Writer CureKurogane
Artist CureKurogane
Editor-in-Chief BeholdtheVision
Published May 2015

Starbolt is a superhero comic book series written and illustrated by CureKurogane and published by Marvel Comics in 2015. The series is about a young man named Ahmir-Jordan "AJ" Washington, who was struck by bolts of cosmic energy giving him electrokinesis, stellarkinesis, and flight. With the help of his best friends, AJ becomes Starbolt and uses his powers to fight modern-day crime.


Ahmir-Jordan "AJ" Washington is just a normal 17-year-old who's facing the average life of high school (homework, bullies, and gym). But one day, his life changes when an accident occured in one of the Oscorp Insdustries reasearch labs, where a powerful crystal from outer space overloads the systems that the researchers were using and exploded, its bolts of cosmic energy scattering all over New York City, and one of them hits AJ, giving him incredible powers. After experience the dangers of fighting crime for the first time, AJ decides to take the chance in using them to bring peace to the Big Apple, with the help of his best friends.


Main Characters


Dane Gallagher / Darkbolt

Minor Characters

Guest Heroes


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