Sky Grey (Earth-616)
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Jean Grey (Mother)
Scott Summers (Father)

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Red eyes





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Charles Xavier



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Ancient Egyptian
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Early life

Sky Grey is the twin daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, her biological twin being Rey Grey, with whom she grew up with for most of her childhood. When she was born by Jean Grey, she was estranged from her mother along with her twin sister to be raised outside of a world where she would be under threat from the likes of Magneto. Jean never consented to being separated from her own children, so Professor Charles Xavier created a psychic barrier between Jean and the twins so that they couldn't be contacted by their mother until the time was proper.

The two sisters were raised in a children's home, and both of them were identical and completely inseparable, to such an extent that Sky could sometimes even finish her sister's own sentences (This was the neonate stage of her telepathic powers coming into existence). It was heavily observed by others that the two of them were two precise halves of the same individual, but the twins were all too aware of their own similarities and ensured that they appeared different by Rey colouring her hair black instead of her natural red, so that she was interchangeable from her twin.

However, when she was twelve years old, Sky came to the realisation that she was homosexual - she had a powerful crush on her classmate Regina Carlson, who was her best friend alongside Rey. However, when Sky approached Regina with her romantic feelings for her, Regina screamed at her and called her a freak, right in front of everyone in the class. Rey saw it all happened and openly insulted her sister, demanding that she stay away from her from then on. Traumatised and horrified, Sky fell into a violent depression and screamed, accidentally unlocking her powers and unleashing a telekinetic shockwave that ripped apart the building and brought the whole establishment collapsing on top of them - Sky survived because her powers protected her with an energy shield. She was the only survivor.


Sky was admitted to a mental asylum, found standing catatonic in the ruins with tears running uncontrollably down her face. In her time at the asylum, Sky was left traumatised at being rejected by her love interest and her own twin for her homosexuality, but also for being precisely responsible for the deaths of so many people because she couldn't control her powers. Sky was plagued by intense nightmares that rocked her telekinetic abilities into ransacking the asylum, catching the attention of Colonel William Stryker who had her secretly admitted to one of his experimental laboratories, where he experimented painfully on her to test the capacities of her powers, which became hugely agonizing for Sky herself.

Eventually, after six months, her mental powers were experimented to such an extent that she subconsciously triggered a telepathic cloak that turned her invisible. When the guards entered her cell, under the suspicion that she had somehow escaped, she attacked them, escaping the cell and racing desperately through the complex, telepathically stunning the guards she came across before telekinetically knocking them out with their own weapons. She telepathically located Stryker trying to make his escape in a helicopter. She pursued him, cornering him in the hangar bay of the base. Sky telekinetically crushed the helicopter and the pilot inside it, then incapacitated Stryker's bodyguards, before levitating Stryker and slamming him against the walls repeatedly in a terrified rage. She came dangerously close to killing him, before Charles Xavier and the X-Men arrived and Charles rendered Sky asleep with a psychic persuasion, sparing Stryker and rescuing Sky, taking her from the base in an X-Jet.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Sky lived the next three years of her life at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, completely oblivious to the fact that Jean Grey was her mother and Scott Summers her father. She was introduced to the campus environment by Professor Xavier himself, since he was the more proficient teacher and a supremely powerful telepath himself. Sky was stunned to find a kindred spirit at the school, and so many others in the students there. She was taught, to her alarm, that her powers were more of a gift than a burden or a personification of bad luck, and that it gave her talents and responsibilities that very few could hope to eclipse. After a series of debates with the Professor, Sky was tutored personally by Jean Grey in terms of psychology, so that she could learn to handle her emotions more carefully and safely, and they became surprisingly close.

Soon, she became something of a model student, easily absorbing and memorising information and interpreting scientific, technological and historical information perfectly so that people could understand it, which shocked other students who believed she had intelligence a notch above them - in fact, she was unknowingly reading their minds and determining ways in which people could understand what she was talking about. However, she maintained her intense feeling of being a complete and irrevocable outsider, since she hadn't told anyone of her homosexuality, and that nobody could understand what she herself was thinking (Which was ironic, since she could know what they were thinking).

She eventually advanced to a level where Jean trained her in her use of telekinesis and telepathy, putting her in a gymnasium where Colossus would throw a series of dodgeballs at her and she would have to read his mind in order to anticipate when he would throw them and avoid it. She excelled at this, so she was advanced to a level where she had to telekinetically throw stones at a number of targets that would only appear for a split second. She excelled at this too. She asked to train with the other students, but Jean refused because the Professor could still sense that she was dangerous to herself.

The most prominent fear was that she was another conduit of the Phoenix Force.


Sky was soon admitted into the X-Men when she was seventeen years old, and she had finally sharpened her powers to extreme levels in comparison to normal students of her age and situation. Trained in combat and to use her powers in combat situations, she was paired with Iceman, Rogue, Quicksilver and Shadowcat, and their first mission was to investigate a HYDRA base in the Alps, where a number of metahumans and powerful mutants were being experimented on in similar ways to how Sky herself was experimented by Stryker. They flew the X-Jet over the mountains and they skydived down, Sky telekinetically altering her path of descent to be more precise. They landed in the base and Sky rendered them invisible to the guards so that they could sneak in.

They made it to the centre of the base, before they crossed paths with the mutant Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, who were secretly in league with HYDRA, intent on using their laboratories to breed new and powerful mutants to fight humans. Sky could somehow sense, even though Magneto was wearing his helmet, that the man was extremely powerful, eclipsing her in knowing how to utilise his powers and perfectly willing to kill her and her teammates. A battle erupted between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, in which the Brotherhood gained the upper hand on the younger mutants, though the X-Men eventually managed to eclipse their opponents. Surprised by the power of his younger enemy, Magneto summoned a masked mutant in voluminous blue robes, who Sky suddenly found impossible to telepathically penetrate. The mutant, dubbed Gravity, overpowered the X-Men easily with telekinesis and amazing physical combat skills, outpacing even Quicksilver.

With only Sky left, the two of them sparred frenziedly, telekinetically hurling blows at one another with kinetic energy and surrounding objects, until suddenly Gravity managed to penetrate Sky's mind and taunt her for being inferior to her. Sky found she somehow recognized the voice, and demanded to know who Gravity was, but before the mutant could answer the Hulk smashed into the base and separated the combating mutants, followed by the Avengers. Thor and Magneto battled, throwing Gravity and Sky apart and they took a moment to stare at one another, their eyes locking, and suddenly the battle blocked Sky from seeing her opponent. The Brotherhood retreated and the Avengers faced against the X-Men, who backed down and together the two teams planted explosives in the base, evacuating every captive and worker there beforehand, before boarding the X-Jet and following the Quinjet towards the Helicarrier over New York.


The X-Men and the Avengers met and debated on what they believed that Magneto was intending to do at the HYDRA base before they were stopped. Sky remained completely fixated on Gravity, especially since she found that the mutant was familiar to her, as if they knew one another previously but she couldn't put her finger on it. Deciding to leave the Helicarrier whilst the two teams debated and planned, she decided to try and steal an aircraft back to the city where she could return to the Mansion, but Iron Man appeared and stood in her way.

Sky angrily ordered that he stand aside because her problems were not his problems and therefore not his concern. Iron Man disagreed, since he could tell she was troubled, and when he continued to obstruct her she tried to telekinetically throw him, provoking him to fight her. She won eventually, telekinetically ripping off his helmet and punching him in the face, knocking him out. She went to steal a Quinjet and telepathically accessed one of the pilots on the Helicarrier to learn how to fly it, before personally piloting back to Xavier's Mansion.

Charles met her in the mansion, where she was busy practicing her violin and simultaneously her piano with her toes. She told him about the fight with Gravity and ordered that he use Cerebro to find out who she was, but Charles refused because he knew that she had to find her own path in her life. Instead, he told Sky that the Brotherhood was resurfacing and about to invade the Helicarrier. Prompting her to return and save her friends, Charles promised her that once she had returned and resolved her own situation, he would tell her everything she wanted to know about her past. Sky flew the Quinjet back to the Helicarrier in time to see Magneto rip open the hangar bay and enter with the rest of the Brotherhood. She saw Gravity and tried to gun her down, but Gravity telekinetically ripped the Quinjet apart and pulled Sky on to the runways, where she telepathically pounded her mind with psychic bolts.

Sky entered the mind of a SHIELD gunman who was mounting an AA-cannon, and made him fire on Gravity, distracting her enough for Sky to break her control and telekinetically attack her. The two of them fought destructively, hurling aircraft and chunks of weaponry or chairs or computers at one another, until Sky got close enough and started physically battling with Gravity, and the two of them wrestled, until Sky ripped off Gravity's mask and was stunned to realize it was the face of Rey Grey, her supposedly dead twin sister who was killed in the first outburst of her powers.

The shock paralysed Sky, who could only stare at her sister, but Rey had no such qualms. Rey, furiously, ripped out her eyes and threw her off the Helicarrier into the Hudson River.


Sky was blinded as a result of her eyes being removed during the fight, and was forced to struggle with relying on her telepathy to create an echolocating map of her surroundings. Her battle with Rey had left her traumatised, especially with the revelation that her twin sister was alive, and that she was turning against Sky also, to such an extent that she was willing to mutilate her. She eventually encountered the superhero Daredevil, another blind man, and he helped shelter her from the Brotherhood of Mutants in exchange for her helping him in wiping out a ring of smugglers that was being secretly orchestrated by Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, and he helped her in further techniques in how to handle being blind and to fight better.

She succeeded in locating the ring of smugglers and managed to help Daredevil by telepathically locating their larger groups and where to best attack them from. Daredevil was impressed at her cunning and how powerful she was and he was tempted to keep her as a permanent partner for her effectiveness. However, once Sky explained her predicament in its entirety, he let her go and wished her well. She left his house within minutes of Jean arriving to find her.


It also attracted the attention of Latverian spies, who abducted her and transported her to Latverian. Amid this, she was contacted psychically in her dreams by a towering, cloaked man in green, who described himself as an ingenious and benevolent man who was intent on helping her. When she was brought to a castle in Latveria, she was awoken and brought before the ruler of that country, the man garbed in green - Doctor Doom.

Doctor Doom made her a promise - if she could lure the Avengers to Latveria, and bring him Mjolnir, the mighty Hammer of Thor. Telepathically, she screamed out to the X-Men and the Avengers, sending a distress signal telepathically from Latveria, bringing the Avengers there ahead of the X-Men. There, Doctor Doom placed her in chains to give the illusion that she was a captive. There, once the group entered the castle, Doctor Doom sealed it and placed a powerful incantation over the Avengers, rendering them immobile and unable to move or speak. There, Doctor Doom went over and stood over Mjolnir. Sky pleaded with Doctor Doom to give her her sight, but he confessed that, when they first met, he said he knew how to give her sight back, but couldn't do it personally. He threatens to reveal to the Avengers and the X-Men of her homosexuality if she bring up the subject again.

Locating his mind for being the most impenetrable and powerful of the group, Sky reached out for a weapon and found Mjolnir lying, disarmed, by Thor, and actually picked it up and rounded on Doctor Doom. Doom tried to defend himself from her with energy blasts, which she deflected with Mjolnir, before pounding on him with the hammer, smashing into his armour and ordering that he give her her sight back before she killed him. Attacking Doom distracted him from paralysing the Avengers, and Thor summoned Mjolnir from Sky's grip, whilst Black Widow went to calm her down. Thor, sympathetic to the young mutant and stunned that she was deemed worthy of wielding Mjolnir, took her to Asgard and brought her before Odin, who recognized her for being a pure soul and used his Odinforce to forge her a new pair of eyes, which were superhumanly superior to her original ones. She returned to earth and ventured back to Xavier's Mansion.


When she returned, Charles explained the circumstances of her birth to her, not naming Jean as her mother at first. He explained how Sky and her sister were separated from their parents for their own protection from Magneto, since they were in the climax of a brutal war against the Brotherhood, whilst simultaneously trying to ward off Doctor Doom. He later explained that Jean Grey discovered the body of Rey Grey in the wreckage of the school where Sky had first overloaded her powers, and used the Phoenix Force to resurrect her before banishing the Phoenix Force permanently. However, Rey returned to life with unprecedented psychological problems that Charles was unable to pinpoint or control, making her violent and dangerous, but also extremely powerful. Magneto intercepted her and took her as a member of his Brotherhood, where she was trained by Emma Frost in telepathy.

Sky suddenly becomes curious as to why Jean would resurrect this individual in particular and not everyone else, and then comes to the conclusion that Jean Grey is her mother, without having to invade Charles' memory or ask him herself. Charles does not answer and simply gestures that she can leave. Jean runs out into the gardens of Xavier's Mansion and starts crying against a tree, unbearably shocked by the revelation of her sister's survival and of Jean Grey being her mother. She is comforted by Rogue, who embraces her affectionately, absorbing her power to read minds and discovering that Sky has romantic feelings for her. She becomes accepting of this fact, not discriminating, but confesses that, though she'd want to, she does not love Sky, and couldn't because she threatens to kill with a touch.

Battle of the Brains

The X-Men hunted after the Brotherhood of Mutants across to Alkali Lake, which had now frozen over and was being used by William Stryker to continue his experiments on mutants, with Magneto presumably planning to extract more of these mutants if they are particularly powerful as new members of his own Brotherhood. They fly to Alkali Lake, where the Brotherhood has already arrived and is wiping out the humans. William Stryker tries to escape from the base, being restricted to a wheelchair as a result of his previous encounter with Sky, only for Magneto to appear and try and crush him in his wheelchair, only for Sky to telekinetically send the evil mutant flying backwards, saving Stryker.

Nightcrawler appears and rescues Stryker, whilst Magneto summons his Brotherhood, who battle the X-Men atop the iced lake. Rey Grey enters the battle under Magneto's orders and, for the third time, the two of them battle one another telekinetically, causing huge cracks and tremors in the ice. The battle turns telepathic and the two of them put so much effort into their telepathy that they transport one another's minds into a psychic realm taking the shape of Xavier's Mansion, where they physically battle one another with each other's mind. They argue while they fight, and Rey calls her sister weak and foolish and naive for following a lost cause, and Sky retorts that she'd rather be fighting for a lost cause than be a lost soul like Rey.

Rey's rage overcomes her and Sky takes advantage of this, ultimately winning the fight and penetrating her twin's mind, incapacitating her and enabling Sky to take her and carry her back into the X-Jet, only for Juggernaut to block their path and charge into them. In a sudden bid to redeem herself, convinced by her sister's persuasion and her own conscience, Rey pushes Sky out of the way and tries to generate a powerful force field, only for Juggernaut to phase through it and crush Rey underneath him, fatally wounding her. Sky, horrified, cradles Rey as she dies, and Rey's last words are a tearful apology to her sister.

Becoming normal

Devastated by Rey's death, Sky falls into a deep-rooted depression and silence for several weeks. She arranged for a memorial to be built where Sky would be buried on campus. She spent several weeks sitting at the feet of the memorial, where she would sit and obsessively read, simultaneously trying to telepathically reach out to her sister. The other children at Xavier's School regarded her with confusion because she refused to communicated with anyone or enter the mansion again, even if and when it rained because she could telekinetically deflect the rain off of the memorial to keep her dry. After weeks of solitude, Sky decided that she had to leave the mansion and return once she had come to terms with her loss.

Sky was obsessed with the speculation that, in order to avoid pain, she had to try to be unexceptional and be normal. She took a job in West Philadelphia where she worked as a woodcutter, and it was remarked that she worked tirelessly and relentlessly, being social and polite and demonstrating intelligence. Sky befriended a fellow worker, who was the same age as her, named Dan Sawyers, and tried to actually have a normal friendship with him. However, one night, he and his friends snuck up on her in her sleep and he attempted to rape her whilst they held her down. Before he could, while Sky was struggling, she unconsciously resorted to telekinetically activating a nearby circular saw and accidentally propelling Dan into it, killing him.

Dan's friends retreated, but she wiped their memories of the incident and rendered them literally stupid and unable to remember a number of things for very long. Knowing that the authorities would hunt after her under suspicion of murdering Dan, Sky left.


She went on to work as a nurse at a local hospital, in the casualty ward. There, she proved to be an extremely competent nurse because she empathised with the patients and they grew to trust her whenever she was going to perform something dangerous or complicated. As before, she worked tirelessly, in a desperate bid to forget everything that had happened. However, Sky once had to treat a paraplegic patient who had been crippled in a car accident and the patient suddenly started speaking to her as if they had met before and as if they had common goals. She then stood upright and revealed her legs were perfectly fine and unmarked, as though there had been no accident. The patient then revealed herself to be Mystique, a powerful mutant who could transform into the guise of another.

Mystique attempted to persuade Sky to join the Brotherhood of Mutants, promising that Magneto would aid her in her recovery from the trauma she had suffered. Sky, knowing that Magneto was a ruthless sociopath and that she, an X-Man, was officially his enemy and the man who had helped transform her sister into a psychopath would do worse to her than he had done to Rey, refused and left, telepathically erasing the hospital personnel's memory of her. Mystique called after her, calling for her reconsideration, but once again Sky disappeared.


Sky travelled the world on foot, whilst avoiding the anonymous agents of William Stryker and the surveillance systems of SHIELD. She remained entirely reluctant to use her telekinetic powers since she believed they weren't powerful enough to save her sister and thus she was unworthy of wielding them. She eventually reached the Himalayas, where Sky was telepathically contacted by a mysterious being for a second time in her life. Reminiscent of her experience with Doctor Doom, Sky tried to read the nature of this being and narrowed it down that he was a powerful but genuinely benevolent human being - he introduced himself as Doctor Strange. He guided her through the Himalayas to Kamar-Taj, where Doctor Strange greeted her and offered her sanctuary.

She remained inside Kamar-Taj and routinely spoke with Doctor Strange, who tried to get her to tell him what her problems were, but she steeled her own mind from telepathy so that this stranger could not access her and extricate her from his safety. However, Doctor Strange proved to be a more powerful telepath than her and personally experienced her pain, or rather a fraction of the pain she was feeling, and it reduced him to tears. He sympathised with her for what she had been through and offered to help her, but she asked instead that he help her harness her powers so that she may never experience such pain again. He trained her further in telekinesis, instructing her to create patterns and simulate wave patterns with the snowflakes and later intercept attacks while blinded via her telepathy. She trained for a whole year, before she sensed the X-Jet coming her way.

Sky was tempted to cause a snowstorm and prevent them from bringing her back into more pain, but Strange stopped her, citing that if they are never asked they will never know. Sky allowed them to land and then waited at the top of the mountain, where Storm approached her, calming the snow around them with an atmokinetic wave. She revealed she had come with Jean, who sat with her daughter and hugged her. When asked to leave, Storm flew back to the ship and Sky suddenly started crying. Jean comforted her daughter and telepathically assures her that Rey made her choice to sacrifice herself and that there was no use in mourning another person's heroism. Inspired by her mother's words, Sky returned to the X-Men.

Stryker's Revenge

Once she had returned to the mansion, she underwent therapy sessions with Charles and Jean, trying to help her get over her sister's death, but there was a prominent obstacle that was hard to identify preventing a certain degree of progress. It was deduced that it was her homosexuality. This was a problem because there was no genuine conduit for a solution available to them, until Rogue arrived and spoke with Sky, girl to girl, and Sky revealed that she had unlocked and mastered her ability to cancel out a mutant's powers, in Rogue's case her power absorption. Realizing this, Rogue kissed Sky and they started a relationship together.

However, their happiness together was short-lived because William Stryker, still determined to retrieve and revenge himself on his former laboratory rat, launched a public campaign to authorise mutant legislation for those who had mutations that weren't physically visible (Examples included intangibility, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, kinetic energy manipulation). The people approved of this because 94% of the human specimens in the United States were afraid of mutants and approved of knowing who they were if it wasn't physically obvious. Seeing this as an obvious bid for identifying her, Sky opted that they go and put a stop to the legislation's approval, but Charles protested because a public attack by apparently-peaceful groups of mutants would give the wrong impression.

However, Sky was eager to ensure that nobody like her should suffer being excommunicated once people saw the label on their arm. She gathered a group of the X-Men, including other outside mutants such as Psylocke, Rogue, Iceman and Angel, and stole the X-Jet. They flew from the mansion to Liberty Island, where the conference concerning the legislation was being held, but the adult X-Men tracked them mid-flight and caught up with them, bringing the jet down and ordering them to return to the mansion, but before they could the conference already commenced and Sky resorted to telepathically entering the minds of spectators who openly objected to the moral significance and righteousness of the legislation.

Jean tried to stop her daughter by interfering psychically with Sky's telepathy, and the resulting tug of war between mother and daughter resulted in the people Sky was controlling becoming violent and erratic, starting a vicious brawl at the conference. Eventually, Sky overcame her mother and rendered her asleep, before telepathically pacifying the situation and causing the President of the United States who was present to revoke the legislation. An enraged Stryker deduced that a telepath was behind the incident and despatched a squadron of his troops to Xavier's mansion.

Sky and the X-Men returned to the mansion in alignment with the time the squadron arrived and encircled the mansion, beginning to put the students at gunpoint. Charles Xavier dared to enter the minds of the soldiers, but Stryker revealed that they were being chemically controlled by a mind-controlling agent Stryker had created that caused them to open-fire instinctively on a target if any telepathic interference took place in their heads. Sky arrived and offered herself up to Stryker in exchange for him leaving the mansion. Hugely satisfied with the stakes, Stryker personally approached Jean to restrain her himself, but when he grabbed her hand to cuff her she telepathically accessed the emotional recesses of his brain and swelled them to the point that they drove him to screaming and convulsing madly.

Charles was horrified by what she was doing and begged her to stop, but Sky proved to be too embraced in her revenge on her former captor. Jean woke up to the sound of Charles' protests and psychically rendered her daughter unconscious, just as Stryker's men opened fire and forced the X-Men to intervene - in the ensuing skirmish, none of the hostages were killed or injured and Sky was confined to the mansion and Stryker, marred psychologically by Sky's attack, was sent to an asylum.

A Girl of Two Minds

Sky was kept in her room, forbidden from leaving the mansion at all with Rogue, who was allowed to see her sporadically but Sky refused to see her herself. Sky, during her confinement, was visited by who appeared to be her sister Rey. Sky discovered that this was a vision of Rey returned from the dead and that it had been activated when Jean pulled her out of Stryker's mind - the three-way tug of war between the minds of Stryker, Sky and Jean caused a rift to open in Sky's mind and causing her negative and intense emotions experienced back then to be manifested as Rey. Rey would continuously taunt her sister, derisively observing her situation and what people may think of her. Sky would be rendered mute by the shock of the experience, but telepathically she would argue with the vision of Rey.

When Rey's taunts stretched that she was no better than Stryker in being so sadistic in damaging him, Sky tried to telekinetically repel Rey but, since Rey was not physical in nature such attacks were ineffective and ultimately non-existent to her. From the outside, it appeared to even the Professor that she was fighting and communicating with an invisible, fictional figure that he couldn't detect. Sky began to lose her sanity and would experience sobbing fits from time to time as a result of Rey's dominance over her. Whenever Sky would try to fight her, it would only remind her of Rey's death and being incapable of saving her, revoking any strength she had in her.

Eventually, though, Jean deduced from dialogue and circumstance that Sky was being tortured by a manifestation of Rey and visited her daughter, who was at this point sleeping endlessly and screaming to herself. She encouraged Sky, caressing her face and psychically speaking to her, to focus on the memory of Rey before her first apparent death, since positive memories in true manifestation and sole focus would outmatch negative ones. This removed Sky from the physical world and into a dream realm where she was surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of manifestations of Rey, where she was stripped of her powers and forced into brawling with them to survive. Rogue eventually entered, when it became clear that the strategy wasn't working, and speculated that motivation via affection, something Rey had been hunting for her entire life, would be more of a stimuli. She leaned in and started kissing Sky on the lips.

This proved correct and Sky suddenly became physically more powerful, pounding through hordes of Reys, but her body reacted drastically different because Rey had also detected Rogue's plan and opted to defend herself - she started to telekinetically strangle Rogue using Sky's body as a conduit. At the same time, Rogue's physical contact with Sky through the kissing, unprotected by Sky as opposed to usually, started to drain the life force from Sky. At the last second, Sky focused so powerfully on the happy memory of Sky and the motivation from Rogue's love that she overpowered Rey, awakening herself suddenly and stopping just short of killing Rogue and dying herself. Fully recovered, Charles discovered that Sky's struggle with the manifestation of her sister (Her 'battle of two minds') was a result of her isolation.

X-Men vs Avengers

The battle with Stryker's men was considered an immense disturbance of the peace and SHIELD was dispatched to put the mansion in check to ensure that they did not cause any further disturbances that the government could not control. Nick Fury met with Charles and negotiated tensely over the terms, mainly being the restriction to what they could use their powers for. A lot of this discussion started to revolve around how dangerous Sky could be, based on witnesses of what she did to Stryker that snapped his mind. Though she was free from isolation, she discovered that there were SHIELD spies shadowing her and she psychically extracted their purpose from them, becoming paranoid.

The Avengers came to the mansion with the intention of further ensuring their cooperation but Sky became more aggressive about the situation once it occurred to her that it was playing into what Stryker originally wanted - mutant isolation. She once caught Hawkeye shadowing her and accused him of spying on her and piercing her rights of privacy. Though he attempted to calm her down, she angrily slammed him into a lamppost and dislocated his shoulder, causing him to fire accidentally into a car and create an explosion. In the belief that the explosion indicated a fight, Iron Man arrived and greeted Sky, considering that they had previously met and fought and he knew Sky was formidable. He kept Hawkeye from retaliating and asked that Sky leave without causing any further unrest.

Stirred by the attack on Hawkeye, Black Widow confronted her and Sky took it as an assault and telekinetically silenced her by wrenching her arm so that she was aiming a gun up her own jaw, daring her to insult her again. Jean arrived and tried to stop Sky from making a fatal mistake. Sky calmed down and released Black Widow and then proceeded to try and socialise with their guardians - she even played chess with Hawkeye to try and reconcile with him. However, from his asylum bed, Stryker tried to avenge himself on the X-Men and orchestrated an incident where Rogue, Wolverine and Falcon ended up in a confrontation and disagreement when Rogue accidentally stunned Falcon during an arm-wrestling, since she nearly drained his life force. This resulted in an argument that progressed into a fight and, spurred by Rogue being her girlfriend, Sky joined, sparking a war between the X-Men and the Avengers.

When Thor arrived to aid the Avengers, Sky tricked him into leaving Mjolnir behind and then took it herself as a weapon. She used Mjolnir, along with Colossus and Beast, to fight off the Hulk and keep him away from the progressing conflict between the others. When Rogue was injured by Black Widow, Sky guided her towards the battle with the Hulk and put the Hulk in brief paralysis so that Rogue could touch him. Rogue, touching the Hulk, healed and simultaneously absorbed his powers, accidentally transforming into a rudimentary incarnation of the Hulk. Sky ordered her companions to spread out as Rogue, facing the Hulk, battled him across the Golden Gate Bridge, every time Rogue landed a grapple or a punch she just absorbed more power and became stronger.

However, Rogue was outmatched by the Hulk and nearly throttled to death and Sky, realizing the horrific position she'd put the girl she loved in, soared in the path of the Hulk's decapitating punch and generating a telekinetic shield with all her strength. The shield narrowly held, but the resulting shockwave knocked her into the ocean and nearly drowned her. She healed herself and returned to the battle, rescuing Rogue and spiriting her away to the Statue of Liberty. Desperate for Rogue to be alive, now that she had depowered and taken the toll from her bout with the Hulk, Sky kissed Rogue and transferred a substantial amount of her life force to Rogue, awakening her.

While the war raged, Magneto seized the opportunity to try and demoralise the X-Men by using his magnetic powers to pull a meteor out of its designated path and sending it in collision course with the mansion, thus risking or even destroying the symbol of mutant peace. However, Sky heard the meteor coming from far away and soared to the mansion, tapping dangerously hard into her telekinetic powers to try and obstruct the meteor, eventually resorting to sending it in collision course with the ocean. Magneto saw this coming and tried to stop her, and after an intense tug of war between the two mutants, Sky proved terrifyingly more powerful on account of her passion and focus, and shattered the meteor, sending shards of back into space and damaging several satellites.


When this happened, Magneto sent Juggernaut to kill Sky, who called for Mjolnir and used it to battle Juggernaut, motivated by Juggernaut's involvement in Rey's death. Juggernaut mocked her from the outside, deriding the weaknesses of her sister, but Sky ignored them. Juggernaut was incredibly powerful, but Mjolnir proved infinitely fiercer as a weapon and it literally snapped his helmet in half and Sky, provoked by battle hunger and the power Mjolnir seemed to give her (And the compulsion of vengeance she felt towards her opponent), moved to kill her, before Thor appeared and ripped Mjolnir from her grasp. Sky, furious, resorted to putting Juggernaut in a vegetative state by wiping his mind and confronted Thor, insisting that she had the right to kill him, but Thor persuaded her that revenge was unspeakable to the extent that she clearly wanted to take it.

Doctor Doom

However, while they were talking, Doctor Doom arrived, revealing that he had orchestrated the entire expanse of events to lead up to the moment where his enemies tore each other apart. He also hinted that he was doing this as vengeance for his humiliation by Sky back in Latveria. Captain America arrived, having seen the explosions and heard the clashes from Juggernaut and Sky's fight. He announced that, for war crimes and exploitation and a multitude of other crimes, Doom was under arrest. Doom laughed at them and dared them to try and cuff him.

In the ensuing, explosive battle, Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer changed hands several times between the three of them as they warred with the Latverian megalomaniac, who was now stronger and more powerful than he had been before. Eventually, Thor smashed off Doom's helmet and Sky plunged into his mind, absorbing his memories and suddenly becoming awed and terrified by his experiences, especially the loss of his mother. She delved so deep into Doom's mind that she astrally projected herself into him, rendering him unconscious and trapping herself inside his body.

As Doctor Doom, she became deeply fascinated by the man's mind - his brilliance, his resolve, his ambition, his power and the fact that he had lived so long and learned so much. Naturally curious about her situation, she experimented with her powers by picking up a car and blasting it into the sky, which provoked Thor to attack her. With her telepathic powers broadly sharpened on account of Doom's own power, Sky convinced them that she was Sky Grey, but then (To her shock) discovered that Doom had been transferred into her body astrally in the process. Seeing as Sky was younger and more imaginative, Doom also experimented by attacking Sky in his body, considering that his already-imperfect body had been polluted by Sky.

Sky and Doom fought and, because Sky was new in discovering Doom's powers and was generally superior to Doom, who was now unable to wield Mjolnir because it was his astral body in Sky's body, Sky used Doom's powers to gain the upper hand and was only stymied by risking damaging her own real body. Professor Xavier arrived and proved intrigued by what had taken place between the two of them. Seeing an opportunity, he stalled the fight and returned them to their original bodies, but before he did Sky quickly placed permanent mental blocks in Doom's mind, firmly barring him from using the bulk of what his powers were capable of if he used them incorrectly - she remarked later that she had seen what Doom was capable of and didn't want to risk the damage he could do.

Doom was unable to decipher what Sky had done to him and that they had even astrally changed bodies in the first place, so he would not attempt to try that again, and the resolving of that incident ended the conflict between the X-Men and the Avengers.

Becoming the Dynamo

Sky had since become substantially wiser since her ordeal with Doctor Doom, becoming more at peace with herself and less unstable. Sky graduated college with full honours and became a teacher at Xavier's School in English literature. Talented, sociable and inspiring, her students came to adore her and admire her, and she even found comfort in discovering other telepaths in her classes. Though not strict, she was firm and once broke up a fight between two young mutants by erasing the impulses of attacking each other. She was once recommended for another young mutant, Melissa Matheson, to personally tutor her because she, a mutant with the ability to augment his own strength and durability whenever she is struck or intercepts kinetic energy, had been diagnosed with psychological problems similar to Sky's own.

Among her students, Sky earned the name Dynamo because of her telekinetic powers and the way she used them in class. She tutored Matheson privately and learned of her difficulties, which had landed him in prison and one fight after another. Discovering her chaotic past, Sky empathised with Melissa and became something of an inspiration to the young, confused mutant.

Paris and Final Stand

When Sky was invited by Rogue on a date to Paris, Sky accepted and left Shadowcat in charge of her class and they dated atop the Eiffel Tower. There, Sky cancelled Rogue's powers so that, when they touched, it wouldn't prove dangerous. During the date, Rogue and Sky talked about Sky's class and Rogue's interest was piqued at the mention of Melissa Matheson. When she brought up his past, Rogue sympathised with the physical difficulties that came with her powers, whilst Sky's difficulties were almost purely psychological before she came to the mansion. However, the date was interrupted when Sky telepathically heard the cries of another mutant not too far from the Eiffel Tower - when Rogue questioned this, Sky removed the cancellation of her powers so that Rogue could possess her telepathy and hear the cries as well.

They sprinted from the Tower and rushed in the direction of the voice, and discovered a mutant with lizardlike traits being harassed by a Parisian street gang. While the mutant, calling herself Miriam Johannson, tried to fight off the gang with her lizardlike mutation, Sky intervened by creating a force field around her that stopped the bullets they fired at her. They rescued him from the gang while Rogue, still harbouring Sky's powers, put the gang to sleep so they couldn't attack them again. Bringing her to a hotel in Paris, Sky contacted the Professor and called for him to bring the X-Jet.

However, before the X-Jet arrived, Bolivar Trask heard about the skirmish with the street gang and the powers that were involved, and sent his Sentinels to neutralise the situation the way he saw fit. Sentinels arrived at the hotel and attacked just as the X-Jet arrived. The three of them battled the Sentinels, before Sky screamed for her friends to leave while she held off the Sentinels. Rogue, shocked, begged for her to come with them, but Sky started the X-Jet just as they got on and telekinetically set it to fly back to the mansion. Sky battled the Sentinels all on her own, destroying seven of them, but more of them continued to come.

Eventually, though she continued to destroy several more, one of them blasted her in the back and mortally wounded her. Detecting her daughter's agony, which manifested as a vicious mental bolt in her head, Jean surpassed Sky's control over the X-Jet and flew back to Paris, destroying all of the Sentinels in Paris and rescuing her daughter's body. Laying her on the infirmary bed and Rogue sat by her. Sky defended that she had to stay and fight off the Sentinels so her friends could escape, and Rogue stated that she understood why Sky did what she did. Sky's final act of her life was to grip Jean and Rogue's hands and, unbeknownst to them, place a telepathic manifestation of herself inside their heads, so that they still possessed a piece of her. She died with a smile on her face.


Sky Grey is a complex, conflicted character, and has been her entire life. As a child, Sky had a strong connection with her twin sister Rey, and this stretched to such an extent that she was traumatised by her first apparent death. This stemmed from the fact that she was extremely emotionally unstable on account of the fact that she was terrified of being alone. Being homosexual, Sky's complexity grew to conflict when she opened up about her feelings for the first time and it was so aggressively rebuffed. Her feelings for her sister drew her into believing that Rey was the only person Sky could rely on, and her eventual betrayal and transformation into an enemy horrified Sky.

Sky was intelligent and imaginative, but also an introvert at heart. She had a dominantly antisocial personality and preferred not to cause herself further pain by making more friends who, for all she knew, could turn against her. This only served to make her even more afraid and more unstable. When she became an X-Men and ended up fighting against her own sister, this prospect terrified her and made her even more conflicted internally. Rey's eventual death during a pitched battle drew Sky into a deep, merciless depression because she blamed herself and it was even speculated that Sky's depression, especially at this stage, was a result of her mind trying to grapple with the Phoenix Force, but Sky was confirmed not to possess the Phoenix Force and it was just a telepathic mind developing in a frightening and unpredictable situation.

Sky was not only unstable to a brutal extreme, but also possessed a terrifying temper that she always struggled to control. She could be so violent she physically tried to batter her opponents to death, as she did to Doctor Doom. It also surfaced during her confrontations with William Stryker - the first time, she used her telekinetic powers to smash her opponent against surfaces and try to kill him, the other time she vengefully tortured his mind and rendered him in an asylum patient. Her temper often caused a number of problems for her friends and fellow X-Men. Despite this, Sky was extremely empathetic and compassionate, willing to put herself in extreme danger to keep her friends safe, especially with the ones she loved.

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Sky is an Alpha-Level Mutant at first calculation, but is hinted to be a spectacularly more powerful person - by the time she matures, it is speculated that she has become an Omega-level telepath and an Alpha-level telekinetic. Thus, she is an extremely powerful telepath and an equally powerful telekinetic, though her powers are drastically unstable when she is unable to control them, making her terrifically dangerous - it is implied that her powers supercharged when she accidentally used them in times of rage or distress. In fact, her status as an Alpha-Level Mutant with such a high degree of telekinesis and telepathy means that she is one of the most powerful students to have attended Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and entirely without encountering the Phoenix Force in her entire life:

  • Telepathy: Sky has the ability to read thoughts, project and broadcast her own thoughts, as well as affect the minds of humans and animals with higher order intelligence. She has supremely sharpened her telepathic powers over the years, making her almost as powerful a telepath as Charles Xavier, though not to the same standard on account of her being younger and newer to her powers. Nevertheless, Sky is still an extremely powerful telepath:
    • Telepathic Defense: She can manifest her telepathy in a number of defensive ways.
      • Telepathic manifestation: She is able to create environments inside her mind and the minds of others, creating realistic environments where she can combat, communicate and confront a person or persons. In this state, she is provided with superhuman strength, speed and reflexes, as well as gravitational control over this psychokinetic world.
      • Telepathic obstruction: She is able to telepathically convince an opponent not to attack her, or to delay attacking her, providing her with the upper hand in a fight.
      • Telepathic premeditation: She can use her telepathic powers to predict her opponent's movements and react defensively/offensively seconds in advance of her opponent, causing the misconception that she has superhuman speed.
    • Telepathic Cloak: She can mask her presence and the use of her abilities from being detected by other psions and psychic entities. She can extend these defenses to others around her as well. Cloaking via telepathy is not perfect and powerful psis may notice and 'see' through this ability.
    • Cloak Mind: Ability to rearrange the “mental engrams” of mutants so their distinctive mutant thought patterns cannot be detected by Cerebro-type devises or by other telepaths.
    • Psychic Shield: She can erect a psychic shield for protection of herself and the minds of others.
    • Telepathic Illusions: She can create realistic telepathic illusions and cause people to experience events which are not actually occurring.
    • Telepathic Camouflage: She can alter the apparent physical appearance of herself and other people by altering the perceptions of those around her. This can go so far as to make other people believe that the camouflaged people are not there (invisible). A limit, if one exists, is only imposed by the number of people she is trying to fool, not the number of people she is camouflaging.
    • Telepathic Manipulation: She can manipulate other people's minds easily, achieving a variety of effects.
    • Emotional Augmentation: She is able to, through physical contact, dramatically augment the emotions that the person she is touching is feeling, to such an extent that the victim can be driven mad.
    • Memory Alteration:She can erase, implant, restore or alter the memory of others.
    • Mind Control: She can control the thoughts and actions of others.
    • Mind Possession: She can possess the mind of another, and use that being's body as her own.
    • Personality Alteration: She can alter the minds of others by force of will, thus permanently changing their personality partially or entirely.
    • Mental Paralysis: She can induce temporary mental or physical paralysis.
    • Mental Amnesia: She can erase any awareness of particular memories or cause total amnesia.
    • Mind Transferral: She can transfer both her mind and powers into other host bodies if her own physical body was somehow killed.
    • Heal Trauma: She has the ability to erase a person’s memories and to heal mental trauma through “psychic surgery,” as well as the power to stimulate or deaden the pain and pleasure centers in a person's brain.
    • Mental Sedating: Can telepathically "sedate" her victims so that, if already rendered unconscious, they remain so for as long as she continues to "sedate" them.
    • Neural Jumpstart: She can increase the speed of neural signals in the brain, which could increase another mutant's powers to incredible levels, but the effect was only temporary.
    • Dilate Power: She has the ability to place “psychic inhibitors” in the minds of mutant adversaries to prevent them from using their powers. She did this with Doctor Doom once she'd possessed his body, psychically barring him from achieving certain peaks in his powers and removing the impulse to break these barriers.
    • Mind Link: Ability to develop a mental link with any person, which remains as a connection to that individual.
    • Psychic Blast: She can project psychic force bolts which have no physical effects but which can affect a victim's mind, causing them pain, knocking them unconsciousness or turning the victim "brain-dead".
    • Astral Projection: She can project her astral form from her body onto the Astral Plane or the physical plane. In the physical plane she can travel in astral form over vast distances. In the astral plane, she can mentally create psionic objects and manipulate the aspects of her environment. She can communicate with others astrally through her own will, or through contact with the thoughts and memories of others.
    • Mental Detection: She can sense the presence of another superhuman mutant within a small but as yet undefined radius of herself by perceiving the distinctive mental radiations emitted by such a being.
  • Telekinesis: Sky is an immensely powerful telekinetic. Her almost vast control and projection of psychokinetic energy enables her to levitate objects, propel or manipulate them however she wishes, lift herself and move through the air to simulate flight, stimulate individual molecules to create heat, generate concussive force as blasts or bursts, and create powerful protective shields. She is an Alpha-level telekinetic, indicating that, even though she is young, she is one of the most powerful telekinetics on the planet.
    • Biophysical Control: She has the ability to control living organic tissue, causing muscles to cramp, skin to break, or blood vessels to burst or contract. This is one of her lesser-used adaptions of telekinesis.
    • Telekinetic manipulation: She can generally manipulate physical objects and matter, including repelling individuals, levitating objects, opening locks and doors, even telekinetically playing a piano and causing a violin to independently play an elaborate tune. She can often unconsciously do this, especially when experiencing powerful emotions, causing objects to either rupture, or be thrown telekinetically from her in any direction. At the peak of her powers, she has been able to levitate a meteor, whilst simultaneously wrestling over it with Magneto, who is one of the most powerful mutants on the planet.
    • Concussive Blasts: She can project psychokinetic energies as powerful blasts directed from the brain (Expelled from either her hands, or her entire body) that could apparently affect matter with concussive force. She can shatter windows, repel enemies and cause powerful tremors with this ability.
    • Ensnare Opponent: She can constrict a foe, preventing them from generally moving, effectively paralysing them. Through this, she can levitate them through the air and use them as projectiles, shields and meelee weapons. She is essentially unable to do this with Juggernaut because of the latter's powers, but can ensnare other physically powerful beings.
    • Flight: She is able to fly through the air via telekinesis, and even maintain the objects he or she has telekinetic control over simultaneously while in midair. Her speed exceeds that of Angel, and eclipses that of a military jet, but requires extreme concentration to be performed successfully and without incident.
    • Force Fields: She has can create protective force shields that could deflect even the most powerful of attacks, either creating individual shields for one individual area, or a circular force-field around a large space. These enable her to block bullets, blades, missiles, explosions and energy, but are narrowly unable to combat with beings like Juggernaut
    • Healing: She is shown to be able to heal herself and others of injuries to certain extents - she cannot heal immediate fatal injuries, and she was unable to regenerate her eyes when she was blinded.
    • Intuitive Aptitude: She can disassemble complex devices explosively (separating every last component, such as screws, nuts, circuit boards, etc.) and, just as quickly, easily assemble complex devices.
    • Psionic Spikes: She has the ability to create destructive psionic spikes that destroy the physical objects that the spikes come into contact with.
    • Physical augmentation: Sky can harness her telekinetic energy to augment her strength, speed and durability to near-superhuman levels
    • Telekinetic Sensitivity: She has the ability to feel the texture of objects she has a psychokinetic hold on, feel when other objects come into contact with them, and probe them at a molecular level to identify if they contain certain materials or feel when two things which she has a psychokinetic “hold” upon are similarly composed.
  • Hypnokinesis: Sky has the rare ability to personally enter, manipulate, navigate and pinpoint her own, and other people's, dreams, which is just short of telepathy but is considered both a rare, dangerous and delicate power.
    • Dream penetration: She can enter other people's dreams, including telepaths as powerful as Charles Xavier, and personify herself in some way, preferably as she currently appears at the time of the performance.
    • Dream manipulation: She is able to manipulate the appearance, circumstances and incidents of a person's dreams, including whether or not they are nightmares and whether or not they remain in a person's memory or in their subconscious or suchlike.
    • Dream inducement: She can induce dreams, including daydreams, into people's minds, and her own, enabling her to put unprotected minds to sleep with a mere thought or gesture.


  • Skilled combatant: Sky, without her telekinetic and telepathic powers, has shown herself to be something of an exceptionally skilled and learned hand-to-hand fighter, proficient in kickboxing, karate, kung fu. Once her powers are negated by William Stryker's technology during her captivity, she managed to overpower several armed guards on her own.
  • Expert musician: Sky is an excellent musician, being able to simultaneously play two violins cooperatively in the same song, and being a master pianist. She finds something of a hobby in playing the piano and the violin, using it as a conduit for calming herself down or for finding some form of stability when she cannot control her powers or her fate. She is shown to be able to play instruments just as superbly telekinetically.
  • Linguist: She is fluent in Greek, Ancient Egyptian, French, Latin, German and multiple others, since she is able to telepathically extract knowledge of languages from a linguist's mind, making her impeccably fluent.
  • Swimmer: Sky is a highly skilled swimmer, and is the champion swimmer at Xavier's School, being able to overpower superhumanly stronger young mutants without having to use her powers.
  • Eidetic memory: She has an extremely precise eidetic memory, being able to immediately memorise information so absolutely exactly that she could remember a computer equation that was at least two pages long.


  • Homosexuality: Sky's most prominent flaw is that she is homosexual, which is probably her biggest internal point of conflict. She confessed to have had sporadic but powerful crushes on both Anna Marie (Rogue) and Katherine Pryde, which became intense obsessions that led to both depression, self-depreciation and a terrifying fear that she wouldn't be accepted - she was outlawed at her original school for being homosexual, and thus is afraid of being excommunicated because of it at Xavier's School. This has since become less of a problem since she has undergone therapy sessions with her mother Jean, and with Charles Xavier himself.
  • Instability: If she becomes emotionally unstable, she loses control of her powers and they will overreact in violent and unpredictable ways, making her extremely dangerous to the wrong people. This weakness is more attuned to her telekinesis, which will be violently utilised unconsciously if she becomes overcome by powerful emotions that she cannot control.
  • Autophobia: Despite being able to access the minds of others and to communicate with them that way, she is still plagued by a fear of being completely alone in the world.

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