Becoming Captain America

Steve Rogers was a small, frail man, who wanted nothing more than to serve his country during World War II. He was selected as the recipient of an experimental steroid known as the Super Soldier Serum, created by Doctor Abraham Erskine, in an attempt to form a group of unique soldiers for the US Army, with extremely enhanced combat skills, amongst a wide array of other enhancements. The procedure went successfully, but shortly after, Doctor Erskine was assassinated by a HYDRA agent.

As the new hero Captain America, he would go on to work alongside some of the top men and women of the Allied powers, such as Peggy Carter, James Falsworth, James Howlett and Victor Creed (the future Wolverine and Sabretooth), and even his close friend, Bucky Barnes.

Hunting HYDRA

Captain America WWII (Earth-9860)

Captain America's first uniform in WWII.

As part of his first large operation, Captain America and his allies worked to shut down the evil organization, HYDRA, led by Baron (Wolfgang) von Strucker. After a long and grueling war with Strucker, they were finally able to defeat HYDRA, without realizing that they had been secretly taken over by Strucker's protege, Johann Schmidt, who was planning to unleash the powers of HYDRA on a much larger scale than Strucker had ever even though of.

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