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St. John Allerdyce
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Xavier's School student; formerly X-Men, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants







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Former criminal, terrorist

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St. John Allerdyce, also known a Pyro, is a mutant with the ability cause any fire, however small, to grow in size and intensity and project it. He was a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and Bobby Drake's best friend.

Ultimately, Pyro was tempted away from Xavier's influence by Magneto, who observed the young man's ambition and the strength of his powers. Pyro followed Magneto and the shapeshifting Mystique as they escaped from Alkali Lake and joined Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants.

Legacy Virus

Pyro was one of the first known mutants to be infected by the Legacy Virus spread by Stryfe. Upon finding out through Mastermind, Magneto decided to exile Pyro out of Genosha. At first, St. John resisted, attempting to kill Mastermind, but Lehnsherr stopped him and forcibly sent him away on a boat. Once he arrived to America, he found his way to Xavier's School again where he was welcomed by his former best friend, Iceman.

Powers and Abilities


Pyro was a mutant.

Fire Manipulation: Pyro was a mutant with the psionic ability to create and cause any fire, however small, to grow in size and intensity and to take any form that he desired, even that of a living creature. He could then psionically cause that creature of "living flame" to do anything he wished. For example, if he caused a fire to take the form of a gigantic bird of prey, he could mentally direct the "bird," to fly and attack a victim. The size, power, and intensity of the fire-beings Pyro created were limited only by the extent of his imagination and the degree of his concentration. The degree of concentration required was directly proportional to the size, power, and heat intensity of the flame-being. Pyro had to be able to see a flame in order to take control of it; In practical terms, the flame had to be within a 100-yard radius of him. (Pyro couldn't affect flames that were not within his vicinity but which he saw via television.) Once having established control over a fire, he could continue to control it after it had left his range of sight, but only with a degree of difficulty that increased as the distance between himself and the flame-being increased. Pyro could, for example, create a fiery "bird" and command it to fly beyond the range of his sight, but if it then collided with a wall or if his concentration was in the least diminished, the "bird" would revert to being ordinary fire. Any of Pyro's fiery creations would immediately turn to ordinary, amorphous fire if he turned his interest from them.

  • Solid Flame: Pyro's fiery creations could have greater "solidity" than an ordinary fire of the same size. A gigantic fire-bird, for example, could grasp a large, heavy object with its talons and carry it off into the air, although, of course, the heat of the fire would affect the object just as a normal fire would.

Fire Invulnerability: Pyro was invulnerable to any fire that he had placed under his psionic control. However, he could be harmed (just as any ordinary human would be) by any fire that he did not mentally control.


Pyro was an amateur journalist and novelist.

Strength level

Normal human male with little regular exercise.


Pyro could be harmed by any fire that he did not mentally control. He had to be able to see a flame in order to take control of it; in practical terms, the flame had to be within a 100-yard radius of him. Pyro couldn't affect flames that he saw on television but which were not within this radius. Any of Pyro's fiery creations would immediately revert to ordinary flame if he turned his interest from it.


Equipment: Pyro also wore a specially insulated costume that afforded him a certain degree of protection against fires he did not control.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Pyro used a kerosene-based flame-thrower that could project a stream of flame up to 25 feet away.


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  • Pyro liked writing Gothic romance novels and journalism prior to turning to crime.
  • Pyro's name "St. John" is pronounced Sinjin or Sinjun, which is a common pronunciation from Commonwealth countries including his country of origin, Australia.

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