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Spider-man: The Brand New Animated Series is an American television show based off of the Marvel superhero Spider-man. The show is rated TV-PG for language, violence and suggestive dialogue as it follows the adventures of Peter Parker and his alter-ego Spider-man. Much of Spidey's history is put into the show. The show, Fantastic Four: The All-New Animated Series, Avengers: The Animated Series, and X-Men: The All-New Animated Series are all set in the same fictional universe called Earth-251920.


Each season contains a list of 20 episodes.

Season One

  • 1. Origins, part 1: Peter Parker was your average nerdy teenager until he is bitten by a genetically engineered spider and gifted with the powers of one including organic webbing and a regenerative healing factor.
  • 2. Origins, Part 2: In order to impress the beautiful Mary Jane Watson, Peter decides to get a car but then decides use his newfound abilities in a wrestling contest to win money for the car. After creating a costume, Peter defeats Crusher Hogan. Peter is then cheated out of his money and lets a thug take the money. Walking home, he sees a group of people crowding around a body, only to realize it was his Uncle Ben, who was shot by a carjacker. Peter suits up and tracks the killer to an abandoned warehouse. Peter brutally beats the murderer until the killer accidentally falls out a window to his death. After remembering the last thing Uncle Ben said " with great power comes with great responsibility", Peter creates a costume that better protects his identity and becomes the masked hero known as "Spider-man!"
  • 3. Birds of Prey: Peter fights his first super villain The Vulture, aka Adrian Toomes, a disgraced engineer who wants revenge on his boss for stealing his work. Meanwhile, Peter struggles to ask Mary Jane but gets help from friends Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy.
  • 4. Regeneration: Peter's science teacher, Curt Connors, turns into a humanoid lizard after a serum to regrow his arm goes wrong. Meanwhile, Peter searches for a job to help Aunt May.
  • 6. Sand Day: A street thug, Flint Marko, is turned into Sandman after he stumbles upon a testing area and starts a crime spree. Meanwhile, Peter has recurring nightmares of Uncle Ben's death.
  • 7. Vibes: A man named Herman Schultz is given equipment by an unknown person to kill Spider-man. Meanwhile, Peter asks MJ to the Fall Formal but is interrupted by Shocker.
  • 8. The Sting: J. John Jameson sends private investigator Mac Gargan to spy on Peter Parker to figure out how he takes great pictures of Spider-man and then turns him into the Scorpion to kill Spider-man!
  • 9. Chamele-on!: A spy codenamed Chameleon begins posing as people to learn secrets on America with one of them as Peter Parker! Meanwhile, Norman Osborn begins work on a highly dangerous experiment dubbed Oz."
  • 11. Armed and Dangerous: An atomic researcher, Dr. Otto Octavius, is caught in an explosion, with four mechanical arms grafted onto his skin. Meanwhile, Peter and Harry look for dates for prom.
  • 12. Turning Point: Spider-man figures out who gave Herman Schultz the equipment and sent the Enforcers after him: A crime lord named the Kingpin and sets out to bring him down. Meanwhile, Peter and Aunt May have a serious conservation.
  • 13. Framed by a Mystery: Someone posing as Spider-man uses his identity to commit robberies. Meanwhile, Peter and JJJ clash over their views on heroes.
  • 14. The Hunt: Sergei Kravinoff comes from Russia to hunt the elusive prey: Spider-man! Meanwhile, Mary Jane begins to have a crush on Peter!
  • 15. Bugs!: A mercenary called the Beetle targets JJJ for harsh comments about his crimes. Meanwhile, Mary Jane tries to ask Peter at the same time Peter tries to ask MJ out.
  • 16. Spider-Slayers: JJJ sends killer robots after Spidey to rid of him for good. Meanwhile, Peter tries to adjust to life as Spider-man.
  • 20. Revealed: Goblin attacks the Unity Day Festival, a day where Oscorp celebrates its victories, and Spider-man figures out Goblin's identity and sets out to stop him. Meanwhile, Peter graduates from high school and rents an apartment with Harry Osborn. Also, Peter asks MJ out and she accepts.

Season Two

  1. Wings in the Night: Vulture returns to get revenge on Spider-man and his former boss. Meanwhile, Peter goes on his first date with Mary Jane and Vulture intervenes, which means a ruined first date for them.
  2. The Night of the Prowler: A new criminal named the Prowler begins to commit high-risk robberies. Meanwhile, Peter asks MJ to be his girlfriend and is rejected.
  3. Electro's Revenge: Electro breaks out of the Vault and wants revenge on Spider-man. Meanwhile, Peter meets his new love interest, Debra Whitman.
  4. Silver Sable: The bounty hunter Silver Sable targets Peter Parker for info on Spider-man. Meanwhile, Kingpin plans his revenge. Meanwhile, Debra asks Peter out on a date.
  5. Tombstone: A mob enforcer called Tombstone goes after Peter's friend, Robbie Robertson. Meanwhile, Peter struggles to pay his rent.
  6. To Kill A Spider-man!: A scientist, Spencer Smythe, creates a new Spider-Slayer just for JJJ and JJJ uses it to hunt Spider-man. Meanwhile, Aunt May struggles to live alone without Peter.
  7. Bad Luck: Harry begins dating a new student at ESU, Felicia Hardy, who Peter think is up to no good. Meanwhile, Spider-man fights a new criminal called the Black Cat. Also, Debra begins working for Oscorp.
  8. Hydro: A man plans to get revenge on Spider-man, who accidentally turned the man into a half-man, half-water being. Meanwhile, Debra suspects Peter is hiding something from her.
  9. Lizard Lives!: Doc Connors accidentally recreates the serum that turned him into the Lizard and becomes the rampaging reptile once again. Meanwhile, Harry continues to cope with the departure of Felicia Hardy.
  10. Kingpin's Gambit: After being outed as the Kingpin and forced to flee the country, Wilson Fisk returns to take what is rightfully his. Meanwhile, Peter finds a black goo all over his costume, creating a new black suit.
  11. Kangaroo U: Spider-man learns the black goo enhanced his powers, which is good because a new foe named the Kangaroo has hopped on the scene. Meanwhile, Kangaroo kidnaps civilians including Debra!
  12. Vampire at Large!: Michael Morbius, a classmate of Peter's at ESU, becomes a living vampire after a treatment to cure himself goes wrong. Meanwhile, MJ is jealous over Peter and Debra's relationship.
  13. Vermin!: A scientist, Edward Whelan, has turned into a humanoid rat and begins dragging people to sewers for experiments with one of the kidnapped people turns out to be Mary Jane! Meanwhile, it's Valentine's Day in New York as Peter races to find the perfect gift for Debra.
  14. Hard Headed: A new crime boss making a name for himself, Hammerhead, begins targeting other crime lords to be the only one in New York. This soon puts him in conflict with Kingpin.
  15. Cage'd: The new Hero-For-Hire Luke Cage is hired by JJJ to capture Spider-man.
  16. The Man-Wolf: JJJ's son John Jameson is transformed into a werewolf-like creature and begins terrorizing innocent people. Meanwhile, Harry begins struggling in school.
  17. Wolfhunt: After failing to cure John Jameson of his condition, Spidey is forced to get help from Doc Connors. Meanwhile, A new photographer at the Daily Bugle, Eddie Brock, starts a hatred towards Peter.
  18. Punishment: A new vigilante called the Punisher comes to New York to stop crime but finds Spider-man a menace that needs to be wiped out permanently.
  19. Venom: After almost killing the Punisher, Spider-man decides it's time to get rid of the black suit and it picks the one person who wants him dead: Eddie Brock.
  20. Dead Meat: Venom attacks everyone close to Peter and wants him to suffer enough to the point where he can kill him. Meanwhile, Debra breaks up with Peter. Afterwards, Peter is depressed and shares a kiss with Gwen Stacy!

Season Three

  1. Training Day: Spider-man is picked to be a part of the secret organization: SHIELD but their Helicarrier is attacked by the terrorist corporation - HYDRA!
  2. The Six Arms Saga: Peter's spider side takes a turn for the worst when he accidentally grows four extra arms.
  3. The Six Arms Saga, Part 2: Peter tries to hide his extra arms from his friends and family.
  4. Arm-inx8 With Doc Ock: Doc Ock and Spider-man must put their differences aside to stop Hammerhead from using his devices to destroy New York. Meanwhile, Harry and MJ start a relationship.
  5. Bear Claw: Maxwell Markham, a disgraced wrestler, uses a bear-themed suit to target J. Jonah Jameson. Meanwhile, Peter and Gwen begin a relationship.
  6. Whoduit!:Peter, MJ, Harry, and Gwen attend a party, where someone is not who they say they are and begins picking off people one by one.
  7. Wild Winds!: Spider-man must stop a superhuman called Cyclone from committing murders. Meanwhile, a mysterious group begins to commit high-risk robberies.
  8. War of the Reptile-Men!: Doc Connors' arch-rival, Vincent Stegron, uses dinosaur extract only to transform into a dinosaur-like man. After failing to stop him, Spider-man must get help from the Lizard, Doc Connors' alter ego. Meanwhile, Harry
  9. Blaze of Glory: Johnny Storm, member of the Fantastic Four, visits Spider-man to offer advice but their encounter is stopped abruptly due to Doctor Doom taking over the Baxter Building.
  10. Hot Wheels!: Two new criminals, Rocket Racer and Big Wheel, take their feud to the streets with Spider-man caught in the middle.
  11. Dishonored: Kraven returns to reclaim the honor he lost when he was defeated by Spider-man.
  12. Revenge of Scorpion: The Scorpion breaks out of prison to get back at JJJ for ruining his life.
  13. Ready, A.I.M., Fire! Spider-man teams up with Iron Man to stop the criminal organization A.I.M. from using Stark tech for their own purposes.
  14. Hyde In Plain Sight: A ESU professor, Calvin Zabo, targets another professor, Miles Warren, for ruining his experiments.
  15. Tarantula: An assassin comes to New York to take out the Mayor. Meanwhile, information connecting the mayor and the Tarantula comes to light.
  16. A Betting Man: A gambler named Nicholas Powell becomes a mercenary known as Chance and his first contact is Hammerhead and his first assignment is to kill Spider-man!
  17. Walk a Savage Land: Peter and Joe travel to the Savage Land to report of a strange large alien that roams the land but must first defeat the mighty Ka-Zar.
  18. Man-Hunt!: Punisher comes back to New York to ask Spider-man to help him stop a new crime boss known as Jigsaw from releasing weapons into the city. Meanwhile, Peter has a one-night stand with Gwen.
  19. The Night Gwen Stacy Died!: Norman Osborn remembers that he is the Green Goblin and kidnaps Gwen Stacy. Meanwhile, MJ breaks up with Harry.
  20. The Green Goblin's Last Stand!: After Gwen dies, Green Goblin flies off as Spider-man grieves over her corpse. Later, Peter stops by the apartment he shares with Harry Osborn and finds him overdosed on pills. Spider-man then stops by the Daily Bugle for leads on Osborn and finds out that he was last seen at a warehouse Osborn owns. Spider-man tracks him down and fights him until Osborn's glider impales and kills him as someone watches the fight from afar.

Season Four

  1. Enter Dr. Strange: Flash Thompson is kidnapped by a very dangerous cult of mystic proportions so Spidey might need help from Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme. Meanwhile, Peter tries to cope with Gwen's death.
  2. Scheming: A new enemy, the Schemer, tries to bring down Kingpin's crime organization. Meanwhile, Aunt May suffers a heart attack during one of the battles. Also, Peter begins going out with MJ, which angers Harry.
  3. The Blur: Spider-man tries to stop Speed Demon, a superhuman capable of running super fast, from committing murders. Meanwhile, Peter's college professor, Miles Warren, is upset over Gwen's death.
  4. Crisis on Campus: Kingpin orders Mysterio to visit the ESU campus to steal an ancient tablet but Peter is not going to let that happen without revealing his secret identity. Meanwhile, Harry shuns everyone out of his life.
  5. Mayhem by Moonlight: An unknown man begins targeting J. John Jameson and Spider-man.
  6. In Search of Man-Wolf: The mysterious man is revealed to be the Man-Wolf, John Jameson, son of J. John Jameson, as a mysterious benefactor watches from monitors.
  7. Big Apple Battleground: A villain named the Hitman targets JJJ and Spidey must team up with the Punisher to stop him.
  8. Deadline!: Spider-man must stop a bomb from detonating by a new villain, Mister Negative.
  9. In Love and War: The Black Cat comes back to confess to Spidey that she loves him but Kingpin intends to destroy them both!
  10. Wings of Vengeance: Vulture returns to steal a device capable of destroying anything in its way.
  11. Nothing can stop the Juggernaut: The rampaging Juggernaut comes to New York to wreak havoc while Spider-man is visited by a mysterious woman called Madame Web.
  12. Stand Stilt: The criminal Stilt-Man tries to steal Oscorp's brand-new pulse system to further upgrade his suit.
  13. Law and Disorder: Spider-man teams up with the mysterious Daredevil to stop a crime boss named the Owl from killing Frank Nelson, Daredevil's friend, and partner.
  14. Tinkerer: A disgraced Oscorp employee attacks the company with robots.
  15. Man Mountain Marko: A common street thug is transformed into a super-powered criminal after being experimenting on and sets out to lay waste of the criminals he blames for his condition, the next victim? Hammerhead!
  16. Cult of Love: Betty Brant joins a cult because of her latest breakup, oblivious to their evil intentions as Peter tries to rescue her.
  17. Escape From Krakoa!: After being classified as a mutant, Spider-man is kidnapped and forced to play a game of cat and mouse with the Bonebreakers with the help from the X-Men!
  18. Hobgoblin: Roderick Kingsley becomes a criminal known as the Hobgoblin and targets people with double-crossed Kingsley including Oscorp.
  19. Warriors, Part 1: A new crime boss named Silvermane tries to take over territories claimed by Kingpin and Hammerhead. Meanwhile, Peter meets new heroes such as Iron Fist and Moon Knight as well as the assassin Elektra.
  20. Warriors, Part 2: After being attacked by Elektra, Peter knows that the gang war had escalated out of control and sets out to stop it with the help from Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and the Punisher!

Season Five

  1. Brand New Day: Peter adjusts to the new life after Silvermane was incarcerated as a man in a Spider-man mask begins robbing people. Meanwhile, J. Jonah Jameson has a heart attack while arguing with Peter and Norman Osborn mysteriously returns from the grave.
  2. Blood Ties: The upcoming crime boss Mr. Negative steals a tablet and uses it to get revenge on the Maggia families. Meanwhile, Carlie Cooper finds a spider-tracer attached to a dead body. As, Jonah's wife, Marla, sells the DB to a man named Dexter Bennett.
  3. Who's That Girl?!: A new hero called Jackpot comes to find out about the new Goblin Menace. Meanwhile, Peter begins to work at the new Db!
  4. The Menace of Menace!: Spider-man fights the new Goblin themed villain called Menace. Meanwhile, Spider-man finds Jackpot's identity as a "hero" called Blue Shield targets him. As, Spider-man is wanted by the police and their spider slayers.
  5. Freak-Out: A former flunky of Silvermane called Freak is accidentally transformed into a large, hideous monster after injecting himself with some of Curt Connors' research on animals. Meanwhile, Spider-man is still wanted by the police.
  6. Dead of Winter: Spider-man teams up with Wolverine to stop a crazed scientist from releasing an ancient prophecy. Meanwhile, Carlie gets trapped inside a police station with the crazed scientist.
  7. Burned!: The monster Freak returns to get revenge on Spider-man and Curt Connors. Meanwhile, Peter rents an apartment with officer Vincent Gonzales, friend of Carlie Cooper.
  8. New Ways to Die: Roderick Kingsley is exonerated and joins the Thunderbolts progra. Soon enough he returns to New York to hunt down Spider-man with the help of his Thunderbolts! As if that weren't enough Menace targets Roderick!
  9. Killer Cures: After breaking into Peter's apartment, Roderick and his Thunderbolts attack the FEAST center, where Aunt May works at. Meanwhile, Aunt May becomes suspicious of Martin Li, the owner of FEAST.
  10. Easy Targets: Kingsley sends Bullseye to kill Spider-man but after defeating him, Spider-man sets out stop Osborn for good. Meanwhile, Peter helps Harry move into an new apartment.
  11. The Money Shot: Spider-man faces a new villain: Screwball, who live streams her crimes. Meanwhile, Peter nearly loses his job at the DB!
  12. Flat Out Crazy: Spider-man must fight a new villain called Paper Doll, who becomes obsessed with an actor named Bobby Carr. Meanwhile, Bobby Carr begins dating Mary Jane!
  13. The Other Spider-man: Peter finds out about a new Spidey in town and sets out to find out who it is.
  14. Threeway Collision: Spider-man, Vin, and Mr. Negative set out to receive a gun stolen by new villain, Overdrive.
  15. Kraven's First Hunt: A new Kraven begins stalking Spider-man and captures him.
  16. Identity Crisis: The new Kraven unmasks Spider-man, only for it to be Vin, as Spider-man searches for him. Meanwhile, Vermin comes out of hiding.
  17. Flashbacks: This episode tells the story of Peter's former bully, Flash Thompson, and his journey around the world in the army.
  18. Family Ties, Part 1:Mr. Negative uses the crime boss Hammerhead to unite the street to become the next big crimelord until Spider-man intervenes.
  19. Family Ties, Part 2: Spider-man continues to stop Mr. Negative's plan of uniting the gangs.
  20. Secret Invasion: Spider-man and the Avengers must stop the Skrulls from taking over Earth with one of the most shocking endings of the year.

Season Six

  1. Old Huntin' Buddies: Spider-man and Punisher team up to stop Moses Magnum from taking a serum that will increase his powers.
  2. Unscheduled Stop: Shocker is hired by Mr. Negative to stop Aunt May from testifying against him in court. Meanwhile, JJJ's father is revealed and falls in love with Aunt May.
  3. Character Assassination, Part 1: The elections for DA are in as Spider-man fights Menace and the police. Meanwhile, more people are murdered with spider-tracers on them.
  4. Character Assassination, Part 2: Menace is revealed to be Lily Hollister as Harry changes back. Meanwhile, police arrest Spider-man and Vin Gonzales. Also, Spider-man uncover the truth of the Spider-Tracer murders.
  5. Return of the Spot: The Spot returns to get revenge on the Russian Mob as Peter tries to deal with Vin's involvement with the Spider-Tracers murders. Meanwhile, JJJ Sr. proposes to Aunt May.
  6. Face Front: Spider-man and the Fantastic Four go to the Macroverse to help the people of that world. Meanwhile, Spider-man and the Human Torch clashes about Spidey's unmasked statue.
  7. 24/7, Part 1: Spider-man returns from the Macroverse, only to realize that J. Jonah Jameson has been name Mayor of New York. Meanwhile, a new Vulture appears whoblames Jameson for his condition.
  8. 24/7, Part 2: After being defeated by the Vulture, Spider-man decides to go home, only to find out that Vin's sister, Michelle, has taken his place in the apartment. Meanwhile, Spider-man pays JJJ a visit.
  9. 24/7, Part 3: Spider-man is targeted by JJJ's Anti-Spider Squad as he tries to fight the new Vulture.
  10. American Son, Part 1: Spider-man sets out to stop Norman Osborn and expose him the man it is. Meanwhile, Norman plans something for Harry.
  11. American Son, Part 2: Spider-man poses as Mac Gargan (the new Venom) and sneaks into the Avengers Tower to confront Osborn. Meanwhile, Harry joins the Dark Avengers.
  12. Last Legs: Doctor Octopus returns to ruin the wedding for Aunt May and JJJ Sr. Meanwhile, MJ returns to town. Also, Spider-man teams up with other heroes to stop Doc Ock's robots from taking control of a satellite.
  13. No Place Like Home: Mary Jane returns to New York and makes a date for Peter, only to be distracted by a returning Stilt-Man.
  14. Deconstructing Peter: Chameleon returns to impersonate Peter to learn more about him and sets to destroy the Shadow Command, New York's new black ops unit. In the end, Chameleon encounters women claiming to be the wife and daughter of Kraven.
  15. As the Girl...: Spider-man must fight a criminal named White Rabbit as Mary Jane meets the actor Bobby Carr.
  16. Long-Term Arrangement: Black Cat decides to become a hero with the help of Daredevil and is given that chance by helping Spidey stop the villain known as Diablo.
  17. Long-Term Arrangement, Part 2: After failing to stop Diablo and from taking Black Cat, Spidey begins a hunt for them. Meanwhile, the women claiming to be Kraven's wife and daughter plan something for Spider-man.
  18. Who Was The Raptor?: Spider-man is targeted by Damon Ryder, a man who blames Peter for his current condition.
  19. The Pain of Kaine: Kaine is revealed to be partners with Damon Ryder and both try to kill Spider-man.
  20. The List: Spider-man finds incriminating evidence about Norman Osborn and wants to release it to the world to show that Osborn is evil but Osborn is not going to let that happen.Meanwhile, Harry finds out Peter's secret identity after finding one of his costumes.

Season Seven

  1. Double Trouble: Harry becomes the new Green Goblin and targets Peter and his loved ones as MJ and Peter get back together .
  2. Doom Service: Doctor Doom breaks out of SHIELD custody to get revenge on Spider-man. Meanwhile, Peter searches for an apartment after Harry's death. Also, MJ breaks up with Peter due to his superhero life.
  3. Man of Steal: A new burglar called the Fox begins stealing priceless items from museums. Meanwhile, Peter is depressed over his and MJ's break up.
  4. Pure Sand: Sandman sees the error of his ways and decides to turn good but the villain group the Frightful Four wants Sandman to join their ranks. Meanwhile, Peter tries to move on after his break-up with MJ.
  5. The Jigsaw is Up!: The crime boss Jigsaw holds up a yacht with many people including JJJ and Peter and plans to hold them up for ransom. Meanwhile, MJ meets Nick Fury for the first time.
  6. Spider-man: Wanted!: Chameleon posed as Spider-man and framed him for robbing banks so Spidey must clear his name. Meanwhile, MJ tries to cope with the information Nick Fury gave her.
  7. The Kingpin's Midnight Massacre!: Kingpin challenges Spider-man to one-on-one and defeats him. After defeating Spider-man, Kingpin tells him the story of his rise to crime. Meanwhile, Aunt May is visited by a mysterious man from her past.
  8. Sinister: Vulture, Doc Ock, Rhino, Electro, Kraven, and Mysterio all team up to take down Spider-man. Meanwhile, Peter tries to find someone new. Also, Doc Ock finds out Peter's identity.
  9. Prophecies: Thomas Fireheart becomes the half-man, half-cat creature Puma after an ancient prophecy transforms him and sets out to reverse it even if it means killing people. Meanwhile, Peter goes on a date with Betty Brant as friends.
  10. The Lobo Bros: Two men, who are able to transform into werewolves, use their power of lycanthropy to attack Kingpin after the crime boss kills their family. Meanwhile, Peter thinks about his role as Spider-man.
  11. Hot or Not: Molten Man returns to get revenge on Spider-man. Meanwhile, Liz Allen returns to New York with some surprising news. Also, Flash joins the army.
  12. Light the Night: A man creates a light suit and uses it to go on a crime spree. Meanwhile, Peter begins suffering in school.
  13. Powerless: Due to the stress of being a ordinary person and a superhero, Peter slowly starts to lose his powers which comes at a bad time when Electro comes to kill Spider-man. Meanwhile, MJ wonders if breaking up with Peter was the right decision for her.
  14. Carnage: Spider-man must team up with Venom, aka Eddie Brock, to stop Cletus Kasady, who has been transformed into the symbiote monster Carnage. Meanwhile, MJ accepts Peter's life as Spider-man.
  15. Heroes and Villains: A news crew interviews JJJ to know why he hates heroes like Spider-man. Meanwhile, Spider-man battles Lightmaster again. Also, MJ tries to approach Peter.
  16. Law of the Jungle: Kraven kidnaps Spider-man and takes him to the Savage Land where he has set traps for him. Meanwhile, Someone targets Peter's friends.
  17. Two Birds, One Spider: Adrian Toomes and his protege, Blackie Drago, fight to the death after Drago tries to kill Toomes. Meanwhile, Peter and MJ reunite. Also, Peter is given a cloth version of the black suit.
  18. War of the Symbiotes: Carnage and Venom break out of the Vault and begin their fight in the streets of New York. Meanwhile, businessman Bolivar Trask becomes interested in the symbiotes. Also, Peter makes a decision that will impact his and Mary Jane's relationship.
  19. War of the Symbiotes, Part 2: After almost being killed by Venom, Spider-man decides to get help from SHIELD but Carnage decides to attack the Triskelion to free all the supervillains. Meanwhile, Peter proposes to Mary Jane.
  20. The Wedding: It's wedding day for Peter and MJ and the newlyweds' day is almost ruined by an attack by an assassin called the Finisher. Meanwhile, is that Norman Osborn disappearing into the night?

Season Eight

  1. The Gentlemen: Peter finds out that the assassin that attacked him at his wedding was sent by a man who knows he is Spider-man and sets out to find him. Meanwhile, Peter graduates from college.
  2. The Clone Saga, Part 1: Spider-man finds out that Miles Warren, who is now known as the Jackal, has created clones of him. Meanwhile, a mysterious man keeps track of the entire event.
  3. The Clone Saga, Part 2: The mysterious man is revealed to be Norman Osborn, who revealed that the Oz formula saved his life. As the two fight, the clone Ben Reilly dies during the fight as Peter mourns over the death of his clone.
  4. Fatal Attraction: Johnathan Caesar, the man who owns the apartment building that Peter and MJ lives in, kidnaps Mary Jane and holds her hostage as Peter searches for her.
  5. Styx and Stone: The mercenary duo Styx and Stone are hired by Johnathan Caesar to kill Peter.
  6. Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Part 1: Someone programs the Spider-Slayer robots to kill Spider-man.
  7. Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Part 2: Electro and Scorpion, with the help of the Spider-Slayers, comes to kill Spider-man.
  8. Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Part 3: The man who sent Electro, Scorpion, and the killer robots after Spidey is revealed to be Alastair Smythe, the son of Spencer Smythe, the original maker of the Spider-Slayers.
  9. Kraven's Last Hunt: Kraven returns to "kill" Spider-man and takes his place but MJ knows that something is wrong.
  10. Stalking Feat: The group known as Jury comes to New York to arrest Spidey for wearing the symbiote.
  11. Dust to Dust: The Jackal's double, the clone Carrion, is put out of suspended animation and sets out to kill Peter.
  12. Ashes to Ashes: Carrion kidnaps MJ and forces Peter to destroy him.
  13. Maximum Carnage, Part 1: Carnage breaks out of SHIELD custody and breaks out new criminals Shriek and a failed clone of the Jackal, the Spider-man doppelganger.
  14. Maximum Carnage, Part 2: The trio start a killing spree in New York and Spider-man starts to think he might need help from Venom and a few others.
  15. Maximum Carnage, Part 3: Spider-man makes a team consisting of Venom, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Black Cat, the cyborg hero Deathlok, and Morbius as Carnage get Demogoblin, Shriek, Doppelganger, and revived Carrion.
  16. Maximum Carnage, Part 4: Both teams fight to win in the final battle as Spider-man must make a decision that might dismantle the team.
  17. Cardiac's Arrest: A new vigilante called Cardiac begins to fight criminals but beats them violently which Spidey does not approve of.
  18. Deadmen: Peter and JJJ are targeted by Scorpion. Meanwhile, A ninja group called the Hand plan something for Spider-man.
  19. Hand and Hand: The Hand is ordered to target Spider-man and Peter Parker by a man only known as the Black Tarantula.
  20. Spiders!: Spider-man finds out about the Black Tarantula's involvement on the attacks on his life and sets out to find out with one of the most shocking endings of the year.

Season Ten

  1. Siege: Magneto seizes control of the Daily Bugle and orders a group of Sentinels to destroy it as Spider-man gets help from the X-Men.
  2. Exposed Wiring: Electro gets a chance to upgrade his powers and uses them on the one person he hates the most: Spider-man!
  3. Savage Rebirth: Cletus Kasady breaks out of the Vault to kill Spider-man but, after hearing a report on the alien Silver Surfer, wants to kill him for his powers therefore becoming unstoppable!
  4. The Book of Ezekiel, Part 1: A man named Ezekiel, who has similar powers to Spider-man, comes to Peter to explain that he is a part of a race of Spider-Totems. Meanwhile, a group of monsters come to New York looking for Peter.
  5. The Book of Ezekiel, Part 2: The monsters reveal themselves to Peter as Shatra, Morlun, and the Gatekeeper and attacks him. Meanwhile, after the battle with the monsters, Aunt May finds Peter's battered costume and his bloodied body.
  6. Sins Past, Part 1: Two assassin siblings target Peter because they think he killed Gwen Stacy. Meanwhile, May struggles to confront Peter about his life as Spider-man.
  7. Sins Past, Part 2: The assassins reveal themselves to the children of Gwen Stacy and identifies themselves as Gabriel and Sarah Stacy and the person who raised them: Norman Osborn!
  8. Sins Past, Part 3: Gabriel follows a trail of cryptic clues left by Osborn and becomes the Grey Goblin and begins to attack Peter and his loved ones. Meanhwhilem Peter, Aunt May, and MJ have a serious conservation about his life as Spider-man.
  9. New Avengers, Part 1: After the Avengers disassemble, Captain America and and Iron Man look for new heroes to recruit and sets their sights on Spider-man. Meanwhile, the Masters of Evil plan to destory the Avengers.
  10. New Avengers, Part 2: Spider-man is now a part of the New Avengers and their first mission is to stop the Masters of Evil from destroying the Triskelion and the New Avengers.
  11. New Avengers, Part 3: The Masters of Evil get help from HYDRA and destroys the Avengers Mansion. The Avengers struggle to stop the Masters as their headquarters and the Triskelion is currently in ruins but Spider-man sets out to stop them himself.
  12. Reckoning: Morlun returns to kill Spider-man and nearly succeeds until his accomplice uses radiation to kill him.
  13. Civil War, Part 1: After a group of young super heroes accidentally destroys a town full of innocent people, the government issues the Superhuman Resignation act to employ heroes with Spider-man on the list. Meanwhile, Kingpin is put in jail.
  14. Civil War, Part 2: Spider-man reveals his identity to the world to be a part of Iron Man's side. Meanwhile, Peter begins to have second thoughts about his decision. Also, Kingpin orders an assassin to kill Peter.
  15. Civil War, Part 3: Spider-man turns goes to Captain America's side after seeing where Iron Man keeps resigned heroes and sets out to stop him. Meanwhile, the hitman finds Peter's location.
  16. Civil War, Part 4: The final battle between the sides is taking part in the New York streets. After the battle, the hitman shoots at Peter only for the bullet to hit Aunt May.
  17. Back in Black, Part 1: Peter dons the cloth black suit to find the assassin and sets out to find Aunt May help for her bullet wound.
  18. Back in Black, Part 2: After brutally beating the assassin, Peter find out that Kingpin had ordered the assassin to kill him and sets out to have a final battle with his old foe.
  19. One More Day, Part 1:
  20. One More Day, Part 2:

Season Ten

  1. Hobgoblin's Half: Roderick Kingsley is broken out of jail by Mr Negative's Inner Demons. He soon enough decides to repay Negative by temporally working for him,his frist target? Peter Parker.
  2. World War Goblin:
  3. School of Hard Knocks: After failing to stop a bunch of criminals from stealing a truck, Peter decides to take self-defense classes to better his fighting skills and finds out that the instructor is an assassin called the Taskmaster and decides to stop him.
  4. Power Struggle: Electro realizes that he is turning into pure energy and tries to find a cure for his condition.
  5. Rush Hour: Speed Demon returns to steal a diamond from a museum. Meanwhile, Peter still tries to evade the Anti-Spider Squad.
  6. Buzzed!: After a lab accident at ESU goes awry, Spider-man faces a new menace that goes by the name of Swarm.
  7. Why I Hate the Circus: The Circus comes in town and uses their performances as a ruse to rob people blind and Spider-man is only one to stop them.
  8. Fired: Spider-man and the Human Torch team up to stop Molten Man from killing Harry Osborn.
  9. Playing Hero: A new villain called Arcade kidnaps a recently returned Flash Thompson and uses him to lure Spider-man into his own twisted version game.
  10. Doom's Day: Doctor Doom finally has a plan to destroy the Fantastic Four but accidentally attracts the attention of Spider-man.
  11. Submerged!: Hydro-Man comes back to get revenge on Spider-man.
  12. The Tenant: Peter learns that Aunt May and JJJ Sr. rented out his room to a master thief known as the Looter.
  13. Fight Club: Spider-man is tricked into an underground superhuman fighting ring leaded by Mysterio.
  14. Gods and Mutants: Magneto targets JJJ for his harsh comments about the mutant population.
  15. Revenge of the Beetle: Beetle devises a plan to kill Spider-man as well as the rest of New York with the help of Mr. Negative.
  16. And His Amazing Friends: Spider-man finds allies in X-Men's Firestar and Iceman to help stop a new team of villains called the Sinister Syndicate.
  17. Man or Monster?!?!: Spider-man helps Hulk to stop the Leader from releasing a gamma bomb in New York.
  18. Sub-City: Spider-man chases Morbius and Vermin in the maze-like sewers
  19. Web of Carnage, Part 1: Cletus Kasady rejoins the Carnage symbiote and causes chaos in New York.
  20. Web of Carnage, Part 2: Kasady kidnaps JJJ and holds him hostage only if Spider-man unmasks.

Season Eleven - Marvel Team-Up

  1. In the Nick of Time: After the Siege of Asgard and Carage's chaos, Spider-man and Nick Fury team up to tie up loose ends including beating infected civilians.
  2. Time Bomb: Spider-man and Human team up to stop Kang the Conquerer from releasing time bombs around the world.
  3. Red Sky: Spider-man helps Captain America stop Red Skull from starting a HYDRA invasion.
  4. A Friend in Need: Spider-man tries to help Hulk by stopping General Ross capturing him.
  5. Future Shock: Spider-man and Deathlok travel to the past to stop a group of Kree invaders.
  6. The Man Without Fear: Spider-man and Daredevil team up to stop the Owl from releasing weapons into the city.
  7. Night of the Dragon: Spider-man teams up with Iron Fist and Shang-Chi to stop a villain named Steele Serpent from destroying the ancient city of Kun-Lung!
  8. Wolves on Broadway: Spider-man teams up with Werewolf-by-Night to stop the Man-Wolf.
  9. Sorcerer Supreme: Spider-man helps Doctor Strange stop a demon called Dormammu from coming to Earth.
  10. Man of the Year: Spider-man and Iron Man team up to defeat Iron Man of the year 2020 from destroying Stark Industries.
  11. The Razor's Edge: Spider-man travels to Wakanda and accidentally gets trapped in the war between Black Panther and Klaw.
  12. Mole of Men: Spider-man and the Fantastic Four try to fight Mole Man and his Mole Men from coming to the city.
  13. Whiplash!: Spider-man and Ghost try to defeat Blackheart from releasing his army on Earth.
  14. Scents and Senses: Spider-man and Wolverine team up to stop Sabretooth and the Weapon X program from capturing Wolverine.
  15. Max to the Mus: Spider-man finds out about the ancient race the Inhumans and helps them fight Black Bolt's brother Maximus.
  16. Twist of Fate: Spider-man and the Falcon stop a terrorist from stealing a diamond containing unimaginable power.
  17. Guardians of the Galaxy: Spider-man accidentally stumbles upon the Guardians and helps them on a battle against Ronan the Accuser.
  18. The Battle for Harlem: Spider-man and Power Man try to stop Bushmaster from making a bomb to destroy Harlem.
  19. Ant-Man: Peter visits Pym Industries and helps Ant-Man aka Scott Lang defeat a scientist called Egghead from killing Hank Pym.
  20. The Heroic Age: Spider-man, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and the X-Men all team up to stop Norman Osborn (who recently broke out of jail and become the Green Goblin again), Doctor Doom, Ultron, Sabretooth, Magneto, the Frightful Four, the Sinister Six, and the Brotherhood of Mutants from trying to take over the world. Afterwards, Osborn finds out about a new universe, hoping to one day to go to it. (It's the DC Universe.)

Season Twelve

  1. The Devil and the Details: Black Cat is framed for stealing a hologram projector and needs help from Spider-man and Daredevil to clear her name. Meanwhile, Peter begins to work at Horizon Labs.
  2. I Killed Tomorrow: Peter takes a look into the future, only to find New York in ruins and sets out to stop the disaster from happening.
  3. Out of this World: Peter gets the chance to join the Future Foundation (formerly known as the Fantastic Four after Johnny's death) and helps them stop Annihilus, ruler of the Negative Zone.
  4. Out of this World, Part 2: Spider-man is lost in the Negative Zone with no way to contact the FF as Annihilus targets him.
  5. Ends of the Earth, Part 1: Spider-man and the Avengers must stop the Sinister Six from using a device that speeds up global warming.
  6. Ends of the Earth, Part 2: Doc Ock mind-controls the Avengers to kill Spider-man. Silver Sable then joins the battle to help Spider-man.
  7. Ends of the Earth, Part 3: Spider-man frees the Avengers from Doc Ock's control and sets out to stop Octavius from completing his plan.
  8. No Turning Back, Part 1: Spider-man is able to make a cure for Doctor Connor to destroy his Lizard side forever but only one problem, Morbius!
  9. No Turning Back, Part 2: Curtis Connors secretly plans to turn back to the Lizard  when the reptile manipualtes him by using his old labs at ESU and Morbius helps him as Peter deals with an angry Mj.
  10. No Turning Back, Part 3: The Lizard has completely took over Doc Connors' mind and wants the rest of New York to join him.
  11. Alpha, Part 1: Peter discovers a new clean reusable energy source and wants to show it to the world. As he demostrates it, the machine goes awry and hits a teen named Andy Maguire, which gives him powers. Peter then decides to train Andy to use his powers for good as Kingpin has other plans for him.
  12. Alpha, Part 2: Kingpin kidnapped Andy and wants to use his powers for his own criminal purposes and it's up to Spider-man to save him.
  13. Danger Zone, Part 1: Ben Urich's son, Phil Urich, becomes the new Hobgoblin after finding the orginal Hobgoblin's lair and attacks crime lords such as Mr. Negative, Silvermane, and Kingpin.
  14. Danger Zone, Part 2: Phil Urich has aligned himself with Kingpin and the ninja clan the Hand and attacks Spider-man, who has created a new suit to battle him. Meanwhile, a new scientist named Tiberius Stone begins to work at Horizon Labs and develops a rivalry with Peter.
  15. Frost: Spider-man must get through the terrible blizzard that has hit New York in order to save Aunt May.
  16. The Black Lodge: After being injured in a shootout, Spider-man is accidentally taken to a super villain hospital where he must contend with the most dangerous villains the world has ever seen!
  17. Save the World: Spider-man must work with the Human Torch stop a mind-controlled Thing from setting bombs around the world. Meanwhile, Osborn is revealed to be planning something big for New York.
  18. Enter: Morbius: Morbius and Spider-man must work together to stop Dracula from unleashing his undead army unto the world. Meanwhile, Osborn assembles an army of criminals to take over New York.
  19. Dying Wish: Spider-man and Doc Ock swap bodies, whereby Spider-man is trapped in Doc Ock's dying body as Ock is trapped in Peter's, and Doc Ock (Peter) tries to find Spider-man (Doc Ock) before it's too late.
  20. Superior Spider-man: Doc Ock (Peter) is dead and Spider-man (Doc Ock) is trying to live up to his potential and is put to the test when Osborn attacks New York with his army of Goblinlings and must decide to let Peter (whose conscience remains in his body) become Spider-man again or stop Goblin on his own.

Season Thirteen

  1. Hero or Menace: Peter is back and must contend with the return of the vigilante Cardiac. Meanwhile, Vin arrested for his involvement in Goblin's attack so Peter moves in with Harry Osborn again.
  2. Hostage Crisis: Spider-man must deal with a crazed gunman named Massacre from killing people inside a courthouse.
  3. Darkest Hours, Part 1: Flash Thompson suffers a leg injury during a fight and doctors use the Venom symbiote to heal him. One problem, the symbiote takes over Flash.
  4. Darkest Hours, Part 2: After being badly beaten by Venom, Spider-man decides to use his new suit to fight it.
  5. Lethal Lady: Spider-man decides to go to one of Doc Ock's old labs to erase everything about the villain but accidentally wakes up Ock's ex-girlfriend, Stunner!
  6. Event Horizon, Part 1: Tiberius Stone is tired of living in Peter's shadow and wants to take him out the picture, permanently so he builds a suit to kill Peter.
  7. Event Horizon, Part 2: Peter must contend with Tiberius Stone who threatens to destroy Horizon Labs.
  8. The Vibranium Vendetta, Part 1: Peter attends a convention where Roxxon Industries shows off their new version of Vibranium and Kingpin wants to use for his own purposes.
  9. The Vibranium Vendetta, Part 2: After taking the vibranium from Roxxon, Kingpin tricked out of it by a mercenary called Ghost and hot on his trail is Iron Man and Black Panther.
  10. The Vibranium Vendetta, Part 3: Spider-man must work with Iron Man and Black Panther to stop the evil robot known as Ultron from using the vibranium to create a new body out of it.
  11. Bloody Justice: The mercenary known as Deadpool is hired by Hammerhead to kill Spider-man for stopping on of his operations.
  12. Typhoid Attack: The assassin called Typhoid Mary is hired by Mister Negative is kill Carlie Cooper for her involvement in his arrest.
  13. 24 Hours: Spider-man has only 24 hours to stop a virus from plaguing New York.
  14. Spider Who?: While trying to stop Mysterio, Spider-man is teleported to another world where Spider-man doesn't existed.
  15. Passages: Spider-man must stop a group of terrorists from unleashing bombs on New York.
  16. Identity Wars, Part 1: Spider-man and Chameleon fight for the last time as Chameleon uses multiple identities to exact revenge on Spider-man.
  17. Identity Wars, Part 2: Chameleon is able to defeat Spider-man and uses Spider-man's identity to create chaos.
  18. Golden Arms: A former student of Doc Ock uses his arms, which they upgraded, to get revenge on Spider-man for killing her mentor.
  19. Meet Spider-man 2099: Spider-man meets the Spider-man of the year 2099 and tells him about a race of hunters out to get them and helps him stop them but first they must deal with the company known as Alchemax and their creation, Scorpion!
  20. Spider-Verse: Spider-man meets alternate versions of himself including the Earth-616 version of Spider-man and the Earth-1610 version of Spider-man and helps them stop Morlun and his family called the Inheritors.

Season Fourteen

  1. Heroes and Villains ll: Peter always wondered about what happened to his parents and finds an old newspaper clipping about his parents being spies for America's enemies so Peter decides to find out the truth.
  2. Like Father, Like Son: Peter finds out that his parents were spies for the Red Skull so Peter decides to clear their names as he fights the Red Skull.
  3. Peter Parker Must Die!: The real Red Skull finds out that Peter knows the truth (or is it?) about his parents and wants his army of HYDRA to kill him. Meanwhile, Peter finds out the real truth about his parents.
  4. The Death of Jean DeWolff: Someone has killed Police Commissioner Jean DeWolff so Spider-man teams up with Daredevil to find out.
  5. Sin-cere: Spider-man and Daredevil find out that the killer is known as Sin-Eater and set out to stop him from committing more murders.
  6. Big Time Super Hero: After recent adventures, Spider-man's reputation has hit an all-time high but one problem, The Avengers are after him!
  7. Superstars, Part 1: Norman Osborn (as the Green Goblin), after finding Reed Richards' teleporter, hops into another dimesion, with Spider-man on his tail, only to find out that this world is fulled with superheroes as well. The first place he is dropped at is Gotham City, where the two Marvel characters encounter Batman!
  8. Superstars, Part 2: After fighting each other, Batman and Spider-man team-up to stop Osborn but first they must contend with the Joker and Harley Quinn!
  9. Superstars, Part 3: Osborn makes his way to Metropolis and encounters Superman so Osborn teams up with Lex Luthor to continue his plan of world domination as Spider-man must deal with the Man of Steel!
  10. Legacy: After returning back home and throwing Osborn in jail, Spider-man must fight a man and a woman claiming to be children of Kraven!
  11. Cats & Kings, Part 1: Black Cat reveals to Spider-man that Kingpin had killed her father and wants revenge on the crime lord by killing his wife!
  12. Cats & Kings, Part 2: After killing his wife, Black Cat then goes to attack Kingpin, who places a bounty on her head, with Spider-man caught in the middle.
  13. Hollywood, Part 1: Peter accidentally lands a role in a movie and travels to California to film it but the criminal Tombstone has other plans.
  14. Hollywood, Part 2: After a brief and bloody battle with Tombstone, Spider-man tries to find out why Tombstone was there and finds out the Maggia crime family, who uses random people as stand-ins in case something were happen, their hitman Killer Shrike and their new leader Crime-Master!
  15. Irresponsible: Alpha shows off his powers and attracts the attention of the demigod Loki, seeking to harness the energy for his own purposes.
  16. The String: Scorpion has finally returned to his old costume and wants to go back to his main goal: destroying J. Jonah Jameson!
  17. Power to the People: Electro has power of New York at his fingertips and seeks out to consume all the energy of the world.
  18. Mysterioso: Mysterio fakes the deaths of many Maggia leaders and becomes the leader of all the Maggia families.
  19. Grim Hunt: The Kravinoff family resurrects Vladmir and Sergei after their deaths and sets out to kill their most elusive prey yet - Spider-man!
  20. Sinister Twelve: Kraven, Tombstone, Lizard, Electro, Mysterio, Lady Doc Ock, Stunner, Morbius, Scorpion, Sandman, Shocker , and Carnage form the Sinister Twelve as Spider-man assembles his own team consisting of Daredevil, Black Cat, Human Torch, and the reformed vigilante Cardiac.

Season Fifteen

  1. Armada: Peter opens up a new company called Parker Industries and is targeted by a mercenary called Armada. Meanwhile, Harry decides to re-open Oscorp.
  2. Alpha Stone: A common thief becomes a superpowered being after touching the Alpha Stone and seeks to destroy the Earth.
  3. Blast From The Future: A cyborg from the future called Draco targets Peter and his loved ones.
  4. Girl Trouble: A female assassin group called the Femme Fatales target Parker Industries and Oscorp in search of ways to augment their powers.
  5. I'll Have Your Head!: A new criminal called the Headsman begins stealing blueprints from various companies, hoping to build a doomsday device.
  6. Higher Purpose: Peter hires a veteran scientist Seward Trainer. After days of working at Parker Industries, Peter suspects that Trainer is up to something and decides to keep track of him. Peter then finds out that Trainer is an agent for an alien being called High Evolutionary and must stop them from creating alien life on Earth.
  7. Illusions!: Peter hires an holographic technician named Desmond Charne at Parker Industries. After hearing about robberies committed by a man called Mirage, who uses holograms in his robberies.Peter begins to suspect that Charne and Mirage are one and the same.
  8. The Wannabe: A man from Peter's past seeks his help as a creature made of spiders terrorize the city.
  9. War of the Reptiles ll:Lizard's newest creation, Iguana, is taken by Stergon and wants to use the reptile as a weapon to take over the city.
  10. Hit Them Up!: A new crime-lord called Fortunato targets other crime-bosses in the city.
  11. Override!: Parker Industries and Oscorp hacked by a man named Override and seeks to use their technology for his own purposes.
  12. The Foreigner: An assassin called the Foreigner is hired to capture Black Cat for the Kingpin.
  13. The Tail of Two Woes: Spider-man is confronted by Scorpion and his female clone, Scorpia.
  14. If You Can't Stand The Heat: A new superhuman named Sentry appears in New York and Spider-man must decide whether or not to trust him.
  15. Answer to Your Problem!: Kingpin turns a failed game show presenter into a villain with adaptational powers, called the Answer and sends him after Black Cat and Spdider-Man
  16. Denial: Harry is hit hard when Oscorp is under investigation for having ties to the Goblin gang.
  17. Chance Encounter: Chance is back and more dangerous as he returns to steal a priceless diamond from Parker Industries.
  18. Cold, Cold Heart!: It's Christmas time in New York and a deadly blizzard has hit the city, caused by a new villain named Coldheart.
  19. Equal: The mercenary Answer is back to kill Spider-man.
  20. Knight of the Goblin: A new villain calling himself the Goblin Knight tries to reunite the Goblin Underground.

Season Sixteen

  1. A Monster in the Big Apple: A monster called the Bi-Beast begins a rampage in New York and Spider-man investigates a connection to the beast and a science experiment gone wrong.
  2. A Girl's Best: A new Beetle arrives on the scene and makes trouble for our favorite web-slinger.
  3. A Girl's Best, Part 2: Beetle allies herself with the now mob boss Tombstone and seeks to destroy Spider-man with his help.
  4. Tire Pressure: Big Wheel is back and is more dangerous then ever and seeks of ways to up his reputation in the criminal underworld, including killing JJJ.
  5. Ways of the Unknown: A new Hobgoblin arrives in New York and seeks to rise in crime. Meanwhile, Peter begins a friendship with X-Man, Kitty Pride.
  6. Mutant Chaos: Peter helps the X-Men stop a man called Mr. Sinister from releasing the mutant gene across the globe. Meanwhile, Peter and Kitty began a relationship.
  7. Shockwave: Shocker is given the superhuman ability to create vibrations and use it to reduce New York to rubble.
  8. Spot the Spot: Spot returns to take down new heroes Cloak and Daggar and steal their powers.
  9. Spot the Spot, Part 2: Spider-man is trapped in Spot's dark dimension with no one to get out as Spot tries to kill him.
  10. Calypso: A woman from Kraven's past comes to New York to get revenge on Spider-man killing her former lover.
  11. Shrike Out!: A mercenary named Killer Shrike is out for Harry's blood under th employ of the Ceo of Roxxon.
  12. Molten: Molten Man is dying and needs Spidey's help but there's one problem, the Jury is after him!
  13. Coup D'Etat: Spider-man is caught in a gang war among the Circus of Crime, the Rose, and Silvermane.
  14. Coup De Grace: Silvermane has defeated the rival families and is now the top crime boss in the city but Spider-man has a few things to say and do about it!
  15. Mad Jack: After Silvermane's accidental death, Spider-man is now hunted by the police and to make matters worse, Silvermane's true killer,Jack O' Lantern, has rose to conquer the criminal underworld!
  16. The Return of Puma: Puma comes back to ask Spider-man to help him stop a crazed madman called Black Crow from setting a old Native American deity loose on the world.
  17. Lightshow: Lightmaster is released from prison and infiltrates Parker Industries to kill Peter Parker.
  18. Scream and Shriek: Shriek breaks out of the Raft and seeks out a companion help her rule the world. Meanwhile, Shriek meets a new symbiote called Scream. Also, Peter deals with the many attacks on Parker Industries by super-villains.
  19. Planet of the Symbiotes, Part 1: After reports of strange creatures terrorizing people, Peter begins to suspect that the Symbiotes have returned and sets out to destroy every last of them. Meanwhile, Peter teams up with Agent Venom and Anti-Venom
  20. Planet of the Symbiotes, Part 2: Spider-man, Anti-Venom, and Agent Venom are taken hostage by hostile symbiotes and teleported to their homeworld, where they find Cletus Kasady aka Carnage their leader!

Season Seventeen

  1. Torment, Part 1: Lizard is captured and is mind-controlled by newly-returned Calypso to kill Spider-man.
  2. Torment, Part 2: After a bloody confrontation with Lizard, Spider-man makes his next objective to stop Calypso from resurrecting Kraven once again.
  3. Spider-man vs Wolverine!, Part 1: Peter teams up with Wolverine to help a Soviet agent named Charlemagne to stop the terrorist organization Hydra but the two are at odds due to the agent's double crossing Wolverine.
  4. Spider-man vs. Wolverine!, Part 2: Spider-man and Wolverine continue to fight each other while Charlemagne plots to take out America.
  5. Grand Theft America, Part 1: Spider-man and the Avengers must stop Red Skull and Charlemagne from taking over the world.
  6. Grand Theft America, Part 2: Spider-man decides to go solo and stop Charlemagne. Meanwhile, Parker Industries is destroyed in the process.
  7. Power and Responsibility: Alpha returns and seeks Peter's help in order stabilize his condition. Meanwhile, Peter wonders if he should rebuild Parker Industries.
  8. Shadowland, Part 1: Daredevil has been possessed by a demon called the Beast and has taken control of the ninja clan, the Hand. Spider-man teams up with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, and Punisher to stop Daredevil's reign over Hell's Kitchen. Meanwhile, a recently escaped Mr. Negative targets Daredevil.
  9. Shadowland, Part 2: Mr. Negative and his Inner Demons fight Daredevil and the Hand with Spider-man, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Punisher, and Shang-Chi in the middle on it all.
  10. Shadowland, Part 3: Spider-man must stop Daredevil's attempt to resurrect the recently deceased Bullseye and his spread of the Hand across New York.
  11. Afterwards..: After the events following Shadowland, Spider-man must contend with the return of Typhoid Mary and her attempt to control the Hand. He finds help in the most unexeptes from:Wilson Fisk!
  12. Shadow Puppets: Spider-man suspects that new businessman, Sam Bullit, is secretly working for Kingpin and sets out to stop them both.
  13. Working Stiff: Peter decides to re-open Parker Industries from the GTA incident and works on new ideas about the company's goals should be. Meanwhile, Peter faces a science experiment gone awry called Gibbon.
  14. Live!: A new hero, the Shroud, appears on the scene, calling out Spider-man on the news. Spider-man then looks for him demanding answers but with deadly results.
  15. Emergency: While fighting White Rabbit, Spider-man gets shot in the shoulder and must tend the wound and stop White Rabbit's crime spree.
  16. Men of Influence: Peter begins building new inventions for not only his company but also for his crime-fighting activities. Meanwhile, Hammerhead seeks to take over Mr. Negative's Inner Demons.
  17. Father's Pride: Don Callahan, a marine biologist, is transformed into a mouthless squid-like creature by his criminal father and seeks revenge on him.
  18. Discovery: Peter discovers something in his former girlfriend ,Kitty Pryde,'s blood that could stop the mutant genes but Magneto sense this and sets out to stop Peter from releasing this to the world.
  19. Ultimatum, Part 1: After his battle with Magneto, Peter shows the cure to the world. Magneto retaliates by sending a tidal wave into New York.
  20. Ultimatum, Part 2: After the tidal wave attack, Spider-man and other heroes seeks to stop Magneto from releasing another that will spread around the world. Afterward, Peter destroys the Mutant cure.

Season Eighteen

  1. Love Is A Crazy Thing: Peter and Mary Jane decided to finally have a daughter as Peter gets a job as a high school teacher. Soon enough, however, a new villain named Funny Face comes to town under the employ of Tombstone and Peter must battle him while he asks himself whether he's ready to be a father.
  2. Ultimate Knights, Part 1: Daredevil reassembles the "Knights" consisting this time of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Ronin, and Spider-Man, to finally take down the Kingpin
  3. Ultimate Knights, Part 2: The Knights have successfully gotten Kingpin's lieutenant Frederick "Big Man" Foswell to confess against his boss. However, Kingpin gets word of this event and decides to put a 1 billion dollar bounty on each of the heroes and every criminal on the city looks forward to it.
  4. Illegal Dealings: With Kingpin in jail the knights disband once again however now every criminal inNew York wants to be new Kingpin. The first? Crime Master and Hobgoblin!
  5. The Worst Thing:
  6. The Worst Day in Peter Parker's Life:
  7. King of cemeteries: Tombstone's bid for control of the underworld has paid off as he's the new Kingpin of crime and he turns one of Peter's students into the newest Carrion to take out Mr. Negative' s gang.
  8. Cat Fight: Black Cat is back! And for some reason, she's battling the Lewis Carroll obsessed criminal the White Rabbit. But when Spidey investigates he realizes that someone else is playing with them.
  9. The Anniversary Syndrome: It's been three years since Peter and MJ have been married so Peter invites his wife to a cruise (in debiting himself to JJ in the process) to celebrate, but the supercriminal Tiger Shark has other plans for the cruise. He claims that an Atlantean is there, why can't superheroes ever have a vacation?
  10. Chess game:
  11. Battle Royal:
  12. Lesser of Two Evils:
  13. All That Glitters:
  14. What A S.H.O.C.: Teenager Todd Fields gets sent into the Negative Zone when an exiled Inheritor known as Hunger tries to get into our world. Spidey investigates and teams up with Todd, now named S.H.O.C due to a suit he's using to stabilize himself against the Hunger when Dr. Connors becomes a victim.
  15. Minor Turbulence:
  16. A Haze of Patriotic Fervor: A new Iron Patriot appears claiming to want to atone for Norman Osborn's sins however soon enough it's revealed that he's really Harry Osborn although his motives seem sincere their trust is tested when Menace escapes killing her former fiance.
  17. Fresh Meat:
  18. Just Some Guy:
  19. Peter Parker No More!:
  20. Spider-man No More!:

Season Nineteen

  1. Many Happy returns:
  2. Syndication:
  3. The Good, the bad and the Crazy:
  4. Flashback Part 1:
  5. Flashback Part 2:
  6. Corona:
  7. 1400 Club:
  8. Camouflage:
  9. Dead No More, Part 1:
  10. Dead No More, Part 2:
  11. Dead No More, Part 3:
  12. Seeing Red, Part 1:
  13. Seeing Red, Part 2:


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