Stark is a 2013 Smallville inspired show, about a young Tony Stark before becoming Iron Man. This is a collaboration project with Bat24 and Cartoon44.

It is created By Miles Miller and monitored by Stan Lee.



Dylan O Brien as Tony Stark-22/22

Hayden Pannetere as Zoe Mavis- 22/22

Nicole Anderson as Bethany Cabe- 21/22

Tyler James Williams as James Rhodes- 22/22

Collin Donel as Ezekiel Stane- 19/22

Kevin Spacey as Obadiah Stane


Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson / The Falcon- 1/22

Evan Peters as Steve Maximoff / Quicksilver- 1/22

Taron Edergon as Greg Burns - 2/22

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