Spectacular Spider-Man is a video-game made by ElectricMayhem.



  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • J. Jonah Jameson
  • Aunt May Parker
  • Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl
  • Flash Thompson
  • Andy Maguire/Alpha


  • Hammerhead
  • Aleksei Systevich/Rhino
  • Herman Schultz/Shocker
  • Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Mac Gargan/Scorpion
  • Lily Hollister/Menace
  • Bullseye
  • Sergei Kravenoff/Kraven the Hunter
  • Mark Raxton/Molten Man
  • Adrian Toomes/Vulture
  • Miles Warren/Jackal
  • Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin
  • Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
  • Quentin Beck/Mysterio

Story Mode


The game starts with a cutscene of Spider-Man stopping some of Hammerhead's goons from robbing a bank. Meanwhile, Hammerhead is upset that Spider-Man ruined another one of his heists, so Hammerhead decides to hire an assassin to take care of Spider-Man.

Chapter I

Spider-Man is swinging through New York when he hears commotion. In a tutorial level, Spider-Man rescues Lily Hollister from some muggers. Hollister thanks Spider-Man.

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