"South avengers!!!"
"No Rangers!!!"
"No South Avengers!!"
"Guys!!! Pick a god damn name!!!"
-the team arguing over the name
South Avengers also known as The Rangers, are a team of superheros formed as a sub group of the Avengers, they are based in the deep South and use a mobile armored train, to travel.

They were formed to combat Lady Death, who betrayed them, in order to kill Satan she and the Six layers of Hell formed a coup against Satan, and with aid of the the Avengers, they defeated them. They were recognized as the South Avengers, but were also known as the Rangers.

They battled many foes, such as aiding Spider-Man and his teams against the Sinister Six, the Skrull and Kree Empire, Weapon X, A.I.M, Hydra, and Hyperion inc, they also operated as heroes for hire, taking any job, to save the world.


The Members of the Rangers included

  • Billy Joe/Hellrider: The disputed leader, and founder of the South Avengers/Rangers.
  • Maria Martinez/Rico: The mechanic and scout of the team, she repaired the damned train a derelict Hyperion inc transport train.
  • Joseph O'Neil: A Irish hitman, and the self proclaimed cook of the team.
  • Yoshi: a Japaneses vampire hunter and ninja.
  • Benny Jack Prowler: a former biker and a Hellrider, he is tough as nails and isn't the brightest bub of the team.
  • Andre Jackson/Extreme Spider-Man: a Clone of Peter Parker created by Hyperion inc to replace Peter Parker, but he rebelled and was aided by Rico and destroying Lab-17, he later joined the team.
  • Banzai: an undead samurai who never speaks but shouts Banzai, he is also known as Kamikaze Samurai .
  • Rinkya: a Mutant with the powers of dark ink, she is on the run from Hyperion inc
  • Frank Van Stein: A gamma radiation monster created from gamma radiation combing multiple bodies, into one.
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