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Real Name
Sinnu Sarrum (closest translation)
Current Alias
Great Mother

Great Beyonder, Mama Mary, Lady Miriam, Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, The Eternal Empress, Ivory Queen, Ivory King, All-Mother, Entropy, New Alpha Beyonder, Goddess of Chaos and Deceit, Captain Universe, The Goddess, God, Satan, Death, Mistress Death, Mothers of Death, End of All Things, Griever at the End of All Things, Nemesis, and countless more nicknames across the multiverse


Beyonders: Sarrum's Beyonder Dominion (de-facto leader; defunct), Order of the Empress (followers' organization; defunct)

Celestial Godhead (father; deceased), Third Cosmos (mother; deceased), Second Cosmos (uncle; estranged), Unified Cosmos (uncle; deceased), Firmaments of the Living Force (ancestors), First Alpha Beyonder (lover and mate; deceased), Beyonder (son), Death (sons and daughters)

Base Of Operations
Battleworld, Multiverse







Marital Status

Supreme being, destroyer and "remaker" of realities, Mother of Deaths

Celestial Godhead (Beyonder)/Abstract Entity hybrid, and Beyonder monarch

First appearance
Last appearance

Modern Comics:
Guardians of the Galaxy
Vol 3 13
Marvelous Comics:
Secret Wars
Vol 1 9


Quote1 Time runs out, and eventually, everything dies, Doctor... And it's in our fate to uphold this destined endeavor since the days of creation, as no one else could possess the supreme will to consummate such a universal responsibility, which is something not even your "superior friend" can ever handle... Quote2
-- Great Mother

Early Years

Sinnu Sarrum, born to the last "prime generation" Celestial Godhead and the abstract entity Third Cosmos, was one of the most powerful and godly being known as the Great Mother is, in fact, was revealed to be the last known monarch, and the last matriarch of an ancient otherworldly race known as the Beyonders since their major rebellion against the Celestials during the dark and chaotic days of the Primordial Era. Named as the Great Mother, Sarrum was the second oldest and the latest most powerful Beyonder that has ever existed, being born from the very first seedlings of the powerful Celestial Godhead, who secretly and unintentionally conceived her from the Third Cosmos. During the cosmic conflict known as the Great Multiversal Rebellion, most of the Beyonders, who developed corruption by power and hatred towards their superiors, decided rebelling against the Celestials and tried to steal the cosmic energies stored in each singularity as an act of taking all the power on and for their own agendas and intentions for the multiverse.

During then, Sarrum was the loving & caring but also the extreme and merciless right-hand and second-in-command of the then current leader, who was also her lover at the time, of the massive Beyonder mutiny against the once benevolent Celestials. But instead of successfully obtaining the Celestials' cosmic powers, The six singularities originally stored by the latter had formed and merged into a massive singularity, leading to a Big Bang of a new reality, the creation of the new main reality that would be later known as the Modern Universe. Interestingly enough, the multiversal concept, spiritual, and eventually the physical embodiment, of death itself originated from Sarrum after witnessing all her fallen people "die out" during their revolt against the Grand Celestials, making her the Mother of Death.

The New World

Death 61615

Having bred the idea & existence of Death itself with simply her ghoulish curiosity to end some, if not all things, Sarrum became the "Mother of Death"

Due to their attempt at neutralizing the Celestials for the sake of claiming their almighty power, all of the Beyonders were banished from their realm, sending them into the vastness of nothingness of this new universe that they'd unexpectedly created. It was later revealed that have crashed in a dark and barren rogue planet in this new universe that they've unintentionally created during the war's end. Realizing that her lover and their leader, the Alpha himself, unfortunately perished during the failed revolt against the Celestials, Sarrum almost mourned for thousands of centuries, before she was reminded by his memory to guide their people and keep the ideologies kept by the radical Beyonder culture, with them believing that it was the "multiversal way" of maintaining the balanced state of the known multiverse, to which she took the monarchy title of the Eternal Empress.

After their banishment on to the vast cosmos, most of the Beyonders still have their nearly omnipotent powers, though they aren't contented about it and still went furious against the Celestials after punishing them by vanishing most of it. As a consequence to their rebellion, Sarrum was cursed with her inability on entering her own powerful, true form for almost an eternity. Due to this, the Beyonders, now under the census leadership of Sarrum since the Alpha had perished, began searching for the cosmic energies after it somehow survived during the Big Bang they've created and each cosmic energy was forged into concentrated crystals and thus, they were called by the cosmic embodiments as the Infinity Stones. With it, Sarrum started sensing that she was conceiving an offspring within her, to which she knew that it was her and lover's child, vowing herself to take good care of it, along with her people, as long as she breathes.

Cosmic Expansion

Under Sarrum's leadership during their great expedition on Earth, the Beyonders caused a large earthquake using an advanced engine machine to submerge a massive jungle to create the hidden landmass and realm beneath Antarctica, Savage Land where the Beyonders use it to preserve millions of different species of creatures from different time periods, saving them from extinction so they can observe evolution in action. Having obtain enough knowledge and data about the evolutionary cycle of life on Earth, an unsatisfied and craving Sarrum and the Beyonders would later abandon the Savage Land and Earth itself to set a new cosmic expedition in the great Multiverse, in hopes of finding a way to grow and possess more and more power and prepare against their almighty creators, who also deemed they should be eliminated from the whole existence.

As time passes by during their never-ending conquest to find the Infinity Stones, Sarrum would inherit a far more ruthless, and extremist personality as she becomes more and more overwhelmed for accomplishing only few feats which fears her that she would only be an eternal hindrance and disappointment to the deceased Alpha and her own ancestors, turning her into a merciless tyrant who unhesitatingly invaded and conquered multiple worlds that they would come across throughout the entire Multiverse, with her not considering any to execute those who would her race's ideologies though she would still salvage, and even just simply spare those who were still fearing and worshipping her with the greatest of sincerity.

Primeval Infinity War

With each and every world they would invade, Sarrum and the Beyonders would study their most powerful and most essential tools and weapons, to see if their value remains valid to them to which they'll recreate if it still is, but would be banished from existence if they deem it useless. At some point in time years after the birth of her son, approximately thousands of millions of years ago before the modern era, the Beyonders were able to retrieve each of the Infinity Stones and hand them over to Sarrum's possession, much to her indulgence and complacency for achieving another success to fill her ego and enough almighty power to serve as a jump-start her latent ability to summon her true form once more.

From that moment, Sarrum would have become one of the most, if not the most powerful entity in the universe, along with being close in the ranks of beings across the known multiverse. Unfortunate enough for her, the group of Celestials (often known and referred to as the Searchers) disguised as Beyonders, led by Eson the Searcher, who discovered and sent the stones to her to begin with, had secretly planned out a revolt movement against her long-lasting reign on the Beyonders. As a result of this act of retaliation, a great war broke out between the two factions, although to an extent, the battle involved Sarrum's Empire against six subsidiary groups (with each Celestial leader representing the Infinity Stones) from the revolt who deemed to take her dominion down and annihilate the extremely dangerous Beyonders from existence.

The Impacts of War

During their mission, the six leaders were able to retake each six stones from Sarrum's possession before she could completely use their cosmic essence to unlock her true form once again and bring further hate and destruction across the multiverse, much to her despair of their acts. The conflict itself, which apparently seemed like it would reach the infinity according to several different records from the intergalactic community, had lasted for the next million years in the era of this reality's universal genesis. As all things were destined to end, the war eventually did in one the worst possible conclusions ever in all of the history of conflicts.

Through unknown specific means, the six Celestial leaders were revealed to have won the chaotic war for the possession of the Infinity Stones and have scattered across the prime reality as they had actually intended it, although it occurred at the cost of their own sanity and moral comprehension regarding the value of life in the universe as an effect of trying to keep the stone away from anyone else, rendering them to be just as ruthless and extreme as the Beyonders, their own greatest and worst creations. After being slowly and painfully consumed by their own incurable insanity caused by Sarrum for the remainder of their lifetimes, all of the six Celestial Searchers but Eson, dies as their mental state deteriorates while their physical bodies completely collapse, crumbling into the ground where they last stood.

For the next millions and millions of years, the next breed of Celestials in this reality have grown to be more extremist rulers rather than gentle peacekeepers of life in order to maintain universal balance, all because of the prehistoric war that devastatingly changed their ancestors' perspective on everything for all eternity. As Sarrum learned that she was indeed a powerful and manipulative "Goddess of Chaos and Deceit", she and her race would also realized that she won't be needing much of the Infinity Stones, at least in this main reality anyway, in order to keep the Beyonders' unlimited power and great sovereignty to conquer those they see and find as inferior to them across all of infinite realities.

Multiversal Wars

As the Eternal Empress and millions of other names and titles she intentionally used up herself, Sarrum effectively wielded absolute control over trillions and trillions of galaxies throughout many different alternate realities and virtually everyone and everything else who lived within it. In her still rising and continuous reign, she and her dominion built one of the most powerful forces the multiverse had ever seen and ruled most of it unopposed for eighteen hundred millions years in multiversal time. In her and her empire's goal of colonization, they came across clashing against the strongest and the most terrifying beings within their universes, such as time-travelling outlaws (e.g. Clan Askani, Guardians of the Galaxy, Council of Kangs, and Time Lords), teams of heroic individuals (e.g. alternate reality versions of the Avengers, Squadron Supreme, Defenders, and Imperial Guard), empirical organizations (e.g. alternate reality versions of the Nova Corps, Sh'iar Emprie, Hell Lords, and Forcefuls), deities from other realms (e.g. Elder Ones, Asgardians, Olympians, Kami, Old & New Gods), and even hundreds of thousands to millions more.

In some of the realities she crosses, Sarrum would flexibly changes her "true" personality as progressively abandoned her facade of being an enlightened and enigmatic leader and began to rule through terror, knowing that some realities would be truly hard to be manipulated by the art of deception alone, and would actually require the application of violent force in order to get to their senses and made them realize that her dominion is a force to be reckon with. As she's been gaining and sometimes absorbing many various kinds of universal energy forces, she could start feeling her true form grow within her once more, knowing that she may finally be able to unlock and achieve it, much sooner.

The Prophecies

Although the Beyonders were acknowledged as a powerful species of cosmic beings in the primitive scriptures of that can be found inside the mysterious Library of Worlds, only Sarrum's existence was fully acknowledged by cosmic beings and entities throughout the known multiverse. Despite having her and her race's presence considerably rare and mostly non-existent amongst every historical texts and records across the various countless intergalactic communities of the prime reality for the next several hundred million years, Sarrum was indirectly mentioned in the clandestine scriptures of the Celestial Searchers before their untimely demises, something that could only be access through a few limited methods known by a few individuals, such as the Watchers and the Builders, who survived since the universal genesis phase of reality.

Along with it, Sarrum's threatening existence to every universe she mercilessly annihilates was actually the abstract entity Death's main reason of luring the Mad Titan Thanos, even in his state as a youngling, to be her one of her obsessed "apprentices" (since Death was revealed to already have billions of deluded worshipers who "willingly" died for her manipulative causes) and later her future lover to begin with, as an original act to prevent the prophetic apocalypse, through the use of the universal power of the Infinity Stones, that would be commenced by Sarrum and her Dominion in the feared prediction on "the end of times" if no one with such will and patience could ever handle finding a way to stop it.

However, not even the combined powers of one or more deistic entity was said to ever achieve such deemed "impossible" feat. In the words of the ancient scriptures, it stated that the prophecy has already been written, as it is destined to be initiated at the very end, as all things were meant to be. Like the last page at a the end of a book, or even the numbered days of a barely breathing soul. As Sarrum and her Beyonder Dominion's loyal followers gradually grow throughout her settled and colonized domains across the multiverse, her legacy and mission to restore her power continues, with most of the rebel alliances were fully defeated and mercilessly slaughtered by the followers.

Secret Wars

Everything Dies

After a several billion years war between the rebellious Beyonders and their multiversal creators, the Celestials, the long battle had ended on the worst note possible, with the former, led by Sarrum, having to finally prove their victory against their creators and even their rebellious creations during the universal conflict, their never-ending obsession with death and decay had led them deem too irresponsible in using their nigh-omnipotence throughout the known multiverse, and ultimately, they have decided to "experiment the multiverse" on a larger scale by morbidly destroying it slowly from within, starting from the tiniest of realms smaller than the atom itself as it grows rapidly as time passes, subsequently killing everything who fails to escape the impending multiversal chaos due to every single fragment or piece of the Cosmic Cube she and the Beyonder Empire has implanted across their long-term multiversal expedition.

In each and every reality, realm, or dimension that gets consumed and destroyed by the Cosmic Cube, every energy that was left out in the destruction ends up being absorbed by Sarrum as she converts it into her own power, becoming more and more powerful by the attosecond something dies out. From the paradise that was Heaven to the depths of Hell, within the reaches of the Microverse out beyond the Overspace, nothing was ever safe from the deadly waves of the spontaneous Cosmic Cubes, proving that its essence was more powerful than any form of matter, anti-matter, dark matter, or any other element in existence of the multiverse. As the almighty Gods above die, so did the sinister Devils below. Casualties began to rise exponentially; every universe started to fall inevitably, even the various living embodiment of the cosmos, which were the root of Sarrum's heritage. Everything dies.

Time Runs Out

In the concurrence and the aftermath of the chaotic and the traumatizing Ends of the Earth, the clandestine alliance of heroes on Earth in this prime reality known as the Illuminati had to congregate once more in order to deal with a pan-universal threat secretly planned out by the Beyonders, known as the incursions. As time went by, and other realities were destroyed, the time lapse between incursions through each incursion points started to decrease. However, despite their greatest of risky efforts to save their reality from the mysterious incursions, Sarrum's Beyonder nigh omnipotence was unmatchable for any mortal, causing the incursion phenomena throughout the multiverse to commence until almost nothing there is left. From the flow of the spacetime to the complex flexibility of hypertime, every intelligent design that was meant to provide chronological stability across each parallel reality, crumbles into one singularity. No act of time-travelling or retconning could ever undo the worsening damage or even save their shivering skins. Be it day or night, or be it dusk or dawn, there was no tomorrow to look forward to, or even a yesterday to travel back to. Time runs out.

Final Incursions

Eventually, time certainly ran out and this reality ended up being one of the last two remaining realities. With no way to prevent the destruction of all of reality, the Illuminati, the Avengers, and a few joint forces of Earth's heroes and villains began working together after reaching a middle ground. They created a life raft that could survive the destruction of the universe, in order to allow the survivors to rebuild humanity in whatever was left after everything ended. Unbeknownst to the survivors, Sarrum had her own strongest but youngest member imprisoned and forcefully follow her orders, who was none other than her own son the Beyonder, partially controlling him and using his power to salvage most the remnants of different realities and temporarily built their domain called "Battleworld," a patchwork planet composed of these remains and its inhabitants, which was the latest known step to their "little experiment" over the multiverse inside the singular reality of the Battlerealm, testing whether it should be worth saving or be fated to be annihilated once more and end the multiversal cycle, along with their whole existence, once and for all.

The Battleworld

61615 Mary Sarrum

Sarrum in one of her many surviving humanoid forms across Battleworld, named Lady Miriam

When the known multiverse finally perished in the final incursions between the Modern Reality, the reality of Eternal Doom, and the Dark Age Reality, Sarrum used the power of her own son, the Beyonder, forcibly controlling his young and easily manipulable cosmic consciousness to salvage the remains of several realities and build a patchwork planet she and the rest of the Beyonders had named Battleworld, which was ruled under her multiversal fist. As several years went by seemed like an eternity, Sarrum kept on discreetly "persuading" her son that what he was doing was all for the greater good of everything there is, so much that she managed to make him into twisting the memories of the Battleworld inhabitants, to the point they would no longer remember what had existed before Battleworld, especially the great incursions they've all witnessed.

Eventually getting too bored and uninterested sitting in her overall omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient true form, Sarrum took on a humanoid form, in which with the help of her more powerful son had fragmented herself throughout the multiversal-wide patchwork planet, with each domain of Battleworld having its own version of Sarrum, whose mind works collectively but at the same time, they still were still assigned to have their own separate and unique consciousness. One of Sarrum's humanoid forms, the one considered to be the main version, naming herself as the seemingly innocent, charitable, and caring Lady Miriam or simply Mary (presumably named after Mary, mother of Jesus), who was residing on the lower center part that is Forest Hills, which was nearly located from the notorious Beyonders Domain in the upper center of the great planet.

As the Lady Miriam, this humanoid version of Sarrum had learned many different values and virtues from many different and ultimately diverse individuals within through her wide neighborhood throughout the domain known as the City, which were Forest Hills, Holy Wood, Mondo City, and Yinsen City. As a consequence, Sarrum started becoming more and more complex as an individual, something even her own almighty true form finds strangely odd and yet it is something she continuously feels. Still finding Miriam the strangest incarnation that was formed out of the universal fragmentation, she decided to keep an eye on her, especially the very moment wherein several different life rafts mostly containing survivors from Earth-61615 and Earth-61616 (and some from other realities), knowing that she'll be welcoming them on the patchwork planet. The vessel had kept them safe in suspended animation for the years that passed, and had allowed them to survive the end of the multiverse, ending up on Battleworld. Because of this, even her true form feared that Mary would potentially cause the Beyonders' downfall by helping the survivors, or even worse, cause the great destruction of the Battlerealm, along with Battleworld with it.

Rebels Rise

As several days have passed since the arrival of the survivors from the great void, Battleworld was slowly in disarray as Sarrum had foreseen in her undying visions (which predicts infinite possibilities to a certain event), with disorder having escalated into open rebellion in several domains, with somebody called the "Supreme One" being prophesied by many to be the heroic individual forming thousands of armies against the Great Beyonders and would be the one responsible for slaying the Great Mother. The Prophet, who was later revealed to be none other than the complex Victor von Doom, which has been first mistaken to be the noble Reed Richards, and his army marched forward to the Great Domain of the Beyonders.

Some of the Beyonders' coerced and manipulated allies started fighting against the Great Mother, namely the Multiversal Avatars of the Cosmic Entities, a significant retaliation that may not have occurred without the influence of a resistance subsidiary group of Infinity Gauntlet wielders known as the Infinity Guardians, courageously led by an Battleworld incarnation of Captain America. Along with it, Sarrum would witness one compelling vision that her son would be weakened at the hands of her suspicious guests, although she remained just as calm and as optimistic as her Lady Miriam incarnation, whom she was still using, along with many other duplicates of herself, to manipulate and persuade the heroes & villains residing throughout Battleworld, and try to prevent them from forming or joining a great rebellion against her overpowered dominion.

Domains Fall

Rogers Captain Universe Marvelous

The Empress faces her mightiest enemy outside her Battlerealm: Captain Universe

In the penultimate moments of the war's finale, the once oppressed and abused Beyonder had willingly shared his godly powers with the geniuses Reed Richards and the Molecule Man the power that formerly belonged to the Great Mother the rest of the Beyonders since the creation of Battleworld within the last realm. As a result, the heroic resistance were able to gain the upper hand against the Beyonders and their forces, greatly weakening Sarrum in the process after they successfully annihilated Sarrum's every single incarnation (including Lady Miriam), while their forces charges without stop nor hesitation, finally leading to the godly empire's defeat that unfortunately costed countless of lives to those who willingly fought for the fate of the multiverse.

In the midst of seemingly experiencing her last stand, the Great Beyonders' Domain suddenly and completely collapses into oblivion as a powerful illuminating entity, looking as if she is composed of pure light and energy, aggressively surfaces into the chaotic landscape of Battleworld, showing to be none other than Sarrum herself in her supposedly true and greatest form. Hovering above almost everything and everyone, most of the combatants and defenders, from both sides alike, could only watch in absolute horror as Sarrum starts obliterating half of the warzone out of existence like turning the latter into ash, while others tried to desperately escape her godly wrath, and yet most of them still failed despite fighting with their greatest of powers.

At that moment, came another vigor and vengeful contender to match the Eternal Empress alone, which comes the surviving aspect of the Unified Cosmos itself, Sarrum's multiversal uncle, in the physical form of the once gauntlet-wielding Captain Universe. Much to Sarrum's surprise to meet the entity who begrudgingly hated her the most since she betrayed her progenitors once again, she acted too panicky which led to the First Cosmos getting the upper advantage over her during the chaotic duel between the two abstract entities in the Battlerealm.

Last Stand

Realizing that only her son, the Beyonder, was the only being who could truly stop her greatest form after the moment Captain Universe had both overwhelmed her and sacrificed itself to empower her retaliators enough to distract her, she immediately teleported to her son's location, where she encountered him with the cosmically-amplified Richards and Reece beside him. Sarrum realized that her own son was physically weakened, much to her disappointment that he would do such altruistic act by giving away all the almighty power that he always had just to help the heroes return the back to its normal state once more, something that Sarrum and the Beyonders have always been against, according to their fathomless ancient and complex philosophy.

"Looking at the bright side," Sarrum made the excuse of killing her own son by saying she would be "putting out of his misery", deeming that her act would be simply an act of mercy, once she's done with the rest of Battleworld. In a battle with Richards and Reece within the hidden chamber of the Beyonder, Sarrum was still able to defeat the two nevertheless of their cosmic and apparently equal powers by the Beyonder's selfless act, although for the first time in her lifetime throughout the vast multiverse, she quickly realized that she had fallen into a simple trap, a trap that was diversion.

Feeling in her nigh omnipresent senses that the "main" Molecule Man was ready to attack from behind with a multiversal version of the Cosmic Cube, she easily intercepted Reece, killing him in a single thought. Assuming that Sarrum didn't fully fall into the heroes' trap, she then taunted them for Reed Richards' plan, telling him that his status as an "omniversal genius," a superior being (comparing Richards with Doom, who was the prophesied "Supreme One"), would have made him a great architect for the Battleworld and that he would have an eternal purpose, but instead she felt pity since he wasted it by serving those who are inferior to him in order to save the fate of the multiverse, even at the edge of the end of the known multiverse. Richards strongly disagreed in front of Sarrum face to face, with his conclusive argument that everything in existence isn't just about great power nor the obsession into ending it, but to cherish life itself, save it, and improve it as long, no matter the cost, as one has the chance and the nobility to do it. With Sarrum's growing temper and over arrogance starting to get the best of her, she was glowing to her ultimate form, something others would even described looking into her is looking into the face of every wrathful god there is in every alternate existence that once existed.

However, in a moment, a light flashes before her eyes. In her senses, she immediately felt that something was wrong with her, as if her powers couldn't work any longer. Victor von Doom had impaled her through her "essence" with the same Cosmic Cube she thought the "Molecule Man" was holding earlier. In her last moments, Sarrum realizes that Doom was truly the "Supreme One" after all, much to her satisfaction, with her final words of prophecy that Doom has done well, and shall "continue her legacy". A dying Sarrum, who ironically enough was the Mother of Death, then transferred all her almighty essence and power to Doom at will, before fading out of existence in the midst of her own creations' destruction.

Powers and Abilities


Beyonder/Abstract Entity Physiology: As the monarch and the best known representative of the Beyonders, Sarrum is universally adaptive and harmonically transitional and they were not constrained by space or energy or anything within the realm of reason. The usual forms she and the Beyonders took were manifestations making them solid states that contained their very essence. The Beyonders are able to create whole universes and gave ideas form. They can also shoot powerful energy blasts capable of harming most conceptual beings throughout the multiverse. Despite their enormous power over reality, they are unable to manipulate time. Cosmic Cubes were artifacts associated with them and drew their power from the Beyonders, allowing them to reshape reality.

  • Nigh Omnipotence
    • Universal Mimicry
    • Power Bestowal
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Senses
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Mental Process
    • Superhuman Healing
    • Immortality
    • Power Manipulation
      • Multiversal Magic
      • Cosmic Cubes
      • Infinity Stones
      • Power Cosmic
      • Enigma Force
      • Lightforce
      • Darkforce
      • Pym Particles
    • Reality Manipulation
    • Matter Manipulation
      • Antimatter Manipulation
      • Dark Matter Manipulation
      • Molecular Reconstruction
      • Fragmentation
      • Transformation
      • Transmutation
      • Metamorphosis
  • Nigh Omnipresence
    • Teleportation
    • Chronokinesis
  • Nigh Omniscience
    • Cosmic Awareness
    • Multiversal Knowledge
    • Multiversal Precognition
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Lowest stats represent her fragmented forms, while the highest stats represent her true form


  • Nigh-Omniscience
    • Vast Ancient Knowledge
    • Vast Arcane Wisdom
  • Master of Deception
    • Influential Expert

Strength level

Class 9999+


  • Beings With Equal Power


Equipment: None known.

  • Teleportation

Weapons: None known.


  • In retrospect, Sinnu Sarrum is the main villain and antagonist in the entire Marvelous Multiverse, having been the responsible force of evil that ended the multiverse since the beginning of the Prime Earth's creation during the end of the Multiversal Rebellion of the Beyonders.
  • "Sinnu Sarrum", also translated to "Ivory Kings", is an alternative name and translation for the Beyonders in the Mainstream Marvel Universe & Multiverse.
  • While the concept of Death is still considered to be a separate entity in itself, the Prime Earth counterpart later revealed herself and most of her alternate versions within the multiverse to have originated as fragmented incarnations of Sarrum who, after finding themselves to be sentient and conflicted by their original template, decided to retaliate and distance by settling on different Earths where there's life, thus making Death the indispensable factor to complete the once missing concept to complete life, making it "meaningful."
  1. Modern Comics: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 15


  • Sarrum has been proven to be one of the most, if not the most, powerful beings in the known multiverse, having known to be the real mastermind of the Secret Wars event, which has already started for a long time, something that no one else but the Beyonders, and a few individuals across the multiverse, had been aware that it was actually happening and have tried everything in their power to stop it.
    • Being the mastermind behind the Secret Wars which caused the great death of the multiverse, Sarrum and her Beyonder Empire were responsible for the deaths whose numbers couldn't be fully counted, although it was estimated as an unsurmountable unit of infinite set, prior to the intervention of the Battleworld survivors who practically erased these casualties with the rebirth of the multiverse.
  • Despite her original form being an agender cosmic being and entity in her sex status, as all Beyonders are in the first place, Sarrum would often identify herself in gender as a female, with her strong and controversial personal philosophy of upholding the extreme version to the concept of radical feminism and matriarchy over governing a group, believing for it to be a universal relevant ideology, simply because she thought such concept was interesting.
  • The creation of Sarrum's character was inspired by two fictional characters, Abeloth, who originally debuted from the Star Wars Legends continuity, while the other one would be Alpha from The Walking Dead comics. Furthermore, her character and overall story arc also share some similarities with DC Comics's Perpetua.

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