. Renewed exposure to water will immediately restore his abilities.

Sun Light A vampire's greatest weakness is sunlight, due to their altered metabolism, vampires were unable to withstand direct sunlight. Sunlight, somehow caused the ichor to congeal within the vampire's veins and the skin to rapidly decay. Direct exposure to sunlight caused the vampire to dehydrate completely and turn to powder.

Pollution: If Roman is immersed in or exposed to polluted water, it can have a negative effect both on his physiology and the efficiency of his physical attributes.



  • Horn of Proteus
  • Sunlight Immunity:This device was invented by The Mystikos Sect, a pendant containing a device which bends certain frequencies of light around the user, letting him or her stand in broad daylight without being burned.

Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Roman employs various weaponry and armor built for him by his human and Atlantean allies.


"Roman is Namor" spell backwards. He also wears Namor's black outfit back in 70s!


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