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|Kron Stone/Venom
|Kron Stone/Venom
| colspan="4" |Illegal steroid patches containing offspring of the symbiote, Venom, are all the rage with Midtown High School's athletes, and Mayday suspects that one of her father's old enemies, Venom, who was sent to another dimension in ''[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider-Man_(1994_TV_series) Spider-Man: The Animated Series]''.
| colspan="4" |Illegal steroid patches containing offspring of the symbiote, Venom, are all the rage with Midtown High School's athletes, and Mayday suspects that one of her father's old enemies, Venom, believing that even with Eddie Brock, the symbiote might still be alive.
However Miguel finds that the symbiote has been captured by an Alchemax project headed by Tyler Stone's son, Kron Stone, who has removed the symbiote and forced it to create offspring that use to create the steroid patches.
However Miguel finds that Eddie Brock has been captured by an Alchemax project headed by Tyler Stone's son, Kron Stone, who has removed the symbiote and forced it to create offspring that use to create the steroid patches.
Kron Stone ends up being possessed by the symbiote, becoming the new Venom. He ends up crushed by the broken debris.
Kron Stone ends up being possessed by the symbiote, becoming the new Venom. He ends up crushed by the broken debris.
* Hank Azaria reprises his role as Eddie Brock from ''[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider-Man_(1994_TV_series) Spider-Man: The Animated Series]''.

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Spider-Man 2099 is an American Superhero animated television series. Animation in collaboration with Marvel Comics as a continuation of the Spider-Man legacy. Depicting a Spider-Man in a futuristic New York City under the tutelage of an elderly Mayday Parker, the series began airing on January 10, 1999, and ended its run on December 18, 2001.

Spider-Man 2099 is set in the chronological future of Earth-921313, the Marvel Animated Universe, and serves as a continuance of Spider-Man: The Animated Series.


The pilot episode begins in 2079 (set about 80 years after Spider-Man: The Animated Series). Peter Parker's daughter, Mayday Parker AKA Spider-Girl, despite being past her prime and in her mid 50s, continues to fight crime in a new high-tech Spidersuit.

In the rescue of a kidnapped heiress, Spider-Girl suffers a mild heart attack and, at risk of being beaten to death by one of the kidnappers, is forced to betray a lifelong principle by killing one of the kidnappers.

Ultimately, Mayday reluctantly decides to retire from crime-fighting and vows "Never again" as she shuts down the Spidercave.

The story moves ahead 20 years later to 2099 in Nueva York City, a futuristic version of the New York City and a megalopolis featuring staggering high rises and flying vehicles, many years after what is known as the"Age of Heroes".  

Mayday is now an elderly woman in her 70s and a recluse living in bitter isolation with no other companion but her guard dog Peter. Miguel O'Hara is an athletic 16-year-old high school student and reformed troublemaker with a deeply ingrained sense of personal justice. He works in Alchemax owned by Tyler Stone (Oscorp has merged with Stone's company long ago) as part of their genetic program, intending to create a new corporate Spider-Man for the company to use. 

Living on difficult terms with his father George O'Hara, Miguel disobeys his curfew one night to meet up with his girlfriend Dana D'Angelo, only to incur the wrath of a group of the gang called the Green Goblins harassing them. A high-speed motorcycle chase between Miguel and the Green Goblins leads them to the home of Mayday, where they run into the elderly Mayday. Mayday and Miguel fend off the Green Goblins side-by-side, but the exertion aggravates Mayday's heart condition. Miguel helps Mayday back to her home and, while exploring the house after realizing that he is unable to leave the mansion as Peter is guarding it, stumbles upon the entrance to the Spidercave and thus discovers mayday's secrets, only to be chased out by an angered Mayday. 

Miguel is convinced by George to leave Alchemax but Stone tricks him into taking a drug Rapture. As only Alchemax is legally allowed distribute this drug, O'Hara has to remain with the corporation or Tyler will call the police to say he's getting the drug from the black market.  

To get out of the situation, Miguel sneaks into Alchemax and uses the gene alteration machine on himself, intending to use an older template of his pure genetic code that was entered into the machine's databanks during initial experiments to overwrite his current biology to free himself from the Rapture. Due to a misevaluation, Miguel's genetic code ends up being 50% spider, giving him spider abilities. 

Miguel returns home to discover that his father has been murdered, apparently by the vengeful Green Goblins. Soon after, though, he discovers that his father had stumbled onto information about the production of the illegal Goblin formula by Tyler Stone through Alchemax and that the man actually responsible for his father's murder is Stone's personal assistant/bodyguard, Aaron Delgado.

Miguel goes to Mayday for help but she refuses, feeling that she is too old and too weak to be of any use and doesn't believe Miguel's story of acquiring spider powers instead telling Miguel to take the evidence to Captain Jean DeWolff.

After the evidence of the illegal weapon production is forcibly taken from Miguel by Tyler Stone, Miguel subsequently steals the Spidersuit, intending to bring Stone to justice. Mayday initially opposes all of Miguel's efforts and vehemently demands that he return the suit, but Miguel asks Mayday to let him take on the Spider-Man mantle. Mayday allows Miguel to be Spider-Man, and as Spider-Man, Miguel subsequently defeats Delgado. During the battle, Tyler Stone ends up being exposed to the Goblin formula gas, creating a split personality.

Realizing that crime and corruption are running rampant in Neuva York without Spider-Man's presence, Mayday offers Miguel the chance to assume the role of Spider-Man, with Mayday herself mentoring Miguel. The new Spider-Man soon develops his own rogues gallery, with both new villains (Tyler Stone a.k.a. Goblin, Sandwoman, Mysterio, Shocker, Kraven the Hunter and the Black Cat Gang) as well as some of the original Spider-Man's old foes such as the Lizard, the Venom symbiote now bonded to Tyler's son Kron Stone, Silvermane and even the original Norman Osborn Green Goblin.

Miguel also makes allies in Neuva York, including computer genius Xina Kwan and Lyla, an AI Miguel created. After discovering Spider-Man's secret identity, Xina helps Miguel with everything from computer hacking to babysitting. Police Commissioner Jean DeWolff also works with Miguel. Though initially unhappy about another masked vigilante, she admits that the city needs Spider-Man. He also has a relationship with Morgan Hardy, who was forced to do the bidding of her family's new Black Cat Gang.


  • Miguel O'Hara
  • Mayday Parker
  • Xina Kwan
  • Peter


Season 1

No. overall No. in season Title Villain(s)
1 1 "Rebirth" Green Goblin Gang, Tyler Stone and Aaron Delgado
In 2079, Mayday Parker, the daughter of Peter Parker, retires from being Spider-Girl due to failing health when her rescue of a kidnapped woman nearly goes wrong and she must resort to killing—the ultimate sin in her eyes.

Twenty years later in 2099, Miguel O'Hara discovers Spider-Girl's identity after the aging Mayday helps him fight off a gang of Green Goblins (street punks enamored by the original Green Goblin). When Miguel tries to leave Alchemax, CEO Tyler Stone tricks into taking Rapture, a drug only Alchemax can provide, to blackmail him into continuing to work for them.

Miguel instead tries to use the company's gene alteration machine to have his pure genetic code that was entered into the databanks when it was first built to overwrite his current biology, resulting in him acquiring spider powers similar to Spider-Girl and the original Spider-Man.

After Miguel's father is murdered, Miguel seeks Mayday's help to avenge him. Miguel steals the Spidersuit to pursue his father's killer, a professional bodyguard namedAaraon Delgado, whose employer, Tyler Stone, the current CEO of Alchemax, is secretly using the company's resources to develop the new Goblin formula.

Mayday, discovering the theft, deactivates the suit, but when seeing the now-helpless Miguel being punched out reactivates it so he can continue pursuing Delgado.

  • The original Green Goblin is referenced, Mayday Parker stating that the new Green Goblins are a joke compared to him.
2 2 "Sandwoman" Willa Baker/Sandwoman
Miguel, having just started out as Spider-Man, faces off against Sandwoman.
  • Mayday Parker states she had never heard of anyone with sand powers before but compares Sandwoman to her father's old enemy Hydroman, referencing how Spider-Man: The Animated Series used Hydroman instead of Sandman. Sandman does appear in Avengers though never fought Spider-Man.
3 3 "Octopus" Carrie Trainer/Doctor Octopus
Carrie Trainer, a high school nerd who has been picked on one too many times, steals a construction Octobot from her mother's company, Octavia Constructions, to scare her chief tormentor, Christina Thompson. But when Spider-Man tries to stop the Octobot, it becomes bonded to Carrie mentally, giving her more power than she ever dreamed of in her life.
  • Doctor Octopus is referenced, its mentioned that his son founded Octavia Constructions with the Octobots being modelled on his father's steel tentacles. Doctor Octopus is also the great-grandfather of Carrie Trainer.
  • Carrie Trainer is partly based on Carolyn Trainer.
  • Christina Thompson is a descendant of Flash Thompson.
4 4 "Lizard" Curt Connors/Lizard
After a century of hiding, the Lizard is found by Alchemax and taken as a test subject for an experiment to transfer Tyler Stone's mind into a new body that is unaffected by the Goblin formula. Curt Connors' mind is transferred to a cloned body.

Seemingly cured of his Lizard persona, Connors tries to redeem himself, but the former Spider-Girl, Mayday Parker, completely not trust him having had encounters with him during her career, and his benefactors have plans of their own. Mayday's protégé, Miguel O'hara, seeks to help Connors in his redemption.

5 5 "Fantastic"
The Fantastic Four of 1999 find themselves in the future of 2099. Unable to find a way back home, the four move into the Four Freedoms Plaza. Fighting crime, they become media sensations. But they soon learn that that they actually clones of the Fantastic Four that Alchemax created and that these clones are genetically programmed to die before being replaced by new ones to prevent them from turning on the company.
  • Cam Clarke, Gail Matthius, Quinton Flynn and Patrick Pinney reprise their roles as Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and the Thing from Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
6 6 "Shocker" Shocker
Tyler Stone hires the Shocker, a former sound engineer-turned-supervillain.
7 7 "Black Cats" Black Cat Gang
Miguel must deal with both his rejection by his girlfriend, Dana, and a group of Mayday's old enemies, the Black Cat Gang, who pattern themselves after the original Black Cat from a century ago. Things look up for Miguel when he meets a girl named Morgan who seems to share his problems.
8 8 "Venom" Kron Stone/Venom
Illegal steroid patches containing offspring of the symbiote, Venom, are all the rage with Midtown High School's athletes, and Mayday suspects that one of her father's old enemies, Venom, believing that even with Eddie Brock, the symbiote might still be alive.

However Miguel finds that the symbiote has been captured by an Alchemax project headed by Tyler Stone's son, Kron Stone, who has removed the symbiote and forced it to create offspring that use to create the steroid patches.

Kron Stone ends up being possessed by the symbiote, becoming the new Venom. He ends up crushed by the broken debris.

9 9 "Mysterio" Daniel Berkhart/Mysterio
A villain known as the Mysterio uses hypnotic technology to orchestrate a string of robberies, turning his victims into his unwitting accomplices.
10 10 "Sandwoman Returns" Willa Baker/Sandwoman
Sandwoman is freed by a lovesick worker at the cryogenics plant where she is being held. Unable to assume human form, she seeks to attain the chemicals that will allow her to once again regain her human shape, and get revenge on Spider-Man and the "mysterious old woman" who aids him.
11 11 "The Hand of Erynys" Erynys
A deadly assassin named Erynys is sent after D.A. Stan Carter, husband of Jean DeWolff. Spider-Man's attempts to protect Carter lead to conflicts with DeWolff, and some surprising revelations about the past.
  • Erynys is based on an obscure Marvel character who was cloned from Elektra.
12 12 "Ascension" Tyler Stone/Goblin and Kron Stone/Venom
As Tyler Stone's Goblin persona slowly destroys what was left of his normal life, he turns to his son for help. Kron Stone seems willing to help Spider-Man bring his father in but unfortunately, deception and greed run in the family.

Season 2

No. overall No. in season Title Villain(s)
13 1 "Neogenics" Carl Connors
A new body modification trend called Neoenics, combining human DNA with that of animals (based on the Neogenics from a century ago), is taking Neuva York City's fashion world by storm. While the DA wishes to have it completely outlawed, as it is causing a rise in aggressive behavior, Dr. Carl Connors, the creator of the process, insists that the procedure is safe.

However, Spider-Man soon discovers that Connors is up to no good, as he is working towards attacking the DA in hopes of silencing him.

  • Carl Connors is the son of Billy Connors, making him Curt Connors' grandson
14 2 "Earth Man" Earth Man
Spider-Man gets involved when a friend of Miguel's and her adoptive father are haunted by eerie, man-shaped creatures made out of soil, and soon learns that they have a frightening connection to the girl's biological father, who was thought to have perished in a nuclear accident.
15 3 "Joyride" Green Goblin Gang
A group of Green Goblins steal a prototype military vehicle and go on a rampage of destruction, while Spider-Man and the vehicle's designer try to recover the machine before its malfunctioning reactor goes critical and turns it into a flying bomb.
16 4 "Discord" Rick David/Discord
Miguel must fight the Spidersuit when it is taken over by the virtual soul of dead communications tycoon Rick David, a man who has literally become a "ghost in the machine" called Discord. Without the aid of the suit, he must save the man's grandson from becoming a vessel for Discord's virtual brain.
17 5 "Test Score" Green Goblin Gang
The brilliant leader of a crew of Green Goblins plots revenge against Xina Kwan, a fellow student who outperforms him at school. Miguel's efforts to help her are complicated by her efforts to find out the true identity of Spider-Man, whom she is convinced is a student at school, and her erroneous conclusion that Miguel is one of the Green Goblins.
18 6 "Kraven the Hunter" Alyosha Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter
Kraven the Hunter, a cybernetically enhanced big-game hunter, comes to Neuva York City seeking what he believes is the only prey left on Earth worthy of his skills: Spider-Man.
  • Alyosha Kravinoff is based on Sergei Kravinoff's son from the comics. Here he is changed to being his great grandson for the show.
19 7 "Gang War" Green Goblin Gang and Black Cat Gang
The Black Cat Gang's Morgan Hardy returns on a mission to rescue her family, who have been captured by the Green Goblins. When Morgan approaches Miguel for help, he is forced to decide whether or not to put his relationship with Dana at risk, and if Spider-Man can really trust Morgan.
20 8 "Hooked Up" Daniel Berkhart/Mysterio
When several Midtown High students end up comatose in the hospital, Spider-Man's subsequent investigation leads him to Mysterio, who is getting teenagers addicted to virtual reality fantasies and forcing them to steal for him.
21 9 "Lizards" Lizard Boy
Dana, who feels she has been ignored and let down by Miguel once too often, begins receiving roses from a secret admirer. When she is abducted by the mystery man, a boy who lives in the sewers because of his lizard-like appearance, Spider-Man may be the only one who can save her.
  • Lizard Boy is a son that the Lizard had sometime between the Age of Heroes and 2099. Curt Connors had no memory of him as the Lizard had fully taken over him during that period.
22 10 "Inner Circle" Inner Circle Club
Miguel has mysterious visions of a young girl asking him for help. His search for her leads him into confrontation with a group of people with incredible mutant powers known as the Inner Circle Club.
23 11 "Doctor Octopus Returns" Carrie Trainer/Doctor Octopus
During a prison break, Carrie Trainer is seemingly killed. Afterwards Octobots begin haunting Midtown High, making all the kids think Carrie's ghost is haunting the school. But Spider-Man soon discovers the real cause—Carrie Trainer had survived and mentally bonded with all of Octavia Contractions' Octobots.
24 12 "Shocker Returns" Shocker
Seeking vengeance, Shocker uses his knowledge of sound to take away Neuva York City's ability to verbally communicate. His price for returning things to normal is the life of Spider-Man himself!
25 13 "Lyla" Lyla
Miguel O'Hara purchases an illegal android in the form of a beautiful girl to to download Lyla into. In her new body, Lyla becomes dangerously possessive.
26 14 "Eyewitness" Daniel Berkhart/Mysterio
When Jean DeWolff witnesses Spider-Man killing an opponent in cold blood, Miguel finds himself on the run from the law as he tries to discover the real culprit and prove his innocence.
27 15 "Erynys Returns" Erynys
Mayday is out of town and incommunicado when Erynys returns to Neuva York City, hunting down the last of her former society after the failure of her last mission marked her for death. Erynys' target, the last surviving member of the Hand, forces Spider-Man to protect him from Erynys' wrath by planting a bomb equipped with a deadman switch somewhere in the city.

Things only get more complicated as Xina gets herself involved in an already volatile situation.

28 16 "Last Resort" Dr. Michael Weele
A new program for troubled kids is becoming a popular last resort among parents in Neuva York City, but "the Ranch" is not everything it seems. When Miguel's friend gets sent there, Miguel goes to investigate, but ends up biting off more than he can chew.
29 17 "Siege" Siege
After losing his job as a weapons designer, the stepfather of one of Miguel's friends turns to crime to make ends meet as a supervillain called Siege.
30 18 "Inside Look"
A gossip reporter acquires the technology to become incorporeal and becomes the ultimate Peeping Tom. When he discovers Spider-Man's identity, he threatens to reveal it on national television, but soon discovers the technology is having an adverse effect on his body.
31 19 "Baby"
Miguel is forced to take a computer-simulated "baby" with him everywhere—even as Spider-Man—in order to make the grade in Family Studies. Meanwhile, a family of jewel thieves are plying their trade around Neuva York City, stealing priceless rubies.
32 20 "Flipside" Flipside
A holomorphic military android has been reported to have gone rogue, and Miguel needs to find him before he kills someone. But has the android really gone rogue, or has he just gained a conscience?
33 21 "Chameleon" Major Jones/Chameleon
Spider-Man reluctantly joins forces with his former enemy, Kraven the Hunter, to hunt down a wily criminal named the Chameleon, who has stolen a dangerous virus for a criminal organisation called Hydra.
34 22 "Upgrade" Carrie Trainer/Doctor Octopus
A bionics designer is forced to give a gang of street punks, led by Doctor Octopus, robotic implants after they kidnap his wife. To stop them, Spider-Man needs a special verbal "kill-phrase" to shut down their implants, but can he convince the designer to give it to him?
35 23 "Fandom" Kathleen Leland
A virtual-reality game producer uses three teenage fans' devotion to the game universe in order to eliminate his enemies and rivals 
36 24 "Punishment"
A new vigilante begins taking revenge on the tormentors of several troubled teenagers, all of whom are in the same therapy group. When Miguel goes undercover in the group to find the culprit, he begins to suspect the doctor running the sessions, but Payback's real identity proves to be someone no one would have expected.
37 25 "Where's Miguel?" Shocker
Shocker traps Spider-Man in the abandoned tunnels beneath Neuva York City intent on revenge, and Mayday must ally with Xina to find him.
38 26 "Peter"
When Peter goes missing, Mayday remembers the origin of her pet canine. Miguel discovers an underground dog fighting organization.

Season 3

No. overall No. in season Title Villain(s)
39 1 "Ransom" Kron Stone and the Black Cat Gang
The Black Cat Gang return, minus Morgan, in an attempt to regain their reputation. However, after they are double-crossed by Kron Stone.
40 2 "Untouchable" Force Field
Spider-Man goes up against a new, seemingly-invulnerable foe who uses technology similar to a prototype that Alchemax medical division has been developing.
41 3 "Sandwoman Returns Again" Sandwoman
After Sandwoman's latest employer betrays her and blasts her with an experimental weapon that causes her body to slowly dissolve, she is forced to turn to someone whom she has not seen in years: her daughter.
42 4 "Vulture" Clifton Black/Vulture
When a friend from Miguel's troubled past, Clifton Black, returns, Miguel tries to stop him from repeating his mistakes and going back to jail. However, when Clifton ends up helping a gang of crooks rob an Alchemaz research lab, he is exposed to a dangerous experimental chemical and mutates into a monstrous vulture.
  • Clifton Black is based on Vulture 2099 with elements of Black Drago and Clifton Shallot.
43 5 "Silvermane" Silvermane
Peter and Mayday Parker's old enemy, Alisa Silver, returns to offer Mayday the chance to be eternally young. However, Mayday and Miguel discover a dark secret. Decades ago, after Alisa's father, Silvermane, was left mortally wounded. In order to save himself, Silvermane sacrificed his daughter by using a computer to imprint his thoughts and memories into Alisa's body, erasing her consciousness and replacing it with his own.

After improving the computer, Silvermane decides that it is time to move into a new body: Miguel's.

44 6 "Kraven Returns" Alyosha Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter
Spider-Man reluctantly agrees to aid a genetically enhanced gorilla in finding the poacher who kidnapped his mother.
45 7 "Avengers 2020"
Captain America 2099 drafts Spider-Man into the Avengers when he suspects there is a traitor among them. Despite Mayday's warning not to join, Miguel goes against it and soon discovers a conspiracy against the Avengers.

To get to the bottom of the problem facing the Avengers, Spider-Man must face off against his own teammates—including Captain America himself. He must seek the help from Mayday who knew of an old enemy of theirs.

Though he defeats it and a grateful Captain America offers him to join the Avengers, Spider-Man refuses, understanding why the original Spider-Man did not join the Avengers full-time in the first place.

  • The Avengers team consists of Captain America 2099, Kenshiro Cochrane/Ghost Rider, John Eisenhart/Hulk 2099, Thor 2099, Namora the Submariner 2099 and Ant-Man 2099.
46 8 "Vulture Returns" Clifton Black/Vulture
Vulture returns to Neuva York City, causing problems for both Spider-Man and his alter-ego Miguel O'Hara, who still feels guilty about what happened to him.
47 9 "Hydra" Hydra
Miguel is sent to Mayday's old friend to brush up on his combat skills, and inadvertently befriends the heir-apparent to the criminal organisation Hydra. After the leader of Hydra kidnaps Xina to be his wife, Spider-Man is forced not only to rescue her, but to stop Hydra's plot.
48 10 "Flipside Returns" Clifton Black/Vulture
Flipside returns to Neuve York City to look for his creator, but falls into the clutches of Vulture, who turns him into a walking time-bomb. Spider-Man and must track Flipside down before time runs out.
49 11 "Unmasked" Hydra
Miguel recounts to Xina one of his earlier adventures as Spider-Man, during which he revealed his face to a child and inadvertently made the boy a target of Hydra.
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