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Soul's Eye

Soul's Eye
Information-silk.png Official Name
Information-silk.png Weight
50 lbs
Information-silk.png Current Owner
Vodar Odinson
First appearance


Vodar Odison forged Soul's Eye after he found his father's forgotten vault on Midgard. Where he found battle hammers. Vodar scanned and created his own hammer. Opon the creation of the hammer he placed the Soul Stone, Warlocks Eye,and Casket of Ancient Winters. Once it was made Vodar used it to track down a man with a bounty on his head. Vodar then freezes the man and brings him to the person who set the bounty on the mans head. Vodar was then given 1,000 Units.


Weather Manipulation:User can control all forms of Weather.

Energy Projection:User can project powerful mystical energies from Soul's Eye

God Blast:User is capable of channeling different amounts of his godly energies in combination with the mystical properties of Soul's Eye can be channeled through his hammer for a single massive blast known as the God Blast.

Anti-Force:User is capable of producing an indescribably powerful blast known as the Anti-Force which is capable of annihilating entire planets. This blast is so powerful that with just a single emission, Vodar was capable of blowing up an entire fleet of spaceships.

Barriers:User is capable of creating powerful barriers, force fields and vortexes that are impenetrable.

Energy Sensing:User can detect practically all types of energy.

Energy Absorption and Redirection:User is able to absorb any energy blasts directed towards him as means of attack. Once the energy is absorbed, user can redirect it back amplified many times over towards the source and/or use it as a weapon of his own.

Teleportation:User can open Portals to anywhere they have previously been. By gripping onto the handle and saying. "Gate!!!". While thinking of the location they want to go to.

Matter Manipulation:User can transmute matter and control matter at a molecular level.

Resurrection:User can bring anyone back to life.

Alpha Particles:User can harness Alpha Particles from the atmosphere and could use it to atomize any weaponry.

Negation of Mystic Energy:User is able to stop the Juggernaut, Mephisto, Etc.

Nether World Power:User can tap into the power of the Nether World.

Cosmic Energy:User can control Cosmic Energy.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation:User can absorb and control electromagnetic energies.

Invisibility:User can become invisible.

Intangibility:User can become untouchable.

Recall:User can recall Soul's Eye back to there hand with Irresistible Force.

Life Force Absorption:User can absorb Life Force. Once the user says "Absorption de la vie"Which is French for Life Absorption.

Illusion Detection:User cannot fall under a Illusion/Be mind controlled.

Interdimensional Messaging:User can send psychic messages between the nine realms.

Holy Object:Soul's Eye is lethal to vampires. Opon contact vampires burst into flame and crumble to dust/ User cannot become a Vampire.

Irresistible Force:The hammer is Unstoppable.

Chronokinesis:User can bend space and time and allow itself and its holder to travel through time.

All Speak:User can communicate with and be understood by all races.

Flight:User can fly at insane speeds.

Astral Plane Manipulation:The power to manipulate the astral plane of the mind, consciousness, spirits, Etc.

Gravity Manipulation:The ability to manipulate gravity.

Ice Manipulation:The ability to manipulate cold and ice.

Mind Control:The power to control the minds of others.

Curing:The power to remove illness, mutation, diseases or any induced conditions.

Technology Manipulation:The ability to manipulate technology.

Force Field Manipulation:The power to manipulate force-fields.

Size Manipulation:The power to manipulate the size of target.

Pain Suppression:The power to neutralize one's sensitivity to physical pain.

Pain Manipulation:The power to manipulate pain.

Illusion Manipulation:The power to manipulate illusions.

Illusion Awareness:The power to be aware if one's surroundings are false.

Emotion Manipulation:The power to manipulate emotions.

Molecular Immobilization:The power to slow down molecules of object/organism so they are motionless.

Soul Stone:User can use any properties of the Soul Stone to their advantage.


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