Skin Walker is a level 5 mutant named Ram (Ramsey) Thrine. His power is that he can transform his molecular structure changing his skin into any type of material. But he was named Skin Walker because he has a unique power that enables him to skin walk on people.

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Skin Walker

Real Name
Ram Thrine
Current Alias
Skin Walker

Skin Walker, Mars




Mary Thrine (Mother), Stanley Thrine (Father), Sam Thrine akaPermutation (Brother), Pam Thrine aka Distain (Sister)

Base Of Operations
Zanthrine, X-Mansion



120 lb



Unusual Features


Marital Status

Expert Spy, and a expert martial artists


Place of Birth

First appearance



He was originally born blind. But his parents who were scientist wanted to fix that by running tests on Ram for 10 years. They originally cured his blindness when he was 6 but when they saw that his eye color kept changing they continued for 4 more years, where they pushed him to the breaking point and Ram got so angry that he burst into flames then reverted back. Being scared of him, they called the cops to come and arrest him. When the cops got there they aimed their guns at Ram and Ram wanted no part of this. Thinking that, he started to shake his skin transformed into smoke. Afraid of what will happen next the police fire their guns but Ram was smoke so they shot each other.Seeing fear in his parents and the killing he's done he reverts back then ran away from his home. Seeing his potential the brother hood of mutants took him in. He stayed their awhile until he saw the era of Magneto's ways so he took off. A couple days later he found out his siblings: Parmutation, and Distain so he seeked them out and found them so they make a group called TRANS.

Powers and Abilities


  • Skin Changing He can change his skin to look like anyone or anything but he still has to retain his form which means he can look like anyone or anything but he has to morph into someone close to the height and weight of his body, and for objects if he thought fire his skin would turn into a humanoid fire if he thought Water his skin would turn into a watery humanoid form.
  • Molcule control Ram can control his molecules making him able to speed it up or slow it down, When he speeds it up he will be able to go through solid object like Kitty Pryde, When he slows it down his skin would become rock hard , hard enough for if Wolverine slashed with his claws him it wouldn't hurt him.
  • Mimic He also has the power to copy mutant powers of any one.
  • Vision When his parents finished working with his eyes they were more than just normal. Ram's eyes had different types of vision. Some of these are: Binary Code, Heat Vision, Internet vision, and X-ray vision.
  • Skin-walking When Skin Walker touches skin he has the choice to use skin walk which is ability to see what the skin has seen.


  • Martial Arts Ram was taught martial arts in Tawain mastering it with skill. Today he knows all types of fighting styles and different techniques.
  • Language While being a test subject for his parents Ram was taught how to read different languages with his new vision. He knows how to read in Latin, Greek, Roman, and Czech. And can speak German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, and French.
  • Psychic Rebound While being a test subject for Ram's parents they tested the fact of brain power in doing so Ram got the ability to resist psychic energy but if someone used telepathy on him he can use it right back.

Strength level

  • Level 5 Skin Walker is a level 5 mutant, very powerful, and the fact that he is a expert martial artist so he is a force to be reckoned with


  • Manipulation When people like Pyro who controls fire crosses paths Skin Walker if Ram turns into fire Pyro would be able to control him, so it all depends on who controls what.
  • Money Ram used to be a hired assassin. But was recruited by the X-Men which stopped his career, but today if anyone pays him to kill someone he will do it on the spot.
  • Sound If someone fires a sound wave at Skin Walker his skin morphing will become useless for a undetermined amount of time, the reason this is is because the Ram has found it difficult to concentrate on his skin morphing with sound in the way.


Equipment: Anti Gravity Boots
Transportation: The Orb of Instability
Weapons: Nun chuk, spear, two swords


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