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"Man-Thing" movie to Alveus (Earth-1010)/Quotes
Alvin Sicerano to Asgardians (Earth-515)
Asgardians of the Galaxy (Marvelette film) to Benjamin Grimm (Earth-92132)
Benjamin Grimm (Earth-981) to C.A.B.
Cabal to Christian Ward (Earth-1010)
Christian Ward (Earth-1010)/Gallery to Damon Chester (Earth-5)
Dan banner to Dunn Bernadeschi (Earth-199999)
Dust to Eddie Brock (Earth-515)
Eddie Brock (Earth-7777) to Faith Shabazz (Earth-1010)
Faith Shabazz (Earth-1010)/Gallery to Generation Mutants (Earth-9271363)
Generation Mutants (Earth-9271363)/Gallery to Hawkeye MAX Vol 1 1
Hawkeye MAX Vol 1 10 to I AM THE CURE! (A!)
I Am Thor! (A!) to Jaga's Avengers
Jaga 321 to Jennifer Walters (Earth-6109.2)/Appearances
Jennifer Walters (Earth-6109.2)/Gallery to Julio Richter (Earth-1010)/Gallery
Julissa Lee (Earth-7090) to LEGO Amazing Fantasy: Chronicles of Spider-Man
LEGO Avengers to Lucia von Bardas (Earth-6109.2)/Gallery
Lucifer (Earth-2024) to Marvel's Avengers: The Ultron Imperative (Earth-113599)
Marvel's Avengers 2 to Matthew Murdock (Earth-6109.2)/Gallery
Matthew Murdock (Earth-6110) to Molly Hayes
Molly Hayes (Earth-1010) to New SHIELD 2099
New SHIELD 2099 (Earth-928.2) to Ororo Munroe (Earth-82016)
Ororo Munroe (Earth-99828) to Peter Parker (Robert Parker) (Earth-54321)/Gallery
Peter Parker (Velocity) to Rajita Kang (Earth-67671)
Ralph Cook (Earth-9090) to Robert Frank (Earth-166)/Gallery
Robert Frank (Earth-19998) to Scott Summers (Earth-1111)
Scott Summers (Earth-120986) to Siobhán Cassidy (Earth-515)
Sirin to Spiderman
Spiderman: Origins (Marvel XV) to Supergiant (Earth-1010)/Gallery
Superhuman Armed Force Division to The Baxter Raid (A!)
The Bewildering Spider-Man to Thor: The Dark World (Earth-11584)
Thor: The New Ark to Ultiverse Spider-Man Vol 1 1
Ultra: Spider-Man Vol 2 to Voltro
Vorbanas (Earth-616) to Woe (Earth-111)
Wolf(Earth-928.2) to Zak-Del (Earth-101)
Zandra (Earth-928.2) to マーベルジャパン
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