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Real Name
Steve Rogers
Current Alias

Cap, Star spangled Man, Man with the Plan, American Boy, Captain Blue Man, Super Soldier, Living Legend, Man out of time, Blondie, Boy Scout



The Avengers, Ally of Falcon, U.S. Army, formerly S.H.I.E.L.D.., SSR, The Invaders (leader), Howling Commandos (Earth-981)(leader)

Joey Rogers (Father, deceased) Sarah Rogers (Mother, deceased)


Base Of Operations
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Triskelion, Washington D.C. Brooklyn, New York City, New York






Marital Status

Adventurer, Soldier

College Education, Military Basic Training

A Frail Volunteer for the super soldier in WWII, Lost in the Arctic Circle in suspended Animation for decades and inducted by S.H.I.E.L.D. and became an Avenger


First appearance

Ultiverse: Avengers #1


Quote1 Be Strong, You never know who you are inspiring... Quote2
-- Captain America

Early Life

Steve Rogers was born on the 4th of July in the year 1918 to Sarah and Joey Rogers. his father was an U.S. soldier until he was later killed in the battlefield. Rodger's father became a role model to him and wanted to become a solder like him when he grows up. While Rodgers turned 12 years old, his mother died of a lung disease shortly after. he was later transferred to an orphanage where he was beaten up by bullies on regular basis. and that was where he meets his best friend and protector Bucky.

Becoming a Super Soldier

In New York City, June 1944, Steve was Horrified by newsreel footage of Nazis in Europe, Rogers then try to enlist in the Army around the time the United States entered World War II, but was rejected for World War II Military Duty due to his Physical Issues and is too frail and skinny for combat but his best friend Bucky got Accepted. after a few attempts. Rodgers caught the eye of Dr. Abraham Erskine and has accepted him(due to his strong will and unbreakable spirit)for the Super Soldier Program Called project: Rebirth Experiment under Dr.Abraham Erskine and Colonel Chester. the night before the experiment, Erskine revealed to Steve that his first test subject, Nazi officer and Hydra leader Johann Schmidt, after the imperfect version of the Treatment, becoming a super soldier but with suffering side affects which burned his skin from his skull and his whole body, turning him bloody Red, taking the name the Red Skull. Erskine later tells Steve whatever happens to him, he must remain who he is and nor become a perfect solder, but a good man.

During the experiment. Rogers emerged from the experiment, having to be taller and muscular. However, he noticed a suspicious soldier focusing on him instead of standing guard. The shady man revealed himself as a Hydra spy sent to murder Rogers in the event that he survived the experiment. Rogers stopped him, but not before the spy murdered Doctor Erskine and the scientists who helped developed the formula, taking its secrets with them to the grave.

World War II

Later, Rogers Fully committed himself to the American war efforts was shipped off to Europe and joined up in a camp run by Chester Philips. Rogers was then put through an intensive physical and tactical training program that taught him gymnastics, hand-to-hand combat from Colonel Rex Applegate and William Essart Fairbairn, and military strategy. He was given a partner which is his best friend Bucky and a shield made by the inventor, Howard Stark that was originally issued a traditionally "kite" shaped shield made of mundane steel and was given a public name; Captain America. During the war, "Cap" served as both a symbol of freedom and America's most effective special operative. He is team up with a small group named the Howling Commandos

Captain America during WWII

a small group specialist assaulting hydra base's. In command of his own personal team of soldiers, Captain America embarked on quest's to sabotage and destroy Hydra's efforts to rule the world.

In addition to working with his best pal Bucky, Rogers sometimes came into contact with a Canadian paratrooper namedJames Howlett the man who would come to be known as Wolverine. On one mission with The Commandos, Bucky and half of the unit was ambushed and captured by Red Skull’s special unit. The remaining soldiers was Steve and Union Jack. So they came up with a plan to create another team with stronger members. Jim Hammond was an android that Howard Stark was working on. But with military technology at the time. They upgraded Jim to have the power of fire and flight. Steve regularly was teamed up with a Sub-mariner named Namor and helped him fend off Hydra attacks. Namor was an Atlantean that grew up with hatred for the surface world. Buts since he was half human, he also saw it as his other home. And with the war going on he decided to help. They decided to join Steve’s new team along with a speedster named Robert Frank but he goes by “The Whizzer” and a mutant named Madeline Joyce who goes by the name Miss America. The team then set out to rescue their captured soldiers. They arrived at a Hydra base and successfully rescued their friends but the mission wasn't over yet. Steve and the rest of the allies met up with a British Officer named Peggy Carter who was under fire from Madame Hydra. A deadly assassin for Hydra. after defeating her, Peggy informed Cap that the base is being over seen by Red's Skull's Closely afflicted Von Strucker and a Hydra Scientist who are both conducting creepy experiments in the Castle. While Cap and Strucker are in the heated battle, the rest of the Commandos spread out to search and destroy Hydra's experiments in each labs. one of them find out that the samples of his experiments was for an Army of Hydra Super Soldiers. They all then managed to destroy them all.

After Cap presumably defeated Strucker, Cap places explosive charges around a steel gold support beam in the castle, while Bucky came across Zola but escaped out of his sight, only to be encountered by a massive mechanical suit called The Iron-Cross. Bucky Radioed Peggy for backup pronto, she then radioed Cap to tell him Bucky needs his help quickly. Dum Dum Dugan Shot down a Hydra-Copter to give Cap a chance to go rescue Bucky. Cap arrived and helped Bucky to try defeating The Iron-Cross. He then succeed but then Von Strucker popped up and him and Cap got into one last battle until Strucker was defeated yet again and carried Strucker on his back while escaping. As both Bucky and Cap where escaping the exploding castle, a huge chunk of debris landed on Bucky and became trapped under it, Cap tries to pull him out but forces Cap to leave him behind stating "The World gonna need Captain America more then they need Bucky". Cap escapes the castle with his allies while Bucky seemingly died in the explosion.

If This Be Doomsday!

Cap went into depression after failing to save his best friend Bucky but with the help of Peggy, Cap was able to get right back on his feat and became eager to stop Hydra's rain once and for all. Using Information gathered by Strucker, Rogers lead an attack on Hydra's final base in Micronesia to stop their domination over the world. When the Commandos, a duo of soldiers and Specialists arrived at the last Hydra base on D-day, they are met with heavy company, Cap relays on his allies and Peggy Carter that the work being done and to end Red Skull rain. Cap took a group of soldiers and ran through the castle with the help of the whizzer. Then group of Hydra soldiers spotted the Americans and fired. Cap used his shield to protect himself. Once on the other side, Cap saw a group of scientists and strange humanoid creatures working on advanced computers. Cap looked on them in shock. It was later reveled that Red Skull possessed a weapon of unimaginable Power, Space Gem Dr. Zola then use this Gem to create weapons with unmatched power and to open a portal to Jotunheim and planned to unleash an an army of Mythological Monsters and Frost Giants upon the World.

The creatures then surrounded Cap, Peggy and Miss America However, they were able to break free and damaged the container for the Gem and foiled Red Skull's plans. Cap, Peggy and Miss America stood their ground and defeated any attacking creature that came their way but the Hydra supersoldier punched Cap's shield so hard that it created a large dent. Cap knocked skull back into a computer console. Skull had a plan B if something went wrong. He introduced a prototype A-missile powered with the space gem's energy and meant to target Washington D.C. Cap proceeds to gut skull in the stomach and a finishing blow to the face, defeating him. Though too late to stop the bomb's launch. Before he could get to the bomb, Rogers and Carter shared their first and last kiss, Cap then managed to get to the bomb moments before its launch. The missile blasted out of the top of the castle as the American soldiers watched. As the missile flew away, four alien crafts followed the missile. As Cap struggled to stay on, he opened a hole in the side and grabbed a grenade. Cap pulled the pin on the grenade and dropped it into the hole. He leapt off the rocket just before it exploded. The explosion engulfed one of the alien craft and destroyed it. He fell to the sea, presumed deceased. However, through a combination of his super soldier physiology and the arctic cold, Captain American went into a cryogenic sleep. The Allies had won World War II and mourned their fellow comrade. During this and Howard Stark Recovered the Space Gem and kept it in a safe location for future studies and Captain America remained undiscovered.

The Legend

Captain America and his heroic deeds became known all around the world in this universe. T'Challa of Wakanda heard tales of his adventures. Bruce Banner and Hank Pym tried to recreate the super soldier serum in hopes of making them more like Cap. Even Tony Stark built suit of armors after being inspired by him. He would later use them to perform heroic deeds like Cap. Many magazines and newspapers wrote articles about Cap's adventures and his fight with The Red Skull. His adventures became so well known they were even heard in distant Asgard by Thor, the God of Thunder and son of Odin. Both Odin and Thor became proud of Steve. Meanwhile, Cap's body drifted and became frozen one-hundred and eighty-two meters within a glacier. Sixty years after he fell, Cap's body was found by a S.H.I.E.L.D. submarine team lead by Nick Fury and Tony Stark.

War against the Skrulls


While being Revived, Steve Rogers finds himself in a strange place, being thawed out by people he didn't know. Deducing something was wrong, he fled outside into what was revealed to be present day New York. Rogers found a very changed world, and even though the Axis was defeated in his absence, he became overwhelmed by a sense of guilt when looking at the modern United States, and started focusing on the changes he wasn't able to fight for in the past. He also discovered that everyone and everything he had known was gone with time. Rogers was confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson and Agent Sharon Carter (The niece of Peggy Carter) and informed him that he has been "asleep" for nearly seventy Years. When they get to a lab run by doctors Betty Ross an Bruce Banner, Banner asks for a sample of Cap's blood to try and fix his "condition". Cap agrees and Banner gets to work on curing the Hulk. Later on, Fury told him that he wanted Steve to lead a superpowered team to fight off an incoming global threat. Steve was unsure but Fury reminded him that he was the only one to have battled a threat and beaten it. Fury gave him a folder with all the information on the team.

Project Avengers

Steve joined Fury and Coulson as they entered the conference room. They're joined with Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Agent Barton (Hawkeye), Bruce Banner (Hulk), Betty, Dr. Jane Foster, Hank Pym (Ant-Man/Giant Man) and his girlfriend Janet van Dyne (The Wasp). Fury then addressed the group saying they were part of Project: Avenger and under the command of Captain America. Then Tony Stark walked into the room. Fury explained to them how a secret Hydra fortress off the coast of Norway was built to launch a Gem powered warhead in World War II. Fury showed them pictures that Rebel Ralston had taken. He told the group about how Cap had stopped the missile from reaching America. Betty asked how the Hydra got the infinity Gem's capabilities. Fury told them it was because of shape shifting aliens called the Skrulls. The Skrulls had been hiding out on Earth since World War II. Three ships have been hovering around nuclear power plants and military facilities. Fury went on to explain that the skrulls failed to reclaim all the wreckage from the ship that was destroyed along with the early gem powered missile. Fury showed them a piece of the hull, metal they call vibranium. The metal is indestructible and absorbs energy like a sponge. Fury warned that stopping this threat may not be easy but Cap and the rest of the group decided to continue. Steve then went to go explore the city and see how much it changed. Steve was given a full military uniform. He and his four S.H.I.E.L.D. security guards walked through the streets of New York. As they wandered through the streets, he heard a car alarm and loud music off in the distance. Steve noted how much the neighborhood changed as he saw two punks walk past him. Eventually, Steve made his way to the Ralston Home and knocked the door. An elderly Robert Ralston (a fellow member of the Howling Commandos back in World War II) answered the door and happy invited Steve in for coffee. Steve accepts. Steve looked around at Ralston's photographs. He saw the wedding pictures of Ralston and Peggy Carter and more of their life together. Steve asked if she was there and if the squad was still around but Ralston grew depressed at this and looked down. Robert told him that most had died and Peggy had passed away from Alzheimer. He gave Steve the location of where most were buried. Steve left the house and headed towards the cemetery. Steve and the guards made their way to the cemetery. The guards left the hero alone as he wandered past the gravestones of fallen soldiers. He eventually found the grave of Bucky Barnes. He kneeled down and remembered Bucky. Behind him, a S.H.I.E.L.D. transport landed nearby. Fury exited and walked up to Steve, who was saddened that everything and everyone he knew and cared for was gone. Fury told him that there is still his country who need him.

Secret Invasion

Agents Coulson and Carter take Steve on a tour of S.H.I.E.L.D's Triskellion facility. After it was over, agent Hill gives Cap a new suit and a brand new shield made by Phil Coulson and Tony Stark himself. This one was circular and made out of a combination of vibranium and adamantium so that it would not be dented like the other one. Steve was then sent outside and saw the team standing near a transport. Fury explained that the Skrulls attacked and took a heavily armed S.H.I.EL.D. base and killed all those inside. They found that the skrulls activated all the base defenses, which S.H.I.E.L.D. could not remotely turn off. Fury stated that they were going to use the base to find every S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite and destroy them. Fury ordered the team to save the satellites and stop the aliens inside. As the transport flew to the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, Cap told the team about the defenses. Wasp went on head believing she was too small to be noticed. Cap tried to stop her but she went anyways. Cap decided that he would enter through the glass from the rooftop on the Eastern side. He ordered Iron Man to fly up and scan the interior and call out any enemy movements. He then ordered Widow to take the loading Dock.

He had Pym and Hawkeye stay behind in case the Skrull got away from them. Even though Pym believed that he, believing himself to be the strongest member, should go in. After landing, the team split up and approached the facility. Cap enters through the rooftop. He used his shield to knock out three disguised Skrull soldiers with a single swing. Iron Man then came in on the radio and noted that Wasp was surrounded by infrared triggers. He ordered everyone to advance, but told Wasp to stay still as the area was too hot. Wasp went on but got caught in an explosion. Iron Man then decided to find her himself. Cap ordered him not too as he still needed him above the base but Iron Man ignored him and entered the facility to rescue Wasp but got caught in an explosion also. As Cap continued through the facility, Hank Pym as Giant Man began pounding on the roof yelling for Janet's name to see if she was okay. Cap destroyed two turrets with his shield as he continued on. However, his shield got stuck in the wall and became surrounded by Skrull grunts until Black Widow stopped them, saving Cap. Clint complained that the "amateurs" would get them all killed. Cap grabbed his shield and thanked Romanoff for her rescue. They entered a room filled with satellites and saw that each and every one had a bomb attached. The three raced through the facility as the bombs exploded destroying the facility around them. They then spotted the full sized Wasp impostor who is trying to help Iron Man regain consciousness. Eventually he does and follows the others as they all leave the facility.

Battle For Earth

Back at the Triskelion, Fury berated them all for letting the alien destroy the facility. He told them how they disobeying orders would cost them the lives of millions during the incoming invasion if they don't get their acts together. Ant Man reasoned that he was merely trying to save his wife. Fury, tired of his arrogance, fired him from the team. Ant Man stormed off and Wasp followed. Feeling that this was all his mistake, Cap handed Fury his shield and walked away. Widow told Fury she would talk to him and followed. He stopped along a railing with Widow following. She told him that the defeat was not his fault. She claimed that the team failed him. But Cap told her that he was not ready to lead a team. Since he was in command the defeat was his problem. Widow told him that he is a man she would follow regardless. Cap said she should not and walked away.

Later, they were informed that the President of the United States has been abducted by the Skrulls. SHIELD and whats left of the team head for Micronesia, a place rumored to be the alien's base and where they were holding the Presidnet prisoner. The teams founded the president but Captain America immediately notice something is wrong. It was a trap and the Skrull's commander Talos, was waiting for them and then killed the president in front of them and escapes. In the facility a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers find a nuclear bomb and it is immediately detonates engulfing the entire island and destroying the helicarrier fleet. Then out of nowhere, Skrull spaceships enter from the atmosphere, startling everyone from across the world. Talos goes to see the 'head' Skrull. He asks why the Skrulls aren't using cloaking devices. The alien tells Talos that they picked up something from Micronesia.

Then a bolt of lightning comes out of nowhere in the middle of Manhattan, killing some Skrulls. Talos goes to get ready, as the team and hundreds of SHIELD soldiers appear from the smoke. It is revealed that a mysterious god who call himself Thor arrived at the nick of time to help as when Iron Man's force field helped saved many of the soldiers and team from the nuclear blast, allowing Thor to transport everyone all the way back to New York with his hammer, Mjolnir. Cap went to Widow and Fury and helped everyone evacuate a building they where in before the three watched as a Skrull ship caused the same building to collapse. The three watched in amazement as Hank Pym appeared as Giant Man who caught the building, Wasp then flew in. As Skrull soldiers approached, Cap ordered Giant Man to stop them. He pushed the building over killing many of the approaching aliens. Cap took command of the team. Cap tells Iron Man and Thor to go into the sky providing air support and take out any Skrull Ships, Giant Man to take out the Skrull airships, and Hawkeye to take up a position on a building's rooftop, calling out enemy movements. while he, Black widow, Wasp, Fury and the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers to keep the fighting on the ground. Nick Fury tells everyone to cover Cap, as Cap runs into the enemy forces. Cap sends a message to all of the Army, Marines, Navy and the Air Force, to fight for their lives and country saying:The world needs you. Cap managed to rescue civilians and exceed in combating dozens of Skrull soldiers.

He used his shield to kill several Skrull soldiers just before Hulk landed next to him help him out. Hulk then landed on a ship and pounded it until it was destroyed. The remaining aliens pursued so Cap ordered the team to attack. Cap threw his shield. Iron Man fired his repulsor beams. Hawkeye shot his arrows. Fury and Widow shot their guns. Giant Man threw a large piece of debris at them. Wasp blasted them with her bio-electrical blasts. Iron Man and Giant man took down a second ship and are causing chaos destroying every alien aircraft they can see. At one point, Rogers was fighting alongside Iron-Man and Thor, taking out wave after wave of enemies.Captain America then decides to take out their leader Talos. Cap gets inside his ship from above with the aid of Iron Man and immediately gets bombarded by Talos. They start fighting but Cap was unable to defeat Talos due to him having possession of an infinity stone known as the power gem that enhances all of Talos's abilities but Cap but refused to back down.

Meanwhile the team discovers that the Skrull's have developed a bomb underground, meant to destroy all metahumans on earth. Rogers demanded Talos to tell him how to defuse the bomb but Talos refuses to tell him. Thor then decides to send the bomb to to the skrull mothership from above and detonates it. The destruction of their core ship deactivating the cybernetic Skrulls.


With the world saved, Talos and the Power Gem was safely removed to Asgard thanks to Thor and the superheroes gain the public's trust and are honored at the White House and on that day, Steve and the other members of the team officially declared themselves The Avengers".

Red Winter

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Over the next couple of months, S.H.I.E.L.D. dissembled The Avengers and each of the team members started focusing on their own priorities. While Steve Rogers trying to adjust to the 21st century and making a living in New York City, He decided to return to S.H.I.E.L.D. in making the world a safer place. At the same time Steve became depressed over his situation. Steve worried that if he developed a personal life again he would simply lose it once more. He started taking dangerous risks and acting recklessly whenever on missions, causing more harm than good. After joining the agency, Rogers was trained in parkour and many forms of martial arts to make him even more effective in the field. Rogers would often work with fellow Agents Black Widow and Hawkeye, who were both members of the Avengers, former U.S. Marine John Walker, Ex-pilot Sam Wilson AKA Falcon and Cap's handler and niece of his first love Sharon Carter AKA Agent 13, they as a team was known as The Invaders, a modern day version of the USSR Strike team that debuted back in WWII. The Invaders helped Nick Fury take down a terrorist group known as the Zodiac (led by Cornelius Van Lunt that had stolen the Omega-1 bio weapon from S.H.I.E.L.D. and threatened to unleash it upon the world in their attempt to stop overpopulation but cap and his allies were able to stop them and prevented the attack from ever happening.

While at a mission briefing, Director Nick Fury informs Cap that there is a disturbance happening in the streets of Stuttgart Germany and that S.H.E.I.L.D's satellite has detected a weird signal that's near the area. Fury dispatched Rogers and Sam Wilson to go investigate. Upon arriving at the area, Captain America and Falcon spotted crazed civilians screaming in agony as if they were in pain, Both cap and Falcon succumbs to the madness as well as their ears were in immense pain and wouldn't stop ringing. They both then received the signal that Fury was talking about via wrist devices. Captain America then traces the signal to a machine inside of a building guarded by armed militants. Although Steve himself begins to succumbs to the madness the closer he gets to the machine, to the point where his ears were starting to bleed, he still destroys the device with his shield, and defeated the grunts, ending the riot. Soon after, SHIELD Agent John Walker joins Cap and Falcon to inform them that they are ultrasonic devices known as the Madbomb, they emit frequencies that is above the upper limit of human hearing and it can cause intense ringing in the ears that is capable enough to kill a human being. He tells them of two similar devices devastated the towns of Miner's Junction and River City. Then he shows them a photo smuggled out by a SHIELD agent, killed in the process, revealing "Armageddon," a madbomb capable enough to emit a ultrasonic wave that can destroy an entire country.

They were then informed that a Nobel-prize winning scientist Professor Mason Harding was abducted by a group known as "The Elite" to create these bombs, Director Nick Fury dispatched Rogers and Sam Wilson to go on many missions rescue him and to stop these attacks. After Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. had captured the compound where Harding's daughter was being held, Harding turned against the Elite's Forces, and blasted a miniature Madbomb cannon at them, killing them in the process. He then went to Captain America and the Falcon, offering them the means to be immune to the Madbomb's effects, and to help them stop "Armageddon." Unknown to them, William Taurey (The leader of the Elite) gave word for "Armageddon" to be activated. Captain America then journeyed to the Taurey Towers Building in Markovia (a large industrial European nation), where "Armageddon" was concealed within the top of the building. It had already been activated by the time he fought his way inside, but he pulled the device's lever to "maximum" level, causing it to explode, killing William Taurey. Weeks later back at the Triskelion, Tony Stark is there showing off an armor he built just for Rogers, The Iron Patriot. But being from a time before computers, Rogers declines his offer, stating that it would be best for him to learn how to turn on a smart phone before moving onto advance warsuits.

Later, Pakistan is in a civil war after the death of its President. Director Nick Fury sends out Captain America and the Invaders to retrieve Pakistani nuclear warheads before any go missing. Unfortunately, Captain America and the Invaders are framed for stealing the nuclear warheads by Dmitri Smerdyakov; aka The Chameleon who is impersonating the President of the United States for Hydra. Meanwhile, Steve is training at his home but isn't able to focus unfortunately due to him keep having flashbacks from World War II and his deceased partner Bucky Barnes. He is then visited by Sharon Carter, she was their too see how he was handling with all the changes in his life every since he was defrosted from ice and talked about their recent mission back at Pakistan where he acted very recklessly since Cap was supposed to call the Invaders for backup rather than go in alone. Steve tells her that he's okay but she doesn't believe it. Nick Fury then appeared in Steve's house, where Fury informed him that they're framed for stealing the nuclear warheads and that the location was under surveillance.

The Winter Soldier

Sharon Carter was then shot by a mysterious assassin, Steve then pursued and fought the assassin on top of a moving subway train. While they fought, the assassin proved to be a very formidable opponent as Rogers did everything he could to defend himself while the assassin drew a blade and then furiously attempted to slash at Rogers in an attempt to kill him, however both had quickly proved themselves almost equally matched as neither could land a final hit against the other. The assassin then escaped in a drone, and caused an explosion in the train tracks to slow Rogers down. Eventually, Fury was soon attacked by the same assassin and Hydra agents then kidnapping him to HYDRA's secret location. Captain America and his allies managed to get to him in time to save him, but not before they were attacked the assassin once again. He proceeded to use every weapon he had available to him to shoot at Rogers, although he was still unable to get a clean shot as Rogers continued using his shield to defend himself before fighting the assassin to hand to hand. While they fought, Steve tore his enemy's mask off, revealing to be Steve's old war buddy, Bucky Barnes who was later identified as the Winter Soldier by Black Widow. After not recognizing Steve, Bucky attempted to shoot Steve until Falcon kicked him over from mid-air and Fury drove him off with the grenade launcher, giving them time to escape.

The team took Fury to in a rundown gym in Brooklyn New York and set up base of operations. While their, Fury told the team about the Winter Soldier, saying that the The Winter Soldier is a Soviet assassin found alive by KGB general Aleksander Lukin but was badly injured. Bucky was being brainwashed and was trained to a Soviet Spy and through out the years went one many secret missions. Some even changing the world. The Winter Soldier encountered Sharon Carter and Nick Fury in the past, who believed that he was the real Bucky, even Black Widow can confirm this as she worked with him more than once before in the past in her days as a soviet assassin. Cap still refuses to believe it, but Fury presented him with solid evidence. After Smerdyakov declared Captain America and Invaders as enemies of the state, Nick Fury tells Cap and the team that everybody that they know is after them now, warning them to not trust anyone. Natasha deduces that something isn't right here and someone could be impersonating the President. So Fury leads them to one of his secret safe houses who provides them with weapons and helps them infiltrate a fundraising event in Washington D.C. that the President will be attending, where Natasha Romanoff steals a sample of his DNA and confirms that he is Dmitri Smerdyakov. They escape after a brief confrontation with Brock Rumlow AKA Crossbones and Marc Riemer AKA Boomslang, who is the head of the United States Secret Service Presidential Detail and a member of Hydra. The following night, Steve, Natasha, and John encountered a roadblock and were attacked by Crossbones, SHIELD/HYDRA Agents and a red headed woman known as Sin, HYDRA's dangerous assassin and the trio were met with a hail of gunfire. A hyper violent gun fight broke out at the highway.

Steve had a hand-to-hand fight against crossbones, so did Natasha with Sin and Walker took out the other attackers to keep them covered. Shortly after, Falcon drops in to helps the team and takes out an attack chopper. The team were captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and taken into custody, as Rumlow considered their location too public for a simple execution. This delay allowed a disguised life model decoys of Nick Fury to rescue the four and bring them to a hideout. Sin was also in the van with them and was taken into custody by the heroes where it was revealed in their interrogations that Sin was actually Sinthea Schmidt, and that the Red Skull is her father. After a short investigation, the team found out that Red Skull and HYDRA planned to use Protocol Genesis to bring about HYDRA's new world order. It involved seven SHIELD Hellicarriers armed with a weapon that could drop a Tungsten rod with a force equivalent to a nuclear bomb. It would launch them on different targets across the world, including United States. Sin also reveled that Baron Von Strucker and Hydra recovered a hidden cache of high tech Soviet era weapons gleamed from an alien artifact and The Winter Soldier just so happened to be one of them.

Nick Fury assigned Steve and Falcon to go save Bucky, recover the weapons and capture Strucker. Captain America and Falcon tracked down Strucker and the weapons in an underground base in Kaliningrad using a flashdrive that Sin was forced to give them and place Strucker under custody while Sam recovers the weapons. However, as Steve was taking Strucker in, Cap was told by him that HYDRA was still very much alive, and that even though SHIELD has taken up the job to take them down, not only they haven't been able to, but also they weren't much different from them, and that undoubtedly, once Cap is no longer useful for them, they'll turn on him and replace him with someone whom fits under their own agenda. As Steve began to question himself,Steve and Sam were later attacked by HYDRA agents. Strucker quickly rushes out of the way and tries to escape the gunfire. Captain America dives into the men making quick work of them as he chases Strucker. He soon runs into the Winter Soldier who is ready to take a stand against Captain America and end him once and for all.


In Washington D.C., Dmitri invites the world leaders to a summit at historic Fort Sumter including the queen of Latveria Lucia von Bardas (who is filling in for Vincent Von Doom AKA Doctor Doom), where he enacts project Genesis and launches when the leaders don't immediately agree to a nuclear disarmament and join HYDRA. All the leaders respond to the threat by launching their own arsenals. Dmitri then self-destructs the leaders warheads. After the Red Skull finally reveals himself for the first time to the leaders, there was a surprised silence between the leaders. Red Skull revealed Prodject Genesis and described their power as being similar yet also different from a nuke, as the explosives aren't launched; but dropped. Red Skull ordered his soldiers to drop a Tungsten rod and destroys eastern part of Europe prove his superiority. He then threatens to destroy other capitals if the countries don't submit to Hydra.

However, Maria Hill, Black Widow and Hawkeye bursts through the building from above the ceiling and Hawkeye shoots Dimitri in the hand with his arrow, injuring him. The Trio fight Hydra's soldiers while Red Skull activates the remaining six weapons and instructs Crossbones to protect the launch device. After a brief boat chase, Crossbones is defeated in combat with John Walker, who deactivates and destroys the Tungsten rod before it landed. Meanwhile, Nick Fury rescues the President, killing Marc Riemer as well While Red Skull escapes during the battle. Later back at Kaliningrad, Steve tangles with the winter soldier in the hallway just as S.H.I.E.L.D. with Agent 13 ready to raid the base with Falcon. During the fight, the winter soldier pulls no punches, wanting to kill steve but Cap keeps calling him Bucky and is constantly trying to help The Winter Solider remember who he was. The Winter Soldier refuses to believe him and they continue to fight. Captain America decides not to hurt his pal anymore, he falls to his knees and let himself be almost beaten to death. But Bucky finally snapped out and suddenly stopped attacking Steve. Strucker, amused by the whole fight then sends out a missile at the base where they were all at and both Cap, Agent 13 and Falcon barely survived from the missile explosion which destroyed the base, while Bucky and Strucker's bodies wasn't found. The real President is put back into power addresses the nation at a ceremony where Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, John Walker, Falcon Sharon Carter and Nick Fury are honored as heroes. In the aftermath of Protocol Genesis, three countries known as Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine are all recovering from HYDRA's attacks, there were tens of thousands of casualties. Steve Rogers remained haunted by the attacks and blames himself for not stopping the attack sooner. Steve then begins to question himself after what Strucker had told to him and rather if he should keep working for SHIELD. Later, Natasha met up with Steve and gave him a dossier on Bucky and the Winter Soldier program. He, Natasha and Sam then decided to try to track Bucky down. The next day, an agent approached Fury with startling news, Crossbones and Sin were busted out of prison, and the only surviving guard identified Strucker and an unidentified male who what looks like to be wearing a red mask.

War on HYDRA

As Rogers continued his search for Bucky Barnes, the continued threat of HYDRA still endured, causing the Avengers to reassemble in bring an end to the terrorist organization, taking down various HYDRA cells operating around the world. On one mission, the Avengers helped Iron Man fight the returned Justin Hammer in his new Ultimo mech armor enhanced with Skrull armored plating. Cap and the Avengers were able to combat it with their own giant mech suit made up of several extremely powerful combat vehicles dubbed "Ultimate Iron Man". Eventually, Rogers led the Avengers in an assault on Baron Wolfgang von Strucker's base, having learned that Strucker was using the Power Gem to create an army of his own enhanced soldiers for HYDRA to unleash upon the world. Fortunately Strucker was caught by Ant-Man and was able to retrieve the Gem while Rogers arrested The Tinkerer; who marketed Skrull technology for Hydra.

Ultimate War

Cap and the Avengers were later under fire from the press and public after the deranged Hulk was seen rampaging on the west side of Manhattan, destroying Chelsea piers. The Hulk was quickly put down by Iron Man and was placed in SHIELD's holding cell. The Avengers then fought Thor and eventually captured after his powers mysteriously stopped working. From then on the Avengers became more involved in foreign affairs, with America attempting to control natural resources from Third World countries. The Avengers actions and the aftermath of Project Genesis ultimately led to several nations secretly forming their own superhuman team, dubbed The ThunderGuard. Captain America was framed by Black Widow for the bombing in Paris and was hastily subdued, arrested and later imprisoned in the Triskelion.

When The ThunderGuard attacked, he was freed by the Wasp and defeated Multiple Man while escaping. He, Ant Man and the Wasp soon reached the White House where they met with Hawkeye, Iron Man, Nick Fury, and Black Widow who confesses that she was blackmailed into betraying the team for the benefit ThunderGuard's by her ex-husband Nikolai Krylenko also known as Red Guardian. Captain and the rest let her back on the team and dueled with his ThunderGuard's counterpart, the Red Guardian himself. Nikolai was more cruel, ruthless then Rogers, however, captain was on the wining side until the mastermind Loki transported to Niffleheim, when Red Guardian was distracted by the spirits, Cap KO'ed him. In Niffleheim, Cap is plagued by visions of his dead war buddies. He was then met by Hela, the goddess of death and ended up fighting her endless hordes of the un-dead until Thor rescues him and made Hela return them back to earth. During the fight against Loki in Asgard, his vibranium shield was destroyed. After the battle for Asgard and the ThunderGuard were defeated, Steven Rogers remembered Nikolai's words about America's current role in the world. Seeing that the Avengers role in "policing" the world for the US Government would lead to more Thunderguard-style outcomes. Rogers then also remembers what Strucker said to him back at Kaliningrad, where Cap is no longer useful for SHIELD, they'll turn on him and replace him with someone whom fits under their own agenda. Rogers along with the Avengers decided to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. and work as an independent team. Tony Stark later provided Rogers with a new energy shield, meant to replace his old one until the vibranium shield can be repaired.


Considered by many to be one of the world's greatest hero, Captain America is a man defined by his courage and righteousness. Steve Rogers has always had a noble and honest spirit, intolerant towards injustice and abuses of power. After gaining his enhanced abilities, Steve used that dedication to fight for peace.

He will see what needs to be done and do all that he can to see the task finished. He fought bravely many times even to the point of sacrificing his life. Though this dedication often becomes an obsession. He always puts duty and the mission above everything else, and has a tendency to takes things too seriously at times. Since he has always been weak and small, he has learned on his own skin what true strength is, and vowed to protect defenseless people at the risk of his own life. Despite being transformed into a perfect human by the Super Soldier Serum, he maintained his original spirit and character, often resulting goofy and shy, even in his new shape. However, he did not adjust well to the modern day world.

Growing up in older and simpler times, he found modern people and technology difficult to get used to but still seemed to retain the same idealism he had in the 1940s. He also was not prepared for the fact that everyone and everything he had known was gone with time. This caused Steve to go into depression for a little while.

Due to his exploits of the past, Rogers naturally had a certain amount of respect given to him, even though he did not look for it. during World War II and the Skrull invasion, Captain America had an impressive charisma and leadership skills. Steve's dedication comes from his strong sense of responsibility. When the Avengers' first mission failed, Steve knew that since he was in command the failure was his responsibility. He then took that failure personally. However, Steve swiftly regained a sense of being needed to protect mankind thus helping the Avengers defeat The Skrulls.

Powers and Abilities


The Super Soldier serum implanted into Rodgers enhanced all of his bodily functions to the peak of Human potential. Because of Operation: Rebirth, Steve is more physically capable of feats than any other human possibly could be on their own. He has strength and agility that no normal human could hope to achieve.

  • Enhanced Physiology: Rogers has no superhuman powers. although as a result of the super soldier serum, he was transformed from a frail young man into the very peak of Human Potential and conditioning. Rogers-is as intelligent, strong, fast, agile, and durable as it was possible for a human being to be without being considered superhuman. Although the Super-Soldier Serum is definite, he still has to maintain his overall healthy lifestyle including a regular exercise regimen and a balanced diet. This appears to have increased his capabilities further, much like in the case of a normal human.
  • Enhanced Strength: Rogers's Physical Strength is enhanced to the peak of human potential, he capable of lifting 500kg/1000kg. His strength allows him to overpower average combatants, including well-trained humans, extraterrestrial troops. In combat, his strength allows for him to send enemies, such as fully equipped soldiers, flying several meters in the air from mere punches and kicks. He can also jump over a fence up to 12 foot in the air and lift a grown man over his head and throw him like a ragdoll. he is also capable of breaking through wooden walls and steel doors with one single kick, snap handcuffs and chains and can physically bend metal with his bare hands. he is strong enough to even knock out people with normal durability with as little as a tap to the head. He has also consistently shown the ability to hurt beings with Hulk-levels of durability.
  • Enhanced Speeds: Steve can run and move at speeds beyond a star Olympian Athlete. He can keep up with most standard vehicles and cover a small area such as city blocks within a short period of time. Rogers can run at speeds up to approximately 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour)
  • Enhanced Stamina: Rogers body eliminates the excessive build up fatigue, producing chemicals in his muscles, granting him exceptional endurance and lung capacity. he can exert himself at the peak capacity for an hour and a half without rest and before showing any signs of fatigue. He can even hold his breath under water for 3 minutes. Agent 13 also remarked about Captain America's stamina, stating "Cap only needs an hour or two's sleep every week".
  • Enhanced senses: Roger can hear, smell, taste, touch, and smell better then humans.
  • Enhanced Agility: His agility is greater then that of an Olympic gold medalist. he can coordinate his body with balance, flexibility, and dexterity. he also has the ability to leap 50 yards in a single bound and 20 ft into the air without a running start.Steve uses his enhanced agility to perform amazing parkour and gymnastic moves that would be impossible for a normal human to accomplish.
  • Enhanced reflexes: Rogers' reaction speed is 20 times greater then human beings, it allows him to react quickly to close quarter combat, none except The Red Skull, The Winter Soldier, Sin, and Korvac were able to Strike him. it's possible that he can dodge Gunfire in blank range from multiple gunners at the same time even in close range. His immense reflexes can also be used to attack and counter instead of just defensive purposes, allowing him to punish attacks with devastating counters when fighting extraordinary quick opponents.
  • Enhanced Durability: His bones are denser and harder then normal,to the highest human potential, which makes him durable compared to a normal human. He can withstand great impacts such as falling from several stories and sky-diving into the water from a height of 182 meters/600 feet. Steve was tasered, shot, stabbed, caught in several explosions, and took several beatings including: being blasted through a city bus by a launched grenade, being struck by an opponent with super strength, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort. He can also withstand the impact of a car going 128 kph/80 mph and survive it with little harm other than a sore body. However, While he may be strong he can never hope to survive for long against extremely powerful foes such as Hulk.
  • Enhanced Healing: he is able to heal broken bones and torn muscles in a day or two, while knife and bullet wounds heal in a matter of hours. the white blood cells and the super soldier Serum in his body are efficient enough to fight off any microbe. foreign body and others from his body keeping him healthy and immune to infections, diseases and disorders and is also immune to Alcohol due to is metabolism that has increased four times in his body.
  • Enhanced Mental Process: Steve has the ability to quickly process multiple information streams (e.g., threat assignments) and rapidly responds to changing tactical situations. he also has a eidetic memory, meaning that he cant forget anything, and has a perfect recall, enabling him to remembering any military tactics.
  • Immunity: Captain America is seemingly immune to all Earthly diseases, infections, and disorders, and has never been shown to become ill after receiving the Super-Soldier Serum. He's impervious to gas attacks, poisons, and nerve-toxins of any kind.
  • Suspended Aging: The Super-Soldier Serum dramatically slowed Rogers' aging process due to extensive regeneration of healthy cells.


  • Master Combatant: Rogers is an expert at Hand-to-Hand combat, being very skilled at multiple combat arts. He is able to defeat every single opponent in Hand to Hand combat during WWII. He received additional training in more modern hand-to-hand combat skills as he began to adapt to the future that he found himself in. During his training he has mastered numerous martial arts like marine combat, muay-thai, boxing, judo and jiujitsu. He even though he does not need to, he engages in a daily regimen of rigorous exercises (including aerobics, weight lifting, gymnastics, and simulated combat) in combination with his Shield and combat skills make him a devastating opponent to anyone who tries to attacks him.
  • Body Language Analysis: Cap can intuitively read others' body language, allowing him to anticipate their actions and respond accordingly, often allowing him to predict opponent's attacks.
  • Master Shield Fighter: His experience during WWII with unique Shield allows him to preform great feats with this item, aside from bashing foes and blocking incoming attacks, he is able to throw it with nearly perfect aim. Rogers can hit multiple targets with the same throw by means of ricochet,and could even achieve a boomerang like return affect, allowing him to strike enemies from behind or without any objects to ricochet from.
  • Professional Sketch Artist: He has great artistic skill which he developed from childhood. Rogers often worked as a freelance illustrator and sketch artist even loaning his skills to the NYPD for a time. He enjoys drawing and does so with his free time.
  • Master Tactician and strategist: During WWII, Steve led his own selected team of soldiers on a successful Campaign against a Hydra base and agents. he was the one who came up with the plan for the final attack on a Hydra base. he also took the tactical command of the Avengers against an assault force of Skrull Soldiers.
  • Advanced Military Operator: Rogers is well versed in WWII-era armed force disciplines including intelligence gathering, escape arts,demolitions,survival,swimming,mounting, march or drill skills, map reading, and army vehicle skills.
  • Expert Marksman: Rogers can throw most projectile weapons with great aim and is well versed of use of firearms, though he prefers not to use them.
  • Weapons proficiency: Rogers is proficient of holding staffs, sticks,maces, and clubs. and even firearms. In desperate times or situations where he and teammates were outnumbered, he would wield additional weapons to ensure victory. He likely received training with different kinds of weapons during his wartime for undercover infiltration missions in the event of not being able to use his shield.
  • Multi-languages: Captain America is capable of speaking languages other then English.
  • Expert Vehicle driver: he proficient in driving vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, helicopters, tanks, and boats.

Strength level

He has been known to overhead press 800 lbs.but had also bench-pressed 1,200 lbs and curled 500 lbs.


Steven Rogers only have limited knowledge of the decades ago,it will confuse him when people use expressions and references that he has no knowledge of, and including technology and the modern world.

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Steve Rogers suffers from PTSD and sometimes suffers from flashbacks of traumatic events during his time fighting in WWII.



  • Captain America's Energy Shield:Tony Stark designed and built the energy shield gauntlet as a substitute when Captain America's vibranium shield was shattered by Loki. Cap was reluctant to use it however with his shield broken, he opted for it's use and continued to use it until his old one can be repaired. The energy shield can expand the fields protection coverage past it's typical diameter and it could be activated by voice command. The shield could also be used as controllable projectile weapon.
  • Captain America's Vibranium Shield: Before it was destroyed by Loki, Steve carried a circular Adamantium and Vibranium Shield for combat use. Originally he was given a triangular bullet-proof shield. The shield could protect him as Captain America from small arms fire from most types of guns. It was extremely durable and was only damaged by the Red Skull. It had extremely sharp edges and could cut through a person if thrown hard enough. However, he lost the shield before he made his fateful trip on the missile. It was found by other American soldiers and kept in memory of him. After his awakening, Steve was given a new circular shield, upgraded by Tony Stark himself. The second shield is 2.5 feet in diameter and weighs 12 pounds and made of a vibranium-adamantium blend. Being a circle, the shield was better able to bounce off walls. Since it was composed of vibranium and adamantium, it was indestructible to all known forces. It also had sharp edges to slice through various substances. Both shields were colored in red, white, and blue after the flag of the United States of America. This meant that Captain America's, like the wielder himself, shield not only served as a powerful weapon but a symbol to rally friendly forces and strike fear into his enemies.
  • Howling Commandos outfit: Comprised of a customized version of the Captain America suit, it's made out to now inspire his troops, and a fashionable helmet, this was the uniform Steve used for most of his time as a soldier and leader of the Commandos during World War II. Alongside it, Steve was armed with the initial version of his shield (the heather-shield made out of steel)
  • Captain America's Avengers uniform: After being thawed out in the 21st century and joining Earth's Mightiest Heroes as a permanent member, Cap was outfited with a redesigned version of his WW2 outfit. The Avengers's suit is made of a Vibranium breast plate and bulletproof Kevlar, created by Phil Coulson himself. He additionally carries tactical devices and other items that a particular scenario may call for in his utility belt.


  • Motorcycle: Rogers rides a 1940's high tech motorcycle designed by Howard Stark, with grappling lines.
  • Tank: Captain America has used a specially designed M-1 Abrams Tank in the past during his time in WWII. He still uses it today only on rare occasions.
  • Sky-Cycle: As an Avenger and SHIELD agent, Steve usually travels via custom built sky cycle (also called skymobile) modeled after a commercial snowmobile.


  • Captain America's Shield: Captain America used a tri-angular shield made of steel in action during World War II. When he was revived Rogers was equipped with a more circular version. The Shield was given to him by S.H.I.E.L.D.. This shield is made out of Vibranium and was later destroyed by Loki. Tony Stark later replaced it with an energy shield. It could expand the fields protection coverage past it's typical diameter.
  • Military Weapons: Cap likes to use Frag, Gas, and Smoke Grenades. He is also adept in the use of Assault Rifles and various other weapons.


  • He trained Tony Stark and Hank Pym in unarmed combat an his own fighting style.
  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of Marvel Ultiverse and is an adaptation of Steven Rogers/Captain America. The original character was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Captain America comics #1.


  • This counterpart of Captain America's physical appearance and costume is a fusion between his Ultimate universe counterpart of Earth 1610 and mainstream counterpart of Earth-616.
  • After being thawed out, Steve didn't knew how to work and turn on a smartphone and has been addicted to modern day cartoons and late night talk shows.
  • Steve Rogers is a level 8 S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.
  • General Ross talked about a "super soldier" when explaining how Bruce Banner became the Hulk.
  • just like his 616 counterpart, he loves Apple Pie.
  • Captain America was mentioned on a history test that Peter Parker took at Midtown High School.

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