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Space Gem

Space Gem (Earth-981)
Information-silk.png Official Name
Space Gem
Information-silk.png Model
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Information-silk.png Universe
Information-silk.png Place of Destruction
The Alps, The last Hydra Base, New York City
Information-silk.png Origin
An infinity gem that allowed the user to tear open a random wormhole to different dimensions and other parts of the Universe.
Information-silk.png Dimensions
Jotunheim(Land of Frost Giants) Null-Void
Information-silk.png Previous Owners
Red Skull
Information-silk.png Creators
Information-silk.png Creators
First appearance


World War II

The 1940's were a tumultuous time on Earth. Nazi forces occupied much of Central Europe, making gains in unconventional warfare with the help of Hydra; a division for both deep science and the investigation of the occult. Their leader Johann Schmidt actually managed to maintain this infinity stone and wanted to use it to create weapons with unmatched power and to open a portal to Jotunheim and planned to unleash an an army of Mythological Monsters and Frost Giants upon the World and also, trying to bomb America. After Skull was defeated, Cap tries to close the breach to Jotunheim but it malfunctioned, causing the machine containing the infinity gem to explode and the gem itself was nowhere to be found.


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  • Hydra Leader Red Skull along with German Scientist Dr. Armin Zola managed to obtain this Gem and create Creations and weapons with this Power and was able to also open a portal to Jotunheim to Unleash Mythical Creatures on Earth to win WWII,But this was later foiled by Captain America and His Invaders.

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