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"Man-Thing" movie to Alyssa Moy (Earth-101)
Amadeus Cho to Astonishing X-Men
Atara (Earth-9999) to Benjamin Richard Parker (Earth-616928982)
Benjamin Richard Parker (Earth-9821610) to Caleb Avery (Earth-5888)
Caliban to Citadel
Civil War: Earth-606 to Dante Mercer (Earth-389)
Dante Mercer (Earth-616) to Earth-16.10
Earth-160 to Element Guns (Earth-7777)
Elena Morviù to Felicia Hardy (Great Earth)
Felicia Stacy to Gordon (Earth-1010)
Gordon (Earth-1010)/Gallery to Henry McCoy (Earth-6110)
Henry McCoy (Earth-9003) to Iridia (Earth-1010)
Iridia (Earth-1010)/Gallery to James Rhodes (Earth-6109.2)/Appearances
James Rhodes (Earth-6109.2)/Gallery to John Grey (Earth-1010)/Gallery
John Horton (Earth-1010) to Kateri Deseronto (Earth-6109.2)
Katherine Bishop (Earth-101) to Leonard Jangles (Earth-61615)
Leonard Samson (Earth-1010) to Malekith (Earth-1010)/Gallery
Malekith (Earth-1010)/Quotes to Marvel Japan
Marvel Knights (MCU Show For Marvel NOW!) to Metcalf Season 1
Mia Warburton (Earth-101) to Nate Grey(Earth-719)
Nate Grey (Earth-719) to Obadiah Stane (Earth-6160)
Obadiah Stane (Earth-61615) to Peter Parker (Earth-212321)
Peter Parker (Earth-21997) to Psylocke (CookieKid247)
Psylocke (Earth-111) to Richard Rider (Earth-6109.2)
Richard Rider (Earth-6109.2)/Gallery to Sand Striker
Sand demon to Siferris Odinson (Earth-616)
Sigma Verse (Earth-1985) to Spider-Man 4 (minimateking30's version)
Spider-Man 5 (minimateking30's version) to Strategic Scientific Reserve (Earth-1010)
Strategic Scientific Reserve (Earth-1010)/Gallery to The Adventures of Spider-Man (Weven1's Version)
The Adventures of The Iron Three to Theodore Altman (Earth-609)
Theodore Altmen (Earth-ω) to USAgent
U Got the Look (YA) to Virginia Potts (Earth-1010)/Gallery
Virginia Potts (Earth-3000) to William Stryker, Jr. (Earth-1010)/Gallery
William Stryker, Sr. (Earth-11123) to Young Eternities: Issue 2
Young Eternities: Issue 3 to マーベルジャパン
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