Crimson Spider
Nick Hill was a scientist who tested radioactive injections on insects. He was bitten by a spider and became the Spider man of Los Angeles.


During a test on spiders he was bitten by a radioactive one. Nick was taken to a hospital to be treated. After his visit he was sent home, when he got there he started feeling dizzy. He passed out in three minutes, when he woke up he was changed. He was muscular, and he could shoot webs. He decided to take a stroll around town, he found a person being mugged and stopped the mugger. The victim thanked him and asked who was, he responded, "I'm Spider Man." He later created a suit to be remembered in.


Nick continued his testing on spiders, his partner Martin Noll, tested on lizards. One day while alone in his lab Martin injected himself with lizard DNA. He was testing if humans could be more like reptiles, something went wrong and he became a monster. The monster was driven by massacre, and had a liking for human flesh. Spider man was patrolling the city when he saw the monster. It was terrorizing a group of civilians, he fought the monster. The best was stronger than him, he was slashing the bug. Finally Nick knocked out the creature and read the name tag on it's coat. He knew it was Noll, but Noll's creature instincts drove him to kill Nick. The fight continued Martin, Martin and Nick climbed to the top of the Empire State building. Martin was pushed off and fell to the ground, Nick spat at the monster.


The leading weapons manufacturer in Los Angeles was Shock Enterprises. The company specialized in energy weapons, form electric guns, electric fists, and lasers. Yet some of their money came selling weapons to a terrorist organization. The streets were crawling with terrorists and Spider man had to deal with them. He got one to tell him their sources of weapons and he was lead to shock industries. Max Shock didn't like spiders so he wanted to kill this one, he got on his suit and was ready to fight. Shocker's weapon was strong, one hit and Nick was dead. Finally Shock's weapon malfunctioned and zapped him, Nick grabbed the weapon and aimed it at his head. Shocker pleaded for mercy but Nick just fired, the terrorist were soon defeated.
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