Sensational Spider-Man is a TV series that shows off some of the web swingers lesser known villains but does include some well known ones.


Will Friedle as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Misty Lee as Aunt May

Scott Menville as Harry Osborn, Beetle

Tara Strong as Gwen Stacy, White Rabbit

Matt Lanter as Flash Thompson, Edward "Eddie" Brock/Venom

Adrian Pasdar as Anthony "Tony" Stark/Iron Man

Steven Weber as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

Ashleigh Ball as Liz Allan

Kevin Michael Richardson as Jack O'Lantern

Greg Ellis as Swarm

James Remar as Mister Negative, Inner Demons

Michael Leon Wooley as Hippo

Rob Paulsen as Grey Gargoyle

Jim Meskimen as The Living Brain

Michael Rosenbaum as Donald Callahan/Squid

John DiMaggio as Styx, Grizzly

Grey DeLisle as Hard Shell

Wallace Langham as Stone

Troy Baker as Johnathon Ohnn/The Spot

Tom Kenny as The Jackal

Yuri Lowenthal as Peter Parker/Scorpion


Season One

  1. A criminal named White Rabbit starts robbing the rich and giving the money to the poor and Peter tries to take her down, because of this he is given massive amounts of backlash. Peter eventually finds out White Rabbit is keeping most of the money for herself.
  2. A man from Russia, calling himself Swarm, comes to America with an army of brainwashed wasps and starts kidnapping scientists he claims have wronged him. One of the scientists tells Peter Swarm was fired after one of his creations, a mutant wasp, almost killed someone.
  3. A crime boss named Mister Negative hires an assassin named the Beetle to kill Spider-Man. Every battle they have Peter leaves Beetle conscious so he can attend Aunt May's birthday party.
  4. Peter realizes summer brake is almost over and when he starts going to school again his life as Spider-Man will be hindered so he decides to make the most of it by taking down as many criminals as he can, meanwhile a psychopath named Jack O'Lantern starts destroying the city.
  5. White Rabbit steals a serum and injects it in to a hippo named Mrs. Fluffy Lumpkins, the now mutated hippo starts destroying the zoo he was being kept in since he is a male.
  6. Aunt May realizes she hasn't spent a lot of time with Peter so she takes him to the mall but Beetle returns for his revenge, now Peter has to fight Beetle without Aunt May realizing he's gone.
  7. Mister Negative hosts a party to celebrate his bale after the Beetle incident but it is robbed by White Rabbit and Hippo. Negative reluctantly asks Spider-Man for help to get his and his guests money back.
  8. A man in a strange mask comes to Spider-Man telling him one of his friends needs his help and to follow him. When Spidey and the man make it to where they where going it turns out to be a trap set up by Mister Negative who has put together a team called the Sinister Six consisting of Beetle, White Rabbit, Hippo, Jack O'Lantern, Swarm and himself.
  9. A french scientist named Paul Duval comes to America to continue his studies, he spills a formula on his hand which makes the rest of his body stone. Paul realizes he can still move so he goes to get help but everyone he touches turns to stone. After being beat and arrested by Spider-Man Paul snaps and brakes out, completely accepting his deadly power and renaming himself the grey gargoyal.
  10. A criminal wearing a power suit named Hard Shell starts robbing banks, Spider-Man tries to stop him but all he does is knock him to the side, after this happens a few more times Spider-Man just tries to talk to him but it turns out he is a she and she didn't take to kindly to being called "man." Spider-Man defeats her by making her run in to a few walls.
  11. Mister Negative and Spider-Man have a conversation where Negative convinces Peter he is the reason his enemies came to New York, Peter's costume then becomes photonegative and he starts doing the opposite of what he would normally do. At the end he and Aunt May have a conversation where Peter insults her over and over, Aunt May then becomes photonegative and kicks Peter out.
  12. Three weeks later Spider-Man has spread his corruption all over the city, good is now bad and bad is now good, this summons the currently heroic Beetle.
  13. Beetle brings all the old sinister six together to defeat the corrupted Spider-Man but are defeated, when Spidey starts to walk away he mentions the conversation he had with Negative so the Beetle and his team go to stop him. When they find Negative they fight for a bit but in the end the Beetle comes out on top, after this the Beetle and his team go back to normal and are about to escape just when Spider-Man shows up.
  14. Peter starts going back to school and catches up with his old friends Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn, unfortunately his old bully Flash Thompson does things like shove him in to a locker, put his head in a toilet and flush, ect, but when Flash is captured by one of Mister Negatives men in masks, who Peter calls Inner Demons, Peter must put his feelings aside and help Flash, when Peter saves him it turns out Flash is a very big fan of Spider-Man and would do anything for him, Peter uses this to his advantage by tricking Flash in to flushing his own head in the toilet.
  15. Midtown High gets a visit from someone very famous, Norman Osborn. He shows off a new creation of his, a large robot named The Living Brain which has the ability to learn from the things it sees and hears but The Brain hears people taunting others, kids gossiping and making fun of other kids but the final straw is when he sees Flash shove Peter in to a locker, this makes The Brain snap and he kidnaps everyone he heard talking so Peter goes to stop him.
  16. Midtown High gets a new student, Donald Callahan. Harry and Donald become friends but it turns out Donald is a part of a gang, Harry tries to leave but Donald and his gang grab him, Peter searches for Harry and finds him in a warehouse full of chemicals made by Oscorp, Peter saves Harry but Donald is doused in the chemicals in the process. The next day the school is attacked by a squid man who says he is Donald and he wants to kill Harry.
  17. Peter tries to go on a date with Gwen but the Beetle attacks so Peter has to leave Gwen, the Beetle escapes so Peter puts his normal cloths back on and goes to talk to Gwen but she is gone. The next day Peter tries to talk to Gwen but she has fallen out with him since he left her, Peter thinks of revealing his secret to her but desides against it.
  18. The Living Brain returns which confuses Peter since the last time they fought he destroyed the Brain, he destoys Brain again but when he leaves it is revealed Brain can use the technology around him to rebuild himself, he hooks up his chip and wires in to technology all over the city which means he is in compleat control and Peter must stop him again, but this time anything could kill him.
  19. Norman Osborn announces that OsCorp is teaming up with Stark Industries to create a mass produced Iron Man armour named the Iron Patriot that the army will use. That night Peter is attacked by an Iron Patriot and is thrown in to a few buildings by it but eventually finds out there is no one in and destroys it.
  20. More and more Iron Patriots start going after Spider-Man but all of them are destroyed, after the fourth attack Iron Man comes to find out what's going on, he also finds out Spider-Man is a big fan of his. Tony hacks in to one of the Iron Patriots helmets and finds out it is being controlled by Norman Osborn, they confront him about this but he threatens to take Tony to court, at the end Spider-Man finds out Osborn is controlling the armours and he is also creating a super soilder serum, when Spider-Man accidentally reveals himself Osborn drinks the serum.
  21. Osborn fights Spider-Man and is about to win when his skin starts turning green and he runs off. Spider-Man finds him in the sewers where he sees Osborn has become more monster like and that his skin now has scales. Spider-Man says he can help him but Osborn refuses stating he would never get help from a "Super-Freak" he then runs off.
  22. The next day Peter is eating lunch with Harry and Gwen thinking about Osborn when Gwen tells him that Harry seems upset, Peter asks Harry what's wrong and Harry says that his dad called and told him Spider-Man kidnaped him. That night Spider-Man confronts Osborn whos appearance now looks like a goblin, because of this Spider-Man mocks him by nick naming him the Green Goblin, they fight through the whole night while Osborn mutates more and more until he sprounts wings, gains yellow eyes and has skin like a rhino but he is eventually defeated by Spider-Man, at the end it shows Green Goblin in a prison singing teddy bear picnic in a slow and deap voice.

Season Two

  1. Two new criminals have shown up in New York, their names are Styx and Stone, Styx is a living virus and Stone is a mad scientist wich makes it easy for them to rob banks, while they commit crimes Peter is trying to catch up with his school work and since Aunt May has been home lately it's hard for him to fight Styx and Stone.
  2. Gwen is still a little angry at Peter for leaving her so to make it up to her Peter takes her to an amusement park where Spider-Man attacks, Peter gets Gwen to safety before putting on his Spider-Man costume and fighting the other Spider-Man, who he calls Spider-Clone. After beating him Spider-Clone tells him he is in fact a clone of Peter and he was created by a man named the Jackal.
  3. Peter searches for the Jackal and finds him in a building full of tubes with blood in them, Jackal and Spidey fight and it ends with Spider-Clone knocking Peter out. When Peter wakes up he is in a room with no door, Peter thinks that there is no way out but he has an idea and smashes himself through the walls and attacks Jackal and Spider-Clone. When Jackal realizes he is going to lose he blows up the building, Peter survives and assumes Jackal and the clone are dead.
  4. Spider-Man is attacked by a large robot that almost kills him, when he does research he finds out that is was made the same way OsCorp makes their robots, he then confronts Harry who claims he has done nothing before throwing a rock at Spidey. At the end it shows Harry paying a shadowy man to kill Spider-Man.
  5. After saving a man who was falling Spider-Man is attacked by a large man named Grizzly who says he was hired to kill him. After beating Grizzly he asks him who hired him, Grizzly says he won't tell him but since Grizzly isn't very bright he says that Harry hired him while saying he won't tell. When Spidey confronts Harry Harry reveals another robot that looks like a black widow but Spidey eventually beats it to but Harry is gone.
  6. Spider-Man is swinging through the city looking for Harry when he is attacked by Beetle, White Rabbit, Hippo, Jack O'Lantern, Swarm and Squid which means someone created their own Sinister Six. The six where hard to beat the last few times Spidey fought them but now with a man he already had trouble fighting with working for them they are even more of a threat. Eventually Peter beats them and makes Swarm tell him who they're working for, who turns out to be Harry.
  7. Peter finds Harry in a prison, trying to brake out many criminals. When Spider-Man and Harry fight Harry reveals he is wearing Iron Patriot armour, making him harder to beat. Harry is knocked through the wall of a cell where the Green Goblin is, Harry finds out the Goblin is his father before braking down and trying to run away but is captured by police.
  8. Peter and Gwen are upset by what happened to Harry, in fact they're so bad Flash can't bring himself to make fun of Peter. While this is happening Peter's career as Spider-Man is damaged when the Daily Bugle starts printing propaganda about him. A cat burglar named the Black Cat brakes in to a building to steal something named "The Ooze." Spider-Man tries to beat her but she gets away and the ooze is gone. It ends with Spider-Man walking in to the shadows and when he comes out he is completely black with a white spider logo.
  9. When Peter realizes his suit is black he assumes that the ooze may have covered it. The next day Peter is attacked by Grey Gargoyal, Beetle, Squid and Hard Shell who beat him so badly he has to crawl off and lick his wounds. After taking off the suit to get some sleep it takes over Peter without him knowing so it can beat the villains itsself. The suit makes Hard Shell smash in to Squid, uses Squid's tentacles to grab Grey Gargoyal who turns him to stone and then smashes Beetle's jetpack which explodes and almost kills Beetle. The next day Peter hears the news about the villains before trying to get out of bed only to realize he can't without being in a lot of pain, Peter then goes back to sleep only for the suit to take him over yet again.
  10. Peter wakes up and realizes he feels very, very good, so he goes to school and starts acting like a stereotypical jock, he makes fun of "nerds", signs up for the football team, and starts dating Flash Thompson's old girlfriend Liz Allan but he also stops being friends with Gwen. Meanwhie Jack O'Lantern comes back for his revenge but when he fights Peter he is thrown off his glider.
  11. Midtown High gets a new student, Edward "Eddie" Brock, who Peter starts picking on for seemingly no reason. Peter starts fighting very violently, even if the criminals he fights where doing bearly anything. Peter realizes what he is doing when he throws Hippo out a truck and sees that White Rabbit is stairing at him in horror. That night Peter is siting on top of a bell tower and decides to get the ooze of him but he can't, until he accidentally hits the bell, making him realize the ooze hates loud noices, he hits the bell over and over until it comes off, at the same time Eddie is sitting at the bottom of the tower reading a book when the ooze comes down and takes him over.
  12. To celebrate being back in the red and blue Peter goes out and fights a few of his villains that had escaped but while fighting a newly reconstructed Living Brain a strange black monster rips Brain appart, Peter tries to thank the creature but it attacks him, during the fight Peter grabs its mouth and rips it open revealing Eddie Brock's face before the mouth heals itself, covering Eddie, the creature then throws Peter in to a wall while screaming its name is Venom, Peter gets up and kicks Venom in its mouth, forcing it to retreat, Peter then comments that Venom looked like he was made of the ooze. Later, Aunt May is making a souffle for Peter when someone rings the doorbell, she opens it revealing Venom.
  13. Peter goes home and sees a note on the wall that has a message from Venom, telling him that he took Aunt May, Peter immediately puts on his suit and swings out with the note, which says Venom is at Midtown High. It then shows many kids, including Gwen, Liz, and Flash, when Venom grabs Flash and drags him in. Peter breaks in to Midtown High and begins looking for Venom but Venom finds him, Venom breaks the roof and lands on Peter, he then beats Peter before tearing off his mask, Venom also reveals that he is Eddie "To make things even." Eddie starts draging Peter away but Peter webs a generator and rips it out a wall, using it to hit Venom. Venom starts getting back up but Peter grabs him and shoves his head in to the hole that used to have the generator, shocking Eddie and making the ooze go nuts. It then shows Peter, with a ripped mask, freeing Flash and May. It also shows Eddie sitting in a prison with a violent cell mate, Cletus Cassidy.
  14. After the fight with Venom, Peter is left beaten and bruised, he claims he was jumped by a mugger to May, and May tells Peter he can't leave the house until he heals. The worst part is the Beetle is back and is wrecking havoc on the city, looking for Spider-Man. Peter manages to sneak out the house and fight Beetle, throwing him in to the docks, where his suit acts up and he floats away, unconscious. Peter returns home to May, who grounds him.
  15. Hippo heals up and goes out for his revenge on Spider-Man, this time he seems a lot tougher, managing to defeat Spidey with just one punch, he is about to finish him when the police show up. Peter begins to wonder how Hippo is able to do this when it cuts to him talking to Mr. Negative, who touches Hippo and gives him more power, however, each time Hippo is powered up he loses more and more of his human like mind, until he can't even talk and just roars.
  16. Peter manages to save people in a crashing plane, however, he is still in the plane. He survives but is badly injured. He is rushed to the hospital, the doctors decide to not take off his mask out of respect. When in the hospital, Peter realises that Jack O' Lantern is in the same room as him, and he has healed quite a bit since he was thrown off his glider.
  17. Peter's class goes on a trip to visit Dr. Johnathon Ohnn, who claims he has accessed another dimension with a machine, however, when he activates the machine it blows up. He wakes up and realises his skin has been bleached white and he has black spots all over his body. After finding out he can take the spots off and use them as portals, he decides to use his abilities to rob banks but is eventually beaten by Peter, but it turns out things are a lot more complicated when Ohnn escapes as soon as he's put in.
  18. Peter is preparing for graduation but he must put it aside when he finds out Green Goblin has broken out of jail, and he has Jack O'Lantern, Styx, Stone, The Spot, Hippo, White Rabbit, Swarm, Mr. Negative, Grey Gargoyle, Hard Shell, and Bettle on his team, as the Sinister Twelve. Peter loses the fight and Goblin leaves him with Grey Gargoyle and Hard Shell.
  19. Peter manages to escape and fights off Hard Shell and Gargoyle. The villains decide to take the city over, they try to kill the mayor but Peter knocks Styx and Stone out, but is forced to retreat when Mr. Negative attempts to corrupt him. Negative attempts to help Styx and Stone up, but Goblin tells him not to, calling them weak. Peter attempts to get help from Tony Stark but finds out he is out of town. With no other option, Peter goes to Harry Osborn for help.
  20. Harry agrees to help Peter as long as Peter leaves him alone, Peter agrees to Harry's demands, but only if he doesn't commit anymore crimes. Harry draws out The Spot, Hippo and White Rabbit and blows up a bridge, which falls on them, knocking them out. He then draws Mr. Negative and Swarm out, with Peter knocking them out. Realizing what's happening, Green Goblin decides to keep what's left of the team together. However, with help from Harry, Peter finds them and manages to defeat them, but Goblin escapes. Later, Gwen Stacy is cooking when Goblin bursts in and kidnaps her.
  21. Peter and Harry find out about Gwen's kidnapping and go to save her. Harry fights Mr. Negative's Inner Demons, who are working with Goblin, while Peter goes after Goblin himself. Harry manages to defeat the Inner Demons and Goblin drops Gwen off a bridge. Peter tries to save her, but he fails and she dies. Goblin escapes and Peter vows to kill Goblin.
  22. Harry tracks Goblin and Peter goes to fight him, however, Goblin defeats Peter before leaving him for dead. Harry gives Peter new web shooters, which can shock the people they're fired at, and Peter goes after Goblin again. They fight for quite some time, but eventually Peter wins, however, when he sees Goblin begging for his life and even saying he can kill Harry in his place, Peter decides against killing Goblin and instead, knocks him out and leaves. After Gwen's death, Peter takes his Spider-Man suit and throws it in the ocean in grief, saying goodbye to Spider-Man.

Season Three

  1. Peter is watching the news and sees that Spider-Man is fighting crime, Peter goes and confronts the new Spider-Man, who reveals himself to be Peter's clone from before. Spider-Clone fights Peter, with it ending in Spider-Clone throwing Peter off the building. Later, Peter decides to stitch together a new costume to fight Spider-Clone. Meanwhile, Jackal is revealed to be alive.
  2. A new criminal attacks the city, Scorpion. Peter is shocked to find out Scorpion's fighting style is exactly like his own. Peter loses the fight, and Scorpion is about to kill him, when he begins curling up in pain, forcing Scorpion flee. Later, Scorpion is speaking to Jackal, who takes his mask off, revealing Scorpion to be another Spider-Clone.
  3. Aunt May is making dinner when Peter comes home. May notices he is acting very strange and everything becomes even stanger when another Peter comes home. Peter takes other Peter to his room, where it becomes clear the first Peter who entered is Spider-Clone. Peter and Spider-Clone argue for a bit before Scorpion shows up once again. Peter fights the two with it ending in him kicking Scorpion's mask off, finding out he is a Spider-Clone. Scorpion and Spider-Clone disappear to Jackal's hideout. While there, it is revealed Jackal has many Spider-Clones he could unleash at any moment.
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