Spider-Man and Deadpool is a 2017 American animated superhero film.


Spider-Man discovers that Princess Python and the Spider-Queen (Adriana Soria) have teamed up. Much to his reluctance, he decides to look for Deadpool who had been tracking the duo who to find out where they're hiding; however, Deadpool has gone off the grid.

Spider-Man gets information from Shield. At Shield HQ, Spider-Man learns that Python and Soria stole the information on Man-Thing's birth and kidnapped a scientist, who could help them replicate the process and with alterations made by Soria, turn everyone into spider people.

Spider-Man finds Deadpool working as an undercover waitress at a restaurant. Deadpool thinks Spider-Man is trying to steal his kill and the two fight until Spider-Man explains that he is not a mercenary. Eventually, Deadpool decides to help.

Deadpool leads them to a popular hangout for henchmen where he gets the location of Python from one of her old minions named Snake. The trio head to her hideout, where Soria fatally wounds the scientist to keep him quiet as she and Python escape as their lab catches fire. However, the dying scientist reveals that the duo is heading to a swamp that Theodore Sallis crashed into when he became Man-Thing, where remains of SO-2 chemicals Soria needs to complete her formula are located.

Contacting Shield, Spider-Man and Deadpool head after them to convince Python and Soria to stop their mad plans, realising that even the slightest miscalculation could result in the extermination of the human race. Deadpool is able to reason with Python. Man-Thing appears, informing Soria that she would threaten the world with her concoction; however, he will not interfere. Soria mutates into a massive spider monster and begins laying eggs. Spider-Man wonders how to stop Soria, until Deadpool points out she is a spider and he has brought some insecticide. The two just start spraying insecticide on Soria.

In a post-credit scene, Deadpool now has a reality game show where he hunts supervillains for sport.

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