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Early Life

Spencer was born Jonathan Lowell Spencer Storm, and lived with his older sister Susan in New York suburbs. The two were very close, having to rely on each other following their mother's death and their father's descent into alcoholism.

Fantastic Four

Following an accident aboard a shuttle, Johnny, Susan, Ben Grimm, and Susan's boyfriend Reed Richards gained superpowers as the Fantastic Four. They eventually became prominent figures in the world of superheroics, and all began to go well for Johnny. However, it would all end two years later, when a mysterious incident struck the four. Ben and Sue vanished, and Reed and Johnny were returned to the Earth with no memory of the last year.


While Johnny left the Four for a personal life, the accident affected Reed in a much more sinister way. Shattered by Sue's death, Reed joined with Dr. Doom to form the Future Foundation, a society bent on conquering the Earth for its own sake. Johnny had, by this point, made a new life for himself under the name Spencer Grimm.


When first introduced, Johnny, as the leader of the FF is an optimistic joker, but serious when need be. He covers his insecurities with bluster, and can be quite a showoff. Following his coming out, Johnny relaxes a little.

Powers and Abilities

Identical to his Earth-616 counterpart.


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