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Look at this thing! Look. Look at the eyes! It's... It's so f*cking beautiful.

-- Peter Parker


Homemade Suit


the Homemade Suit was his first costume and the first he made. It's very similar to Ben Reilly's suit.

Second Suit


The Second Suit is the suit that was made to replace the Homemade Suit. It is made from a skin tight cloth, most likely Spandex or similar. The suit is mostly blue with red gloves, boots, mid-section, and mask. The suit also has a black spider in the center of the chest and a larger red spider on the back. The mask has plastic lenses with a chrome covering that allow Peter to see out, without letting others see in. The lenses also protect Peter's eyes from dust particles and the glare of the sun while he is swinging through the city. In addition, the mask helps to conceal Peter's identity by muffling his voice, thus making it unrecognizable to others.

Ultimate Suit


Seeing that they might need more muscle, Tony checks in on Peter Parker in Queens to have him join his to Avengers, he sees Peter's cheaply made black and red suit. It's the Second Suit, but with a bit Stark Tecnology, move lenses, add the web details in the red piece of suit and a better spider logo in the center.